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/fit/ general Anonymous Comrade 03/17/2020 (Tue) 16:16:12 No. 7004
Ask your /fit/ related questions here. Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky" http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html how do i overcome the wall? i'v been working out for almost a year now, gained about 33lbs mostly muscles. i have no made any gain in the past 4 months now despite woring out and eating the same way. how do i get past this and gain muscles again?
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>>7004 Great job! You have made a ton of gains. Unfortunately, you are past noob gains now. Gains will come much more slowly. Make sure that you are still adding more volume to your workout. If the numbers are going up, you are improving. You may want to consider doing alternative lifts. Like switch from back squat to front squat etc
Should I do steroids /fit/? Serious question. I've been thinking I should maybe do just one or a couple cycles to make some nice quick gains that could hopefully be maintained without steroids. How retarded is this and why shouldn't I do it?
(67.09 KB 1000x1000 flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)
>>7008 >How retarded is this very >why shouldn't I do it? it will fry your nuts and could make your permanently impotent it will make your heart bigger, which isn't a good thing why do you want to roid anyway?
>>7008 That's not how steroids work. You have to actually pump iron to get yoked. Steroids just lift the limits of your gains. If you're starting out you will benefit from noob gains already. Steroid use isn't helpful unless you already have some training as a base to work from. And they're not necessary unless you want to leave humanity behind or you're a pro bodybuilder or you're an actor trying to bulk up for a role really fast.
>>7004 i want to ask a question here but i am not in the mood currently will ask at a later date i will keep you updated /fit/iznes
How do I get fit as like a skinnyfat kinda guy
(15.14 KB 288x450 45212961-288-k401699.jpg)
how do I achieve THIS?
(88.10 KB 560x420 BOMAG_BW_174_AP.jpg-560x420.jpg)
>>7066 You just need to use one of these
>>7066 depends from where you're starting but it looks like unhealthy low bodyfat, thats like under 2% even if this were achievable it won't be sustainable. in order to get this low bodyfat you'd have to cut savagely your body will inevitably end up eating the muscle mass in order to compensate
>>7058 lift?
(129.66 KB 600x327 CWdrGcUWIAEXYSX.png)
Can I still be in the /fit/ thread if I do no exercise at all? I don't wanna be a bodybuilder or anything but I'd like to be less of a fat piece of shit. I just find it too much energy to exercise both physically and mentally, I know some people get a buzz from being physically active but I don't, it makes me feel sweaty and hot and uncomfortable. I dunno how I can really get to a state of even modest fitness. I don't really do anything else in life either and I don't have a job so you would think I have lots of time to exercise but of course that's not really how it works.
>>7132 you don't have to exercise like a mad man to lose weight, just eat less carbs and fat and if you want to mak things faster, light jogging is the best option
>>7132 well, if you only want to lose weight, you don't really need exercise. you just need to eat healthier. you don't have to follow a diet or count calories, changing your habits is enough. for example you can eat more vegetables and fruit, cook your own meals, drink more water. but the most important thing is to avoid sugar as much as possible, and by sugar i mean sweets, soda, cakes, anything that has a lot of added sugar basically, even if it's homemade. i used to be pretty fat myself, but just by giving up sugary food (because of a cavity which was so bad i decided to never eat sweets or drink soda ever again) i lost a lot of weight and have pretty much stayed the same for a few years now even without exercising or counting calories. obviously, doing exercise is very good for your body, and just avoiding sugar and carbs is not enough to have a healthy diet, but if you tried changing your eating habits this way you would probably see a lot of results. this channel has a lot of interesting videos about nutrition and exercise, i think it's a pretty good place to start if you want to learn more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olEMIohTgzQ
>>7132 Diet is like 80% of health and fitness. Eat good food and less calories than you burn. Stay away from empty calories (shit like soda), where you're getting calories without nutrition. That's only appropriate if you're exercising hard and need to keep your blood sugar up. >>7136 Fat isn't bad. It can help you feel full for longer and help you reduce your caloric intake. Sugar is bad though, especially refined sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup.
>>7132 >I don't wanna be a bodybuilder or anything but I'd like to be less of a fat piece of shit. I just find it too much energy to exercise both physically and mentally Exercise is good, you could even go for a 30 minute walk right now and get some benefits. Even doing chores can add a bit of exercise into your day, there's a lot you can do! There's also more to weight loss than exercise btw like choosing the right foods to eat so don't feel bad if you can't run a marathon or lift your bodyweight. I know i'm shilling this nofap tier memescience, but I recently have started doing this dopamine detox thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QiE-M1LrZk and found that it worked for me and made me less lazy. Perhaps you can get results too and actually experience the buzz (dopamine) certain people get when exercising.
>>7004 Do we wear out our joints with each rep. Like how those folding cellphones have a limit on how many times they can be folded. Does the human body repair its joints? Or am I wearing them out by doing more reps? I can't lift higher. I only have very few lightweight objects in my house. So reps are the only way to increase the strain.
>>7228 I think that's a question you should ask an anatomist or some type of doctor. I know people who run marathons can fuck up their knees after a while though so I would be careful of doing things for an extended period of time.
>>7021 Bullshit. I used to know someone who spent one of his cycles on bed literally and still grew.
>>7228 Yes and no. Depends on the joint and the movement. There are some movements that are just plain injurious or just add wear (although you usually can heal if you're not too old). But in general it's your whole body getting stronger, not just your muscles. Your connective tissue gets stronger with training, as does your skeleton. Your muscle recovers from training fastest, so you should be much more careful with your joints, but they will strengthen too. Just use proper form and don't progress too fast and bite off more than you can chew. See the next reply. >>7248 That's mostly to do with people not walking the way the body is designed to walk. Your ankle is a natural shock absorber for your whole body. If you walk/run correctly (forefoot hitting ground first/only) you're fine. If you strike with your heel, there's nothing to absorb the shock, and your knees and hips take a pounding that wears them down over time. Your ankle is like a spring that bends vertically. Your knee doesn't bend vertically - a heel strike compacts the joint in a way it's not made to bend. Same goes for your hip joints. Even your spine isn't really built for that kind of impact, and there's basically nothing absorbing the shock between your spine and the ground if you heel strike. It can be hard to walk correctly though because most modern shoes have thick soles/heels to cushion them (not as good as your own body). The history of why shoes are like that is complicated and stupid but basically people designed shoes around fashion instead of biomechanics. >>7291 You will still grow some no matter what but it's not the same as if you were lifting. You won't get yoked that way. It's also not going to build strength unless you lift. You can get big muscles that are also weak. You get stronger by working them. And if you don't work your muscles to build them up, the steroids (depending on what kind) will have other effects like growing your organs, that are too harmful to aesthetics to be worth it if you're not making the most out of the roids to get huge. And some people respond better to roids than others of course.
>>7248 >>7294 thank you very much anon. i am going to do many overhead presses and pushups hope my elbow and wrists heal from the quarantined food i got.
Since the gyms here are closed due to COVID 19 I'm planing to get into calisthenics. Any tips for that? >inb4 no this other thing is superior! I want to go for calisthenics for now. I like the minimalism of it.
Don't use steroids, there are lots of alternatives these days that are safer.
(205.37 KB 400x400 thigh.gif)
I always feel stretches and exercise in the wrong places. When I bend to touch my toes I feel the stretch in the sciatic nerve. I have that Ring Fit Adventure game and some of the exercises say I should feel things in certain areas, but I sometimes feel them in others. When I do pic related I feel the stretch in my thigh even though the advice says not to do that. I also have anterior pelvic tilt so i'm guessing it's because I have weak muscles. How do I fix this problem across my entire body?
>>7302 you abnormally tall or short?
>>7303 I'm 175cm (5ft 9 in)
>>7299 OHP is rough on your rotator cuff (shoulder). Don't overdo it. It's one of the easiest to injure. If your joint starts to hurt stop immediately and give the joint time to recover before you lift heavy with it again. If you're trying to heal, do very light weights - just enough to get resistance and stimulate repair/recovery. Don't EVER push yourself while you're already injured. >>7300 There's a shitload of different calisthenics you can do. Any advice beyond really general stuff would require knowing your goals. General advice is know which muscles do what and make sure you balance what you do. So if you're doing a push movement you should also be doing a pull movement to balance it, e.g. pushups & rows. You might also be interested in isometric exercise - pic related.
>>7315 Yes, yes. I have a wooden box that weighs 15 pounds that I do OHP with 40 times to gain a little bit of resistance. I also lift a 2 pound statue with each hand until fatigue but not too much.
>>7331 oh fuck I though OHP meant one-hand pushup
I am trying to lose weight, mainly limiting the amount I eat and running about one time a day for at least 45 min to 1 hour. Y'all have any tips on how I can get in better shape, especially since I have more time in this corona situation
>>7352 chase people who break quarantine
>>7331 That sounds about right. Don't forget to stretch. >>7342 That shit is hard tbh. It's more of a core workout than you would expect, but that's because normal pushups have the other hand to brace.
>>7352 Tabata. It will ramp up your metabolism and make any further exercise more effective at burning calories. You can do it with running or any other exercise. Couldn't be simpler: 20 seconds of maximum effort, 10 seconds of rest, repeat 8 times total for 4 minutes of exercise. Stick some warm up and cool down on either side. Be advised it's harder than you would think.
List all the exercise one can do during ze lockdown Squats Pushups Situps (Heard these were bad for backs but not sure) Superman Bum Bridge Caterpillar STAR
>>7791 Instead of sit ups I would recommend leg lifts. Works most of the same muscles, but spares your back.
>>7792 OOOOO YEAH! that sounds good!
>>7815 Cute anon
>>7301 such as?
>>7879 y-you too!
>>7791 Headstand pushups (upside down vertical press)
>tfw I can now do archer pull ups for reps 1 arm pull up here I coooom
Will I die if I go from no workout in years to 40min workout a day / 100 pushups/situps/etc. a day? I eat healthy, am not overweight and am under 30.
>>8022 Just pace yourself, comrade. If something feels like it's too much, stop. Figure out how much you can maintain doing and do that, working up from there. Start small if you have to. There's no schedule you must follow. The important thing is you are improving and maintaining what you have.
>>8021 AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMING >>8022 If you have some heart condition or something like that. I hear if you do too much exercise you can damage your muscles and make you shit it out that blood. Also kissing girls gives cooties and Obama killed 7/11
>>7926 Question, how the fuck can I do that? I never seem to be at the right angle or not properly up against a wall to get the reps started
(305.25 KB 1600x1200 external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
>>8077 You can destroy your muscles by causing rhabdomyolysis, but you have to bust ass insanely hard. >>8102 Look up some videos to see the correct form. Maybe work your way up with an easier progression first, like pike pushups or bent waist pushups. I find it easiest to do it with my back to the wall. >put hands on floor next to wall >position shoulders above hands, head down >extend arms >kick feet off ground >balance so feet are up in the air, heels against wall >do eccentric movement (lowering) >push back up >repeat for reps It may be easier to do eccentrics only if you can't push back up, same way people do when starting pull ups.
I used to go to the gym every other day, tried to do lockdown workouts but I've barely been doing it because I'm not getting enough sleep to have any energy, even if I have coffee. I miss the gym
(65.51 KB 800x421 traps.jpg)
trips for traps
Since the virus lockdown, I am considering spending my time to work out. Does anyone have any at home workout plans?
>>9389 Scream for 9 hours in a corner to open a hole in the space time continuum These rips are known to increase you powers 60 fold in 1 nano second.
>>9389 What are your fitness goals (build muscle, lose fat, improve cardiovascular health, etc)? What equipment do you have, if any?
>>9400 >What are your fitness goals I want to build muscle. >What equipment do you have, if any I literally have nothing, but I can hang from some bars in my backyard.
(4.37 MB 2481x6600 Start Bodyweight Progressions.png)
(10.10 KB 635x356 goal based training.png)
>>9556 Pic related is an ok no-equipment program. Ideally you would move beyond body weight into lifting heavy objects, but without equipment you are pretty much limited to body weight. You can't really do deadlifts for example if you don't have a bar. If you can hang from bars you can at least do pull ups and probably horizontal rows. But the things to keep in mind for building muscle are: <Caloric surplus You need to be eating big to get big. Your body will either be catabolic (breaking down stored energy) or anabolic (building up stored energy) in general, and if you want to get swole, you need to be anabolic and eat more than you burn. Also try to eat healthy, get enough protein (don't have to overdo it), and eat more carbs so you can quickly turn food into body mass. <Difficulty progression You won't get bigger if you don't work out harder than you have before. Figure out what your limit is and progress from there. This program increases repetitions per set until you get high enough and then you increase the difficulty of the movement. With actual weights you would bump up the weight you lift. That's a better system, because it lets you maintain the number of reps/sets and go for a consistent goal (pic 2). <Rest Lots of people don't realize that in order to make gains you have to rest properly. Training breaks your muscles down, and rest builds them back up (but stronger). Make sure you maintain a regimen that you can keep up long term (don't overdo it) and that you have time to recover fully. This depends a lot on the individual. For me, I tend to get better results by going hard and having more rest days, but other people may respond better to fewer sets done more frequently. <Cardio Despite common memes, cardio won't kill your gains. It will increase your metabolism and general health. The only thing about cardio is to understand that with an increased metabolism you have to eat more to have a caloric surplus. Doing cardio is good though because it helps you recover better by improving circulation and sleep.
Anyone remember /fitlit/?
I wanna get a bit more stronger. I’m super thin and my ribs, bones and shit are far too noticeable (like really). What should I do if I don’t have any access to proper weights or a gym?
>>9917 >What should I do if I don’t have any access to proper weights or a gym? You can get started with body weight resistance. See this post >>9558 for basically the same question. Just replace "get big" with "get strong" and less emphasis on caloric surplus (although it helps esp if you're a hungry skeleton). Look at pic #2 for the number of reps and sets you want to be doing under the Strength column. Also to add, it's way more important to be CONSISTENT than to do exactly the right program inconsistently. It may be more effective for you to start doing one or two exercises regularly and build the habit up.
>>9918 Yeah. Last time I exercised I wasn’t even able to use my fucking legs properly for two days
>>9917 Bumping this
>>9920 Then you overdid it. Pay attention to how much you're doing. Track it in a spreadsheet if that helps. If you are too worn out, then cut back. It might seem counterintuitive, but pushing yourself only helps if you can recover from it fast enough to be ready to continue the program. If you can't stay consistent then cut back until you can. I remember there was some extremely obese person who got started by just clapping. Do whatever is challenging but not so challenging you can't keep it up. Doing anything at all, no matter how small, is an improvement over not doing anything.
Is it true that when fasting your body will retain more fat when you eat again. I ask because due to depression I don't trust myself to not overeat, so all I can really do is eat like a medieval Chinese peasant, if I eat at all.
