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/WEBM/ Anonymous 10/27/2020 (Tue) 14:20:23 No. 1041002
Last Thread got bumplocked Post your based or cringe MP4, WEBM files here
(3.52 MB 640x360 videoplayback-6.webm)
(466.47 KB riotshield.mp4)
Newfags, you can post more than one webm at a time.
(67.29 KB 640x591 soy22.jpg)
>>1041057 LMAO MW2 lobbies were the greatest thing ever
(1.94 MB 640x360 jordan peterson xanax.mp4)
bartard liberation front
>>1041070 This is amazing
(12.47 MB 480x360 Время - Вперед!.mp4)
(5.84 MB 480x360 Fuck Church.webm)
>>1041067 back to reddit newfag
(286.01 KB 3400x2300 521 (1).png)
>>1041097 I wish I could've found this place when the reddit catgirl shitshow happened.
>>1041042 What's the second song called?
>>1041046 >The /Ig/ Thread anons making Maupin Jazz
Could someone post all the Caleb jazz remixes, particularly the Washington monument one, please?
(3.97 MB 640x232 Normienator.webm)
>>1041727 Brooo that brow game is unreal, didn't know anyone could beat Brezhnev at that but this lad btfo's him completely.
>>1041727 How is the first one even possible?
(13.50 MB 480x360 the descent.webm)
(3.58 MB 640x360 rodger.mp4)
(3.82 MB 640x480 BREATHE.mp4)
(2.33 MB 1920x1080 Godda go fasc.mp4)
(2.89 MB 720x480 Gotta Go Fasc.mp4)
(436.68 KB 768x576 Go home.webm)
/strek/ hours
>>1041008 where is this from?
(5.33 MB 1280x720 Joe Feel aint dead.mp4)
(2.12 MB 640x360 AOPRC.mp4)
(1.47 MB 420x240 France.mp4)
SocDemPoster where you at we Wilson posting.
(372.06 KB 1280x720 Kill all normies REEEEE.mp4)
(5.46 MB 640x360 based.mp4)
(11.87 MB 1280x720 OOOO.mp4)
(739.60 KB 460x258 Pavecraft.webm)
>>1041799 Why? France is comfy
>>1041810 I'm laughing but I also want to die
(9.17 MB 320x180 Love me I am a liberal.mp4)
(3.08 MB 640x360 HIGH H O P E S.mp4)
(3.44 MB 640x480 rosa zizek.webm)
(74.93 MB 1280x720 Koma Jinên Cudî Awazek Tê.mp4)
(5.07 MB 640x360 K P R F.webm)
(6.86 MB 320x240 L E E K.webm)
(6.01 MB 1920x1080 presentation-de-la-chaine.mp4)
>>1041842 Cringey sucdems tho. Now watch this
>>1041857 Where is this from?
>>1041860 This is lit af
To the anon that is dumping his webms one at a time, you do realise that you can post 5 in one post, right?
>>1041926 Why the dragon vore?
>>1041046 thanks anon, i was looking for this yesterday. do you know the name of the song?
>>1041972 Because it's cringe. and hot.
>>1041886 Rojava.
>>1041988 Einheitsfrontlied.
(2.14 MB 630x472 Fascist stealing.webm)
(52.75 KB 1459x276 janny.jpg)
>>1041926 I'd report but I fear a ban
(1.19 MB 480x480 fishe.mp4)
what the fuck happened to the last thread? there was a lot of good content. did anyone archive it?
>>1043527 It reached 500 posts and cannot be bumped anymore
>>1041520 Just google"defend kebab theme song" Do you know the name of the first song?
>>1041727 Gonna need the link to the first video chief
>>1041002 A music video I made for a song I made called "Spector for Hope."
>>1041088 Does this have a YT link? Great video!
>>1041869 >bernie sanders 2016 oh fuck it still hurts why can't we have nice things ;_;
(760.27 KB 828x478 Pol actually goes outside.mp4)
early 2000 raps ?
>>1043822 Its a serbian nationalist song i guess,its called oj alija,aljo!
>>1043926 Based
>>1043527 It was archived, don't worry
>>1041869 Russian memes seem really interesting
(4.79 MB 1280x720 France is no longer france.mp4)
>>1044105 What did he mean by this?
>>1044033 Link?
