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Lenin and especially Stalin are despised because they succeeded where others failed Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 13:07:56 No. 1298444 [Reply]
That is the entire reason, from beginning to end. The Bolshevik Revolution was supposed to be drowned in blood by the armies of the imperialists, the tsarists, the fascists, the liberals, the militarists, and the anarchists. Then the Soviet state was supposed to be destroyed by the might of German savagery. They are despised because of the strength of first the Bolsheviks and then the united Soviet people; despised because they did not fall on their sword as anarchists are want to, despised because they won and knew what it took to win. They would do anything it took to win; in the face of Western imperialism and the chauvinism of those western “leftists” who puke out anticommunist slander. Because westerners have by and large never experienced the horrors of war, they feel a great contempt and arrogance towards those who led their free peoples in two great liberation struggles. Even those westerners who join their imperialist militaries do not know the horror of war; war for the Western soldier is a vacation with benefits, there is no real combat; and even in times of true combat such as Vietnam or Iraq ‘03; this is still not truly experiencing the horrors of war. The horrors of war are watching your hometown be reduced to rubble; pulling your mother’s mangled remains out of the rubble of your home, learning your friends died in the bombing, seeing the local park burning, craters in the street, starvation, dehydration. No, westerners do not know the horror that war truly is. Which is why those on the Left feel such revulsion at Lenin and Stalin; Westerners believe war is glorious and that it looks like a Star Wars film, hence why they cannot comprehend doing whatever it takes to achieve victory and make the horror end. Simply put, Lenin and Stalin are despised for being men that did what needed to be done whilst the Modern day Left are children prancing about in their own fantasies.
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They have a reputation for being steely killers, willing to go to any lengths to take power. But you have to put things in context. Russia and the whole Eurasian political situation at the time was so violent and unstable that it is difficult for people today to imagine. You had to be brutal and uncompromising or it would be your body in the ditch. While Stalin was not the most ideologically sophisticated or visionary, he lived up to his sobriquet as the "Man of Steel"; it took just such a "strongman" to stand up to the genocidal viciousness of the fascist fanatics. These men's entire lives were defined by violence, the repression of the Tsarist regime, the unrestricted slaughter of WW1, the bloodshed of the revolution and civil war, the catastrophe of WW2. It's hard to say how the revolution would have transpired if only it was the tsardom and capitalist exploitation that had to be overcome.
>>1298906 >hello fellow leftists!!! You're fooling nobody, /pol/
>>1298838 >jerkjerk hnng stalin is so good jerkjerkjerkjerk wtf >NOO YOU CANT MAKE FUN OF ME!! YOU'RE A RADLIB!!!
I think part of it is the environment anarkiddies and other radlibs spawn from. They almost universally grow up in the decadent west, where liberalism and cultural distortion has ground down their people so much that it can only produce leaders that are at best uninspiring and often loathed. Just look at today, the “leader of the free world” had to have military police and barbed wire guard his inauguration because people have him so much. That’s the kind of environment radlibs are used to, and due to cultural chauvinism they assume it applies to everyone else Thus, when a truly great leader like Lenin or Stalin comes along, it completely shatters this illusion. It’s incomprehensible to them that a leader can be as strong, selfless, far sighted, and driven as Stalin was. So of course, rather than admit they’re wrong, the radlib doubles down and assumes that any leader that’s publicly loved by their people must actually be evil. It’s the only way they can reconcile reality with their belief that everyone is as mediocre and miserable as they are. Really it’s kinda sad in a way.

