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>>1292180 >Not too many of those online Online? Both of my examples are based on IRL. Libs I've heard talks from and homeless people I've met myself.
>>1292193 I assumed you were still moralizing about how dare /leftypol/ try to undo the damage Stormnogs did to the imageboards we always hung out on anyways to discuss mangoes or vidya or whatever
homeless people are full of hate they are homeless. there's usually some contempt that goes with it for most
(6.98 MB 1920x1080 It Begins.mp4)
Rightoids are turning on each other Who will they blame?
>>1292196 This. We shouldn't support housing for hatefuls.
>>1292194 Because I want americans to be miserable Nothing personal tbh
>>1292194 White people are excluded from all of these things. Why should I be excited?
(322.61 KB 920x1657 bush-to-obama.jpg)
>>1292194 >flashbacks of biden's stint as vp intensify
(295.06 KB 767x295 546465464.png)
>>1292197 how long til Jones has a heart attack?
>>1292200 White people becoming the proletatiat is a dialectical necessity for a NazBol future
>>1292196 Bullshit. The nicest people I meet are homeless people. Most people only care about their bullshit little position in society. Really hardly only real interaction I receive is from homeless people.
brave and stunning
(103.57 KB 890x900 Jack Spaz 1.png)
(102.07 KB 596x843 Jack Spaz 2.png)
(80.03 KB 615x762 Jack Spaz 3.png)
>>1292248 he can't keep getting away with it
(56.11 KB 719x1459 20210113_214612.jpg)
>>1292258 The fuck am I reading?
(83.25 KB 909x896 137541310.jpg)
>>1292258 >IM A PROUD CIRCUMCISED WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN! >MAGA Is this satire? I'm too boomer to navigate parler
>>1292258 reminder genital mutilation causes brain damage
>>1292258 The problem with reactionaries is that the bastards just keep being born and theres no way to properly detect them.
(40.63 KB 600x600 orangutan2.jpg)
>>1292258 How do I not hate my parents for circumsizing me?
(106.98 KB 1103x365 meatal.jpg)
>>1292263 >reminder genital mutilation causes brain damage Either way it's a smart idea to leave rigid scar tissue on an elastic part of your body that will dramatically grow in size.
When did Richard Spencer become a leftist?
>>1292194 >Biden could Key word: Won’t
>>1292294 It's not a particularly high bar, but he's smarter than most pundits. He deliberately co-opts class rhetoric and IIRC has openly admitted so.
>>1292313 Has he stepped outside since he got slugged the face?
>>1292294 He is smart enough to realize Trump is a complete retard and may do too much damage to the right wing in the US.
>>1292261 Man he couldn't even get the Chile flag.
>>1292060 >He was a renegade member of the haute bourgeoisie Fully retarded burgeroid cope. He appeals to the layabout and culturally rotten petit boug who merely wish they were the current rulers. A real estate tycoon from new York is not a "rebel" especially one who went to the Clinton's wedding. He only succeeds at convincing you idiots because years of being lazy leeches has taught you nothing of identifying con artists
I think everyone here is forgetting the last minute fuckery Trump did before the election. I expect to see semi trucks crashing into other vehicles, trains exploding, and more chaos. I wish Trump had 8 more years in office.
(16.07 KB 645x770 29a.png)
>I wish Trump had 8 more years in office.
>>1292411 Lol this. I bet this was the same guy who said >no no here at bunkerchan we vooting for TROOMP 6 months ago
>>1292411 >>1292413 Trump should get another 4 years, the amount of damage he has done to America is outstanding
>>1292417 I live in America and don't want my home to be damaged further. You are either a foreign enemy of America, (hence my enemy) or you're a mentally ill American.
I wouldn't mind some last minute fuckery. What's he got to do to get a third impeachment?
>>1292421 Nothing personal fam, but it is what it is
>>1292421 Imagine being this spooked by the nationalist meme.
>>1292421 even as a patriot the thing to wish for at this point would be a peaceful breaking up, no?
Let's say Trump won, what would his 4 years would have looked like? How many countries do you think Biden will either invade or have soft coups?
>>1292421 based. anti-amerikiddies can get fucked
>>1292427 you don't need to be a nationalist to not be rooting for the destruction of your country
>>1292435 >what would his 4 years have looked like more of the same. destroy a bunch of legislation, replace it with nothing. bring on friends of his to do jobs they aren't qualified for. fail to build a wall. try to take credit for ICE when it was actually created by George W Bush.
(582.75 KB 841x1200 EibtNI0UwAAyMx3.jpg)
Seeing this locked thread >>1236428 , I want to have some words to burgers. Leftism and Rightism is the old, false way of thinking, as if political thing can be treat as a linear scale where you can say left and right, No, every political movement is class-based, and Marxists are the first to recognize that. So what happened in USA was the struggle between a movement of small capitalists and petite-bourgeoisie middle class (the so called "right") and the establishment of big transnational capitalism (the so called "left", or in board, "liberal"). At this stage of history, both movements will be very harmful proletariat working class if either of them wins outright, but if they continue to lock in fighting (a quagmire) with each other, we will have time to regroup class-consciousness and fight back. Therefore if you're a Marxist, or a socialist, the correct action is to condemn both movements and help workers recognize their own political power. If you know about Russian Marxism, there is a word called "tailism". At the stage, we must fight again "tailism" at all cost. "Left" and "Right" thinking is harmful. Hope anyone still being captured by this illusion will soon wake up and recognise the correct course of action is based on class-conscious movement and struggle. Even to /pol/fags, whether you accept to follow proletarian position or not, class-based thinking and analysis is a useful approach to politics.
>>1292421 >I live in America and don't want my home to be damaged further. Chudposter or ironic chudposting? >>1292435 Given the madness of 2017-2019 and the unbridled chaos of 2020, any attempts to predict what a second Trump term would have been like are futile. >>1292437 Alright then, honest question. What would be destroyed by Trump which wouldn't be destroyed by another oligarch? Because going down the checklist of problems with America right now, and the answer seems to be literally nothing. Fracking, check. ICE concentration camps, check. No UHC ever, check. Dismantling social security, check (and in fact, Biden is more likely to do that than Trump). Putting down any attempts at serious protest, check (again, Biden is likely to be nastier).
>>1292366 <He was a renegade member of the haute bourgeoisie >Fully retarded burgeroid cope Delete dis
>>1292294 Richard Spencer scares me because he's not blatantly retarded like most of his ilk >tfw there's probably a not retarded version of Trump out there waiting
(16.07 KB 897x198 disambiguation required.png)
(653.75 KB 768x768 loss of intelligence.png)
>>1292456 >What would be destroyed by Trump which wouldn't be destroyed by another oligarch? The Democratic Party, which definitely would've been a good thing after another humiliation of their current PMC capture. Contrariwise, their current messy divorce from Trump has a solid chance to destroy the Republicans, which I'm unsure about the consequences of what will be birthed from its carcass.
>>1292538 If anything Trump revived the democratic party. If Hillary had been a 1 term president that was impeached(cause you know the republicans would have done it). I think that would have killed them. Instead we got Trump and 4 years of "We can't talk about M4A, theres a goddamn cheeto in the whitehouse!". All the damage Trump has done has been to the republican party, but they have the courts now so they don't give to much of a shit.
>>1292538 what are the bottom two
>>1292456 >Chudposter or ironic chudposting? >tfw not wanting your country to get shittier is now /pol/
>>1292294 he's just not a complete retard which is apparently a high bar for the grift right
>>1292588 not sure about this. All the seeming dem strength is based in anti-cheeto energy. With him gone, they have to actually do something. i'll give them the first couple months of undoing trump stuff to some fanfare and doing a few things but that well's going to run dry pretty quick and they'll start wearing thin once people remember how worthless they are. Things will swing against them sooner or later. Their best hope is that the GOP eats itself alive in the wake of all this and can't get its act together for a while.
>>1292588 >If anything Trump revived the democratic party. If Hillary had been a 1 term president that was impeached(cause you know the republicans would have done it). I think that would have killed them. This is what we all thought about Obama after the first couple months dashed any vain, ahem, hope, his lofty anti-neolib campaign promises might be real. Instead, Bush Derangement Syndrome sprouted into something a million times worse with SJWs. I think there's been enough damage done by Trump/Sanders/etc. to the antipopulist establishment pseudoconsensus, that the lib-fash agenda Bidencels want to enact will actually meet stiff resistance from a resurgent left. But a Clinton victory in '16 would've landed like an atomic bomb on any incipient opposition. >>1292590 It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia, Friends, B^Uckley.
(211.32 KB 1872x360 Conservatives are the heel.PNG)
>>1292603 Trump's not gone though and he will act as the heel for the foreseeable future. They don't need him to be president or even alive to coast off not being Trump. Either the neo-libs have been playing 69420D chess and trump is a CIA psy-op agent. Or just lucked the fuck out, but now they can use the Trump cult as justification for all kinds of shit. Thinking about it now the next step will be setting up the "Dissident right" as the fake opposition to capital. Then linking all opposition back to them.
>>1292603 It's not going to matter because pretty soon going against the bipartisan line will be tantamount to treason, and the latest drama has been setting up for a power grab. Besides, what have Republicans actually done except the tax cut for rich people? It's not difficult to be better than that garbage. Without Trump driving up turnout among the yahoos, I wouldn't be surprised if 2022 - assuming there are even elections - don't turn into a bloodbath. The Dems win when they repudiate the progressives, and they're going to do exactly that. You wouldn't see a reversal untijl 2024, and even then, who will be voting for Rethuglicans? Trump's base is old fucks, and given the accelerating death rate and lowering life expectancy, it's not looking good. So far, the deaths have hit the apolitical poor first. You have to remember that there will probably be 50+ million excess deaths in the next five years, or something close to that. You can't live in the hypernormalized narrative Trump and Obama were there to sell. I highly doubt there will be any more major elections, or they'll be turned into an even bigger farce than they already are. But, as far as having wide support, the Trumpoids are hopelessly enthralled by faggotry. They won't accept anything else, at this point, and the ruling class will keep feeding the fags to suppress anything that touches on a single real thing. It's Trumpism, or the right-leaning types going completely against the lockdown police in its own right. Trumpism sucks up that energy that would be outraged at a national lockdown and funnels it towards faggotry.
>>1292618 They already set it up so that all opposition to the regime is categorized as "Trumpian", compared to the disparate right opposition that would occasionally bomb a federal building or occupy federal land. Most of the energy opposing the regime in any way is going to be there, at least the stuff the regime sees as a larger threat. The left has problems, either because its agents are shills (think Jacobin) or because the honest ones don't really have a material basis to sustain their efforts. You do have a lot of very dissatisfied people who would be vaguely "left", but they've been herded effectively and neutralized, either by giving them a Bernie sheepdog or promoting extreme apathy.
>>1292620 >The Dems win when they repudiate the progressives, and they're going to do exactly that. Is that why Hillary won? Or Kerry? Or why they ate shit during the Obama years (except Obama himself)? Or why so many Dems (especially "moderates") got blown out down ballot this time after the party repudiated Bernie? The only reason Biden won is he was handed the gift of covid on a platter and most people just wanted Trump out. I don't see the dems doing well in 2022 without some major ongoing GOP cannibalism in the wake of Trump's demise, but that may be what happens.
