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(159.65 KB 749x578 5ef.gif)
Alternative chans Anonymous Comrade 10/27/2019 (Sun) 12:54:10 No. 1648
Post all obscure and underground imageboards in this thread, the chan must be at least half-dead so no archived chans.
>inb4 'hurr durr don't put muh sekrit klub in the limelight'
The population here is low as it is, there's also a large overlap between this chan and others.
I'll start:

There was this one I faintly remember and I think the theme was either dinosaurs or lizards...
(43.55 KB 680x765 coffee wojak.jpg)
Was going to mention 99chan and 151chan but apparently they don't exist anymore. Always hurts when unique websites die.
>Nyymichan.fi (small, but alive)
>Loistolauta.org (dead, except when it isn't)
Both in Finnish, but are most often welcoming towards strangres.
99chan merged into 7chan.

If you anyone uses Tor check out banana chan
(315.18 KB 921x1037 anglo gang.PNG)
Lainchan has fresh posts multiple times a day.

Anyway: sushigirl.us

Slow but decent board if you are a complete assburger and into serious dicussions. A couple regular posters seem to be gommies, however far-right bourgies are there as well. Politics topics are generally not very popular though thanks to regular toxic behaviour, raids and other shenanigans of butthurt /pol/ fags from Kohlchan.
Don't understand any German but I really like the look and feel of that board. Seems comfy.
EC has an english /int/, which is the most active board as well.

(329.87 KB 948x621 flag posters on leftypol.png)
8kun.top is the new 8chan. If you were a BO just send a message and credentials to the owners and they can restore the board with old threads intact. For the less than SFW boards of 8ch they moved to https://julay.world I wish leftypol had done so, we could have recovered all our lost threads. or leftyb or leftyweebpol.
>>1648 2ch.ru
>>4975 was /leftpol/ recovered? I want to see my old shitposts
(452.50 KB 1264x1400 8kun leftypol.png)
>>4984 No, I don't think the BO bothered to asked. Even if he asked, I don't think it would've been recovered.
>>4994 > I don't think the BO bothered to asked. *to ask
>>4975 Seems this /fascist/ has a little intelligence in terms of rejecting communism. At least they're open about who they are. https://julay.world/fascist/res/5.html#2191
>>4976 >2ch.ru That Dvach's been dead since 2009.
>>1648 https://420chan.org/ But I'm not sure if this is obscure enough.
Had no fucking idea this thread was a thing! Piece of shit mods on /leftypol/ always just locking bumpthreads without so much as a word of guidance. Here are two leftist imageboards from around the world: >1st - a Japanese one: https://leia.5ch.net/poverty/ >2nd - a Chinese one: https://adnmb2.com/f/%E9%80%9F%E6%8A%A52
>>4994 >I don't think it would've been recovered. It could be but since /pol/ was forced to restart from scratch you may be right
>>5121 The Chinese one is just a news imageboard. Most of the other board are lifestyle and hobby boards
What is the differences between all these places? What do the different ones mainly cater to? >>5121 leftypol modding should be more loose
>>5151 >What is the differences between all these places? Different communities, netcodes, history and specifics boards.
>>5176 i am retard what is a netcode and why is it important? What do the different boards tend to have in terms of boards?
https://christchannel.xyz Christian image board.
>>5400 That board is down at the moment and is reporting a 500 error.
kelvinchan.i2p literally the least popular imageboard I've ever seen
Anybody know what happened to arisuchan? All i get when i go there is "fuck it. RIP arisuchan
Does anyone know what the hell happened to Endchan (and what happened to the /kc/ board)
>>5836 Thanks comrade
(1.75 MB 1080x1350 apokalauta.jpg)
>>1685 apokalauta.fi - aka Sukkero's cave suomilauta.fi - pedos in denial I don't think there's anything worthy in the domestic chan scene - alties from ylis dominate the discourse everywhere. >>5151 Wanna see strict moderation - https://wizchan.org/rules.html They have been in that paranoid witch hunt mode after Hotwheels got pussy :D (Reminds me of kind of how northpole.fi ate itself from inside out.) Don't get me wrong - I'm all for moderation, but it's a delicate balance.
