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(183.22 KB 807x809 5mur98irlsy11.png)
MBTI/Jungian psychology and /leftypol/ Anonymous Comrade 07/23/2020 (Thu) 22:15:08 No. 12571
What's your personality type? INFP gang represent. Also daily reminder that MBTI and even Jungian cognitive functions are not a concrete analysis of how people behave, it's only a general prediction of how people behave over a period of time when faced with various situations.
I fell for this shit for way too long just because I was a brainlet when in came to psychology in general. Look into Jung's biography and how spooked he was. Jungian "psychology" is quite literally astrology (I thought it was a hyperbolic joke for the longest time): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_astrology >Origins >In the twentieth century, the western esoteric tradition inspired the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung to formulate his archetypal hypothesis, influenced by Plato's theory of ideas or forms.[2] In his research into the symbolic meaning of his patient's dreams, conversations and paintings, Jung observed recurring mythical themes or archetypes. He proposed that these universal and timeless archetypes channel experiences and emotions, resulting in recognizable and typical patterns of behavior with certain probable outcomes.[3] Jung claimed to observe a correlation between these archetypal images and the astrological themes or traditional 'gods' associated with the planets and signs of the zodiac. He concluded that the symbolic heavenly figures described by the constellations were originally inspired by projections of images created by the collective unconscious.[4][5] Jung wrote "Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity".[6] It primarily functions as a typological tool for use and exploit by employers in the service sector.
>>12571 INFP here.
>>12575 isn't it fun
INTP chad reporting in
>>12578 You sure? You barely seem literate.
Alfred Adler > Carl Jung
(63.26 KB 926x763 mbti.PNG)
>>12571 Am an INTJ.
>>12571 >hobby engaging in pseudo-psychology When did /dead/ come here?
I am an Animawlkin®™ Penguin, MBTI®™ INFP, Enneagram®™ UwU, star-sign Pope Paul V, anal-sign Prolapse Take the Animawlkin™ test at Animawlkin Society of Totally Legit Psychologists®™, I saw all my favorite influencers take it on Facebook®™ and they told me to share, comment and hit that bell button (of course I was already subscribed to BuzzFeed®™ haha) and so I shared it, branded it, never stopped talking about it and my psychological issues to my Friends™, my colleagues, my managers, my boss, cashiers, police when they wake me up hung over in a ditch, my psychic, my (((therapist))) :DDDDDDDDD https://lmaoyoustupididiotsharewithyourfriends.quiz.biz/ AHHHHH I'M INDIVIDUATING MUCH PRE-MODERN IDEALIST REINFORCEMENT VERY MATERIALIST OBFUSCATION
(146.79 KB 284x344 Mae-Gif.gif)
>>12589 we get it no fun allowed
>>12590 No obnoxious stupidity allowed. What's that gif, are you pretending to be a nihilist spooked by feudal star signs? >The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no private interests, no affairs, sentiments, ties, property nor even a name of his own. His entire being is devoured by one purpose, one thought, one passion - the revolution. Heart and soul, not merely by word but by deed, he has severed every link with the social order and with the entire civilized world; with the laws, good manners, conventions, and morality of that world. He is its merciless enemy and continues to inhabit it with only one purpose - to destroy it. – — Catechism of a Revolutionary, Sergey Nechayev Both Bakunin and Nechayev would slap the shit out of you for your pretentiousness.
(2.75 MB 512x512 MaeShapes.gif)
>>12591 Why does this thread make you so mad?
>>12596 This At least horoscopes have cool symbols and goofy magic shit associated with them. MBTI is just lame.
>>12635 no fun allowed
>>12638 At least horoscopes are fun. There's a bunch of wacky nonsene associated with them like dating compatibility. At least "which Hogwarts house are you" is about wizards and shit. MBTI is totally dry corporate phrenology.
im a gemini sun + moon and enfp i think mbti is a dumb gimmick that only works somewhat well when paired with enneagram and if one uses the functions + its stacks but at that point it is no longer within the normie realm (hate using the word normie just dont know how else to word it)
>>12645 whatever you say faggot
>>12571 I don't care about Jung or his convoluted crap. Astrology is not a science but one can say that it can be disturbingly accurate for what is essentially mysticism. (I.e. zodiac traits). It's also useful for navigation because you learn the constellations.
>>12672 >disturbingly accurate for what is essentially mysticism ?
>>12672 It's 'disturbingly accurate' because everything related to astrology is a Barnum statement >"your sign gains energy from being around friends, but you also often need time to recharge alone" >OMG that's literally me!!!
>>12681 >A barnum statement Stop reading the shitty stuff and do research m8. It gets more specific than that with real astrologers and not online scammers.
>>12682 If astrology is real then why couldn't any of them win the 'million dollar prize'?
>>12684 the James Randi one?
The 16personalities test is not MBTI/Jungian at all, it's just OCEAN/Big Five that uses Jungian terminology and MBTI categories. They explicitly state this in describing their personality model ("NERIS Type Explorer"). Actual MBTI is pure pseudoscience. That being said, INTP gang represent.