(72.14 KB 640x554 final boss.jpg)
Bordiga Time Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 20:44:56 No. 1298933 [Reply]
What do Marxist-Leninists think of "dialogue with stalin" by Bordiga? Please no memey responses.
(94.60 KB 500x377 am-retarded-15954524.png)

(92.24 KB 991x1017 CHADMUNISM.jpg)
/BEARDtube/Growing thread 2.0 Anonymous 11/06/2020 (Fri) 13:03:15 No. 1095382 [Reply] [Last]
Seeing that the first thread hit bumplock and that a few comrades have taken interest in the channel mentioned here i'm relaunching the /BEARDtube/ thread. Post and discuss here everything about Marxist youtuber (of all tendencies). OC is HUGELY appreciated, and new anon channels will be shout out here and on /IG/. Let's build a good community! The BEARDtube list: -/Leftypol/ videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSm1_XO-zvR0ToSJYMljmPA -Animarchy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVVcFgllT0oMbEj5OtgzrTw -Anticonquista https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl1bDSVi34xE65YzreytVxQ -Austrian_Maoist1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjN4A1eK-TRUpFlRIQo7VfA

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Edited last time by CL_anon on 12/11/2020 (Fri) 19:19:54.
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Sotsgorod: A Brief Introduction to Soviet Urban Planning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWKuCoSg85w&t=171s
Sorry for the shameless plug but i've just started posting videos on my channel (I've decided to create an highlights channel with the best of ML streamers), and i wanted some kind of feedback anons. Thanks a lot for the attention and for the potential feedbacks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC45_iwrWmrGIFo6snsqQ3dw
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jHW0Q0CPpqQ Chris Hedges talks with Professor Cornel West
I checked all of them and most of them have videos from 6 or 10 months ago and the ones that are active are interviewers or history channels
(808.83 KB 1271x539 mtt2.png)
Hello comrades, I am part of a group called Marxist Think Tank and we've recently started a youtube channel and I think you will like it, our content is quite high quality. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLmWCo0scKeHd1mrZGhYmZg right now we are making videos on the drug war during the 1980s & the contra/sandinista conflict but we will be covering all kinds of topics in the future. https://soundcloud.com/user-228818351-229480281 We also have a podcast. Mainly we do interviews on all kinds of topics. We've even had guests such as Paul Cockshott. Our youtube channel is new, so we really need help to grow right now. I think if you check it out you won't be disappointed.

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Anonymous 01/16/2021 (Sat) 09:17:28 No. 1294966 [Reply]
What is "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics"? I watched this video about it and it seems quite odd. Can Socialism exists within a Market Economy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rThM32L94qQ
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Isn't it just private corps have to produce commodites according to a central plan!?
>What is "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics"? National Socialism
It is China's cop out.
simping for party billionaires and pretending your dictator is better than any other.
>>1294966 deng was an idiot that said you can do as much capitalism as you want becase >muh mutirial furces ,fucking idiot fuck him

I'll really miss him bros Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 11:03:42 No. 1292499 [Reply]
I don't want another neolib president :(
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(39.31 KB 1406x470 1608210054605.png)
>>1292499 trump was a lib kys
>>1298242 maybe but pol was ecstatic that a new hitler was born in 2016 like they genuinely thought this nigga was fighting for their "le esoteric hitlerism"
It's nice knowing that I was right and all the hysteric retards on /leftypol/ and here predicting an endless fascist dictatorship were wrong And yes, I'm well aware that you retards that fell for it that are reading this post have switched to the usual ironic detachment "Haha I didn't even, like, care and shit, breh"
>>1298284 That was mostly agent Kochinskiits who were shitting up the board and vote shaming. As for the dictatorship, the US is already a dictatorship of the bourgeois.
>>1292499 Don’t worry, they can get rid of a revolutionary, but they will not get rid of the revolution.

(4.74 KB 299x168 4chan.jfif)
Anonymous 01/17/2021 (Sun) 09:37:06 No. 1295846 [Reply] [Last]
Has 4chan just been taken down?
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>>1295864 I’m from /pol/ but I’m only here because I was banned for posting something that “violated US federal, state or local law.” Which seems retarded because I did that all the time.
>>1298837 Anyway why do you guys hate Brezhnev so much?
(522.98 KB 640x412 Bruderkuss-GIF.gif)
>>1295881 LMAO were gonna set up /ptg/ here.

