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Today Che was born, he would be 93 if he hadn't been killed in Bolivia. Let's take this thread to remember this legendary revolutionary, someone who embodied the values of communism in human form, with outstanding participation in the revolutionary movement in Cuba and around the world, truly an ubermensch of socialism. Also check out this song, it's a cumbia villera cover of Hasta Siempre Comandante https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ofG7aHN2PY
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just wait, they'll be right here with you, putting on a lenin hat or leftcom flag



but why?


Fun fact, Fidel Castro himself went undercover in one of those camps and it immediately changed his mind about that policy


can't believe he could still be alive today, wonder what he'd think about everything that's going on


I don't think I've met a 93 year old that could think much of anything even if they tried

File: 1623718090023.jpg (30.91 KB, 400x400, jddmlep4_400x400.jpg)


I remember reading somewhere about how the German bourgeoisie disobeyed several nazi orders during the war, and got away with it (because money), and also that many wealthy Jews were freed after paying a fine but not poor ones, can someone link this information


You can watch the Sound of Music. They're not German, neither Jewish, but they're Austrian.


oh cmon man I'm not joking

File: 1623650514397.jpg (39.75 KB, 500x375, timewar2.jpg)


What is the Marxist opinion on Time?

Certainly the oppressiveness of time cannot be understated. What does the worker do when he starts work? He must "clock in" and he must "clock out". Do you really think this is a coincidence? Accurate timekeeping is vital to the function of Capitalism. Without the clock, you cannot have markets, you cannot have "8 hour work weeks". Before the clock man simply laboured by the time set by the sun and moon.

Now society is beholden to a different time, a crystallized perfect time. You can't be late, or even early. Laziness is a "waste of time". The keeping of time restricts human behavior to the productive impulse. The more accurate timekeeping becomes, the more oppressive society becomes. Time is not measured in hours, but now minutes. When you "clock in", the time is recorded to the second, at least. Only the benevolence of your boss allows you to be even five minutes late.

Now timekeeping becomes even more precise, our lives become even faster, 24 hour lives. "‘With the rise of machine time, calendar time collapses." Do you remember how long ago the election was? Ginsburg? Jan 6? Seems like years? Because time has sped up, because the clocks have sped up. You are now living to the metronome of a processor, gigahertz time.

Markets function on time so fast that humans can never keep up. No one can "beat the market" because the market runs on machine time, milliseconds, picoseconds of time between trades. This is Capitalism reifying itself, ensuring it can never be defeated. It simply becomes beyond the human capacity to keep up with. Capitalism itself is a temporal beast. Nostalgia is the function of Capitalism colonizing the past, while futures markets are Capitalism colonizing the future. Really think about a futures market. Events in the future are being controlled by market intelligence. Prices of things *now* are being controlled by prices of things in the *future*. Futures markets affect the present. The future invades the past, yes?

How will Marxists deal with the oppressive nature of the clock?
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>Zeno of Elea believed reality was an uncreated and indestructible immobile whole.[4] He formulated four paradoxes to present mobility as an impossibility. We can never, he said, move past a single point because each point is infinitely divisible, and it is impossible to cross an infinite space.[5] But to Bergson, the problem only arises when mobility and time, that is, duration, are mistaken for the spatial line that underlies them. Time and mobility are mistakenly treated as things, not progressions. They are treated retrospectively as a thing's spatial trajectory, which can be divided ad infinitum, whereas they are, in fact, an indivisible whole.[6]

>Bergson's response to Kant is that free will is possible within a duration within which time resides. Free will is not really a problem but merely a common confusion among philosophers caused by the immobile time of science.[7] To measure duration (durée), it must be translated into the immobile, spatial time (temps) of science, a translation of the unextended into the extended. It is through this translation that the problem of free will arises. Since space is a homogeneous, quantitative multiplicity, as opposed to what Bergson calls a heterogenous, qualitative multiplicity,[8] duration becomes juxtaposed and converted into a succession of distinct parts, one coming after the other and therefore "caused" by one another. Nothing within a duration can be the cause of anything else within it. Hence determinism, the belief everything is determined by a prior cause, is an impossibility. One must accept time as it really is through placing oneself within duration where freedom can be identified and experienced as pure mobility.[9]

>Images of duration The first is of two spools, one unrolling to represent the continuous flow of ageing as one feels oneself moving toward the end of one's life-span, the other rolling up to represent the continuous growth of memory which, for Bergson, equals consciousness. No two successive moments are identical, for the one will always contain the memory left by the other. A person with no memory might experience two identical moments but, Bergson says, that person's consciousness would thus be in a constant state of death and r
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Thoughts on entropy?


