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(8.24 KB 199x254 5uu7u4.jpg)
NOOOOO YOU CAN'T SAY THAT NOT MY HECKING GRETERINOOOOS! Anonymous 02/10/2021 (Wed) 19:09:47 No. 1320209 [Reply]
https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/carbon-dioxide-fertilization-greening-earth Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds From a quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change on April 25. An international team of 32 authors from 24 institutions in eight countries led the effort, which involved using satellite data from NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer instruments to help determine the leaf area index, or amount of leaf cover, over the planet’s vegetated regions. The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in area to two times the continental United States.
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>>1320335 Chop chop
>>1320390 but late industrial societies trend towards sub-replacement birth rates.
>>1320312 >Global warming is a rich person's problem. What tendency are you from? Maoist Study Group Against Overeliance on The Written (Oppressive) Word? Greater Georgia Memorial Society for Men of Steel?
global warming ain't a problem.
>the trees will be fine, that means we'll be fine Ebin

(161.54 KB 710x573 blogprincipal.jpg)
MANUALS's on tactics and weapons and on rioting Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 22:28:32 No. 1307070 [Reply]
So i want MANUALS's on tactics and weapons and on rioting. Well, my country Brasil is in the verge of some kind of disorder or revolutionary moment. But we not have much material, like manuals and other intellectual stuff, that can be disseminated to the masses in a drive to make our fight more efficient.
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>>1307099 motherfucker, by whom? the socialist parties are making deal with fascists and the judiciary while their members are BEING SHOT! We had this thing called a dictatorship, so most revolutionaries have either been killed or traumatized so heavily their can barely leave their houses, let alone fight again. >>1307174 nowhere, that's the issue. besides, forget revolution, not even mass protests are going on. >>1313770 yeah, and no. These democratic radical groups can exist,but they demand time. Things like the Soviets and the zapatistas took decades of organizing before doing anything. >>1313996 no shit. Bolsonaro was born to be the shitty dictator progressive America likes to kill. Even better than Hussein.
>>1327897 ola, camarada. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/3-22-9/index.html Esse aqui é em sites. mas tem de tudo, esse aqui é o treino de operar fuzil. Bom penso em traduzir para o português. O Exército brasileiro também tem uns manuais mas longe da qualidade desses. Penso em traduzir e colocar nesse domínio aqui: https://endchan.net/canudos/ Topa a proposta
>>1307070 this is all you will need, comrade
(131.20 KB 720x881 protest safety tips.jpg)
(127.61 KB 960x871 ywv5mbaole251.jpg)
>>1328169 also these
>>1328169 Is this a joke? The book has been trashed by anarchist groups since its date of publication. It contains some rules for making bombs and chemicals that are guaranteed to fuck you up if you actually follow them. Also the author was never part of any anarchist group, so people speculate that it was just COINTELPRO stuff if not just stupid edgy attention-seeking. The author later publicly distanced himself from the shit cringe, but as he had sold the copyright, he couldn't do anything to stop its distribution.

Anonymous 03/06/2021 (Sat) 01:38:47 No. 1327696 [Reply]
My solution to education is to simply only have one mandatory class that being literacy, as you know, people need to know how to read and write. Then be exposed in later years say year 3 of school, to educational websites on the internet to let them find their passion. Humans are naturally curious so I think this system would be better than any other system that has existed due to freedom of the mind to find out things, and loosening school stress actually improves school like in Finland.
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>>1327696 Giga based >>1327704 Omega based
Reminder that the belief that universal education automatically gives you a higher standard of living is idealist hogwash. Standard of living is determined by 1. Available natural resources, which are constant 2. Available labor supply, which isn't changed significantly by education level Yes, you would get a higher standard of living IF you were the only one educated, and thus able to command elite positions, but you lose that benefit quickly if EVERYONE is educated, and began to compete for your job, driving the wage down. Thus, you might as well not bother forcing everyone to waste 20 years of their life in formal education, and rather let people pursue their own interests. The only counterargument basically boils down to the hope that mass education would lead to more epic reddit elon doge magic technologies that would cure cancer or end famine or reverse climate change or create infinite energy or some shit. Whatever. The industrial revolution preceded mass education, so clearly breakthrough technologies can happen in its absence.
>>1328463 I on the other hand, lean on life long education. In socialist society, we need well-round individual, so I think mandatory education is still necessary. HOWEVER We should reduce the load, instead of 12-year intensive education, children should spend each day 3 hours in classes (two pairs, or four units of subjects), 3 hours learning in the workplace (of their parents or their own choice) and the rest is for self-education, free time, or free creative activities. This pattern will continue until the old age, when people cannot work anymore and deserve the retirement. This should ensure the continuous transmission of knowledge and skills onto the later generation, and there will be no significant generation gap as we're observing now
>>1328463 So my model is as followed. Let assume five days work week. One day is 24 hours, let divide it into 12 hours for biological needs (sleeping, eating, etc.), 12 hours for social activities. Of social activities, 6 hours are free, while 6 hours are mandatory (duty of socialist citizens, that's to work). Of mandatory activities, 3 hours are theoretical (school), while 3 hours are practical (workplace).
>>1327696 >educational websites on the internet to let them find their passion But that's how we got the furry explosion. Here's my boring proposal: 1. All learning software and other learning media must be GPL 3. 2. School day starts a bit later for teenagers. 3. Foreign languages should be taught in micro-classes like two or three people. Other stuff can be done with big classes. 4. Minimize rules that limit who can take a test.

Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 06:23:24 No. 1325098 [Reply]
>Don'd agd, jusd dhink :---DDD *snuff*
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>>1328231 bro what
>>1328234 you are completely retarded
>>1328235 you too
>>1328226 You have to go back, nazi retard. Who do you think you are fooling? Are you trying to pass with this class denialism, that they don't rule to World? lmao
>>1328224 >Firsd we habe to dedermine ad whad age a kid can cut xir benis off :DDDDD Also did you know dhe universe is ingomblete? :DD Ids lieg a Glein boddle doode X-DDDDD

deradicalization Anonymous 02/22/2021 (Mon) 10:50:46 No. 1324865 [Reply]
is it even possible to deradicalize people that identify with fash ideologies or are 100% devoted to capital? it seems like once they've started getting into it, the circular logic and cognitive dissonance make it impossible to get through to them because they'll just dismiss everything you say as a jewish/socialist plot, even with hard evidence to support your claims and while taking the utmost precautions not to antagonize them what are deradicalization methods that work? (inb4 gulag) are there any ways to bypass cognitive dissonance or at least soften it? have you witnessed or experienced it? is it a fool's errand and should they just be put down?
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you retards literally scream and cry thats why we dont listen to you behaving like fucking kids until you get your way socialism and communism doesnt work and theres countries that prove that
>>1327587 Every person counts, "converting" a person not only means you have one more person on your side, but also one less enemy. Leftists and fascists draw from a very similar pool of people, people disgruntled with the system, and without any education they can be easily drawn to fascism, because it gives an easy and simple explanation of problems based on primal instincts.
>>1327688 Do you seriously believe that communist countries exist(ed) in a vacuum where the US and other imperial powers did not exist? Cuba and North Korea has survived miraculously against burgerism. The only reason they have is because they were more principled and less corrupt than the Soviet Union was. Cuba is handling COVID relatively better than burgerstan because they are socialist.
(54.59 KB 1097x317 EugnY3LWYAAFxDj.jpg)
>>1328434 >COVID
>>1327688 t. someone incapable of serious discussion

(3.89 MB 1615326151934.mp4)
Does the fall of the USSR prove that Anarchists right? Anonymous 03/09/2021 (Tue) 22:02:14 No. 1328291 [Reply] [Last]
For as impotent as Anarchists can be sometimes, at least they are always defeated by their class enemies. Meanwhile the Soviets held the largest land mass in the world with the most natural resources and controlled one of the most powerful militaries ever assembled but gave up Russia to the international bourgeois without so much as a single shot being fired.
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The only thing anarchists ever prove in their spiteful, jealous anger is how communism can never work.
>>1328390 Many anarchists would have preferred if the nazis defeated the USSR, at least they could have been another "noble socialist experiment" which they can cry about 100 years later. Anarchists hate success and love failure.
(168.39 KB 1160x629 oddjob.jpg)
North Korea has a military that's a tiny fraction of the size and budget of the USSR's or USA's and they managed to scare the entire world (including capitalist China) into sanctioning them, yet they retain to this day a mostly socialistic economy where housing, healthcare and education are not commodities to be bought or sold, one can't hire other people for their own private business (unlike in Cuba, Vietnam or China), and all gambling is illegal (casinos, stock market, crypto).
>>1328370 You will never understand how happy I am whenever I read histories of the civil war and socialist construction and see you opportunist uighurs get your ass beat time after time after time. It sincerely warms my heart to know that every treasonous and spineless action your ilk took resulted only in further repression, culminating in the complete destruction of your wrecker blocs. Seeing the lists of your executed leaders and agents fills me with pride.
>>1328392 You can thank China for that. Just like Hungary and Yugoslavia before them, it is Marxist-Leninist power that provides the leeway necessary for other countries to experiment.

