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Pencil man is victorious, but will Kekko seppuku or kamikaze a Cessna full of cocaine into Peru Libre HQ?

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Digits or no digits, and the ride hasn't even started yet.


File: 1624138540007.jpg (395.87 KB, 2048x1536, E4RkDn6WUAEbG5c.jpg)



I- I kneel


is it happening?


File: 1624144492892.jpg (69 KB, 640x638, E4RtnbaXIAUou4M.jpg)

Gonna need source on that.

Incidentally, I have had a hunch for a while that here in Brazil the officers who keep making veiled threats at a coup have always been bluffing, because they know it's extremely unlikely someone will call them on it since we know they're all awful cunts. Well they're awful cunts but they don't have enough support to pull a coup, but that bluff is an incredibly powerful one.

File: 1622406795729.png (178.65 KB, 506x684, lula stalin media_Ey4qQrIW….png)

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/brg/ Brasil/Brazil/Bra卐il general
"My last warm feelings for humanity have died" edition

Melhor compilação dos atos circenses do executivo federal: https://medoedelirioembrasilia.wordpress.com/
Não inclui eventos nos picadeiros legislativo e executivo que não envolvem o executivo.

Fio anterior: >>216752
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File: 1624140632615.jpg (324.17 KB, 983x1280, E4Rsi8TWQAUsqZu.jpg)



File: 1624140787167.jpg (99.64 KB, 1024x710, E4RGQ8gX0AAh-Ol.jpg)

Ora piões, hoje também é aniversário do Chico Buarque.


Imagem falsa, a Terra não é redonda


Based as fuck


File: 1624144146692.jpg (165.96 KB, 907x680, E4R7viKX0AUQu6N.jpg)

ri com uma certa apreensão

File: 1624132951422.jpg (39.48 KB, 460x276, French Resistance communis….jpg)


>Towards the end of the occupation the PCF reached the height of its influence, controlling large areas of France through the Resistance units under its command. Some in the PCF wanted to launch a revolution as the Germans withdrew from the country,[207] but the leadership, acting on Stalin's instructions, opposed this and adopted a policy of cooperating with the Allied powers and advocating a new Popular Front government.[208]

What did Stalin mean by this?
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>muh wikipedia
Fuck off, you know you can just look at the article's sources. Here's the sources from the excerpt:
[207] Marshall, Bruce (2001) [1952]. The White Rabbit: The Secret Agent the Gestapo Could Not Crack. London: Cassell & Co. p. 42. ISBN 978-0-304-35697-3.
[208] Godin, Emmanuel; Chafer, Tony (2004). The French Exception. New York: Berghahn Books. p. 49. ISBN 978-1-57181-684-9.


>He was more preoccupied securing his power than expanding socialism and it killed the movement for a hundred plus years.
There is a valid critique of Stalin's decision regarding Greece to give, but this isn't it. The decision had nothing to do with trying to secure his own power, and everything to do with the perception that upsetting the allies would get the Soviets involved in yet another conflict or at the very least alienate those they would need to have some good will with during the post-war negotiations, making such a thing politically unviable given the USSR's current condition. Was the reasoning perhaps flawed? I would say yes, but it wasn't merely Stalin trying to "hold power".


Stalin loved class collaboration he did the same in latinamerica


Khrushchev was based for replacing this retarded stance of only building socialism in one state. Stalin at most only cared about other communists outside of the Soviet Union as his personal buffer zones that could be sacrificed for realpolitik whenever he wanted. Which was just as pointless as building socialism in a commune. Both will end up besieged and destroyed by the global capitalist system.

Another sad example is with Vietnam, when the French decided to invade Indochina again in 1946, Ho Chi Minh secretly travelled to the USSR to plead for support. Stalin straight up told him and the Soviet politburo that he didn’t trust HCM because he had been a nationalist (which was just hypocrisy on Stalin’s part). So HCM just pretended to take the autograph of Stalin and Molotov before bringing it back as “proof” for the Soviet support of the fight against the French. Sometimes you had to use trickery to oppose such idiotic mentality.