>>1044105 I remember when this shit came out, it's surprisingly catchy af
>>1044243 Now thats what you call a disstrack
>>1043868 I'm a finn and that's actually impressive.
(117.50 KB 1200x1041 1200px-Lapuan_liike.svg.png)
>>1044316 >a leftist >in finland How is that even possible?i thought you guys were anti-communists to the core?
>>1043925 we're you the guy who posted this on 8ch in late 2018? I really enjoy this album.
>>>/b/ tbh
>>1044432 There are quite a few leftists in here. Most people here are either left-leaning socdems or populist right-wingers.
>>1041821 Can you imagine what would the anzac's reaction be if someone went back in time and showed them this video?
>>1044237 Too many French speaking negros.
>>1042015 WTF? Guys is franco nazbol gang?
>>1044886 Well if they didn't want all of these french-speaking nig(uighurs)gers around they should not have ravaged africa looking for them. Look at the size of that colony,its like they really love black people
Can anyone got that "white juche" video?
>>1045021 I got u anon
>>1045937 Thanks comrade,this is some good shitpost,the best kind of shitpost
I think this was in the last thread, but reposting because I FUCKING love this webm
>>1045969 This is another shitpost in a similar style
>>1046371 This hurts me on so many levels
>>1046827 Bruh I aint clicking on a random discord link on an imageboard
(9.77 MB 2pac stalin.mp4)
(10.88 MB seinfeld1917.mp4)
(54.11 MB 480x360 videoplayback-7.webm)
(13.41 MB 868x590 ezgif-3-bcf5cbb0d6cc.mp4)
(11.15 MB sovietwomen.webm)
(3.10 MB 320x550 _kcRgwcP5GUC3dSn.mp4)
>>1047507 I tried slowing down the Castro vid but the audio is still fucked
>>1046421 This one is legendary
>>1048003 Is this fashist propaganda?
>>1047710 The video with fidel castro is great!
(8.40 MB 640x360 importedlabor.webm)
(8.97 MB 640x360 hitlerspeech.webm)
>>1048047 That webm is a speech by oswald mosley
(8.30 MB 3256x2808 nazi socialist-.png)
>>1048003 Yes I promise race is a real biological and scientific fact. It is not a post hoc rationalization for slave labor. Please value race more than your class position in capitalist society, so you and your white capitalist boss can work together >>1048061 Ah yes, Hitler hating big business but at the same time working together with them
>>1048136 Ein volk, ein reich, ein Getrank I'm laughing so hard
>>1049728 >That fucking Fox News video holy shit these people are beyond sinister
(3.71 MB 854x480 stalinpumpedupkicks.webm)
A classic.
Does anyone have that anti-cop video?
>>1048061 Hitler speech is kino, almost turned me into fash years ago.
(9.00 MB IMG_0260.MP4)
(15.99 MB IMG_0261.MP4)
(3.03 MB 1280x720 1541263136763.webm)
attached is original song in >>854626, if anyone's interested
(3.10 MB 320x180 hard knock life.webm)
>>1055460 This one?
(1009.42 KB 480x360 Adorno listening to Gabber.mp4)
>>1051455 >That adorno music format
(6.93 MB 1280x720 gob1.mp4)
(4.90 MB 1280x720 gob2.mp4)
Does anyone the Stalin webm were he claims "Wll, if the germans want total war that's what they'll get"
(4.96 MB 568x320 YouCut_20200823_171154484.mp4)
>>1044565 please explain ...
(5.16 MB 1080x1080 neoliberal.mp4)
>>1047154 back story?
>>1059556 Whoever made this shall lead the 4th (Inter)national.
>>1060133 why do they exist?
I need more shit that is funny
(753.80 KB 480x360 1588479178457.webm)
(7.78 MB AAAAAAAAAAA.webm)
(624.02 KB small mommy gf.mp4)
(2.57 MB 720x540 stalins moustache.webm)
(760.27 KB 828x478 Pol actually goes outside.mp4)
>>1049728 >not just denying like the NSA eh, I can respect that
>>1065478 >attachment 2 As additional evidence; during the last week of my within-mentioned month-long WORSE-than-a-farce Nazi court criminal trial in Nassau County Court 1958, where dwarfted felon gangster Parroting Puppet rectum lapper sodomist Judge William Sullivan’s ball-of-fat felon slut wife, she - AS PLANNED - sat in the front row, repeatedly stripping her over clothes and completely pulling up her dress and slip and pulling aside her old-fashioned pink BLOOMERS in order to display her ANUS, her CUNT! She repeatedly gesticulated and whispered: "I’ll give it to you to suck! FINISH HIM!!" Her husband, dwarfted felon Gangster Parroting Puppet rectum-lapper sodomist Judge William Sullivan, flush-faced - in repeated open sodomistic displays - stuck out his tongue, WIGGLING it, CHUCKLING to her! You hangman rope Gangster felon Parroting Puppet scum-on-top playboys can WATCH my Frankenstein Eyesight Television PLAYBACK of this felonious lowly sodomistic display by the felon sodomist Judge William Sullivan and his lowly felon-slut wife during my trial in Nassau County Court!