(27.86 KB 333x500 41Wk48ihFFL.jpg)
Does anyone have a link for the PDF version of this book? Anonymous 03/10/2021 (Wed) 09:55:11 No. 1328372 [Reply]
I really wanna learn something about Mao, could you help me please?
>>1328372 go read something else, this is a waste of time
What's the problem OP, it's on libgen. There are also other things about China by Gregory Benton available there. I'm not some epic China expert, but I liked "The Battle for China's Past" by Mobo Gao, another guy who isn't hysterical about Mao.
>>1328403 >Mobo Gao wtf is this name

(26.98 KB 154x146 1122fdssff.jpg)
Anonymous 03/10/2021 (Wed) 00:46:49 No. 1328309 [Reply]
My aunt and uncle up in new york city managed to get the vaccine. They are both small personal injury law workers. They had "connections". I'm sure there is a shadow council of people with some vaccines that were withheld and are selling them or giving exclusive access right now.
(2.91 KB 452x523 juice.gif)
>>1328309 >personal injury law workers >They had "connections" >I'm sure there is a shadow council of people[...]
>>1328309 If they really had connections they received water plus salt
(45.52 KB 750x600 every time you mention it.jpg)
Such pettiness over scraps is vile, but the true crime is the lethargic pace of factory rampup. So little vaccine is even available that few 1st-world nations have achieved more than 10% vaccination, and most of the world is hovering around 2%: http://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations With so little vaccine available, I don't think any credible forecast has herd immunity coming about by 2022, meaning it will be even harder to keep up with mutated strains.
>>1328336 >imagine believing in vaccine in 2021 please continue

(113.09 KB 1064x792 BambiStill.jpg)
Anonymous 03/10/2021 (Wed) 01:01:54 No. 1328312 [Reply]
Agitating "left/liberal" opinions on art. These people with utopian idealims on every other subject who are ass backwards when it comes to art are no different from Ben Shapiro when it comes down to it - Disney is the be all end all of entertainment all we can do is beg them to be polite - Trust billion dollar companies to decide on arbitrary standards of professionalism in art even though they are the ones responsible for most systemic oppression in the first place, then try to apply those values even to artists who are in no way associated with those companies - Lets fight over a sinking ship! Whoever controls cable tv wins - Ideological inconsistencies between mediums. One color on a canvas belongs in a museum but noise music is for incels? Its the same shit, who came up with this friends of a museum owner? - What a critic is asking for already exists but they re willfully ignoring it because it doesn't serve their argument. If its pointed out to them this thing exists they will say something along the lines of "how was I supposed to know if it didn't sell 100 million copies" yet its within the field they're supposedly an expert on. Only capitalists could believe such nonsense
(37.27 KB 750x1000 yes..jpg)
>>1328312 >One color on a canvas belongs in a museum but noise music is for incels?
(80.56 KB 800x538 lart_pour_lart.jpg)
>>1328312 tl;dr: Art for art's sake

(47.29 KB 917x917 Lula-LivreII.png)
News 3/9/21 News Anon 3.0 03/09/2021 (Tue) 19:32:27 No. 1328274 [Reply]
Brazil: Lula has convictions quashed, leaving him free to challenge Bolsonaro Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva could be set for a sensational comeback attempt after a supreme court judge annulled a series of criminal convictions against the leftist icon and restored his political rights. The ruling, which analysts called a political bombshell, means Lula is almost certain to challenge Brazil’s incumbent president, Jair Bolsonaro, in the 2022 presidential election. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/08/lula-convictions-annulled-by-brazil-judge-bolsonaro-election-2022 European Parliament lifts immunity of Catalonia MEPs, paving way for extradition to Spain over independence referendum The three politicians were elected to the European Parliament in 2019, after having fled Spain two years earlier to avoid arrest warrants for sedition, after they helped to organize and run the 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia, despite it being banned by Spain’s central government. https://on.rt.com/b3da Mexico protests against attacks on women turn violent, as tension with president escalates Sixty-two officers and 19 civilians were injured, said Marcela Figueroa, an official of the city’s police agency. The Mexico City government “categorically denied” using any kind of gas against protesters. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador installed the metal barricade – described as a “peace wall” by his spokesperson – in advance of the protests, saying he wanted to protect government property from vandalism. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/mar/09/mexico-protests-against-attacks-on-women-turn-violent-as-tension-with-president-escalates Voter suppression or common sense? Britons divided over Tory plan to mandate photo ID at polling stations Boris Johnson’s Tories are reportedly gearing up to introduce a bill this spring that will mandate photo ID at polling stations across the UK. The initiative would fulfill a campaign pledge made by the Conservatives during the 2019 General Election. Northern Ireland currently requires voters to prove their identity, but the rest of the UK only asks that voters confirm their names and addresses. https://on.rt.com/b3e1 Hezbollah praises Pope's visit to Iraq

