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(4.12 KB 259x194 gun.jpg)
Why are Liberals so afraid of a piece of metal? Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 04:23:16 No. 1325092 [Reply]
Why are Liberals so afraid of a piece of metal?
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>>1326203 Pretty sure /pol/fags don't give a f. All NFAC aka NІᏀᏀěrs firing at coonᏚ accomplished last year was just that. Shooting eachother. Literally they couldn't even hold a gun and stand there for a couple hours without shooting eachother. That's NІᏀᏀěrs for you...
>>1325092 cos liberals are fags. why else?
>>1325092 Guns are good for their purpose, but not being concerned with them is dumb. Loads of people just walk around thinking they can use guns as a threat, shooting people for like loud music or door cover or whatever. There's absolutely an element of fear to knowing that loads of retards are carrying around these tools where you can just pull a trigger and kill or maim someone from a distance easily. But also guns are necessary to fight the state, and shouldn't be restricted. But you've got your head up your ass if you think guns in the hands of the state aren't a threat.
>>1332877 You clearly care.
>>1325093 dilate

literally nothing can justify what they did Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 18:49:27 No. 1332764 [Reply]
what the dirlewanger division did was so blatantly barbaric and cruel in so many aspects that it had other Nazis having to reform their views on their own ideas and men, Oskar was lucky to only have been beaten alive, on top of that the combined civilian deaths carried out by the SS and the troops deployed throughout the war would have the nazis kill more civilians than any other power throughout the war. you cant excuse this kind of behaviour and events like it like POW treatment of soviet and polish peoples cement the reasons as to why nazism is a failed murderous idea.
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>>1332809 >Not defending him but.... Yes you are. >you guys say the nazis were all evil typically but you guys hail the USSR as saints who dindu nuffin ever. Limp dick cope, rightoid.
>>1332805 >The us atomic bombed No they didn't. They don't need magical weapons to murder people. >Katyn Another hoax >lolodomor And another nazi one >Pol Pot Sure bro
>>1332813 I haven't said a single thing that defended dirlewanger lol. Opinion discarded. >>1332819 >hiroshima and nagasaki didn't happen >katyn didn't happen >holodomor didn't happen >pol pot didn't kill 2mill jesus man you sound like those holocaust deniers
Why does this board constantly re-litigate the WW2 and the holocaust?
(78.82 KB 585x399 400.jfif)
>>1332970 >i dont get it how come an event in history that would later go on to create the state of israel a state that would be responsible for how the us handles its foreign policy, multiple middle eastern wars, and immigration practices ever be relevant to a board that discusses global politics???

(1.37 MB 1920x1080 pinkcap1.png)
Anonymous 04/05/2021 (Mon) 22:22:00 No. 1332513 [Reply]
>b-but personal and private property are clearly delineated concepts that can be separated easily! I can create a multimillion dollar capitalist enterprise with a single piece of personal property (a consumer grade laptop) How does /leftypol/ cope with the fact that their ideology is outdated and invented in the 1800s for illiterate factory workers? You will never be a bolshevik revolutionary. I'm so sorry.
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>I can create a multimillion dollar capitalist enterprise with a single piece of personal property (a consumer grade laptop) For example?
>>1332554 >Notch is like any other "rags-to-riches" capitalist. He did it by stealing unpaid work from pioneers before him. Yeah, he's not a good example because of (as I noted in my post referring to both Infiniminer & DF) how uninspired Minecraft is, I mostly used Notch because of the hilarious literal billion dollars M$ paid him for it. But there are plenty of examples of individual auteurs making something that gets them a lot of money with nothing but a personal 'puter and a 'net connection. Indeed, aside from other ridiculous overnight rags-to-riches stories like Flappy Bird, the people Minecraft most directly ripped off are pretty decent examples. Toady1 continued living off donations from Dorf players to fund the transcendent attainment of his life's work, and Zachtronics has of course continued making exceedingly monacle'd puzzle games for his loyal niche audience. >Here's another game that, once again, looks exactly like Minecraft that was in development in 2006 called "Game Zero" There've been games with broadly similar features basically forever, one that leaps to mind for me is the early '90s game Magic Carpet, which likewise features massive deformable levels. >>1332555 >Find the click bait article then My point wasn't that your argument was recycled from clickbait articles, but that it's recycled from a very cringey argument I far too often see used by dorks to respond to such articles. You know, that "b-b-b-but USSR invented iPhone in 1970s" kinda bullshit. >the very first thing people tried to do with voxels was make huge worlds Well, at least was to make smooth detailed outdoor terrain (especially for flightsims), as opposed to the jagged or completely flat terrain that polygonal/wireframe graphics produced back then. >>1332559 >Even if you could, in that situation you'd just be considered a traditional craftsman, something Marx considered outside the proletariat-bourgeoisie class conflict that defines the current era. Bingo To put this in perspective, as of 2015, for burgerlards:

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>>1332513 >i'm a capitalist because I own a laptop come on kid
>>1332576 (posted two days ago) Reminder that OP is looking at this thread every day and still hasn't brought up a single working example for his claim. I wonder why.
(29.40 KB 356x590 Really makes you think.png)
>>1332912 There are a number of examples, but the more important point is that capital the owner personally uses isn't private property, and self-employed non-employers are irrelevant to the capitalist/proletarian class conflict which predominates under capitalism.

(269.17 KB 1200x1200 1200px-Comintern_Logo.svg.png)
expat thread Anonymous 03/26/2021 (Fri) 18:20:43 No. 1331006 [Reply]
/leftypol/ I straight up don't want to raise my kids in America or even the west preferably. Where is the best place to go? How easy is it? Has anybody else left?
I'm in the same boat, been thinking about leaving for somewhere in Latin America. I've been told by a Mexican national I trust that Baja is a great place that's safe and already has a lot of American ex pats to the point that English is primarily spoken in public.
>>1331006 Vietnam, Spain, Bolivia, Cuba to name a few. Basically any of the based/semi based countries. Learn Spanish.
>>1331006 If you don't mind the political state of the countries as being as liberal as can be, Paraguay and especially Uruguay might be worth looking into.

(1.08 MB 960x500 original.gif)
why socialist states modernize so quickly Anonymous 03/26/2021 (Fri) 19:56:37 No. 1331032 [Reply]
>tldr because authoritarian dictatorships can force people to work and thus gdp grows faster long answer in capitalist economies people ideally work for each others interests and accumulate capital for serving each others interests well, however no exterior force is required to force people to labour and hence you have a society where people are granted incentives to work i.e. poverty, escaping crime riddled neighborhoods, being able to buy wanted goods and services rather than have the state come in and decide how they are treated if they dont add value to the economy as a whole, this doesnt address howver technological innovation whom requires individual thinking from the norm in order to come up with tools that improve mans ability to control the environment around him. hope this can explain why russia and china became superpowers so fast
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>>1332482 no, beginning 2 years after the world's largest war is intellectually dishonest. charting life expectancy from the fall of communism to 2019 it would make since to show the same amount of years in reverse
>>1332482 That graph doesn't improve the situation very much. That's really shit. That hurts me just looking at it.
(38.45 KB 1200x628 benito-mussolini-quote.jpg)
>>1331081 it's the same difference. it's just that liberals have made "dictatorship" and "authoritarianism" the worst two words outside of "nazi". that's why liberals end up destroying nations which use dictatorships to run things even if they're successful like Libya. you can be cynical and say that this is a cover but i think that the elites honestly buy into their own crap sometimes. "democracy" however corrupt, satanic or undemocratic is the standard of goodness in the entire western hemisphere today. so basically, stop overcompensating. >>1332445 correct.
>>1332482 Porky BTFO'd
>>1332918 >Porky BTFO'd Yes