>>1059730 it's from bilibili
>>1065478 thanks comrade
>>1059545 Thanks man, badass speech.
(1.28 MB 432x360 1586821096814.webm)
(1.86 MB 480x360 1586509149536.webm)
(1.73 MB 640x640 1586545943915.webm)
(1.99 MB 800x450 1586554531749.webm)
(3.77 MB 480x480 1586654505032.webm)
(574.30 KB 480x270 1586654897199.webm)
(10.65 MB 1920x1080 40 in 30.mp4)
(1.36 MB 400x226 take a shit.webm)
>>1043922 lol please tell me what's this from
anybody got the naztrot video?
>>1041100 Your fucking kind is the reason I'm ashamed to browse Reddit in public.
>>1041766 I've seen this a hundred times before, and it still makes me deeply uncomfortable.
>>1043838 Wait, this was made by you?
>>1043980 holy shit I haven't seen this in ages still has me dying tho
>>1049728 Comrades, fetch the guillotine.
>>1057340 Good luck reforming this shit.
(163.51 KB 1080x680 20201104_222226.jpg)
>>1063829 On a Reddit post about Israel probably committing another war crime.
>>1071604 PROZD ftw
>>1081571 looks like they are already ready to serve under a communist authoritarian government
>>1041002 Does anyone have the one with Trump denouncing the bourgeoisie and CGI communists rolling out in tanks?
(35.29 MB 1248x720 Comissar Trump.mp4)
>>1083719 Perfect ty.
(19.15 MB 1920x1080 beautiful (1).mp4)
(17.30 MB 1280x720 amAYiqRXMQnhLUHE 1.mp4)
(5.05 MB 640x360 leftypol at starbucks.webm)
>>1041870 tu sais qu'ils sont des JC de base ?
>>1044904 more like loving desert lmao
>>1047154 yeah i'm really curious now. what happened ?
(16.55 MB 1280x720 Marx_Lenin_WWE.mp4)
(16.55 MB 1280x720 Marx_Lenin_WWE.mp4)
(6.56 MB 1280x720 based trump.mp4)
(2.49 MB 320x240 human rights - castro.mp4)
(3.10 MB juche tv.mp4)
(784.54 KB 960x540 muh hamburgers.mp4)
>>1088814 full version?
(2.99 MB 478x640 Black communist soldiers.mp4)
(2.89 MB 720x480 Gotta Go Fasc.mp4)
(3.06 MB you_died.mp4)
(3.33 MB 886x482 GET GOT.mp4)
(3.78 MB 640x360 nazi bike.webm)
(207.79 KB 553x779 EdUZx4KWAAAeQjk.jpg)
>>1041091 Love you anon
>>1091819 wtf am I even looking at?
>>1090673 Did they die?
>>1095280 should have done more tbh
>>1091913 Horny posting from the 1920s?
(2.96 MB 640x480 Albania Fuck Yeah.webm)
>>1094420 Why does no one answer me?
>>1041789 sauce on the song?
>>1097305 One of them did >>1097331 Darude-Sandstorm
>>1097305 the guy with the PoV camera died yes,the other one no.
>>1090673 Lol owned
>>1090673 The POV cop, did he get shot in the head? I didn't know you could scream (or do anything) after that, or is there a bit of a sound delay and the scream was just before/during the shooting? Or was it the other cop?
