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(97.46 KB 1280x1280 hinterlands.jpg)
Hinterlands : America's New Landscape on Class and Conflict Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 04:56:01 No. 684289
Anybody else read this? Thoughts?
>>685771 Thank you based PDF anon.
>>874391 Drive the Anglos into the sea England is Cymru clay
>>874391 Read hinterlands
>>875830 I should get a twitter and reddit account just to spam this
>>861862 >"The urn cannot approach quickly enough" Lmao I need to read this shit.
>>690229 I have to admit, the way the author writes keeps my attention. There's something more organic about it.
>>863610 The Body Without Organs is a potato.
>>690229 t. autist This book isn't for in-depth theoryjerking, if you want that read Endnotes, it should tickle your 'tism.
Bumping so I can screenshot thread later sorry
(92.20 KB 928x640 ClQdRNmVAAASMuq.jpg)
>>686272 >>688788 >>688814 >>688821 >>688841 >>688872 >>689038 all me, you're welcome nerds, I got you into reading this book
>>690441 They joined as soon as it was possible. An eight-million man army, the world's largest navy, and a world-class air force isn't just something that could've been produced and shipped across two oceans in a year or two. Certainly not from a nation with a small army that was still scarred by the depression. >they did not want to risk loosing too much territory and population to the socialist system How the hell do you think this supports your point?
>>690315 Capital was definitely a motivation, that guy is not saying Hitler was anti-capitalist you retard. But the Nazi party was increasingly less influenced by business interests as the years went on. By 1944 the war-economy had pretty effectively cemented nazi control over industry.
>>895670 really good book
>>690229 This isn't even left com though. No one left com likes this shit.
>>895633 fuck why won't firefox let me screenshot the full page
>>950898 >fuck why won't firefox let me screenshot the full page Use the single file addon for Firefox, it makes a html file of a entire thread (without file attachments) that will work offline. https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/single-file/
bump because the French edition releases today!
>>950898 Search "Snipping tool" in your computer files, Windows comes with a screenshot program.
Can any eurofags confirm or deny if what this book says about rural burgerland is also true about rural Europe?
>>976578 no - oh god no. rural people are more conservative than city dwellers as a rule in just about any country, but burgerland is a special kind of dangerous.
>>976589 Not in political convictions but in the internal colonization and depopulation of rural areas.
>radlib ultra bullshit No thanks.
>Once its figureheads were defeated—Milo Yiannopoulos via public outcry and Richard Spencer via repeated punches to the face lmao
>>976924 Lemme guess, you're a Sakaifag?
>>976578 At least in Lithuania, yes, very much so, but with its own characteristics. Aside from the Capital, few cities with a university and ones with infrastructural / tourist / logistical significance, the rest of the country is a wasteland of dying towns and all but dead villages that forms the political base for our current centre right populist ruling party, who's leader coincidently is a land magnate that got all of it by muscling out the farmers with mafia methods in the 90's. Meanwhile the capital is an ever bloating, sprawling mess. Only reason, which the local politologists agree on, why the country isn't rioting is purely due to the outlet that is emigration to the Western EU.
>>977605 Talking of Richard Spencer he endorsed Biden
>>978088 Well, he's right. A vote for Trump is a vote against the US. Spencer is smart enough to see that second term means death to American empire.