File: 1624144065375.png (125.56 KB, 666x507, 4076cccc4099887570d498d2b4….png)


File: 1622914360661.png (3.56 MB, 1200x1511, Capitalist Pyramid.png)


Absolutism was the most dominant form of government to maintain a feudal economic base. With the advent of capitalism, it got replaced by liberal democracy. There are obviously non-liberal forms of maintaining capitalism like Fascism, but could Absolutism also make sense of maintaining Capitalism? It obviously wouldn't like before since feudal economic realities and class mechanism are here anymore, but still? Is it even compatible with a capitalist civil society?
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>Honestly I think the notion of class struggle between these two can be overblown. Like, it existed, but let’s just say some people think of the rural peasantry as a ye olde revolutionary class when really it seems like it was always the people in the towns who were really driving a lot of the dynamic between the monarchy and the nobles.
This. An element that is often left out when analyzing pre-capitalist class dynamics is that it's more than just the antagonism between two classes, but also the intensity of that antagonism and how the mode of production either accelerates or mitigates it. In order for a class to be revolutionary, there has to be something that consistently accelerates that antagonism and drives the two into conflict, and more specifically something that prevents a stable compromise between the two. Under capitalism there is the need for profit maximization combined with the tendency of the rate of profit to fall. These factors force the bourgeoisie to constantly and exponentially expand their accumulation of capital, which in turn forces them to constantly expand their exploitation of the workers, and thus turns the workers into a revolutionary class. This isn't the case under feudalism in relation to the peasantry and the nobility. The lord of the manor doesn't really compete with the neighboring lords to constantly accumulate agricultural produce and expand his holdings, and indeed such a thing would be very difficult given the nature of feudal property relations and the inability for agriculture of that era to develop intensively the way industrial capital does. Competition between nobles usually takes the form of seeking wealth through conquest and jockeying for favour with the king/higher nobles, not through the most intense and efficient exploitation of their respective peasants. This allows the nobility and the peasantry to reach a long lasting compromise in terms of surplus extraction, one that is enough to satisfy both parties and sustain a relatively stable social order. Indeed these compromises can sometimes be so effective, that the peasantry will actually defend their nobles against people seeking to overthrow them, as happened in the Vendée during the French Revolution. This is why feudalism was able to last a thousand years without serious danger of collapsing while capitalism lurcPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1623706923804.jpg (362.63 KB, 1191x1684, pyramid.jpg)

>posting the early 20th century pyramid
Get with the times, bro. Material conditions have changed.


>Yeah they lost a world war silly
Because of nazis silly. The German aristocratic class was completely dissolved into the nazi party and lost all its political importance, becoming only a status signifier. And fascism is a bourgeoisie reaction to threats to capitalism.


This would be even more based if it didn't look like ot was drawn with crayon.


File: 1624142760461.png (779.41 KB, 1200x1824, Grace Six Books of Commonw….png)

I will pass my series on absolutism to this thread when it is finished, then, for leftoids.

File: 1608672881137.png (31.62 KB, 610x235, Screenshot_20201222_222342.png)

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Welp edition
Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread
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I'm telling you something real as a friend, you have to be wary. There could be a dark psychic force that uses your body and words as a channelling force for something very evil one day if you aren't cautious


File: 1623587253366.png (453.6 KB, 500x527, ClipboardImage.png)

Wrong, I am espousing Judaism. We breathe out the Torah (Teachings) though a non Jew may intuit the Teachings from observable reality, but also abuse their prefiguration to create a new and unfavorable situation. There is a large part of Marianne Williamson's thought which is correct, aswell. Jesus is a perfect example of the intuitive memeing gone incorrectly, through a knowledge of the Teaching he was able to morph reality to his will in various ways, but over time his good will became rotten. You see it in the video, she has an evil spirit. She wants to break something creative. Because the Teaching was maladapted it fell to Satanism. A witch is really just one who intuits Torah from physical being. But She needs a teacher to know it very well, unfortunately there are few good teachers in the World. The experiment of /pol/ is really an invention of the United States intelligence community, and it has found semi-success in attempting to replicate the meme-magickal practices of various groups in the past but especially those chosen in particular to wield this power by the universal life force. They didn't figure it out yet but the usual deciding factor concerning whether their various experiments on the /pol/ board come to fruition involves mainly whether any Chosen have decided to join their ranks, usually for fun and games. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but this type of situation all reeks to me of symbols indicating that Moshiach would return soon, as our Creator is setting the stage for a renewal of mankind, of a more graceful form than the Flood which He promised not to enact again.