>>1097383 old meme
>>1097331 the name is in the title you retard
>>1091681 >yelling death to America I agree with the sentiment but its not a great optics. Kinda cringe also
(259.53 KB 462x400 ancap1.mp4)
>>1041788 I cried
>>1097435 nah, if you look at the last few seconds you can see the dashcam angle, he lands and braces himself. from the news articles i found the pov cop actually survived, the other one is the one who died. the reason he dropped back was because the guy tried to doubletap him and he probably passed out immediately from the second shot. get owned
Show me the leftist version of that scene from peaky blinders "no fucking fighting"
>>1046320 What's this from?
>>1047474 >Roland Disgusting bourgeois decadence.
>>1098756 Unlike the GDR, the DPRK has no own synths. This is a serious flaw of Juche. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9gL1imQpEs
(5.37 MB 1280x720 jeopardy.mp4)
>>1100127 >Marks & Angles
>>1047474 name of song?
(4.33 MB 1280x720 matewan1.mp4)
(3.35 MB 1280x720 matewan2.mp4)
(5.29 MB 1280x720 matewan3.mp4)
>>1090673 wait what, are they dead? when was this? was it in the news even?
>>1100674 one dead one injured iirc and yeah it was in the news like a couple weeks ago
>>1100679 do you have an article or something on it? I wanna check the outcome, and what happened to the guy.
>>1105406 My heart belongs to Democratic Kampuchea
>>1100127 wow that's pretty embarrassing
>>1105428 Your heart belongs to the Central Intelligence Agency.
finally a new one. thanks fellas
(5.85 MB 640x360 USSR collapse dame da ne.webm)
>>1098944 Ironically, this was incorrect partially. The CPSU really did talk about Karl Marx in their private meetings. It's only the capitalists that think this way.
>>1041520 Mudzahedin Turski Sin
>>1100127 >yfw my answers were the same as Ben Well, I guessed Munich instead of London
Please give me this webm with JFK headshot and pumped up kicks in the background
(4.17 MB 640x360 You_Better_Run_Kennedy.webm)
Im looking for an anti-kraut webm that explains the history of germany
>>1108368 Why did he do it?
>>1108421 YES Thank you.
>>1108416 Kennedy was a bastard who deserved it. Who knows what could have happened if he had lived. History now and the assassination didn't appear to do anything negative so I'd say it was based.
>>1108495 Thats what he get for not taking pics of monroe
>>1055656 No wonder why so many people believed and followed him
(960.80 KB no_fighting.mp4)
>>1043925 >>1044933 I hope not all of leftypol have this shit taste >>1046371 I truly wish there was a longer version >>1047154 yoooo my webm made it into this thread! I feel honored lol >>1060829 GM KOREA union destroyed ceo's office because he got a bonus while they did not >>1088017 this is so beautifully made. Are there any similar videos/films? >>1090495 ngl I will miss him >>1098474 here you go
(18.49 MB Homo_Fascism.webm)
>>1109777 I love this one
(3.93 MB burgerland.webm)
(11.18 MB 1280x720 Food_insecurity_USA.webm)
>>1110247 what movie is that from?
(862.36 KB 200x113 burgers.gif)
>>1110436 Volunteers (1985)
>>1105911 I know it's just a meme but fascist Spain (which also had american bases in it's own soil) should be painted blue.
>>1110739 Radio "Free" Europe also made broadcasts from stations in Francoist Spain
(5.09 MB polacks.mp4)
(14.70 MB pol needs milk.mp4)
Not necessarilly political but ecologic nonetheless.
hi im new here, i think i am a libsoc or whatever. just wanted to say i went through all of this shit and it feels like my brain is melting. only physical pain. i feel like i need to now start my politics from scratch and try again
(61.96 KB 1000x1500 wp4951019.jpg)
>>1111450 How do you mean?
>>1111450 libsoc as in an anarchist? what are you even on about
(2.75 MB 640x360 closedloopgeo360p.webm)
>>1111425 delete this, it's outdated, japan build a fancier geothermal electricity-station that has none of these problems.
>>1109531 Finally This webm is gold
Translation: "When the revolution comes, the music industry will be first to go."
>>1111520 i believe that state is necessary, but the state should have no leader, and controlled by the people directly, with liberty and equality as priority. all of my theory knowledge has just been against capitalism, and for social liberty, so i might sound kind of retarted
(7.58 MB 1280x720 U2diRfYvlOnv2KEG.mp4)
>>1112688 Context?
>>1112704 Venezuelan embassy in Bolivia.
>>1112706 Thanks!
>>1111679 >the state should have no leader, and controlled by the people directly Noble idea, but how exactly would this work?
