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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1622905238600.jpg (41.9 KB, 720x595, FB_IMG_1622904983819.jpg)


It appears, to me, advertising has taken a right wing bend. I would say this is because right wingers probably tend to be the ones who actually pay attention to advertisements where liberals are more likely to ignore them or use some type of ad blocker and leftists like us will just out right block them all together because they do not appeal to us in any way.

Imo, This has created a dichotomy where the target demographic is chosen upon ideological lines. Are We are witnessing ideological capitalism on certain areas of the internet? Lol.
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Shut the fuck up, retard.


What the actual fuck is the logic behind semen retention anyway? Is it even real? Is there any proof that not jacking it cause sperm to be reabsorbed by your body? Even if that happens is there any proof it gives you more T? And with post nut clarity being far more concrete how could anyone think not jacking it leads to any kind of mental clarity?


We completely missed the point of this thread. Use YouTube Vanced for mobile or set up some kind DNS server like pihole.


>cranking one out is a sin against God
Except there was no god. Just old jews pretending to talk to god so they could pass down common sense to the idiot masses. They made the very simple and obvious observation that a young man who masturbated failed to get married, failed to have any children, failed to grow roots in the community, and failed to have any interest in doing anything productive that benefited the tribe. Rather than explain this obvious concept to idiots they simply made up the lie that jerking off will land you in hell. The lie is false. The truth that motivated the lie remains as true in 2021 as it was in 4000 BC.


Married sex with the focus of procreation is sin free sex. God has a purpose for sex.

File: 1623514079295.jpeg (506.2 KB, 2000x1349, degeneratartexhibit.jpeg)


What's /leftypol/'s opinion on the concept of degeneracy? Poltards rail against it endlessly and obviously the nazis weren't too keen on it either. But can it be said to exist? Should individual autonomy be curtailed if it leads to wonton and reckless behavior?

The implication is that if not in some way disciplined, liberty leads to certain forms of deviation in those with low inhibition or sicko tastes, poop eating or cannibalism and bug chasing and the like. A certain cast of liberal has a "live and let live" or "do whatever you want in your own privacy" mentality towards such behaviors, however one can argue that nothing stays sealed up in an isolated private environment but always affects the broader culture even if indirectly. The right in turn views individual behavior as a cell in a social organism, and that deviation therefore departs from objective standards of decency and propriety which and so must be reprimanded. This begs the question of who gets to decide what's degenerate or not, if there is such a thing without delving into spooks of racial or genetic purity.

It seems that the left is more inclined to believe in decadance–as in conspicuous consumption or wealth inequality and the excesses of the rich, rather than degeneracy. Though arguably the two are linked.
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Good post comrade. You make a good point that excessive pleasure-seeking can become pathological, and that this tendency is deliberately instilled by consumerism.

It's also valid that a healthy society should seek to bring the best out of people rather than cater to their vices. Fast food is a good example. It's designed to basically turn you into a brain-fogged, overweight addict, but in a rational society fast food would be frowned upon, or treated like the unhealthy substance it is and taxed like cigarettes as a disincentive to both buy and sell it. (How you might define fast food is another story, and this also suggests a certain level of authoritarian presumption as to who decides what's good for you.)

Under capitalism people are encouraged to consume and embrace their weaknesses and indulge to their limits. And liberalism embraces this tenets by encouraging unhealthy behaviors. Attempts to promote sound mind and body as social values according to radlibs is even sometimes considered fascist, because of Nazi Germany's association with mandatory public exercise, cult of rugged masculine athleticism and idealized promotion the fit and eugenically perfected Aryan . They even had a government agency, the National Socialist League of the Reich for Physical Exercise which forced people to work out.

But wellness of mind and body is not a political ideal, it is a human ideal, and these decadent libtard tendencies ought to be overcome. Of course this does not mean mistreating or forcing anything on anyone but rather gently incentivizing behavior that brings out rather than squanders human potential.


>What are you talking about? The Nazis were obsessed with the concept of degeneracy.
"not too keen on" is an expression which means not liking something.

>Okay, and? Why should I care?

Because it's better to live in a healthy society?

>What behaviors constitute decadence?

I literally spell it out in the same sentence anon. It's the excesses of the rich. Exuberant wastefulness and extravagance that disregards how bad everything is in the world and insults the struggling poor. Think pre-revolutionary France and the grand balls of Versailles while the laboring masses went breadless.


>Ignore use of ``decadence,`` as the word degeneracy was meant to be typed but was over-corrected.
Okay then never mind
(my post)


What was the post ?