>>1292626 Seeing how they barely got a majority in the houses. Despite the massive fuck-up Trump was does give some hope. Trump has G.W levels of support and the dems aren't walking in like its 2008.
>>1292084 private video
https://twitter.com/talentsofyangg1/status/1349527088018190337 >Workers Coops >Municipal investment banks >Mass Housing Programme Is Yang actually based? Like this is beyond UBI into some proper Sewer Socialism shit.
>>1292626 It wasn't like there was a secret socdem army waiting to be activated in America. Progressivism is the laughingstock that the Teabaggers and everyone else score cheap points against. If Obama tried appealing to the socdems, it would have been even worse. Sad reality is that we live in a miserablist society. The idea that anything can ever be better in any way doesn't even compute in the current logic. To even begin speaking of something other than miserablism would require, at a minimum, some new party, an actual party with a substantial base that can stick together, a base that doesn't fall for whatever fad or stupidity the ruling class offers. That would mean you would have to somehow get people who fucking hate each other to even sit in the same room. Progressives and socdems being what they are, they'd probably engage in some free range autism so that they can have their preferred echo chamber of activists and university students. Nor do you expect anyone in the rabble to get over themselves long enough to not slink back to conservatism or some faggotry like Trump. I doubt there is any viable alliance there, anyway. Most of the people who have any say so, though, have gone full steam ahead with the plunder economy and what they can extract, which is why the Obama reign was this endless cash grab from all directions.
>President-elect Joe Biden will seek a deal with Republicans on another round of Covid-19 relief, rather than attempting to ram a package through without their support, according to two people familiar with the matter. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-12/biden-aims-for-deal-with-republicans-on-covid-19-relief-package goodbye stimmy checks
>>1292626 >so many Dems (especially "moderates") got blown out down ballot this time This. Reminder literally every single M4A cosponsor kept their seat. >>1292650 Yang should run on the GOP ticket against TukTuk while Tulsi primaries Kopmalah
>>1292659 How do democrats even justify this shit anymore? Like even when the republican party loses nothing still cant get done because it has to be okayed by them anyways? How does the "resistance" and the conservatives that think biden is a trans communist globist. Square this fucking circle?
>>1292668 >How do democrats even justify this shit anymore? petit porky getting crushed is good for big porky since he's gonna pick up property and new markets for pennies on the dollar Also, the economic impact of the current collapse is mostly effecting the already poor, who aren't very valuable politically speaking. The people who were well off going into the covid economy have generally done pretty well or better than normal.
>>1292668 >How do democrats even justify this shit anymore? Same way they did in Clinton's 1st halfterm, and again in Obama's 1st halfterm: By simply ignoring reality and responding to any criticism with the need to "compromise with" something that no longer exists, deflecting attention from their own party.
>>1292476 Now we can add a 3rd dimension to this diagram for being impeached twice.
(677.87 KB 1200x899 cadaver-synod-trial.jpg)
>>1292692 What are the chances Biden impeaches him a 3rd time after he's out of office?
(359.68 KB 1080x672 20210114_112542.png)
(335.34 KB 1080x1676 20210114_112014.png)
fuck you, stupid individualists. Left unity might be possible if you could take some criticism without blowing your head off. I don't even have a problem with LGB
>>1292706 What even is the appeal of anarchism if you can't even do whatever you want? It just baffles me.
>>1292715 Some of us want to do whatever we want to an extent
>>1292706 >>1292715 Reject anarchism, embrace National Bolshevism
>>1292706 >anarchists
>>1292294 He's the typical too smart by half political actor.
(311.72 KB 1920x1080 Reddit gold.png)
>>1292706 >expecting better than reddit >from ⅾᎥѕcоrd
(2.65 MB 1280x720 meghan-mccain-infowars.mp4)
>>1292865 >Her father is now in hell Good
>>1292865 Lol it would be hilarious if a bunch of Q believers ended up in Gitmo. "WTF This was supposed to happen to obama?"
>>1292865 Based pawg Meghan.
Stimmy checks officially reduced to $1400 likely will get cut down again in congress
>>1292865 The handful of times Alex Jones talks sense are gold.
>>1292706 >group think is individualism I don’t get it
>>1293004 We ain't getting shit from Sleepy Joe. Nothing coming out of the talking heads means anything at this point. They're just waiting out the rest of Trump's term, then you'll see just how little anyone cares about these stupid narratives.
>>1293020 I'm anticipating same as last time in '08: Diminishing trickle of breadcrumbs for the masses, propped up thinly in front of piles of cash to bail out the biggest porkies.
>>1293030 That already happened next year. They need it to be even worse, and that's where you're going to see the end of neoliberalism and the start of something much worse. You're not going to be able to normalize millions of excess deaths, and they're already hitting with expectations that they will accelerate.
>>1293004 >Stimmy checks officially reduced to $1400 Really? Sauce? Schumer was literally saying "we ran on giving people 2k and we're going to do that". Feels bad.
>>1292591 The only way for America to improve is for capitalism to end as soon as possible. While that doesn't happen, it will be all downhill. >>1292659 Let me just point out that using language like "trying to ram through legislation" is deliberate to disguise the fact that they can pass whatever the fuck they want. I also echo what >>1292684 said. >>1292700 Zero. He wants to "heal the nation" and "be a uniter, not a divider".
based retard isn't even out and shit's already so boring
(65.13 KB 1482x631 1610663257647.png)
https://www.congress.gov/117/bills/hjres14/BILLS-117hjres14ih.xml Article — >Section 1. “The President and Vice President shall be elected by the people of the several States and the district constituting the seat of government of the United States. >Section 2. “The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most populous branch of the legislature of the State; although Congress may establish uniform age qualifications. >Section 3. “Each elector shall cast a single vote for two persons who have consented to the joining of their names as candidates for President and Vice President. No elector shall be prohibited from casting a vote for a candidate for President or Vice President because either candidate, or both, are inhabitants of the same State as the elector. >Section 4. “The pair of candidates having the greatest number of votes for President and Vice President shall be elected. >Section 5. “The times, places, and manner of holding such elections and entitlement to inclusion on the ballot shall be determined by Congress. >Section 6. “The Congress may by law provide for the case of the death or any other disqualification of any candidate for President or Vice President before the day on which the President-elect or Vice President-elect has been chosen; and for the case of a tie in any election. >Section 7. “This article shall take effect one year after the first day of January following ratification.”.
>>1293172 No way this gets through. Republicans would never hold the Presidency again.
>>1293172 eh why are there still clauses about electors? what's the point if you're going by popular vote
>>1293178 >eugene on cue with right wing talking points (surprise) They'd win again in 4-8 years, 12 at the most. They'd just have to adapt to the new electorate. iow, they'd have to change some things up to appeal to some people their current iteration doesn't appeal to. In a closed 2-party system the 2 parties always figure out how to split the electorate and revert to the mean. Changing the EC doesn't mean R's never win again. It just means they'd have to change. It still won't get pass though.
(406.88 KB 1761x2034 Erpuk6hU0AIW3mS.jpg)
>>1293178 Aint it a bitch that our government is basically under permanent hostage because a party that has barely any support just knows how to play the meta really well?
>>1293229 I don't know who this is
>>1293202 You'd still have electors presumably. You'd just force states to honor the national vote. Anyway this isn't really about the EC (despite the wording at the top, which is not part of the bill). This is about Congress saying it will take over state election laws concerning the federal election for President, i.e. the bullshit Trump and Republicans have been whining about all this year. It would make it federally guaranteed that you can't do elector fuckery, and they're doing this because said attempts at elector fuckery caused an attempted coup. But really, it's about liberals throwing their weight around. This is dead in Republican-held state houses, unless they make good on that "Trump is seditious and all seditious Republicans must be purged from political office" thing they've been pushing lately.
>>1293224 Republicans are nowhere near winning an outright popular vote, especially with young people overwhelmingly hating Republicans. I'd be surprised if Republicans would win any presidential elections moving forward. Reaganism is too thoroughly despised and nothing the Republicans can ever offer will placate the MAGAtards. Of course, none of it will matter, because there will only be the party of power. >>1293230 Democrats go out of their way to fail, by refusing to demonstrate even a bare minimum of competence, and intentionally feeding their base failure in order to beat them into submission. They're a total joke of a party, and yet they still win elections somehow. (And no, Democrats wouldn't win if they went socdem, I mean the Democrats simply have no killer instinct. No other fucking party in the world would advocate for bipartisanship, and if this political process weren't a farce, Democrats would nuke the fucking filibuster right away and force Republicans to suck it for two years. Unfortunately, if they were to do that, it would be to support their bullshit causes rather than anything half-decent.) I doubt the Tea Party or Trump would happen if the political process weren't a farce, if Obama weren't especially spineless, if he weren't basically Trump before Trump.
>>1293229 wait, did he die?
>>1292471 Richard Spencer should be elected President in 2024. Fuck the DNC and the PMC.
Does anyone else see fascism get really popular by 2023 or 2024, while the Dems fuck up badly enough for Richard Spencer to be supported by both working class whites, blacks and latinos?
Imagine Richard Spencer as President with Tulsi Gabbard as VP.
>>1293178 It wouldn't be a problem in case both parties were operating as one anyway. >>1293230 Cut this claptrap about the GOP holding America hostage. American media will play this good-cop-bad-cop routine nonstop now. Both of them are holding you hostage, the only difference between them is that one of them willing to shoot the other rather than sharing the ransom.
>>1293346 Considering a large part of the country would be in favor of a military coup, either for Trumpism or the liberal order, yeah. Faggotry like Spencer isn't going anywhere though. New fascism is multiracial and doesn't care about race-autism. It's going to be openly eugenicist, of the new kind, and it will be advanced as a program of action that will get things done rather than Trump's clown show. Trumpism, that's going to die. It was a whole lot of old fucks that were the mighty trunk of Trump's movement, and old fucks are, well, old. He wouldn't be anywhere if he weren't coasting on the thing Reagan and Limbaugh built. The /pol and New Right faction that would be favorable to Trump is really, really small, that latched on to the large number of Reaganite boomers and tried to repurpose them. Even the Trump mainstream thinks /pol are a bunch of fags - useful fags, maybe, but still fags. >>1293354 They do have a genuine rivalry, but none of these people are going to do a single good thing. We're heading either towards fascism or something like civil war, and 2020 made it clear that this is inevitable before 2024. I imagine they'll make one more go, maybe for this year, of pretending there's still a country, while accumulating everything needed for Nazification in the background. They're pushing hard to mainstream eugenics again, to reach a point where people are so beaten down that eugenics can appear in the open, louder and prouder, and this time they will stop at nothing to impose their program. That's why the faggotry has been intensified to 11. They need a lot to get to their real objective, to build up the base for an openly fascist country. The last gasp of Trumpism will be to suck up all discontent, associate it with Trumpian faggotry, and prevent any actual movement against the regime from forming. Fortunately for the regime, there is no shortage of scum, common scum, petty-managerial scum, and so on, who will carry water for Trumpism and pure faggotry-for-the-sake-of-faggotry. If we had a chance, there would have been a lot more people ready to just fucking root them all out. The resistance is full of terrified, spineless jelly-men who can't even bring themselves to find an argument against their enemies except "it's mean and it makes me feel bad". MAGA heads should have been found on spikes, that would shut the faggots up real quick.
