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Anonymous Comrade 01/23/2021 (Sat) 00:47:30 No. 20224
Thoughts on what my next book should be? I'm almost done with my current book (Ellis, Bret Easton. American Psycho. Vintage Books, New York. 1991) and I wanna get through a bulk of the books I bought last year when I erroneously thought my reading momentum would keep up. The first 10 or so on the list are ones I am at least *pretty* interested in, although arranged by page count so I can get the most done quickly. Although I am thinking of skipping Less Than Zero (for now) and starting Discworld to see if that is my kinda thing or not, and to get a break from Bret Easton Ellis' style.
American Gods and Artemis, specifically, are two that I am really interested in. Artemis because I really enjoyed The Martian, and over the summer I've been reading some Gaiman short stories and really enjoy his style (Chivalry was very nice, in particular). Ringworld I bought after I read 2001: A Space Odyssey (VERY good btw) and thought maybe some more retro sci-fi would be fun to read, but my excitement for that one is kinda faltering.
update: I started on The Color of Magic
bump, does anyone else read for fun?
>>20273 I used to, but I fried my attention span pretty bad. I'm trying to rehab it slowly, short stories and poems, I was very proud of myself for finishing The Death of Ivan Illych. Discworld books rule, so good choice on that one. If anybody is or has gone through online attention span shortening, got any tips or tricks on getting it back?
>>20279 yeah, that was totally me Senior year of highschool, a combination of my internet addiction, ADHD, and anxiety issues finally made it so I couldn't read a single page without my mind wandering and taking like 5 minutes to turn the page The best advice I can give is to have an isolated reading space, away from any digital devices or distractions. Don't even leave your phone in your pocket, and set up a dedicated reading chair in another room or something. Although what actually helped me was finding a book that really captured my interest and reminded me what I used to love about reading, but that's obviously super personalized and idk if I could direct you there. Maybe re-reading a childhood favorite? Actually, I recently started reading Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's perspective, just came out a few months ago) and I find myself reading for hours and much more pages than books I otherwise enjoyed like American Psycho or 2001: A Space Odyssey. For me, that was the perfect mix of something old/something new. I also started a New Year's resolution to read 100 pages a week (so I can actually get through this reading list), and I try to read 20 pages a day, with 2 days built in for breaks/lapses. 20 pages isnt a lot, maybe like 30 minutes of reading, but it really adds up over the weeks, so you can start to get invested in stories and it won't be so much harder to keep reading.
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>>20225 If you like ringworld try Protector. It's short but fucking awesome. Draco's Tavern and world out of time are also great Niven books. If you're into retro-scifi Jules Verne is always a good read; journey to the center of the earth is a great start, the part at the beginning with war-mongering americans is fucking hilarious. If you want something somber or reflexive try pic related, about a vintage alt-right nipponcel struggling with being gay.


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