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(75.67 KB 1000x1000 1614112093185.png)
Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 20:46:10 No. 1325233
Has Stonetoss lost it?
>>1326392 >le 56% maymay >>1326393 >le 56% maymay with an extra step of antisemitism >>1326395 >swiftly adopted han-chinese ethno politics >>1326396 >crude anti-americanism >>1326479 >not proving that the parable of the broken window is wrong Stay frosty /leftypol/! And didja ever tell you about the theory that the left was hijacked by the upper class in the 60s/70s? At least in Sweden. There was quite a few that changed their last names to something more "proletarian". That's what the anti-americanism came from. Not because of some truly "popular" resentment against the war in Vietnam. Because it is really, really, really strange that the old upper class in Europe and The New Left and their inheritors here are really, really, really agreeing on the United States. I mean, this pic is really qt. But if the praxis is showing up at the wrong place and doing the wrong things. And the theory is reading the wrong books in the wrong way (while figuratively shitting the bed). No feedback loop between theory and praxis won't do any good.
>>1325233 Stonetoss confirmed keynesgang
>>1325888 his comics are explicitly antisemitic and pro-white, he'd probably take being called a nazi as a compliment. also see the comic where the libertarian realizes he's fighting alongside a fascist against a commie and an aristocratic businessman. not necessarily concrete proof that he's a fascist, but you can't act like people call him one for no good reason
>>1326211 This.
>>1326138 >Nazi implies at least some socialist impulses while stonetoss is not. No it doesn't, and most neo-Nazis don't even pretend it does. It's only nominal, and Hitler didn't even think the name was accurate.
>>1329280 >antisemitic and pro-white Pick one! Jews are white too. :^)
>>1325272 >by smashing a random shops window im fighting capitalism lol
>>1325965 broken clock
(58.58 KB 1500x500 Stonetoss Muslims colonizing.png)
This one stumped me.
>>1329413 He's saying it is hypocritical for immigrants from the Middle East to call white people colonizers.
>>1329414 Why though?
>>1329417 Because immigration is the friendly neoliberal term for colonizing.
>>1329421 Post the I colonised the next town over once I left my hometown
>>1326211 Stonetoss is some weird NazBol and An-Prim thing I think.
>>1326422 Forced meme.
(185.29 KB 828x1306 indigenous angles.jpg)
>>1329413 It's referring to overuse of buzzwords ("colonialism", "imperialism", "diversity", "indigenous", etc.) in contexts they make even less sense. Especially the kneejerk transplantation of burgerlard IdPol to other countries.
>>1329465 Even then, people running from Tomahawk missiles to the safer imperial core is not colonization.
>>1329472 Why not ? Also most immigrants did not flee missiles.
>>1329479 Immigration is not the same as colonization and the exploitation of the third world doesn't always need bombs or missiles. Imperialism begets people immigration like this. The people who did not flee bombs probably for one reason or another cannot.
>>1329494 >Immigration is not the same as colonization Right. The difference between the two has nothing to do with tomahawk missiles and with imperial cores and you should have said it that way the first time.
>>1329472 The vast majority are not running from war, the just want easy cash and they have been deluded into thinking the West is a lot richer than it actually is
>>1329472 So because future burgerlards were fleeing deprivation, war, political persecution, slavery, and OUTRIGHT PLANNED GENOCIDE, that means we aren't descended from colonists? Effin awesome absolution, m8!
>>1325547 i haven't been here for a good half a year and this retard is still at it
Stonetoss lost it a long, long time ago.
>>1325256 Lel, it's 100% the RedPanels guy. The real question is whether or not he's Shmorky.
>>1325965 >>1329413 Some of the time he makes a fair point. However what makes him such a problem is that they are spun to suit alt-right politics. And the rest of his cartoons are just shit.
(75.79 KB 277x182 imagen_2021-03-21_010117.png)
He never had it, Neither does his protegee I used to "work" with her back when i wanted to make a "Greenline Front" for LATAM, funny enough just like the ukrainians fashy currents here are minorities with inferiority complex and middle class whitexicans she was both, she's also the kind of trans-girl that'd make queer jokes and then complain because the evil SJW TERFS are making fun of her like bitch, you're the one tokenizing yourself. she kinda confirmed me that Stonetoss is just a centrist neckbeard wannabe ancap that like every other ancap ends up shilling for wignats and cuckservatives.
>>1329854 PD: >TERFS are class and feminist traitors >i no longer affiliate with any fascist currents (althought i still try to stay up to date with whatever they're shilling for) >I'm still friends with her because i still have hope she'll get out of those circles... eventually
>>1325256 /thread
>>1326303 kulak handout Biden
>>1325233 >>1325240 Strawman argument... Nobody actually believes they've destroyed Capitalism by smashing a bank's windows. It's all about sending a message. It is merely aesthetics.
>>1329413 >immigrants are colonizing America it is truly incredible how stupid stonetoss is
>>1332866 >It's all about sending a message. yes, the message of "we're unorganised children who make things worse for ourselves every chance we get".