>>1293354 >Cut this claptrap about the GOP holding America hostage. American media will play this good-cop-bad-cop routine nonstop now. Both of them are holding you hostage, the only difference between them is that one of them willing to shoot the other rather than sharing the ransom Are commies both sides-ers?
(262.20 KB 1052x1638 Untitled.png)
Based WC
>>1293383 I'm not. I don't go for false equivocation. None of these people are your friends, and the political process by now is entirely theater. They pretty obviously rigged the last election, and probably the last major one before it. People here, the narrative-spinners, don't actually talk about what Obama did, which was quite a lot. Both sides-ers are just hypernormalizers that believe nothing ever changes until a thought leader declares it so, and that thought leader creates a new mystification to hide the very real accumulation of power. It's getting ridiculous to pretend history is ended, and the usual claptrap. A lot of the left are too cowardly to face just how fucked they are at the moment, and they really are fucked perhaps worse than ever. They'd rather believe in hypernormalization than accept that their theory is probably wrong from the foundation, that they're stuck on workerism when the working class is no longer a revolutionary subject (if it ever was one, which I highly doubt). They lost any sense of why anyone would want to be a communist, and seem to think that the people need to be led like sheep by their totes awesome revolutionary dogma. If anything at all is going to happen, it would have to start from entirely new foundations, and probably looking at political economy is missing the point entirely. At most, economics is an explanatory tool to understand why we are in this situation, explains the ruling class actions to an extent, but because the economic thinking is entirely backwards, obsessed with exchange-value and money-tokens instead of any practical concern or utility of the oligarchs' possessions, the analysis has completely faltered. The reality is that the rich oligarchs in the 21st century can print themselves unlimited money, within certain constraints, because everyone else will be made to pay for it and the systems of control have a hammerlock on human behavior. These systems could be subverted, maybe even overthrown or at least shattered, but half the time the "revolutionaries" carry water for those systems of control.
>>1293387 Change your name back
>>1293413 Eugenics are unequivocally a net positive. Sorry
>>1293431 Americans are to be euthanized Sorry
>>1293387 I can trace it to a founding father The confederacy is still gay
The New Wave of Communism: Critical Theory | America Uncovered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYcIuZG21dw (temperature check: they still think we are liberals touting cultural marxism since the 3rd international)
>>1292603 >they have to actually do something Yeah, Austerity, strengthening the security state, and ramping up foreign conflicts. Biden is going to be Bush 2.0. The next four years are going to be worse than the previous four.
>>1292706 No, he's playing dead. He's having his friends post fake eulogies and articles claiming he died of Covid on social media. Of course, being an idiot, he's retweeting them on twitter.
>>1293400 >>1293382 >>1293275 Your Analysis is as accurate as always, Eugene. I’ll admit that when I first heard you say that their would be big “reforms” passed in late January and February by the Biden administration, I was a little skeptical of what that would be (beyond all the Covid-19 hysteria they have been promoting since last March). However, since the absurd Capitol building chimpout by the MAGAtards which I didn’t see coming (On top of mistakenly believing Trump would be re-elected, I underestimated how brainwashed his supporters were by the Q faggotry, and thus thought that they wouldn’t do anything stupid on the 6th, LOL), Biden and the Bipartisan Establishment have been promoting Domestic Terrorism legislation to crush any dissent from both sides of the aisle, thus proving your gut feeling. I’m even starting to get the feeling that your forecast of 50 million excess deaths in 5 years may be less wrong then I originally thought, due to the fact that the transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution/“Great reset” accelerated by the Covid-19 “crisis” will lead to mass unemployment and resultant excess deaths before the UBI is implemented, with the only difference being I still believe that the number will be significantly less then 50 million (The 5-10 million ballpark seems more realistic). I also appreciate your critique of the utter uselessness of the Modern “Left”, which I believe lines up closely with the theory of Over-Socialization articulated in “Industrial Society and its Future”. My only major disagreement with your Analysis is my opinion that the 4th Industrial Revolution will successfully eliminate most of the Proles, who will be pacified by a UBI and slowly die-out due to State-sponsored Sterilization and Degeneracy, while you seem to believe that the 4th Industrial Revolution will fail, the related UBI will never happen, and Slavery of the lowest classes will be De-facto reestablished. I guess time will tell which one of us is right.
>>1293439 >(temperature check: they still think we are liberals touting cultural marxism since the 3rd international) Chud here. What the hell is the deal with cultural marxism? Is it real? For its existence: >noted turn towards culture and institutions in advanced capitalist states because the former created false consciousness and the latter sapped revolutionary sentiment. Examples in gramsci and lukasz >60s onwards points to need for new democratic revolution instead of socialist one >race is at the forefront of modern left, is creating splits >CPUSA went full democrat shill Against: >marxism never formally replaced the proletariat as the revolutionary subject >culture war created splits on the left >parties like CPGB ML supported brexit >2009 maoism third worldism poorly received
>>1293383 That implies they are separate sides in the first place. America's rulers have been historically very capable of keeping their shared class interests above internal disputes. And right now they're more united than ever, having mended the brief rupture Trump represented. This reminds me, I should answer this other guy. >>1292060 >He was a renegade member of the haute bourgeoisie. You're aware of the frame of class struggle, but you're not quite seeing through that frame here. Trump was decidedly not the most popular porky in the sty, tho it it was for his personal reputation, not for going against their class interests. Granted, he talked about bringing industry back, and that would be great. But given he lies more often than draws breath and he has done nothing in the past towards that end, it was unlikelyy, to say the least, that he was serious about it. So the overblown trade wars are pretty much all he did in that sense. Fun fact: when deciding which American goods to tax or ban in retaliation, China goes to the trouble of prioritizing goods coming from states which voted for Trump.
>>1293486 “Cultural Marxism” is a good thing if you spend some time reading it, or rather more nuanced than /pol/ claims. Adorno basically saw culture (including “muh traditional European culture”) being sapped and commodified by Capitalism, a good example would be beer commercials. You’ll probably see in your typical beer ad, an emphasis on groups of young people smiling and partying with each other. This is Capitalism commodifying the very real feeling of isolation and loneliness, and using it to make profit. Now, as for the stereotype of “cultural Marxism”—that is, that “communists” are working as part of a conspiracy to spread porn to sap the “spiritual morale” of the west, this is bullshit that’s been around for decades. CPUSA members were accused of each carrying “Lenin’s rules for revolution” a mythical pamphlet that newspapers claimed was written by Lenin and advocated spreading “degenerate music” and porn. From a sheer practical perspective, any conspiracy capable of shaping culture that much should logically be already in charge and thus makes “degeneration towards revolution” a pointless strategy. Secondly, every single revolution was born out of mass actions of the people, not “conspiracies”; why would it be some coup by a conspiracy in our case?
>>1293441 I tried to warn people Biden would be far worse, I really did, but alas. Even here, where people are consciously aware that MSM attacked Trump for bullshit like TwO sCoOpS instead of anything actually worthwhile, some still refused to vote for him because orange man bad. I even said that, despite all histrionics to the contrary, Trump was actually the Reichstag fire, not the Führer. Fast-forward a few weeks and behold, he metaphorically, and almost literally, set fire to the Burgerstag.
(148.93 KB 1048x1068 Untitled5.png)
Can't Smeer The Greer!
>>1293500 same reason why >real communism has never been tried just as you see people being used by "capitalists", you too are being used by an ideology. For fucks sake: how many people here you think that voted for Biden? Fucking enablers.
(2.05 KB 105x105 stalin2.jpg)
The Trumpanzee who committed suicide today was a banker
(169.80 KB 1028x1222 Untitled6.png)
Don't respect the left Respect only the Dissident Right
>>1293510 link, nigga, link
>>1293486 Anybody with a 70+ IQ should know that “Cultural Marxism” is a absolutely retarded concept because in reality, promoting Sexual Degeneracy (ie. Homosexuality, Transgenderism, Pornography, etc.) destroys Class consciousness and makes any Revolution nearly impossible. This is due to the fact that it leads to phony “Culture wars” that divide the proles, thus creating a society that is so obsessed with either promoting or opposing (this opposition usually fades quickly due to Corporations realizing how beneficial the latest Degenerate fad is to their agenda, as seen with Gay marriage in the past and Transgenderism today) Degeneracy that nothing else ever enters the Political arena. Their is a reason that the USSR, Maoist China, and any other Socialist state outlawed that shit, LOL.
>>1293503 Trump would've led to the collapse of America but now we have the competent technocratic bourgeois faction in power who will crackdown on dissidents. The left is as powerless as even and the best we'll get is more outbursts like the Floyd rebellions but will be directionless outbursts or collective rage. Trump is more of an accelerator for the collapse of Rome and Biden's team will do anything to repair America's broken image to justify new imperialist adventures. Still I doubt Trump would be better especially when it comes to climate so one positive is that we suffer longer now. Now they will use the recent spergout to strengthen bourgeois institutions to a level not seen before. The burger left is irrelevant but we have momentum, we should not let it fizzle out but rather capitalize on current economic and cultural anxieties that will only intensify in the coming years.
(58.62 KB 416x627 politics of the pseudo-left.jpg)
>>1293172 IANAL, but this doesn't seem to distinguish between votes by electors, and votes by citizens. Weren't most of the people who wrote this lawyers? >>1293383 >dems & gop >not just two "sides" of the same rigged game How many layers of naivete are you on? >>1293486 It was a real(ly retarded) thing, but it almost immediately got blown WAY out of proportion in both scope and importance and by Nazis, and then after the Nazis its legendary status continued growing. It does actually hold significant early blame for what would later become SJWs, but only after having merged with tendencies and input from sources as strange and varied as the American CIA's CCF. Picrel is a good rundown, intro available here: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/07/22/dnbo-j22.html
>>1293517 Based
>Trump promotes fascism leftypol: <durr drumpf isn’t a fascist he’s just a neolib!! why do they do this
>>1293522 >biden promotes fascism fedditwatter: >durr biden isn't a fascist he's just a progressive!! why do they do this
>>1293517 <literally Jewish banker stormed the capitol for trump Dongnoticer >leftist are the real jew puppets!
>>1293507 You responding to my post? If so I don’t quite follow?
>>1293522 Leftists love playing word games of semantics and phraseology, but to answer your question in good faith I'd say Trump is more of a pseudo-fascist than anything. He appeals to a mass base of fascist neo-reaction which plays an important role in building a nationalist street movement that bridges the gap between the petty-bourgeois and white proletariat/lumpenproletariat. There's another thing I've been thinking about Trump and his supports. He has specifically coalesced the forces of anti-rationalism and anti-intellectualism which plays an embryonic role in the rise of a competent/effective fascist movement. Trump has only laid the groundwork not the final modus operandi of fascist revolution.
>>1293543 To put it a bit more simply: Trump is not a fascist, but many of his followers are.
