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idk what 4/pol/ has against you. Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 20:29:33 No. 1301299 [Reply]
You guys are cool.
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>>1301299 our mere existence fucks with their entire narrative of cringe libtards vs based redpillers
>>1301310 But you don't reject political correctness, you don't ruin any fantasy but conform to a caricature
(83.63 KB 700x465 colgate-lasagna.jpg)
>>1316031 In jobs and sectors where the consumer is the local community, like bakeries, department stores, grocery stores, or even libraries, then having the consumer on board to work together and help make decisions with the workers is important. A lot of these could also be merged like how Walmart has a bakery, parts store, gardening, etc. There will be elections where a county's people can nominate themselves similar to a democracy, and get reserved positions in the county's cooperative if they win the elections. These people will have their ideas on what the community needs, so the people will decide by voting on who represents their needs most. The workers now will have a direct line to the community and their needs since the community voted for those people, and can work to get these needs satisfied and can avoid investing into something the community does not need. It is important to have the consumer's voice in these cases because workplaces can act like an echo chamber and can make them take decisions that are very disconnected from the community's needs. Similar to how companies would invest and make failed products that sure, can be cool, but no body wanted it to begin with, or that need is already satisfied by other better products. You obviously don't need consumers in power plants for example, since their needs can just be boiled down to a number of megawatts to meet.
>>1326478 Cope harder faggot
>>1301949 No matter how many times you say it, rightoids refuse to believe you.

(1.16 MB 998x1500 xy8vji735wey.png)
News 2/27/21 News Anon 3.0 02/27/2021 (Sat) 22:31:10 No. 1326287 [Reply]
Philippine critics in firing line of anti-communist misinformation war Cristina Palabay, head of rights group Karapatan, says she fears for her life after 13 of the watchdog's members were killed under Duterte. The most recent victim was Zara Alvarez, who was "heavily red-tagged" before she was gunned down in August. Palabay said she no longer sleeps in the same location on consecutive nights, avoids shopping malls and even stopped visiting her parents after receiving anonymous death threats. https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210225-philippine-critics-in-firing-line-of-anti-communist-misinformation-war https://archive.is/F9WD9 NPA Kill 5 AFP Soldiers During Encounter In Misamis Occidental Province At around 12 noon on January 30, 2021, an NPA-Misamis Occidental squad engaged in a firefight with army forces belonging to the 10th IB PA in Brgy. Beyond, Don Victoriano, Misamis Occidental. Five (5) AFP soldiers were killed during the battle, of which 4 were regulars and 1 was a member of the CAA and had injuries. https://www.redspark.nu/en/peoples-war/philippines/npa-kill-5-afp-soldiers-during-encounter-in-misamis-occidental-province/ Chilean Communists reject government plan for La Araucania In a four-point statement, the PC notes that already in 2018 the government proposed something similar with a known 'Plan impulso Araucania' (Boosting plan for Araucania), which only left a balance of 'pain, deaths and systematic violations to the Human Rights of the Mapuche people,' under the never confirmed excuse of the existence of terrorism in the region. https://www.plenglish.com/index.php?o=rn&id=64897&SEO=chilean-communists-reject-government-plan-for-la-araucania Calls for Colombian riot police to be disbanded after protester loses eye in clashes CALLS are growing for Colombia’s special riot squad to be disbanded after a 24-year-old man lost his left eye during a protest against police violence in the capital Bogota earlier this week. Gareth Steven was injured when the Mobile Anti-Riot Squadron (Esmad) went on the rampage, attacking a peaceful demonstration and seriously injuring at least four people. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/calls-colombian-riot-police-be-disbanded-after-protester-loses-eye-clashes