>>7832 >.fi Meant .org - ugh what a brain fart.
>>1688 how does this work? isn't neocities html/js/css only, with no server side scripting?
>>7836 cross site scripting. All the fancy code comes from https://paleochan.herokuapp.com/
>>7837 ...That's interesting and cheap way of have multiple frontends under different hosts to your you service. Trick duly noted and saved.
(1.60 MB 3504x2336 trolley.jpg)
1chan.net is the 2nd oldest western chan by some account, in any case very early split from 4chan's emerging culture when it removed it's trains board. It's topic is trains! End everyone's a namefag.
acrimonie.com Don't know if it really is that obscure, but still active.
>>4975 I don't think I want my board to be on 8ch again. I never even made any posts in it anyway. Is there a comfier, more obscure chan that lets you make your own board?
>>4975 >8kun.top More like 8kun.glow
6s72dyf6jwlvk2u455lksvcs5r7deafc3iniwo5kp4ssm777noma.b32.i2p/ Kelvin Chan
>>1648 >arisuchan.jp dead >>1651 >lainchan.org dead to me
>>1648 9chan.tw is a new one that is currently active
>>5118 >>7869 420 is mostly hot couch guys in the process of becoming schizos (especially on the boards like /psy/) the only good part are BWH (Bump When High) threads in /weed/ with really random shit, even for imageboard standards
>>9030 and it's the most depraved shit i've ever seen.
I like to imagine alternative timeline where imageboards, kind of molded into decentralized, open source social networks as an alternative to the shitshow we have now.
https://prolikewoah.com/d/catalog.html Created because of the panic that Ron would be banning lolicon so the butthurt faggots created it. Still has a few decent boards, comparable to julay.world
>>9951 >linking to paedo-bunker
>>9991 good list unfortunately samachan.org went down a couple weeks ago since the admin didn't want to keep it running anymore, ded after 5 years ripip. was a very nice site
2ch.hk still works but certain boards are hidden from non-russian users and all boards have a ban on non-russian posters. However if you use Tor and somehow make the last link server Russian it allows you to post and view in limited capacity. As a side note, does anyone have some reliable instructions on how to choose where your Tor circuit leads? I wnat to reliably get Russian circuits without restarting the browser a dozen times.
>>10024 A lot of samachan people moved to sushichan, even made a new otaku board for them.
>>9906 ikr is pretty fun also /philosophy/ is ok and not degen
(270.71 KB 2600x2009 1588271176465.jpg)
A new chan (9chan.tw) popped up made by the Kiwifarms guy using a new interface. It is currently stable and has decent traffic despite some spam problems early on on other boards. https://9chan.tw/furry/
>>9904 Hey listen ere buddy. I'll have you know 42Ochan is the board of refined gentlemen such as myself. You can't just go on the Internet and assume that we're all a bunch of steam brained crazies just because we say a few things you may not have even considered before. You just need to widen your perspectives, comrade.
https://zoomerchan.com/pol/res/62.html this is so fucking reddit tier
(88.28 KB 1500x793 anime belly.png)
(722.27 KB 1024x1338 pregnant tomoko.png)
>>1648 https://pregchan.com/ Quite specific a topic
>>2375 looks really comfy, are they leftist friendly in general?
>>11051 Kinda makes me want to make my own ib for my specific fetish.
>>10308 >>11051 Honestly what the fuck
>>11527 Kek, when the /d/ BO gets so assblasted about Ron banning lolis (despite lolis being minimal content there anyway) that he kills his board to spite him.
Not a chan but it was made by an r/FULLCOMMUNISM dude trying to get them off reddit. https://communism.lemmy.ml/ https://dev.lemmy.ml/sponsors
>>11666 Holy shit I got both dubs and satan trips. Based shit.
https://nichan.net Just a really comfy Ukrainian imageboard, their /int/ is pretty active
Something new, can anyone tell me if its Fed-bait? https://3chan.co/
/kind/ is looking to build its own "webring" like network of likeminded boards since the actually existing webring has been overrun by /pol/types. Why don't we join them? I think we would be a good fit. https://kind.moe/kind/res/1.html#408
>https://8chan.moe/wholesome/ Probably filled with Feds, can anyone confirm?
