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(98.89 KB 485x288 1611614020971.png)
Anonymous 01/26/2021 (Tue) 00:33:06 No. 1307158 [Reply]
The Chinese communist regime is growing bolder by the day. Seizing the assets and in many cases, 'disappearing', their billionaires. No trial, no charges, just taken out like in Stalinist Russia. https://www.reddit.com/r/neoconNWO/comments/l1r0bz/why_do_chinese_billionaires_keep_disappearing/
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(46.55 KB 600x359 molotov ribbentrop.jpg)
>>1307657 >international meetings are proof of alliance and abandon of socialist principles
>>1307668 If you think a non-aggression pact made out of necessity is remotely comparable to the Chinese cooperation with the US, you are a colossal retardus dumbassus.
>>1307303 >China is the protagonist of human history. They apply the rule of law to wealthy people, it's not the final reckoning for the exploiters yet but it is small historic progress.
>>1307668 This post is dedicated to the brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan, who extend their thanks to Deng Xiaoping for all the weapons and training he generously donated to defeat the Soviet infidels.
Take notes America!

(80.36 KB 493x503 3849707830453247239542.jpg)
Reichsgefreiter 01/25/2021 (Mon) 06:24:09 No. 1304718 [Reply]
What are your thoughts on social monarchism?
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>>1306996 I think it's supposed to be mead
>>1304718 super based
Its full retard considering the current year we are living in.
>>1304718 So hows 8th grade going?
>>1304718 Outside of spain it's a meme and it's even made fun of there

Books on CIA Anonymous 01/16/2021 (Sat) 02:20:31 No. 1294621 [Reply]
I wanna learn more about the shady stuff the CIA/US Gov did (MK Ultra, Naomi, Tuskegee, etc.) but all the books on them are David Icke shit. Post any credible titles here.
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(186.68 KB 666x943 (you).png)
(113.72 KB 1200x1200 3600.jpg)
>>1294621 Focus on modern day glowuighur surveillance instead of reading history books.
(253.94 KB 1630x1080 doit.jpg)
>>1295110 This is the truth. Leftist, especially western leftist, treat them as their version of the jooz to act as some shadowy trickster that is the real reason behind all their sides failures. The reality is that during the Cold War, the KGB clearly outmatched them. Not ONCE during the entire cold war were the able to get someone into the Kremlin and this is because there was a soviet mole inside the CIA who they still to this day dont know the identity of. Other than this, there is also this meme about them overturning all sorts of social democrat governments in south america or around the world, but this is a half truth at best. The reality is that pretty much every single coup that happened during the cold war was a completely internal thing, with the plotters simply telling the US about it right before they kicked it off as a way to not rock their boat and have a supporter on the outside. The idea that the CIA would infiltrate these places and find some acolyte to do their bidding and then overthrow their government is Chomsky conspiracytard nonsense. The only one I can think of that actually comes close to this is in Iran against Prime Minister Mossadegh. This conspiracy also doesnt account for other coups against right wingers or at least not socialist leaders that the CIA was in on, like Nassers coup in Egypt against the King, or the coup in Argentina against Isabel Peron. Its at the point where I wonder if the CIA itself encouraged this Chomsky/Rage Against the Machine song take on them as the final boss shadowy badass group to make them seem like feared, hypercompetent figures that CANNOT be outwitted.
Read "Covert Action" magazine. https://covertactionmagazine.com/
(255.57 KB 1280x959 rojava-support-zad.jpg)
>>1307665 I don't agree with all these dissertations but it is worth noting also that the meme that CIA did Rojava is also equally as ridiculous as you claim some of these to be.