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Moderate Rebels: Life in Venezuela under US sanctions, resisting the imperial gangsters in Washington Ben Norton speaks with Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera, from inside Caracas, about the US blockade, the Biden administration's continued recognition of puppet Juan Guaidó, and Washington's gangster-like theft. https://soundcloud.com/moderaterebels/venezuela-us-sanctions-diego-sequera Interview with TKP-ML MK SB Member: "WITH THE DYNAMICS OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TARGETS OF REVOLUTION ..." The subject we want to talk about is the United Revolutionary Struggle, which has received the attention of our people, especially the revolutionary public agenda in the last period… At this point, what does your party think about action unions and alliances and HBDH in this context. The process shows that the class struggle will be harder and harder in all respects. Against the attacks of the imperialists, their collaborators and their henchmen, the well-framed actions and forces, alliances and so on. we have to emphasize examples of solidarity and develop practices in this direction. These unions can cover all legal and illegal areas of struggle as well as be limited. What is important here is that each party-organization participating in the unity of action can demonstrate the ability to create a unique form in accordance with the spirit of unity. Because the main thing is to put the general interests of the people and the revolution at the center of the work. Communists approach the problem within this historical consciousness. Action unions and alliances, the difficulties of the process, our shortcomings, our deficiencies, etc. it should not be handled in a hopeless and futuristic way. Likewise, we should always care about fighting practices in the same trenches and positions in order to be an active organizer and component of the just and legitimate struggles of all oppressed and laborers. https://www.tkpml.com/en/tkp-ml-mk-sb-uyesiyle-roportaj-devrim-hedefi-olanlarin-halk-saflarindaki-dinamiklerle-siki-bir-sekilde-birlesmesi-dusman-saflarindaki-gelismeleri-dogru-ele-almasi-zorunluluktur/ https://archive.is/SozDm Greece: The Ghost of Junta Past Returns On February 22, Koufontinas asked the doctors to remove the IV providing him hydration in order to escalate his hunger strike to include water. This could make him the first political prisoner to die of a hunger strike in Europe since Bobby Sands (and several other members of the Irish Republican Army) in 1981. On February 23, the prosecutor’s office approved the forced feeding of Dimitris against his will. Meanwhile, the New Democracy government continues to use the pandemic to implement far-right policies and target opponents. Behind the genteel manners with which they seek to present themselves as the new political center, the ghost of the military junta that ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974 has come back to haunt the country. Those who rule Greece today are directly descended—some by blood as well as through political lineage—from the Greeks who cooperated with the Nazis to deport the Jews from Thessaloniki and to fight the partisans of Peloponnesus and Pelion. They are the modern-day counterparts of those who collaborated with the US military against the communist guerrillas, using napalm to destroy the forests of Northern Greece. 1New Democracy was the first political party to follow the 1970s Junta. They have been in power many times. The party that preceded them in power this time, Syriza, dramatically betrayed the hopes invested in it. As a consequence, New Democracy won majority control of parliament, placing Greek society entirely at the mercy of a single party. Their campaign hinged on promising their right wing base that they would take revenge against the left, anarchists, revolutionary groups, prisoners, refugees, and other targets of reactionary hatred. When they came to power, they inaugurated a new era of policing and repression involving new technology, anti-terror laws, US-style judicial punishment, so-called “quality of life” policing and investigations, and an unprecedented increase in police state and military funding. This left many in shock. Remarkably, however, despite facing all of these challenges, the movement is remaining vibrant and visible. People are continuing to struggle against the odds. Facing this post-modern junta, we extend our love to everyone else around the world who is confronting the same neoliberal restructuring and fascist violence. https://crimethinc.com/2021/02/25/greece-the-ghost-of-junta-past-returns-the-hunger-strike-of-dimitris-koufontinas
(545.54 KB 900x1000 1613882063322.png)
Thanks news anon
Tech companies handing over private information to Indian government amidst farmers' protests https://theintercept.com/2021/02/27/india-climate-activists-twitter-google-facebook/
>>1326287 >Gorbachev He keeps trying, why?
>>1326288 >NYPD Test Deployment of K-9 Robot in Bronx Home Boston Dynamics has no say, they just made Metal Gear.

News 2/23/21 News Anon 3.0 02/23/2021 (Tue) 19:28:23 No. 1325212 [Reply]
Greek Police violently attacks university students' protest Once again Greek riot police used excessive violence against protesters, attacking a peaceful student's demonstration at Thessaloniki's Aristotle University. The students were protesting for their right to free education and against the new law which aims to permit police presence in university campuses. https://www.idcommunism.com/2021/02/greek-police-violently-attacks-university-students-protest.html https://archive.is/hrGkt Nepal's top court orders reinstatement of parliament in blow to PM Nepal’s top court on Tuesday ordered the reinstatement of parliament, dealing a blow to Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli two months after he dissolved the house and called for an early election amid squabbling within the ruling Communist party. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nepal-politics-court/nepals-top-court-orders-reinstatement-of-parliament-in-blow-to-pm-idUSKBN2AN1FX Belarus Communist Party accuse West of sewing disorder in the country Senior Communist Party of Belarus official Nikolai Volovich reiterated support for Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who faces increasing pressure following last week’s imposition of new sanctions by the European Union. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/belarus-communist-party-accuse-west-of-sewing-disorder-in-the-country Nazi-saluting historian with far-right ties resigns as regional director of Polish institute tasked with probing Holocaust crimes Tomasz Greniuch, a historian by training, has resigned his position as regional director of Poland’s influential Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). It came on Monday after weeks of pressure from politicians, activists and public figures, who saw him as an extremely inappropriate choice to hold the position given his past ties to the far-right. https://on.rt.com/b2fa