>>833487 >We are told by Sontag, echoing Streep, that the roots of physical culture and its correlated aesthetic are easily identifiable: “To an unsophisticated public in Germany, the appeal of Nazi art may have been that it was simple, figurative, emotional not intellectual,” a type of art that offers common people “a relief from the demanding complexities of modernist art.” This is the sum of her explanation for how such a cultural movement rose to prominence, the diagnosis little more than a barely-veiled invective against the stupidity and unrestrained passion of the proletarian horde, incapable of understanding real art. Similarly, the recent essay from Refigural simply casts a broad net of vague associations in the classic thinkpiece fashion, here garnished with a bit of art-school loftiness. But throughout, the argument simply takes the rising prominence of physical culture and its aesthetic correlates as a priori fascist, a thesis “proven” through the simple fact that many on the far right seem to be drawn to guns and muscles and that frat boys also, in fact, like sportswear—big fucking surprise. >What neither work contains, however, is any rigorous approach to history. For Sontag, proletarian brutishness is enough. There is simply no reason for her to dig into the intricate history of German physical culture, rooted in the late 19th century and often deeply tied to early nationalisms and the rise of the worker’s movement. Nor is there any reason for her to trace the transfer of this particular strain of physical culture to the US via the migration of German workers and radicals into the American working class. There is no analysis of the role that physical fitness played in the social clubs of the early worker’s movement. Nor, remarkably, any mention of the ways that physical culture was directly mobilized against the rising Nazi threat, as seen in groups of communist streetfighters, or Imi Lichtenfeld and his gang of Jewish wrestlers and boxers defending their neighborhood in the midst of anti-semitic riots. This is because, for Sontag, the particular far-right adoption of physical culture within Nazism is symmetrical to the role it played within the broader workers’ movement from which it emerged. If communism is simply the “most successful variant” of fascism, there is simply no difference between the Nazi Olympics and a working class gym where people might learn the skills needed to fight strikebreakers at work or racist gangs on the street. >Thus severed from this history, such analyses play a purely ideological role. These critics find themselves in an historical moment when the flesh of the planet is being ground to pulp, when old emancipatory movements have been defeated in a century-long avalanche of blood, and when the poor today are increasingly living a life that seems to be composed of little more than curling into a fetal position while being constantly stomped under the boots of a million different species of police—and faced with this our brilliant Leftist declares “well, actually” your desire for strength is inherently fascist. The only time the liberal ever walks off the sidewalks and into the streets, after all, is to separate the fascist and the anarchist brawling through the labyrinth of stalled traffic, their intellect resounding with the mind-numbingly cultured revelation: “you’re just as bad as they are!” My god Changcn is good.
>>989611 based and materialism pilled
(714.55 KB 1280x720 M. Bison YES.mp4)
>>869934 >I think the main issue here is terrorism, in the eyes of the public it is a bad thing regardless of context, making political low mass action (which is what we are) impossible Adventurism can work against warlord-ism(failed state) that is hated by the public.
Bumping this thread just to say that we should try to get Doug (from Zero Books) to be aware of this book and get him to interview Phil Neel in the Zero Books YT channel
>>1083791 just message him
>>1083791 He's @zer0books on Twitter, I think he'd be open to do it if someone were to message him.
The CPUSA hosted a Zoom seminar last night that featured Arun Chaudhary (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arun_Chaudhary) and Mike Gravel as speakers, and I was able to post a PDF of Hinterland in the chat. Arun ended up following my Twitter too and I wrote and sent him a review of the book along with the PDF. Arun is pretty damn influential, so I'm hoping he reads it and spreads the word. My shilling of this book is starting to pay off I think, I want this book to be widely known amongst the left so damn badly. Arun's wiki refers to him as "one of the most influential characters in modern politics", he's capable of making the people who ran Bernie's campaigns aware of Hinterland.
>>1090994 >The CPUSA hosted a meeting on corporate spyware last night Yes we get it already, you're glowies.
>>1091019 I've noticed there has been a real uptick in people throwing around these accusations lately, the Feds must be trying to cop-jacket as much as possible with the election chaos. I'm sure you think every communist on social media is a glowy too, schizo.
>>1090994 Just yesterday Phil Neel appeared in a Mediapart transmission, a French leftist media, talking about the election : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQd7KegrXsg&t=3284 I guess he's trying to get the attention of the French public since the French translation just released
>>1091619 I'm happy to see this, the book mostly focuses on the US but a lot of what it says is universally relevant to the post-2008 world. >>1083791 >>1090845 I'll send him a message. I would want to send him contact info for Phil Neel too, does anyone know anything about that?
>>1092151 >I would want to send him contact info for Phil Neel too, does anyone know anything about that? This could be a start https://geography.washington.edu/people/phillip-neel
>>1091619 >I guess he's trying to get the attention He should ask people to reply with "Read Hinterland" to posts on the internet, for cheap guerilla marketing.
>>1095329 someone could buy a domain and redirect it to a download of the book maybe
>>1117208 better ask Phil Neel if he's ok with that
>>860111 Never heard of this guy before. Seems pretty based
>>1091224 There are no real communists online.
>>1118965 So you're saying they're a.. specter?
>>1092151 Did you ever send him a message; did he get back to you?
dialectical bump because of the settler thread


no cookies?