File: 1622728074319.png (14.19 KB, 900x600, Flag_of_the_Turkish_Republ….png)


Is the conflict between greeks and turks still big? I know it is still divided. Some months ago I read that the Mediterranean Sea was heating up between Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and if I am not mistaken France. Any cypriots here to redpill me?
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File: 1623525322273.png (177.04 KB, 556x338, 20210612_151456.png)

Cyprus belongs to the mediterranean island federation


aramean male


File: 1623525775270.jpg (422.8 KB, 1242x1221, alliancekot.jpg)

I WON'T tolerate discrimination and hateful language against our neighbor


They haven't been the same since the sea people attacked


With its eternal capital Malta

File: 1623472056843.jpg (149.41 KB, 609x1024, ebe365d24ff2313cb2be8ff49e….jpg)


I only believe in 2 things, supply and demand that is it. It doesnt matter what economic system a country falls under like socialism dengism or capitalism it doesnt matter how many fucking ideas economic theories models whatever are created. All that matters is supplying peoples needs and the rest fixes itself…
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If I make 3 chairs every day, after a year I'll have 1000+ chairs. My process for making the chairs doesn't change, so how can the amount of labour it takes to make a chair change?


>Muh marginal utility

Where did the amount of labor it took to make a chair change? What are you talking about? What the fuck are you talking about? This is what I hate about presumptuous lolberts. They never state their points clearly just beating around the bush huffing their own farts


>The less of something there is the more labor it takes to procure
Specifically responding to this, which doesn't make sense to me. I'm a commie btw, not a lolbert.


File: 1623521638001.png (141.85 KB, 600x600, 1623378212473.png)

Since you believe in supply and demand so much, how you supply my demand of my dick getting sucked with your mouth?


File: 1623522134104.jpg (64.72 KB, 700x732, 1622486190098.jpg)

K, soz, but, I don't get what you mean, anon: The construction of a chair takes X labor time. Under capitalism the need to exchange arises due the material processes of the system historically: Division of labor and monopolization of commodities. The capitalist exchanges a portion of his capital in the form of a wage to a worker for the production of more capital. in this case chairs. A whole process arises outside of the realm of the specific utility of the commodity in which in order for an exchange to take place there must be an equivalency between two commodities: 1 ton of rice for 1 ton of wheat, 1 ton of grain for 1 ton hay, 1 ton of x for 1 ton of y, 1 hundred dollars for 1 ton of x.

The point I am making here and the point Marx was trying to get at is that, through all of this, the actual labor it takes to make a chair does not change during that point in time. Over time it my change due to technological advancement, but, that is irrelevant for now. Right now it takes X amount of labor to construct a chair; we measure this labor in the form of time, or, labor time.

Ergo, a chair and its production will always be X meaning X is the value of the chair. Now, take something like diamonds, for example, it takes much much more abstract labor time, to produce one diamond than it does a chair. You have to get people to work in a quary for days and days on end to only, possibly, turn up one diamond.

Hence scarcity, thus the value of the diamond is much higher than that of a chair. All assuming that both are produced at the socially necessary standard of labor which is another can of worms all together. Sorry I didn't mean to be a dick I am just really hung over.

File: 1623473932985.png (324.54 KB, 576x566, generic.png)


Why does porky keep inflating educational requirements for jobs that didn't use to have them?

Rightoids complain about this shit, when in reality its porky and his corporations that keep requiring degrees for jobs that don't require them(or do they?) If it was outlawed to require degrees for jobs except for licensure reasons aka engineers/doctors/lawyers, then there would be no more people going to college now than in the 1960s, like <10% of the population.
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Debt trap via increased competition.


This. Blame 2008. High educated people that fired were then forced to accept entry level jobs to make ends meet. Additionally, we have higher education convince millions of people that structural issues in capitalism was a by-product of their failures and that the only way to survive was to get a master degree. So by the time 2012 rolled around we have a market with too many highly educated people and not enough positions to fill their roles. Porky solved this by raising the requirements of entry level jobs on a widespread level and our society accepted it because economists don't look at societies they look at graphs.

Now in 2021, people are perpetually stuck investing in higher education for bare-minimum positions because Porky refuses to go back to a time where they couldn't min-max as hard as they do now.


so if the working class gets increased bargaining power will we see education requirements start to drop?


>ctrl f
no mention of reserve army of labor or marx
you have to be kekking me


So they can exclude applicants that they don't like. Too many people complain about discrimination, so if porky sets high requirements, porky can just say that people didn't meet the requirements.