>>1293522 Cause to many leftist play into the game of "we can't just throw words around willy nilly" and also trumps a fucking incompetent clown. So it doesn't "feel" like fascism. But he is because fascism is a far right incoherent ideology built around a personality/death cult made of the dying petty bourg. Just cause trumps the McDonald's of fascism doesn't mean him and his dumbass followers aren't. Also most fash are neo-libs. Especially American fash. You can be fash without being a neo-lib and you can be a neo-lib without being a fash and vice versa, vice versa. Ect ect
>>1293552 p much. America is pretty much a fascist nation in everything but name. Just a settler colonial empire built on slavery and violent expansionism, the Nazis had a hardon for how America treated it's poor, black, minorities and all others deemed undesirable. It makes sense as to why there is a mass base of reaction to draw from when the history of the country itself is drenched in baggage or mythological foundations on bourgeois moralism.
>>1293561 >we can't just throw words around willy nilly Yeah. Just as an example, look at somebody that (unlike Trump) knowingly worked hand-in-glove with neonazis for decades, like Ron Paul. Even in his case, I don't think I'd actually call him a fascist, but rather still just an ally of fascists. And I say that as an anarchist that classifies LOLbertarianism in all its forms as an impractical mirage that inevitably degrades into fascism when attempts are made at implementing it
>>1293515 A good succint explanation. Tho I'm afraid it would be lost on the people who believe in cultural Marxism in the first place, because in their minds, other countries want to destroy America out of jealousy or something. >>1293517 That ain't a banker, he's another lumpenbourgeois. >Unlawful entry is a misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum penalty of up to 180 days in jail and fines of up to $1,000 breh >One officer, a veteran of the department, said he was called the N-word upwards of 15 times, while another described being beaten by insurgents, some of whom were wielding Blue Lives Matter flags. >Both of the officers said they encountered out law enforcement officials in the mob, who had flown from all over the country to join in with the rioting. >‘[One guy] pulled out his badge and he said, “We’re doing this for you.” Another guy had his badge. So I was like, “Well, you gotta be kidding”,’ one of the officers said. BREH And from the sidebar: >Strictly's HRVY, 21, shows off his impressive new mansion he originally designed on Minecraft as he gives fans a tour of the building site BREH Look at this motherfucking hard worker. A couple of years as an assembly-line-made artist and he made more than his average countryman will make in their lives. Now that's optimum resource allocation, thanks capitalism.
(406.34 KB 2000x1410 honk honk.png)
>>1293576 >originally designed on Minecraft I think the clownworld barrier was just broken, again. "X, in Minecraft of course" is now meaningless.
>>1293563 Hey Radlib, many other non white empires were colonial that were built on the backs of slaves. Are you that stupid that you're going to deny that Africa still has slaves? The Middle East still has slaves.
>>1293561 "Fash" is the online anarkiddie/tankie version of the Radlib's "Muh Racist". > Fash are Neolibs In that case, word's don't mean anything anymore, and you like saying "Fa Fa Fash" just to sound edgy and different.
>>1293162 I feel it, was a fun ride while it lasted. May total us collapse bring us some more comfy riots
>>1293518 Accelerating more neoliberalism and austerity will collapse technocrats completely.
I'd be amazed if Biden lives until 2024.
When Kamala becomes President, will that be the breaking point to break normies away from Idpol?
>>1293606 > Fash are Neolibs Other poster didn't say that, but instead: <You can be fash without being a neo-lib and you can be a neo-lib without being a fash and vice versa, vice versa. Ect ect Which is quite accurate. Looking the earliest serious sponsors of neoliberalism, from Franco to Pinochet, fascists are predominant. Not to mention fascist-adjacent figures such as Salazar and Lee Kuan Yew. This isn't, again, to say all fascists were neolib, as e.g., Hitler and Mussolini were mostly indifferent (though they arguably provided some inspiration, inventing privatization, for instance). Only by the 1970s did neoliberalism gain serious institutional traction outside the fascist sphere.
If Trump's term was the "Reichstag fire", is Biden's term the "Mad King George"? Or will Biden be more like Dick Cheney if he was President? I see both Biden and Kamala as being like Dick Cheney.
>>1292421 Cuck. I live in america and am down to burn alongside the hellscape of this country
(80.88 KB 493x640 weekend at biden's.jpg)
>>1293611 No later than 2022, Biden will resign/suffer a mysterious accident/be revealed to have lost all brain function since 2018.
>>1293604 In no part of my post did I deny that other "non-white" empires had slaves. Fucking African kings sold black people to Europeans. I swear even discussing settler-colonialism on this board brings out the worst responses. Frankly, I blame the Sakaifags and their bad faith posting >The Middle East still has slaves. The Saudis yeah and who is their greatest ally USA a settler colonial empire built by slaves, indentured servants, and proles
(8.02 KB 225x225 1590190310224.jpg)
>>1293611 >MFW Biden serves a full eight years.
(208.10 KB 419x424 1597265073397.png)
>>1293619 Other poster is right that your post stank of lazy Sakai-ish MTW brainrot. Slavery was basically universal everywhere on the planet for all of history until just a century or two ago. A better charge to lay against 'murca (one that is actually pretty much unique in the modern era) is almost totally genociding an entire country being colonized, instead of mutt'ing it up with the natives or shipping them somewhere else. >>1293620 Nah, Kopmala needs the door open for a full 10 years. Plus it's her modus operandi after an entire career of failing upward from nobody to president in bed. >>1293622 LARP harder
Are any of you interested in working for the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, INR, DIA, NRO, IB and the ONSI?
>>1293626 Sure, but I'm not taking the damn vaccine :^)
>>1293626 I would like to apply to NSA plz. Pls track me down via my ip and job interview me at my location during the time of 2am-4am
>>1293623 How horrible do you think Kamala will be? I could see her pushing blacks towards white supremacy.
>>1293619 Because settler colonialism is a self-contradicting analysis, retard
>>1293626 >not being a duodecuple-agent "working" "for" all of them at once SMH TBH fam
(31.78 KB 612x466 rubber-stamp.jpg)
>>1293629 I think Biden/Kamala will have zero noticeable influence on the presidency, merely being pliable utensils for the smoke-filled room of DNC oligarchs who installed The Blob. That said, there is a possibility some horrible failure of PR/personality will manifest itself
(104.15 KB 663x497 1593061052073.jpg)
>>1293634 Where do the former GOP members come into play?
>>1293637 They'll go back to "opposing" big government and spending, with the democrats saying this they're why there's no stimulus funds
>>1293640 The globalist elite and "impoverished" welfare abusing leeches can both suck it
>>1293642 you should shoot yourself
(43.31 KB 640x405 EruwCIMVoAUiK2h.jpg)
>>1293640 S33the
>>1293642 You.will be joining the impoverished leeches soon, dont worry
>>1293631 How so? Genuinely curious to hear your explanation. >>1293623 >Sakai-ish MTW brainrot Well I think that there is potential for revolution in the developed world and even the white working class so I definitely wouldn't consider myself a Maoist-Third-Worldist. Pretty much agree other than that tho. It's why I think America/U$A is more privy to turn fascist. A nation built on genocide and conquest is like a fascists wet dream.
>>1293645 >Muh smol bourg!!! Lol cope >>1293647 Because settlers are not the only ones who benefit from imperialism, specially in America
>>1293552 >Trump is not a fascist, but many of his followers are. We dont have the stats for that (or do we?). Plenty that voted for Obama in the rust belt states voted mostly for Trump so those were perhaps apolitical normies. The trump supporters appear to be: Fascists - they consider Trump to be someone to usher "order" in the USA and save them from woke twitter and "gommies" that have been protecting and upholding people's work rights, privileges (weekends, annual leave, sick leave etc), welfare and the plan for universal healthcare. Conservatives - Trump perceived to be someone to be a Regan 2.0 with trickle down 2.0 (unless there have been prior to him being elected President) and proponent of "Free Trade" (the common understanding of Free Trade has been if one has paid their dues they ought to operate their business, sell goods and render services and "cutting red tape" vis a vis deregulation which would "free" the market for another "golden age" or post WW2 rally). Nationalists - Trump as a harbinger 'murkia first, govern in the national interest and not in the interests of the oligarchy and multinationals as well as the Monroe Doctrine (end and avoidance of foreign interventions). Also for ending mass immigration as its an oligarch plan. White Supremacists - Trump viewed as an American Hitler to preserve the Huwhite Anglo Saxon Protestant race (as a sidenote Trump is a Protestant) and boost the birth rate as mitigation from mass immigration; "race war" crowd. Conspiracy theorists - Regard Trump as a dissident and apostate of the deep state and oligarchs set to stop and defeat them for the sake of humanity. Apolitical normies - Know Trump as the President that would bring back jobs, renegotiate NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements (no tariffs, deregulations of import laws, concessions to consumer protection, health and safety and visa agreements) and entertainment value. They mostly voted for Obama in 2012.
>>1293610 The great thing about Trump was that he was accelerating towards collapse while bypassing (most of) neoliberal hell. >>1293612 I won't assume such a breaking point exists. >>1293615 I don't think there's quite a parallel here. Biden represents American porkies ruling collectively in a more class-conscious manner than ever. Class dictatorship by committee.
>>1293623 >instead of mutt'ing it up with the natives Yes. Make love.
>>1293653 Yeah, even among people who are "Trump supporters" rather than just Trump voting (R) straight ticket box checkers, there's obviously quite a range. Though that's to be expected in a Choice A vs. Choice B Duverger's Law hellscape like ours where everyone's funneled in that direction to start, especially for incumbents like Trump seeking a 2nd term. I'm sure I'm not alone on this board in falling into your 6th category for the opposite of apoliticality. I went Green this year since I felt he'd served his purpose of wrecking shit sufficiently.
>>1293623 >Slavery was basically universal everywhere on the planet for all of history until just a century or two ago. Not really. It's older than civilization, but it's not universal. The best example is Medieval Europe, where happenstance eliminated it from most of the continent. This led to a crucial difference between the American and European strains of liberalism born in the late 18th century. In America, slavery, and white supremacism in general, were part and parcel of this new order by design, whereas Europe had the luxury of foregoing that "debate". It was easy for the rising European bourgeoisie to ban slavery and pat themselves on the back for it because it was hardly even there in the first place. Other feudal-like countries in Asia were similar. Slavery still existed but was extremely limited to personal servants of the elites, it wasn't responsible for the economic production. Incans also didn't have slaves. POST MADE BY INCABOL GANG
(290.79 KB 700x664 faget.png)
>>1293626 Trick question. Every American already cooperates with those whether they know it or not.
>>1293642 >welfare abusing leeches muh welfare kween
>>1293668 >Medieval Europe Slavery continued to exist throughout most of continental Europe into the 1400s alongside serfdom, and persisted in a few countries like Spain long after. Agreed on the 1800s though >white supremacism in general More an effect of Europe's colonies being multiracial in the first place >Slavery still existed but was extremely limited This observation is a bit muddled, when one remembers that even in classical societies that leaned exceptionally heavily on slavery (e.g.: Egypt, Rome, India, Aztecs) they never amounted to more than 10%-20% of the population. >Incans also didn't have slaves. POST MADE BY INCABOL GANG Sorta' trueish. Depends on where you think corvée falls on the slavery/serfdom/conscription spectrum.