(6.00 MB 848x480 Guaido Trash Lid.mp4)
>>1114004 bookchin type thing (eco pessimists already screaming at me). population is broken down into groups of people, size usually around 150, govern themselves from there, basically, all of these communities are also grouped togather like a web. First these communities meet directly for laws that affect themselves and others, they talk with other communities, all direct democracy, and if the population does something stupid, it would only affect 150 people compared to the population. No head, but still technically a state and body of government, so I wouldn't call myself an anarchist
>>1055372 You just made my fucking day
>>1115578 REEEEE take out the picture, keep the frame, put in a new picture
>>1116887 You have autism and/or don't understand media / PR / symbolism >>1115578
>>1110092 Was this made by Americans as a parody of the Help An African style ads?
(6.10 MB 540x360 DPRK Nuke Test.mp4)
>>1117684 We've been getting unironic ads help american children like we used to get for other countries over here Also getting scams that used to come from the developing world from USanos instead
>>1041046 saved
(18.66 MB 854x480 Stalin.mp4)
(7.04 MB 320x180 Jimmy arm the poor dore.webm)
Fashwave is shit
>>1046371 Whats the song used?
>>1111426 Spammed the first video on /pol/ spanish thread and now i have 50 anons spamming You will never be a woman Nibbers tounge my anus I can't sneed And one basque guy threatening to kill me Good times
someone pls hlp I asked on a previous thread with no success. there was a webm an anarchist used to post back in 8chan where a guy would "sing" about jobs and how people use them to make them feel superior to others and whatnot, with no instruments, just what sounded like a metronome, and the images where just really old looking clips, after every phrase the guy would say "JOBS" I don't know what it was from and could never find it. is there a way to check the 8chan archive or something?
>>1109777 Congratulations, you're stupid meme caused Amazon to abandon a device that would have prevented injuries and repetitive stress injuries to workers. Western Leftists get the wall.
>>1069041 >The video with girl getting kicked out. Wow, you sociopathic bunkertards really like that shit huh?
>>1131266 Thots get the boot.
>>1131266 >>1131387 Poor girl just wanted some good grades.
(864.54 KB 716x432 ISIS BTFO.mp4)
>>1112688 Gran Columbia 2 wen
Do you believe in God, /leftypol/?
(53.27 KB 633x758 crying wojak.jpg)
>>1131266 >falling for the most staged video in history
>>1069060 >>1069041 Off-topic trash. Take it to >>>/GET/
>>1135178 This is incredible. Brilliant.
Anyone got the execution of the Romanovs with the flag and music starting right before the shooting
>>1140768 The flag of the USSR*
>>1141529 all bark no bite
anyone have the original "lol leftypol" webm of hoxha driving in that race car?
(4.84 MB 1280x720 leftypol chronicles.webm)
(7.43 MB 640x480 leftypol song.webm)
(4.97 MB 854x480 irish media control.webm)
(10.57 MB 854x480 buckos.webm)
(739.39 KB 450x360 jesus.webm)
(5.64 MB 640x480 1452693595212.webm)
(6.66 MB 854x480 ameribugers.webm)
(7.54 MB 640x360 pure ideology.webm)
(6.47 MB 318x470 educate.webm)
(3.58 MB 480x360 Time To Talk About Jobs.webm)
>>1131180 Luckily for you someone posted that over on erischan so I know what you're talking about. Chaos prevails. Until you scream!
>>1142495 >Phineas and Ferb literally telling people to look up the Bourgeoise STAR VS. IS LEFTIST COMMIE CUCK PROPAGANDA!
(5.28 MB 720x720 foodlines.mp4)
Someone make this into a webm with glitchy aesthetics and synthwave music, and America #1 shit. Even the track already on it is fucking eerie, so just needs some distortion, and some synthy bass. mp4 is attached to this post, but here's the original source: https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1328370997125410817?s=20
>>1142495 >>1143436 BASED Kids won't look bourgeoisie up though.
>>1142495 what's the source on the first webm
(219.54 KB 667x657 Screenshot_20201024_040434.png)
>>1141905 >NOOO!!! ALL BARK NO BITE!!!
>>1145234 This is straying into unironic PolPot shilling.
>>1145234 It's well documented that the CIA was funding the Khmer Rouge through front organizations, to say nothing of the bombing campaigns that greatly favored the Khmer Rouge. Defending a weirdo reactionary like Pol Pot is the ultimate form of contrarian dipshitery right next to defending Jim Jones.
