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(580.73 KB 822x622 1606555521001.png)
Need help understanding the rightwing of today? Anonymous 04/11/2021 (Sun) 00:12:47 No. 1333302 [Reply]
Here you go
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>>1333309 actually I first saw this image posted late last year and it seems to sum these losers pretty damn well. I still see many kek flags and even brofags on /pol/ to this day and there is barely any resistance to it if at all.
>>1333309 >not marrying until marriage
Read Settlers
(697.41 KB 600x700 you is funny gulag bait.png)
>>1333345 -∞/10 try again
>>1333309 Sunny is that you?

What can I do to help 03/24/2021 (Wed) 05:00:21 No. 1330439 [Reply]
How can I do my part to support leftist causes? I come from a conservative leaning family and they're all in on the whole trump train shit. It makes me sick to be honest. I feel like I can't even go to any BLM protests or anything because my parents would disapprove. What can I do to try and make a difference and fight against right-wing fascism??? I can't stand living in a country where republicans obstruct and block every progressive piece of legislation, It makes me fucking sick. But no matter how much I think about it, I can't figure out what I, on an individual level, can do to actually make a difference. Any ideas? Pic unrelated.
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>>1330439 >I come from a conservative leaning family and they're all in on the whole trump train shit "i want to be revolutionary but my mom won't let me"
You sound really silly, OP. I first thought it was a parody, but Americans kinda are like a parody anyway, so maybe you are real? (Are Americans real though?) >republicans obstruct and block every progressive piece of legislation I have no idea what you mean by that. The Dems don't do anything even when they have big majorities and there's basically 99 % consensus about foreign policy.
>>1330442 kys ultra
>>1332937 lol cry about it
Hello comrade. I am a similar condition as you. The most logical response to right wing fascism is right wing Marxism. Read Nick Land, invest in the destruction of mankind. Also: use your parents money (we all know they let us use their accounts) to give bigger tips, donate a little bit (they won't check the statement) but most importantly give bigger tips. I'm not even a leftist, I'm an anti-human Trump supporter.

(54.68 KB 669x669 1618120402250[1].jpg)
Anonymous 04/11/2021 (Sun) 05:57:04 No. 1333349 [Reply]
There is no such thing as the "center," because it's an impossibility. Either you're a global statesman or a base-born savage, there is no "in-between."

(757.09 KB 2048x1606 1571266953098.jpg)
Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 22:48:50 No. 1329158 [Reply]
You are armed right leftypol?
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(692.42 KB 640x487 n1d2xn4n5pv51.png)
>>1329158 neither picrel are mine but there are plenty of armed lefties also SRA has 8k card carrying members even if it is a honeypot
>>1329335 marxism is for schizos amirite (i am very cool and girls want to have sex with me)
should i wear an armored vest to a protest or is it overkill?
>>1329158 i am a britcuck so unfortunately not. :(
>>1329158 god you guys are fucked. can't wait for help with the free heli rides.

(2.23 MB 290x203 1496932833815.gif)
Anonymous 04/11/2021 (Sun) 00:20:20 No. 1333305 [Reply]
im tired of pretending i support west. i support whatever is fighting the west. right now i support communism but i would also support other ideologies that actively fights against the west and whatever ideologies comes out of there. call me pol all you want but i hate the entirety of west with every fiber of my body. i dont hate the people, most of you are alright, i just hate system and ideas that they perpetuate from high horses. i hate to be this vague but you'd know what i meant if you had lived in anywhere but west, i get exactly why most of governments and leaders over the world hate the shit out of them.
>critical support of (even potential) rival powerbloc with the aim of future multipolarity <example: modern support on the left for pootin's russia Reasonable >"critical" dickslurping of revisionist or outright reactionary regimes with no higher ambition than a creating neo-burgerstan sooperpooer to displace 'murka <examples: dengoidz, iran-stanz, tankies in general Cringe

(1.74 KB 318x159 images.png)
(24.71 KB 218x320 Raul-castro-2015_(cropped).jpg)
(4.91 KB 300x168 download (7).jpg)
Cuba is going to GORBACHEV next week Anonymous 04/08/2021 (Thu) 00:02:19 No. 1332818 [Reply]
>>Raul Castro said Thursday that he expected his successor Miguel Diaz-Canel to serve two five-year terms as Cuban president, and eventually take his place as head of the Communist Party when he retires from the position in 2021. >The Eighth Congress is scheduled to take place 16 to 19 April 2021. >>In his speech to the nation, the new president pledged to preserve the island's communist system while gradually reforming the economy and making the government more responsive to the people. >He said Cuba was, as always, prepared to negotiate with the United States but unwilling to cede to any of Washington's demands for internal change. >He emphasized that reforms would follow a 12-year-plan laid out by the National Assembly and Communist Party that would allow moderate growth of private enterprise while maintaining the important sectors of the economy in the hands of the state.
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Socialism isn't happening in this timeline. Take the doompill.
Take the hope pill, Cuba will make it, they have experimented with markets before, they have always reversed course when the private sector tried to get power.
>>1333216 >Truth is that the Cuban revolution wasn't really a proletarian revolution to begin with. Proofs? >And without the USSR to help them, or without revolution spreading in the Americas, it was always going to happen. Where's the USSR now?
I can see why some people are dooming in this thread, but Cuba going in a direction like Vietnam wouldn't be such a bad thing and would still make them better than the neighborhood of neoliberal hellholes in Latin America.
>>1333304 >china >vietnam Better yet! >better than the neighborhood of neoliberal hellholes in Latin America Clearly they're just doon it rong. Gotta get those prodonktive farces pumpin'!