What happens physiologically if you are under-nourished and work out a lot? How does the body react to this stress?
>>9982 Depends. tl;dr If you want to gain muscle, put your body in bulk mode. Calories in > calories out, progress your difficulty. If you want to lose fat and retain muscle, put your body in cut mode. Calories in < calories out, maintain your difficulty. Trying to do both at once is suboptimal, and the reason you would see problems like you suspect. You build strength/mass by breaking down muscle through resistance, and then recovering by eating the nutrients you need to repair yourself only stronger. If you are eating enough to repair the breakdown you cause through working out, plus a baseline amount of calories to keep you healthy, you will just lose weight. The minimum for this is probably like your basic metabolic rate (BMR) minus a few hundred Calories which you can calculate based on mass and bf% plus whatever you need to get the necessary nutrients. As long as you have body fat to lose and eat that much, you will probably be ok. If you eat too little or work out too hard you can get into territory where you can't recover properly from the workout and you will start to lose weight in the form of muscle mass. Do keep in mind that if you lose weight, have a catabolic metabolism, you will lose some muscle mass. This is practically unavoidable. If you eat too little or work out to hard you can tip the scales and that's counterproductive. But if you track your weight and bf% you can see how much muscle vs fat you lose (fat should handily be most of it). You will also see yourself hitting a plateau at best, most likely you will get weaker. This means increase your caloric intake or slow down the progression or both. If you don't correct you are probably going to wear yourself out and not be able to keep it up or just start weakening yourself. If you take this too far (though usually through lifting too much as opposed to under-eating) you can cause your muscles to start atrophying rapidly (rhabdomyolosis) which is indicated by severe illness symptoms, the most characteristic of which is brown urine. If you take it this far (extreme case) you need hospitalization so they can give you fluids and potentially filter the toxic chemicals produced by muscle breakdown. But again, this is for when you go way too far, like lifting heavy for hours at a time. You can avoid these issues pretty completely if you just stick to the bulk/cut cycle. When you bulk, you eat more calories than you burn and lift on a progressively increasing difficulty curve. The most consistent and effective way to do that is to increase the weight over time. By challenging your body you force your muscles to rebuild themselves, and by eating more food than you normally need, you are supplying them the materials to do that effectively. When you cut, you eat fewer calories than you consume, potentially do some more cardio or something to cut even more calories, and you continue to lift but at an easier challenge level. Knock off the weight progression because your body isn't good at simultaneously burning fat and building muscle. It can do both but either one is more effective the less you do of the other. So just keep lifting at the same level or even a bit below while progressing slower. What you don't want to do is stop lifting because then your body no longer needs to maintain the strong muscle and it will start to break down more of the muscle for calories. >>9981 >Is it true that when fasting your body will retain more fat when you eat again. Your body will try to hold onto as much energy as it can, but I'm not really sure what you're asking. How much of the food you eat becomes fat vs burned as energy depends on your metabolism level when you eat. If you eat right after a workout more of the food will go to recovery than to fat. If you eat less your body will try to slow its metabolism down a bit, but you can increase your metabolism with exercise. If you just passively fast without doing anything else you might have some factor increasing fat storage that way, but generally fasting is good for weight loss because while fasted your body has to burn fat and breaking fast will then put more of the food toward recovery. What fasting will often do is make you hungry and prone to eating more. >I ask because due to depression I don't trust myself to not overeat, so all I can really do is eat like a medieval Chinese peasant, if I eat at all. This is actually a really good thing to work on to help build discipline and to help with depression a bit. You can get a lot better at this with practice, as long as you don't get mad at yourself when you (inevitably) have failures and you don't use food as an incentive or reward. That's one of the biggest problems with dieting - people confuse their reward system by rewarding a successful diet with food. Find something else that gives you the reward feeling and do that after you succeed on your diet. Like, play a video game every time you eat the right amount of food at a meal and hold yourself to not playing it if you overeat. >>9917 Pick a workout, get started, and eat way more.
Is whey protein a complete scam? I've been drinking it for years, now the quarantine happens and it's too expensive for me to get and I haven't lost all my muscle or anything.
>>9997 Whey is a good source of protein. It's not a supplement;it's a food. You might have been under the impression that you need to consume more protein than you really do. There is a tendency to exaggerate that.
Wide hip comrade reportan in JUST
(3.12 MB 3773x4000 1548262791715.jpg)
(864.38 KB 1572x1048 Scooby Workout.png)
(662.54 KB 3060x1628 zw13Y.jpg)
What I need is a fucking physio, a massage therapist, and a simple stretching routine that is under ten minutes. My body is fucked from years of recovering from an accident. side swiped on bike by car
(69.86 KB 735x766 door brah.jpg)
>>10011 Build a huge core and achieve doormode. Skinny hips/waist is a meme. You have a lower center of mass and a better foundation for building strength. >>10013 F I hope you're in a country with not a completely retarded healthcare system.
Could I get some advice on sugar intake? By my counting, I actively consume ~15g of sugar per day, perhaps slightly more, since I use sauce for some of my meat dishes, however that isn't regular. If I really wanted, I could probably cut it to ~8g. How good is this? Should I try to go down to 8g or eliminate it completely? I'd prefer not, since those 8g are basically only there to prevent me from gagging on my breakfast, however, if it brings benefit, I'd be willing to quit.
>>10014 okay but what if I wanted a huge core and even wider hips; achieve full himbo/bara mode
>>10080 get on hgh at that point i guess
>>10077 eat some fruit for heavens sake
Is it true it's harder to lose muscle and your strength than it is to gain it? I've heard that unless you really try, as long as you keep your body active (even through non-gym activities), your body will still be relatively better than before you went to gym.
>>10174 I can only speak from experience but i still have my gains from when I started lifting 6 years ago even though I stopped lifting for years after that (wasn't a lot though, as I was a newbie and did several things wrong) So yeah unless you're regularly starving yourself it seems pretty hard to lose muscle
>>10101 Why? I take vitamin pills, so I am ok on that part, and to my understanding fruit isn't really worth it. It isn't filling and has sugar. Sure it has fibre, but I don't really have a poop problem. Anyway, I am not really trying to have a real diet, just something that would be easy to follow and would eliminate the most unhealthy. I guess I'd appreciate some advice on improving what I eat. It's: 200g of low-fat curd with a tiny bit of jam for breakfast Some sort of meat dish for lunch (porkchops, chiken made same way as porkchops, ground beef with rice or pasta). Mostly random shit for dinner (pasta, omlet, hardboiled eggs, premade chicken kiev with the butter taken out, oven heated premade pizza).
Oi /fit/, I am an ectomorphic lad and I'd like to get fit. For starters what is the place you recommend to calculate which caloric intake I need? Secondly, running or cycling? I personally prefer cycling, but I don't really know how far to cycle. I usually do around 20km in 50mins. For a more helpful routine do I do this like 3 times a week?
>>10280 >calculate which caloric intake Don't micromanage your food intake to the calorie. Eat healthy foods and work out. If you need more food, your body will demand it and you will eat more to keep up. If you eat a lot now, just cut down on greasy and sweet foods, get your sugar from fruits and juice and halve your portions for a period of time until you noticeably lose weight. Running and doing steam-bath will make you sweat yourself of any excess fat
>>10281 Thanks for the advice laddie, I appreciate it
Nice to see /fit/ on bunkerchan, as long as it doesn't devolve into bodybuilding/hypertrophy. There are only two things a militant has to train for: fighting and escaping. So train for power, endurance and technique. Practice some form of martial arts or boxing. Inflated muscles will only slow you down. Don't buy into neoliberal ideology that tells you you have to turn yourself into a brand.
>>10405 my bones make a loud cackle every time i move my arms or legs if i train my bones could turn to dust
>>10408 >a loud cackle every time i move <...Spooky Scary Skeletons, Send Shivers down your spine. Unless you have serious osteoporosis just stretch a lot and start using small weights (2kg). The more you move the more 'lubricated' your joints, muscles and ligments are, and the more freely and smoothly they'll move for you. Inb4 "the pain" My grandfather is over 80 and has torn ligments in one arm and arthritis in the other. Through every-day stretches and workout he continues to maintain his strength and over-came his pain and weakening. He has the physical strength to beat me at arm-wrestling and the flexibility of a man half his age, if he can do it, so can you.
>>10409 >osteoporosis fuck fukc fuck i didn't think of that i am vegetarian and i barely get sunlight inside the house and i eat below recommended amount of daily protein OH FUCK I COULD ALSO HAVE RICKETS AND ARTHRITIS
>>10410 >i am vegetarian Do you eat eggs? because as a person who has cared for far animals, none of the eggs laid by chickens that are sold are actually "baby chickens", they lay eggs as a way of getting rid of sterile eggs that are grown, so you're not harming them by eating them. Cows on proper farms also do not mind being milked, often they have too much for the calves to drink and this can result in painful udders when the milk doesn't get removed. Don't want to eat meat? Fine, but don't be stupid about hurting the feelings of animals, As long as they're kept in humane environments they're perfectly willing to give away their un-needed byproducts that YOU very much need. >rickets and arthritis better start working out with light exersize and consuming vitamin pills like crazy >little sun Put on a light layer of sunblock lotion, go to the nearest lake or Ocean and spend a hour tanning. You sound like you're missing serious mounts of Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin C.
>>10413 No i don't eat eggs. Just diary and pulses and that too not much because it is hard to get them. Literally been living on rice potato the past months. I got no money for vitamin pills, i'll try to get free sun from my balcony, should 1 hour of it be enough?
>>10423 > should 1 hour of it be enough Usually. Do try to get eggs if you can, they're non-fertilized and do no harm to the Chicken if that is what you worry about. >Rice-potato Yeah fam you're going to get scurvy doing that, where the bloody hell do you live? Ireland? Alaska? >no money M8, if you don't start eating properly you're gonna die way too early. This isn't even /fit/ this is downright /survive/ and be healthy
>>10423 Dairy is way less humane than eggs my dude. Depending on where you are you may be able to get eggs that are basically cruelty free (by non-vegan standards). Dairy cows have a pretty shitty life OTOH.
>>10464 I get my milk from local villages and farms though.
>>10465 If you can get milk locally like that then there are almost certainly eggs available too.
>>10466 I'm not that guy, mate
>>7299 Overhead press fucked my rotator. Be careful with your form.
anon from leftypol thread here, I'll just post here. I've been cycling 20km in between 45 to 50 minutes for two weeks now. Feels really good. I've also noticed that I am eating more. Gonna be rid of this skeleton body if I keep it up, can't fucking wait.
So how's everyone doing?
'Sup /fit/, need some help. See I eat like a bloody horse and its mostly healthy food (no soda, no fast-food, plenty of vegetables and fruit, nuts, chicken, pork, rice and multi-grain bread) 3 Full plates a day and snacks in between... yet I haven't gained weight in 5 years, and I'm a skinny guy. My metabolism isn't especially fast either so what gives? How can I build some muscle mass better?
>>11210 Do you also lift? Your muscles need to train to get swole. If you train them, some of your metabolism goes to rebuilding them stronger. You can also try eating more, even stuff that's largely empty calories like rice.
>>7004 Is Steven Low's Overcoming Gravity book good? I don't really want to become large, just strong. My physique is average, 180cm x 74kg.
>>11214 >eating more I eat a lot already. I'll try lifting but frankly nothing has changed for years. I'd suspect tape-worms if it weren't for all tests coming in negative.
>>11220 bro you need strength training if you want to gain muscle. eating healthy is gonna prevent you from getting fat but its not gonna grow your muscles.
>>11215 Also, is it normal for someone of my complexion not be able too make more than a couple normal pullups? it's been that way since I ever remember.
>>11233 >complexion idk what your skin has to do with it lol Not sure what you meant to say instead though. >is it normal to suck at pullups Yes definitely. You just have to work up to it. Do eccentrics or half pull ups to help develop the strength.
>>11235 By complexion I meant the body build. I thought it meant that, I was mistaken.
>>11232 I get that, my point is I don't gain weight even in terms of fat. I was forced to be unable to do physical activities of any kind for a year, yet gained 0 pounds despite eating the same and being forced to be very inactive physically.
Anyone remember /fitlit/?
(569.10 KB 1010x1425 QwT7Mu2.jpg)
(241.55 KB 1000x990 cuteboi1.jpg)
I'm trying to shed a good deal of body weight and reduce my BMI by a sizable margin. I'm trying to deduce my belly fat while building up my arm and leg muscles using squats and using 1 gallon water jugs as weights. The pictures attached is what I am going after but I still want to build up muscle to beat back any chasers.
>>12087 >I wanna be a cute fag <I also wanna be built Pic 1 or the other, you can't be a "manly man" and a "trap" at the same time.
>>12088 I don't think I made myself clear the first time. I do want to build up muscle and get a toned twink body so I don't look like some lanky soyboy. I'm not looking to do powerlifting, but enough that I don't have to worry about some chaser causing me trouble. I hope that clears things up.
>>12096 SO you want to be an otter, you really sent mixed signals with the trap aesthetic stuff. Thanks for clarification. On the topic of chasers... see the martial arts thread.
>>12096 Good taste, comrade. I hope you do become a cuteboy.
>>12117 Can we not do this here? You have /GET
(243.04 KB 1080x1080 1594615806558.jpg)
I just wanna work shoulders. What should I do?
>>12151 Flys of all kinds, pull overs, rows, pull ups, and maybe deadlifts?
>>12151 What the fuck, anon don't listen to this moron >>12154, do OHP variations and facepulls.
(163.82 KB 233x261 JESSE.png)
Okay, bit of an odd question. How should I get legs as big as Chun Lee (street fighter)?
>>12270 Front squats and lunges basically.
>>12166 are there variations of facepulls that don’t involve a cable machine? ie freeweight or body weight.
(216.49 KB 620x349 band pull apart.jpg)
(46.27 KB 283x372 pull up lean.jpg)
>>12277 Band pull a parts or doing pull ups like in 2nd pic.
Anyone know how I can fix my back? I sleep on my back, and have always worked out with equal weighton both sides, yet the lower back muscles on my right side seem to be just not there, like there is a visible indent in the area as if the muscles are just not there, yet I have no trouble lifting heavy objects with either arm. Is this a big concern?
>>12440 That is probably, quite literally, genetics. I too have something similar, namely my right pectoral is almost non-existant and yet I can push/pull as much weight as my left. We were just not born to be a e s t h e t i c .
>>12461 Well that fucking sucks, None of my family I know have that so it must be one off then. Oh well, at least I'm /fit/.