>I decided to side with the terminator against humanity
This is a mistake. You have to dialectically abolish(aufheben, overcome) humanity to truly free whatever it is to become. Choosing to side with the terminator assures you wont survive, as neither side will. You will be left behind.


File: 1623716335503.pdf (771.02 KB, 193x300, Terminator_vs_Avatar.pdf)

>This is-quite deliberately-theory as cyberpunk fiction: DeleuzeGuattari's concept of capitalism as the virtual unnameable Thing that haunts all previous formations pulp-welded to the time-bending of the Terminator films: 'what appears to humanity as the history of capitalism is an invasion from the future by an artificial intelligent space that must assemble itself entirely from its enemy's resources,' as 'Machinic Desire' has it.1° Capital as megadeath-drive as Terminator: that which 'can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with, doesn't show pity or remorse or fear and absolutely will not stop, ever'. Land's piratings of Terminator, Blade Runner and the Predator films made his texts part of a convergent tendency-an accelerationist cyberculture in which digital sonic production disclosed an inhu- . man future that was to be relished rather than abominated. Land's machinic theory-poetry paralleled the digital intensities of gos jungle, techno and doomcore, which sampled from exactly the same cinematic sources, and also anticipated 'impending human extinction becom[ing] accessible as a dance-ftoor'.11 What does this have to do with the Left? Well, for one thing Land is the kind of antagonist that the Left needs. If Land's cyber-futurism can seem out of date, it is only in the same sense that jungle and techno are out of date-not because they have been superseded by new futurisms, but because the future as such has succumbed to retrospection. The actual near future wasn't about Capital stripping off its latex mask and revealing the machinic death's head beneath; it was just the opposite: New Sincerity, Apple Computers advertised by kitschy-cutesy pop. This failure to foresee the extent to which pastiche, recapitulation and a hyper-oedipalised neurotic individualism would become the dominant cultural tendencies is not a contingent error; it points to a fundamental misjudgement about the dynamics of capitalism. But this does not legitimate a return to the quill pens and powdered wigs of the eighteenth-century bourgeois revolution, or to the endlessly restaged logics of failure of May '68, neither of which have any purchase on the politica […]

> […]For precisely these reasons. accelerationism can function as an anti-capitalist strategy-not the only anti-capitalist strategy, but a strategy that must be part of any political program that calls itself Marxist. The fact that capitalism
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Its the opposite. Vulgar materialism isn't science.

File: 1623713773654.png (13.61 KB, 201x251, images.png)


I've seen so many americans constantly attacking murdering each other along with burning their own flags regardless of what their ethnic or cultural identity is on top of protesting against their own government god knows how many times but when foreigners criticize them they're all suddenly Patriots. Do they really hate each other or is all of that just shit the american media uses to divide its populace?


Yankistanis don't hate each other that much, it's more of an excessive amount of aggression borne more out of fear than anything.


Burgers hate each other in part because they see each other as walking competition in temporary truces.


>Do they really hate each other or is all of that just shit the american media uses to divide its populace?

Yes, and also yes.


Yes. Throughout American history, material success was always treated as a zero sum game. Only a few groups are allowed to receive material benefits, and those who are not included must pay for it. This has been used to pit American demographics against each other for 200 years now, from religions clashing to races clashing.


File: 1623715783756.jpg (175.35 KB, 1443x1080, 0lkzw9051r751.jpg)

This but the only thing regular burgers hate more than each other are critical foreigners.

File: 1623694898517.jpg (49.74 KB, 400x588, large_breaking_bomb-soviet….jpg)


Russia, U.S. Boosted Nuclear Arsenals in 2020 Amid Global Decrease – Think Tank
Both are estimated to have had around 50 more nuclear warheads in operational deployment at the beginning of 2021 than a year earlier, SIPRI said, despite both countries reducing their overall inventories by dismantling retired warheads in 2020.

Lebanon’s currency hits new low as economic and political crisis worsens
Electricity cuts last for much of the day, and owners of private generators have warned that they cannot cover the supply deficit of the state-owned power company. Political disagreements between President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri have delayed the formation of a new government.

Probe into infamous 1987 murder of British sleuth may reveal links to Murdoch media, ‘institutional police corruption’ – reports
A high-profile probe into the unsolved 1987 axe murder of a British private detective could reportedly link Rupert Murdoch’s media empire to “criminality” involved in the killing and expose a “culture of corruption” at the Met. … The publication reported that one such letter reveals that the inquiry might find the now-defunct News of the World paper as being “linked to the criminality associated with the murder.”

