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File: 1623345556965.jpg (260.67 KB, 1250x1250, 44_barack_obama.jpg)


Also, was he responsible for Libya being a hell hole to flood Europe with migrants or was that Hillary?

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this, it's not complicated. He has similar policies and worldview to other center-left democrats, its literally just because they're seething because he's black and doesn't match the stereotypes of what they think a black guy should be.


Well, if you were trying to emumate what i said, then it would be "let's make all lumpenproletarians into honorary black people". That would include NEETs, people on welfare, criminals, and drug addicts. I would support it too.


nope i just replaced what black with rich and white with black and lumpen and the radlibs such as yourself and trans poster seethed


idk ive been on obamacare before when i wouldnt have been able to be on any other insurance. yeah it fucking sucks but i was able to get medical treatment. fuck obama not going soft on him but it seems like it was a minor improvement in some meaningful.ways


it was a shitty program and a shell of what was actually proposed.
glad my healthcare didn't go up too much as a result

File: 1621899230332.png (606.84 KB, 544x672, efc6abd9054b43ac04ad7dd01c….png)


how would you say was life for people who lived in francoist spain or hitler's germany? I never hear much about the quality of life for people there, just that hitler gutted pay for workers but most people seemed to like him regardless in his nation?
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>Of course, they hated stalinists
The secret police was more active under stalin tha under the revisionists


You have to ask locals about it.


File: 1622502687742.jpeg (247.45 KB, 1648x888, DAA7C609-70ED-4760-AE84-B….jpeg)

Here you go. The site really fucks up phoneposting for some reason. Basically posting more than two pics is impossible now.
Found it on leftybooru because I remember we had an exact thread like this made by /pol/tards back during the 8chan period.


There was this whole pre-ww2 thing, messy stuff.


I know an old Germany lady who grew up in Nazi Germany and she spent several years living in a bomb shelter. She later married a Mexican guy and moved to the United States.

File: 1622294903146.jpg (342.96 KB, 1280x720, 1621851250518.jpg)


Is exploitation subjective?

If a state appropriates surplis value for some social or cultural purpose, if person A believes this is a useful culture or social need, then it is not exploitation. However if person b believes it is wasteful and does not serve his or her needs then it is exploitation
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Wages can go up or down depending on the profit. High-end workers are paid in royalties, and at the lower end there's piece-work. Wages fixed as a function of labor-time is a social convention which offloads some risk from the worker to the capitalist, and not an intrinsic part of the definition.
In mainstream terms, surplus is value-added minus compensation.
There is a bit of a semantic-emotional game being played by Marx by use of the term "exploitation". An accountant would say something less value-laden like "net marginal revenue" or "factor productivity".


>There is a bit of a semantic-emotional game being played by Marx by use of the term "exploitation".
Have you read any classical economist ever? You shouldn't apply modern conceptions of exploitation to the past.


>In mainstream terms, surplus is value-added minus compensation
That's not exactly how surplus is used by Marx, it's a bit more then that and relates to necessary labour time vs surplus labour time.


what this guy said


You have never read an economics book in your entire life and I imagine you’ve barely read Marx.

File: 1623166250533.png (440.23 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you cope with this future? This is WW3 as predicted by George Friedman. Will happen by 2050 and will last for like 5 years.
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do you know where those pictures were taken?


File: 1623291529178.jpg (27.25 KB, 298x372, 1349033711236.jpg)

>Russia and China collapsed
>Turkey stabilized the Middle East


Schizo tier factions. not even the geography makes sense.


File: 1623325108243.jpeg (37.21 KB, 602x264, 1623325105386.jpeg)

>storeshitters financed PKK
No lmao. They literally think the PKK is a terrorist group and the PKK has attacked other US puppets throughout the middle east if we even exclude Turkey (for example the PKK has fought the north iraqi US aligned Kurdistan several times).


It's the fastest growing religions believe it or not.

File: 1623113816047.png (47.71 KB, 573x535, dda.png)


I've been doing some thinking after reaching the post-Marxist schools of thought and their disillusionment with the Left and Actually Existing Socialism striking a nerve because I could not only relate to their frustrations but also I could see these frustrations among leftists even today decades later. It was a moment of existential dread, as if we had reached a dead end.