(368.05 KB 3072x2048 DC.jpg)
How much do I have to lift to achieve this body? Daniel Cormier is literally peak male performance. He's free money on August 15th btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY4tYBkz-Fw He's also the UFC GOAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf7H1w7JuGQ
(313.51 KB 1600x1200 fit.jpg)
(1005.89 KB 1200x1600 fit4.jpg)
>>12465 get to 100-110kg and lift your max 4-5 times a week for 2 years. This entire thread is cringe and nobody here knows anything about fitness. I can give advice but what you want & what you can achieve varies vastly depending on if you want to lift weights or do bodyweight exercises & if you want to focus on strength or aesthetics. I cannot help with cardio because I just run (and not enough) to keep it up. Posting body & some info for reference. Anyone giving advice ought to post body. Height & Weight 187cm/6'1, 110kg Stats: Max Deadlift: 200kg Max Bench: 130kg Max Squat: 130kg Max Overhead Press: 90kg Natty
>>12573 nice cock bro
(126.81 KB 376x434 pepe lift.jpg)
>>12573 >I can give advice but what you want & what you can achieve varies vastly depending on >if you want to lift weights or do bodyweight exercises Lift weights, already have a hexbar, only just into my 2nd week with it. >& if you want to focus on strength or aesthetics. Strength, Daniel Cormier mode or this mode unironically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlaBlizeV7o > le ebin aesthetic ripped bodybuilder twink. I want to join the Big Boys Club: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxgwWe5unJg Is adding 10 lbs per week to my lifts reasonable? I do 1 set of 5 reps each deadlifts and 2 sets of 1 minute each farmers walks (both currently at 80lbs).
>>12597 These guys sort of remind me of sumos That is, fucking strong as hell Then dead by 40 You body is not meant to be, and let's be honest here, that fat for that many years for any reason
>>12593 thanks bruv >>12597 Hexbar man bad, you are limited in what you can do with it. get an olympic bar and 160kg of weights for starters, or join a gym if you can't afford it. Do Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, pull ups and Overhead Press. These are compound exercises and you will be working most of your muscle groups doing these. for a beginner a good starting routine is starting strength, 3 sets of 5 reps or 5 sets of 5 reps on most exercises, the last rep needs to be very difficult. If you feel like you are easily doing 5 repetitions you need to add more weight. Sets of threes are also good but again you need to be physically unable to do another rep after the three in a set. Train 3-4 days a week minimum & 5 days a week maximum, every training day you train your upper body and your lower body. Here is an example of my training day: Bench press: warm up with heavy singles until failure, then do 5x3, then 5x5 and stop decreasing the weight when it becomes negligible. Do pull ups until I physically can't pull myself up anymore (starting out, especially if you are pudgy, you will be unable to do them or do very little of them but you have to keep trying, no other way to work back) Squat, warm up with 3x5, then increase the weight by 10kg and keep doing 3x5 until I can only lift it for 1 rep. Do some dips until failure, usually 6x8 Train with a 80kg stone in my yard, shouldering it, carrying it and holding it for resistance training. The same can be replicated with farmers walks and bent over rows. Training should take at least an hour, over the years mine has become 2-3 hours long. >Is adding 10 lbs per week to my lifts reasonable? I do 1 set of 5 reps each deadlifts and 2 sets of 1 minute each farmers walks (both currently at 80lbs). Yes, it is very reasonable. You will hit a wall eventually, but if you can take the weight keep adding more. Do 1 rep max deadlifts as well, as long as you maintain proper form. At least once a week load up the bar with enough weight that you can only lift it once and just barely while maintaining a good posture, then lift it over and over in 'sets of one' until you physically can't lift it off the ground anymore. You are not just training your muscles you are training your central nervous system and it gets used to lifting heavy shit trough shock. Know that like 90% of the people lifting really heavy shit online, like 300+ kg deadlifts are on steroids. Hang around on /fit/ and go to a gym and you'll learn to recognize it, don't get discouraged if you see someone claiming an unbelievable transformation in half a year or a year, it is most likely a lying roider. But at the same time you can get a decent phisique with one year of training. Combine both bodyweight stuff and weightlifting, taking from your posts you are probably a fatass that wants to become strong and big, bodyweight exercises become extremely good for building muscle when you are heavy, so combine them. But likely you won't be able to lift yourself until you've done some weightlifting first, IF you are heavy. Go to 4chan /fit/ unironically, you will learn a lot more than here, people ITT don't know anything. /fit/ is generally a good point of reference for starting out, just take what they say with a grain of salt. They like to complain a lot and are whiners. The shit posted ITT is either girly shit or fitness fad shit, I can guarantee only like 2 or 3 posters in this thread actually train. RESISTANCE BANDS ARE A FUCKING MEME, ANYTHING THAT ISNT LIFTING YOUR OWN BODY OR LIFTING WEIGHT IS A MEME. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON THAT SHIT! FOR BODYWEIGHT PUSH UPS DIPS LEVERS PULL UPS SQUATS FOR WEIGHTLIFTING SQUAT DEADLIFT BENCH OHP, EVERYTHING ELSE IS AUXILIARY AND YOU CAN'T ACTUALLY GET IN SHAPE FROM IT.
>>12612 also the first three months of exercise should feel like you got gangbanged by niggers and you should be in pain and aches from DOMS all the time, if you are not in this state of things you are not pushing yourself hard enough. After the initial few months it will pass because your body got used to the stress. This is a good measure if you are training seriously starting out.
>>12597 Also most likely over time your ambitions will change from wanting to look strong fat/builtfat to wanting to look athletically strong. Most likely this change will come once you've achieved that body, because that's where I am at right now.
>>12597 Buy kettlebells. They are great for gaining stamina and increasing both your tendons' and muscles' strength.
>>12648 Anyone know where I can get them for cheap. I want some 5-10 Kg ones.
>>12675 I'm not sure if it is a good advice in your case, but try buying the used one. At least in my country they are 3 to 5 times cheaper than the new ones.
>>12675 If you shave you head and workout topless while whistling like a train, they will come to you.
>>12675 >5-10kg ones get at least 10kg ones & heavier, you are wasting your time at that weight. Literally better of doing nothing than "exercising" with that weight. Get 20-30kg ones too and heavier after a certain point.
Here is a good standard for strength if you are thinking of starting weightlifting but don't have any idea what you are doing 75% bodyweight overhead press for 5 reps 100% bodyweight bench press for 5 reps 150% squat for 5 reps 200% deadlift for 5 reps So for example if you are 80kg heavy you ought to be able to overhead press at least 60kg for 5 reps, bench at least 80kg for 5 reps, squat 120kg for 5 reps & deadlift 160kg for 5 reps. Then you are strong. You will never get really strong using weights if not using a barbell. I know less about bodyweight exercises, but the focus should be to train until failure every time and climb up into the hundreds of repetitions with push ups, squats, dips etc.
>>13126 someone starting out weightlifting is 100% not going to be able to overhead press 75% of their body weight auf keinen fall
>>13182 Of course, this is why it is a standard for strength. It is a goal to aspire to and achieve, not something you do off the bat. It took me a year to accomplish these and more for the squat.
>>13183 okay sorry brother I miss understood what you were saying
How can you do overhead press without fucking up your shoulders? And how can you squat without hurting your knees? I stopped lifting because of this.
>>13187 What was your height & weight, and what weight were you lifting? high bar or low bar for squat? Most likely the problem is with your posture. I haven't had shoulder pains from OHP, but I've heard a lot of people complain about this. When lifting the weight try to lift it up in a straight line while pushing your head forward, it is supposed to be above you not slightly in front of you like most people do. Do not lean back so much as to fuck up your back, doing some retarded standing bench press like a lot of people do. As for squats, in my opinion the high bar squat is superior because it does not fuck up your back. You basically need to keep your torso & back straight and the bar on your traps and squat ass to grass. Maybe you were dive bombing instead of controlling your movement when lowering? that can fuck you up.
(208.74 KB 1179x794 based nigga.jpg)
Im going to push myself and do the herschel walker's routine challenge. 5000 pushups,5000 abs a DAY. wish me luck,i want to become the New Man
>>13289 Good luck anon!
>>12096 is it bad I want a dominant twink bf if im a 80 kilos bearmode?
>>13291 >80kg >bearmode lmao post body.
>>13289 Bruh not to put you down but he's a professional athlete, that means he's on steroids. You'll never look like him no matter how much you train. You can still look pretty good and the training regiment would be good if you can pull it off, but you need to throw in dips, pull ups and squats too.
>>13341 >post body no
(406.98 KB 836x1442 bodyweight.jpg)
>>13289 >thinking you'll get to look like that by doing pushups and crunches >thinking all the jacked guys promoting bodyweight routines aren't on roids and lifting weights I'm sorry you fell for this meme, but don't worry we're here to help.
>>13289 >doing loads of an exercise to get stronk More like work up to 5x5 one-arm decline pushups or have someone sit on your shoulders. Also crunches are shit and bad for your posture. If you do any ab movment like that balance it with supermans. >>13126 >I know less about bodyweight exercises, but the focus should be to train until failure every time and climb up into the hundreds of repetitions with push ups, squats, dips etc. No, you are training for different goals if you do that. That is basically doing calisthenics/cardio. If you want to use body weight exercises you need to increase the resistance by doing harder movements, e.g. regular pull ups to wide pull ups to archer pull ups to one-arm pull ups.
>>13352 >No, you are training for different goals if you do that. That is basically doing calisthenics/cardio. If you want to use body weight exercises you need to increase the resistance by doing harder movements, e.g. regular pull ups to wide pull ups to archer pull ups to one-arm pull ups. I wasn't saying against that but you are right. With bodyweight stuff the focus should be making as large and wide of range of movements as possible, many types of different variations. In this regard I think bodyweight exercises are superior to weightlifting because they are capable of targeting more diverse muscle groups. I still stand by what I said, it is just that what I said is useless if you do not include all kinds of variations to these bodyweight exercises. during corona I managed to actually grow my bench press by doing dips and 5-6 different kinds of push ups at home. this was still a pretty intense chest exercise for me because I am 110kg, and bodyweight exercises actually make me strain. I was very surprised when I actually saw my strength grow.
>>13368 The other advantage of body weight is that you usually engage more support/stabilizing muscles than if you lift weights and especially if you use machines. But it's not ideal. It would be a good supplement to lifting real weights though. Honestly, I only got into bodyweight because my area's gym is so shit that if I put all the plates on the bar they weigh less than I do. If I just do handstand pushups it's more weight than trying to overhead press everything they have. >during corona I managed to actually grow my bench press by doing dips and 5-6 different kinds of push ups at home. This is something people tend to forget - your muscles are combinations of a bunch of different fibers and smaller muscles, and varying your routine is important to rounding out the whole muscle group. Like you noticed it comes in handy later when doing "normal" lifts because you can draw on the more obscure muscle to help you.
>>13351 >gyms closed in NY for the foreseeable future ah well guess i'll just be skinny for another year
(331.18 KB 2581x1440 1595393709138.jpg)
I miss going to the gym so much bros, I have kettlebells but... it's just not the same.
>>13412 I know that feel bro. I had to move training to the shitty public gym with logs, concrete weights & metal bars but it just isn't heavy enough, I don't even get DOMS.
>>13371 >Honestly, I only got into bodyweight because my area's gym is so shit that if I put all the plates on the bar they weigh less than I do. If I just do handstand pushups it's more weight than trying to overhead press everything they have. That's fucking cursed, what sort of gym is that? Planet fitness or some sort of womans gym?
>>13371 Also I agree with everything you said. My normal routine is a mix of bodyweight stuff and weightlifting but I focus more on weightlifting. Machines are a trash waste of time, me and my buddy who never do machines went to a big city gym in the center and managed to 10-12 rep all the machines on their biggest difficulty, it is such a meme. The leg press is maybe the only exception but squats are still better because they are safer.
>>13422 Some local small chain that charges $50 a month and is equipped with those single-movement machines and a bunch of cardio equipment. They don't even have a squat rack or bench, just a smith machine. They didn't even originally have a bar. Basically it's a place for suburbanite retards to waste money larping as bodybuilders.
(78.93 KB 750x533 nattyorjuice?.jpg)
Guy from my gym that just had heart surgery. Only eats kimchi and rice. No fap and 14 hours of sleep per day. Idk I think juicy.
>>13464 I change my mind Guy is natty and just eats organic kimchi made exclusively from napa cabbage grown and hand-harvested by the virgin priestesses in the trenbolone-rich volcanic soils of Mt Paektu. Here you see him with some of the priestesses who upskilled to dietitians after joining the army.
>>13464 14 hours of sleep a day will do that to you.
>>13424 the worst part is those gyms pull the most money so they are gobbling up the classical gyms.
Are we all in agreement here that roids are bourgeois decadence and the bodybuilder asthetic is just capitalist realism? Or are there porkies on dianabol here?
Bros. How can i stop being a fatass
>>13789 read the sticky on /fit/
>>13789 either go keto or do one meal a day cut sugary shit exercise that's it. anything else other than eating less is a cope, even exercise won't help if you don't eat less.
>>13784 extremely cringe take, especially since the capitalist realist overman is the skinnyfat soy bugman. Bodybuilders are a thing of modernism, not pomo cap.realism. That being said it is just taking the easy route and it fucks your health so you shouldn't do it, if you aren't going to the top (strongman, olympics) roids are cringe and just taking the lazy route. It is excusable for really aesthetic bodybuilding like arnie as well. Roids are bad but your argument is cringe and soy.
>>13784 >he doesn't want to be a Soviet super soldier Pathetic.
>>13789 Count calories/good dieting, exercise, general good health practices (ex: consistent sleep schedule)
Bros how much do you really lift for others/to get chicks vs for yourself? I quit working out after really introspecting and realizing I was just doing it for the chicks and that my efforts would be better spent making money for surgery or something. I even asked my gf if she gives a shit about bodies vs face and she concurred that face matters more. So now I took the doomerpill and quit the aspects of working out for muscles and just train for fitness/sports only.
>>13797 it helps with my adhd
>>13797 These are very shallow reasons. Comrades should lift in preparation for the world revolution. How can we overthrow capitalism while being physically and mentally weak? Proper lifting improves both your body's health and your pscyhe's health.
>>13797 >>13799 both reasons are cringe. you ought to exercise to become an overman, the best possible version of you. if you don't have something serious & time consuming to focus your time on like studying to become a doctor there is no excuse not to train. You can reach both your physical and mental apex, there is no reason why one should prevent the other.
>>13797 and getting surgery is extra cringe bourgie shit.
(30.32 KB 736x414 socrates do you even lift.jpg)
>>13797 I lift because it feels good and it's healthy.
>>13784 roids fuck up your testicles lmao, Not worth it especially since the ideal male form to women is either dad bod (vast majority) or ottermode (most of the rest of the small minority, only a tiny sliver of women are not disgusted by guys that are shredded veiny bodybuilder roids mode) >>13795 >he doesn't want to have healthy sperm to father children with NGMI
>>13833 >lifting for women lmao
>>13797 I'm Autistic so it's not like I'm gonna get girls anyway. Pretty much riding the line between strength and looks. Lifting has given me so much already, so motivation isn't really a factor anymore. I do it because I enjoy it, and the slow, upward crawl of kilos is enough for me.