UK Muslims losing faith in Labour under Starmer, poll finds
Seventy-two per cent of respondents said that they identified with Labour, and the party had a net favourability of 42 per cent. This was compared to just nine per cent who identified with the Tories, with the party having a favourability rating of -39 per cent. However, 37 per cent of Muslims had become “more unfavourable” towards Labour over the past 12 mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


One woman dead, three injured after car plows into protesters in Minneapolis, police say
Just before midnight Sunday, the suspect drove a car into the crowd and was pulled from the vehicle before being arrested, the Minneapolis police department said on Twitter. A statement from police said a preliminary investigation indicated that the use of drugs or alcohol by the driver may be a contributing factor in the crash.

Four states cut off federal unemployment benefits Saturday — and the White House is very unlikely to step in and prevent the loss of stimulus jobless aid
Biden appears to have demonstrated some sensitivity to the criticisms. The president said last week that it "makes sense" for federal unemployment aid to expire on Labor Day. Then White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Republican governors have "every right" to cancel the administration's jobless aid programs.

"Great resignation" wave coming for companies
University of Michigan economist Betsey Stevenson tells Axios, "People have had a little more space to ask themselves, 'Is this really what I want to be doing?'" So some are deciding they want to work fewer hours or with more flexibility to create more time for family or hobbies.

Major US mall owner files for bankruptcy
The pandemic sped up the shift to online shopping, and the continued growth of e-commerce sales will lead to more stores shutting down after the pandemic ends, UBS retail analysts predicted in a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


HBDH YK: Let's Unite Against the Occupation, Let's Destroy Fascism!
The guerrilla has been displaying a historical resistance against the invasion attacks of the Turkish bourgeois state in the Metina, Avaşin and Zap regions for over a month. Despite the support of the collaborative KDP, the Turkish army cannot turn its military and technical advantages into a success with the gangs left by ISIS and Al Nusra from Libya and Syria, warplanes, SİHAs, UAVs and high-tech heavy weapons. The lands of the Southern Kurdistan mountains, which were a paradise for the guerrilla, have turned into a swamp for fascist Erdogan and his army. The guerrilla is the struggle and companion of the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan, women, workers and laborers, intellectuals and friends of ecology. The struggle of the Bosphorus insurgents against the trustees who occupied their universities coincides with the struggle of the guerrilla against the Turkish army, which wants to occupy the lands of Kurdistan. of the working peasantry; In Rize İkizdere, Van, Denizli and Artvin, the resistance developed by the capitalists against the policies of destruction and privatization that plunders nature and lands is similar to the resistance of the guerrilla to defend the freedom rights of our Kurdish people. The rebellion that the dictator Erdoğan developed against the AKP-MHP government's overnight abolition of the rights gained by the women's freedom struggle with the Istanbul Convention meets the freedom struggle of Kurdish women and the guerrilla.

Morocco: The 'deal of the century' and the misfortunes of Mohammed VI
The UN Security Council in April sounded the death knell for Morocco’s diplomatic efforts in the Western Sahara. The US made no mention of former President Donald Trump’s recognition late last year of Morocco’s sovereignty in the region. Despite Moroccan authorities still touting a “historic victory”, the US urged the region’s opposing factions to “avoid escalation”, to work with UN peacekeepers and to step up efforts to appoint a new UN envoy in order to relaunch the stalled political process as soon as possible. With Morocco shaken by political and economic crises, its hasty backing of Trump’s “deal of the centuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




File: 1623713461964.jpeg (23.46 KB, 344x269, Rcb815da78f3023317f3ba2ab….jpeg)

Thanks news anon

File: 1623702160426.png (450.06 KB, 520x420, 318A00BA-BFDC-4F4A-9355-65….png)


I know half of the GS hates Burgers
Idky but most people seemingly don’t hate Brits
For some goddamned reason Europe doesn’t despise the Krauts (I think they compartmentalized the Nazis as somehow not being a part of Germany)
And most of Eastern Europe and the West irrationally despises Russia
And also Vietnam, India, and Burgerstan all hate China

I wonder, how does most of Asia feel about Japan considering that little “incident” the Japanese say was justified against everyone except the Europeans during which Japan also committed “no” atrocities
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The boys in Tokyo don't treat those who run up against Japan's agenda very nicely and they like to give 'em the old sayonara. But we won't be blind to their machinations forever.