>>1122102 All that work and fighting for nothing.
>>1145234 I legit needs some good khmer rouge music just for gigs AT ONCE
>>1145234 Song name?
>>1144119 I'm happy to make fashwave parodies but give me better source material. Oh no, a traffic jam!
(5.34 MB 1280x720 Nevod - Mausoleum.webm)
>>1146535 See>>1128070for some ideas.
>>1146398 Kergeevapheap
(24.23 MB 1920x1072 Project_11-18_Full HD.mp4)
(24.23 MB 1920x1072 Project_11-18_Full HD.mp4)
>>1145234 pol pot actually fucking sucked
(70.74 KB 225x225 epic.png)
>>1147634 i've being memed on no no no
>>1146535 it's food lines in the US
from /OC/
>>1147634 when I woke up today I didn't want to kill myself. that changed. Thank you good sir.
>>1145518 Not for nothing. The Soviet Union did dissolve eventually, but don't act like it didn't do a ton of important stuff along the way.
>>1146535 It's a breadline. In cars because Burgerland is a dystopian hellscape where you HAVE to own a car.
>>1147634 >benny johnson well, when both your names are an euphemism for dick, you don't have many options in life
(650.51 KB 528x845 44f.png)
(91.50 KB 719x667 Please face the wall.jpg)
>>1146475 That Spencer clip though
>>1147742 sounds like something cartman would say lol
>>1147742 that's like every rightoid after 30 seconds of decent agitation. they don't really have thick skin
>>1146676 >I've Seen Footage Decent choice, but guess how I can tell the editor is a newfag?
>>1147649 >>1147670 Oops. Disregard me then, I suck cocks.
>>1147956 make it then pls, as I said, the track on the video already is spooky. It reminds me a bit of "Robot's outro" but obviously nothing so optimistic should be in a video like that. Needs a pessimistic robot outro. I mean, I would be willing to also give it a shot if I only knew where to begin, what software to use, etc. (linux)
Made this instead. Same in OC thread: >>1148159
>>1148049 There are Gunoo/Lunix editors that have the features you need. If you don't want a top-of-the-line professional editor (like DaVinci Resolve, free as in beer and Linux installable) then I think you can do it all in the much simpler Kdenlive (found this tutorial for color effect and glitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLVCdSW8xsQ , others will help too) I'm happy to help out with questions.
>>1148164 Not bad
>>1148196 cool, thanks!
>>1148196 cool, thanks!
>>1147634 my favourite episode of Mr. Robot
someone needs to add footage from Come And See/Joker laughing/Terminator 2 Nuclear Holocaust/Indiana Jones Nazis exploding/Clockwork Orange to this guys demented laughing
>>1146475 Somebody post the one with Ben Shapiro laughing maniacally pls.
(1.03 MB 640x640 T7SbvLjwjoR0hTjw.mp4)
(245.64 KB 828x508 TkXPABTFfGS_vww0.mp4)
>>1108368 Dude was framed.
>>1100508 What film please tell me.
>>1106046 Rest was pretty spot on though we're it come from?
>>1048061 huh, Mosley was quite a speaker I wonder how much did he practice this little speech of his
(23.53 MB 1280x720 bunkerland_retrowave.mp4)
(2.95 MB 640x358 November 20, 2020.mp4)
(1.90 MB 640x358 rip pol pot.mp4)
>>1154937 >Loud = funny
(31.70 KB 487x630 images (3).png)
>>1145234 Earrape is not, and never will be, funny.
>>1155283 Soy urbanite spotted
>>1155283 nice opinion you got there too bad it's subjective
(3.93 MB 853x480 goose step.webm)
are there any leftist equivalents of Goosestep?
>>1156273 pretty much ever GDR military parade tbh
(1.64 MB 640x360 turnbacktime.webm.mp4)
>>1122948 Great movie, and they did it in 1924!
People who impro music outta people talking or screaming, absolute geniuses. And with salt, ah, so delicious.
>>1158821 Is there a full version of that Karencore?
>>1158823 Actually, yes. It took a little looking, but I found it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UJLtHqPA1E
>>1158836 That is really fucking good lol
(10.81 MB Zhukov.mp4)
>>1158858 embarrassing cope and doublethink
(1.33 MB 1280x720 Zhukov.webm)
>>1159073 how do you convert these clips into webms without it cutting of parts of the original? what program do you use?