>>12672 >It's also useful for navigation because you learn the constellations. Astrology is not astronomy, retard.
>>12686 yes.
>>12574 And now you fell for the pop culture skepticism. Nice.
>>13112 No argument? Nice. Advocate for Jungianism from a materialist perspective.
>>12694 I know idiot, I studied astronomy. What the fuck do you think the zodiacs are based on, idiot.
>>13117 Then you should know they are just planets and stars like our Sun, there's nothing mystic with them, dumbfuck.
>>13180 Nobody said there was something necessarily mystic about the planets retard. Did you even read what I said or are you just bringing about your knee-jerk reaction about "muh astrology" Just shut up, moron.
>>13185 >Nobody said there was something necessarily mystic about the planets retard >>one can say that it can be disturbingly accurate for what is essentially mysticism. (I.e. zodiac traits) That's your words, you senile.
>>13190 Learn the difference between accuracy and precision you imbecile. TO call it accurate is not wrong. For example Gemini zodiac traits tend to be fairly accurate, as do others. is there some scientific evidence proving causation? No, I never claimed this. There IS however strange correlation, which was my entire point, you fucking assmad contrarian.
(113.47 KB 1024x386 Personalmanities.jpg)
>>12681 now explain why my irl personality overlaps perfectly with my Sims zodiac, which applies numbers to explicit traits rather than relying on barnum statements. (i played the sims before i knew what zodiac signs were, so it's not the case of making the evidence fit the hypothesis. although i may be being facetious when i act like the sims traits are a serious attempt at quantitative astrology)
>>13191 If there's no scientific evidence then it's bullshit, Bunkerchan is a materialist chan so get your crystal shitball out of here.
>>13217 Suck a dick pretentious moron.
Are you an obsessive, a hysteric, a pervert or psychotic?
>>13230 No, they're based while you're high on esotericism. It's clear to me that this leaves you the 'pretentious' one.
>>12645 Horoscopes are more fun for sure- plus more astrologists? astrology writers? Idk what they call themselves - that leverage aspects of astrology and horoscopes to give legitimately useful advice and methods for self-reflection and growth. MBTI can function the same way as a medium for self-reflection but more proponents of it are corporate clowns who write productivity blogs about how the productively write productivity blogs.
>>13240 It's clear to me you're butthurt.
>>12587 Would you say you often get disorganized? Or are you usually on top of the ball? I'm trying to figure out if I'm INFP or INFJ. I figure I'm definitely intuition dominant and I use Tx almost as much as Fx
>>12685 What is it like being the best person?
>>12685 GANG >>16375 I'm far too humble to see myself that way but thanks for the compliment.
>>16398 your welcome, thank you for the sincere answer I love that a lot of entps are like a bubbling geyser of crazy and preposterous ideas and will talk for hours about them if you get the chance to do a back and forth
>>16907 yes mbti is pseudoscience but can you not with the fucking Christchurch footage, I don't need this negative shit right now
>>16910 It's a spambot. The exact smae video with a different filename is in cyberpunk and on threads in /anime/ and /tech/
>>12571 I have no idea, every time I do the test I get something different, but the only trait I always get is Introverted. No matter the result, I never take it seriously because I also identify with the other types I tend to get.
>>12574 >It primarily functions as a typological tool for use and exploit by employers in the service sector. that implies it has truth value tho
>>16910 >yes mbti is pseudoscience why?
>>17146 More like a lot of decisions are arbitrary and sorting people by type makes it easier to get away with doing that.
(126.39 KB 512x506 1602462069228.jpg)
Virgin TeFi axis user vs Chad TiFe axis user
>>17468 *note plato's the TiFe and Aristotle's the TeFi
Pseudoscience is unironically cool. Go back to /r/heckyeahscience.
>>16370 different intj here. I was dumb enough to pay for a certified exam and lean pretty heavily towards one side in all four metrics. I'm pretty disorganized physically, in the sense that I don't bother to make sure my room, office, etc. are prim and proper. my note taking and general organizational ability is pretty sloppy as well. however, I place more emphasis on my mind being organized and having things I immediately need at hand. probably why I hate mundane work where there's a lot of chances to make small mistakes.
>>17468 >>17469 So ENFP Plato vs INTJ Aristotle then? Also ngl 'becoming one with the universe' sounds more rad to me than 'achieving excellence and becoming a master' The self is limiting, no man is an island yadda yadda
>>13185 I think there's more to said about a seasonal typology than actually astrology. It would make sense that infants who spend the first few months indoors vs outdoors would have lasting effects.
>>12571 Whenever I take this stupid test I end up being on a different quadrant. I can legit claim that I was on every personality at least twice.
>>17989 this
>>12700 James randi was a scum artists Google about that german bretherian also proving the paranormal exist will lead to you getting epsteined


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