>>13841 Why do bodybuilders always resort to this cop out after they get called out on lifting solely for women? If you are training for big muscles/aesthetics then you are doing it for others and vanity/looks. Strength doesn’t show. So either you lift for fitness and barely look like you lift, or you train for aesthetics and impressing others. Building muscle is really just pure vanity/impressing women. Strength does not equal muscle
>>13864 And you have to be deluded like the bodybuilding forum to think women even prefer that roided out bald spray tan look. Women would rather have a skinnyfit guy with hair and a nice face
broke: lifting for women woke: lifting for gay men bespoke: lifting for yourself
(222.87 KB 387x387 Untitled.png)
>>13864 >Strength doesn't show lmao, not even a bodybuilder. Why are leftist so fucking cringe and cope instead of fessing up to being dyels,you ought to learn from rightoids and alternative types instead of whining and making excuses. Strength does equal muscle, if you didn't look like shit or were scrawny you wouldn't even be posting this. >If you are training for big muscles/aesthetics then you are doing it for others and vanity/looks. For vanity sure but that doesn't imply training for others, I train to uplift myself both in strength and appearance and I don't factor into this what is aesthetic to other people. I don't even roid, your arguments are just so fucking cringe and embarassing. Post body and lifts so I can laugh at you.
>>13870 Also up until COVID I've worked a physical job my whole life, and I can tell you that people saying 'strength doesn't show' is either a sign of an amateur lifter or a COPE. Gym training both translated into easier work shifts for me and aesthetics and people around me noticed.
(104.41 KB 850x400 evola cuck.jpg)
(26.15 KB 251x242 pepe JUSTPEPE.jpg)
>>13870 >that fucking JUST tier dirty mane/long hair Evola worshipping Kali Yuga fanatic detected
(45.98 KB 612x599 baloon animal.jpg)
>>13870 Not him but >Strength does equal muscle Any martial artist worth their salt will tell you that excess muscle-building is a handicap. Not only is it short-term and have low stamina compared to lean-muscle but it also is vulnerable, as anyone who has ever been charlie-horsed can tell you. >leftist fucking cringe Because we don't think being Mr.Balloon arms is based? Look at Greek Olympic statues and art, they're muscled, but not puffed up roid-users. >vanity <that doesn't imply training for others That's a contradictive statement. If you;re doing it for others in the first place and not some side benefit then you're doing it wrong. >>13871 Nigga I am a wiry person, I look fairly thin, but I can lift a small steel fridge up 4 long-ass flights of stairs of an old studio and go back for more with ease. I also did plenty of heavy lifting on a ship, and anything I couldn't do by myself was something that required collective effort in the first place (for example raising the anchor). That was shit I did as a teenager.
>>13870 >Strength does equal muscle, if you didn't look like shit or were scrawny you wouldn't even be posting this. No, it literally doesn’t. You can be 130 lbs and stronger than someone 255 lbs. There’s a difference between relative strength and absolute strength. Strength is training the motor neurons to operate at a higher capacity. It’s training your nervous system vs muscular hypertrophy and getting needlessly larger. >For vanity sure but that doesn't imply training for others Yes it does, vanity can’t be had without a social context. You can’t be vain if you don’t know what societal beauty standards are. It’s like hegel you embroiled in the volksgeist of your time. Before the roided look was fashionable being vain could mean being a literal fatty. >I don't even roid, your arguments are just so fucking cringe and embarassing. Post body and lifts so I can laugh at you. Whatever muchacho. You look big yes, but you have a lot of bodyfat. What I’m trying to say is without roids you cant get a remarkably muscular/lean look that would turn heads on the street, especially when shirted up. Bodybuilders take ephedra and all sorts of drugs to lean out as well. Also yes I am scrawny atm but it’s because I’ve given up on my meal plan, it’s a waste of time and my energy. Especially since I’ve gotten to the core of why I was trying to get muscles and realized it was for pure vanity. I’ve trained martial arts for 12 years now. I’ve been big and skinny, muscle is gained and lost just as easily when people stop following their diet/ roid plan. As for lifts, I do 2 finger pushups, headstand pushups, gymnastic exercises, free weights etc. I dont train like a bodybuilder. <The point is people should really admit to themselves what their goal is even if it’s really is just aesthetics. I’m just trying to save people time and energy that could be poured into other things and setting up realistic expectations. Which honest goals people have can mean vastly different training plans. I enjoy training purely for fitness, I never enjoyed the nutrition aspect so I quit it because I don’t need bigger muscles to be fit.
>>13870 Also if you still don’t understand the concept of relative strength (strength proportional to your own bodyweight), take a look at this guy. Rockclimbers have extremely high strength to bodyweight ratios. This is his earlier vid, but this dude is like 60 now and can still do the same stuff. Real strength outlasts muscle, muscle goes with age because of testosterone levels dropping. https://youtu.be/TM_-UGZokOU
(64.13 KB 750x629 kennedy.jpg)
(1.35 MB 720x1480 cxx.png)
So much COPE in this thread, let us go one by one >>13876 Evola is a cringe, nice projections. I only read marxists and hegelians. Now post body. >>13959 yes yes because every person that isn't a twinky runt has to look like that synthol infused roidmonkey, your insecurities and projections are coming trough. Yes Clarence Kennedy moving around 300 kg looks exactly like him. There are the two genders, you can either be twink femboy or a synthol roidmonkey with no functional strength. >If you;re doing it for others in the first place and not some side benefit then you're doing it wrong. I agree completely. I mainly lift weights & do BW exercises for strength but I also lift for aesthetics, if you aren't a bloatlord or auswitz your gains will be visible after a year or so of training, if you aren't using meme exercises and meme weights. >I-I carried a small steel fridge up 4 long ass flights of stairs! >strong lmao >>13966 >No, it literally doesn’t. You can be 130 lbs and stronger than someone 255 lbs. That depends on your muscle to bodyfat ratio, but you can absolutely be stronger than some 255lb lardass. >Strength is training the motor neurons to operate at a higher capacity. It’s training your nervous system vs muscular hypertrophy and getting needlessly larger. You are oversimplifying it. it is down to training your CNS to better cope with the stress you are putting on it but it is in a large part down to damaging and rebuilding your muscles, strengthening your joints and sinew. If it was such as you said, that it was only training your CNS that mattered to strength (although I'd say 50% of your actual strength is down to it) your muscles, sinew and bones would snap as they have not been getting stronger as well. You can actually see this with dumb roiders because something like this happens, their muscles develop faster than their joints and sinew can keep up with their progressive overload and then their muscles curl up like a curtain or they snap their shit. Also, I never talked anything about hyperthrophy, as I said I am not a bodybuilder, but saying strength=size/muscle is such a fucking cope and it shows you are an amateur or have a shit body. I never do over 5 reps on anything other than bodyweight exercises, most of my lifts are in the 3-5 rep range. Whatever muchacho. You look big yes, but you have a lot of bodyfat. What I’m trying to say is without roids you cant get a remarkably muscular/lean look that would turn heads on the street, especially when shirted up. Bodybuilders take ephedra and all sorts of drugs to lean out as well. Absolutely, I am far from lean. I'd say I am like 20% bodyfat currently, however saying you can't be big and lean is a cope. My best friend who also lifts and is of similar strength to me is leaner than me and looks huge, although of course he is a lower weight. He is the picture with the black bar. >>13968 That is a very bad example for a couple of reasons, you ought to have gave me an example of a scrawny kid lifting 200kg off the ground as the examples exist on the internet, while this mans feat of strength and athleticism is impressive it is far easier to achieve at his bodyweight, he is obviously a very lightweight small individual which makes it easier to lift himself up. You can argue that he is more functional because he is light enough that he can move himself about and I would agree, but the example you gave is very relative to his weight, it contradicts your argument. It is the same with ~60kg people doing hundreds of reps on bodyweight exercises, they have less to lift and achieve strength to do so quicker. It would be impressive if you posted a scrawny kid lifting a massive weight or a 120kg+ fatass doing a hundred pull ups or something, or climbing on the ceiling as he is doing.
>>13959 also >Any martial artist worth their salt will tell you that excess muscle-building is a handicap. Did it occur to you that I do not train strength to fight? Tyson Fury is definitely stronger than the average person but that is not what he trains for, I might be stronger than him in absolute terms even, but he throws a hundred times stronger punch than me. You can train strength in other uses and not just fighting, if I was training to fight I'd be doing more cardio than just running once a week, I'd be conditioning all the time, and I'd stop training as hard for strength gains and train explosiveness in movement more, probably slim down for mobility as well. Strength training also doesn't translate into fighting or compensate for fighting skill, you can still get your ass beat no matter how big you are if you don't know what you are doing. Also the picture I posted above, the weightlifter clarence kennedy himself stays at 100kg or less bodyweight at all times because he becomes inflexible over it, yet even at 100kg he is not some caricature of a baloon animal you posted to make yourself feel better. I would even bet money to say that kennedy is higher bodyweight than the synthol freak you posted.
lads my forearms are fucked, i look like a recovering famine victim. only have two 9.5kg dumbbells at home, any good routines to maximise my gains? also is working out at night healthy? i only ever seem to have energy to work out at like 1 AM
>>13984 You should aim to relax your muscles and sleep after lifting for gains since that's when muscle grows
(66.86 KB 1018x667 sfas2.jpg)
>>13985 Don't listen to him, you are still a newbie and should be training all the time, just make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. >>13983 do inward grip pull ups and deadhangs and lift rocks unironically. Find the heaviest rocks you can still lift and leverage them to your chest or onto your shoulder, if you aren't struggling to do so the rock isn't heavy enough. Keep a good posture to not fuck up your back. I train with a 80kg rock but I've been training for a long time, I saw my forearms explode when I started training with a rock, same goes for grip strength. Nothing in the gym works like a rock. You can also bearhug it so you have to hold it with your core, biceps and forearms and carry it. Don't ahve a good picture of me flexing but have pic related.
>>13981 > twinky runt <If you're not muscled AF that means you're a twink Do you just throw ad hom around for shits and giggles? The level of ignorance regarding body-types and muscular strength training >lmao <steel fridge weighs the same weight as a person, awkward AF to carry compared to a barbell <in my teens >hurr ur weak Ok retard >your insecurities and projections are coming trough I'm sorry when did farmwork come into this? Insecurities? Ok LOL. Look at any martial artist's work out, excessive muscle building is more of a hindrance than a help, unless your job is literally carrying heavy weights all day and nothing else. which even for industrial labour is not true for most workers (roofing for example). >Clarence Kennedy moving around 300 kg looks exactly like him If you're implying that clarence kennedy is 100% no-steroids I'm going to laugh. Your body is well muscled, I'll give you that, but A) Your muscle definition isn't close to Kennedy's and I doubt you use roids B) People have different muscle types. Look at Emelianenko, the guy has little visible muscle definition, just sheer body mass. Sure he does weights and training, but not nearly as much as a body builder, and as a result he's a fucking beast in the ring, even in his older years. >>13983 >Did it occur to you that I do not train strength to fight? Sure it did, but if you're training for yourself and your own benefit, it would be more useful to be able to have reasonable strength and also be able to fight well thean enormous strength that gets useless if someone faster than you knows how to hit right. >he is not some caricature of a baloon animal you posted to make yourself feel better You missed the point entirely if that's what you assumed > kennedy is higher bodyweight than the synthol freak No shit, you're missing the point, Dios mio.
(13.68 KB 900x600 crr.jpg)
>>14235 Clarence is obviously on roids because he competes professionally, you can see when he is on cycle and off cycle but he is not your typical roidmonkey from the gym, he is not an example of a juicehead as you used. >Emelianenko Yeah basically everything you said. He has a lot of muscle mass though, it is just not visible because he got fat for mass & to pass for heavyweight category. He doesn't need that much strength (in weight) but he needs that much mass in weight. My friend, who I posted above, was actually in an interesting predicament. He was the weight of a heavy category but not the 'mass', he would actually be at a disadvantage despite his relatively high bodyweight at the time. >Sure it did, but if you're training for yourself and your own benefit, it would be more useful to be able to have reasonable strength and also be able to fight well thean enormous strength that gets useless if someone faster than you knows how to hit right. I do strong man exercises because I want to be a strong man. It helped me out on multiple occasions, it just didn't make much of a difference in a fight. It made any physical job I did trivial and allowed me to do some two man work on my own, and overall I became healthier for it, I've managed to do some work on the farm that the farmers couldn't complete without a tractor that had to be hauled from another village, and I've managed to fix bent metal without any tools for people, just because I had happened to be there that day. I think that strength correlates with muscle mass, and this is the biggest thing that irks me with your posts. In an absolute sense, unless you are a skeleton, your strength will be visible apart from just getting defined if you train long enough with enough strain. Saying that this isn't this is in my opinion a crab in a bucket mentality, that it can't be achieved, or whittling all of it down to bodybuilding. It's just cringe. If you train long enough and exert yourself more over time your muscles can grow and they can grow significantly, a natty grown man can lift 300kg lean, and this can be seen on his body.
(77.68 KB 600x849 assasin workout.jpg)
(79.53 KB 678x960 combat strength training.jpg)
(81.17 KB 600x848 work out regime.jpg)
I have no interest in any more petty squabbles, posting some basic work-out stuff for people not interested in bulking. Ironically /fit/weebs make some decent beginners workouts. 3 Reps - 5 Reps - 7 reps https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a30119588/naruto-workout-video-pushup-pullup-situp-squat/#:~:text=The%20Naruto%20workout%20consists%20of,100%20squats&text=3%20mile%20Naruto%20run,s%20(repeat%20for%205%20sets) https://www.realanimetraining.com/
>>14241 >assassins workout >combat strength >super saiyan >naruto workout >realanimetraining.com lmao, how do you take this shit seriously here, I will do you a favor and pick out the non meme ones >Actual exercise tier wall sits tri dips push ups (in all kinds of variations, the more variations the better) squats leg raises raised leg push ups >Not included on the list but should be tier pull ups dips hanging leg raises >meme exercise tier high knees flutter kicks >Warmup Tier everything else very infantile.
