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(9.66 KB 600x600 k7sfynabmvg01.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 16:27:40 No. 1298628 [Reply]
"Billionaires are bad" >omg yass! "Billionaires do bad things in secret" >lol take your meds schizo Why are even left-leaning normies like this?
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The discussion quality has really gone down the tubes in the past few months. Reminds me of what happened to 4chan. Probably the same people who are responsible.
>>1299429 Post it
>>1299147 >Why are leftists so conspiracy-phobic? there is no anglophone left, only radlibs. fascists are unironically a more progressive force in the face of neoliberalism and globalism than your average "leftist"
>>1299225 holy based
>>1299459 Yeah no shit cause we let cuckchanners in here willy nilly.

Do Americans hate socialism primarily because they are a cruel, twisted, ignorant people? Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 18:36:52 No. 1298809 [Reply]
I truly believe Americans are a fucking warped degeneration of the human race. Not for any insane polack reasoning like >Muh mutt breeding But rather because Americans have been atomized away from humanity for a long time. Americans are human solely in a biological sense, otherwise they are automatons that consume. That being said, is it their twisted, warped nature that makes Americans despise socialism and communism so much? Do Americans simply worship suffering, death, and devastation? The average American is certainly a vile social darwinist, no? I believe the average American is lying when they Make absurd claims such as >The modern economy is socialist because it is bad :) Or >Joe Biden is a communist/radical leftist Or >The DNC has moved too far to “the Left” ;) Honestly I believe the average American is a lying rat piece of shit and understands what it’s doing when it makes absurd claims such as those listed above. They know that the fundamental assumption that arises from their position is that fascism is the only way. In fact, the average american is a fascist; they will never call themselves one and will loudly say they detest fascism; but if we go by George Jackson’s thesis of the US as a “stabilized fascist society” (Nazi Germany was an unstable fascist society hence the pathological explosion of violence) then it would make the average American a fascist by default, no? Is that why the average American despises socialism then?
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>>1299228 An example of what happens when you try building secular modern states that go against the interests of Western capital
>>1299237 ok then Americans hating socialism is an example of western capital brainwashing its subjects. it's not their fault, they're merely victims of western capital, just like the global south.
70+ years(and only counting since the cold war) of intense anti leftist propaganda have his effects
>>1299238 except western capital wouldn't have any footsoldiers with which to subjugate the rest of the world if it weren't for westerners' willingness to shoot other proles for a quick buck joining the military is so normalised here it makes me sick. there are whole chunks of the country where if you were to shout "fuck the troops" you'd literally get chained to the back of a pickup truck and dragged
>>1298809 Nah they’re just uniformed faggots who’ve been force fed anti-communist propoganda, there’s nothing inherently evil about them

News 1/20/21 News Anon 3.0 01/20/2021 (Wed) 20:16:31 No. 1298912 [Reply]
Biden will recognize Guaido as Venezuela's leader, top diplomat says Blinken told members of the U.S. Senate that Biden would seek to “more effectively target” sanctions on the country, which aim to oust President Nicolas Maduro - who retains control of the country. Blinken said the new administration would look at more humanitarian assistance to the country. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-biden-state-venezuela-idUSKBN29O2PE?taid=600767fc46b67f000162023b Bolivia charges 26 police officers for their role in 2019 Washington-backed coup Those facing charges include former Santa Cruz police commander Colonel Miguel Mercado and national police commander General Vladimir Calderon, who urged Mr Morales to step down. The complaints were filed by Deputy Minister for Decolonisation Pelagio Condori on Monday. If they are accepted, the officers will be summoned by the Police Prosecutor’s Office. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/bolivia-charges-26-police-officers-their-role-2019-washington-backed-coup Colombia: Linda Diaz Became the 12th Activist Killed This Year Colombia's social and political activist Linda Diaz on Tuesday was killed by armed men in the Caceres municipality located in the Antioquia department, thus becoming the 12th social leader murdered this year. Diaz was a candidate from the Unity Party for Caceres Municipal Council in the 2015 regional elections. She was also a recognized worker in universities. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Colombia-Linda-Diaz-Became-the-12th-Activist-Killed-This-Year-20210120-0016.html Serbian lawyers to file first lawsuits against NATO over use of depleted uranium munitions in 1999 The first lawsuit is expected to be filed before the Higher Court in Belgrade on Wednesday, following years of extensive work by a team of legal experts led by lawyer Srdjan Aleksic. Dozens of other lawsuits will be filed before other courts across the country as well. The team is seeking to win compensation of at least €300,000 ($363,500) for each Serbian victim who developed cancer. https://on.rt.com/azvn 6 suspected militants killed in Russia’s Chechnya