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>>1325230 what are you talking about? even the fucking socdems don't support these laws, a good solid 2/3rd of the country is against them. where the fuck do you live
(134.02 KB 357x357 fumi.png)
>>1325743 The average SYRIZA voter isn't some progressive dude mate. I know plenty of them who even believe COVID isn't real. They can be as reactionary as a fascist in some aspects or at least a liberal. I'm not saying this of course to slander on SYRIZA. That's just how things are. Also, I doubt a "solid 2/3rd of the population" is against it. Most of them are these dudes who say "yeah I'm against it BUT".
>>1325775 Lol, why?
>>1325774 you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. not even ND tenured university professors support this bill unanimously. it's not a matter of right wing or not, they're literally making a police force that has an annual budget 3 times higher than the actual budget for the 3 biggest universities combined. even the police union is against this bill, it's being passed so that ND can give government jobs with decent salaries to a chunk of its voters, while further lowering the funding of the universities themselves in the long run to further push for the privatization of universities. that's why kerameos kai hrisohoidis have such a hard on for it, but not even ND trolls on social media defend this. My own supervising professor is a die-hard NDhead, and she voted against it at the senate meeting. you're obviously not greek, so stop spreading bullshit. and fuck syriza and your shitty zaioi friends
(584.76 KB 671x1069 1606349772443.jpg)
>>1326214 Dude, I just wanted to complain about some friends and some people in my inner circles that are in denial for being reactionary scums and the people who try and cope that everything will be fine "because there's also a good side" why are you ranting? Tbf, I may be at blame here because I can see why you got confused but whatever. Kys anyway for that attitude.

(13.57 KB 332x450 Erich-Honecker-1976.jpg)
Books on the GDR Anonymous 02/27/2021 (Sat) 19:14:23 No. 1326251 [Reply]
Comrades, recommend me some good books on the GDR and it's economy
>>1326253 >>1326254 Thanks anon. OP asked, and you delivered.
>>1326253 >>1326254 OP here. Thanks so much.

(411.85 KB 925x894 1613462634528.jpg)
Anonymous 02/28/2021 (Sun) 12:23:20 No. 1326406 [Reply]
Okay so let's say, hypothetically, I stopped breathing.
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>>1326429 >Why do you have images of young girls saved onto your device? I find those pics cute and funny :)
>>1326429 I don't have them saved, but scrabbed them from the /fit/ desuarchive
>>1326424 /pol/yp cowards dont even post real CP.
>>1326433 Are you asking for the real thing?
(11.69 KB 221x228 1609106259969.jpg)
>>1326432 >i-i just took them from the archive! Don't worry anon, I believe you :^) >>1326433 >(translation) plz let me see the real thing!!!!! Holy shit! TWO pedophiles? In ONE thread? You lefties are the real deal! Fuck shilling on 4chan, I'll be monitoring you degens from now on. Looks like I've hit the jackpot.

(16.07 KB 225x225 leftcom.jfif)
/lcg/ LEFT-COMMUNISM GENERAL Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:39:11 No. 1324555 [Reply]
Left-Com Study Guide PART 1: Lasagna Recipe: Ingredients: 1 pound sweet Italian sausage ¾ pound lean ground beef ½ cup minced onion 2 cloves garlic, crushed

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>>1325528 I don't understand what this means but sounds dope anon. >>1325531 It's definitely taken time, I would do a lot of generative writing that has been scrapped (about 5000 words before I got the nugget of what I'm writing now). I've definitely given up on it a couple times but then I go back to reading, have an 'aha' moment and edit what made me dislike what I was writing. >Also respect for praxis but XR are dog shite in my area, overtly pro capitalist Yeah I got quite lucky with my XR chapter, bunch of hippies started it where I am so it's had a very progressive, anti-capitalist streak since the beginning.
shamelessly bumping because I'm genuinely curious
I guess yall don't do much then
>>1325636 >I don't understand what this means but sounds dope anon. I think anon is saying that in the dprk you type a 12 digit number into the browser address bar to go to a website.
speaking food, what are your favourite recipes, something to not spend much money on

