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File: 1623045036564.jpg (95 KB, 551x960, yin7I0W.jpg)


>Live in le south
>Subsummed in conservative culture
>Go online and see that the conservatives are actually the edgy ones
>IRL conservatives seem to mostly just seem to be hypocrites who bitch and then consoom the shit that they whine about
>Try to talk about the economy with them
>Barely come up with anything interesting to say
I don't know why 4channers are so inlove with conservatives. They are pretty boring people once you get to know them.
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Are you saying this echo chamber caricatures their opponents and their goals?


because they're based and redpilled and the opposite of what sjws like


>the year 2045
>geriatric 4boomers will still be whining about sjws as ecological collapse happens around them
What a useless bunch.


that's how it goes sometimes


File: 1623881604584.jpg (299.72 KB, 1508x1493, 1623881563611.jpg)


File: 1623725646924.jpeg (6.8 KB, 247x204, download (17).jpeg)



Even if it was a shit time to be alive Its so much better than now with the amount of communist id/pol/ faggotry, blatant corruption, fearmongering with covid and climate change and more. At the very least It was a time where I could hug my friends and not feel weird for it and blacks actually wore their pants and talked fucking normally
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Those pieces of information are good to show people since if it comes from RFE they are more likely to believe.


File: 1623727943192.jpg (111.28 KB, 800x564, tower of sun at night.jpg)

I'm too much of weeb to not want to take a short stop by the 1970 Tokyo World's Fair since they had cool shit like a live Godzilla show where footage of it has been lost.


File: 1623747236615.jpg (29.64 KB, 474x474, OIP.hE4wQ885__QqhJw1dFT69Q….jpg)

Have you read/seen 20th Century Boys?


They are releasing this information targeted at those who are already anti-communist with the intention of using it as anti-Russian propaganda


honestly 9/11 and then obama ruined everything

File: 1622175994339.png (9.13 KB, 195x369, Lobco_39.png)


How does right-wing politics entertain people? I feel like at some point I just don't really see any future in it and it just seems like a reaction to things they find disgusting but like right-wingers are just kind of dull to me, how do they not get bored?
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Not all. Majority of them who engage in this stupid worthless hobby of playing one soulless copypasted corporate game after another are right wingers.


They have too many idealistic spooks and never look at the root cause of problems materialistically.


If you read "The German Ideology", I am impressed you could enjoy an entire book consisting almost solely of snark and sarcasm


>Rage bait and obscene enjoyment. The sort where you enjoy women being raped, children drowning and unarmed people being gunned down because that is what "power" is to these people - the freedom to be cruel

We're not the ones who need to dehumanize our oppostion to muster sadistic violence, and you have not suffered any kind of political violence



File: 1622865427168.webm (4.18 MB, 1280x720, Do-Nothing Movement.webm)

 No.296955[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Chinese youth are rediscovering communism. The new do-nothing movement recognizes the oppression of work. Communism is free time and nothing else!(STOP POSTING FALUN GONG PROPAGANDA RETARDS)
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With a cult, it's probably not just coincidence.


I only found that out because he did a collab with uncle Roger and fagged out when uncle Roger merely stated that there is not enough conclusive evidence concerning Xinjiang and doesn't want to alienate his Chinese viewers.


Yeah the CCP won't stand for that. Expect a Uyghur camp type situation for youthful malingerers in mere moments.


yeah I gotta agree


This is probably a irrelevant propaganda, but check out this quote from Marx:

>By counting the most meagre form of life (existence) as the standard, indeed, as the general standard – general because it is applicable to the mass of men. [The capitalist] turns the worker into an insensible being lacking all needs, just as [the capitalist] changes his activity into a pure abstraction from all activity. To [the capitalist], therefore, every luxury of the worker seems to be reprehensible, and everything that goes beyond the most abstract need – be it in the realm of passive enjoyment, or a manifestation of activity – seems to him a luxury.