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Steven Donziger: corporate political prisoner US LAWYER Steven Donziger helped thousands of Ecuadorians win billions in damages in a historic lawsuit against oil multinational Chevron, for dumping toxic waste in the rainforest, poisoning the land and water of the indigenous people. Nine years later, he sits imprisoned, trapped under house arrest in his New York apartment, waiting for a trial that has been condemned by hundreds of lawyers, legal advocates and Nobel laureates across the world. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/steven-donziger-corporate-political-prisoner Corporate Media’s Leaked Chinese Documents Confirm China Didn’t Hide Covid-19 Several reports on China’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic came out late last year, based on what US outlets like CNN, the New York Times and ProPublica claimed to be leaked Chinese documents. Although these reports implied that China was responsible for how bad the pandemic has been because of its downplaying of numbers and censoring of critical information, these narratives are themselves misleading in several ways. CNN (11/30/20) released “The Wuhan Files” in late November, announcing “a string of revelations contained within 117 pages of leaked documents from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention.” According to CNN: "Taken together, the documents amount to the most significant leak from inside China since the beginning of the pandemic and provide the first clear window into what local authorities knew internally and when. However, though the documents provide no evidence of a deliberate attempt to obfuscate findings, they do reveal numerous inconsistencies in what authorities believed to be happening and what was revealed to the public." This is not the first time Chinese information has been leaked. Earlier in 2020, Foreign Policy (5/12/20) reported on a leaked dataset of coronavirus cases and deaths from the Chinese military’s National University of Defense Technology, which indicated that the Chinese government’s internal information matched the Covid-19 numbers the government publicly posted online, corroborating multiple professional judgments that China’s reported numbers were reliable. Dr. Bruce Aylward—a Canadian medical expert with 30 years of experience combating polio, Ebola, and other global health emergencies—concluded that he “didn’t see anything that suggested manipulation of numbers,” after leading a team of experts visiting China for the World Health Organization (New York Times, 3/4/20). https://fair.org/home/corporate-medias-leaked-chinese-documents-confirm-china-didnt-hide-covid-19/ Democrats Deported MF DOOM, Then Added Him to Inaugural Playlist After His Death On December 31, 2020, New Years Eve, an announcement dropped that hip hop lyricist and artist MF DOOM aka Daniel Dumile had died. He had, however, died months before — on Halloween — although the news had not been made public to his many followers and fans. Despite having grown up in the United States, he died in Britain after being deported from the U.S. in 2010 and denied re-entry. MF DOOM’s death was devastating for the hiphop community. He was a brilliant performer, writer, and MC. Funny, gritty, and, at times, problematic, DOOM was a lyrical maverick. DOOM was beloved from his early days as Zev Love X in the group KMD with his late brother DJ Subroc to his iconic collaboration with the ultimate jazz fanatic and cratedigger Madlib on the Madvillainy album. He was also known by other comic alter egos King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn before he took on the iconic alter ego MF DOOM. DOOM was also a regular on Adult Swim. MF DOOM’s death, shrouded in mystery as his life is still, was heartbreaking for his fans. But of course, the Democratic Party’s imperialist villains have seized on the opportunity for cheap pandering and will use MF DOOM’s music in their inaugural playlist. https://www.leftvoice.org/democrats-deported-mf-doom-then-add-him-to-inaugural-playlist-after-his-death
>>1298950 How reliable is the info on China? Also RIP MF DOOM, demokkkrats should be hanged
(553.78 KB 1102x1102 1609507369050.jpg)
thanks news anon
>>1298936 It's 2021 shoudn't trump have no power?
>>1299326 and then one day for no reason at all people voted hitler into power.

(808.83 KB 1271x539 mtt2.png)
Marxist Think Tank Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 18:33:07 No. 1298802 [Reply]
Hello /leftypol/, I used to be an old time poster on 8chan Recently I've started working with this other group of communists on a youtube channel, I think you will like it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLmWCo0scKeHd1mrZGhYmZg right now we are making videos on the drug war during the 1980s & the contra/sandinista conflict but we will be covering all kinds of topics in the future. We also have a podcast, we've interviewed tons of interesting people so far, including Paul Cockshott. https://soundcloud.com/user-228818351-229480281 Tell me what you guys think and check out our stuff, I am glad that I am finally putting out content of my own since I got my start as a communist here in 2015.
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>>1299270 What are your thoughts on Fanon's works and the "decolonial left/marxists"?
>>1298802 Nice to see other socialist channels popping up.
>>1299317 I haven't personally read anything by him so I don't have an opinion, decolonization isn't a hot topic in the eastern euro left since we never held colonies. I don't know about the rest of the group, so I can't speak in their name. They are westerners, so are more likely to have read on the topic.
>What are your thoughts on Fanon's works and the "decolonial left/marxists"?
>>1298802 Marxism was made for the uk and not for any other country. That's the truth and it's why the book was written.