(131.02 KB 598x900 Kid Azteca.jpg)
(218.97 KB 819x1024 sugar ray robinson heavybag.jpg)
(93.17 KB 1280x720 archie moore.jpg)
>>14241 Not that guy you were having the meta-discussion about strength vs hypertrophy with but: The old school legendary champion boxers with records that were basically unprecedented (and will almost definitely never be matched ever again with the current 2 to 3 fight a year pro fight schedules) like for example: >Archie Moore (186-23-10 w/ 131 ko's) >Sugar Ray Robinson (173-19-6 w/ 109 ko's) who's considered p4p best ever by most >Luis Villanueva Paramo "Kid Azteca" (192-47-11 w/ 114 ko's) etc.. Those guys did not really do high-volume prolonged body-weight calisthenics routines. Their training regimen was almost uniformly the following: a few miles (5 was probably most common) of roadwork aka running, half hour jump rope, 15-20 min speed bag and the rest was just hours upon hours of hitting the heavy bag and sparring (supplementing this with shadowboxing for technique/form refinement, in front of mirrors when trainers weren't available or like at home for example). When they did do body-weight calisthenics, it was generally for a few minutes only to warm up or cool down around their main workout. https://vault.si.com/vault/1955/06/20/archie-moore-vs-avoirdupois https://www.boxingforum24.com/threads/wtf-sugar-ray-robinson-didnt-do-any-lifting-or-calisthenics.115514/ They also didn't lift weights, so would be considered dyel by lifters standards, but they would literally end a lifters' life in a fight nonetheless. Their philosophy was "throwing lots of punches (heavy-bag and sparring) in training is the best form of cardio for throwing lots of punches in the ring (prizefights), the training that gives the most direct results/translation into boxing technique/ability in the ring, and should therefore be the bread and butter that comprises the vast majority of daily workout time". t. boxing fan who also has trained heavy-bag and speed-bag since middle school (but doesn't belong to a gym, spar or compete)
Is Paul Wade's Convict Conditioning book good for someone who's a complete weakling and doesn't have access to any sports equipment? Did anyone have success becoming stronger and healthier following it?
Is it possible to get fit without access to gym or equipment?
I work out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, not once since I have started this routine in June have I gotten sore from my work outs. This is my routine: Benchpress - 3 sets of 20 shoulder press - 3 sets of 12 on each arm hammer curls - 3 sets of 20 on each arm tricep extension - 3 sets of 15 declined benchpress - 3 sets of 20 10 minutes punching bag as a cardio work out what am I doing wrong? I am just trying to lose weight, but I should be getting sore still shouldn't I?
>>14264 Are you joshing me? I was asking a legitimate question.
>>14264 literally walking (good), sprinting (better) or hiking (arguably even better, plus the nice views make it an easier routine to stay motived to stick to) swimming too
>>14265 soreness is not a reliable indicator of muscle growth or adaptation https://www.personaltraineroxford.com/-Is-muscle-soreness-a-reliable-indicator-of-a-good-workout
>>14263 Yes. Convict conditioning is excellent. I posted my physique above. >>14265 soreness is not a reliable indicator of a good workout [2] >punching bag are you training a martial art/boxing? then that program is pretty good, but put in some squats faggot, or start running. If you are not training a martial art the program is bad. >>14264 lose weight, run, do bodyweight exercises is as many variations as possible for as many reps as you are capable of doing. lift big rocks.
>>14269 I'm using boxing gloves to hit the bag for 10 minutes, so no specific martial arts training, I don't have a squat rack, and I'm gonna be real I don't wanna squat with a free bar and hurt myself. >>14268 Back when I lifted in a much more comprehensive way (focused on specific muscle groups per day, 4 day split. protein powder post-muscle work outs) I got DOMS pretty often, I guess I'm just worried I'm not doing enough. Thank you for the article, my brother, who has been lifting seriously for ~3 years always told me, "if I don't feel sore after a work out, then I feel as though I wasted my time". Glad to see maybe there is a different reason as to why I am not getting sore. I'm still worried I'm not doing enough, but at the same time I don't feel like I can do anymore :'(
>tfw skinny so I cant into strength training what do?
>>14555 My brother was hella scrawny when he started at like 18, just start with lighter weights
>>14556 I read that if you don't have a good diet then strength training can actually harm you.
>>14557 oh well yeah, that would make sense, just gotta work on a good diet then and then do some strength training
>>14554 that is extremely cringe and retarded but whatever, just don't go exercising on the fucking smith machine or leg press if the freebar squat is "too dangerous for you" because it is safer than both. Your exercise is bad if you aren't actually training any martial art, are you training for strength or aesthetics or what? >>14555 you can get extremely strong even when skinny if you train for strength, but if you want to get even stronger & gain weight just eat more. Look at what this 55kg woman can do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tut7FMTwNiw if you are a man you will ahve an even easier time. >>14557 Maybe if you are starving yourself? what is your weight and height? I can try to help.>>14554
any advice on where to find a big rock? I assume its illegal to take them from a state park. Maybe there wouldn't be one there anyway.
>>14559 6ft, 120 lbs (55kg) I try to eat a lot but I just cant seem to put on weight for some reason
>>14559 oof my guy, I'm working out totally alone, if anything happened to me and I lost consciousness or whatever no one would be around to help. Also what am I gonna do? watch videos to learn karate? pay some sensei? I am hitting a bag to just increase my heart rate and burn energy, don't be some martial arts obsessed retard
(433.17 KB 419x435 rock.png)
>>14560 I found mine in parking lots and next to construction sites. I use an 80kg solid granite block, so it isn't really a 'natural stone' but it doesn't have to be one. >>14561 Try dirty bulking. You will feel like shit but put on weight, get snacks and munch on them all the time (peanuts are excellent, just buy a bag and have it around and eat all day in between meals) drink fizzy drinks, or drink milk if you can stomach it because it is more caloric than cola even drink all of your food down with some caloric drink like a soda or milk. eat more grains less meat and veggies. Good luck anon, this is the key to gaining weight, but I don't know if you can stomach it. Fat people don't know how easy they have it, it is much more difficult putting on weight for a skinny man. >>14562 I have not trained martial arts in my life, I am just trying to get a sense of what you are training for. And you have still not answered my question, are you training for strength or aesthetics or what? Do you go to a gym or have weights at home? how heavy are they? how heavy are you, and how old are you?
>>14563 I mentioned I was just trying to lose weight. I train at home alone, so I have been avoiding certain workouts that have caused me to almost faint in the past. I change the weights they are not heavy the break down is as follows bench presses - 60 pounds hammer curl - 20 tricep - 20 shoulder - 16 not heavy, but for some reason my upper body didn't quite develop as much as my lower body. I'm rocking a solid 300 pounds, and I'm only 21, should've been careful in middle school and in high school, huh?
>>14563 Thanks, I'll try that. A lot of people would just tell me to go for protein based diet to gain weight instead but I find that very expensive and hard to maintain. Looking good btw, whats your height/weight?
>>14564 >fainting makes sense since you are losing weight. watch yourself king. are you benching dumbbells or barbells? is the 60 pounds each or together? I hope you are watching your diet, because there is no losing weight without eating less and moving more. I used to be really fat before, and exercise won't work if you don't also eat less. Anyways, with those weights you are lifting with those amounts of reps you will get defined and look good but you won't really make much strength gains. you ought to know this. Also you will look cringe if your legs are untrained but your upper body is cut. Listen to your older bro, from what little you mentioned I'd vouch on his advice, and you ought to ask for more of it. >>14565 187cm/6'1 in burger units weight is 110kg, or 240lb. Protein based diets are better for maintaining weight or losing weight and are healthier if you don't go overboard, but for weight gain you should be eating carbs. T.graduated high school as a nutritionist.
>>14566 Alright, guess I will start with weight training then. It will be interesting to see the first gains, maybe it will keep me motivated when I can measure the improvements over time.
>>14567 I have trained for strength for a little over 2 years so I can give advice, natty too so no steroids skewing results. if you can physically lift the weight for more than 5 reps then you are going too light for strength training. fives and threes are the magic numbers, make it so that you can't lift the 6th or 4th rep, then you have an adequate weight. But make sure your posture looks good, look up Mark Rippertoe on youtube he is a great strength coach, his form videos are really good. If you are doing things right you will probably be aching from the training for the first 3-4 months and get used to it after that. don't forget to include bodyweight exercises such as pull ups and dips if you are weightlifting because nothing works those muscles like that specific movement.
>>14568 Also do exercises in 5 sets of 5 reps or 3 sets of 5 reps or 5 sets of 3 reps, so 5x5, 3x5 & 5x3.
>>14569 Why exactly these numbers? I do understand that doing more could lead to overtraining, but why not do 4x5 for example? Also i am unable to do consistent amount of reps. I mean if 3 is my max then in the next set i would be able do only 2 reps, even though i rest for 3-4 minutes.
(18.49 KB 640x432 sas.jpeg)
>>14564 >for some reason my upper body didn't quite develop as much as my lower body. you are lugging around 300 pounds, what do you think is the reason? anyways, I didn't see off the first bat that you are 300 pounds. I've got a blackpill for you and I hope you take me seriously because I know what I am doing and used to be 300lb too, I am also 22. You have two choices. You have gone past the brink as far as weight gain goes and will have loose skin if you only lose weight. If you just focus on losing weight you will look like pic related, maybe slightly better, because you've fucked up your body pretty hard. But if you train really hard and actually start training for strength you can become big enough that you have to lose less weight before you look decent. Like, I am 240lbs in the above post and I used to be 300lb but I have no loose skin. You need to be at a point where you are very strong and have a lot of muscle mass to bodyfat ratio if you want to lose weight without getting loose skin. This means going to a gym because you probably can't afford home weights and training as heavy as possible in the 3-5 rep ranges. >>14570 This is normal because you are a beginner. The 3-4 minute rests are ok, but over time struggle to shorten them to 2 minute rests and to get your reps consistent. It took me a year to become 'consistent'.
>>14570 also I didn't answer your question. 3-5 is the optimal amount of repetition because you build muscle trough repetition, it is the perfect balance between volume (amount of repetitions) and intensity (weight lifted) for strength training. If you can lift the weight for let's say 7 or 8 reps or more, this is a light weight to you. You have already adjusted to it, you will feel a burn lifting this but you will not struggle to lift it. On the other hand if your volume is too low, even if the intensity is high you are just not training "often enough" to make good advancement in strength. Unless you are doing olympic weightlifting, keep your rep range above 2. heavy ones and twos are good, and you ought to do them often as a test of your absolute strength so to speak, something you can lift once and no more, and it is necessary to do them to make breaktroughs, so these ones become threes and fives later, but they shouldn't be the main part of your exercise. I didn't even ask, but everything I am saying applies to a gym and barbell training, what is your actual training situation? I will likely give different advice if this isn't the case.
>>14572 I've just started training this year after the lockdown, so i had nothing but 16kg and 24kg kettlebells. Because of that i had to get up to 15-20 reps before trying heavier weight. Now i can do 8-10 reps of every exercise, so unfortunately i wasnt able to increase strength in last month. I squat on one leg with kettlebell, do bicep curl with it and i press it from shoulder while standing. I tried squating with two kettlebells but it felt too dangerous so i stopped.
Why do so many people lie about being on roids? So many of these juiced instagram stars and internet celebrities keep insisting they're natural, and worse, they give advice and false hopes to others who aren't on roids. What's the point of deceiving people like this?
>>14575 hmmmm, best advice I can get is try to get two moderately heavy kettlebells to train with in the long term, you can get very far with lighter weights right now because you are low weight. get two 38kg or 40kg kettlebells, you likely won't be able to do much with them at this moment but will in perspective. Also as I said find rocks and pick them up. Do a shit ton of bodyweight exercises in all kinds of variations, and try doing them until failure every time. >too dangerous just do regular squats and not one legged ones instead & use two kettlebells. >>14577 because you earn money that way and because normies instantly lose respect for you if you say you are on steroids. Despite steroids being extremely cringe if you admit to taking them basically any fitness merit you had goes out the window because people will cope "hah, yeah I could look just like that guy with my meme exercises if i took steroids." What I hate the most about roiders and their lying is that they skew results for normies, they flock around roided out instagram fitness stars because they are the loudest and they will always tell you how it is easy and achievable in like half a year or one year and when the normies fail he will just say genetics/didn't train hard enough. In reality if you aren't low bodyweight you will have to train an upwards of two years to get an impressive physique while natural. I would respect roiders if they went balls in more often and tried achieving arnold tier physiques or went ahead to become unnaturally strong, but most of them just use roids because they want the easy way to looking okay-ish. It was so cringe when at one point I started outlifting the roiders at my gym, they are all just taking the fucking easy route and do no actual proper exercises.
>>14577 I'd say vanity, fake humblebragging (fake bc theyre not natty but joocy) and crack like addiction to the follower/like/comment count. More celebrity status on ig = more opportunity to bang ig celeb hot girls thirsty for the shredded look. Basically the male equivalent to e-thots. Jokes on them tho. At the end of the day, I have healthy, virile sperm while they have shrunken roid testicles and organ damage. >inb4 "working out/lifting for women" Every heterosexual man who works out/lifts is doing it for better success with women, even if they don't say it explicitly. Stop lying to yourselves.
(3.40 MB 1599x1159 durk.png)
>>14580 I've had a wife for 4 years before I started lifting. I'm copeless B^) Imagine destroying your natural T production because you are too lazy to train for a few years to get a physique.
>>14582 >Imagine destroying your natural T production because you are too lazy to train for a few years to get a physique. ?? Where did I imply that I don't work out?
>>14583 You misunderstood me, steroid users destroy their natural testosterone production because they take the easy route to getting a good physique. That's why their balls shrink, because they no longer need to produce test due to injecting like x4 the amount.
>>14579 Thanks for advice. >just do regular squats and not one legged ones instead & use two kettlebells. I tried doing it too, but it felt less effective then one-leg squat. By too dangerous i meant, that with two kettlebells it was much harder to maintain balance on one leg. >they are all just taking the fucking easy route and do no actual proper exercises Unfortunately, this is the result of commodification of health, i think. Not only steroids are now ubiquitous among top athletes due to demand of a "show", but also among regular people who just want to look good, but because of the steroided looking standard of beauty with a constant 5% fat they are predispositioned to use steroids.
>>14585 Dude literally all the olympic and top athletes are on steroids, it has been like that since they have been invented, it is only that they use them in cycles to advance past the natural limit and then maintain that as much as possible. The only sports that aren't as reliant on opioids are combat sports due to how much it relies on skill and not muscle/physical ability. One of the reasons the eastern bloc kicked ass at the olympics was because they had state doping programs, because a scientist regulated your dosage instead of yourself for optimum performance.
>>14582 absolute chad
Is veganism a meme? Pretty hard to fulfill protein requirements too. Also are there any diet plans that are good, tried and tested (meat or no meat)?
>>14590 Veganism is a meme, don't fall for it. You have to eat far greater quantities of food if you don't want to become malnourished as opposed to a diet that includes animal products, if you don't eat vegan you don't have to think much about what you eat but if you are vegan you must be very meticulous if you don't want to have health problems. anyways, what do you want to achieve? losing weight? greater protein intake? health-related diet change?