>Political economy, this science of wealth, is therefore simultaneously the science of renunciation, of want, of saving and it actually reaches the point where it spares man the need of either fresh air or physical exercise. This science of marvellous industry is simultaneously the science of asceticism, and its true ideal is the ascetic but extortionate miser and the ascetic but productive slave.

>Its moral ideal is the worker who takes part of his wages to the savings-bank, and it has even found ready-made a servile art which embodies this pet idea: it has been presented, bathed in sentimentality, on the stage. Thus political economy – despite its worldly and voluptuous appearance – is a true moral science, the most moral of all the sciences. Self-renunciation, the renunciation of life and of all human needs, is its principal thesis.

>The less you eat, drink and buy books; the less you go to the theatre, the dance hall, the public house; the less you think, love, theorise, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save – the greater becomes your treasure which neither moths nor rust will devour – your capital. The less you are, the less you express your own life, the more you have, i.e., the greater is your alienated life, the greater is the store of your estranged being.

>Everything which the political economist takes from you in life and in humanity, he replaces for you in money and in wealth; and all the things which you cannot do, your money can do.

>It can eat and, drink, go to the dance hall and the theatre; it can travel, it can appropriate art, lear
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File: 1623000938393.jpg (204.3 KB, 2047x1365, E3MYwhlXEAglZz9.jpeg.jpg)


El Salvador President Nayib Bukele plans to introduce legislation that will make it the world’s first sovereign nation to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Bukele broadcast his intentions on a video at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami. Bukele said the country is partnering with digital wallet company, Strike, to build modern financial infrastructure using bitcoin technology.

>MIAMI – El Salvador is looking to introduce legislation that will make it the world’s first sovereign nation to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, alongside the U.S. dollar.

>In a video broadcast to Bitcoin 2021, a multiday conference in Miami being billed as the biggest bitcoin event in history, President Nayib Bukele announced El Salvador’s partnership with digital wallet company, Strike, to build the country’s modern financial infrastructure using bitcoin technology.

>“Next week I will send to congress a bill that will make bitcoin a legal tender,” said Bukele.

>Jack Mallers, founder of the Lightning Network payments platform Strike, said this will go down as the “shot heard ’round the world for bitcoin.”

>“What’s transformative here is that bitcoin is both the greatest reserve asset ever created and a superior monetary network. Holding bitcoin provides a way to protect developing economies from potential shocks of fiat currency inflation,” continued Mallers.
>Speaking from the mainstage, Mallers said the move will help unleash the power and potential of bitcoin for everyday use cases on an open network that benefits individuals, businesses, and public sector services.

>El Salvador is a largely cash economy, where roughly 70% of people do not have bank accounts or credit cards. Remittances, or the money sent home by migrants, account for more than 20% of El Salvador’s gross domestic product. Incumbent services can charge 10% or more in fees for those international transfers, which can sometimes take days to arrive and that sometimes require a physical pick-up.

>Bitcoin isn’t backed by an asset, nor does it have the full faith and backing of any one government. Its value is derived, in part, from the fact that it is digitally scarce; there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin in
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Just hope it'll crash and burn and crypto cultist will shut up for like a week until they forget it ever happened.


>accept Bitcoin and USD as taxes
>immediately sell some of both for a basket of currencies including the British pound as well as other assets like the crypto that's backed by Gold

That is how I'd do it if I were them. You guys know how easy it is to sell Bitcoin, right?


>trump crashes the price of bitcoin




It's going to completely fuck up the country

File: 1622726466431-0.jpg (129.07 KB, 800x817, 800px-TaroYamamoto-Shimbas….jpg)

File: 1622726466431-1.png (53.08 KB, 339x200, Reiwa_Shinsengumi_logo.png)


<This is the thread for general Japanese politics

Can some japanon explain me is the dude at picrel /ourguy/ ? how much popular is him ? Also what Japanese people think about hım ? I heard that he increased his popularity during virus-crısıs
Is it true that most of Japanese thinks capitalism as failed-system ? What is so called "collective-capitalism" ? And why do you have an big anime-ındustry
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>Also, the walls are so fucking thin you can hear people shitting, farting, snoring and eating from below, above, left and right.
>the level of hidden camera porn in South Korea will lead to AV actors becoming unemployed.


