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(269.78 KB 1984x1116 juice.jpg)
Cooking thread! Satan-kun 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:17:43 No. 88
Just post pictures of delicious food and we'll all try to figure out how to cook it later!
oh shit it's satan-kun, didn't know you were into cooking
good thread, but why not share how to do it as well?
easy to do nurtitious but affordable prole food
(236.26 KB 1500x1161 maruchan.jpg)
I'm not really into cooking, but i like food so might as well be the one to make a thread about it. I've been watching tutorials on youtube, but it always goes in one ear and out the other since my brain is mush.
How to make KFC
How to make a Luther Burger
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings
(486.74 KB 1200x1697 necessary ingredients.jpg)
(263.23 KB 661x1896 ZPC0g9b.jpg)
(217.07 KB 620x1203 grilling by location.jpg)

Cookouts are socialism.
(572.28 KB 801x3829 Herbs.png)
(149.16 KB 600x1200 Spice Blends.jpg)
(235.35 KB 564x2724 2xy9ycwkog501.jpg)
(356.83 KB 1180x863 Beef and Lentil Chili.jpg)
(1.56 MB 1372x4872 Brotein Meatbowl.jpg)
(386.71 KB 1001x1801 chicken picatta.jpg)
Recipe time. Each of these I make now and then, as they are good shit.
(587.19 KB 4199x2577 Carrot brownies.jpeg)
(151.63 KB 540x792 fit cookes.jpg)
(183.32 KB 1142x1138 Heidi Vuorela chocolate muffins.jpg)
Don't forget dessert!
(426.94 KB 1247x1600 oatz.jpg)
(490.64 KB 1008x917 fit pancakes.jpg)
(390.46 KB 740x1525 egg in the basket.jpg)
You're doing god's work lad.
(1.12 MB 1140x922 General Tso's Chicken.png)
(567.83 KB 804x3028 fit chicken and spinach.jpg)
(1.28 MB 1625x1820 1411628742297.jpg)
Moar chicken!
(1.71 MB 2500x3129 1432861777107-2.jpg)
(1.39 MB 1025x3920 1432861777108-4.jpg)
I try.

Here's some shit that I haven't gotten around to trying yet.
(376.52 KB 622x4939 1432861777107-3.jpg)
(1.04 MB 1291x965 fit bulking shake.jpg)
(347.89 KB 681x789 Estus Flask.png)
Bonus Round. The mixed drink is unironically pretty good.