(19.16 KB 800x517 Arrows123.jpg)
Is degrowth bad ? Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 01:27:20 No. 1300293 [Reply]
Does Leigh Phillips criticism of de-growth hold up ? >To abandon growth is to declare an end to progress. Socialists must reject the politics of eco-Thatcherism. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/oureconomy/degrowth-delusion/
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Capitalism requires growth to survive
(25.25 KB 500x306 socialism or barbarism.jpg)
>>1305031 Another good example of what you're referring to, and one where the cause of capitalism aligns with malignant centralization, is the preference for instant streaming at peak hours (e.g.: Netflix, Spotify), vs. cached offline download at off-peak hours (e.g.: torrents). The former incentivizes centralized server facilities and highly asymmetric networks using dumber "consumption-only" end-user devices, while the latter works best with symmetric networks using more versatile end-user devices with significant processing and storage. This has the infrastructural end result (especially for wireless) of gobbling up limited bandwidth for needless redundant transmissions. Also interestingly, by far its greatest root cause is ISPs/telcos/tier-1 peers intentionally hiding their actual (per/GB throughout the day) costs, in order to sell "bundled" services such as cellular voice, subscription TV, and CDN rackspace. >>1307590 Note that isn't necessarily an indication socialism will necessary be the thing that replaces it when growth falters, without our intentional intervention.
The simple criticism of degrowth is that advocacy for such a stance is based on lies and climate woo woo. You don't need to make an argument about the philosophy behind it, except to explain where the climate woo woo arises and why it is so prevalent in our current world. The truth of course is that meeting human needs is no longer a serious matter of growth. We could produce far more than we do, but we don't because we produce for the profit motive, for the market, rather than meeting human need. We have no shortage of labor, and we could build a lot of factories right now if there were political will to do so. The fundamental point is that (a) no one in power wants the poor to have things, because controlled deprivation underpins literally everything about our present social order, and (b) we don't really need a bunch of new factories to meet needs, because a lot of things people want are just sitting unsold, and (c) people don't actually need that much to live happy lives, but we are deprived specifically of basic comfort and security. The problem facing people is fundamentally a political one - that we live in societies that beat and cajole people to modify their behavior, rather than societies that are oriented to meet needs. The market society is an indirect way of turning those beatings and cajolings into dollar signs, but markets are not the entirety of the story. We see enough beatings and ways in which people are disciplined, and where the market forces don't create deprivation, brute force and institutions exist to enforce that deprivation even amidst plenty. The demands of the people often aren't even demands for material wealth or more money, but demands for basic decency and the ability to actually live their life. Wanting money is only a means to achieve those ends, rather than simply coveting the things themselves. You could do a lot to alleviate homelessness just by abolishing the absurd levels of rent-seeking and leaving the landowners and finance capital fucked, but the reason the rent-seeking is encouraged is precisely because professional-class and upper-class people want to wipe out the undeserving outright. They embraced eugenic value a long long time ago, and it's been this way for over a century.
>>1307592 >Another good example of what you're referring to, and one where the cause of capitalism aligns with malignant centralization, is the preference for instant streaming at peak hours (e.g.: Netflix, Spotify), vs. cached offline download at off-peak hours (e.g.: torrents). >The former incentivizes centralized server facilities and highly asymmetric networks using dumber "consumption-only" end-user devices, while the latter works best with symmetric networks using more versatile end-user devices with significant processing and storage. You are making me think a system based on torrents and end-user devices would be cheaper and able to grow more than central servers.
>>1307616 Yes. Because it would be biased toward conserving scarce resources (network bandwidth, especially long-distance and/or peak hours), in favor of abundant resources (nearline storage, which beyond the level of an individual HDD has no economies of scale). This of course comes on top of other benefits such as reliability, fault-tolerance, adaptability, openness, agility, privacy, security, and freedom.

Anonymous 01/26/2021 (Tue) 07:14:36 No. 1307494 [Reply]
Everyone "leftist" I know and seen online seems to think that the stock market is gambling. They refer to it as gambling while it's just a system for wealth transfer. Why is that? Why do people, especially those in the left (actual left, not centrist) think it as gambling? Is it because a remote chance of losing money exists, even if market is backed by the state? Pic related. Everything you see recovered, yet peoples opinions didn't change.
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>>1307566 If you don't take risks you won't lose money but you also wont make money
>>1307566 >and the market recovered just fine It took a world war and the mobilization of the entire country into a war economy to do so...
>>1307566 >A, B, and C fail to company D because D sells new and superior technology that was developed and funded by the public sector prior to its creation Lmao
>>1307566 >buy stock in 1928 >have to wait 33 years for line to go up stonks
>>1307494 >>1307594 Norwegian state media (NRK) did a documentary on the stock market which included an experiment: 6 random people (3 pairs) compete with a pair of professional stock brokers. Just for fun they also made a fifth competitor: a few cows shitting in certain parts of a field determines which stocks they buy. The winner is whoever gets the highest return. The cows won.

Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 13:19:16 No. 1300690 [Reply] [Last]
Who's better, Putin, or this guy that Putin poisoned? Apparently. some shit is going down in Russia right now.
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>>1307096 > Then you agree Burgerstan has economic hegemony it will collapse on its own, no need to sacrifice my country in some 37D geopolitical chess > it is objectively better to keep it’s reach from spreading by hoping Navalny fails who says that Navalny will sell everything to NATO if he gains power? he was more openly nationalist when he was younger at this point I objectively need Putin out and then we'll see what happens -- Navalny may be dead by then > None of this matters on an anonymous imageboard. yeah, that's good that none of your esoteric geopolitical schemes matter irl
>>1302478 >left wingers say he is going to genocide Muslims. I wonder where does this come from? He's said some pretty terrible stuff about Caucasians in the past. He supported some idiotic right wing riots in Moscow where a bunch of nazis went around beating up muslims. He also said Georgians (or maybe generally Caucasians, I dont remember) were cockroaches who should be shot. He also launched his political career with some half brain movement called "Stop Feeding the Caucasus" or something. He went from being a foaming right winger to the golden boy of the western media pretty quick.
(188.07 KB 1200x1200 serveimage(28).jpg)
>>1307389 >He also said Georgians were cockroaches who should be shot. Ain't that a bitch.
>>1307389 >He went from being a foaming right winger to the golden boy of the western media pretty quick. That's par for the course when it comes to western puppets.

Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 03:50:35 No. 1300348 [Reply]
Is the illuminati real? There's some pretty compelling evidence that something is amiss in the world of power; big business and world power. Then there's the WorldCorp thing. I think most conspiracy theories are retarded, and the rabbit-hole has caused people to go completely off the deep end. What do you think, comrades?
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>>1300348 bro that's ebic
the eeloominatee is real
the bavarian illuminati were a group that formed to dismantle feudalism and usher in industrialism, they were disbanded before 1900 by papal decree, that was the end of it
>>1303841 What's this a quote from?

(4.00 MB 4103x3641 image.jpg)
/ita/ - Spaghetti Communism Anonymous 08/05/2020 (Wed) 11:45:39 No. 747462 [Reply] [Last]
Thread dedicato al paese con il popolo più analfabeta e la borghesia più ignorante d'Europa, dove ci sono più partiti comunisti che comunisti stessi. In un modo o nell'altro, cerchiamo di riprenderci il paese e il futuro che Confindustria ci ha rubato insieme ai suoi servi. Foreign comrades are welcome. Previous thread: >>19862
Edited last time by krates on 08/06/2020 (Thu) 18:10:22.
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>>1305122 seems a bit historical and italian specific, I think something that would have some value in translation for modern readers across the world would be more useful
Benvenuti alla centesima crisi di governo della vostra vita, la prima scoppiata in piena pandemia. Si parla di un conte Ter che probabilmente includerebbe gentaccia di ogni tipo (peggio di ora). Il voto sarebbe un salto nel buio e un governo Draghi...beh.
>>1307523 La politica italiana attuale rispecchia perfettamente il suo popolo. Facessero quello che cazzo gli pare, non me ne potrebbe fregare di meno.
>>1307571 Finché vivo in questo paese a me frega ancora. Cioè capisco perfettamente i tuoi sentimenti, ma in questo macello ci stiamo andando di mezzo tutti.

(36.79 KB 492x492 fear.png)
🦠 /COVID-19/ GENERAL-2: The Dark Winter Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 17:44:06 No. 1148724 [Reply] [Last]
NOTE: Only debate Germ Theory and related science within this thread, not outside it. Thanks -Management Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/ Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
Edited last time by zulveta on 11/23/2020 (Mon) 08:32:58.
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(34.21 KB 916x204 123123123.png)
>>1300323 >less deadly
>>1170150 zooming in to find a person that while having a big brain for his size has a brain that is FUCKING TINY when you zoom back out really didn't help that image's case.
>>1300312 basically yes, there's a significantly reduced efficacy because the mutation doesn't use the same method of entering cells
>>1300988 just need to get it to burgerland to ensure it's not contained
(4.66 MB Dutch Cops.mp4)

(509.52 KB 720x1071 Screenshot_20210126-000220~2.png)
Going Down to Hammer Town Anonymous 01/26/2021 (Tue) 09:13:19 No. 1307528 [Reply]
>you arrive in hammer city >you are handed a hoe and told to work >"alright," you figure, "finally a society where we are all workers" >you notice Gazi is not working >ask him why >he does not respond >thatnight.jpg >you are woken by two large men in white suits >they take you to gazi >he slaps you with a bible and makes you confess all the times in your life you commit the sin of engaging in white culture >you cry yourself to sleep >next morning >gazi has an announcement >we are now called Kodzotown >writes news story about conditions there >gazi seems worried >you hear him muttering:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(53.97 KB 510x844 1611166374362.jpg)
This post reminded me of how much I hate white people
>>1307533 Cope, bitch
>>1307538 >Cope, bitch With a long greentext fanfic?


no cookies?