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(32.53 KB 474x308 tools.jpg)
/diy/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 18:00:04 No. 1129
Do It Yourself

ITT: Everything DIY
>Transferable skills in revolution/collapse
>Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency
>Guides and Blueprints
>Home Improvement/Maintenance if you're bougie enough to own your home

Don't post shit that will get you or the site v&.
>Transferable skills in revolution/collapse
Could you post a guide about this please.
I would like to be a 'handy' person that reuses/repurposes stuff but sadly I'm an effete nerd and I suck with anything like tools. Best I did lately was put a sheet of cardboard down over my crappy wooden slat shelves that had like 4 inch gaps between the slats.
Maybe we could make one? And watermark it.
Useful skills for a crisis would be broadly
>survival and sustenance
>organizational and communication skills
>fighting and strategy
>technical skills maintaining existing productive forces or building new ones
>knowledge skills preserving science/technology and culture
(932.95 KB 678x960 repair manifesto.png)
posting this
>inb4 "graphic design is my passion"
yeah I know but the overall point is good
>implying graphic design doesn't matter
It's one of those things people don't notice unless it's bad.
> Join the revolution with ifixitdotcom
> ifixit
Hoooo boy.

>survival and sustenance
>organizational and communication skills
>fighting and strategy
Got some of these kinda books but question is if i upload them how many swat cops will knock on my door 10 minutes later.

>Home Improvement/Maintenance
Does the japanese ASMRish chick on TV who does those home-organizing things count?
>Got some of these kinda books but question is if i upload them how many swat cops will knock on my door 10 minutes later.
If you post militia shit you might get v&, but if it's martial arts stuff or survivalism stuff nobody will care. Organizational stuff might be questionable.
>Does the japanese ASMRish chick on TV who does those home-organizing things count?
Who now?
That dumb Kondo bird
> If you post militia shit you might get v&
> might
That gives me hope.
> martial arts stuff or survivalism
Neeto. When I get back to my homebase PC (I work abroad) I upload some.
DIY Socialist Screen Printing (For cheap) Flea Market Socialist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE5ox6Uytfg I started to make this as a look into screen printing process but it turned in to me just making and distributing propaganda again. I just love agitating 🤷
>>4760 good post
>>4760 Are you the real FMS?
>>4764 No. I just wanted to post the video here. He has good content in general, and multiple videos that apply to this thread.
1. Kitchen island Needs to be 2ft wide Ă—4ft lengthĂ—3ftish height. With both adequate under area storage and above. Ideally should be moveable out of normal door as I'm a renter. 2. Portable garden No more then 2ft wideĂ—6ft length Portable due to again renting! 3. Making a loft for a twin bed in a small room. Remember im not here to bother you on the basic concepts but get design,material,cost... help. Help appreciated.
fuckin bump
what can i use to patch a leak in a roof that should have been replaced years ago
(132.83 KB 1457x503 postoffice.png)
(1.89 MB 2160x3840 FullShelf.jpg)
(1.61 MB 2160x3840 Closeup.jpg)
For some real trash-core DIY, I recommend using the free prio-mail cardboard boxes from the post office. You don't even need to go in to get them, you can just order them free and they'll ship them free in bulk. The medium sized ones make excellent shelves that can hold all manner of disc based format (and VHS if you're a dumbass like me). They can also hold modestly sized books which is of course a plus for comrades. Cut the closing flaps off the box and you can make supports so they don't totally bend in (I don't know if they'd actually cave in though without them, they might continue to hold but bent as hell). Add a nice helping of duct tape to hold everything together and you're good, bone-apple-teeth. One final word on the matter is that these become structurally shitty the more vertical you make them (shocker, huh). What I've done is lean them back into boxes that are flat on the floor, and their weight holds them without sliding. That probably only works for carpet, but whatever They were actually fairly stable at four tall, but five started to present troubles, and six is obviously leaning. Anyhow there you go, a shelf for the masses.
(69.18 KB 1280x720 robbie rotten ice cream.jpg)
>>5148 Caulk and paint make it what it ain't.
>>4770 Anyone have the rest of this series?
(4.35 MB 1200x22509 old life hacks.jpg)
>>5348 Thanks friend have this
(2.71 MB document.pdf)
Found a book on making a bazooka. Sadly it's a tennis ball bazooka. But change the projectile to something more "real" and the propellant a bit more serious and it can be way better.
Some manuals
Beeswax. Pretty indepth and wallet-friendly. Sorry for not pdf or webm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck68V06ZqzA
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7ryBC9g4Dw local german man creates arms smuggling empire out of plywood and scrap metal
>>5706 Joerg is based; aside from diy weapons, he made a union for Youtubers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7RfYt_p2mk
(15.99 KB 250x250 1407092332318.jpg)
>>5724 TOP BASED
>>5350 Ahh! Thanks for the tree felling one. I've been wondering for ages how people do it, without the trees falling on them.
>>5846 You're welcome, though today people use different methods (less effective but more profitable ones).
Okay, I try to find this book somewhere (torrent or pdf or epub) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beginners-Step-Step-Easiest-Learn/dp/1569756619 Can somebody help?
>>6001 Heres the pdf Got it from libgen at: https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=1F002CAAA72B061F208F6C92A1743B87 If you ever want a book, just check libgen or one of its many mirrors, there always tends to be someone who archives it.
>>6003 Blessed be your based soul, Comrade!
>>5706 This is good shit for people who live somewhere with strict gun laws.
>>1129 Is there any ghetto praxis we can do to fight covid19? I know the tyvek material is used for those full body suits, can we make our own masks? Apparently you can glue it with some commonly available adhesives like animal fats of casein. Maybe get cheap halloween masks and use the material as a filter? idk
>>7466 Drink a glass of Water with a table spoon of apple cider vinegar every day. Use vaseline and penasol in your nose. Use a Bandanna (works better than a mask TBH) and don't stress about it. Stress creates immuno-deficiency which makes you more vulnerable.
I really like screwing in and out. IS there any job opportunity where I can do this all day?
>>10071 Construction, industrial construction lines, roofing
Anyone know some good carving tutorials?
>>7466 Supposedly Zinc and Vitamin D are helpful against corona, especially if you have dark skin (making it harder for your body to synthesize D).
>>10776 >>7466 This would belong more on /survive/
(2.47 MB handgrip 2by4.webm)
from anons on /edu/
>>12079 fuark that looks dangerous...
(13.11 KB 480x360 Legend.jpg)
In case you ever get trapped Down Under.
>>12090 Thanks Crocodile Dundee
>>12089 It's a jury-rigged system, not actual smithery
Usually I don't like those homebuilding or home renovation shows, but I discovered a series of channels on Youtube of hippies creating amazingly unique houses with very little money in remote places. Like this fellow who created a cheap and cozy domed house in the redwoods with no outside help. https://youtu.be/2qcsWajivnI


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