>>1159524 QWinFF
(24.18 MB 1280x720 NUe8x4sYQ5ecisr4.mp4)
>>1041002 does anyone have the full version of this parenti clip edited ba MeansTV?
>>1159569 The Nature of Capitalism │ Art House Politics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHyDUQAHCJw Clip from: Michael Parenti lecture (1986) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP8CzlFhc14&feature=youtu.be
>>1159524 webm for retards
>>1159524 HandBrake. Converts everything, can even clip larger films.
>>1159524 ffmpeg if ur 1337
>>1159632 Changed names a while ago, is it this? https://gitgud.io/nixx/WebMConverter >>1159656 this. Handbrake is a GUI for ffmpreg, so it's nice and simple for normal users.
(5.46 MB 426x240 BBQ Beer Freedom.webm)
>>1158836 Too good to not make a webm of the full thing
>>1163280 fuck the pope
>>1163361 Well..if you're into that
>>1163658 Based
>>1163280 Call me when the Pope does a single fucking thing to deal with the church's rape problem.
(207.78 KB 553x779 crush religion.jpg)
>>1163280 The only good thing about the pope is that he will be alive and witness the final collapse of those thousand year old feudal relics we call "Organized Christianity"
>>1163658 Why do all these Serbian nationalist songs sound like something I'd hear playing at a cheap restaurant?
>>1143260 yup that's the one, love you m8
Couple old ones, just to refresh everyone's memories.
Can someone please post that webm that visualises how much a billion dollars actually is? I believe it shows pallets of dollars surrounding the statue of Liberty at the end. Thanks.
(6.75 MB 720x720 Yemen_IevianPolkka.mp4)
>>1178599 Whats the second video from?
>>1178641 LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS , from netflix
(58.97 KB 510x409 tunguska56.jpg)
>>1178599 That second webm is from some amazon tv show i think, it was a episode where aliens invaded siberia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunguska_event Anyways, the truth of the matter is there was no alien invasion because ancient hindu gods used technology to blow up invading spacecraft >In 1936, alongside the Olguidakh ("place with a cauldron") River, a geologist directed by elderly natives came upon a smooth metal hemisphere, reddish in color, protruding from the ground with such a sharp edge that it "cut a fingernail". >Its walls were about two centimeters thick and it stuck out of the ground roughly a fifth of its diameter. It stood leaning over so that it was possible to ride under it on a reindeer. The geologist dispatched a description of it to Yakutsk, the regional centre. In 1979, an archaeological expedition from Yakutsk attempted to find the hemisphere he had discovered. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/esp_ciencia_tunguska09a.htm
>>1178648 Quality posts as always
>>1178648 After reading more I have become interested. Is this some alien residence or some long past civilizations ruins that have some how survived.
Anyone got the webm/mp4 that was just a compilation of a bunch of consumerism and capitalist degradation with Crystal Castles - Kept playing over it? It was posted in the previous /WEBM/ thread
(7.97 MB 1138x640 Capitalist Hell.webm)
>>1178947 This one?
>>1178979 That's the video, I think it had Kept over it however, which imo worked far better
where's that one hoxha vid, looked like it was from a documentary, included his response to a message telling him to quit or something, had some all-vocal music in the back
>>1178990 It did, you're right
>>1179029 Thanks, m8. For some reason, that song is etched in my brain.
>>1163280 wtf I love catholicism now
>>1179029 Albanians were based af
>>1179048 Same. I have searched all over but can't find the name.
>>1178990 Here it is (in low res though) >>1179048 The song is fire. It was posted in the last webm thread, but still couldn't find the name. Here's a longer version.
>>1179577 Is there a way to fix the song? Only comes through one ear.
>>1179583 bump tried converting to mp3 but still only one ear
>>1179583 Use audacity and copy the channel
>>1179577 thanks anon
>>1179600 Could you do this and post it for us? I'm technologically handicapped
>>1179700 clearly >>1179600 fuck you for makin me learn shit myself and not spoon feeding me
(5.46 KB 150x201 150px-26-23-0-eh1941.jpg)
>>1179737 Thanks man. Here, have a rare hoxha.
>>1179737 That's the wrong song name, it has clearly different lyrics.