>>1293668 >There weren't any slaves in Europe The absolute state of Sakaifags
(430.75 KB 1200x2400 republican welfare queens.jpg)
>>1293678 Don't tell him
(18.09 KB 483x574 republican welfare queens.gif)
And perhaps a bit starker
(448.97 KB 1083x1261 1610685244064.jpg)
(319.81 KB 767x1763 pol really does.jpg)
>>1291190 based
>>1293692 Honeslty the worst part about this is just how fucking retarded it makes poltards seem. We are talking about 4chan here, who years ago used to boast about being capable of wrecking havock on any site, who knew about every and all conspiracies and so on Yet they are literally too retarded to not see the obvious false flag here Yes, they want you to believe they are commies, so that you oppose communism and therefore they can stay in power I would honestly give porky a pat in the back for coming up with these schemes, but the truth is it's just blatantly obvious how easy it is to make braindead americans fall for this, so it's as easy as taking candy from kids
(105.94 KB 739x881 1591901466184.jpg)
>>1293700 every election season dems/repubs put on their stalin/hitler cosplay to make the election seem as important as ww2. we live in a clown world and I want off this ride
(45.72 KB 638x513 muh socialism.jpg)
(45.15 KB 444x960 greatest ally.jpg)
>>1293700 I'm afraid the boomerfication via /r/T_D is at epidemic levels, it wouldn't surprise me if there were already apocalyptic Baptist-Zionist neocon maymays flooding half/pol/.
(85.61 KB 1120x496 Untitled.png)
>>1293704 If Trump won we'd be living in a nightmare right now so stfu
(312.50 KB 1600x900 1592027671239.png)
>>1293713 Retard
(70.39 KB 704x548 Untitled.png)
Baste neoliberal
>>1293715 >bourgeois politician 1 winning over bourgeois politician 2 would be a nightmare
>>1293719 That's a Groyper.
>>1293724 A broken clock is right twice a day
>>1293729 Baked Alaska is dead 1987-2021 R.I.P
(243.81 KB 1600x1604 ErpmG47UwAYIt-j.jpeg)
Simple as
>>1293629 Brain aids
>>1293768 werent u banned
>>1293832 baked alaska status: disrespected iq: 87
>>1293832 >No country involved in WW2 did specially true for Red Army CHADS raping german bitches in Berlin
>>1293832 What the fuck even is this shit trying to say?
>>1293715 Name 1 thing that would be different.
Chud here. Need commie input using your obscure theories. >is hate what really divides left and right? Or is there an overlap between marxist materialist and right wing realist assessment of power, not morality, guiding politics? >how can the right be petty bourg and the left be PMC? What's the significant difference that lends one to fascism and the other to liberalism, despite both being bought off by the ruling class? >is the left contradicting itself when it launched from advanced theories of settler colonial imperialist state, which suggests the state is irredeemable and everything outside of it is endemically reactionary, to 'defend democracy'?
>>1294103 >is hate what really divides left and right? No, the division between left and right is purely whether you support nationalization (socialism) or privatization (capitalism). >how can the right be petty bourg and the left be PMC? I assume the professional managerial class owns about as much means of production as the petty bourg do, meaning they're both firmly in the "middle class" category, which makes them aspiring bourgeoisie and therefore right-wing by default. I'm not an expert though. >>is the left contradicting itself when it launched from advanced theories of settler colonial imperialist state, which suggests the state is irredeemable and everything outside of it is endemically reactionary, to 'defend democracy'? Nobody who "defends democracy" (defends the capitalist system) in the USA is a leftist, every true leftist wants the country to fall apart because it has been the enemy of socialism since the cold war. It could have been redeemed before, but it is certainly irredeemable by now.
>>1293439 I expected nothing less from the dude hosting China uncensored. Heck they had a atrocious video about history of communism after all.
(448.97 KB 1083x1261 1610685244064.jpg)
>>1294111 >tfw dems pretend to be leftists to own da trumptards
>>1292187 Damn I didn't realize how based he was late in life
>>1294111 >nationalization (socialism) C'mon, anon, you know state socialism isn't the only kind. The univerally agreed on definition of socialism is worker control of the MoP, vs. rentier absentee control of the MoP. There are a variety of proposed ways that can be achieved, nationalization is only one such proposal.
>>1292148 Ex-chud here. I found my own group of socialist rejects who accept me >>1292153 >people can't change Undialectical but the blog posts of former /pol/tards are cringe tbh. LURK MOAR Inb4 mad leftists
>>1293517 Assnoticer btfod forever
>>1294103 >>1294103 >>is hate what really divides left and right? Or is there an overlap between marxist materialist and right wing realist assessment of power, not morality, guiding politics? The sort of politicization of hate wasn't really done until the fascists showed up in the interwar period. Traditional rightists relied on other methods of control revolving around traditional class societies, the fascists were pioneers in looking for new tools of societal control. The right/left distinction is pretty abstract, its origins are from literally just which side of Louis XVI the royalists and revolutionaries sat in the prelude to the French Revolution. Some would argue that the right-left distinction converges on issues of capitalism but I don't think this is true as of yet. Rightism is about wanting to preserve existing social relations, not only means of production as that economist theory says. >how can the right be petty bourg and the left be PMC? What's the significant difference that lends one to fascism and the other to liberalism, despite both being bought off by the ruling class? Both "petit bourgeiousie" and "PMC" are troublesome terms. PMC being a socdem invention scoffed at by leftcoms and abused by """right populists""" (forgot to mention earlier, right populism is basically an oxymoron in a class society). As for petit bouj, the artisans that made up the class that Marx described occupied a different sphere of society and were under different societal pressures (but in some ways analogous) from the current small business owners of current year. For some reasons (connotations of culture war shit that have supplanted class politics), this pmc and petty bouj divide gets more traction, and not the also very real camps of national bouj vs international bouj. The connection you might be missing is the compatibility of liberal ideology and fascist ideology, the interface is surprisingly large. >is the left contradicting itself when it launched from advanced theories of settler colonial imperialist state, which suggests the state is irredeemable and everything outside of it is endemically reactionary, to 'defend democracy'? I'm not sure who outside of DNC affiliates and shitlibs shills who went off about muh defending democracies. At this point the Democraps are at best a centrist party and can not be considered "left" in any meaningful capacity. Settler-colonial theory is still pretty fringe, imperalism isn't really accepted by many a succdem. Anarchists are the only faction in favor of dismantling the state immediately and in of itself
(95.11 KB 964x776 Untitled.png)
What are /leftypol/'s thoughts on Bob Chipman AKA Moviebob?
>>1294179 >Ex-chud here. I found my own group of socialist rejects who accept me That's what I feared about abandoning chudness. You just end up a shunned 'brocialist' for not being liberal enough. And by that I dont mean you're an anti gay tankie or something
>>1294234 getting some sexual vibes from this tweet tbh, i could see the next one being about force castrating fascists then forcing them into dresses. you can't be a leftist and help or support law enforcement though, that's a deluded lib thing. i learned yesterday that the house un-american activities committee was created to oppress fascists but look how that worked out.
>>1294234 imo it is okay to be sadistic against porky
>>1294234 I've noticed the most pathetic groveling soy libs conceivable like him and Arthur Chu coming out of the woodwork to call for Rainbow Terror
(56.33 KB 476x416 SJW Sturmtruppen.jpg)
>>1294229 >PMC being a socdem invention scoffed at by leftcoms and abused by """right populists""" The concept of the PMC is less about actual class relations to capital, and more about the ascendancy of credentialism itself. Basically, the PMC are (regardless of their class position) unified by pretentious adherence to certifications, systems, supposed expertise, etc., which imposes on them the publicly projected social norms of capitalists, without necessarily conferring any of the benefits of actually being a capitalist. This is orthogonal to the petite-bourg, whose class position actually does put them somewhat closer to proper capitalists that live entirely off capital gains, thus lending some material credibility to their class traitorous bootlicking of capitalists. >>1294234 Total yahoo, LOLcow of The Escapist from day 1, picrel basically sums up him and all his ilk.
(1.16 MB 1006x1390 Untitled.png)
>>1294237 >>1294240 Gonna play devil's advocate and say he's objectively correct to a degree The Rainbow Terror stuff is transparent yeah but aside from that do you really think we can continue living with these people, especially after what's happened recently? Half of the people rushing to dunk on him in the QTs are part of the Scott Greer/Nick Fuentes fanboy clique and those two apart from ideology are really no different than Bob is Even then Bob is sorta endearing in his cluelessness, this shit on the other hand is just pathetic lmfao
>>1294247 >do you really think we can continue living with these people, especially after what's happened recently I think a lot of the Qtards and their ilk are too far gone, they're the enemy. Trump's larger base I think can be reached with the right messaging. A lot of these people voted for Obama. Yeah, technically the feds should prevent murder and kidnappings, that's their job. But turning that into supporting the feds fight against "extremism" is horrible, cause leftists will be the ones dicked at the end.
>>1293729 (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) topkek
>>1293745 kekked irl >>1293715 shut the fuck up, liberal >>1294111 >No, the division between left and right is purely whether you support nationalization (socialism) or privatization (capitalism). bro please make the sarcasm more obvious or that crowd will end up believing this
(200.33 KB 850x927 11.jpg)
>tfw you're the proud owner of a Chinese communist military phone
>>1294262 What sucks is how American will easily absorb right wing conspiracy garbage immediately. While even if their instincts are correct they rather continue going from cargo cult to cargo cult than even consider socialism as the answer. I remember the qanon anonymous podcast did a reading of a Q thread. Where they talked about life post "the storm". They basically described an advance post scarcity communist society. And this wasn't them lying or virtue signaling. It was on their board on 8kun. I dont understand how they can know and desire good things but are so opposed to them ever happening. In less its their cult leader implementing it.
Is liberals thinking that the capitol attack was a coup attempt and taking actions against the perpetrators the actual coup attempt?
>>1294234 was, is and will always be a fag >>1294141 Almost no one did, as he mostly expressed himself in letters because he had phobias about everything, including social. He wrote a preposterous amount.
(129.87 KB 800x800 1330022824347.png)
>>1294240 >Rainbow Terror
>>1294307 Yes. Reminder the Patriot Act rammed into law immediately after 9/11, in fact originated as a failed legislative proposal in 1995, written by none other than Joe Biden.
(116.59 KB 806x517 windows update.png)
>>1294333 Looks like uninstallation isn't an option, time for another update.
>>1294339 isn't this from some perturbator song?
(412.80 KB 598x506 laundry dumplings.png)
>>1294342 For the sake of my own sanity, I'll assume that was ironic, and nobody is actually that much of a turbozoomer. 8/10
>>1294307 It is the farce complement to the tragedy of the Reichstag fire. Instigated by the ones who are now screaming they are under threat - the Federal Government itself. https://thegrayzone.com/2021/01/12/chaos-agent-right-wing-us-capitol-riot-black-lives-matter/
>>1294339 >why yes, I will be back. >how could you tell?
(37.63 KB 540x960 FB_IMG_1610749556701.jpg)
Gross, these are the people in charge now
I have checked out of politics for a bit and surprise surprise I'm happier. on a side note. Fuck lumpen drug dealers NATIONALIZE RECREATIONAL DRUGS NOW!
