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History of /leftypol/ Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 12:57:41 No. 1162854
Any oldfags here? Let's have a thread where we discuss the past of /leftypol/. tell us more about the most interesting moments from our history, tell us about the dramas. why did leftypol and leftpol split up? who were the e-celebs posting on leftypol? Were we the most hated board on 8chan? this and more in this thread.
>>1179637 Maupin is nowhere near on the level of Cockshott, bordiga, book chin, stirned, etc
>>1179637 >>1182537 2020 was maupin and baush
>>1163150 >Fascists who posted in good faith were allowed to stay. These were some of the best threads honestly, many memes were created as we bullied fascists as a group. Not to mention many long "effortposts" were created in those threads as an answer to insistent fash. I still think our current heavy handed moderation is a mistake but the janny politburo has already decided.
>>1182583 < >Fascists who posted in good faith were allowed to stay. This is still our policy. The only extra caveat is that they have to make their own thread. Otherwise, instead of a conversation between leftists on a variety of topics, every thread becomes arguing with idpolers(rightoids or liberals) about the same exact bullshit.
>>1163275 >His delusional conviction that codemonkey was out get us but he was
>>1163150 >I remember 90% of this stuff >I've been here for half a decade already <I'm not even a commie holy shit
>>1164192 >/leftpol/ was created by Space, and seeing how he acts (or lack thereof of any action), it's clear by now he's always been like this. It makes perfectly sense, that Space_ intentionally refuses to act, because he is actually a Daoist.
>>1179349 That's the guy that argued there was nothing wrong with zoophillia right? Lmao I remember that nigga, he said something like: >We kill, torture, eat, and destroy animals but to give them an orgasm is wrong? Fuck off What a degenerate lol
>>1164192 >>1184398 >/leftpol/ was created by Space No, it was created by "Apo" who later gave the board to his friend Space_. https://archive.fo/QdziM
>>1184423 Was that the thread here with the vegan tigers? Or is it the anarchist on 8ch who wanted to abolish consent.
>>1184439 >vegan tigers I think it was, though I can't remember too well
>>1184423 yeah thats him, someone had a pic of him but I lost it
(2.77 MB 1204x2000 AncomGangFurryTrannys.png)
>>1184788 This is one of the most cursed things I've ever seen. What is this creature?
>>1162857 quit trying to force this meme this faggot
>>1184788 thank you for finding it >>1184801 >What is this creature? 8chan before it was shut down in a nutshell, people forget how depraved the rest of site was, it is after all its the chan were the boards /shota/ and /loli/ were very popular and /fur/'s top thread was always a cub general
>>1162854 Here. The board ownership change was a disaster to the old 8ch board. It was shit back then, but at least the old owner only deleted/banned spam. The new owner was different. Now, in bunker era, people are just posting off-topic shit, even ERP-ing on a general thread. Double standards when it comes to moderation. Board owner and moderators in here should just kill themselves, to be honest. It's obvious that they're responsible for the garbage here, and probably participates in shitting up the board, too. Even reddit is probably a better place now, even if it's only one or two subreddits.
>>1163173 >just realised the world filter fbi.gov is dis.cord. just went to the actual fbi website, it looks like a shity tabloid my god
>>1184423 that guy is a janny now btw
>>1184834 then go back
>>1184897 so what you are saying is we have a pedo bestialist janny
>>1184897 Prove it.
>>1184897 This fag has been banning people arbitrarily for criticizing furries, surprised he hasn't showed up here yet.
>>1184922 Not the same furfag necessarily. There can be more than one furry on leftypol (I think we have actual bronies too).
>>1184922 proof billy, although I do remember this character and interacting with him on numerous occasions. The one always posting long pro pedo threads
>>1184922 >for criticizing furries Doubt that's what you were doing when you were banned.
>>1184932 yeah apparently hating on a shitty fandom is """idpol"""
>>1184932 Furry janny once banned someone for saying "yiff in hell, furfag" so anon is not entirely wrong. I doubt furry janny is the same person as psycho pedo furry ancom though.
>>1184932 I wasn't banned, but I've seen him handing out bans just for posting that screencap with the janny in it.
(61.06 KB 1092x614 rebel.jpg)
>>1164796 These must be fake, right? RIGHT?
>>1184932 >Lmao let's kill furries >OMG.noooo why was I banned Get fucked.
>>1184947 Probably me who banned you. I'm not a furry, I'm just consistent. If I'm going to remove radlib "white ppl are mean and evil", I'm going to remove your shitty idpol too.
kill weebs
>>1184957 Deepest lore
>>1184965 based
(87.14 KB 801x279 jannyfur.png)
>Im not even a fury Im just consistent
>>1184970 >don't hate me cuz you ain't me >implying anyone wants to be that monstrosity
>>1184970 What does that have to do with anything I said?
>>1171190 That's him? Never realized it.
(572.57 KB 1129x787 toothless.jpg)
>>1184949 Not true. They said worse than that. And no I'm not the same person as that ancom furry.
>>1184980 What if Schnitz is the furry mod?
(21.46 KB 513x513 IMG_7857.jpg)
kill furries
>>1162854 bumplocked for retardation
(280.91 KB 1000x806 deer laptop.jpg)
>>1170755 Afroplasm has a youtube account and I occasionally see him under videos
>>1184994 It is not anchored for any reason other than hitting 500. You utter imbecile or whatever you are.
somebody archive this thread idk how to archive, and a new thread should be started, so we can preserve the annals of /leftypol/ history
>>1184994 lmaoo
>>1185000 i was trying to think for ages what that guy who posted with the pan African flag was called. Also was there not a hugely aggressive and strange poster called Anal Water at one point?
>>1185007 more like the anals of leftypol am I right


no cookies?