(5.29 KB 225x225 ancap gigachad.jpg)
What is the leftist stance on taxation? Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 02:58:30 No. 1299312 [Reply]
I have yet to be convinced it is anything but theft.
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>>1299338 (me) sorry, didn't mean "shift jobs" but shift class and become an owner.
(25.20 KB 602x465 9380183913.jpg)
(83.06 KB 886x274 unknown (3).png)
(190.51 KB 879x564 unknown (2).png)
Here's what Engels thought about indirect taxes, moral taxes and the stock market.
>>1299318 >banks to serve the people Yeah, nah.
>>1299400 Never heard of Gosbank? Nationalized banks can do lots of stuff to fund development.

(81.43 KB 808x808 based_neolib.jpeg)
Free healthcare? Sorry kiddo... Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 02:25:37 No. 1299286 [Reply]
Best I can do is a $50 voucher.
>>1299286 Joe please...
>>1299286 >You know what Jack? Them $50 back in my day when I was a little boy and my dad would go to work was a day's pay - a day's pay. With $50 you could go a long way. And let me tell you something: $2,000 back in my day could get you a brand new Impala. Now, I love Impalas, I go crazy for them but I am sorry you cant expect the treasury to get you an Impala, you are not a politician - I mean - you know what you mean.

(28.07 KB 640x584 childlabour.jpg)
Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 08:28:51 No. 1230554 [Reply]
Some lolbert I know is running for city council where I live and he wants to privitize police. Basically, contracting out the current police and allowing people to hire private police with the same powers as normal police. He acts like he's the smartest guy in the world, and is just in general a complete dumbass. He's also a creationist, go figure. Can someone give me a good rundown as to why this is a fucking terrible idea?
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i want to fuck that porcupine
>>1299089 Me too. I want to stab myself with her quills
>>1230554 you should think about starting a small campaign against him, nothing big, just posters or something like "keep our communities safe for all, don't vote (insert lolbert candidate name)" or "this is our city, don't sell it away"
>>1299099 anything which prevents lolberts from doing things is good
It's not, it would be fantastic because it would prove that there is no such thing as white privilege when dealing with police and because leftists could start their own police force to defend unions and shit

(91.71 KB 316x316 Cooperation Jackson.png)
Dual power Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 03:04:35 No. 1298066 [Reply]
Dual power is when the working class builds up its own institutions of power that can rival institutions controlled by capitalists. A common goal is to build up these institutions to the point that they can eventually replace capitalist ones. There are two primary components to dual power: 1. Building counter-institutions that serve as alternatives to the institutions currently governing production, investment, and social life under capitalism 2. Organizing through and confederating these institutions to build up a base of grassroots counter-power which can eventually challenge the existing power of capitalists and the State head-on Some examples of dual power counter-institutions are: -Labor unions, particularly syndicalist unions -Worker cooperatives -Credit unions -Community land trusts -Publicly owned and democratically self-managed socialist enterprises -Community councils and assemblies -Tenant unions -Mutual aid While dual power has existed on a small scale in many places in time periods, an example of it existing on a large scale was the period of time between the February Revolution and the October Revolution in Russia in which workers' councils (soviets) competed with the Russian Provisional Republic for power. The soviets, led by the Bolsheviks, overthrew the Russian Provisional Republic. An example of an organization that is dedicated to building dual power in the present day is Cooperation Jackson in Jackson, Mississippi, United States. So what do you think of dual power?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1298066 Well it's the only chance we have currently and i wish more self proclaimed communists would look at that direction instead of waiting electoral handouts
(12.22 KB 253x199 whenthecringeistoostrong2.jpg)
>>1298235 This one? Dual power is 100% based
(17.31 KB 573x781 kronstadt.gif)
>an example of it existing on a large scale was the period of time between the February Revolution and the October Revolution in Russia This is something a lot of tankier-than-thou pseud MLs who spout off against any kind of incremental reformism as "le ebil succdems" forget: Every authority of their supposed ideology, from Marx & Engels, to Lenin, to Stalin, engaged in exactly this behavior for DECADES before the material conditions necessary for their revolution came into being. >>1298225 Not quite entirely. It was sort of a slow-motion coup, that still theoretically could've been salvaged up until the tail end of the war when the Whites ceased to be a credible enemy, and the knives came out.