(1.00 MB 683x1025 Goga Tupuriya.png)
>>14590 It's not impossible, but obviously much harder to do than with regular food. Pic related is an example of vegetarian athlete
(158.23 KB 1280x720 car.jpg)
>>14592 Take any professional athletes on a vegan diet with a grain of salt. As I pointed out here >>14586 they are all on and off various PEDs. Clarence Kennedy himself is vegan but you shouldn't take this at face value because he roids.
>>14590 Well I read that how meat contains carcinogenic compounds and isn't healthy to eat. And then people started shilling for other kinds of fad diets and how they are healthier in the longer run (med, paleo, etc.). Of course I am looking for more info in this.
>>14590 Well I read that how meat contains carcinogenic compounds and isn't healthy to eat. And then people started shilling for other kinds of fad diets and how they are healthier in the longer run (med, paleo, etc.). Of course I am looking for more info in this.
>>14590 Well I read that how meat contains carcinogenic compounds and isn't healthy to eat. And then people started shilling for other kinds of fad diets and how they are healthier in the longer run (med, paleo, etc.). Of course I am looking for more info in this.
Fucking hell the servers are fucked up.
>>14594 Just don't have a meat based diet and you'll be good. eat a balanced diet of grains, veggies and animal products. Most of these studies are done on americans that gorge themselves on meat, I am an eastern euro and I eat maybe 250g-0,5kg of meat a week, but also grains eggs cheese & vegetables.
>>14599 Well my current diet is mainly grains and veggies, along with occasional diary, and rare meat. Thinking about putting on some weight.
>>14600 eat more grains and eat/drink more milk products to gain weight. meat is good for protein intake & maintaining or losing weight.
>>14601 There is also just a whole bunch of cult following regarding the ill effects of milk in the entire vegan community, though I think most of it is just pseudoscience.
>>14602 Pseud shit. Most of the negative health effects of food vegans attribute to animal products is due to factory processing, if you know a farmer to buy your goods off from or go to the market you should be good, and veggies & grain products are bad from supermarkets just as meat is, the veggies because they are sprayed by pesticides very thoroughly and you can never really wash it off apart from the peel-able stuff, and the grain products are always full of additives, mostly so they don't spoil. I worked in the food industry as a butcher & baker and I can tell you that anything from the city is trash, and you are eating things that have been treated in all kinds of chemicals and additives. your best bet is the markets and small butchers.
>>14603 also processed meats are more chemical than meat, if you are worrying about health don't eat them. only dried meats and meat you prepare yourself.
So all memes aside, is soy actually bad?
>>14603 Well then I might just happen to be in luck because I can buy a lot of the stuff you mentioned directly from the market and local farmers/butchers, but how can I be sure that they don't use pesticides and additives? At this point in the modern era almost everyone uses them to some degree otherwise mass food production simply wouldn't be feasible right?
>>14605 It depends, soy is estrogenic and if for some reason estrogen is bad for you you shouldn't take it. If you have a bad thyroid you should avoid estrogen like the plague. Otherwise it is a really good source of plant protein. Tastes like sponge though. >>14606 You can never really know, sorry. It helps to ask, in my country a lot of farmers advertise their stuff as pesticide free. As for the processing of food, I think most people selling food at the market couldn't afford that kind of setup for it, the additives and everything. For meat anything other than dried or raw has chems of some kind. A good bet of seeing if they use pesticide is buying fruit and seeing if you bite into a worm or find a worm, if you do it means it hasn't been sprayed. Lettuce is almost always sprayed heavily because grubs love it, things that need to be peeled like oranges are always safe irrelevant of pesticides or not.
>>14582 You keep replying to people with strawmen, relax your sphincter... or are you trying to crush coal into diamonds?
>>14563 >drink soda Yeah, thanks for the excellent way to induce acne m8.
>>14611 It's not a strawman, most roiders just take steroids as an easy way to getting a physique and then fuck up their natural testosterone production. That is why their balls shrivel up. >>14612 He was asking how to gain weight, I gave him a method that works no matter what, I also pointed out that he will feel like shit because it is unhealthy.
>>14607 Well soy does contain phytoestrogens that are plant based, they do not react as strongly with human body, I think it has more to do with the scientific naming convention for these compounds. Still, if possible one can avoid, but a small quantity every now and then couldn't be too harmful...
>>14601 How about replacing meat with lots of eggs?
>>14615 It works great and it's cheap, just don't make it a dietary staple because they have a very large amount of cholesterol. Switching to an egg diet is good but it shouldn't be a lifelong change.
>>14614 It isn't just a naming convention. My mother needs to avoid extrogen due to medical reasons and the doctor told her to avoid foods with xenoestrogen.
>>14617 What if I remove the yolk and just go for the white?
>>14619 I don't know the macros for egg whites, Google it or I can check later. It will have less cholesterol but I don't know how nutritious it is.
>>14617 >>14619 >>14620 an interesting counter-perspective I found re: dietary cholesterol http://www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol/
Pandemic has turned me into a fat monkey man What can I do?
>>14624 Change your alimentation, count your calories and exercise.
(78.73 KB 749x735 Eb7Hj-SUEAELV0P.jpg)
(359.44 KB 1852x1850 1596789523366.png)
daily reminder to not be like this
>>14642 Fuck these lifestylists.
>>14642 Whats wrong though?
>>14644 1. Dumbass takes on starting off lifting weights 2. Dumbass takes about streetfighting 3. A general shrinking and hesitation when it comes to any possibility of improvement or change
(110.39 KB 768x1280 1588410327269.jpg)
>>7004 What are the best exercises for a nice butt
>>14668 Squats... lots and lots of squats
>>14668 >>14673 Won't help you if you're naturally flat though.
>>14668 lift weights and do lunges
(129.42 KB 252x326 false.png)
>>14675 this dude is a retard >>14668 do squats and deadlifts and carry heavy rocks around. proof it works: my ass
>>14690 also you need to lift heavy, at least within 90kg range if not pushing 100-120kg. just bodyweight squats dont work.
I do lots and lots of cardio but hate gyms and can't seem to get into the routine of home Bodyweight/ free weight routines Should I just take up swimming for more upper body cardio or is there some amazing home weights program I should try? Fuck gyms, I'd rather be turbo fast skelly boy than go to one again, entire culture of the ones in my area makes my head hurt
>>14692 What is gym culture like there? get kettlebells if you wanna work out at home and hate bodyweight stuff, but at least do pull ups and dips because no weight can replicate that.
>>14692 Work out early in the morning/ at a time when there's the least amount of people there. I've been to many gyms but I couldn't tell you what the culture is apart from what decorates the walls. I don't know what kind of gyms you're going to but I would implore you to reconsider and find a way around it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjDVtR5CyFU That being said, >>14697 is right, kettlebells are the best bang-for-your-buck if you can't afford a full equipped homegym. I'm guessing that there will be parks as well that have pull up bars and the like in your area.
>>14697 Just constant fucking noise, blaring shit music or Radio at all hours of the day, there's forever some class on showing people how to sit on a padded box and swing a rope around or some other retarded shit, 70% of floor space is cardio machines for sports I do outside and actually enjoy there,in the actually well equipped gym there's a cafe in the gym for some reason, in the one that doesn't have a cafe they have a deal with a cafe across the road so there's a stream of people going in and out during their workouts to get fucking coffee letting the noise of the road into the cacophony The people in it also all seem more concerned with taking photos of themselves and chatting then doing work, regardless of age or sex, and the staff at all of them are useless, know nothing about exercise and exist to change the jug in the water cooler and wipe sweat off the floor And they all charge something absurd like 250 a year for membership, if I had the space I could literally get a full weight set for that money >>14698 The places around me all open at about 0530 and they all have stupid bootcamp things on, i.e. gimped circuit training, which means there's 30-50 people in right in the morning for an hour and the place is a disaster for an hour afterwards, and they start the music and crap from their, I can't go in at actually quiet times like working hours because I have to work and can't fit anything worthwhile into my lunch break I guess I'll just buy a kettlebell
>>14712 Yeah that's most gyms. I am lucky enough to have a rubber floored free weights area in my gym though. I also use headphones to drown out shitty globohomo music.
Got a nasty bone bruise on my shin friday night from walking in the dark and banging my shin onto a heavy low wood cabinet. Is it safe for me to do my standard 1x5 trapbar deads and 2x(30 feet) trapbar farmer walks tomorrow/Monday morning (both of them w/ 115 lbs, yes I'm a total dyel noob, I know)? Or do I risk taking a trip to Snap City and fucking my shit up, turning my shin bone bruise (most likely a subperiosteal hematoma) into a complete shin bone break/fracture? >With a bone fracture, all of the trabeculae in a region of bone have broken. But with a bone bruise, an injury only damages some of these trabeculae. It's also called a microfracture. An injury might cause blood to build up in the area beneath the periosteum. This causes a subperiosteal hematoma, a type of bone bruise. An injury might also cause bleeding and swelling in the area between your cartilage and the bone beneath it. This causes a subchondral bone bruise. Or bleeding and swelling can happen in the medulla of your bone. This is called an interosseous bone bruise. https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?contenttypeid=134&contentid=514
>>14730 You don't risk taking a trip to snap city, you still ought to wait for your injury to heal you dummy. Do pull ups instead.
>>14731 you will just prolong your injury
>>14731 >>14733 how long should I wait?
>>14731 >You don't risk taking a trip to snap city, you still ought to wait for your injury to heal you dummy. Wait, do you mean the deadlifts/farmer walks will not inherently risk me taking a trip to snap city, but they are still not recommended? Or do you mean that they inherently risk me taking a trip to snap city, so that's why I should not do them? The "you still ought to" confused me, sorry.
I signed up for a gym membership on Friday night and had a blast working out, and came back today. Even though I'm sorta out of shape I'm enjoying working out.
>>14712 Jesus Christ that fucking sucks anon, is it a crossfit box? They are usually like that.
>>14731 Should I go down to TJ for a stem cell injection into my shin bone? Will that help it heal faster/stronger? https://www.healthline.com/health-news/using-stem-cells-to-heal-broken-bones#1
>>14734 >>14742 bro I have no idea what any of that meant I am from a borderline third world country and I'd just let it heal until it stops hurting then go train. >>14735 you can snap your shit up doing deadlifts but you aren't at that weight yet, you won't snap your shit working with a bruised bone, but you still shouldn't work out because it will prolong your injury. take a rest until it stops hurting then train, if it hurts a lot after training rest some more, if it hurts a little keep going but be careful. >>14736 very happy for you anon, are you training for strength or aesthetics?
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>>14691 >just bodyweight squats dont work. 1-leg squats (pistol squats) are pretty good though, and require you to use more stabilizing muscles.
>>14755 >I'd just let it heal until it stops hurting then go train >you can snap your shit up doing deadlifts but you aren't at that weight yet, you won't snap your shit working with a bruised bone, but you still shouldn't work out because it will prolong your injury. take a rest until it stops hurting then train, if it hurts a lot after training rest some more, if it hurts a little keep going but be careful. thanks, will follow this advice
(410.07 KB 750x764 1596729098966.jpg)
>>14764 >1-leg squats (pistol squats) are pretty good though No they fucking aren't. t. guy who lost 100 lbs off his squat during quarantine
>>14764 you won't get a big ass doing bodyweight squats, I am sorry. Go pick up heavy rocks and do barbell squats and deadlifts.
>>14779 also always squat ass to grass
How fit is 4chan's /fit/ board? As in is it useful or not?
>>14800 it is a mix of useful and insane, like most of 4chan. I think /fit/ is good because it gives you unreasonable standards, if you do not have a shitty mindset you will want to achieve it even if it is unachievable or really far in the future. This unreasonable standard drove me to be able to deadlift 200kg and lift 90kg over my head.
>>14800 also like 90% of this thread is unhelpful meme exercises that don't achieve anything, /fit/ is x10 times more useful.
>>14802 >This unreasonable standard drove me to be able to deadlift 200kg and lift 90kg over my head. wagmi
>>14803 uh nope they have just as many meme exercies, diet and 80% thread talking about dating and other offtopic crap
>>14839 it is not true, this thread is so horrible it makes /fit/ look decent.
>>14803 >compound exercises >memes
>>14846 I was the dude giving most of the advice on compound exercises (^:
>>14859 So what, exercises are not something you need a fucking bucket list of to get a workout in. The staple compound exercises pullups, dips, pushups are enough to get results for mostfags. In fact perfect those basic compound exercises first before moving on to something else like you have ADD. Most people have piss poor form on those basics and you can see them cheating the moves with halfass ROM, lack of consistency etc
Can I get toned up by doing a lot of home exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats, running, etc.?
>>15058 >toned up stop
>>15075 >stop no
>>15058 Not really. To look "toned up" you also have to lose weight most probably. Only doing these exercises and dieting will help you achieve desired phisique.
>>15058 depends on your weight. If you are in the 60-80kg range and at least 6ft tall then yes, if not you need to lose weight. Even with that yes it will take lots of time, like a year or two at least.
>>15058 >Can I [nonsense] by doing a lot of [bullshit]? There is no such thing as "toned up." Your body has a certain amount of lean mass (bones, organs, muscle) and a certain amount of fat. You can build more muscle, lose some fat, or both. What people think is "tone" is usually just fat loss. Muscle definition always exists, but for most people it's covered with fat. However, if you want to lose weight and not lose (much) muscle you need to do strength training to signal to your body to maintain the muscles instead of breaking them down to burn energy.
>>15122 If he is already untrained it wouldn't cost him anything to just lose weight and exercising would only accelerate it while getting him used to the motion. Once he's cut the weight he can build the muscle easily.
(576.15 KB 800x865 meals.jpg)
Here is a Pdf for a bunch of different 4000 calorie meal plans for you scrawny comrades looking to bulk. Eat and get stronk
>>15326 Thank you. >tfw thirdie shit's expensive m8
Reminder that cold showers are great for you and help you burn fat. Cryotherapy can actually spot-reduce fat. If you want to get accustomed to cold showers, now is a good time if you're in the northern hemisphere. While it's hottest outside, your cold water will be at its warmest. If you start now you will slowly acclimate as the seasons change.
>>15334 unironically jumping on gear is probably more cost effective in that case
>>15382 [citation needed]
>>15382 you can't spot reduce fat you fucking idiot, losing fat is like a barrel, it doesn't matter where you poke the hole the water will still leak out. The only "spot reduction" that exists is training a specific muscle group until the definition is more visible, and even that won't help you if you are a lardass. And even if you are skinny/skinnyfat it'd be fucking dumb, since training the whole body is better. To lose fat you need to move more and eat less, no amount of pussyfooting around it will help. If spot reduction worked you'd see fat asses running around with abs, but that doesn't work that way.
>>15382 Also your advice is shit, if you are training you should take hot showers to relax muscles after workouts to allow quicker recovery, because the muscles expand and loosen under heat.
