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File: 1622123808500.png (28.99 KB, 554x554, 34bc52e2c9b21295c9c1b69b5b….png)


There aren't enough "living wage" jobs to go around and saying "go to college" is a neoliberal cope. It's basically just saying "you need the SKILLS", and if not college then trade school is now being shilled, even though there are some HVAC and other tradesmen getting paid barely more than a mcdonalds employee. The bottom line is this: YES, college/university should be free, but to even to say "we need free college" is to assume the neoliberal framing to begin with: that to have a good job you need a degree/skills/etc. When the bottom line is the reason workers are paid badly is not "lack of skills" or "lack of education" but EXPLOITATION, wages "stagnated" because the bourgeoisie is EXPLOITATIVE. If everyone had a computer science degree then the average programmer would be paid minimal wage and same for plumbers with trade school. Upskilling is an individualized solution to a SOCIAL PROBLEM. The solution can't be individual democratic party endorsed "skills to pay the bills" neoliberal trash but working class unity and direct action. Strikes, unionization, etc. and eventually SOCIALISM.

INSTEAD of getting blackpilled on education and go "muh trade skills" these young people should get blackpilled on ANY CLAIM THAT WORKERS FOR WORKERS TO BE PAID ENOUGH, IS BASED ON THEIR LACK OF MERIT. There will NEVER be enough good jobs under capitalism to make everyone happy, especially now with automation kicking in to cause mass technological under/unemployment, if workers wages go too high they will simply be automated out of a job.

People need to learn that THE ONLY WAY FORWARD for workers is SOCIALISM.
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At least there is light at the end of the tunnel. The same can't be said about biz admin or worthless university degrees that keep you in a debt trap.


File: 1623528870809.png (9.36 KB, 861x318, b8-great-post.png)

>b8 thread
>toally not b8
>education bad
>socialism is the way, somehow people will learn it through osmosis.
>including learn to use the means of production


Only the top 10-20% in IQ should go the university. The rest are wasting their time


more like the top 35%, which is what already happens. The people who can't hack it drop out which is why 50% of americans try college but only 35-38% end up with a degree.

top 10-20% is more like the cap for grad school population


shut the fuck up american
if education is free you should almost always take it

File: 1623425403079.png (7.65 MB, 2508x3541, 4hd7nah6wn951.png)


Anyone notice how bloodthirsty the average human is? I've seen cases of relatively minor crimes like vandalism or pulling on a girls bra at school (don't get me wrong one of these t is abhorrent anyways), while the people on reddit and youtube start calling for them to get skinned alive/ have hands amputated/ be raped in prison for years and this is not even an exaggeration ive seen a guy call for a kid to get branded with a hot iron for for graffiti on a wall. And not even talking about the more serious stuff. As much as I'm scared of the disturbed killer who stabbed a girl to death, I am a bit more scared of the thousands of charles mansons in the comments competing to conceive the most sadistic possible fate they want the accused to suffer and getting into a bloodlust fueled frenzy of graphic torture fantasies. and jerking each other off. They all live freely all around us and even my own mother had similar episodes as do many of my classmates (eastern euro). I can imagine it's even worse in America. I am unironically acared of the people around me. Once you realize that all the horrid shit in history (the inquisition, gladiatorial games, public dismemberment and so much more) has gone away simply because some smart people decided to ban it one day and that if it were wver reintroduced I feel like a majority would be delighted and the rest indifferent. I genuinely feel like we are surrounded by sadists who use any chance they get to crawl out of the woodwork and act out their depraved fantasies when they feel like they won't be judged for it. Any thoughts on this? Am I just being paranoid over a small violent minority or is human nature really like this? Are we truly only a few steps to reverting to full barbarism or should I take meds?

Pic not related.
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The people who hang out on Liveleak or r/watchfeministcuntsgettheirfacesmashedwithabrick are not representative examples of humanity.


It's always been this way. Just probably not directed at you.


1. The internet is not real life, it’s not even a close reflection of it.
2. People who talk about that stuff aren’t that common (but they are more likely to voice their opinions hence making it seem like they are ) and a majority of them are being hyperbolic.