>>12460 Are they actually looking to build one or was that just an offhand remark? I do think it would be cool to have an 'antifascist webring' though.
(220.39 KB 1080x2280 Screenshot_20200724-092311.png)
>>12585 >no ableism >before fascism and imperialism shows you were their priorities lie reddit MLs are just berniebro radlibs LARPing to annoy the republicans
>>12615 pretty much all reddit leftist communities are radlibs LARPing at this point.
>>12649 >shadowlocked Damn, I guess weebs are still weebs.
(8.71 KB 728x221 kind moe.png)
>>12649 Ouch At least he was polite I guess
>>12680 Just change your IP address and be more subtle I guess. though its probbly a waste of time.
>>12649 It was a pretty shit thread to be honest. You should have posted something they cannot attack, like helping at food not bombs or some entry level shit like that.
Or maybe some story about how your union defended you from your abusive boss, shit like that.
>>12649 What did you expect? Of course a board based around inane kind discussion is going to not want a thread about something as prone to argument as radical as marxism and /leftypol/.
julay.world is dead the remaineder has moved to https://alogs.theguntretort.com/
(57.92 KB 270x344 1595373531260.png)
Todya I'll remind them: >Bunkerchan tried to make a bridge between here and mlpol >They accepted and started to argue the people that went there >everyone inmediatly went "wtf they are nazis" including the mods and pulled the plug and banned the single mlpol fag that was arguing in the leftypol side of the bridge (which was a leftypol user themselves during 8ch) So daily reminder to not post your preffered chan here
(124.82 KB 1000x563 alt-right cringe mlpol.jpg)
>>14687 Proofs?
>>14687 We just made an 'embassy' topic on mlpol, but it turned out they were even more autistic than /pol/ and the topic didn't achieve anything so it was abandoned shortly after.
Someone sauce me this image
>>14699 It says it on top, leaflets, a socialist tiktok account that is also a youtube account. Its like well made agitprop, easily digestible
(199.92 KB 492x341 1592512119308.png)
>>14689 There was a guy arguing in here and then he got permabanned and even the people in the embassy thread thought it was a retarded fucking move because he was being civil and knew what the fuck he was talking about mlpol left them in and a shit ton of posters just flooded the thread (which 50% of that thread in mlpol was previous users complaining about the shit moderation in 8ch leftypol)
(74.41 KB 640x479 hyllymbvyör.jpg)
>>1685 >>7832 >>7833 Oh wow, found yet another one: https://rupattelu.us Apparently they too used to be an 8chan board that also chose to stay in their own lifeboat chan after cloudflare kicked 8chan out. >>9906 It's a kiwifarms-originated project so what can you expect?
>>12449 >3ch Every chan is fed bait by now
>>10123 It's possible by specifying the country code of exit nodes in some config file, probably torrc. Just do some web searching, it shouldn't take you more than a minute find.
if anyone is looking for a source of arguments or odd information Desuarchive is a good spot to visit Conversations like the following, are good sources of practise arguments and debunks for debates. https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/32905122 https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19485793/ https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/26779500/#q26840859
now that spacechan.xyz is dead, does anyone know if the original posts in it were put anywhere else? or did it die with all of it? /wanker/ had some good fapbait
(2.60 MB 400x377 soyjack party.gif)
soyjak.party (site literally devoted to spamming soyjacks)
>>16852 (me) clickable link (sorry): https://soyjak.party/
Man, this is a blast from the past. I only recently bothered finding /leftypol/ because I settled for half chan. I remember the days of going to 7chan and 420chan as viable alternatives to 4chan. Hell, Jewlion from 711chan was in my fucking highschool math class. It was absurd. Dude would be asleep for first period and I'd ask him why, he said he was up all night posting on a chan, pretending to be over 18 the whole time. It all feels so fresh and underground. An inundated radical alteration and dissemination of information and catharsis. What a beautiful thing. Thank you for reminding me. Looking through some of these I've seen some boards I thought I'd like, but aren't what was expected. It seems like most boards about literature are even slower than regular /lit/ and the law board on 420 chan isn't actually other lawyers, its people just asking for legal advice. Interesting nonetheless and it's given me hope again of chasing down rabbit holes. Thank you comrades.