Historically speaking every revolution, capitalist or socialist, was spearheaded by what today we call the PMC. Is it a coincidence? Oh yes well, only the PMC had the opportunity and education and the means and the connections and a sort of righteous jealousy (the belief, the awareness, the expectation that they deserve more) and so on and so forth. But why is it that we, for example, live in a system that has no problems ideologically with glorifying the concept of revolution in its media? How many capitalist movies are there where the Good underdogs defeat the Bad bullies and usher in a new age? Certainly this is not coming from the ruling class - why would it be in the interest of the ruling class to glorify revolution? So if not the ruling class, then… The PMC? Well that would certainly fit the profile of the people involved in the movie industry! But why would the PMC do such a thing? Perhaps because the PMC ARE revolutionaries. Is it a coincidence that words like revolution, progress, breakthrough are common in PMC lingo? You might be thinking this is a compliment. It isn't. The PMC revolution,, unsurprisingly… Is of a PMC character, which is to say it is carried out in the interests of the PMC. Marx, who was PMC himself (bless his heart), spoke of a group that he considered petty-bourgeois not because of their relation to the means of production but because of their bourgeois consciousness - the righteous jealousy I previously mentioned in other words. Could this be the PMC and if so, are the implications it carries for PMC-led revolutions not self-evident? And if it is the PMC, then the PMC would be in a permanent state of revolutionary activity as they claw at the system without ever actually attaining ruling class status. Their vandalism does not threaten the overall order, it only makes the lives of certain people (depending on the PMC's disposition) more miserable by having to put up with their vandalism. If you extend this to, for example, the PMC propagandists (academics, pundits, etc.) their conflicting dynamics can finally be observed as part of a lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well the class struggle shouldn't end with revolution.

Workers should be pushing for a shorter work week and labor vouchers. I'm not really sure why socialist countries adopted neither to date but there is probably a better materialist explanation for this. I don't buy that its "PMC ideology" since a pmc could come from varied backgrounds. Cockshott could be considered a PMC and his ideology presents something different.


File: 1623155991886.png (158.59 KB, 640x640, 6572e1519a982e93f9313efdf2….png)

>What I'm getting at is the concept of revolution itself might be PMC ideology and thus, ironically, counter-revolutionary in regards to the emancipation of the proletariat.
what too much stupidpol does to a mf


That's because the PMC make up a large part of the population. Not as large as the workers, but many times larger than the rulers. In Russia, PMC was probably 10 times the size of the aristocracy. So were PMCs overrepresented among the revolution compared to the aristocracy? Maybe a bit, but not as much as you might think.




>The term "landed gentry", or "gentry", originally used for Britain, does not correspond to any single term in Chinese. One standard work remarks that under the Ming dynasty, the elite who held privileged status through passing the Imperial exams were called shenshi 紳士 or jinshen 縉紳. These literati, or scholar-officials, are "loosely known in English as the Chinese gentry". Through education this elite held a virtual monopoly on office holding, and overlapped with an unofficial elite of the wealthy. After the Tang dynasty, the Song Dynasty developed the civil service exam to replace the nine-rank system which favored nobles. Under the Song dynasty, their power and influence eclipsed that of the hereditary and largely military aristocrats.
Were the PMC of Imperial China the ruling class?

File: 1623324354524.png (33.29 KB, 280x280, super sov.png)


would anyone want to join a tankie / STRONGLY "class reductionist" DSA caucus? We'd basically just create comics explaining marxist concepts, try to craft proposed legislation around catering to the proles in both urban and rural areas, and organize our members into militia groups by area. We already have a philosophical org founded, where we discuss dialectical materialism (inner party), but want to move forward with starting a caucus (outer party)

We'd call it a Critical-Mass-Line philosophy, with the idea being that we'd be a completely peaceful organization until we got a large enough portion of the population under our sway to do lots of armed protests, on the streets and inside buildings.
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My idea would be to target the white working class in rural and deindustrialized areas mainly, as well as creating generalist messages for urban populations and introductory materials for military members. My idea is to mainly grab the gunowners and gun operators of America, to maximize our fighting potential

Conservatives are losing faith in capitalism faster than Democrats, whites are alienated by the critical race stuff, so pushing a colorblind political movement would be refreshing to a lot of people who want to fuck up the system and don't want to deal with the original sin inherent in liberal race stuff


Anon do you know what those distrustful conservatives are turning to?
You could be successful in larping as Tucker Carlson but if you dare mention ANYTHING productive for a govt to do you will be thrown into a blender


Yeah, we have even rebranded our socialism as something different, use a lot of QUANGOs in place of state bureaus and companies, and basically have built a system based on satisfying a very wide range of sensibilities from differing but alienated and armed groups


>target the white working class
why are you specifying racially who to target? i thought you were colorblind? :DDD but seriously uigga you have to go back


Do it. I need something else to laugh at.