See >>314088

File: 1623353978606.png (297.05 KB, 576x566, blur.png)

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Why does the working class hate professionals and 'educated' people more than porky? It's like workers worship porky but hate white collar professionals for some reason and see them as being somehow more "elite" than the actual elites. College education is seen as elitist despite the fact that hundreds of millions have gone to college, not really 'elite' at all
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Fractions of the "PMC" are also the ones most interested in socialism as well. Proletarians largely don't give a shit about ideological projects, left or right.


Do you think that the “PMC” aren’t proletarian?


File: 1623516157471.png (9.81 KB, 255x192, 1622844213997.png)



Intra-class struggle is not as significant as inter-class struggle.



Use their struggle to analysie it! and use it agains't them.
So yes!is important

File: 1623472725201.png (7.88 KB, 241x209, thinking.png)


How does the LTV deal with non fungibility of labor. Sure anyone can become a factory/warehouse worker, but can anyone become a professional footballer? or a surgeon? The more specialized the labor, the less of the population is able to do it, whether that be because of strength, athletic ability, intelligence, skill, or innate talent. It's pretty clear that human labor is not 100% fungible and even if someone can switch to a different career they might be worse at it. A person who could have been a great plumber might end up as a mediocre secretary for example.
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read a fucking book you brainlet


Oh, this is the west virginia rapemeat



Most jobs aren't fulfilling like that. The pay differentials are important



Classical economic value = general value



Indeed. We retain only a portion of the value. For what possible reason should we attain more than this? We did not create the value, we merely improved upon it.

File: 1623495291650.jpeg (1.66 MB, 2048x1296, 24417B1E-CC5B-4A99-B5D9-6….jpeg)


>Wtf they don’t even bother mentioning the years between 1900 and 1914
>Wtf they refer to Britain as the “World’s Policeman” and then link to articles on “Pax Britannica”
>Wtf they claim fascism arose from “Post-War Angst”
>Wtf they call the post-war Eastern European countries “Soviet puppet states” while the Western countries are “American allies”


File: 1623495971134.jpg (40.52 KB, 400x400, anon-i.jpg)

>gets angry about a wikipedia article


Not even angry, for starters, I found it quite bewildering that a summary of the 20th Century completely ignores the first 15 years


wikipedia is shit for any controversial history, especially anything regarding communism, USA wars or all shit where consent was manufactured.
A press article (even a ridiculous, debunked one) of any US mainstream media is valued more than any scientific article, which is all you need to know about their sourcing policy


That's typical Western historiography bro.


Get an ebook reader and fill it with actual history books.

File: 1623179105809.png (8.29 KB, 275x183, images (2).png)


The united states spent 100s of billions of usd on infrastructure, loans vehicles and more on that country, more aid was provided to Afghanistan from the USA alone than literally every other Islamic state combined and the country is still awful. I can understand the effect of afghanistans chronic government corruption and the amount of crime fueled by jihadist mobs create an unstable environment for Afghanistan's citizens but the fact that afghan refugees and migrants still live in poverty and amount to nearly nothing in places where they have fair opportunities in places like britain and france scream something awful about the god awful cultural norms found within the country.


I dont hate afghanistan or Afghans but that countries complete failure as a whole is so fucking aggravating
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But doesnt give a single fuck about UN and ships fuel and weapons in the country. They have underground train networks if i remember correctly.



Indeed. China and NK could improve relations.
NK doesn't do well at making friends like say Iranians do. None of this makes ML look like a good option. We need to think of something better.



Μαλακές, plain and simple.

There is actually no reliable data on the DPRK's economy. Even the detailed reports on just energy production in the DPRK by the nautilus institute are just elaborate pencil pusher reports based on assumptions and guessed by just two authors.

The economic estimate for the DPRK have gdp per capita basically unchanged or even declined from the the 90s. Like as poorer than the Philippines (now tell me, nevermind ballistic missiles and tanks, does the Philippines even have cnc machines, let alone the capacity to manufacture them?)

There is basically zero proper publically available economic data about the DPRK after 1975, and even 65-75 is a bit shaky.


>modern pro government neoliberal much like fred Hampton
>your calling sankara a socialist
retard alert


imagine being so wrong even when youre a dishonest slime your arguments doesnt hold

File: 1623497654287.png (578.37 KB, 828x1296, 1622705876076.png)


>be me
>be Arab living in europe
>sitting outside coffee shop having a drink
>zoomer girl with pride flag shows up, starts handing out flyers to everyone
>looks at me, ignores me and doesn't hand me a flyer
>what did xir mean by this?
When did you realize that white women are impediment to socialism?
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White women ain’t shit, who knew?


<white women
You already answered yourself


Idpol uyghur.
libs gonna lib


Cringe and libpilled.
Since when is leftypol filled with faggot falseflaggers


Anon I…

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