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Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 03:04:46 No. 1304534 [Reply]
Comrades im worried about the US. People are truly going bonkers. First they storm parliment and now I hear of a pagan cult that thinks biden is trump. Ill be honest im sheltered from the average economic reality of the us worker due to the fact that im a mommas boy but based on what im hearing things are bad...really bad. People hate the establishment, they no longer believe in neither government or business. Its time you guys line out a programme that promotes both socialism and freedom as americans are not willing to compromise. But yeah this turkey looks about done.
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>>1304577 China and Russia aren't going to send expeditionary forces to the continental United States any time soon. Anarchism doesn't have a particularly vital base. It appeals to a certain part of the revolutionary intelligentsia, and some people inclined to ultraviolence and just tearing down anything good. Tearing down the established order may be something that sells beyond its core audience - who doesn't hate the government getting into their business - but anarchism as a state of affairs to be established is horrendously unpopular. People want something new, unless the institution being abolished truly is a worthless imposition. But yeah, America of all places has the least to fear about the lack of an army. We had virtually no standing army until the Civil War, and that was on/off until WW1 and small compared to the usual European army. Back in those days, the state would put out the call that they're going to go a-conquering and you could find a surprising number of volunteers. This was a pretty bad idea in a time of national security states, but America wasn't facing some imminent danger of Russkies doing an amphibious assault. If anyone has a plan to invade the US mainland, it's filed under cockamamie schemes that would only be considered in the most dire circumstances. America has so many guns that such a landing would be met with immediate resistance, and after 2001, they have some civil defense (mostly the civil defense that US leadership built to fight a potential civil war against its own people). The reasons you would have an army are more about the geopolitical realities, because we live in a world of national security states and there's no going back from that. No revolution from within could be possible against such a state, without the backing of another national security state. You could fight a war against the central government, and it would be pretty damn difficult to win but it's not out of the question. The political crisis that would precede a revolution, though, never becomes a fatal crisis at the top level, because the state's organization snuffs out anything that could approach revolutionary fervor. The establishment of eugenics and eugenism has confirmed a reactionary presence in the place of any revolutionary impulse, ironically often using "revolutionary" aesthetics to describe their movements of degenerate Hitlerite faggots.
(88.11 KB 850x479 trump cyrus coin.jpeg)
>>1304534 I'm not that worried about the capitol protest really. Sure it showed pigs would probably support a fascist coup but they're pretty much always in that state. What's more important is it revealed just how disorganised and bad at opsec the far-right is right now. Tbh I think the significance of the so-called insurrection is being exaggerated by the neolib establishment to step up domestic repression in general. Leftists are being purged from social media just like the autright was during the trump admin. We've outlived our usefulness now that the dems are back in power The economy is definitely fucked though. I don't know if I believe the dems will give us more money either My main concern right now is that the American left doesn't care about how unnecessary the covid lockdowns are, or how the pandemic is quite transparently being used to facilitate disaster capitalism and the police state
>>1304625 The far right isn't interested in any insurrection. That's not their MO, never has been. The Hitlerian Putsch was about theatrics and having a pigger moment, and that's what this sort of faggotry is. The ugly truth is that liberals and conservatives in Germany were ready to accept Hitler as the alternative to Bolshevism, and Hitler was receiving this ungodly support from outside of the country - yet scarily, no one could point out the hands animating Hitler, because mass media was able to construct the narrative that Hitler was the most German of all (despite being a fucking Austrian and all that). Basically - the whole business of the putsch is overrated in importance. The libs and Proud Fags have made alliances in the past with local enforcement. The composition of the rightoid coalition is of course more than just Proud Fags and racists with mean thoughts, and there is a real threat to the liberal order somewhere in there. That real threat, though, was successfully neutralized by Trumpism, and Trump is literally a fucking liberal that says stupid shit every now and then. It's amazing that people were able to sell Trump the populist or Trump the revolutionary at all, and I have to wonder how many people actually believe that malarkey. Apparently enough did to stage a pigger moment. It's actually sad though, because a lot of those people actually believed they were doing something that would actively harm the regime. It's sad to see people sucked into this staged nonsense, but the spectacle is what it is. The left's failure is just difficult to put into words. I have to think that there will be some pushback. On the other hand, Biden and Friends seem to be pulling back from intensive lockdowns, saying they want to reopen again.
>>1304618 Well if national defense is not part of the consideration then that removes a big hurdle. An armed nation composed of a militia can not be opressed by means of force. Something could be built out of this foundation. And thered also be somebody in charge of the nukes ofcourse. As what should be done is what should have been done since the crash of 2008 and that is setting aside racial differences and organizing when the moment comes. Which might be sooner rather than later.
>>1304645 The military technology and realities are anathema to anything like the imagined anarchist "state". The heyday of anarchism was before the establishment of these things, national security states, that could forestall revolution of the sort that wracked the world during the 19th century. Long before the revolutionary crisis would erupt, the people at the top of the state would mask off, or they could use their research into social psychology and mass psychology to propagandize an angry mob to believe anything. It was an amazing transformation to see how the rich, who were utterly loathed by everyone in America, became "philanthropists" and any criticism of actual rich people was hushed or only permissible in very narrow contexts. It wasn't even that the information was hidden entirely from view - there are many books detailing most of the real structure of the American oligarchy, or at least the best understanding of it before the Reagan era. If you are entering into a discussion flagged as "politics" though, you learn very quickly that there are keywords you cannot mention without activating a psychological trigger, for example the word "eugenics" - even though eugenics is very obviously a social project that never stopped, that is reflected in an endless stream of propaganda and everything the schooling institutions and universities do. I don't think a revolution has become a total mental impossibility or physical impossibility, but it would be very difficult to navigate a revolutionary situation. Of course, the present left is totally unfit for purpose, as the permanent crisis state since 2008 has demonstrated. The left is among the last people willing to raise a single objection to the liberal agenda, always hypernormalizing first Obama then Trump and carrying water for the stupid narratives that pollute our discussions. It's so bad that your typical angry conservative is legit more revolutionary than what passes for "leftism" most of the time. There are of course actual communists and people of a left persuasion who will rail against the current system, but they are scattered and frequently at odds with each other. My belief is that you can't even begin to untangle what is happening without understanding eugenics and ecology as the real enemy, that going after a strawman version of "capitalism" is tragically missing the point. Really though, Marx's revolutionary program wasn't an argument about economic systems. Marx was looking at political economy to understand how liberal societies were functioning, and why they were so prone to crisis and why liberalism was such a godawful failure.