Japan is a former imperialist colony turned neoliberal science experiment. And former is a stretch considering their willingness to get on their hands and knees to capitulate to western capital over their own interests. Its the political equivalent of a dead bedroom, it's no surprise that this uninspired right wing government's biggest export is "culture." The only difference between Japan and other imperial projects like South Africa and Israel is that Japan already got colonialism out of its system by the time the west cucked it for good.


>Japanese homes and apartments (the ones i lived in) dont have boilers or heaters
lack of heaters is normal in Japan, lack of boilers not. What kind of dump did you live in? That's bad even for the standards of apartments rented to foreigners lol
>Also, the walls are so fucking thin you can hear people shitting, farting, snoring and eating from below, above, left and right.
They also lack double-windows (except in the north) so you can hear all kinds of noises from the street. And your electricity bill is gonna skyrocket in winter.
>Also, a friend who lived in both the worst Korea and Japan was shocked how the Japanese still use fax, stamps, and floppy disks.
By stamps you mean hanko for signing papers? I don't think they're bad, but it seems they want to phase them out.


First good post I've read in weeks. Thanks for the summary anon.



File: 1623066585582.jpg (95.54 KB, 457x640, 313e9201c1d65497c1fe54ac55….jpg)


So in 'lower phase' socialism private property will be collectivized, and production will be coordinated via central planning. But workers will still be 'paid' in some unit of account (labor tokens, etc.), will still be 'purchasing' goods and services to survive, will still have bosses and managers, the armed state will still be there, and political party elites will still have control over people's lives.

Why would any sane workers support socialism, then? It just sounds like capitalist society today, but more complicated and with different people in charge.
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It sounds better than capitalist society because this society and it's economy has an actual clear goal to achieve i.e communism

Capitalism of current time is a disorganised mess which serves the interest of randos


You would think that, but you would be wrong






depraved rightoid

File: 1623093231533.png (1.02 MB, 1500x1000, do_be_shy.png)


Quick ballot counting in Peru holds the tie, certain advantage on Cas
Ipsos company counting consisting of a sample of electoral records, showed 50.2 percent for Castillo and 49.8 for Fujimore with a margin of error of 1 percent, so, no defined winner so far, according to company´s director Alfredo Torres. A previous counting at polls, among electors just coming out, Ipsos pointed at Fujimore with 50.3 percent and 49.7 for the other.

MORENA Party Leads Legislative Elections in Mexico
The party led by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is expected to obtain between 190 and 203 seats in the Lower Chamber. The National Electoral Institute (INE) Counselor Lorenzo Cordova revealed that the preliminary voting range of MORENA goes from 34.9 to 35.8 percent, which would ensure between 190 and 203 legislators.

Last surviving Auschwitz liberator dies at 98
“Dushman was right on the front lines when the National Socialists’ machinery of murder was destroyed.” As a young Red Army soldier, Mr Dushman flattened the forbidding electric fence around the notorious Nazi death camp with his T-34 tank on January 27 1945.

Putin signs law taking Russia out of Open Skies arms control treaty
Russia had hoped that Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden could discuss the treaty when they meet later this month at a summit in Geneva. But the Biden administration informed Moscow in May that it would not re-enter the pact after the Trump administration quit it last year.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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White House Embraces Job Growth but Distances Itself From Expanded Benefits
“It’s going to expire in 90 days,” Mr. Biden said, speaking in Rehoboth Beach, Del. “That makes sense.” At least 25 states have already moved to end the extra $300 beginning this month, a decision that Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said on Friday was completely within their purview. While the administration views the benefit as an “extra helping hand” for workers, some governors disagree and “that’s OK,” she said.