>>16860 I find 7chan in particular a soothing time capcule of about turn of 10s chan culture that doesn't really exist anywhere. Kind of that 22chan gives similar vibes though upon a quick glance, seems a lot of old fags have found there in a way or another. I wonder what happened to 711chan.org . Until summer their entry page that said "slurpees still flowing, join irc, etc" was up. Then it said the site would be coming back and now the url redirects to actual 711. Such a shame. I always thought people posted 1st rate porn there.
>>16928 Shameless plug for irc.7chan.org. We have lots of comfy activities here.
boards I like on 4chan that aren't corrupted by /pol/ /p/ - photography /an/ - animals /ck/ - cooking /sci/ - science & math /out/ - outdoors /mu/ - music /diy/ - do it yourself /s/ - sexy beautiful women 8kun/julay/etc. boards I like /sw/ - star wars /strek/ - star trek /milhis/ - military history
>>17063 >sci >not corrupted by pol huh? their wiki is good but every single time i check it out it's full of race science shit and iq discussion
>>17064 Really? I only see like 1 or 2 threads and outside of that there's no bullshit
>>17063 /sci/ is absolutely ruined by /pol/ shit /out/ has /pol/ shit /mu/ isn't as corrupted by /pol/ as other boards but it's been ruined by normies /lit/ is good if you just filter the /pol/ shit IMO
>>17088 >/lit/ is good if you just filter the /pol/ shit IMO I spend most of my time on /lit/, but ignoring the /pol/ bait gets harder by the day.
>>17063 /g/ use to be a good board and i would have recommended it a year back including /jp/ but my fucking god it's like you can not get away from them. It's like >>17094 mentions, they slowly creep up on you and the mods do jack nothing at times.
>>16852 A lot of Nazis
>>17063 /ck/ has racebaiting threads but no /pol/ shit /sci/ is race science/bell curve hub /out/ may occasionally have a /pol/ sounding thread 8kuck and friends are unusable, any good board on 4chan is flooded with /pol/ shit on 8kun
>>5118 >>10655 >>9904 420chan is decent, and they nuke nazis on site. The /b/ board is genuinely random shit. On the other hand, the userbase has become more insular over the years (they have a defensive thing to do with 4chan and some people go mental if you post a wojack or something) and it's basically almost become like one of those old BBD forums where the mods just make up rules as they go along and ban people for all sorts. Not surprisingly this had led to a reduction in users.
>>14687 what's mlpol?
>>17063 there's also a star trek board on 420chan https://boards.420chan.org/1701/
(124.82 KB 1000x563 alt-right cringe mlpol.jpg)
>>17544 /mlpol/ - My Little Pony Politically Incorrect - was a /pol/ board for bronies.
>>17545 And on 8kun and julay, but they're fairly stale. Little that hasn't been said on our Star Trek thread comes up on there.
List of communist chans, where we should attract people to post here on bunkerchan. https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki/Communist_chans Someone needs to work on the Bunkerchan page too.
https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/f464fdc9#L2 List of hidden chans >>17706 I think 7clams is dead or at least the cccp board is gone.
>>17707 Not sure what it says, but the IRC is still quite active.
>>17546 Is still active the mlp 10th anniversary just happened in fact the sticky is still in the main board
>>17708 the IRC? Standing for?
>>17723 You seriously don't know what Internet Relay Chat is? It's an old-timey instant message protocol that's still used by a lot of chans and other tech communities.