I mean why else is it that these things don’t really manifest in society - people don’t organise politically around them, let alone form vigiliante gangs and politicians who appeal to it don’t do well


The key is to stop looking for the answer.


most people are decent

File: 1623393613333.png (10.49 KB, 224x224, download (5).png)


Being a white man in the west, I noticed that Muslims are always more accepting of liberal ideas than christcucks. My Christian friends genuinely seethe and start chimping out whenever they see a pride flag, meanwhile I've seen Muslims happily show their support for homosexuals, even while not allowing it within their community. Christians will tell you that's because Muslims have a political project to ally with liberals to undermine Christian values or something. Im just trying to understand if it's due to a theological cause
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those images are GDP instead of GDP per capita


File: 1623421047432.jpg (139.47 KB, 707x935, Africa HDI.jpg)

Doo, doo, doo.


How is Libya not a black hole this point after civil war and literal open air slave markets


Zionists are based when it comes to Muslims.


Religion is a disease.

File: 1623367315906.jpg (62.1 KB, 920x868, spongebob_guevara_by_captk….jpg)


At the very least in Burgerland, it seems like pensions and social security are no longer realistic expectations for workers to survive off of when they are no longer working age. Clearly this plays into the hands of Capitalists, as they add new investors and their capital without actually having to hand over any real amount of dominance in the market. I have considerable investments myself, I made them when I was around 16 (before I really thought about Capitalism and Socialism) and many of my family members died, so I used the inheritance (around 20k) to invest because I had always heard that was the only real way to make money, since my family had always lived pay check to pay check, this seemed like the best choice at the time. To be honest, I hardly know what I "own", I have the account managed by some firm who presumably does evil shit with it (on the occasions I've glimpsed the profile I've seen super nasty shit like Johnson&Johnson, BlackRock, Lockheed Martin, all sufficiently evil companies). What should workers do given the situation? I don't want to die working for porky like my parents, but its pretty obvious my retirement is funded by the suffering of thousands and the labor extraction that I hate myself.
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Pretty much everyone with a salaried job has some kind of tax-deferred pension account whether its a 401k or a public retirement system like DRS in Washington. You need this to survive retirement, otherwise you will be working through your 70s.


So you double your savings. So what, you're still a tiny fraction of what porky owns.


File: 1623520396144.jpg (42.21 KB, 403x436, 1620441611918.jpg)

What I find more interesting about OPs post is the notion that capital has just abandoned the workers even to the point of abandoning the must vulnerable in society: The elderly.

I know from my own personal experiences that capital, basically, at this point, has gone with the "Get fucked approach" basically when you can't work anymore you are useless and tossed aside to die in a gutter or where ever assuming you can't make your way to a nursing home for whatever reason. Nursing homes are almost worse though. They are basically just mass produced temporary grave yards to put people until they actually can be put under the dirt.


Under capitalism, we are lower than even livestock. We are tools to be used and subsequently discarded. We are non-persons.
The laborer under capitalism is rendered non-human.
The consequences of such degradation are apparent, alarming, and must be immediately addressed.


Simple, create so much of a surplus that people can retire at 45 and expect the same riches they got while working
That way they're able to have a fruitful retirement as a reward for their fruitful contribution to the technate

File: 1623521933972.png (581.91 KB, 550x768, ClipboardImage.png)


G7 protesters face ‘intensive policing operation’ this weekend, campaigners warn
G7 protesters are facing an “intensive policing operation” this weekend, campaigners have warned, with officers arresting seven people before demonstrations had even begun. Police have been accused of harassing and intimidating campaigners in the run-up to the meeting of world leaders in Cornwall on Friday.

Aravalli Encroachment: SC Orders Clearance of 10,000 Houses as Khori Villagers Protest
In the midst of the raging COVID-19 pandemic's deadly second wave the Supreme Court on Monday had ordered the clearing out of all encroachments on Aravalli forest land, including in Khori village set on the outskirts of Faridabad.

Omanis demand benefits from economic reforms
“Where is the oil and gas?” chanted protesters in the southern city of Salalah, to question the state’s use of hydrocarbon revenues. Like them, hundreds of job seekers took to the streets of major cities in the Gulf sheikhdom in late May to protest over high youth unemployment and corruption.