Can someone fill me in on the places where the oldest COVID samples found yet?

File: 1624142412521.jpeg (3.4 KB, 278x181, images.jpeg)


Because I would

Patrick Stewart OBE is an English actor who is known for his work in various stage, television, film and video games in a career spanning six decades. He has been nominated for Olivier, Tony, Golden Globe, Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and Saturn Awards. Wikipedia


Moved to >>>/b/80273.

File: 1624105395482-0.jpg (44.66 KB, 355x600, Tulipomania.jpg)

File: 1624105395482-1.jpg (169.35 KB, 1079x1302, Nft_sales.jpg)


NFT sales are dropping but believers still see a future for digital collectibles

>Has the NFT bubble already burst?

>Non-fungible tokens took the art world by storm earlier this year. NFTs are a type of digital asset designed to show someone has ownership of a unique virtual item, such as online pictures and videos or even sports trading cards.

>In March, South Carolina-based graphic designer Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, sold an NFT for a record $69 million at a Christie’s auction. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million later that month.

>More recently, a rare digital avatar known as a CryptoPunk sold at Sotheby’s for over $11.7 million on Thursday. Total NFT sales reached an eye-watering $2 billion in the first quarter, according to data from Nonfungible, a website which tracks the market.

>But new data shows the NFT hype is fading. Overall sales plunged from a seven-day peak of $176 million on May 9, to just $8.7 million on June 15, according to numbers from Nonfungible. That means volumes are now roughly back where they were at the start of 2021.

>Meanwhile, prices of major NFTs appear to be sliding. CryptoPunks, one of the most popular NFT projects, fell from a weekly average of $99,720 in early May to $50,840 at the start of June. SuperRare digital art prices have fallen on average from a record of $31,778 to $5,342 in a similar timespan.

>One of the main reasons for the sharp drop in the NFT market was a sudden rise and fall in sales of new crypto collectible items called MeeBits — made by the creators of CryptoPunks — according to Gauthier Zuppinger, chief operating officer of Nonfungible.

>“The thing is that, each time you’ll notice such a quick increase on any trend, you’ll see a relative decrease, which basically stands for a market stabilization,” he told CNBC.

>Geoff Osler, CEO and co-founder of NFT app S!NG, said the digital collectibles craze was likely driven by “pent-up demand” from wealth accumulated from rising cryptocurrency prices, and that the market now seems to be calming in tandem with a drop in crypto markets.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A lot of people who buy and sell art are treating it more as a speculative asset that looks pretty and carries social points in the meantime while it appreciates in value. Many of them barely have their own feelings on it that aren’t just regurgitated wall text from existing institutions. The braindead money laundering meme ought to serve as an entry point for understanding art objects, the artists who create them and their relationships to the art market at large (galleries, museums and auction houses) but it often doesn't.


>To the people saying NFTs are stupid, do you think the stock market is stupid too?
One of the greatest things about digital art / new media was that it ostensibly existed parallel to market forces. Bringing one of the worst aspects of the physical art market onto the internet is like one of the last things any sane person in this field would want. For example, Christie's sold NFTs of upscaled versions of Andy Warhol's Amiga 1000 paintings last month, which was a massive slap in the face for digital conservationists who've been working hard to ensure norms and develop standards to emulate and conserve digital art.


Stocks are actually legally binding and give you a physical stake in the company, whereas owning and NFT doesn't give you any actual ownership rights


>Christie's sold NFTs of upscaled versions of Andy Warhol's Amiga 1000 paintings last month


The stock market can be pretty stupid especially in the short term and when you get into derivatives and all that but at least equities are tied to future profits and dividends. Meanwhile crypto is pure speculation while a stock will rise and fall based on its fundamentals over the long term, crypto will just rise and fall for no reason other than other people are parking there money there. However this isn't unique to crypto and applies to "investing" in pretty much any commodity.