'Negotiate With Us, Not the GOP': Sunrise Activists Rally at White House to Protest Biden's Climate Compromise
As President Joe Biden looks to cut an infrastructure deal with Senate Republicans by dramatically curtailing the size and scope of his American Jobs Plan, activists with the youth-led Sunrise Movement gathered outside the White House Friday morning to make clear that compromising on climate action to appease the GOP is unacceptable.

Supreme Court to rule on FBI's move to block Muslim civil rights suit
The Supreme Court agreed Monday to take up the federal government's claim that allowing a civil rights lawsuit filed by Muslims in California to proceed would reveal secrets that could damage national security. The case involves the FBI's use of an informant who posed as a convert to Islam after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and attended mosques for more than a year in Orange County. According to the lawsuit, he struck up conversations and attended meetings and lectures, sometimes secretly recording them.
https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/supreme-couPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Guy Debord: Society of the Spectacle
1. In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation. 2. The images detached from every aspect of life fuse in a common stream in which the unity of this life can no longer be reestablished. Reality considered partially unfolds, in its own general unity, as a pseudo-world apart, an object of mere contemplation. The specialization of images of the world is completed in the world of the autonomous image, where the liar has lied to himself. The spectacle in general, as the concrete inversion of life, is the autonomous movement of the non-living. 3. The spectacle presents itself simultaneously as all of society, as part of society, and as instrument of unification. As a part of society it is specifically the sector which concentrates all gazing and all consciousness. Due to the very fact that this sector is separate, it is the common ground of the deceived gaze and of false consciousness, and the unification it achieves is nothing but an official language of generalized separation. 4. The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images. 5. The spectacle cannot be understood as an abuse of the world of vision, as a product of the techniques of mass dissemination of images. It is, rather, a Weltanschauung which has become actual, materially translated. It is a world vision which has become objectified.
Audio version: https://youtu.be/YI_HwXaOtsg

Capitalism Has a Compulsive Hoarding Problem
As many as 19 million Americans have a hoarding disorder. For some people it presents as a tendency toward extreme clutter, but for others the compulsive accumulation of and inability to discard objects is a debilitating and even life-threatening condition. For decades, hoarding was rarely studied and little understood. When it was discussed at all, it went by the name Collyer’s syndrome, after two brothers who died in 1947 in a Harlem house filled with over a hundred tons of junk — one of starvation, the other crushed by faPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks News Anon


File: 1623116985293.jpeg (110.79 KB, 800x800, R43788498abbb4647f8702065….jpeg)

Thanks news anon


now THIS is based and redpilled

File: 1622915218501.jpg (32.47 KB, 311x460, fujiratassss.jpg)


Peru’s military say Shining Path insurgents killed 16 civilians. Others are not so sure.
Not only did it make this claim before any full investigation into the murders, but the military has also conflated this group with the historic Shining Path, sowing confusion and generating fear among the general public. The head of Peru’s police, in contrast, urged caution in assigning responsibility for the massacre until an investigation could be carried out. Reports on the ground suggest that the massacre wasn’t the work of Quispe Palomino’s group but instead was a reprisal of some kind that was linked to drug trafficking. Why, then, did the military equate the historic Shining Path with the splinter group operating out of VRAEM, and why was it so quick to do so?

Mission in peril: ‘Red-tagging’ the religious sector in the Philippines
Giving aid to the poor is authentic witnessing to the Christian faith but church workers who dare to ask why many people are mired in poverty face the danger of being called a communist. According to the rights group Karapatan, at least seven church workers have been killed because of their involvement in human rights work, social justice, and environmental protection since President Rodrigo Duterte came to power in mid-2016.