>>1294358 Is this narcissism? I don't know how else you can explain it.
>>1294364 mostly bad taste + being huge pussies
As millions become unemployed, homeless, indebt... libs are doing yes queen woke bullshit. They eat DNC dick yet hold there brand as "progressive leftist", they're the rad lib that believes ever CIA lie about 20th century socialism. The right is a distraction this is our real enemy ANTIFA? we need ANTILIB!
>>1294358 I really hope that post is satire.
>>1294368 We need roter frontkampfer bund
>>1294357 >mfw Arnie is to the left not only of Republicans but Democrats now as well
>>1294368 /antilib/ might be a good board name for the new site
(469.69 KB 1200x508 Untitled.png)
>>1294368 Here. Autistic OC for you because you put ANTLIB in my head
>>1294368 When I say ANTI-LIB I mean we forget there Is a right. The right doesn't exist! You are either a liberal or a commie. By and large this is the reality, its time to pick a enemy. That enemy is biden, the DNC, identity politics. Remember that from the most progressive socdem, to the most neoliberalism of libs The liberal is enemy #1 its is wanted dead not alive.
(129.19 KB 1080x776 FB_IMG_1610752245021.jpg)
>>1294389 Might be possible if the libs really do purge the trump fags. But as long they exist they'll always be a convenient boogieman.
>>1294400 escaping to Israel
(1011.15 KB 1498x1079 030404-F-4728F-008.jpeg)
(161.62 KB 1600x1066 b18566021f37fe4604c410f26bb80fd7.jpg)
(861.85 KB 1600x919 453864.jpg)
>>1294400 Boeing C-17A Globemaster III Squawk: 0561
>>1294392 We are weak not because the right but the libs "that represent us the left"! To hurt libs to grow the socialist movement, is much better then petty squabbles with rightoids.
>>1294400 What is this?
(137.40 KB 480x360 IMG_1068.mp4)
Parler helped the FBI identify at least one person charged in connection with the Capitol riot >Parler is sharing information with the FBI for the Department of Justice's investigations into the riot at the US Capitol. >An affidavit from an FBI special agent filed in court Tuesday says Eduardo Florea stockpiled more than 1,000 rounds of ammo and threatened to kill Sen.-elect Raphael Warnock of Georgia. >The affidavit says the FBI received records from Parler to identify the user behind the account "LoneWolfWar," where the threats originated. Parler provided the phone number associated with the account, the affidavit says, and the FBI used it, and info from T-Mobile, to identify Florea. https://www.businessinsider.com/parler-shared-information-fbi-capitol-riot-suspect-2021-1
(1.10 MB 480x270 1600734598762.gif)
>>1294413 >LoneWolfWar
(339.30 KB 1200x628 honeypot buster.jpg)
>>1294413 >parler Isn't that the Twatter alternative that requires verified photo ID to post, and bans pr0n because the owner is a TradCath LARPer?
>>1294406 >insert anti centrist gang meme
>>1294368 If you really want to be technical about it Marx's occasional whiny protestations otherwise aside socialism itself IS LIBERALISM, continuing to uphold all the principles of the Enlightenment movements that produced it, as is obvious in early manifestations from the Levellers to Ricardo. For exactly this reason, capitalism was regularly accused of false liberalism, just as AnCaps are today accused of false anarchy.
>>1294392 As long as you're in full control of themeans of communication, your boogieman doesn't even need to exist. >>1294404 bruh is he taking the entire fucking Trump Tower with him to Tel Aviv >>1294421 Yeah Parler is the one that requires photo ID, but Gab is the one which banned loli and/or hentai because the free-speech advocate running it is Jesusian. >>1294428 It's still ridiculous garbage. The porkies pushing your shit in will have to avoid using these words while doing said in-pushing, that surely is a mighty blow to your freedom.
>>1292421 Kill yourself
>>1292538 >>1292588 I would say that losing a second time to a literal retard would have imploded the Democrats, but they walked out revived from this victory. As I pointed out before the election, they took a gamble when picking this unbelievably awful team instead of going for an easy victory with a hope-and-change re-run, and sadly, they won.
(307.32 KB 1000x750 twitter.jpg)
>>1294442 >Yeah Parler is the one that requires photo ID, but Gab is the one which banned loli and/or hentai because the free-speech advocate running it is Jesusian. The entire concept of every feature that defines Twatter and everything like it disgusts me, so I don't actually use any of these. But why are they all like this, even the ones built entirely on P2P tech like Fediverse that should render all of it irrelevant? Same on the left with Mastadon, which is dominated by SJWs too deranged even for eCelebs in that sphere like Will Wheaton to withstand?
>>1294456 I'm not quite sure which features are the ones you're talking about. Please elaborate.
>>1294428 Stop getting your news from twitter. They stripped gender specific terms from a document outlining house rules. They did not literally ban the words from being said.
>>1294461 Ambiguous bureaucracy is based?
>>1294400 False alarm it was just carrying Puerto Rico NG
>>1294458 Just the domination of all of these places by a ridiculously petty, omnipresent pseudo-ideological clique of some kind, that demands total kneejerk adherence to the social maneuvering of their kewl kids' klub circlejerk and its every tiny internal upheaval. >features That was just an aside regarding the mechanical design of Twatter and similar sites: Very short message length, follow/mention/retwat/hashtag system that encourages one-way mobbing, routine deletion of messages/accounts that removes evidence of bad faith mob hits before a cogent response can be researched, opaque clunky UI that discourages complex conversations and makes them difficult to follow, etc.
Damn Trumper are getting wholly rejected by capital it seems.
(116.72 KB 1080x1291 P19LlnG.jpg)
We shook our heads at the opsec of the rioters and protesters last year, yet they're motherfucking Mossad when compared to Qoomers.
>>1294542 Based IKEA >>1294545 My sides
>>1294545 lmao one like
>>1294298 >I dont understand how they can know and desire good things but are so opposed to them ever happening Because the point of QAnon (along with being pure copium) is to be an outlet. They want this better world, but anything that makes the world better is "communism" and is thus evil. It's just a bunch of coddled boomers trying to rationalize the idiotic things they believe in. Notice how all that MURICA #1 shit has effectively disappeared as we've hit 1 out of every 1 thousand dead? It's all pure, unaltered copium
>>1294229 >PMC being a socdem invention scoffed at by leftcoms and abused by """right populists""" (forgot to mention earlier, right populism is basically an oxymoron in a class society) Whats wrong with it? I imagine there has been tremendous change in the middle class and that this contributes to the culture war between red and blue, the latter capturing the newer class and promising it access to urban civil society. >not the also very real camps of national bouj vs international bouj I imagine right wing populism is an alliance of the petty bourgeoisie and parts of the working class with national capital. >The connection you might be missing is the compatibility of liberal ideology and fascist ideology, the interface is surprisingly large. How? And why do liberals treat you rather than MAGA as a lesser evil? >I'm not sure who outside of DNC affiliates and shitlibs shills who went off about muh defending democracies It's everywhere. I abandoned Socialist Alternative for nationalism a couple years ago now. The people I still talk to say it has absolutely no idea what to do in order to be independent of liberalism, and even thinking in those terms is a betrayal of nonwhites, LGBT, etc. Years later I come here for the first time and it sounds like the whole left, especially on social media, is like this
Why do transhumanists hate chasers so much?
Be Jimmy Doore have 19 inch dick, be a liberal and convince people to be marxists without knowing what it is, eventually read Lenin, get invited onto Fox news Tucker Carlson, Make Fox news and their audience agree with Marxism. Be funny comedian with millions of fans and never sell out. By 2030 lead communist revolution in the US without reading much theory or trying very hard.
>>1294658 Same reaason women hate men, ex boyfriends
>>1294658 cuz they want to be real girl, not trap
I am a Transhumanist and a 6foot4 chad Transhumanism doesn't mean transgender LMAO Transhumanists are people which want to improve their body with science as the technology comes e.g. replace arm with better then human bionic ones
>>1294663 tr a nny is word filtered to transhumanist
(76.14 KB 644x960 reaganism.jpg)
>>1294579 You're SEVERELY overthinking this: Most people including most self-described "socialists" have absolutely no idea what socialism nor capitalism actually is. Like my main man Upton Sinclair said, socialism probably isn't going to be sold by that name in most cases.
>trust the plan guiz >2 more week guiz >release le kraken https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Trust >Operation Trust was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, which was set up by GPU's predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, "Monarchist Union of Central Russia", MUCR, in order to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks. The created front company was called the Moscow Municipal Credit Association.
>>1294735 Maybe that's what it morphed into eventually, but I'm still convinced QLARP originated as a low-grade scam to sell "milsurp" laptop computers, that went WILDLY out of control.
>>1294663 lurk moar newfriend
>>1294658 They don't, they love the attention. They just say that >>1294726 The shallow boomer mind sees America, patriotism, capitalism, freedom, anticommunism, and liberty as synonyms
(126.92 KB 1920x1080 ultimate grillpill.jpg)
>>1294659 Even stronger alternative possibility
>>1294726 You're right, but it doesn't mean he's wrong. Chomsky summarized the America's primary social control tactic perfectly: "The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum—even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate." The eternal media circus making wedge issues seem like matters of life or death is the most simple way to do it, but it doesn't mean it can play any such issue at any such time. In fact, we're seeing the undoing of the infamous Southern strategy, which lasted an awful lot longer than anyone expected. Besides any worries of Republicans about how to move forward, presumably (I'm not placing any bets these days, especially when it's about America) the eternal circus can't use those topics to keep going. Let's look at the media landscape in a couple of months from now. The Rainbow Terror has successfully purged all things Trump from everything, and brunch is finally back on the menu, yay. But there are still tens of millions of people unemployed and losing their homes, and it's absolutely vital that these things, and other obvious signs of America's downwards spiral do not come to the fore. The MSM will have to keep feeding the beast called 24/7 newscycle, but with what? The big baddie has just been vanquished, and the previous culture war crap will probably only get diminishing returns now. Much like how he's out of ideas on how to move forward with capitalism, Porky seems to be at a loss about what narrative to set now. And while this is a big problem for him, it can prove to be disastrous (for him) because of the risk of those tens of millions of poor bastards not being distracted with bullshit every single second. From this moment on, Porky will be trying to hold the catastrophic material conditions back with Spectacle; Trump had been filling this role ever since the economic prolapse, but now they need a new attraction.
>>1294735 I confess myself impressed.
>>1294746 Considering now it's pretty much a fact that Jim was Q, did this laptop theory account for his participation? >>1294784 Man, I miss Newsradio.
(60.32 KB 680x385 1609980529310.jpeg)
(329.33 KB 1234x730 LucyFootball-BidenEdition.jpg)
(1.31 MB 180x180 thinking 6f6.gif)
>>1294886 >vice president attributing her own tweet to the nearly-dead president
>>1293692 problem with it faggot?
>>1294117 based democrats
(62.97 KB 800x450 374.jpg)
>>1294891 You know your standards are low when you praise a guy who lies for a living for stating the obvious.