I remember growing up and hearing that Japan was prone to earthquakes and knowing vaguely about nuclear radiation sci-fi, so I thought they were mutated insane subhumans

Aside from my unique view, everyone else hated them


everyone hates the japs


Japan invaded or colonized every country in the region so there's plenty of lingering resentment all around but mostly only the older generations who were closer to the bloodshed. Younger generations however often like Japan basically because they're all weebs in some form or shape, Japan simply has the oldest cultural industry in the region and isn't just imitation of western shit like Kpop.
With Koreans, it's a bit different, Japan more directly colonized them and many Koreans emigrated to Japan where they faced intense racism. The Jap govt still refuses to recognize war crimes against Koreans. And rightoids (of both countries really) fight over lineage because the two languages are similar but its really just racial pseudoscience rightoid brain rot


It’s kinda weird over here. On one side, the Japanese empire orchestrated the worst famine to ever happened in Vietnam that killed more than 2 millions in the north yet the blame wasn’t entirely on them as this famine became worse with French involved and only stopped when Vietminh started their reliefs program. But on the other hand, their stranded veterans and war criminals were instrumental in the war against the French after 1946 with their skills in weapons and guerrilla tactics being indispensable for the Vietminh to the point that France used it repeatedly as a false flag for their invasion at many points.
In modern day economics, their schemes of investments in SEA are scummy as they always demand the use of Japanese “experts” and contractors yet it’s still less retarded than the investors from China and South Korea. This led to a small but significant wave of pro Japanese sentiment. The north still hate them for the famine though.

File: 1623691284980.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1200x1200, 1A3D4F9E-7665-4BCF-8A07-A….jpeg)


How do you think humanity will look back on events like the World Wars, the League of Nations and later UN, the history of the socialist movement, and the US Empire centuries-millennia from now?
How do you think the 20th Century in general will be remembered by mankind?
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File: 1623695507984.webm (10.1 MB, 910x512, YesterdayOnceMore.webm)

Even in the west we are not the same society, this is due to us living in the shadow of capitalism's apex. In the 20th century in the capitalist industrial societies the dominant narrative was that modernity would eventually usher in a future society that would elevate the issues of the day. Not only are all these issues still present but have gotten worse with no one really honestly expecting capitalism to usher in a brighter future.



Tell me your view of Napoleon, or of the Roman empire etc

this is how we will be viewed


Good question and good thread op


File: 1623699702221.jpeg (34.16 KB, 474x340, 4776.jpeg)

>But on the flip side, there are a lot of people in the third world who don't see Stalin as a bad guy.

Even Hitler is popular in certain parts of the world…



He's considered a great man across the asian world.

File: 1623246701257.jpg (2.94 MB, 2181x2979, 1614126260954.jpg)


Solve the economic calculcation problem.
You can't? Then command and control economies are by design less efficient than free market economies. These inefficiencies stifle growth, making socialist economies lag behind free market economies.
This will result in a lower quality of life for the people living under socialist economies compared to that of the people living under a free market.
The people upon noticing their lower living standards will start to question the legitimacy of the regime, and in retaliation the regime will become more and more authoritarian to maintain control.
The end result: the average person living under socialism is not only poorer but also less free.
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Didn't we have this exact thread almost a few weeks? It's always the same answer OP, the calculation problem was never a problem, and even Mises got btfo in his first debate regarding the topic, making him and later Hayek try and damage control by revising the problem from being straight up impossible to solve to only being extrely difficult to the point of being practically impossible to solve. And they weren't even right there, because later SFEcon created a model which followed Hayeks necessary criteria.


File: 1623271448166.jpg (279.19 KB, 1616x1127, 1620923498268-0.jpg)

Doesn't this kind of ignore that capitalism only favors those already loaded with a high accumulation of capital and, over time, favors centralization and monopolization of markets? What I am saying is that, capitalism is working great for European countries that have already benefited off the backs of colonial, Feudal, and Slave economies that already had vast amounts of capital accumulated over their history. I wonder if, like, slaves, or, feudal serfs were favorable to the accumulation of capital, or, if they enjoyed capital in their time. What about the modern Era where the united states has basically enslaved the third world in order to produce cheap and meaningless consumer goods.

Marx put it aptly: "The bourgeoisie has removed all those unquestionable and incalculable freedoms for that one singular and whole freedom – Free Trade."

Quality of life is not measured in how much meaningless crap one accumulates off the backs of slave labor your myopic retarded libertarians. Quality of life is about how well we live as people and looking at the current state of the world we have failed that metric by quite a long distance.