File: 1622326196194.jpg (109.75 KB, 960x540, EwydAFdXMAgpQ8i.jpg)

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Thread for the discussion of Anarchism.

Old one is full (>>139334)

Foundational texts:
>Alexander Berkman, ABCs of Anarchist-Communism
>Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
>Errico Malatesta, Anarchism and Organization

Contemporary theory:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Sergey Nechayev

What does vaccines have to do with him? Also, what does /leftypol/ think of him? I've been reading Demons by Dostoevsky and one of the main characters (Pyotr Stepanovich) is based on Sergey—Dostoevsky paints him as a manipulating, moral-less, and power-hungry crook. Is this an unfair picture? I also know that Marx shat on him and called his vision "Barracks Communism;" what does /leftypol/ think of that?


I don't understand, did they defend successfully at rhe end ?


reject fire inspections, set fire to barricades


why aren't Hierarchies part of human nature?


'human nature' is malleable.

File: 1624136564641.jpg (757.74 KB, 1650x1152, IN THE STREETS.jpg)


NK state media: Kim Jong Un says prepare for "dialogue and confrontation" with U.S.
"The General Secretary stressed the need to get prepared for both dialogue and confrontation, especially to get fully prepared for confrontation in order to protect the dignity of our state and its interests for independent development."

Iran election: With a Raisi presidency diplomacy is not doomed, experts say
As Iranian and American officials hold indirect talks in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal, an electoral "one-man race" in Iran will likely propel a hardline conservative to the presidency. With current President Hassan Rouhani unable to run because of term limits, his foreign policy - that is often described as pragmatic, if not moderate - will likely be replaced with a more one under judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi.

Left, Congress also demand withdrawal of Bengal Governor
Earlier this week, Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader and chairperson of the Left Front Biman Bose said the Governor was “identifying himself as a BJP man”. “The way the Centre is intervening in affairs of the State and the State government isn’t right. This includes the role of the Governor…What he is doing isn’t right either,” he observed.

Puebla group concerned about coup movements in Peru
The progressive alliance issued a statement highlighting its support for Castillo in his defense of democratic institutionality and made a patriotic call to the Armed Forces to maintain their condition of civility and neutrality in the face of the results of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>US to pull defence systems, aircraft and hundreds of troops from Middle East: Report
What did they mean by this?


Iowa governor signs bill increasing punishment for protest-related crimes
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) on Thursday signed a bill into law that will increase the punishment for protest-related crimes and strengthen legal protections for law enforcement. The new law, known as the "Back the Blue" bill, will make rioting a felony in Iowa as opposed to a misdemeanor. It will also increase legal penalties for blocking streets or highways, a local CBS affiliate reported.

Ethics experts are concerned that the children of top Biden aides are getting jobs in the White House, report says
"All political appointees should be hired similar to the way the rest of the world is hired, where it is posted, competitive and transparent," Mark Hanis, the co-founder of Inclusive America, told the Post. "Unfortunately, with a lot of these political positions, it is relational. It's more about who you know."

Tropical Storm Claudette batters Gulf Coast
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has been putting out warnings since Friday for Alabama, Florida and Mississippi, with Saturday morning’s warning saying the tropical storm watch will now also include North Carolina. “Claudette is expected to produce heavy rainfall and life-threatening flash flooding across coastal Mississippi and Alabama, and the western Florida Panhandle through the afternoon,” the NHC tweeted.

Chick-fil-A has been accused of wasting fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Stronger Together? Problems with Keir Starmer’s latest pitch
KEIR STARMER’S launch of Stronger Together, as Labour is calling its new policy package, faces a number of hurdles. North of the border the title’s echoes of the ill-starred Better Together campaign, in which Labour teamed up with the Tories in opposition to Scottish independence, is guaranteed to invite mockery. More seriously, Stronger Together’s central pitch — that the Conservatives have divided the country, and Labour can bring it back together — is superficial. Press-released themes don’t put much meat on the bones, a motherhood and apple pie selection of soundbites: “Safe and secure communities,” “a future where families come first” and, vaguest of all, “Britain in the world.” Unity is a platform Starmer’s stood on before. He won the Labour leadership as the unity candidate, promising to stand by the main policies of the Jeremy Corbyn leadership, which continued to be overwhelmingly popular: extensions of public ownership to “rail, mail, energy and water,” bans on zero-hours contracts, an end to illegal wars, higher taxes on the rich. His campaign was not honest. In office he has done everything he can to marginalise and silence the left.

Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment
Years pass, and journalist Julian Assange languishes in a British jail. His crime? Truthful reporting of U.S. military atrocities in Iraq, reporting that sparked a lust for vengeance among U.S. politicos and military men. With Assange, the American empire would manage what imperialists couldn’t with whistleblower Edward Snowden, who slipped through their fingers by wisely fleeing to Russia – namely, torture him to death in prison. For whatever reason, perhaps a mistaken belief in the rule of law, the power of a free press and the force of public opinion, Assange did not take refuge in Russia, China or Venezuela. This was a fatal mistake. Legal niceties simply fall like matchsticks in the wind when the empire takes offense. Its gaudy invocations of truth and justice are then exposed as mere words. If you doubt that, recall U.S. military jets forcing the grounding of Bolivian presidentPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1619322465275.jpg (172.78 KB, 800x594, daniar-joldoshbekov-.jpg)

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Lately I've gotten into an argument with a friend of mine about the USSR's role in WW2, especially the splitting up of Poland. He argues that the USSR collaborated with nazi germany in taking over Poland and also started resisting the bazi war effort way too late.
What do you think? Can the USSR be blamed for the nazis taking over half of Poland? What sources exist that point out the USSR's special role in fighting nazi germany?
282 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Holy shit, would you look at that


>Ilyukhin died on the evening of 19 March 2011 in his country house in Kratovo, waiting an ambulance. The Russian Communist Party was concerned why it took the ambulance so long to arrive, and announced an independent investigation since Ilyukhin appeared healthy and never complained of heart problems before his sudden death.

Looking at "investigation of Katyn" https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Расследование_Катынского_дела_в_годы_перестройки_и_после_распада_СССР

>В мае 2010 года депутат Госдумы России от фракции КПРФ Виктор Илюхин заявил, что ему удалось собрать доказательства фальсификации ряда ключевых документов по катынскому расстрелу, в частности, письма Берии № 794/Б и записки Шелепина на имя Хрущева от 3 марта 1959 года. По словам Илюхина, над созданием документов работали бывший руководитель Росархива Рудольф Пихоя, бывший вице-премьер и глава межведомственной комиссии по рассекречиванию документов ЦК КПСС Михаил Полторанин, первый заместитель руководителя службы безопасности президента, генерал-майор ФСБ Георгий Рогозин

In May 2010 Ilyukhin said that he gathered proofs that Beria's letter 749/B and Shelepin's note to Khruschev 1959 were FAKE. And in March 2011 he died. With documents, previously kept in a safe, disappearing.

Amazing stuff, innit?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


As usual, Hitler and Stalin defenders don't disappoint when it comes to the demonstration of their low intelligence.

> Let's look at 607 NKGB order…

> Whoops, there's none!

Wait, there's no order on a woefully incomplete website therefore it didn't exist? That's awesome logic!

> For September 18 there's only order 539. In 3 days they did 68 orders? Well, I guess it's possible, but there's no such order 607 document on the site Tubus uses.

Except Tubus didn't even find this table because he's a complete moron who can't tell between NKGB and NKVD. He only shows the NKVD orders table.

> America-printed secret diaries of Beria?

Heh, having a problem with grasping the basics, aren't ya?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Recent evidence showed the corpses in the burial site got shot with German bullets and pistols.
This is literary impossible to determine with some decayed casings.


>>Recent evidence showed the corpses in the burial site got shot with German bullets and pistols.

That's like such a dumb statement because this fact was literally announced for the whole world by the Germans themselves in their "White book" in 1943.


>assigned to "USSR Center"
As in, UkrSSR, just to be clear.

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