NazCentBol Gang Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 21:10:48 No. 1301389 [Reply]
So is a more ruthless and authoritarian version of neoliberalism truly the end of history? Is Joe Biden and his goons the best examples? Also post more memes
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Dutroux did nothing wrong t. nazcentbol
(901.02 KB 800x875 543905734987598374.png)
I made one.
(1.22 MB 1000x713 defend-america.png)
>>1303336 I don't know what the intention of the original authors were, but I see it as kinda like Laibach maybe, where you overidentify with the subject of the critique, like bringing out the political / power element of liberalism which is denied by liberals to themselves. In order for liberalism (the ideology of the bourgeoisie) to function, it must disavow its own ideology at some level -- its ideology is that it isn't an ideology but just pure "reason" or "science." That's why Nancy Pelosi ordering the National Guard to patrol the streets with crew-served weapons is awesome. https://youtu.be/jOFzTjjZcZw
This is legit what’s going to happen
>>1301389 >>1303875 >>1303877 >>1304108 this is the funniest shit ive seen on leftypol in 4 years

Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 21:14:05 No. 1304231 [Reply]
i read somebody complain in one post that this place is full of stemlord labor aristocrats? So? Maybe they became stemlords because of capitalism and hate it. Many such cases. Anyways i rather listen to what a stemlord has to say than some working class blue collar guy that doesnt care about theory.
Hot take: politics effects both the blue collar guy and the stemlord, thus they should both have their voices and concerns addressed because democracy is a good idea
>>1304231 >stemlord Scientism is not really our favorite philosophical ideology. The scientific method is a useful tool, but leftists at least tend to recognize its limitations where STEM types tend to worship it religiously. >labor aristocrats That's just Lenin's bullshit. Marx coined the term as a sarcastic jab at the idea that such a class could exist. MLs are the only faction that uses that term unironically.
>>1304231 >Anyways i rather listen to what a stemlord has to say than some working class blue collar guy that doesnt care about theory. Rent is bullshit. Mortgages are bullshit. Unemployment is bullshit. The shit you buy having been built to break is bullshit. The so-called justice system is bullshit. Wanna know why that bullshit exists? You have to get interested in theory to find out.
I'm a liberal arts fag, though I do lots of coding on the side. It's important to really have some background in both imo

(60.34 KB 400x500 culture.jpg)
Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 03:37:55 No. 1304557 [Reply]
Why do you guys think about Ethnopluralism? Seems like an inherently left wing concept. You want the people around the world to protect what makes their culture unique from hypercapitalism, consumerism, and corporate mass immigration. As Bernie Sanders says open borders is a Koch brother proposal to get millions of people who will work for dollars an hour.
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(87.24 KB 656x529 yEBpA.jpg)
(100.98 KB 619x679 LgEaV.jpg)
(114.55 KB 714x694 pNwXw.jpg)
(101.47 KB 665x635 AwATd.jpg)
(87.27 KB 735x475 kyMoG.jpg)

Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 12:03:36 No. 1303758 [Reply]
Have you really understood all three vplumes of capital? I read volume 1 and struggled then looked at volume two and went like nope.
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>>1304369 You might also like Heinrich's introduction, for a different perspective.
>>1304435 ehh heinrich has some very bad takes, also he thinks TRPTF isnt real lol
>>1304282 based
>>1303758 if you are going to study political economy, its an essential read. doesn't mean you have to read and understand all three volumes of capital to be broadly marxist in political orientation. i doubt even a plurality of the red army read volume one. not everyone has to be a part of the planning bureau.
>>1303758 i only read the first two chapters lel