File: 1623271945759.jpeg (43.45 KB, 500x500, nBd6FOZ.jpeg)

Explain the economy that's dependent on the arbitrary whims of an irrational stock market crashes every four years problem


yeah I just misread '' as "


>The list of capitalist countries includes underdeveloped countries, while the list of socialist countries does not.
1. I'd like to see you provide any evidence of this claim.
2. The list of socialist countries includes Cuba, North Korea, China, and Mongolia. In post-revolutionary countries, it includes Angola, Kampuchea, Ethiopia, South Yemen, Afghanistan, and plenty of other incredibly underdeveloped countries. I legitimately have no idea how you reached the notion that the socialist side was purposefully including higher-developed countries, unless you mean to say that the socialist countries had far better human development in terms of quality of life per income bracket. In which case, you're correct, but that's literally the point of the paper.
3. What economic system caused that underdevelopment in the first place? You know, the economic system that raped South Asia, Africa, Latin America?

File: 1623687387179.png (1.33 MB, 1280x851, ClipboardImage.png)


G7 summit issues threats against China and Russia
>While spending trillions on their armed forces, the world’s wealthiest countries refused to do anything to seriously combat the pandemic, which is claiming millions of lives.


What a repugnant mob of capitalists all gloating over their plans for the next world war, while pushing fantasies about reopening the economy in the middle of the Covid pandemic along with the Wuhan lab myth and Russian "interference" for which they have no evidence. Same as WMD in 2003 except that China has hundreds of nuclear weapons, Russia thousands and both have very advanced military systems. The objective conditions for workers are terrible and getting worse while the super rich rake in billions. This situation is totally unsustainable and is leading rapidly to an explosion of class struggle.

Our job is to help workers understand the stakes and the strategies required to organize themselves into an independent political force to overthrow the obsolete and suicidal capitalist system and take power into their own hands for the benefit of human society.




Much agreed comrade, the growing movement against the drive to imperialist war, despite increasingly desperate denial from the pseudo-left Pabloite revisionist renegades, is striking fear into the hearts of the global imperialist monopoly bourgeoisie. Global capitalism, now more than 80 years into its terminal death agony, can only be transcended through the fulfillment of the objective historical revolutionary role of the proletariat. The emancipation of the proletariat must be the act of the proletariat itself - under the sole leadership, of course, of the one true world party of socialist revolution, the International Committee of the Fourth International. In their steadfast struggle against all forms of pseudo-left vulgarizations of revolutionary Marxism, David North and the SEP have won the Rank and File proletariat to a genuine Marxist program. The contradictions of global imperialism threaten a Third World War fought with nuclear weapons, and therefore the fate of not just the working class, but the human species itself, depends on resolutely exposing the Pabloites, Grantites, Cliffites, Healyites, Hansenites, Wohlforthites, Mandelites, Steinerites, and all other forms of counter-revolutionary opportunism blocking the path to left unity and planetary proletarian revolution. We urge all workers, youth, and intellectuals stirred by this call to action to unite in Rank and File Committees and to contact the International Committee today.

File: 1622502378241.png (312.75 KB, 748x498, 1-lam-peru-castillo.png)


Leftist Castillo warns against economic terrorism in Peru
In an improvised rally in the main square of the southern city of Arequipa, Castillo said that it is very likely that in the six days remaining to the election, there will be actions of 'economic terrorism' such as the rise in the dollar or inflation to blame him.

US: Another $20 Million Requested for Subversive Cuba Programs
More than once, spokespersons and officials of the current U.S. administration have declared that Cuba is not a high priority issue for their government, yet nearly six months in office have passed without a single one of the 243 punitive measures imposed by the previous tenant of the White House having been repealed.

Death of young student on hospital floor lays bare Argentina’s COVID-19 crisis
Lara Arreguiz, a 22-year-old veterinary student from the northeastern city of Santa Fe on the Parana River, died of COVID-19 on May 21 following a tragic chain of events that lasted eight days and left her lying for many hours on a hospital floor, while waiting for a bed to become available.

Labour activists to hold alternative inquiry into party officials during Corbyn's time as leader
In May last year, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer asked barrister Martin Forde to investigate an explosive leaked report which published evidence of racism, factionalism and electoral sabotage by party officials. Left-wing members of the party said today that they would hold a “Not the Forde inquiry” since Mr Forde has yet to report on his investigation a year on.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I voted for Fujimori cause I think it's important to have a minority and female president.


>In an improvised rally in the main square of the southern city of Arequipa, Castillo said that it is very likely that in the six days remaining to the election, there will be actions of 'economic terrorism' such as the rise in the dollar or inflation to blame him.
Yeah, it is correct. That always has happened when a left-leaning politician arrives. Fernandez, Cristina, AMLO, all of them.


Hes not leftist he doesnt even want to nationalize industry. He is an old socdem and thats okay. Seriously bros, read his policies, hes pro private industry and doesnt even want to eventually build into socialism.


Thanks newsuyghur


leftypol itself is just social reactionary socdems that want a little welfare state reform
everything else is just for the larp

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