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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1622740575621.png (517.62 KB, 653x490, 1622674457409.png)


Just when I thought they couldn't possibly sink to an even lower level of stupidity /pol/ users have become even dumber…
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What never ceases to make me laugh is how the Great Replacement is basically rage fuel for rightoids, because none of them are going to attempt to make a family or fit into social norms to even try
>Blacks in Greenland & Alaska


This incident is somewhat evocative of that one meme where some crazy guy's surrounded by the soy troops, but it's a pair of possibly abused kids instead.



Checked and how apt the numbers are indeed

Shay based


DAE hate POLCHUDS?????

File: 1622908159778.jpg (37.94 KB, 438x625, 192816915_3302546153305419….jpg)


there used to be a list of materials and links etc. from the old page, anyone still have access to those? or can link me to where to find them.

many thanks
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no, it was some youtube links + reading materials from xyz. some guy talking about global british empire and so on.


but thank you, these are still useful!


a lot of those have not aged well haha


what if I linked goatse to leftypol


don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

File: 1622882104354.jpeg (284.85 KB, 1921x1202, E3B4BA4X0AAzXv-.jpeg)


What does he want, longterm. Is he just like any other oligarch or slightly different goalwise. I always had the impression he was much more willing to take self deprecating risks than most Bourgeois, if it meant defeating an enemy, and that grudges motivate him just as much if not more than profit. Please don't simp or attack him just state the facts(duplicate thread)


File: 1622887639660.jpg (12.33 KB, 195x254, 1622798401318.jpg)



He's a cool guy who loves this country (NATIONALISM) and fucks the US, especially when Russian Puppet Trump was in charge of the USA


I'm against generals but we've had several threads on Putin recently and there's an active one already too. Learn to ctrl+F on the catalog.



File: 1623627559240.jpeg (25.33 KB, 200x300, 8C94C9AB-B49E-4EE0-8105-3….jpeg)


Your paper is pathetic
Your writers are weak
Joseph Kishore is a LARPing neckbeard
They are unironically crying over some DSA member making an ice pick meme
Trots will always be a joke

https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/06/14/bynu-j14.html(low effort sectarian bait)
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Trots are a bunch of fascist wannabes that can dish it out but cant take it, what else is new. At least actual fascists have principles and good banter.


File: 1623643424634.png (84.3 KB, 1200x263, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1623672718771.png (210.73 KB, 570x479, trot copium.png)

wsws coping and seething


I always remember this when I'm about to reply some wild trot shit and stop.


>Do not take the bait. Yours truly, Vladimir Lenin.

File: 1623674205087.jpg (362.82 KB, 1200x1305, 1200px-Scholar_at_his_desk….jpg)


Many people with studies in sociology and other social sciences like to say that certain theories about society are hard facts, such as the existence of implicit bias and structural racism, even when these theories are seriously flawed. They deny the politicization of academia and the way it discards studies and scholars who do not agree with the hegemony. Have you ever talked to people like this? What did you answer them?
I was in a public debate with one of these people the other day and I was left defenseless because here we had a man who truly believed the Holy Scriptures of woke and of white fragility, without ever considering that academia might be biased. How do we talk to these people to convince them, and if that's impossible, how do we show the people listening that they're wrong?
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OP you're the one in the wrong. Time to self-crit.


You can tell them that logical positivism has been discredited more or less and especially in the social sciences


It's another one of these threads huh.


>structural racism
What makes you believe that it doesn't exist?
Inb4 'b-but there are also poor white people!'


Moved to >>>/b/76321.

File: 1623639072254.png (811.68 KB, 700x868, 83c0ad162eae19fe9f9cfae6f9….png)




The FBI literally needs to do this otherwise they risk getting their budget cut. There always needs to be an active threat to security otherwise these massive security services make no sense.


File: 1623680683343.png (85.12 KB, 766x636, soyglo.png)

>he agreed to do the shooting

File: 1622807152629.jpeg (423.81 KB, 1627x1080, A1096477-8D7E-4E63-B59F-B….jpeg)


Man, why do Americans have to be such classcucked faggots? I’m watching these stupid dogs ranting and raving about “defunding cops” is the cause of the ongoing spike in violent crime all around the US, except….the police were literally never defunded at all and in fact the department budgets were increased yet again as they always are. Crime is only getting worse because poverty and homelessness has skyrocketed and mental illness has skyrocketed and the police are fucking useless. Literally increased their budgets and shit just got worse, and the stupid fucking cucked populace of this country are saying shit is so bad because regular proles dared to criticize the cops.