(16.33 KB 400x400 images (100).jpeg)
Newfag here Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 17:56:57 No. 1291406 [Reply] [Last]
What exactly is a nazbol and why are they not allowed here?
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>>1296112 t. Someone who hasn't read Niekisch
(122.64 KB 715x641 anti-bankeristic.jpg)
>>1297242 It is. As well as banker.
>>1297250 what a uighurish argument
>>1291433 >>1291606 t. liberal
>>1291409 wtf i love nazbol now

(99.60 KB 1600x1066 M75OORFZTVCOVAVJMVJDW54P3Y.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 08:26:15 No. 1298244 [Reply]
Biden will be the greatest American president since George Washington. He's presiding over an pandemic that has killed 400 000 Americans and is ramping up the pace, he's presiding over an divided nation where violence has replaced discourse. Dare I remind you what Chapo and every breadtuber said? They said that the Democratic party doesn't want to win. They said that the Democratic party doesn't want the oval office or senate. Now they say Biden doesn't and won't fix things. They have been 100% wrong during the last 4 years and they'll be wrong now. I know many of you hate Biden, some even for a good reason. However it's undeniable fact that his name will live longer and shine brighter than that of FDRs. Hell, maybe he'll be enshrined on Mount Rushmore. And that won't be for the pandemic but for his fight against climate change Cope, seeth, call me a lib, whatever. You can't say I'm wrong no matter how bitter it feels.
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Biden will be known for the great uncoupling. Blinken has already said Trump was right on China and Kerry has been working out how to do it for the past two months. His cabinent picks all come from states that have been harmed by Chinese capital and Wall Street-led divestment. (article mentioned on Nakedcapitalism, if you weren't aware of them already) paywall for Americans https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/Biden-s-top-diplomat-pick-says-Trump-right-to-be-tough-on-China Despite everything that has happened, we are ultimately going to benefit from this. What Biden aims to do is destroy modern capitalism (not capitalism as a whole) in an attempt to save American capitalism. He'll fail as capitalism as a whole will fail, especially as the post-covid numbers reveal how fake the markets really are. From the ashes of this the surviving capitalist markets will cut themselves off from each other (initially to compartmentalize damage, then to protect their own equity from foreign taxes) which is when they will be their weakest and most susceptible to regulation, control, socialism and then finally communism. /pol/ is already mad at Big Tech for fucking them and banning them. That energy will be directed into ripping apart Google's ad business, which fueled all the idpol disinformation over the past decade. As that occurs class conciousness will be attained and people will vote for social policies.. socialism. Either that or capitalists start WW3 and 80% of the planet dies, and then votes for socialism. It'll take decades but we are at the divergence point today. We'll have to do it without Sanders and without Corbyn, we are the future.
Guys what if Trump is right and Biden actually stole the election with rigged voting machines but everyonr thinks Trump is lying because the boy who cried wolf
>>1298785 Then Trump is an even bigger failure than I think he is, having failed so hard he memed his failure into reality. It'd also demonstrate how utterly incompetent his attorneys are and strongly imply that Rudy Guilani has gone completely senile.
>>1298244 >>1298784 wouldn't hold my breath for this to happen if I were you
It begins

(42.18 KB 1440x864 flag (2).png)
what is left rothbardianism 01/15/2021 (Fri) 21:18:37 No. 1294297 [Reply]
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>>1295356 Isn’t that just a mutualist?
>>1294297 china
>>1294297 Someone who's adjacent to the C4SS
>>1294297 when you bileave in /pol/ conspiracy theories of pedo-billionare marxists but think thats a good thing >>1295356 >>1295634 Pretty sure FARC uses bitcoin to buy guns
>>1294297 a radlib

(1.60 MB 2560x2560 Q.jpg)
HAPPENING WARNING Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 10:51:45 No. 1298335 [Reply]
>today is THE DAY You can't even imagine what is about to HAPPEN.
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(44.27 KB 720x533 qanon when prophecy fails.jpg)
hey whaddya know, absolute fuck all happened. Qschizos fail again
(47.21 KB 906x468 1611164217420.jpg)
(746.46 KB 1345x2251 1611164644060.png)
(268.80 KB 1079x562 1611164762378.jpg)
(154.52 KB 888x464 1611164474223.png)
(7.99 KB 634x74 1611165386643.png)


no cookies?