>>1332867 Why are the majority of NGOs that work to import middle easterners/Nafris that are endangered due to a war neoconservative јеwѕ forced NATO countries into јеwish? And on second thought, how come they import them all the way over into Europe and america/Canada instead of into rich democratic states like Israel or hyperrich gulf monarchies?
(254.75 KB 881x1024 JewsMigrants.jpg)
>>1332885 >inb4 it wasn't neocon јеwѕ that started the war >"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical" https://archive.is/tT6ys Literally from an israeli publication.
>>1332887 >inb4 ur right wing lol Christians were in on it too, but again only because they believe in јеwish supremacy, which is wrong, and intimately tied up in white supremacy. This video debunks right wing psyops carried out by the US MIC, and shows that it's the exact same people who were willingly led into the Iraq war that were behind the Qanon nonsense. https://youtu.be/3CTkrQAFplA
>>1325547 Fuck off stormfaggot.
>>1332885 >how come they import them all the way over into Europe and america/Canada instead of into rich democratic states like Israel israel won't even accept black african jews into their country. they dont like foreigners. white westerners love to relieve their guilt at any chance they can get though.
>>1332890 But what accounts for this disparity in guilt considering that as demographic groups both јеws and and whites arguably shared an equal role in perpetuating the transatlantic slave trade. *inb4 јеws dinđu nuffın https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Abarbanel
>>1332891 well it wasn't racial, it was based in the ruling class importing cheap labour to developed nations, the slave trade i mean. that's what you always have to understand, the difference between "da joos" and a proper perspective is rooted in looking at causes. jews have been wealthy in the past and still today, so their interests are in maintaining that wealth, and so on.
(2.67 MB 2400x1200 white-guilt.jpg)
>>1332891 >But what accounts for this disparity in guilt zizek says that white guilt is "surplus enjoyment" which is a type of enjoyment experienced in renouncing something, like the joy of willing suffering, in piety or something (which is increasingly becoming the religious nature of political correctness), but zizek also says that in white guilt it gives whites the narrative of the world with themselves as oppressors and so in a way it controls the "universal" narrative of racial struggle. he uses the example which we have all seen, of a black person saying that they don't feel oppressed but then a white liberal will 'correct' them on how whites are always oppressing them. he also uses the example of this fake humility of white guilt, of saying to some tribal chief that his way of life is so much "better" or whatever than whites, but if a chief asked him to trade positions then the white guy would obviously decline. my absolute favourite example of this is in india when the british colonised and obviously there was no respect for hinduism (and there shouldn't be, inherently either) but in hinduism you have the caste system and clearly that suited ruling class interests well and so the british disregarded hinduism but said that the caste system was a great way of understanding things and so on, and so it is this fake humility which always serves a more sinister purpose. of course this is not the only reason why things are like this today but it's certainly part of the puzzle of white guilt and political correctness.
(194.51 KB 768x1024 cult of reason.jpeg)
>>1332903 >in piety or something (which is increasingly becoming the religious nature of political correctness) The belief that atheism implies secularism was a mistake, comrades.
>>1333038 What in particular are you advocating, that we practice Cult of Reason instead of simply supporting secularism?
>>1333093 no, he's saying that rejecting theism does not mean you are separated from any secular religions which may take it's place. the cult of reason shows how "free thought" can quickly become dogmatic and cultish, the same way political correctness is godless but functions as a type of religion to people.
>>1332903 You referring to Robin D'Anglo specifically? She's one of those creatures that teaches so-called anti-racism seminars at companies like Chevron. To her racism isn't a systemic, structural issue but a issue that specifically is caused by individuals who were born white in America, and being a white person in America means you can never be 100% not racist. It kind of implies that people who are white are unable to be friends with black people because it implicitly suggest that every single white person is, by virtue of a more nebulously defined white supremacy in America, necessarily as a result of white privilege unable to "totally be down." Robin D'Angelo, you can tell, seems to be a little weird about black people. Her conceptualization of racism is one that is eternal, that cannot be overcome, and can only be treated. It implies that solidarity can come only in the form of self improvement. She ends up being a self improvement guru for race, and this is why big corporations like to hire her because she kills solidarity between coworkers and makes HR, which ultimately works in service of Capital accumulation, unquestionable since they become the arbiters of solidarity.
(139.14 KB 1400x2141 bowling alone.jpg)
>>1333093 Maybe not exactly that, but we should've made a stronger effort to replace both the beneficial social functions of religion and the vacuum it left as an institution, so that something with all the problems of an actual religion (such as PC) doesn't have room to sprout up. I don't know if what's needed is merely an extensive culture of social clubs, therapists, etc., combined with dedicated civic institutions, or if most people really need something actually replicating most of the pomp and ritual of religion (but in dedication to philosophical methods that aren't delusional), like the Cult of Reason and similar ideas.
>>1333097 >>1333097 >the cult of reason shows how "free thought" can quickly become dogmatic and cultish The cult of reason was an artificial attempt to make free thought into a cult and it was a failure, though
>>1325309 where are her tatas?


no cookies?