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>>1302593 I get it now you're the spammer would be dealing with lol - love the broken english. fuck off.

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Mod Applications are open again. We're looking for 4 or 5 new mods. Send me your application at [email protected] Be sure to put mod application in the subject so I can find it. Let me know how long you've been posting on /leftypol/, what your opinion on the labor theory of value is, how you think we should deal with issues like /pol/ or nazbol posting, and the time you'll be most likely to be online. Also be sure to include a link to a post you've recently made. Thank you.
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Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 13:45:59 No. 1302612 [Reply]
Do you think maybe you would be slightly more palatable if you weren't so faggy? >inb4 nazi cringe post Im not a nazi so dont care but my god are you fags ever cringier
you have to go back
>>1302612 Post chin
(48.31 KB 680x759 490.jpg)
>>1302618 Maybe if you want to be taken seriously dont portray yourselves as fairyprincesses fighting nazis
>>1302619 who's "you" lol

Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 13:19:16 No. 1300690 [Reply] [Last]
Who's better, Putin, or this guy that Putin poisoned? Apparently. some shit is going down in Russia right now.
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Could this be turned into another February Revolution?
>>1302595 February revolution happened because of split of elites. I don't see situation like this in Russia.
>>1302595 Yes, it could, but I think it will be 22-01-1905
>>1302613 It could easily happen. >>1302614 So the lead to a failed, but important revolution? I could see that as well.
>>1300690 >>1300691 Putin is better

Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 03:50:35 No. 1300348 [Reply]
Is the illuminati real? There's some pretty compelling evidence that something is amiss in the world of power; big business and world power. Then there's the WorldCorp thing. I think most conspiracy theories are retarded, and the rabbit-hole has caused people to go completely off the deep end. What do you think, comrades?
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(250.04 KB 642x1023 Ej44lMwWoAMVryj.jpeg)
The high priests, from their citadel, preached of rental markets in human beings, where all are compelled to sell themselves daily. "Let the demiurge have full sway," they said, "for its equilibrium will be the best of all possible worlds, and all will receive their just rewards"
(91.50 KB 501x732 EnnnNO4XIAEuK9E.jpeg)
"Owing to this alien mediator ... man regards his will, his activity and his relation to other men as a power independent of him and them. His slavery, therefore, reaches its peak ... this mediator now becomes a real God ... its cult becomes an end in itself"
(602.23 KB 1280x1920 EnnpMi4WMAQMMcf.jpeg)
The initial capitalist cults were so successful they rapidly metastasised and, in mere centuries, engulfed the world. The universal becomes the unnoticed background. The egregore, in our society, is hard to see. Yet it has real powers. It is the controller. We are the controlled.
>>1300348 doesn't matter, they all deserve to get their heads cut off it seems that conspriacy theorists make these theories to make the big bad capitalists untouchable, bro-lets just fucking murder the lizard people already

(62.30 KB 667x371 EsXRd-zXAAEQAdh.jpeg)
The future of the Middle East Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 20:43:00 No. 1301329 [Reply]
I'm Syrian. Should I be concerned?
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>>1301329 Yeah you guys are fucked, I'd recommend making exit plans.
(412.43 KB 1200x1200 Lesbos refugee camp.jpg)
(669.74 KB 1024x576 Hungary-Serbia border barrier.jpg)
>>1301906 Good luck actually succeeding with said exit plans
>>1301329 You aren't already?
>>1301338 lol. Life is only good due to having oil money and foreign slaves do al the work Soon oil will run out and the royal family will run to Israel or USA, leaving you all stuck in a sandy shithole forever
>>1301329 >I'm Syrian. Should I be concerned? You were not before ?

(56.44 KB 960x696 FB_IMG_1610952999709.jpg)
The Is No Civil War Ahead Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 16:00:46 No. 1299843 [Reply] [Last]
https://struggle-sessions.com/2021/01/14/there-is-no-civil-war-ahead/ How are they always right? Maoists have consistently shown to have the most correct theory and strategy for revolution in our current century.
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>>1300044 That's news to me interesting. Just like Keiser Report says I guess Thucydides trap. Time to start to build a bunker in Canada or move to New Zealand.
>>1300968 >No, but here's a map from ~2015 with a larger area of control. Ok, I see. And one solution to the Naxalites is simple: Just let the tribals have property rights. That would take some of the heat from the mining companies off them.
>>1299977 Can someone explain to me how Maoists became militant radlibs like this? Dis they all psychosomatically get syphilis brain from Mao when he died?
>>1302579 Sakai isn't a Maoist, nor are his followers. He attracts Mao Zedong Thought types.
>>1301706 >Let's peg our currency to [insert thing here]. this way we'll stabilize its value >Crisis happens <"Sorry we have to defend the peg no fiscal policy for you proles"

(530.53 KB 741x625 1day.png)
Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 16:10:57 No. 1300867 [Reply] [Last]
took him 1 day
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>>1302572 Yes, slavery was considered babaric in europe. The primitive negroids had not the empathy to recognize it.
>>1302582 Why do the most Aryan Countries and regions of the Indian subcontinent eg. Afgnanistan, Pakistan etc. have higher birth rates, Crime and murder rates and HDI than the more Dravidian areas like Sri lanka, Kerela.
>>1302594 Inbreeding, caused by islamic teachings.
>>1302594 But ofcourse there more than one reason, but it's mostly inbreeding
>>1300867 >US military deployed by Trump in Syria moves a mile to the north following order given by Trump

(62.93 KB 631x321 Alan-Moore-Slide.jpg)
idk what 4/pol/ has against you. Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 20:29:33 No. 1301299 [Reply]
You guys are cool.
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>>1302080 If we're talking about the community that exist on here, on this site, then what you said doesn't apply to us. There are plenty of self identified commies for which we have tremendous disdain.
Nice image friend /pol/ just thinks anyone who pushes back when they're shilling their theories on other boards is /lefthypol/ operative posting from the AntiFa pentagon It's funny when you see a /pol/tard post so embarassing people accuse it of being a lefty false-flag
>>1301339 uighur uighur uighur uighur
Ni‎gg‎er Ni‎gg‎er Ni‎gg‎er Ni‎gg‎er Ni‎gg‎er Ni‎gg‎er
>>1301918 Idk, I don't like labels, but a nationalist traditionalist sorta covers what I think. I think nations should have the right of self-determination, and also maintain their separate cultures. As in let their cultures and populations evolve and develop separately. I don't care much what system runs their governments, or if they decide to unite with other nations under one government as long as the borders are more or less defined. Same goes with separatist movements. Same goes with border enforcement, if nations decide to not have borders, it's fine. For my own nation, I'd prefer a democratic socialist system. I have my own theory with regards to workplace democracy in this system, which includes the consumer where necessary. Think local supermarkets or a local library. There should be a board for consumers that get elected to have a say as well because that supermarket or such is serving the local community.


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