>>15392 https://www.jci.org/articles/view/68993 https://www.hindawi.com/journals/omcl/2014/402631/ >>15416 >you can't spot reduce fat you fucking idiot, losing fat is like a barrel, it doesn't matter where you poke the hole the water will still leak out. This applies if you are merely burning fat through regular metabolic process. If you cold-treat a part of your body you convert the adipose tissue from white fat cells to brown fat cells, which help maintain body temperature in the cold by metabolizing the surrounding white fat cells. This process can spot reduce fat if you selectively apply it. >To lose fat you need to move more and eat less, no amount of pussyfooting around it will help. This is good to do, but you can improve your fat burning even more with cold acclimation. >>15417 >Also your advice is shit, if you are training you should take hot showers to relax muscles after workouts to allow quicker recovery, because the muscles expand and loosen under heat. There is a magical device known as a shower knob that allows you to adjust the temperature of the shower while you are in it. You can get the benefits of a hot and a cold shower in one session. Some people even modulate the temperature up and down as they shower because it improves your cardiovascular system's ability to adjust.
>>15420 >This applies if you are merely burning fat through regular metabolic process. If you cold-treat a part of your body you convert the adipose tissue from white fat cells to brown fat cells, which help maintain body temperature in the cold by metabolizing the surrounding white fat cells. This process can spot reduce fat if you selectively apply it. Wait actually?
>>15421 Yes. If you expose your body to cold you will adjust. Long term exposure causes long term changes (acclimation). Among these is the change in composition of your adipose tissue. Sedentary, indoor humans don't get exposure to cold that you normally would in nature and would force you to burn more fat. People have taken advantage of this though various degrees of cold exposure to improve health or aesthetics (mainly bodybuilders, but it can help anybody lose fat and increase metabolism). A moderate example would be taking an ice bath - filling a bathtub with ice water and sitting in it for a minute. It works in degrees. Anything from an uncomfortably chilly room to jumping into the arctic ocean for a few minutes will have this effect. Your body acclimates to its conditions. The more time you give it, however, the more comfortable it is to adjust. That's why I was suggesting taking cold showers starting at the hot time of year if you hate cold showers normally. It gets you physiologically and psychologically acclimated. Some endurance athletes train by exposing themselves to ungodly cold temperatures, but you can get benefits from anything that's cold enough to make you uncomfortable. That feeling is your body wanting you to move somewhere warmer because that takes less energy than thermogenesis. If you don't get somewhere warmer your body will go with plan B which is adapting. This is all pretty recent science (like last decade or so) so it's not surprising that people don't know about it.
>>15420 >>15428 I'm doubting until I see before and after pics, hell I am going to shower in the cold for the next 2 months to prove this is a meme. The board is slow anyway so this thread isnt going anywhere.
Can someone recommend me some good, knowledgeable fitness youtubers who aren't just roiders trying to sell their products? I'm following Mark Rippetoe already.
>>15606 Vitruvian phisique is very good.
>>15430 *dies of pneumonia*
>>15430 >shower in the cold pussy shit. You go outside and fucking dump a bucket of cold water while standing in the snow. THAT's how you train your cardio >>15634 If you're an idiot who doesn't dry off before leaving the house.
>>15606 Mark Rippertoe Allan Thrall even though he is a cuck Juji is pretty cool but he is a roider, good motivation since the stuff he does is pretty impressive even for a roider.
>>14265 You are only training your arms and chest here man. Leg day is a meme by now. Do it. Most of your power is in your core and lower body. It is with these you will be able to shift the biggest weights. If you are a big fat guy you will be able to progress faster cos you were already carrying all this weight around before
Dont know where else to bring this because I like this site and nobody lifts on 4chans /fit/ >2 months ago >bodyweight 185lbs >Bench 265, Squat 405, Deadlift 465. All was good finally started cutting and it was going well up until recently. >Now weighing 172lbs >Squat and deadlift have lowered but that is to be expected. Still use the same weight on my working sets >Can only bench fucking 225 barely. weird thing is is that my sets on overhead press are the exact same. Has anyone ever gone through something similar I dont want to become a DYEL pic related
(87.60 KB 493x637 i have mouth and i scream.jpg)
>>16012 >weird thing is is that my sets on overhead press are the exact same Shoulders are fucking bullshit. Lost a good ~30lbs on all my lifts except OHP during quarantine, went from having tiny shoulders to looking like a WoW character in 6 months. but even after 2 months of getting back my other gains, OHP refused to budge a single pound
>>16012 It's pretty normal, you will lose strength. just lift trough it, at most it will take 3-4 months to regain it.
How the fuck do you press into a handstand? This shit defies physics.
For fellow depresses insomniacs. How do you stay motivated to workout when you hit a slump?
>>16301 I can sometimes be very challenging, but I tell myself that exercise is the single most important way to manage my depression. It also helps to have goals to work towards.
Haven't lifted since I graduated a little more than a year ago. Family bought me one of those resistance bands with handles as a gag when I was seriously into lifting, but I've now started using it (the heaviest of the three). Just stand on it and spread out your legs for heavier weight. Sadly I can't do, like, sets of 5 at super heavy weight, but I've been doing sets of 20 of things as I walk by it, (curls, tris, rows, ohp, and a bunch of other wacky moves) as well as trying to be able to do push ups again. My favorite was figuring out how to deadlift with it. Stand on it and then loop the handles over your feet and then pull the chord. Still got a big belly, but I'm generally feeling better, my arms are lookin big again, and I'm remembering to take my daily vitamins. Sadly I don't really have a reliable doorframe to hook it onto or to order a pull up bar (but I wouldn't be able to do a fucking pull up anyway) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Back when I was lifting I was at 2pl8 squat, 1pl8 bench, a little under 1pl8 ohp, and like 275 DL. I'm 6'3 (was 200lb when lifting, now around 190 with a belly)
>>16066 Work up to it. Start with eccentrics if that helps
>>16823 Buy a bed sheet at a local thrift shop or whatever, tie a big ass knot on one side, run the knot either underneath or over a door and close the door. You can now do rows for back gains when the sheet is under or try pull ups when the sheet is over. Also find somewhere to do dips, even if you can only do negatives. It can be done with chairs but that can be dangerous so try finding something like the corner of a countertop.
>>16832 Eccentrics?
I'm well built and 6'2 but have noodle arms, how to I build muscle there fast? Dumbbells?
>>16843 High rep/volume (as opposed to low rep high weight for training the nervous system) and surplus calories while using dumbbells. Yup. Curls, tris, shrugs, farmers walks, reverse flyes, etc. Biggest problem, even if you do that, us tall lanky people have difficulty putting on what visually looks like big muscle just because of how long our segments are. A dude that can curl 50lbs that's 5'5 is going to 'look' more jacked than a 6'3 dude who can curl 50lbs. Remember that your triceps are bigger than your biceps. There are multiple heads of the bicep so you want to vary the kinds of curls (and everything else) you want to do. Remember rest days. And you shouldn't forget to workout the rest of your body too.
>>16846 Is this natty at home or do I need to use a bourgeois gym? I just want beefy arms.
>>16848 It's always easier at a gym when you have access to incremental weight systems that go absurdly high. If you can afford a set of dumbells that are either adjustable to a heavy weight or have removable plates you can buy more of, then sure you could beef up your arms at home because you could do all that at home.
>>16849 I have never heard anything good about adjustable dumbbells and rona has made weights retarded expensive. In fact, with rona out there and with the other anon being a noob I'd prolly push him into home bodyweight shit to start and as things clear up then look into a gym. Pull ups and rows with that sheet thing I posted earlier will give good biceps while dips and push ups will give good triceps. I don't know anyone that can do a few sets of 20 dips and 20 pull ups with tiny arms. Assuming good macros a bodyweight routine should give anon decent gains for three to six months. I guess you can also get those resistance bands for relatively normal prices and use those for curls and extensions but I'm skeptical that those things are more than fitness memery
Holy fuck bros, I trained for the first time after like 6 months now and feel weak and am shaky as hell now. Just a reminder to all the oldfags here, keep the training up consistently do not fall off the wagon or your gains will be cannibalized. When I was in my 20s this shit didn’t happen so fast and powerfully. I could laze around for months and I’d be at 80-90% where I was. I’m gonna lay off the theory and put the pedal to the metal again
>>16853 listen to audio books for maximum brain body gains.
>>16857 I wish I could, but it’s near impossible to focus on theory while training or doing anything really. I tried and after a while I realized the audiobooks were just sounds in my ear really I had no comprehension.
>>16859 You can read things besides theory. Fiction/history/pop science are all really great for audio books.
>>7132 Unironically, eat a vegan diet. I lost over 30 pounds in 2 months on a vegan diet with light jogging as way suggested to you.
>>16859 Your brain uses like 40% of your metabolism. Don't try to make brain gains while lifting. Focus your energy on what you're doing. If there's a brain skill to develop at the time it's your ability to FOCUS on ONE THING.
How's everyone doing so far?
>>17075 Two weeks of forest fire smoke disrupting my exercise and it seems like my strength progression has been halted in its tracks. Really upsetting.
(763.64 KB 1600x1200 IMG_20201008_021705.jpg)
>>16843 same height as you, what grew my arms the most was finding a big rock and lifting it onto my shoulder until I couldn't anymore. I also did bench/squat/deadlift/overhead press and pull ups. Haven't done a curl in my life. you can also bearhug the rock and carry it around to train legs while training arms, you drop it when your arms give out. training only arms is dumb and useless, they will become naturally strong as long as you do other exercises. >Is this natty at home or do I need to use a bourgeois gym Just find rocks and start lifting them, work up until you can shoulder a 100kg rock. I guarantee you will train everything but your chest. do pushups and dips to train chest. >>16872 what fucking meme pseudo science. You can work, train to exhaustion and read Marx. Just don't do it at the same time like with audio books.
>>17085 what the fuck
(5.86 KB 300x232 1422594110206.jpg)
>>17086 What do you think the greeks did or dark age niggers? They fucking lifted rocks and chopped wood.
how do i stop the bases of my fingers from blistering whenever i do pull ups or farmer walks?
>>17103 you don't, you let them blister and your skin toughens. it will make your grip stronger in the long run. or you can be a woman and wear gloves.
>>17103 Buy a pumice stone and use it on the calluses as you shower.
>>17117 getting your calluses soggy or doing this will just make them more sore/hurt more in the long run. Don't do it. WHen I was a newbie starting out washing dishes was a pain because of this.
>gym closed again it's over. I don't want to do copealisthenics
>>17123 bro I've been coping with calisthenics for 6 months now.
How do I do an L-sit on my fingertips for more than a couple seconds? This shit is hard as fuck.
>>17130 props for being able to do it at all, that sounds very impressive.
(33.61 KB 400x400 ggSZLIBB_400x400.jpg)
Who knows this guy?
>>17177 You can’t have a solid base with those calves
>>17116 shut up prick
>>17177 lol all his days are leg days
>>17177 Why the FUCK is his left arm so much stronger than his right?
>>17201 lol he gave you good advice just wear gloves if you're a pussy
>>17177 what a huge faggot, he also looks like a manlet I want to beat the shit out of him so badly.
"The mind should be civilized, the body savage" - Mao Zedong
>>17177 he cute
>>17210 why though?
will doing SQUATS help reduce fat cells in my belly? I honestly ask,ive seen opinions on favour and against this idea on the internet,I dont know who to trust
>>17259 >will doing SQUATS help reduce fat cells in my belly? Not really but it can help reduce the amount of fat they store. Lifting will raise your metabolism by building muscle.
(82.62 KB 256x210 256px-PS3_Fat_Princess_logo.png)
>>17259 I don't fucking know why people struggle with simple shit we've known since writing was invented. You cannot spot reduce body fat, it's a combination of genetics and hormones. The first place you get fat is the last place you lose it. If you gain 5 pounds and it all goes to your love handles, the only way to get rid of them is to lose 5 pounds; if you gain another 5 pounds and it goes to your belly the only way to get rid of those love handles is to lose all 10 pounds now. The only way to reduce fat (other than having it surgically removed) is to be in a caloric deficit. You can do this by decreasing your food intake or by exercising to increase caloric expenditure, what exactly you do with either of these methods doesn't matter. You can lose weight eating nothing but Oreos and Mcdonalds, just as long as you burn more than however much you ate. You can eat 5000 calories a day and loose weight if you spend 10 hours a day running burning 6000 calories. If you like squatting to the point it burns enough calories to initiate weightloss, then the answer to your question is yes. If you think a specific exercise will magically make your belly disappear or redistribute fat then no.
>>17177 Those calves are photoshopped, right? I have bigger calves and my quads are less than half the size
>>17446 Calves are weird. They are best trained for size by doing stength-endurance training rather than raw strength or the normal hypertrophy training regimes. This is why fat people and formerly fat people have huge calves. This guy probably doesn't train calves optimally, which would involve something like weighted walking/running on the balls of your feet.
>>17250 Because he is a dumb faggot that says dumb shit on the internet >Training upper body is Bourgeois. Marxists focus on training the glutes and thighs because they know the base is more important than the superstructure. What a postmodern abomination of a man holy shit he makes me so mad, he sounds like such a fucking soy regardless of his gains. Leftists talking like this IRL & online is such an embarrassment, shit like this is like a dogwhistle for soys.
>>17507 >what is a joke
>>17509 he just makes himself look like a soy.
>>17520 and you made yourself look like an autist
>>17538 Autism is high IQ
I just want to grab heavy stuff and throw them as far as possible. rocks,pieces of concrete,disks, spears.Is there any tutorial of technique on how to THROW properly? some baseball stuff?
>>17601 Learn how to use a sling or atlatl.
>>17601 Pretty sure these are all covered in track and field events. If you live in a city that has a club for that shit, join it. If you don't try finding youtube videos with beginner tips for discus, javelin throw, shotput, etc
How's it going guise? I still haven't gotten my strength back to pre-rona levels and am scared I may never. Hamstring permitting, today is a leg day with squats, lunges, box jumps, deadlifts, and shrugs/lateral delts. >>17601 Uh shot putters make themselves look silly by spinning in place but basically yea it's a full-body endeavor, toe to fingertip, with everything being used. Ankles, knees, hips, core. It's all in the twist. t. ignorant
>>17806 I've kept all my strength despite not lifting for 8 months due to corona but I lost all my definition, mad as hell because I am too busy with work to go to gym and train regularly, feel like a flabby sack of shit.
Stopping by from 4chan's /fit/ Thanks for gifting the world that wojak edit, I'm so fucking tired of /pol/ coming in and setting up shop there. Some of us just want to lift and not have obese political assholes shit up the discussion. Hammer curls, preacher curls, and regular curls all work out different areas of your bicep and this concept can be applied to other movements for a more complete workout.