PFLP Hold Large Post War Rally In Gaza City
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Palestine’s largest socialist movement, held a large rally in Gaza City on Wednesday, June 2. The rally was held under the banner of celebrating the victory of the Resistance in the latest Israeli war on the besieged Strip, which started on May 10 and lasted for 11 days.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Peter Kropotkin: Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, Introduction
"On the other hand, wherever I saw animal life in abundance, as, for instance, on the lakes where scores of species and millions of individuals came together to rear their progeny; in the colonies of rodents; in the migrations of birds which took place at that time on a truly American scale along the Usuri; and especially in a migration of fallow-deer which I witnessed on the Amur, and during which scores of thousands of these intelligent animals came together from an immense territory, flying before the coming deep snow, in order to cross the Amur where it is narrowest – in all these scenes of animal life which passed before my eyes, I saw Mutual Aid and Mutual Support carried on to an extent which made me suspect in it a feature of the greatest importance for the maintenance of life, the preservation of each species, and its further evolution. "

Somehow, There Are Still No Safety Standards
As the Biden administration has joined Republicans in supporting tougher work-search requirements for those receiving unemployment benefits, the president and his aides have insisted that workers will still be allowed to reject jobs at workplaces that are not adequately protecting them from COVID-19. But with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) failing to provide enforceable national workplace safety standards and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relaxing its mask guidelines for people who are vaccinated, workers have largely been left largely at the mercy of state and local governments — as well as their employers. “Because OSHA did not issue an emergency temporary standard, there are no real federal requirements here,” says Debbie Berkowitz, the Worker Safety and Health Program director at the National Employment Law Project (NELP). “Now, with everything reopening, everything is very muddled here on what exactly rights workers do have and what kind of mitigation measures employers need to put into place.”
https://www.dailyposter.com/somehow-therPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1622938358602.gif (729.18 KB, 500x281, R4298abfe0592406a5c2f5f69d….gif)

Thanks news anon


>Why, then, did the military equate the historic Shining Path with the splinter group operating out of VRAEM, and why was it so quick to do so
force of habit to blame their killings on guerilla


I long honored tradition of the Jeudao-christian faith.



yeah I gotta disagree with the racism in here

File: 1622999426230.jpg (38.3 KB, 800x450, deepfakes.jpg)


In the future, possibly in a few decades from now, as technology progresses it will be possible to steal other people's voices, faces and bodies, and make realistic fake photographs, tapes or AI-generated "deep fakes." For example the average shmoe could scan a photo your mom and/or take the audio of your mom talking in a Facebook video and use a fake porn generator software to place her in a realistic fake video having sex with a horse, or how about political adversaries being framed with fake audio saying they want to bomb the president's car or admitted to sex trafficking underage prostitutes. While it's not a reality now since even Hollywood still can't make realistic-looking CGI, to pretend this won't eventually become a reality where anyone can record anyone's likeness with their smartphone (or contact lenses' camera) and generate 3d models or whatever of them and make fake videos / audio recordings of them is naive.

As it stands now with current laws, anyone making such material will get off scot-free. I think the ideals of "freedom of expression" used as an argument in favor of keeping pornography legal will no longer be congruent with reality when things get out of hand. If you make pornography strictly illegal (like in North Korea) then that could be enough of a deterrence to prevent the creation and propagation of any pornography. So regardless whether it's a capitalist or socialist system, I think pornography may become outlawed in the distant future because things would otherwise become too chaotic. Maybe they'll make an exception for hentai, who knows. What do you think?
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>sex workers deserve to be defended, but nobody should be forced to engage in sex work for their survival.
I'm certainly not suggesting that sex workers should be vilified, I consider them victims.


Coomers are tiresome and creepy and bad at sex. If we can get rid of them by banning porn I'm all for it.


>Should porn be illegal?
I enjoy it


Porn should continue to exist because I am sexless and need an outlet
Fuck any cringe take requiring unnecessary sacrifices on my part, fuck any cringe take that’s woke since I’m not fucking woke, fuck any cringe take that in any way opposes my interests
You are right for the wrong reasons


Porn is a spook. Seriously it's so ill defined on what it even is anything can be porn. You can't outlaw something so vague as a rendering of anything evoking sexual feelings.

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