>>1294663 Transhumanism is just as Degenerate as Transgenderism, as they are basically two sides of the same coin of Inferiority disorders and Oversocialization, LOL.
>>1294918 >tfw no pacemakers or cochlear implants allowed
>>1294545 this is so fucking sad
(39.84 KB 720x720 FB_IMG_1610785009766.jpg)
(104.58 KB 1080x1417 FB_IMG_1610804378057.jpg)
4 more day, how much more will rightiods embrass themselves?
>>1294931 a lot of wokies unironically think cochlear implants are genocide
>>1294663 >6foot4 >chad nobody cares walking tree, enjoy heart disease
>all rail traffic into DC is being shut down starting tomorrow >Capitol area designated "green zone" >check points and stop and frisk areas are going to be set up across the city on monday What a spectacle
>>1295125 pretty dope that DC is now a green zone like an embassy in an occupied country. it should stay that way to drive home the enormous chasm that gapes between the people, and the elite
>>1295147 >an occupied country Hory shiet
>>1295125 Jesus that fucking sucks for the people of D.C. apparently they're doing similar things in Austin tx. Sucks to live in a capitol city right now. I bet people are hating magas right now.
(32.20 KB 615x456 1587859420145.jpg)
>Iran shows off that they can hit carriers up to 1500km off shore now during their snap war games with their new missiles >American media goes into a frenzy about how the missiles hit "within 100 miles of US assets"
besides the Iran thing, on a rather interesting note that indicates the military and by extension the incoming admin are going to be primarily focused with China, DoD has all but stated that the Army and Air Force budget is going to be gutted with major troop downsizing, canceling of modernization upgrades, and base closures, with the left over money getting pushed towards the Navy and ironically enough Space Force. Navy is reportedly getting $16B+ pulled from Army/Airforce budgets for 2021 all for ship building alone. they want a 500 ship fleet, with at minimum 11 "super carriers" and a new class of "light carriers" alongside that
>>1295218 >11 "super carriers" and a new class of "light carriers" alongside that lol doubling down on a failed doctrine, they are building the equivalent of a floating maginot line. but with all the problems the navy has with the new designs it might not even float either
>>1295218 Whats the point of airforce than? They could have just renamed it spaceforce and redirect all their pliots to the navy and army. Its obvious that spsvr force exist to consolidate cybernetic warfare and satellites. Which is what the airforce was doing.
>>1295125 Funny thing is all this theater would still fall to a angry mob.
Chud here. Do commies think liberalism or rightoid populism has a greater relation to the state and capital? If it's the former, does idpol obscure this by focusing on the nestled logic within the logic of capital, the logic of bourgeois democracy and who enjoys an excess of liberal rights?
>>1295254 There is no "populism". There's a bunch of people who want to samefag and say they're totes the real majority, but the real majority simply doesn't matter in politics. Considering rightoid "populism" is a complete op to get displeased conservatives supporting the regime in some way, it has an intimate relationship with Porky, with receipts to prove it. Trump exists because a lot of money men were ready to support his campaign, or soft-supported it by funding a fake opposition. It's the same with these "nationalists" who have suspicious money streams. There isn't a real conflict between liberalism and rightoid "populism" - for fuck's sake, Trump is literally a liberal, a stupid one but a liberal nonetheless. None of these "nationalists" offer an actual opposition to liberalism, but they make a lot of screeching noises to convince people with faggotry that they're somehow going to be different. The truth is that the machine Obama, Markel, etc. put into motion is thoroughly in command. Trump didn't do a single thing to actually upset that thing, in fact Trump aided and abetted its prior behavior in ways Obama couldn't accomplish politically. That's why the elites Trump rails against have grown stronger than ever, because Trump and Republicans pass legislation favorable to those elites and the dumbass base is too fucktarded to realize it. I don't know how much longer rightoids will indulge in faggotry - probably forever, because at the core the reactionary is a creature of miserablism and will do this for shits and giggles. They'll be sucked into some faggotry, because that is what life is about for them.
>>1295254 Deciphering your word salad to the best of my abilities. Right "populism" and liberalism have roughly the same relation to the state and capital (upholding rule of current elites), though they are constituted of different factions in the elite. Right "populism" is composed mostly of small bourgeoisie and backed by the more or less fixed-in-place bourgeoisie (extractive industries, the local barons). The liberals are composed mostly of the professional and managerial class, and backed by the internationalist bourgeoisie (big tech and finance). Both groups have different cultural values and seek different policy, but neither seeks to overcome the existing status quo - capitalism, and all the attendant private property rights, inequality, immiseration of the working class. The working class of course also has different cultural preferences, best expressed in geographical terms: countryside v suburbs v city. But their material interests are the same, opposed to both the liberal and the rightist faux populist factions of Capital. I can't make heads or tails of the second sentence sorry. All I can say is that both elite groups steering either ideological grouping will appeal to cultural (idpol) markers to rile up the base, without actually having to spend money on them. Abortions for some, small American flags for others basically.
>>1295254 why not start another chud op thread, this place needs more of those
(250.79 KB 720x765 20210116_141729.jpg)
Acceleranarchist here. Do chuds think rightoid populism or liberalism have a greater relation to the union and labor? If it's the former, does itbol obscure this by focusing on the nestled 5-year plan within the 10-year plan within the 20-year plan within the 10-year plan of the central comittee, the efficiency of full automation and who manages the arrangement of an excess of productive forces?
>>1295288 she's just jelly her career stalled out at being cenk's cocksleeve
(953.33 KB 1028x1000 Untitled.png)
Free him
>>1295243 It's expanded to the point where the air force couldn't efficiently do it and Air Force leadership wasn't all that interested in it because it's not really a prestige project. The name is retarded, but as a concept it's sound. >>1295238 combination of prestige projects, porky wanting big dollar projects, but also the US basing position in the Western Pacific is really terrible. All the major bases set up after '45 and are still the life line for US projection would be flattened in the first 20 minutes of any war with China, along with serious concerns that South Korea and Japan would bow out of a conflict simply due to how easy both countries are to cripple with stand off weapons. IIRC, end of cold war estimate was that Japan would peace out in a few days at most, similar to how Taiwan would last less than 72 hours if the Chinese actually wanted to take the island US war for certain against China this decade with a 1905 moment for the US
>>1295218 LOL I hope this is true. This is like putting all your money into wooden ships in 1910.
>>1295300 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxOltvOfLIM This video should be a felony charge by itself. Wonder what he thinks about this now? lmao I actually met him in real life, he is as cringe as you think
(116.50 KB 1022x1022 Untitled2.png)
>>1295300 >>1295305 Nobody is going to be respecting baked alaskas ass when hes in prison thats for sure
>>1295305 I'm so glad this dweeb is going to jail unfortunately it probably won't be long but it's something https://youtu.be/u8DUWHU6GRM jesus fuck
>>1295300 Rmember that these are the people that call you a useful idiot.
(37.85 KB 600x800 0ae.png)
>>1295312 [while my newborn is being taken away for his mandatory hormone blocker shot] ANYWAYS BAKED ALASKA DID
(16.47 KB 460x310 FB_IMG_1610584769008.jpg)
>>1295301 The bureaucrat bloat in the U.S is insane. It was obvious during the Obama years the U.S could project power pretty effectively with special forces units/glowies and drones. And they could get around the problem of it being to cheap to be profitable by charge 30k for every part. I dont get the militaries push to build some antiquated bloated force. That would be useless in a modern war. Its like when Germany was trying to build the wunder-weapon, except there's no war and nukes already exist.
>Man arrested after trying to go through D.C. police checkpoint with fake inaugural credentials while in possession of a loaded gun and 500 rounds of ammunition nu-HUAC and Patriot Act 2.0 time
>>1295320 >with special forces units/glowies and drones power projection against peer competitors is a bit different than against terrorists and third tier states that said, the fundamental problem is basing and the US doesn't have a lot of options mobility wise without carriers in that part of the world. The more intelligent move would be to capitalize on the American advantage in submarines rather than trying to go the carrier route, but they've got maybe 5 years left of that advantage, but could theoretically extend it depending on how much they invest in it.
(6.43 KB 180x280 images.jpeg)
>>1295321 Is it just me or did the washington DC """riot""" do nothing but empower the police state and hurt a large portion of the republican party's political base? This was supposedly more "productive" and did more to "destroy the deep state" than the months of BLM rioting?
>>1295319 Cry about it
>>1295335 They probably would have preferred a "foiled coup", but the reality is that the regime has a mob of angry people who don't like what the regime is doing, yet refuse to do anything that would be effective at stopping the regime. The angry people are herded into a riot because the alternative - a number of those people turning to something that would actually upset the regime - is much worse for the regime. Riots are of little use for actually changing anything, unless the police truly lose order and the angry mob can extract meaningful concessions. The Trumpoids, though, have no ability to win a thing out of their pigger moments, and the ugly reality is that the riots and the whole Trump movement are ruled by scum who aren't interested in anything but the faggotry. They suck in people who might have been capable of genuine outrage, and align them with the degenerates like Proud Boys that are just looking for an excuse for faggotry.
>>1295335 The D.C riot re-legitimized the police. After purging the more stupid reactionaries, everyone will pretend we solved policing. Instead they'll adopt far more subtle tactics.
>>1295288 >Blue check
>>1295301 >US war for certain against China this decade with a 1905 moment for the US I've been thinking a lot about this possibility lately. Problem I see is the ladder of escalation that China has to climb, and the risk of the US spazzing out in response. Succinctly put, US provokes a conflict in the first island chain, China sweeps the board, the US reacts by implementing a blockade. At that point China has to start removing major US bases in the Indian and Pacific ocean with (conventional) IRBM's if they want to push the US navy back, and preferably station ground forces in Indonesia at the very least to control the straights there. Psychos in the US will be sorely tempted to push the button before they allow that to unfold. "Luckily" Chinese doctrine incorporates continuing to operate conventionally even under nuclear conditions so it might stop there.
>>1295325 Submarines are not a magical fix regardless. China is building a fleet where even each of their small corvettes comes with a helicopter attached. They might get the jump on a carrier every now and then, and that's a good exchange, but if you're losing SSNs fighting cheap boatspam, you won't last. /armchair, we'll see soon enough I'm afraid
>>1295218 fake news, I refuse to believe the budget of any of the forces would be decreased, they would rather pull from Medicaid than from another force >>1295288 Bringing the word "brocialist" back any day now. Also Tucker's practiced face of befuddled indignation makes him look even more dimwitted than usual. >>1295300 >simping for a literal sociopath And then you get mad when we say rightism is a mental disorder.
>>1295325 Modern warfare is about power projection in 3rd world countries and terrorist proxies. Direct conflict between nuclear powers is insane. If the U.S wanted to strike at China the smart move would be to destabilize countries critical to the belt and road project. Even assuming MAD stops being a thing, AND assuming the conflict doesn't snowball into a world war. At best they can get a pyrthic victory. With significant backlash from the global community.