(249.46 KB 705x705 living_wage.png)
Anonymous 02/28/2021 (Sun) 01:14:43 No. 1326318 [Reply]
What does Communism with American characteristics look like?
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>>1326353 >kill all the city slickers based and sneedpilled
America cannot be salvaged, and neither can it's people. The only America that a socialist world could accommodate would be a nuclear wasteland with survivors regularly thinned out through ongoing drone warfare and agent orange deposits.
>>1326358 yes very based
>>1326318 >Communism >Minumum Wage You have to go back, liberal.

Anonymous 02/28/2021 (Sun) 04:22:30 No. 1326354 [Reply]
What's the difference between social imperialism and spreading revolution?
social imperialism is social democracies participating in capitalist imperialism and spreading revolution is aiding proletarian revolution.
social imperialism is conducted by a capitalist state (which claims to be socialist) which proclaims that its deeds are in the interests of socialism social imperialism also refers to socialists justifying capitalist wars on the grounds that the interests of "the nation" are more important to class-based matters (e.g. SPD and WW1), or that opposing a capitalist war means supporting muh ebil dictator (e.g. parts of the western left and the iraq war)
>>1326354 nothing. China is Trotskyist
>>1326354 >social imperialism doesn't exist, just a dumb maotist/trot meme term to be contrarian

(169.19 KB 970x2048 EvPFzP4XEAQARqd.jfif)
SchmittianThought 02/28/2021 (Sun) 05:19:28 No. 1326361 [Reply]
Leftoids and entertainment globalists be like "I wonder why so many people want to defend Japan's integrity against us enlightened Judeo-Westerners"
>>1326361 Petition to find twitter's headquarter,and blow it up,then find schmittian and icepick him.
>>1326361 Because they made your favorite anime?

(65.11 KB 537x493 us-military-bases.jpeg)
Middle East General Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 01:59:54 No. 1322214 [Reply]
Starting a thread to talk about all the goings on in The ME. Syria/Iraq/Yemen/Iran/Israel/SA/etc. Funny how this seems to be the most newsworthy region for the last few decades but we have no general here.
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>>1325406 Not a mod retard. >>If you hate liberals you are a rightoid Never said that, hating liberals is based as fuck, you just seem to be obsessed with gays and trans people, kinda like a radlib. Funny how that works, huh! And honestly I'd be fine with it if you actually contributed anything of value to literally any thread instead of shitting it up with right-wing idpol like the fucking CuckChan migrant that you are. OK, fucking off to .ogre now to jack off to furry porn with my shitlib tran.nie jannie friends where I can actually shitpost and effortpost with my comrades instead of being on a containment board that has single digit PPH, and spends its day trying to fucking impress /pol/ like an unpopular middle schooler sit at the cool kids lunch table, all the while /pol/ laughs at you for trying to pathetically suck up to them and spams half your catalogs with bait threads. Byeeeeee!
>>1325418 >Not a mod retard. >Never said that, hating liberals is based as fuck, you just seem to be obsessed with gays and trans people, kinda like a radlib. Funny how that works, huh! And honestly I'd be fine with it if you actually contributed anything of value to literally any thread instead of shitting it up with right-wing idpol like the fucking CuckChan migrant that you are. OK, fucking off to .ogre now to jack off to furry porn with my shitlib tran.nie jannie friends where I can actually shitpost and effortpost with my comrades instead of being on a containment board that has single digit PPH, and spends its day trying to fucking impress /pol/ like an unpopular middle schooler sit at the cool kids lunch table, all the while /pol/ laughs at you for trying to pathetically suck up to them and spams half your catalogs with bait threads. Byeeeeee! Random thought: Is this why britpol is a dead thread now? All the libs succdrms ran of to tgeu .organ?
>>1325413 >You cant give nuclear weapons to muslims. Nor to anyone else, since nukes don't exist.
>>1325418 >OK, fucking off to .ogre now to jack off to furry porn with my shitlib tran.nie jannie friends you let your mask slip
>>1325413 >Just gonna ignore Pakistan# Fun Fact: Israel and Pakistan had a cosy relationship earlier after forming


no cookies?