>>1179029 These are the other documentary fragments which are from official English version. Here is the full documentary in Albanian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRIMYyybhs8
>>1180814 Yeah idk the tune is similar
>>1180814 Its not different lyrics. They just used a portion of it in the documentary and that part is like halfway through the song.
>>1181869 The filename is the name of a different song with a similar tune
>>1181922 Ah sry
>>1178443 Where did you find this?
(1.33 MB 544x960 LTm9HZUV_aoZXD58.mp4)
(6.62 MB 854x480 Amerikkka_is_back.mp4)
shamelessly stolen from reddit
>>1183051 Which reddit? Seems pretty based
(1.61 MB 404x720 ratemySetup.mp4)
(7.84 MB 1280x720 Mourning_Fidel.mp4)
>>1182963 SHEIK Joseph Stalin
(364.84 KB 640x360 Sheikst.mp4)
>>1183051 god damn
(1.91 MB 720x480 pol_pot_undertale.mp4)
(945.20 KB 480x360 Dbz_Skit-1.mp4)
(625.45 KB 400x224 video0 (100).mp4)
(7.09 MB 960x1080 result_voice_55.mp4)
(10.92 MB 854x480 America is back (longer).mp4)
(39.25 KB 850x400 wuefe6cjep161.jpg)
>>1183051 longer version
>>1184095 It's from the only openly dengist and crypto sakaist reddit r/ Genzedong
(37.18 KB 750x471 1596405515735.jpg)
>>1183051 >>1186247 Actually disturbing shit.
>>1186099 I see you got an update to your name Shaytan. لكن توقعت بيصير "إبليس" صراحة
(10.55 MB 1280x720 hblVpX-YJk0aHpEU.mp4)
(1.73 MB 630x360 Aryn Warriors.mp4)
>>1189455 can you upload the original vids so people can make something actually funny out of them?
(3.53 MB 720x720 +JjzYYdp8H83vImYA.mp4)
(4.48 MB 640x360 Burgerland.mp4)
>>1046371 Did it have to include a clip of someone blowing his brains out with a shotgun?
(509.66 KB 640x640 death to usa.mp4)
(766.10 KB 716x480 Dank You.webm)
>>1190647 Based anti-imperialist moment
>>1190647 the first clip is the best thing ever
>>1190647 I'm dying at the first one.
Does anyone have that really oldfag webm with the picture of red army men smoking while some russian rap plays?
(5.81 KB 200x200 chad.jpg)
>>1190647 I need a squad like that
does anyone have that webm that shows those nazi planes and tanks failing to weird music?
>>1191110 also sorry if this one was posted already buts it so good lol
(2.52 MB catboykami 1.webm)
(1.43 MB 640x360 catboykami 2.webm)
(264.23 KB catboykami 3.webm)
(7.12 MB 640x360 catboykami cope.mp4)
>>1083719 Does someone have only the beginning part?
(2.15 MB 1280x670 iZa210emWuQnldMG.mp4)
>>1191407 is the speech from the yellow parenti video
>>1191162 what a faggot
>>1190647 me and the boys in the first one
>>1146713 Everywhere At The End Of Class Struggle.
>>1190647 Hell Yeah, Way Better Than That Seigetard On Omegle.
>>1182963 Astoundingly shit tier video.
anyone have the vid of the guy screaming at a protest or something with hostile oblivion music playing in the background and then walks away like nothing happened?
(43.83 MB 1920x1080 родина.webm)
(19.29 MB 1920x1080 кндр.webm)
(61.81 MB 1280x720 revolutionary organising1.webm)
>>1192114 Jesus Christ why is this so fucking accurate. This literally me
>>1192122 bitter experience
>>1192044 Song?
>>1192044 Song?
>>1108421 >Americans, are peace-loving people by nature Anti-kraut burger poster
>>1091681 "democrats"
Heads up /webm/masters This thread is in autosage
>>1041002 cchiving time,faggots.
(121.88 KB 500x746 6xp195s0rx051.jpg)
>>1148164 It's called redpill for a reason
>>1149152 Copeland be coping
>>1193143 The thread should be cycled
>>1147650 Absolutely stunning <3
>>1122742 I'm still disturbed at how hard this shit slaps
>>1186252 genzedong wasn't always like this, i still remember the good days...
>>1192114 What show?
>>1196675 Thalmann movie.


no cookies?