>>17727 I didn't realize it was THAT acronym
>>17734 always has been
>>17775 >*insert le funny spaceman meme*
(1.30 MB 296x160 robin the hood.gif)
what ever happened to neinchan? It was like a backup to 8pol and polk I used to like to see what pollacks were talking about but it's 403'd
>>1648 what's the point of random chans? just boredom
>>18093 >it's overrun by fascists every time
u18chan.com for furries. Hilariously this is the only chan I am aware of that doesn't have a catalog function. It is a good source for free comics being posted off of paywalled sites.
>>18527 >this is the only chan I am aware of that doesn't have a catalog function 420chan also does not have a catalog.
>>12449 >new it’s been around since 2015, Shrekchan/Pigchan users took refuge there
>>17063 might aswell use plebbit instead of /mu/ >>17723 discord 2000's edition, zoomer
btw is /bant/ still good?
>>18846 It's a /pol/ nesting ground, so no.
https://www.allchans.org/-imageboard list. suprised bunkerchan isnt listed.Also dreamchan isnt listed
>>18999 https://www.allchans.org/ dont include imageboard in the link
>>18999 >>19000 Wasted trips
>>17063 the main boards I go to, fit and fa are not that bad when it comes to /pol/tards. There are always one or two threads that try and shoehorn right wing shit with the same couple of topics. Both will have shit like "is *insert right winger* /effay/ or /fit/?". /fa/ will always have a neofolk thread which is basically just for cosplaying as a nazi from 40's and /fit/ will often have a thread about the golden god, some homo swedish nazi.
Does anyone have the tor server link to 8kun.top? I lost it.
Kinda crazy how many different chans there are. Never understood why so many branch off.
>>18845 >>18845 >discord 2000's edition, zoomer But insecure as hell, and some zoomers believe it is unbreakable.
Honestly don't know where to post this so apologies if it's shitting up the thread but.... have I changed, or has 4chan gotten unusably shitty in the last 2 years? I've been on there since 2010 and finally quit sometime earlier this year and I can't tell if it's because I just got bored or if I as a person just matured past wading through pages of /pol/ bait on various boards and juvenile shitflinging it's like everyone there is so hostile and insecure now too, like it was always like that to some degree but most of the userbase now genuinely seems like dumb middle schoolers or emotionally stunted late teens
>>19399 Being constantly trumpeted in the medias as The Official Place To Be A Nazi Or Pointless Asshole is going to attract a certain crowd. (Which was always there to an extent, but.)
https://99chan.org It's back on the og script, but posting is completely broken. If it's ever repaired I hope it goes somewhere again.
>>19399 I've also been there since 2010 but for me it has gotten unusably shitty 4 years ago, but yeah I would say it's a mix of boredom and becoming more mature, it's like an edgy entertainment you liked as a teenager but find now just stupid and annoying. Now I mostly browse it for the porn and sometimes /vr/.
(206.31 KB 555x631 1600533856360.png)
>>17517 >A lot of Nazis
>>17518 >/ck/ has no /pol/ shit this is wrong. most of the threads are basically just ranting about any cooking personality that isn't rightwing adjacent. it's probably worse than other comparable boards because of the higher amount of boomers that will congregate there.
>>19520 To be fair I haven't been on /ck/ in half a year, so I made the post based on my experiences there.
>>2371 Fuck this board is the best I’ve Ever been to. Fuck bunkerchan, I’m out.
>>16852 http://soyjak.party/b//res/6323.html why did someone create this monstrosity
not a chan but Nationstates Regions tend to have fun chats. currently joined https://www.nationstates.net/region=bunkers_and_icepicks and we're looking to get active m8s to join us.
Futallaby > Vichan
Are there any primarily erotic chans still around? I can only think of slutchan I really really miss feetschan
>>19856 Tranchan
(48.04 KB 695x960 1610423198963.jpg)
Crystal.cafe There simply isn't a better place to troll trannie s than Crystal.cafe
Where did a bunch of posts go? What the fuck?
Join https://www.nationstates.net/region=region_of_dissenting_users_of_ns for shits and giggles. Get on fediverse with freespeechextremist.xyz and shitpost.
An other french imageboard http://4feuilles.org/


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