falling rate of profit Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 22:07:42 No. 1299049 [Reply]
The rate of profit in the USA has only dropped 5% in the last 130 years. What's the point of activism if things happen this slowly? Okay, you are correct. Capitalism is doomed, but it's doomed on a historical time scale. Say in the next 100 years it drops another 5%. After that, it would still have another 100 years to drop to a single digit rate of profit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tendency_of_the_rate_of_profit_to_fall
>>1299049 The falling rate of profit is contingent on certain other tendencies - right now it's stagnating due to a stable rate of exploitation and capitalist consumption. Check out this blog on the topic. https://nicolasdvillarreal.substack.com/p/simulating-the-rate-of-profit You should take note - what's important isn't even the lowess trend line - its those moments where the rate of profit reached historical lows - the 1880s, the 1930s, the 1970s - these were important crises of capitalism that could have led to something beyond it.
>>1299056 >the 1880s, the 1930s, the 1970s - these were important crises of capitalism that could have led to something beyond it. Among those three, only the 1930s saw significant leftward shifts in a few countries. World wars seem to give better odds.
>>1299096 1880s saw the rise of the populists, the 1970s showed the limits of social democracy - but the left, having been absorbed into the state ideological apparatuses and focused on a critique of fordism rather than capitalism, celebrated the collapse of social democracy rather than fought to preserve its gains by going beyond it and expropriating the capitalists.

(28.52 KB 500x500 images (44).jpeg)
(22.84 KB 300x361 EoFyOydXUAEdqv6.jpeg)
On white "privilege" Anonymous 12/14/2020 (Mon) 03:40:42 No. 1222688 [Reply] [Last]
I believe that the current liberal dogma of taking away the bourgeosie status from "white" people, mostly composed by the first world ruling class, and giving it to the desfranchised "people of color" is a unique opportunity to have a proletariat revolution, here are some reasons why: 1.-The industrialization of the western world has been an absolute catasthrophe for it's citizens and it's culture, white people are by far the biggest victims of capitalist degeneracy (not exploitation), the west is now the epicenter for sexual liberation, cosmopolitan sentiments and other bourgeoisie sentiments. They are not the only ones however, with South Korea and Japan facing the same problems. As the first world becomes more cosmopolitan, a demand for labour increases, but due to the decadent way of life the birth rates plumet, forcing the capitalist to fund wars in the third world and nowadays to systematically enforce poverty conditions on the third world via bourgeosie finance, this is a problem not only because the cultural heritage of the world is to be preserved, but also because it enforces imperialism. 2.- It gives the capitalist class a perfect scapegoat, it has been normalized by the capitalist to victimize and ridiculize everyone who has white skin, despite the fact that a bourgeosie non-white being discriminatory against a white proletariat fits the liberal definition of what racism is. This however have also lead to the development of the post-modern liberal archetype, who is rather a buffon of himself or herself, encouraging all types of egocentric behaviours like miscegegation, homosexuality and so on, which further dilutes the original ethnic essence of the pre-industrial first world and the possibility of achieving class consciousness. 3.-It has given rise to reactionary sentiments from the non-white rest of the world towards whites, and while some of these sentiments are correct, they are mostly aimed towards a stereotype who does not exist, which is stopping a proper internationalist movement against capitalism. Third-worldism and post-colonialist liberal philosophies are the perfect example of that. 4.-By diversifying the ruling class, the proletariat revolution won't have a racial basis, there won't be a possibility of opportunists to use racial supremacist sentiments to arise. The bougeosie won't be able to sabotage left parties on the basis of ethnic priviliges being the culprits of the actual contradictions of capitalism. 5.- Diversifying the proletariat class must also be one of our goals, not only because the proletariat class encourages the development of true cultural expressions, healing the damage done by the previous bourgeosie class, but because it would also ease up the majority of reactionary sentiments of the petty-bouj class, lowering the possibility of fascism to arise, it won't be the normal to see a decadence in the "white" culture, just a decadence in culture. Therefore we understand that diversifying the bourgeosie must be accompanied with the diversification of the global proletariat class. Before you start complaining about idpol, I have theorized this not as a desire towards muh diverse world liberal dream, but as a necessity to respond to the global shift towards global trade and finance which automatically means the development of a global cultural environment.
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>>1225016 so, white privilege has been co-opted by liberals? HAHAHAHA fuck
>I believe that the current liberal dogma of taking away the bourgeosie status from "white" people, mostly composed by the first world ruling class, and giving it to the desfranchised "people of color" is a unique opportunity to have a proletariat revolution, here are some reasons why: HOLY BASED BVLLED
>>1222688 The anti-white rhetoric is what caused me to stop participating in (lefty) political movements and activism. That environment is saturated with whites that have never struggled or endured hard work, people who are just stupid, people who don't have any ideology and do this for a living, and people who just hate me and want authority over me because I'm white. I'm not stupid enough to fight against my own interests and to promote a stigma against me and my own.
Privilege by race exists in that race’s majority area. Obviously in Africa as a Black man you’ll be less likely to get racially harassed than a white man.
>>1298169 True Leftists oppose identity politics and racism. Those “Leftists” were Trotskyist Kulaks.


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