(30.10 KB 300x300 progchamp.jpg)
Cigarfag Anonymous 04/08/2021 (Thu) 15:56:54 No. 1332924 [Reply]
What happened to Ginjeet? All profiles gone and don't notice his autistic posts anywhere.
Haz hurt his feelings so bad that he left the internet for good. Tis the fate of all goons.

china Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 08:09:52 No. 1332720 [Reply]
is china communist or not? is it bad if they become the main economic power of the world? my dad says it would be bad because they don't care about their people
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>>1332832 China along with the USA also supported Osama Bin Laden and the mujaheddin (which were backed by the Gulf States and Turkey specifically as part of Operation Gladio) in Afghanistan in the 1970s too.
>>1332840 Maduro kills FARC people.
>>1332720 Its state capitalist which is the intermediate stage between pure capitalism and socialism before communism.
China is literally natsoc and it's literally awesome and there's LITERALLY NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!
>>1332843 And imprisons communists.

Anonymous 02/01/2021 (Mon) 21:54:26 No. 1313369 [Reply] [Last]
How do I cope with the idea that there is no afterlife,and that as soon as death comes,everything will disappear forever.
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>>1313401 I believe in Reincarnation, but I think I am an old soul, and that when I die, its the end of the line for me. I've accepted death for myself but not for other souls.
>>1325616 >JOOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZ anyways i'm not an atheist uighur, im a catholic uighur
>>1325653 Nice false flag dot gooner.
>>1313369 accept Jesus. and why not?

(12.69 KB 225x225 depressive wojak.jpg)
Why are you still alive? Anonymous 04/06/2021 (Tue) 19:46:13 No. 1332609 [Reply]
We actually live in a capitalist hell scape and here is no echappatory in this world. I have contemplate suicide many time and despites writing poetry to express my feeling and see friends to keep my mind busy. The only things wich make me feel a little alive are writing, friends, family and the possibility of a communist world. If these things didn't exist, I wouldn't speak to you today. Depression tend to increase by the years passing and I want to know what an alienated and depressive person could do to feel less bad. What is the socialist view on suicide ? What are your views on suicide ? Why are you still alive ?
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>>1332635 >If you think life in our society is easy please read again <can't handle such an easy life relative to most other humans throughout all history <relative to most other humans throughout all history >you just reveal yourself as a reactionary <everything I don't like is reactionary >Society have many problems wich led to depression to many people >It's not speciffic to western countries. Depression and suicidal ideation are not rich peoples problem's, it touch every class >THis problem is caused by social root. Why the number of depressive people is higher every years ? Because capitalism get more fucked up every years. none of this counters anything I said
>why am I still alive because my death would hurt my family and friends, and there's still a lot of shit left for me to do >suicide no ty
(25.47 KB 600x350 1529638005828.jpg)
>>1332609 I hope that someday I'll be able to use my internet money to exact revenge. A chopping blockchain if you will.
>>1332609 waiting for a big moment, OP
>>1332609 find Jesus, start a family and stop wallowing in self-pity, anon. jeez.

(159.70 KB 1080x1043 FB_IMG_1613311468982.jpg)
🦘🐊🇦🇺 Aus/leftypol/ - Straya general 2.0 edition 🇦🇺🕷️🐨 Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 20:36:33 No. 1322430 [Reply] [Last]
Im dooming fucking hard about the upcoming 2022 australian election since any even slightly left party is going to lose hard to the libs. I fucking despise both the greens and labor right for gutting any chance of being able to put up any kind of resistance.
Edited last time by kaganovich on 02/15/2021 (Mon) 23:10:13.
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(189.32 KB 1000x1000 DfaJBqxU8AAqf90.jpg)
Labor's landslide victory win shows Liberal Party on brink of extinction in WA https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-15/wa-election-federal-implications-voting/13239076 JobSeeker recipients could tip next election: ACOSS https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/jobseeker-tip-election-014646198.html
>>1322430 i keep getting hounded by the socialist alliance folks to go to their meetings i wish they would fuck off I wish i never gave them my number
>>1323653 did you only read the right side or are you just a fag?


no cookies?