Pharmacies close doors over shortages in crises-hit Lebanon
Pharmacies across Lebanon shuttered their doors on Friday to protest severe shortages of medicines as motorists lined up for hours outside gas stations since the crack of dawn. The two-day strike called by pharmacists over lack of supplies, including infant milk, as well as gasoline shortages were the latest signs of Lebanon’s economic and financial meltdown, which appears to be spinning out of control while the country’s leaders seem unable, or unwilling, to rein in the crises.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Puerto Rico: Power Outage Affects Numerous Areas of San Juan
Other substations in the San Juan metropolitan area also went out of service, such as the San Juan and Palo Seco power plants. Several witnesses reported that Guaynabo, Carolina, Hato Rey, Old San Juan, Miramar, Río Piedras, Luquillo, and Las Piedras were among the blackout areas. The Puerto Rico Fire Department has confirmed to local media its presence in the area of the explosion. "Units from DOE Hato Rey, Guaynabo, and Río Piedras are on their way to attend to the fire at the Monacillos station," they reported.

Uber and Lyft Ramp Up Legislative Efforts to Shield Business Model
As laid out in the draft, the companies would have signed an agreement with a single union giving it access to workers through corporate email systems. Once the union signed up 10 percent of the industry’s eligible workers and the state labor commissioner certified the arrangement, the union would have become the exclusive agent of all workers in the industry. No other union would have had a chance to represent them. Critics complained that the gig companies did not consult widely enough beyond some of the labor groups that stood to benefit — among them the machinists, which appeared likely to be the first to get email access to drivers, and the Transport Workers Union of America, which appeared to be first in line to get email access to delivery workers.

Man charged with hate crime after verbal, physical assault on family of Asian descent
The incident occurred at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, June 10, on Okaloosa Island on the Florida panhandle about 40 miles east of Pensacola, when witnesses say that 54-year-old Forney, Texas, tourist Wade Anton reportedly told a woman and her children to “go back where thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Errico Malatesta:Organization
Now, that organization, meaning association for a specific purpose and adopting the forms and means required in order to achieve that purpose, is a fundamental pre-requisite of living in society strikes us as self-evident. The isolated man cannot live even the life of a brute: other than in the tropics and when the population is exceedingly sparse, he cannot even feed himself; and remains, without exception, incapable of achieving a standard of living any better than the beasts’. Obliged, therefore, to combine forces with other people, and actually finding himself united with them as a result of the prior evolution of the species, he must either defer to the will of others (be a slave), or impose his own will on others (be an authority figure), or live in fraternal agreement with others for the sake of the greater good of all (be a partner). None can escape this need: and the most extravagant anti-organizers are not only subject to the overall organization of the society in which they live, but—even in purposeful acts in their own lives, and in their wrangles with organization—they come together and share the tasks and organize together with those of like mind and employ the means that society places at their disposal… provided, of course, that these are things genuinely wanted and enacted, rather than just vague, platonic aspirations and dreams dreamt. Anarchy signifies society organized without authority, authority being understood as the ability to impose one’s own wishes and not the inescapable and beneficial practice whereby the person who best understands and is most knowledgeable about the doing of something finds it easier to have his opinion heeded and, in that specific instance, serves as a guide for those less capable.

There Is No Labor Shortage, Only Labor Exploitation
For the past few months, Republicans have been waging a ferocious political battle to end federal unemployment benefits, based upon stated desires of saving the U.S. economy from a serious labor shortage. The logic, in the words of Republican politicians like Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, goes like this: “the government pays folks more to stay home than to go to work,” and therefore, “[p]ayingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1623531547532.jpeg (48.49 KB, 512x512, kropotkin makhno durr….jpeg)

>Errico Malatesta:Organization
Based anarchad News Anon


I was wondering what happened with the g7 protests. I've heard not even a whisper out of them.