(1.11 MB 938x853 1611440156047.png)
Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 19:33:26 No. 1304083 [Reply]
What is going on in russia? We already have a thread on this. Keep it there to not pollute catalog
Edited last time by KGBeast on 01/25/2021 (Mon) 04:09:06.
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(98.61 KB 744x548 XkLCL.jpg)
(89.88 KB 665x537 QNgea.jpg)
(93.74 KB 737x516 UcgwA.jpg)
(124.26 KB 794x699 HgLnD.jpg)
(81.54 KB 625x505 YMcPr.jpg)

(110.22 KB 776x609 nMTcZ.jpg)
(105.07 KB 702x637 qgSTv.jpg)
(92.89 KB 657x575 XRgxX.jpg)
(98.02 KB 765x532 eszzf.jpg)
(86.98 KB 755x459 hNLKG.jpg)

Is it possible? Anonymous 01/16/2021 (Sat) 05:55:47 No. 1294866 [Reply]
Is it even possible to "fight" against progressive liberals? The average person isn't class conscious, nor interested in workers' rights if they aren't directly exploited in the work place. The majority of the population's political beliefs are based on social problems which revolves around race, gender or sexual orientation (with the exceptions of healthcare and education). Liberals tackles all those problems, without going against the capitalistic narrative. From what point of view can leftists criticise them to alert the average person on the dangers of capitalism?
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Progressivism is not even a force. It's straight up reactionarism guiding the Democrats and the official "left" at this point, mostly through the ecology shit. Progressivism had an ugly, imperialist side that is often ignored because Burger discourse is dumb. If you ask a lot of Burgers now, they fucking loathe the word "progressive" and the affiliation it stands for. You get more people willing to just call themselves liberals, which is saying a lot about how low Progressivism is viewed now. Most of the "progressive" platform is only held up by selfishness or desperation - you have a lot of people who really, really don't want their checks to stop arriving, because now they're dependent on that income to survive and they sure as hell aren't getting a job or any new deal that includes them. With the Progressives abandoning the cause of gibs ("for the planet", of course, just too many damn people you see? and that was a Progressive plank when you actually look into its history, giving people the gibs was a short-term strategy to lull people into submission/rejig capitalism into something workable). The real issue most people face is fucking eugenics, but eugenics is so hegemonic that you can't even say its name without being hounded by the usual suspects.
>>1294866 >if they aren't directly exploited in the work place ??????????
>>1294866 >The majority of the population's political beliefs are based on social problems which revolves around race, gender or sexual orientation (with the exceptions of healthcare and education). Sauce nigga? College faggots, feminazis, and transters aren't the majority in anyway. The average person only cares about one thing and neither party is going to help them get it so what does it matter who's in office?
T-they're too powerful... Democrat-sama, I KVEEL....
I dont even care about anything anymore, I’d rather be under a full fash state with a chance of communist revolution rather than what we have now

Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 03:50:35 No. 1300348 [Reply]
Is the illuminati real? There's some pretty compelling evidence that something is amiss in the world of power; big business and world power. Then there's the WorldCorp thing. I think most conspiracy theories are retarded, and the rabbit-hole has caused people to go completely off the deep end. What do you think, comrades?
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>>1303848 Yeah, I wasn't talking about positive in that sense. I'm interested in the technical comparison between capital (and the profit motive) and a negative feedback loop exactly like how you describe (air conditioning). Ian Wright, the person that wrote those posts I was replying to, thinks it's a negative feedback loop. I'm not sure how, as profit should be a positive signal. I wonder, if you haven't read it, whether you agree with Ian? See "Capital as a negative feedback control system" in https://ianwrightsite.wordpress.com/2020/09/03/marx-on-capital-as-a-real-god-2/
marx was a member of the loominarty
>>1300348 bro that's ebic
the eeloominatee is real
the bavarian illuminati were a group that formed to dismantle feudalism and usher in industrialism, they were disbanded before 1900 by papal decree, that was the end of it

(9.66 KB 600x600 k7sfynabmvg01.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 16:27:40 No. 1298628 [Reply]
"Billionaires are bad" >omg yass! "Billionaires do bad things in secret" >lol take your meds schizo Why are even left-leaning normies like this?
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Because "leftism" in the west is to boost your reputation and to be socialliy acceptable in your local sex cult i.e. leftist "org". Western leftist "women" get incredibly scared or worse, BORED if you talk about anything except dumbass animals suffering or astrology.
>>1304443 go outside faget
>>1304444 Can't, I'm locked in because of fascist capitalist states that you "leftists" defend at every turn.
>>1298628 being a billionaire is nakedly bad. the structure of the class oppression is apparent on its face. alleging they also secretly having a sex dungeon is an irrelevant trifle in comparison.
>>1298628 Hopefully QAnonism survives


no cookies?