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Progressive Takeover of Nevada Democratic Party Sparks 'Mass Exodus' of Staff, Consultants Shortly after a slate of insurgent progressives endorsed by the Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America pulled off a clean sweep in Nevada State Democratic Party elections over the weekend, the party's executive director notified newly elected chair Judith Whitmer that the entire staff, as well as every consultant, was quitting. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/03/09/progressive-takeover-nevada-democratic-party-sparks-mass-exodus-staff-consultants Bernie Sanders Refuses to Give up on $15 Minimum Wage: 'We Are Developing a Strategy' Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has said that he would not back down in his quest to raise the federal minimum wage despite legislative setbacks in the Senate. Sanders, who chairs the Senate budget committee, is broadly happy with the $1.9 trillion stimulus package agreed on Saturday, telling CNN it was "the most significant legislation for working people that has been passed in decades." https://www.newsweek.com/bernie-sanders-minimum-wage-cnn-anderson-cooper-pass-bill-1574720 https://archive.is/7iI0e Trump, RNC clash over using his name in fundraising In a Monday letter to Trump attorney Alex Cannon, RNC chief counsel J. Justin Riemer said the committee “has every right to refer to public figures as it engages in core, First Amendment-protected political speech” and said “it will continue to do so in pursuit of these common goals.” https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-politics-db4b80536ac8571d2c0786e227822bf8 700 volunteers in California are escorting Asian American seniors to protect them against assaults More than 3,000 hate incidents directed at Asian Americans nationwide have been recorded since the pandemic began, with many aimed at the elderly. In New York City, police data reportedly showed these violent attacks have increased by 1,900% over the course of the pandemic. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/asian-american-seniors-california-volunteers-escort/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

The Kronstadt Uprising: A View from within the Revolt In March 1921, an uprising on the island fortress of Kronstadt shook Russia, starkly illustrating the conflicts within the Russian revolution. To observe the 100-year anniversary of the revolt, we present an overview of the questions that were at stake in the struggle, following by a full chronology of the events, illustrated by selections from contemporary historical documents—including the entire text of all 14 issues of the newspaper published by the Kronstadt rebels, the Izvestia [news] of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee of Sailors, Soldiers, and Workers of the Town of Kronstadt. Though many different factions have attempted to portray the Kronstadt uprising according to many different ideological frameworks, this is a rare opportunity to see the rebellion from the vantage point of the rebels themselves. https://crimethinc.com/2021/03/03/the-kronstadt-uprising-a-full-chronology-and-archive-including-a-view-from-within-the-revolt 50 Years Ago Today, Activists Burglarized the FBI and Exposed Its Undemocratic Abuses Even though the FBI assigned two hundred agents to solve the mystery of who burglarized the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, the bureau could not find them. Only in 2014, when five of the participants were advised that the statute of limitations had passed, were any of their identities revealed. The Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI gave the documents to the media, yet few were willing to expose the FBI. Most journalists, including those at the New York Times, actually mailed the documents back to the FBI. Only Betty Medsger of the Washington Post was willing to publish the documents. (In 2014, when five of the activists went public, it would again be Medsger who would tell their story). One of the documents bore a cryptic acronym: COINTELPRO. NBC news correspondent Carl Stern set out on his own quest to discover what exactly COINTELPRO was. He asked officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI, but they were tight-lipped. No one in official Washington would answer his question so he tried a then-novel approach. Stern filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which had only been passed a half decade earlier. The FBI tried to get out of complying with the request, but a judge demanded they turn over the documents. Two years after the break-in, NBC Nightly News reported to the nation that “the late J. Edgar Hoover ordered a nationwide campaign to disrupt the activities of the New Left.” https://www.jacobinmag.com/2021/03/fbi-cointelpro-exposed-undemocratic-abuses International Women’s Day is About Class Struggle. Down with Liberal Feminism March 8 is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day. Throughout the day, politicians, celebrities, and corporations will put out statements about the importance of women, and their commitment to #feminism. But liberal feminism is firmly on the side of capital and corporations. Perhaps there is no better example of liberal feminism than Kyrsten Sinema, the freshman senator from Arizona. Today she tweeted her “feminist” International Women’s Day statement, trying to position herself as being on the side of women. Sinema, celebrated as the first ever bisexual elected to the Senate, was initially a social media darling for her fashionable outfits and #girlboss brand of feminism. However, last week, she joined seven other Democratic Senators in voting against the $15 minimum wage. The way she did it was almost a satire of how the emptiness of liberal feminism. After literally eating cake on the Senate floor, Sinema walked to the front of the chambers and dramatically made a thumbs down to indicate her opposition, and then walked out. The video went viral with many being legitimately outraged by how cavalier Sinema was about sentencing millions of people to lives of poverty — especially the Black and Latina women who are most likely to have a job that pays the poverty wage of $7.25 an hour. This is liberal feminism in a nutshell: breaking the glass ceiling, only to leave the majority of working-class women to clean up the glass. https://www.leftvoice.org/international-womens-day-is-about-class-struggle-down-with-liberal-feminism
(4.91 MB 5000x6000 84366506_p0.jpg)
Thanks news anon


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