File: 1623545104638.jpeg (49.07 KB, 500x531, R7667e6a3cfd9dd432fea7d18….jpeg)

thanks news anon

File: 1623539894250.jpeg (386.67 KB, 640x802, France-Albert_René,_June….jpeg)


Does anyone have anything interesting to say or any interesting bits of content about this guy? He, as a European in a country of majority Africans, rose to power in a bloodless coup d'état and began a regime that believed in 'Indian Ocean Socialism'.

He is seen by most as a beloved benevolent dictator who kept Seychelles for the people of Seychelles and saw the country's economy rise to be richer than other African islander nations, and later he stepped down and democracy would be later restored. This dude literally coup'd the British colony he was born on and made a successful Socialist regime and retired.


No clue. Don't care.


Was it really socialism or some sort of benevolent fascism?

File: 1623268451690.png (182.36 KB, 500x500, eb7eb7d2fe347b94abe5c0a73f….png)

 No.308187[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

It seems as if the tankie team is mogging people on the internet. I remember when they were the punching bag of the left, what happened? I barely even find anarchists anywhere at all now outside of the few stragglers that are left in their spaces. It seems as if anarchism has been phased out in the left.
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File: 1623535846037.png (318.66 KB, 582x603, cia.png)

if you ever wonder why theres an uptick in "tankies" on the left its probably because every other alternative is run by embarrassing retards that think like pic related they're probably not run by this but they make up a loud minority that won't shut the fuck up


Maupin's take on the Frankfurt school is literal dogshit


> a loud minority
Do you think its helpful to amplify their sectarianism?


u/tresor_public seems to be a troll account. Pretty much all of his posts are anti-tankie rants

Here's a link to the post in that image:


No actual anarchist claims to be a "left anarchist". This is either a troll or a glowie.

File: 1622837600119.png (1.04 MB, 2112x1394, 1612922843664.png)


Give me ONE (1) good reason why as materialists, Marxists and socialists we should allow metaphysical brain rot such as religion? Tell me how such religious socialists aren't just utopian socialists or, if scientific socialists, are just riding on the coattails of established materialist thought just to say "God did it" afterwards? Religious people act as a vector of spooks. It's like allowing yourself to be infected on purpose.
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good fuckin response, thanks


i really have never read Hagel
not even heard of him


wow can't even spell his name right, retard


why does every namefag has to be seriously braindamaged, except for cpusa anon? I guess it goes hand in hand with westoid hyper-individualistic brainworms, just like "anarchism" and left-communism.

You live in such a idealistic bubble it's no wonder I see your name pop up so often, it's just your life and it's some pseudo-intellectual game for you.


This has sublated the contradictions between based and cringed to become cringebased.
(For real, though, buzzwords aside, I agree with the sentiment).

File: 1623536252877.png (311.42 KB, 715x600, 654584cc98c11774725a6250cb….png)


Fellow libertarian here, gibs me your podcasts to diversify my news and stuff.
You guys should watch the channel "TIK", it might deradicalise you
Also twhq does not exist :)
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Honest question, why the f would I consider taking political advice from someone that thinks making a 40 hour step by step reconstruction of some irrelevant battles in North Africa to be a good use of time?




>shit posts about podcasts are politics
t.braindead libertarian


File: 1623541612407.webm (2.34 MB, 480x360, the_promise_of_obscene_en….webm)

File: 1623421345826.jpg (109.22 KB, 1500x1060, market.jpg)


Markets are unnecessary post-scarcity. All they serve to do is create artificial scarcity and deny people basic life necessities

It's time for wealthy countries to switch to a needs based system. And poorer countries are gonna be screwed regardess until they submit to Western imperialism and take up our demands of them.

prove me wrong
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>Markets are unnecessary post-scarcity.
Fucking nobody thinks that markets should be kept indefinitely, not even market socialists.

god damn some people are retards, can you even come up with non-strawmen?


>Fucking nobody thinks that markets should be kept indefinitely, not even market socialists.
why the fuck do they call themselves market socialists in that case?


I've never seen anything that can replace the efficiency of the market. Cockshott is attempting to figure it out but he doesn't even have a working model so I'm not optimistic.


Because they argue for using the market as an important step in development? Do you notice that the term is

and not


by this logic Lenin was a market socialist

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