File: 1623247840831.jpg (11.7 KB, 338x285, 1618003064785.jpg)


So, I've infiltrated chats of the climate strike movement in the imperial core. I've been trying to explain to these NPCs, how this so-called democracy™ we live in is at best a fake one. No matter how hard I try to spoon-feed those brainwashed drones, I make zero progress in redpilling, no matter how much overwhelming evidence, arguments and examples I show to them. As you can tell, this experience has been quite frustrating for me to a point that I hate them more than fascoids now. It's amazing, how often liberals use the same bad-faith tactics in discussions as the chinlets do.
For the sake of my sanity and not falling further into doomerism, I'll assume that this has been my personal failure and I want to learn better tactics on how to redpill libs successfully.
This particular issue is that libs are utterly convinced that countries of the imperial core are indeed true democracies® and that we, as the climate movement, are only failing, because we aren't making good enough arguments to convince people of our cause – which is true to some extent, since there are still plenty of green capitalist libs present. But it is obviously not the only issue, since we are facing an entire system built to suppress change from the bottom up.

Can you help me with this, comrades?
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nice anecdote but no, you were just one of those assholes that disrupted class thinking he's the shit when everyone just thought you are a shit


where did I say I disrupted class? Sadly I wasnt that cool.

I just used every possible excuse to skip class, like the climate "strike" kids are doing.

If you really think that even a plurality of those kids are doing it out of some sort of larger ideological resistance to being "indoctrinated" you need to go outside and meet some of those underdeveloped hormonal idiots.


File: 1623320926008.png (415 KB, 654x702, 1518288065446.png)

don't have to, i know better than you
source: was a kid myself



Fair point


> Who said that?

Take a guess

File: 1623267136030.jpg (132.06 KB, 478x478, 1621334074132.jpg)


Why is Maduro such a cuck? Wtf went wrong in Venezuela? Not a bait thread, i'm actually curious. Could this have been avoided? If yes, how?

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File: 1623312499445.jpg (143.55 KB, 1242x1394, GIGACHAD.jpg)

what a fucking post. more of this anon.


Yeah, it's not like his country has literally had its primary industry and then some more ravaged by imperialist sanctions and constant attacks so that now limited measures must be taken to combat extenuating circumstances. It's not like something could have been done on the side that's in the imperialist core to lift some of those wholly unjustifiable sanctions. It's not like Hugo Chavez has probably read more theory than about 80% of this board, to not mention having to actually do the work of governance instead of repeating the verses of the Soviet orthodox canon.

No, it is that Venezuela simply didn't try hard enough, because material conditions are totally a spook that doesn't in any way constrain the options that revolutionaries can take.

On a more serious and not sarcastic note, if Maduro does plan to use the NEP sort of plan to keep the economy afloat, he should not forget that the circumstances of others like the USSR, China and Cuba are unique and that the implementation has to be tailored to the situation of Venezuela, else the formula will be extremely risky to utilize.


Stop spamming this buzzword without knowing its meaning.

During the OG Nep you had:

>USSR GDP 75% in the hands of the State AT ITS LOWEST (In Venezuela right now is 30%)

>COMPLETE control by the State on foreign trade (There isn't any by venezuela rn)
>Technological transfer from Western investor to the USSR (this could be happening but we should see the laws being passed to know)

Only under these conditions (Majority state ownership,total control on foreign trade, complete political control, tech absorption from advanced countries) one could talk of NEP, otherwise you're simply selling out to Porky.



Venezuela is also not particularly distant from the empire which most certainly would respond badly if it started a nuclear weapons program. And this time there is no easy, close by Red Army or PLA to fight them off, so how is that to work? And don't have to import some of the food?

A military first policy would be even more risky when the state's control over industry is not high enough and the economy would be even further taxed figuratively by the extra focus on the military.


>population 5,391,369

File: 1623268407624.jpeg (30.29 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpeg)


Anyone familiar with this magazine? Never heard of this before, but it looks promising. It is interesting to see, that lately more and more leftist, explicitly non-ML media is emerging. I wonder how much they differ from other mainstream leftist publications such as Jacobin magazine.

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>let's join with the right for the 50000000th time! I'm sure they won't murder us all this time!


File: 1623301476334.png (133.54 KB, 532x438, 503597349534.png)

The megalomania of that article is kinda funny in retrospect since it was written in summer 2020 and since then their right-wing populist movement crashed and burned with no survivors. He's surprised at a CIA coup happening in the United States? Like he's surprised… at what the U.S. has done over and over again all of the world for decades?