Can anyone tell me why the people in this country actually deserve shit like rights or freedoms even hypothetically? Like the average burger 100% wants to live in a country where their lives of filled with unmasked violent coercion where you can be slaughtered by a death drone for speaking out of turn, why shouldn’t they be granted this?
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File: 1622813333189.jpg (61.96 KB, 1022x731, 9f90f.jpg)

>amerimutt internal politics


You said it, these are the people that complain about black and hispanic crime rates but when a black or hispanic chooses to avoid criminality they harass and assult them for it, they blindly worship israel even after they saw what's happening in the west bank and how israel treats the american tax payer, they're fully committed to importing illegal migrants when it's convenient but suddenly are willing to deport them and lock them in slums and cages. That's only 1 of their many problems including extreme crime, corruption, obesity, shitty healthcare and public institutions along with an economy so dysfunctional and abstract at times to the point where the only problems you can record is based off which state you live in not problems the entire country shared. It's very very tiring


fuck uyghurs


how come so often when someone acknowledges how fucking awful to live in the US the conclusion is "and thats why burgers deserve what they get because theyre too dumb to have rights"


uygha uygha uygha uygha uygha
i’m 100% uygha
uygha uygha uygha uygha uygha
i’m 200% uygha

File: 1623677868592.jpg (106.15 KB, 980x527, children-of-men.jpg)


You know how everyone is slowly becoming infertile cause of plastic pollution and all that? So its like a Children of Men world, but what i think is missing is that maybe it won't even be a big deal. in the sense that, those apocalyptic scenarios when they're presented in the population imagination, they kind of erase the class element to it. Because its like a universal apocalypse where everyone is equally affected. But maybe, what you'll have is just poor people don't have kids, they just work while rich people that can afford medical treatment or in vitro stuff do. You end up with a slow unremarkable death for the lower classes, no one panics it just becomes normalized
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If you want people to have kids, raise their wages and cut their hours all at once, right now nobody has time or money to raise them, hell even the big bourgeois have no time or ability to raise their kids since they hire nannies to do it


You think people will even realize? Cyber pandemic is coming…


you definitely weren't paying attention to Children of Men if you thought class was erased in it


It's actually both.


File: 1623679521537.jpg (47.7 KB, 489x600, 1623087095334.jpg)

Children of Men was a damn good movie.

File: 1623678749874-0.png (53.16 KB, 752x452, Total_suicides_in_the_Unit….png)

File: 1623678749874-1.png (37.48 KB, 350x238, 350px-Gdp_versus_household….png)

File: 1623678749874-2.png (1.45 MB, 963x1718, 11d.png)


How many americans are there that arent addicted to drugs, physically fit,mentally fit and financially secure? They surely arent that small of a minority right???


File: 1623678993307.jpg (96.65 KB, 828x804, E2qEFADX0AI_zAu.jpg)



this is now an american hate thread


Whiny threads on /b/ are one thing but I'm so tired of memes about ohhh I'm such a depressed introvert!!!, like what the fuck is this? I hate social media so much.


>I walked for 5 minutes
>time to shove my face with empty calories
fucking amerilards


Moved to >>>/b/76293.

File: 1623674730508.jpeg (20.41 KB, 327x341, 22F8B74E-800C-4360-AB38-D….jpeg)


Why do angloid leftists keep ranting about muh tankies?
What the fuck is wrong with these faggots? Can’t they see their flaccid faggot anarchism is coming to an end? Anarchism has failed for 30 years since the fall of the USSR, even without le ebil Sobiets ruining the name of socialism, anarchists still have all the vitality of a 75 year old stroke victim without his viagra. And the socdems are even worse, they’ve literally been going full neoliberal ghoul since the 90s and to make matters worse every new socdem motherfucker never promises to make things BETTER, they only promise either things won’t get worse or they’ll be as good as they were in the fucking 60s again.

When everyone else is about as massive and rock-hard as an elderly gorilla, why tf do Angloids still rant and rave about tankies? Especially considering Marxism is starting to become more popular than fagarchism and social fascism?(low effort sectarian bait)
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Why do you guys like to name-call this much?


Not a nazbol. I'm using the term because of how Angela Nagle was tarred, it was an example of how populism and nationalism caused the ultraleft to side with liberals despite the irony



Totally agree OP, in fact these fags are instrumental in the growth of Nazism today also.

Its likely because their empty rhetoric and easy adherance to elite tastes puts so many people off.



Indeed, and yet the far left sided with liberals against nazis while the only opponents that Nazis actually respect are tankies (as well as jews obv).


I don't think you're a real communist if you support authoritarianism and top-down strictly hierarchical organizational structures. You're just a fascist with leftist undertones. Mlism has no future. Just embrace anarchism or participatory economics with extremely decentralized power distribution.

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