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WHAT's the most important piece of furniture? The thing you spend A THIRD of your LIFE on. THE THING that will MURDER YOUR BACK if it's not GOOD. We MUST establish a GENERAL THREAD in order to CONGLOMERATE INFORMATION pertaining to MATTRESSES in order to sift through the LIES and TRUTHS of BOURGEOIS MATTRESS COMPANIES. We WILL NOT be mattress ENTHUSIASTS, but rather APPRECIATORS. For the MATTRESS ENTHUSIAST of REDDIT does NOTHING but SIMP for BOURGEOIS MATTRESS COMPANIES, and they are all PRICE QUEENS. WE APPRECIATE the ARTISTRY of the MATTRESS WE APPRECIATE its QUALITY WE APPRECIATE its VALUE A LARGER TAG does not a BETTER MATTRESS MAKE A MORE POPULAR COMPANY does not a BETTER MATTRESS MAKE AFFORDABILITY and long-term DURABILITY & COMFORT are the most SUPREME VALUES which MATTRESS APPRECIATORS ought to ADHERE TO. Starting premise for discussion: Is the Purple a load of SNAKE OIL? Or is it the genuine FUTURE of MATTRESSES? I personally enjoyed the feeling demoing it at a Macy's, but I don't know if it's the sort of thing that gets worse with time. Would appreciate the input of anons who maybe sleep on one every night for years.
>>19365 bump for schizo with creative ideas
Here's some history of sleep for context. De-bourgeoify your bedroom. Reject the conspiracy to sell more space and furniture by atomizing the sleeping unit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C16L3Z8oI_E
(88.62 KB 512x687 iuh8h9p.jpg)
>>19370 Really, can this be every thread?
(69.00 KB 1000x675 LatexDunlop.jpg)
>>19384 You know, I've been pretty turned off of LindyBeige since I became more of a leftist due to his Anglo Imperial Chauvinism, but that video's pretty good actually. I'd no idea people'd just prefer to sleep as a group in the past. Straight up sleeping with another merchant at the inn to cut deals through pillow-talk. I knew there was a reason why I feel like total shit lying in bed alone everynight, and start to hyperfocus on otherwise nonintrusive tinnitus which ends up driving me kind of coocoo. Haven't started to hear voices yet at least.
>>19393 IMO Lindybeige is one of those people who has his heart in the right place and a good head on his shoulders but is clearly surrounded by retarded/poisonous ideology and isn't critical enough of his own context. History buffs tend to fall into rightoid nonsense if they don't have a solid materialist base, because the main alternative is nationalist narratives. I forget if he discussed it in that video, but being alone in general is probably a form of low-grade trauma. Most people throughout history spent most of their time with at least one other person within line of sight, shouting distance, or arm's reach.
>mfw someones unironically asks me if foam or coil systems are better.
(79.10 KB 1500x1500 gerd wedge.jpg)
I know literally and I mean literally nothing about mattresses. so, where should I head first to get properly mattress-pilled? Also thoughts on best mattress types and accesories for GERD sufferers? My cheap one is killing me right now.
... This is /b/ material
Lol wtf is this thread.....buuuut. I am getting neck pain and I don’t know why. What is the right level of firmness to keep the spine straight during night?
>>19404 So which is better?
unironically interested in this
(270.28 KB 1500x996 hammock.jpg)
imagine paying a bunch of money for boxes and springs and memory foam when you could be sleeping better on just a piece of cloth
What is answer to the pillow question? I use like 3 pillows of varying size and varying folds but I'm never really comfortable. I want my sleep like my socialism: Scientific.
>>19453 Get a big old firm one that compresses and rises. You could also stack a shitty thin one that still compresses nicely on top of another shit one without compression, same effect.
My mattress is 20 years old and I have a 4" gel layer on top of it. So far it is saving my spine that my bed was previously eating.
I'm renting a furnished house and the master came with an extremely firm King - and its sooo nice both the size and comfort. Sleeping alone in a huge bed is peak comfiness.
Can I get some weighted blanket recommendations? Been curious about them lately.
So should one sleep facing upwards or not?
>>19432 based and hammockpilled in all seriousness, any old mattress will do if you have memory foam or gel of some kind on top. you will never go back.
I appreciate the artistry of the mattress.
Anybody have thoughts on natural latex mattresses & pillows? I've been using one for years now & I will never go back to polyurethane shit ever again
>>19992 Also a 100% latex mattress will have zero springs in it >>19453 I put 2 pillows under my head and one behind my back, that's if your a side sleeper though
(129.09 KB 1000x1000 cot.jpg)
>>19432 Imagine sleeping on a cloth that you can get stuck in when you could just sleep on one of these babies and you won't even need trees to set one up
>>19998 nice numbers and based and cotpilled
If your bed is not firm as fuck, you are fucking up your back. Foam, memory foam, water beds, plush, all that shit is bourgeois and bad for you.
>>20002 source tho?
>>20002 Go sleep on the floor then.
>>20005 Sleeping on the floor is what most of humanity did before beds were invented though and we evolved to sleep on hard surfaces (with a little cushion to make it feel bearable)
>>20010 shut the fuck up kaczynski, i still see zero evidence it's better than modern alternatives
>>20014 I literally posted the best solution right her and it doesnt involve giving up technology >>19998
>>20015 Are you single?
>>20020 Um yes why do u ask
>>20021 Well it'd be kinda hard for two people to sleep in that kind of bed.
>>20022 That's true


no cookies?