You know we learned about that stuff in all those far-left, illiberal, anti-idpol Marxist-Leninist books you told us to read, Tinky! But y'know, it worked out okay, and the Democrats will surely shit the bed sooner or later and a right-wing populist will propel himself into power like a lightning bolt to save the white race from destruction at the hands of the Red Chinese once again. But I'm going to keep making fun of them and you until leftypol's server is finally nuclear bombed of the planet.


>non-ML media
Into the trash it goes.


You forgot ci-ic.org


the aimee therese magazine

File: 1623264473132.jpg (87.43 KB, 1280x720, Vice President Kamala Harr….jpg)

 No.308097[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Kamala Harris’s anti-immigrant tour: Identity politics in service of imperialism
>A child of immigrants, Harris was entrusted with the dirty and, indeed, homicidal job of coordinating a multinational crackdown on immigration.


Well written. So glad the authors of this analysis referred to the 1950s CIA activities of people such as Edward G. Lansdale, one of the sources for Graham Greene's QUIET AMERICAN Alden Pyle. This "special relationship" goes way back!
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8chan, for all it's faults, filtered most redditors from coming.


File: 1623285553233.png (93.25 KB, 706x492, ClipboardImage.png)



>Why? Because you think history is a struggle between nations that naturally oppose each other?
Nope. It's literally what I wrote. The idea of a world state is a remnant of hegelian (and christian) outlook on History. And actual History proved that World Revolution is just a dream.
Lmao, I'm not a fascist, nor a nazbol. When I speak of nationalism I don't mean it in the ethnical sense. Yugoslavia was itself a POLITICAL nation. It was the IDEALIST, i.e. ethno-cultural kind of nationalism (croatian, bosnian, etc.) that ensured its downfall. Cope all you want, but AES is acheived in a state. Actually acomplished revolutionaries are statesmen. Most revolutionaries and socialist soldiers (see the Red Army, see the chinese revolutionaries) are extremely patriotic. Keep seething tho
>I'm not in favor of a single socialist states, but if it really came down to it and it truely afforded the power we need, then I would support it's creation.
Man, I would support Jesus if he was actually coming for a second time. But it's not happening.


>The idea of a world state is a remnant of hegelian (and christian) outlook on History.
It really isn't, and you can't simplify the idea of a world state to such things.
>And actual History proved that World Revolution is just a dream.
It actually proves the opposite in terms of necessity. Pursuit of revolution across the world by whatever means possible is the only consequential option available to us now in terms of power.
>Cope all you want, but AES is acheived in a state. Actually acomplished revolutionaries are statesmen. Most revolutionaries and socialist soldiers (see the Red Army, see the chinese revolutionaries) are extremely patriotic. Keep seething tho
No one denied that revolutionary states are, in fact, states. Good job figuring that out on your own though. However, none of what you stated is concrete in some kind of universal application, because those are all dead. None of them went far enough, and now we are here in a situation where we can decide either to repeat the mistakes of the past, or embrace whatever means that gives us the power to counter our opposition and obliterate it. Not simply attempt survival until we are isolated and rotting.
>Man, I would support Jesus if he was actually coming for a second time. But it's not happening.
It doesn't matter if you think "it's not happening". If it truely is what is necessary to obtain the actual power we need to sufficiently abolish capitalism permanently and not merely have us run down the path of an inconsequential temporary fluke, then so be it. I don't get why so many socialists are so averse and loath to the idea of power. It's like you're reluctant to continually pursue it, even if it's conducive and necessary to your goals.


Great piece. Prior to being ‘elected’ Vice President, Kamala Harris was well-schooled in California politics, mentored be former SF Mayor Willie Brown, Gov Gavin Newsom, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen Diane Feinstein, among others. Harris is a member of SF elite, with a net worth > $6 million. She is attractive, articulate and a reliable supporter of the ruling class. Indeed, in 2016 Harris was the only Senate Democratic Candidate to receive financial support from former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The reason Mnuchin supported her was because she declined to prosecute him for financial crimes.

As has been repeatedly observed, Joe Biden can barely string coherent sentences together and has on more than one occasion, referred to the VP as ‘President Harris’. No doubt, Harris was selected because of Biden’s deteriorating mental faculties and her fealty to the financial elite. As the authors state- ‘Nowhere could one find a more blatant illustration of the role played by identity politics in defending the capitalist order at home and US imperialist interests abroad.’

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