The drink looks promising. I've been wanting to try new methods of getting drunk that don't taste like medicine.
You should skip the grenadine then.
Vegan Rissoto that I made.
Vegan chili
Looks delicious. Great work.
I'm not a vegan but i don't really like meat sometimes.
Being vegan actually teaches you how to cook really well.
1. Wash some spinach
2. Cut some garlic
3. Add oil to pan, put pan on heat
4. Add garlic to oil once oil is hot (oil is hot when you put your hand 5cm over the oil and it feels uncomfortably hot)
5. let garlic fry for 30s
6. add in washed vegetable to pan
7. stir well for 30 seconds to 2 minutes spinach, spinach is ready when it is shriveled up
8. cook some meat and potatoes
9. enjoy healthy meal
This is making me famished rn.
bump for more recipes
>>1295 PSA never tell an Italian that that is a risotto.
https://veganlovlie.com/vegan-tikka-masala-curry-sauce/ Yo this curry is fucking dope. I'll post pics of the completed product later
>>1295 That's definitely not a risotto
>>5296 Look, man, i'm just going off what the recipie said.
Just made some "homemade traveller's bread". Just a sample ammount. Recipe: 50 gramms of different flour (i used an even mix of rye, corn, rice, wheat and barley) 5 gramms of yiest 4 gramms of salt around 50 gramms of water (i didn't measure the water. i mixed everything together untill the mix felt like ACTUAL bread material stuff) Mixed them, didn't let the yiest to make it's magic (because i wanted to test the flavour... the resting only improves the texture afaik). Put it in the oven on low setting (since the original recipe was used to make bread on the fireside... so it wasn't hotter than 150 deg celsius), waited 2 and a half hours (i checked it multiple times during its making... after 2 hours it did not seem to improve). The resault is... very corny, a bit salty, a bit "yiesty", kinda dense and the inside was a bit dough-like (obviously), the crust was super crunchy tho. Next time i will take a pic of it and document everything properly. In case somebody want to replicate it.
>>1280 This diet wheel is a bit fucked. What's wrong with fat? What's wrong with dairy? Why are egg yolks, cream cheese and butter all lumped in with poison like fucking soybean oil? Tofu and soybeans are "the best" proteins? Instant potatoes are shit quality, but there's no reason they should be worse than regular white potatoes. Potatoes, despite being rather high on the glycemic index, are far richer nutritionally than grains. Also, fruits should not be looked at as healthy, all fruits should be looked at as no different from candy. It's just sugar, just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's somehow better for you.
Does anyone here know how to make chocolate?
Wife made some delicious stir fry, hope you all are at least eating good food while we’re all stuck inside
>>8804 fuk u wifes aren't real. they are cia plot device. and i just ate a pink and purple looking rat.
>>7752 Fruit is sugar + fiber + vitamins so it is automatically healthier than candy.
(2.24 MB YUM.mp4)
I really enjoyed this dish despite its unhealthy amount of cheese, but then again for a skinny dude like me, its not an issue. What is an issue is the bloody good swing music which I can't seem to find the name of anywhere.
(1.77 MB 1209x892 wookiee cookies.png)
So... has anyone here ever tried making wookiee cookies?
Who is the best Cooking Show host and why is it Julia Child?
Bros I need some good baked chicken recipes. I pop that shit in the oven with some spices, but chicken tastes gross with just that.
(30.49 KB 707x398 1019846984836.jpg)
>>5293 >I'll post pics of the completed product later
>>15751 Not op but Ill post my recipe of it, its an easy curry to make, im not going to post measures because theyre for brainlets, just use common sense of how much to put (less spices, more sauce etc). Get the spices at your local indian store. Tomato sauce Chopped garlic, ginger, onion Pinch of sugar Coconut cream or cream substitute Cubed paneer or tofu Coriander powder Garam masala powder Cumin powder Turmeric powder Pinch of cinnamon powder And red chilli powder Pop in a fry pan, cook for like 15 and done.
(1.17 MB 2448x3264 Tandoori_Chicken_1.jpg)
>>88 Here's some Tandoori Chicken I cooked recently.
>>15762 i haven't eaten paneer in so many months
https://www.misfitsmarket.com/ is a useful service that you guys might want to use for cheaper but good quality vegetables to cook with.
>>17255 All vegan.
>>15772 >>17540 This all looks great :)
Retard-level doubleposting but >>15772 How hard have you found Indian-type dishes to make? I should rly give it a try >>17540 What's in the sushi? Is pic3 just risotto or something related? Fixin myself a sammich now
>>17542 >How hard have you found Indian-type dishes to make? I should rly give it a try Well what I usually did for the chicken is mix up a marinade for the chicken consisting of some Marsala powder, some chili powder, some full fat greek yogurt At least about 1/3 a cup for about 2 pounds of chicken (which is a decent substitution for the fat they use in Indian cooking) as well as some lemon juice and a bit of red food coloring to give it that distinctive red coloring. Then I let it marinade in a plastic bag in the fridge for about 6 hours to over night then cook it on my gas grill. I then made the onions and red bell peppers by cooking them on the stove in some vegetable oil. Then when they are done I serve it up on a plate. That picture is pretty much the first time I tried making Indian food and I think it was pretty decent for my first attempt.
(65.78 KB 1280x720 stefanie joosten.jpg)
>>17540 lmao your kimbap slicing needs so much work look good though - what's the filling?
>>17553 (me) would also recommend 마약김밥 - name holds up
>>17541 Thanks. >>17542 Nothing special, cucumber, paprika, carrot, avocado, mango, some spring onions and smoked tofu. I also got this thing where you basically boil a carrot sliced in quarters in soy sauce, it tastes decent. I’m pretty sure the last picture is a “paella”. Apologies for my horrible photographs. >>17553 What’s a “kimbap”? For the filling see ^.
Any good beginner guides to learn the fundamentals and git gud at cooking?
>>17695 cook material until it easy to chew add salt to material until it feel good in tongue material is now tummy food
I sometimes do a quiche, its ez as fuck, cheap, and pretty good (provided you have an oven)
Poorfag spaghetti: >microwave a hotpocket till it starts boiling out of the bread >cook ramen noodles and hold onto the flavor pack for other recipes >squeeze hot pocket onto noodles and scoop up any stuff on the plate into it >use bread as garlic bread Mustard fried chicken: https://youtu.be/q_vBKQsP0-o
(2.90 MB 4608x2592 20201031_220515.jpg)
Vegan tiramisu.
(9.51 KB 480x360 how drole.jpg)
>>18346 Looks good
(217.90 KB 1024x925 CIA food nutrition.png)
(17.74 KB 438x335 Food 1988.gif)
Stop consuming bourgeois food. Junk food, sodas (COKEacola), etc. are a bourgeois invention of the capitalist epoch made for addiction and profit that your body doesn't need. You must eat organic food, drink water and more natural alternatives. You can produce whole foods at industrial scale. It's just cheaper to separate the parts and recombine them synthetically because porky likes profits and doesn't care about proles (if anything sick proles feed Big Pharma so it would be in their mutual interests). The "MEME" of organic food was not a common thing, but the actual concept existed. Organic producers rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible. The USSR did just that. They didn't have cow pens where they would be raised in a 3x6 cage with shit running down their legs, or chickens that were kept in rigid boxes with their beaks set to a constant supply of food. Cage-free, free-range eggs are "organic", compare their contents to that of a GMO chicken. The latter gets pumped with so many hormones and live in such squalor that the egg products are in and of themselves tainted by this. Meat wasn't *'Pink Slime' but the real deal, which is why, after Gorbacehve fucked it up, there were jokes about Sausage meat replaced by toilet paper. Communist countries didn't call their food industries "organic" - in non-profit driven states, there is no incentive to have cheap harmful food and expensively modified, slightly better versions of the same. all food was "organic" and affordable to everyone. just to give one example, dairy products weren't stuffed with preservatives to the point where a yogurt bottle can stay on shelves half a year or so, but were refreshed each 24-48h. Pesticides used were often tobacco based or otherwise natural and therefore far less harmful than the frog-mutating crap used in California or other places. For more detail see the food section of https://www.quora.com/Did-the-Soviet-economy-work-at-all/answer/Chuck-Garen >muh GMO is just conspiracy Monsanto is a massive monopoly that exerts massive pressure on the scientific community and economy to push its products through. This is capitalist self-interest for it to push that shit onto us. Organic food is more expensive so only the middle class and bourgeois can only eat like this everyday. If you think they wouldn't do that, then read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, about how they canned rat corpses, rat shit and rat poison along with the meat being sold to ordinary people. *https://www.quora.com/topic/Pink-Slime
(52.46 KB 475x433 dragon cum.jpg)
(445.72 KB 661x497 dragon cum.png)
Recipes to really blast your ass


no cookies?