>>17821 Containment boards don't work. /fit/ and /k/ became totally fucking unusable once the retards from /pol/ started showing up with their "lifting/prepping for the race war and daddy Trump" garbage.
>>17822 The chudjak however, works. It's so accurate and you know it's accurate because they get so pissed over it. /leftypol/ cut them deep and after 6+ years of them acting like the health and fitness forum is for race war prep there's finally an easy meme to just reply to them with.
>>17085 You look big... how long have you been working out for? On a side note, I heard that working out heavily makes you go bald sooner due to increased hormone production. Is it bullshit?
>>17852 no idea about the bald stuff, my hair is as good as ever but I've only been working out for like 3 years. specifically 1 year strict and 2 years on and off. The bald stuff sounds like boomer superstition to me. Steroids do make you go bald though.
>>17810 No doubt it's hard, anon. I was out of commission for about 4 months. Your metabolism changes and you have to reset the balance.
>>17852 Baldness is caused by DHT which is aromatized from testosterone so if you increase your test through working out it could affect it. If you’re really concerned, take a 5ar inhibitor like propecia or if you want to go natural supposedly saw palmetto works. And yes steroids increase the rate of baldness if you’re already predisposed to it from all the excess test in the blood, that’s why most bodybuilders are cueballs
>>17935 >steroids increase the rate of baldness if you’re already predisposed to it from all the excess test in the blood I did a pretty long cycle of Test-E way back when I was lifting competitively in college. fucking stupid I know, but at least I know I'm not pre-disposed to baldness, as I virtually zero loss approaching 30. most of the men in my family are bald except one uncle, so you can definitely win the luck of the draw. baldness research is actually rather complicated and developments are occurring all the time.
Do I really need to rest for a day in between workouts if I don't feel tired or soreness in my muscles? Or is that normal and you just wait for them to recover regardless?
>>18107 I have an unpopular opinion, but if you’re looking for serious training, just train. Some people train through soreness too, the conventional understanding of ‘lactic acid buildup’ has never been fully proven to be truly responsible for the soreness. As you get stronger you get less sore anyways. As you age you’ll get sore more often, that’s when you can worry about ‘rest days.’
>>17935 Palmetto decreases testosterone production no? Propecia/finasteride is a good idea because it doesn't affect testosterone much.
>>17085 >6'2 Holy shit you must be huge
>>17203 not all coomers are right-handed you know
>>17203 It's because hes curling his arm up n00b
>>18107 You don't need to rest, but if you are training hard enough like you should you won't be able to cope and will HAVE to rest. so the answer is you arent working hard enough. >>18128 damn straight. I am 110kg heavy.
I'm in the cutting process, how do I lose water weight for more definition without dehydrating myself?
>>18107 Agree with >>18265 If you don't need to rest you could be training harder. Depending on how you're training it may be better to do more weight or train more days. If you're going more for endurance then training more days is better. More strength means more weight is better.
>>18268 >how do I have less water without having less water Joking aside, eat different foods that cause less bloating. That's about it AFAIK. If you really want to go for it, you can try keto.
>>18268 reduce carb intake, to 0 if you can manage carbohydrates get converted to glycogen for intramuscular storage each molecule of glycogen bonds to 4 water molecules calling it 'water weight' makes people think they need to cut their water intake to lose it this is not the case get rid of the glycogen and you reduce the body's ability to store water as water weight of course without any glycogen your endurance is gonna be shit but it'd be shit if you were dehydrated anyway so eh you can recover a bit of endurance if you go full-blown keto, don't expect anywhere near peak performance tho
>>18107 I train almost every day unless I feel ill.
>>18268 unironically drink more water. Water weight is built up trough dehydration because your body is worried you are low on hydration, having water in excess actually means your body expels it instead of keeping it.
>>7004 thoughts on callisthenics? been lifting for around 4 months and am seeing good progess. I have a friend who wants me to do callisthenics with him. He's been doing them for a long time and is pretty cut up but lacks the "bigger" look I am going for. What should I do?
>>18375 been going on and off with half push ups progress was reaching where i could do 30 with extreme pain and was getting ready to do regular push ups but then I skipped 1 day and BOOM wasted 2 weeks not doing it never skipping exercise unless my body is literally sore
>>18393 do both.
>>18394 bruh how weak are you do regular push ups even if it is just one
(657.86 KB 2010x3597 11012020cs.jpg)
achievable natty?
>>18516 Yes if short.
>>18661 Yes this. People don’t realize how much easier it is for shortcels to appear bigger. My friend was 5’5 and looked ripped at 140lbs. Meanwhile I’m 510+ and I look like a lank at 170.
Glowposting aside, how do we make a bunkerbros lifting group? I’m in cali and it would be fun to train with some comrades. I don’t think glowies even lift enough to pose a threat of infiltration.
>>18664 >I don’t think glowies even lift enough to pose a threat of infiltration. Not the ones assigned to watch obscure internet forums, that's for sure.
(170.88 KB 925x504 Mike-Tyson-Neck.png)
can i build a THICK neck doing just shrugs? im a bit afraid of neck bridges
>>18683 >neck bridges you mean traps? shrugs are important, but you should be doing a lot of compound exercises that put a load on your back muscles, such as squats, rows, and pullups.
>>18719 Neck bridges are bridges where you support your weight on your head instead of your hands. If this sounds like it could lead to injury, you're right.
>>18683 there was this lolcow called AlphaDestiny who promulgated all this neck training with harnesses and shit. I remember football athletes doing neck manuals-- that is to say twists and neck motions without machines or weights but using their own hands. Like gently applying resistance as the neck twists or bends up and down. Go very easy with these at first because your neck muscles arent used to a lot of resistance. It's like doing those lower-back isolating good-mornings with a lot of weight. You don't feel it the day of, but your erector spinae down there will be crying for a week. Remember neck does not equal traps. But you should be doing shrugs anyway. And remember most neck mass comes from roid use. >>18329 Good post I've been confused about this.
(99.41 KB 1060x750 12.jpg)
Is training the neck 90 minuted a day over kill (assuming I do it safely of course) i want to combine iron shirt chi-kung,with neck pill and chin balancing to be able to withstand the fiercest punches
Hey Guys, complete noob here, I wanna start doing some exercise while in lockdown, anyone have training plans or tips? Gyms are closed and its cold af outside, so everything should be doable indoors.
>>19264 Put together a solid calisthenics routine for starters. This book has a nice set of fundamental exercises in a progression series.
>>19266 nice, thank you, any tips on doing so?
>>19178 neck training is a vain meme unless you are training wrestling. >>19264 Honestly, best just read the PDF anon sent you. Convict conditioning is probably the best calisthenics guide you're gonna get. also >boohoo it's cold unless you are in alaskan/siberian weather just dress thickly and go train on the bars. find heavy rocks to lift too, lift them to your chest or onto your shoulder, carry them around in a bear hug for leg and arm gains.
Guys, I've messed around and put off getting lifting straps for years. I don't really want to buy any at the moment though. I want to use nylon straps from an old GI backpack, but they are only 1 inch wide, are they viable? I'm lifting <400 lb. >>19356 This. Look up Iron Loo if you must, for inspiration.
>>19401 addendum: I also want gymnastics rings. Anyone have a brand they recommend? RepFitness is out of stock and Rogue is damn expensive.
>>19401 Why do you need straps though (other than for rows), just use a hook grip or mixed grip.
How do I manage my depression with exercise when I'm too depressed to exercise?
>>19541 Depends... if you're alienated from work,10-30 minutes of meditation usually works
During quarantine I started doing more bodyweight exercises and shit while I was just a cardiofag before I recently came upon a routine that goes like >Do squats until failure >then static squat until failure Basically pairing an exercise until failure then a hold for the same muscle group until failure then repeating for a set amount of times anyone ever done/heard of anything like this? Is it a meme?
>>19751 >Basically pairing an exercise until failure then a hold for the same muscle group until failure then repeating for a set amount of times anyone ever done/heard of anything like this? Is it a meme? You mean isometric holds anon? >cardio fag how much cardio are you doing now? once per week 30 mins? How much rest time do you allow yourself per exercise?
What's the benefit of training until failure? Is it about "emptying the tank" so to speak and building up the body's stamina through sheer force of exhaustion? Is there a rest time between failures or are we talking you literally can't do more and your session is done for the day?
>>19876 Usually after workout, I have rest days. Training without failure will result in DOMS
(449.12 KB 620x638 scale_1200.png)
(71.74 KB 1200x680 5698107f6ffac.jpg)
Here's some inspo: Leonid Zhabotinsky >born in a village in Uspenka, Sumy Oblast, Ukrainian SSR into a Cossack family >After graduating from the seven-year secondary school, he worked at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant and was coached by Mikhail Svetlichny at the local weightlifting club of the Armed Forces sports society >Zhabotynsky debuted at the Ukrainian SSR Championship in 1957, where he earned a bronze medal. Zhabotynsky was the flag bearer for the Soviet Union during the opening ceremonies of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, carrying the Soviet flag single-handed when the team marched in, when all the other flag bearers used two hands >Between 1963 and 1974 Zhabotynsky set 19 world records in the superheavyweight class and won gold medals at the 1964 and 1968 Olympics. He was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union between 1965 and 1991 >In 1964 Zhabotinsky graduated from the Kharkiv Pedagogical Institute and in 1970 defended a PhD in pedagogy >“He stole the show,” recalled Mr. Schwarzenegger, the weight lifter, bodybuilder, actor and former California governor, who as a teenager in Austria kept a photograph of Zhabotinsky taped over his bed. “He was extraordinary, another form of inspiration: If he can make it, I can make it.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonid_Zhabotinsky https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/17/sports/olympics/leonid-zhabotinsky-strongman-for-the-ages-dies-at-77.html
How the do I get the heckin side splitserinos, fams? My groin has been a couple inches off the ground for years and I've never gotten any closer.
how do you overcome fear when practicing handstand or planche? I'm autistic and always had poor motor skills or balance maintenance so these dynamic exercises are quite challenging. I think I already meet the minimum requirement in terms of raw strength(can perform one hand push up, one hand pull up and regular dips) but want to push my skills even further.
>>20039 I struggled for about a year with my handstand glued to a wall and made little progress. While I was able to gradually increase my strength and time upside-down, it never really got me any closer to balance or getting over the fear for free-standing handstands. Eventually you simply have to get away from the wall and experiment. Do it on carpet or something with more cushion and start practicing it daily. That's what finally made the breakthrough for me during the pandemic. Make sure when you start out that you do a good wrist stretching routine each time before getting into it because your hands may end up in dangerous positions while you're learning by trial-and-error how to bail from a handstand safely.
>>20039 >>20041 Also here is the formal routine I started using over the last year. Took me a lot longer than other commenters on the video but it did eventually lead to breakthroughs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBcWjpFG5yY The key was doing some sort of handstand practice as a daily activity instead of weakly integrated into my other regular workouts as I had done in the past. Now that I've actually worked out how to balance a handstand I can develop it into a useful strength training routine in my regular workouts as handstand pushups/planche-like movements.
>>20042 thx for video. I will attempt to replicate suggested routine. would you say practicing hand stand was worth the effort in terms of return over investment(risk)? I am mainly interested in planche and hand stand because I read it stimulates my shoulder area like no other exercises (+ more fun than standard calisthenic exercise) but am too pussy for potential danger
>>19903 DOMS are not harmful. Soreness is normal. It shows you you're pushing yourself. Pain is what you should avoid.
>>20045 If you're just in it for the strength training you're probably going to be disappointed at first. Merely holding a handstand is mostly about learning a new form of coordination and balance, not necessarily about developing new strength (besides perhaps grip strength). If you have low shoulder mobility you're going to have to improve it in order to center your weight in a line for a handstand with nice form. The straighter your handstand the less energy you use to hold it. In terms of risk vs reward, the first time you actually defy gravity feels incredible, of course it's worth the small risk. Balance and coordination is an empowering kind of fitness that there is simply no substitute for. You said you were pretty strong already, are you afraid of falling on your head? Practice some forward rolls or cartwheels so you get used to the two main methods of bailing from a handstand.
>>7004 How to do pull-ups if I can't do a single one? It's like the muscles that I need for this are simply not there, it's impossible for me.
>>20059 You start with an easier exercise, like horizontal pulls.
>>20059 try jumping pull up, horizontal pull up, band assisted pull up
Nobody told me how fucking hard the home stretch is to get the results you want. I feel better and look better, but I want more. I'm in the cutting process and it just seems to take so long. Can I cut out carbs or is that gonna fuck me up?
>>20071 Horizontal pulls work different muscles. >>20080 >>20059 The simplest thing to do working up to pull ups is eccentrics. Jump up into the flexed position and use your muscles to work against gravity and control the descent. You can almost certainly pull that off and it doesn't require anything you wouldn't already have if you're trying pull ups. >>20081 You get diminishing returns the more weight you lose, that's just how it is. The question is where are you comfortable maintaining your weight. Being fit is a lifestyle, and your body will be in the shape that your diet and exercise gives it. So you have to figure out how stringent you think it's worth it to be in the long run vs how it makes you look/feel. If you just cut down real low and don't maintain a regimen to suit that body, you will bounce back to whatever your regimen will maintain.
(30.20 KB 606x758 just about done.png)
Okay, so picture is me. How the fuck can I squat? By which I mean, is there any variation that'd work? Or is it the case that it'll be leg-press and lep-gress accessories from here on out. I don't even care about my legs tbqh, I just wand to squat with the 'rads :(
>>20093 what exactly is preventing you from practicing squat? I heard it's very unnatural stance for non-asian/slavic people but not sure if that is what you are confused about provided this is meme posting
(3.73 MB 388x482 1603185661056.gif)
>>7004 i hate home work outs, just want to go back to the gym
I signed up for a gym again because I fucking hate bodyweight routines and immediately regretted it. No one was wearing a mask I doubt they are sanitizing shit ... Locked in now and get fee charged if I want to cancel. Fuck gyms
>>20158 >>20142 I honestly doubt covid is as airborne as all the libs are saying it is. I accidentally went to a few places without a mask on and got nothing. I don’t think microdroplets are infectious unless you’re in close range of someone sick for a prolonged period. When’s the last time anyone got a flu from just randomly walking into a place. I think the fomite is the main problem so as long as you sanitize your hands after touching anything public you should be ok. I haven’t “locked down” since ages now and have been ok taking basic precautions.
How do I make my back strong as fuck so I can stand like a statue for hours and not fuck my back up?? I want to put up a lot of attribute points in my back I feel like if maxed out, it can help in many things i don't have any equipment so please give me advice
>>20161 pullups, rows ~$20 worth of equipment or go to a park
>>20161 check if you have lordosis of the spine which is caused by muscle imbalances. A lot of HGH gut looking people just have muscle imbalances from the curve in their spine. standing long periods of time would stress it and you'd get pain in the lower back/etc.


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