(172.38 KB 615x614 soviet wages.png)
Soviet wages and purchasing power Anonymous 04/10/2021 (Sat) 13:32:56 No. 1333254 [Reply]
Does anyone have more data on this stuff? It's hard to find non-biased bullshit. I've heard some things about how the earnings of a Soviet worker were higher than some western countries because they paid less in taxes, rent, utilities etc. and many basic goods were subsidized.
(1.37 KB 188x69 Capture.PNG)
>>1333254 Do you have the book this is from? you should look up the bibliography at the end of the book. (the blue numbers like 58 and 59 point to sources)
>>1333255 very useful, thanks retard >>1333262 I got no source, sorry

(36.10 KB 892x286 dzxggrqf81s61.png)
Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 04:08:53 No. 1333110 [Reply]
It's over
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unions need to be more appealing to workers
>>1333200 This. Burgers can't be saved.
>>1333230 This, Bezobots cope and seethe.
>>1333282 >Give up, you can't organize Americans. Hi, Jeff.
(36.31 KB 651x1222 arm the socdems.png)
>>1333230 How long until we start seeing ϲорeѕeetһe from porkies similar to what happened when Bolivians beat the coup, but on American soil?

(69.80 KB 770x862 Screenshot_2021_0331_134815.jpg)
Am I welcomed here if I am Auth left? TankieLolicon 04/10/2021 (Sat) 18:55:46 No. 1333274 [Reply]
I have taken political compass tests many times, because I wanted to see on a grander scheme of things, what Ideology do I really follow, and almost always I have either got Auth-Left or NeoLiberal (This I don't understand why). Though I wish to say that, I believe in Socialism but don't believe that it can be achieved via democracy. Democracy is too hollow and fragile, and gives room for vote bank politics, which becomes the first priority of politicians. So, the best form of Socialist state imo is Socialist Dictatorship. Do you guys agree with me or should I leave?
>>1333274 >i have compass brain Socialism has to be a dictatorial state power on the side it faces the bourgeoisie or it won't exist, but it has to be a very democratic and principled defender of liberties on the side if faces the proletariat or it won't thrive. Capitalists that try to subjugate and dominate the world become the enemy of the world. They signed up for tank in your face, but the rest of us didn't and very different rules apply to us.
>>1333274 take the 8values test, the political compass is horrible.
(43.75 KB 720x573 1416284646016-1.jpg)
you think slightly north of center is authoritarian lmao Marxist Leninists make up half the board
On the subject of redfasher-than-thou MLARPers that infest modern "Marxist" circles and deny even the shallow sloganeering-level pro-democracy rhetoric of every AE"S" regime's pretensions, is the reputation of borbiga as "anti-democratic" really accurate? Right in the lede of linkrel: https://www.marxists.org/archive/bordiga/works/1922/democratic-principle.htm he outright concedes: >In its statements of principle, Marxist communism presents itself as a critique and a negation of democracy; yet communists often defend the democratic character of proletarian organizations (the state system of workers' councils, trade unions and the party) and the application of democracy within them. There is certainly no contradiction in this, and no objection can be made to the use of the dilemma, "either bourgeois democracy or proletarian democracy" as a perfect equivalent to the formula "bourgeois democracy or proletarian dictatorship". >[...] >In order to avoid creating ambiguities, and dignifying the concept of democracy, so entrenched in the prevailing ideology which we strive relentlessly to demolish, it would be desirable to use a different term in each of the two cases. and then goes on to praise various organs such as syndicates, soviets, shopfloor councils, etc. at length. Basically, so far as I can discern, all but admitting that he's being contrarian over symantics purely for the sake of contrarianism itself. >>1333280 >Socialism >state OK toonker

(185.57 KB 192x591 sii.PNG)
Leftist antisemitism Anonymous 04/10/2021 (Sat) 12:33:48 No. 1333248 [Reply]
Are there anti-semetic leftists on here? I am not from here and wondered, whether the aspect of the influence of the jews is a matter of dissent or if you here all agree on something. Pic unrelated
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>>1333264 no you're a liar (and a janny) in the other board it doesn't get deleted
>>1333265 What other board?
>>1333265 You're a liar, and a salty exiled janny.
>>1333271 Lmao as if you aren't a mod on .org too >>1333265 Funnily enough, the moment this was posted, the thread on .org got locked and moved to /b
>>1333277 >Lmao as if you aren't a mod on .org too I'm not though.


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