>>1295406 >modern warfare >not cyber warfare >not space warfare >not bioweapon warfare >not weather warfare WAKE UP SHEEPLE
>>1295274 Another spot-on analysis Eugene. I can’t believe how many people fell for the blatantly phony Trump psyop, especially the Retarded Qanon “Trust the Plan” crap, that literally got a bunch a people to get themselves arrested (Many of them will be charged with “Domestic Terrorism” and spend the rest of their lives in Prison for breaking glass and taking Selfies) and a few of them dead, for “Storming the Capitol” to try to keep a Billionaire in the White House that doesn’t give a shit about them, LOL (the sad part is that Trump is such a piece of shit that he doesn’t even have the decency to Pardon his supporters that committed Felonies because of his retarded “Stop the Steal” shit). All Right-wing “Populism” accomplished was dividing and distracting the Proles while the Global Capitalist Elite staged the Covid-19 “crisis” to accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution to eliminate the Proles, and now that this “crisis” is firmly established, they swapped Orange man for Sleppy Joe who will “calm” everybody while the “Great Reset” towards Neoliberal Technocratic Fascism is completed, LMAO. >>1295372 Their will never be a Sino-American war, due to the fact that Dengist China is a giant sweatshop for Wall Street/Silicon Valley, meaning that the Capitalist elites of both countries are fully integrated in the Global Capitalist Economy, and will thus never put their mutual interest in danger by fighting each other (they will corral their Proles with lost of Fake Wrestling though). Unfortunately, most Twitter Tankie Dengoids don’t understand the concept of Globalization and still believe that the Cold War is going on with Dengist China and Putinist Russia taking the place of the USSR, LOL. Even in a Alternative universe where China was a Socialist country that was engaged in a real Cold War with the U$, the U$ would still defeat China in any conventional conflict using its B-52s with ALCMs, B-2 stealth bombers, and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from ships and submarines, to destroy their Air bases, Naval bases, SAM sites, Mobile Ballistic missile units, Command and Control etc, and even if Chinese MRBMs managed to destroy a few U$ airbases and sink some U$ ships (Their isn’t enough evidence to show that their MRBMs can actually sink a U$ Aircraft Carrier, the best they probably could do is inflict severe damage and force it back to port), the Chinese would still capitulate within a Month, LOL. The truth is that their is no country today that could defeat the U$ Military in Conventional conflict (The USSR was the only country that could have accomplished this, hence why the U$ was so reliant on it’s Nuclear Triad during the Cold War), meaning that the only way to defend yourself from the U$ is through Nuclear Weapons (either a Nuclear Triad that can destroy the U$ mainland or a rudimentary Nuclear Triad with MRBMs that can threaten U$ allies and military bases).
(67.50 KB 426x309 1540506954790.png)
>>1295412 >the U$ would still defeat China in any conventional conflict using its B-52s with ALCMs, B-2 stealth bombers, and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from ships and submarines, to destroy their Air bases, Naval bases, SAM sites, Mobile Ballistic missile units, Command and Control etc, and even if Chinese MRBMs managed to destroy a few U$ airbases and sink some U$ ships (Their isn’t enough evidence to show that their MRBMs can actually sink a U$ Aircraft Carrier, the best they probably could do is inflict severe damage and force it back to port), the Chinese would still capitulate within a Month, LOL
>>1295406 This. Anyone LARPing about WWII Pacific Front v2.0 but with cruise missiles is absolutely deluded. There is never, ever going to be a shot fired in anger at nor a hostile boot on the soil of one nuclear power by another. PRC/NATO's grasping at dinky/fake islands in the Pacific is all about extending undersea EEZ rights and strangling smaller countries like Malaysia or Philippines, not about footing for some anachronistic naval battle.
>>1295412 >conventional conflict >>1295439 >conventional conflict Case in point: Maximum LARP mode
>>1295444 (checked) >fake islands wait what
(62.60 KB 739x768 1551521142772.jpg)
>>1295444 >There is never, ever going to be a shot fired in anger at nor a hostile boot on the soil of one nuclear power by another.
(499.65 KB 3000x1999 46607.jpg)
Boy am I glad I voted for Biden. How are you anarkiddies feeling about $15 minimum wage being in Biden's first piece of legislation? Regretting you didn't vote for him and almost let America slip into fascism during a pandemic?
>>1295448 Airline-tier antics: It's just a dodge to avoid an embezzlement probe.
>>1295458 India/Paki are a special case, they're never going to stop their dumb border skirmishes.
https://www.vice.com/en/article/xgz5b4/sheriffs-deputies-allegedly-sat-on-an-autistic-teen-for-9-minutes-he-died >Sheriff's Deputies Allegedly Sat on an Autistic Teen for 9 Minutes. He Died. <Donna Lou and Daren Parsa took their only child, Eric, to a shopping center in Metairie, Louisiana, on January 19 of last year to play games. But when the family went to leave, Eric, who isn’t verbal, had a sudden sensory outburst in the parking lot, often called a “meltdown” and began to slap himself and his father, according to the lawsuit. With the parents’ consent, a manager called in law enforcement. <Over the course of the next 10 minutes, Eric was allegedly handcuffed and held down, and two deputies allegedly took turns putting their weight on the teen, whom the lawsuit describes as obese and not actively resisting after he was restrained. Once deputies realized he’d gone limp, according to the suit, Eric was taken to a local hospital, where he went into cardiac arrest. A coroner later ruled that Eric’s death was an accident and the result of “excited delirium,” a controversial diagnosis that often crops up in instances of police brutality. His weight, enlarged heart, and “prone positioning” were listed as contributing factors.
>>1295458 >>1295464 Oh, and the other thing. Even if they did nuke each other, nobody else would care.
>>1295439 You can i agree as much as you like Dengoid, but China would get creamed in any War with the U$, with the good news for them being that this War will never happen, LOL. From a Anti-Revisionist Marxist-Leninist standpoint, it’s too bad that the Capitalist elites of Dengist China and the U$ aren’t dumb enough to go to War with each other, because even though it would have a pretty predictable outcome (A clear U$ military victory and the subsequent collapse of Dengist China), it would significantly destabilize the Global Imperialist-Capitalist system, and open the door for a Socialist revolution in Dengist China (maybe the Maoist Communist Party of China could size control of the country in the aftermath of the fall of the CCP), severely destabilize the U$ (Though the U$ would win militarily, it would sustain the worst looses since Vietnam, and this combined with the collapse of International Trade could lead to severe destabilization, though probably not enough for a actual Socialist revolution), and potentially aid the Maoist rebels in the Philippines and India, if those countries were dragged into the War.
>>1295459 pity reply
>>1295478 Why is i agree being turned into I agree?
>>1295472 Not true. The world would rejoice.
>>1295481 i agree? Sééthé
>>1295444 Your absolutely right, my only disagreement with your Analysis is that the reason countries like the U$ and China/Russia will never fight each other, isn’t because of “Muh Nukes”. Instead, it’s because of the fact that the U$, China, and Russia, are fully integrated into the Global Capitalist Economy, and their respective Capitalist elites would never risk their mutual interests by engaging in a World War (Conventional or Nuclear) that would collapse the Global Imperialist-Capitalist system and potentially lead to Worldwide Socialist Revolutions.
>>1295481 Hello, newfren.
(73.59 KB 609x361 Nimroda.jpg)
>>1295509 the horror...
>>1295509 >inb4 bernie dies, having lived a sham of a life
>>1295208 source for both claims?
>>1295478 >>1295481 I know you were here before that filter was installed yonks ago. Are you having an aneurysm or something?
(524.51 KB 1243x1000 keep pushing bernie.jpg)
>>1295512 If nothing else, people such as him & Corbyn did succeed in pushing the left side of le majickel window the furthest it's been in 50 years.
(272.82 KB 585x378 bidenfashlaw.png)
>>1295459 >almost let America slip into fascism during a pandemic >How are you anarkiddies feeling about $15 minimum wage being in Biden's first piece of legislation? More bullshit game playing like they've been doing all year. He's doing the McConnell trick of bundling up relief checks with other more controversial (in DC) items to kill it. Republicans are not going to vote for a $15 min wage, but he's choosing to bundle that and other things with the $2000 (or wait, $1400!) checks, and choosing to go through regular order requiring 60 senate votes. On top of this, if there was ever a bad time for a big wage increase it's probably in the middle of a pandemic-driven mass unemployment crisis. Republicans will say now is the wrong time to make it harder for Job Creators to offer work, and that will resonate even with a lot of people who are otherwise generally supportive of wage increases. This whole thing is designed to fail so he and the dems can call republicans obstructionists, and to kill or at least delay any further checks indefinitely. It's all just more good cop/bad cop game playing and blame shifting to make you blame the other guy for why none of them are going to do dick for you.
>>1295554 cmon, let's not be vague now source?
>>1295565 >Other Black Lives Matter activists used this opportunity to attempt to dox her, some even saying that they should “find and kill that racist dog” great, libs get the bullet first you know
>>1295564 >leftoids reminds me, that word is used by leftcoms now to describe leftists. r/shitleftoidssay being prime example. We WILL take all of your words and memes and make them our own. There is no stopping us.
>>1295307 You know hitler released a Rothschild right? What makes you think that your griftoid ideologies are actually are going to deliver?
(36.23 KB 750x500 5ff661b7194fe.jpg)
Anyone seen this image start popping up on news articles? Lmao
(108.45 KB 1160x629 download (12).jpeg)
(108.74 KB 359x451 7388177.jpg)
>>1295590 Many such cases
>>1295596 Aren't nazis supposed to be 3rd position? Like, anti-zog? Like, anti-trump? strawman fake thingnoticer is cringe
(2.86 MB 852x480 1601247258677.webm)
>>1295604 >anti nazbol becuz jooooos >shills for (((thule)))tide shiggy
where's the real TheThingNoticer?
>>1295617 what about John Doe and Jane Doe? is it just going or be Doe?
>>1295467 This shit is seriously fucked up. Is there a low burger police can reach?
>>1295554 >>1295560 >>1295564 What the fuck do these have to do with anything? If you're going for an ad hominem cheap shot, you have to pick one at least tangentially related to your speaker. Not to mention the sheer absurdity of a literal neo-Nazi demanding us to beg for forgiveness over victims of internet bullies. This sort of thing is exactly why I say pathological reactionaries are subversive by need and by nature. Your intentions are indefensible, so you can't afford to be honest. Your apeman minds are as incapable good faith just as your entire selves are incompatible with civilization. That's why you worship sociopaths. Not because of ideological reasons -- not directly at least -- but because you all share the same pathology. You admire monsters because they embrace their inner beast and abandon the superego, exactly like every single pathological reactionary dreams to do. All they say are cover for what is at the same time their goal and method: to debase civilization by bringing savagery inside it.
>>1295551 There is no such thing as overten window. Crazy Bernie achieved nothing. the bourgeois have increased their control over politics so there is less need for concessions to workers now to win elections
>>1295467 >A coroner later ruled that Eric’s death was an accident and the result of “excited delirium,” a controversial diagnosis that often crops up in instances of police brutality. total bullshit, excited delirium is for all practical purposes drug induced in the field, think bath salts, pcp or meth. It's also incredibly rare, like you might see true excited delirium once or twice in a career t. medic
>>1295635 Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of leftism ranging from basic succdem reforms, to deeply studied doctrinaire socialism, to shitpostan waystations such as /leftypol/ enjoying their greatest resurgence in decades. >the bourgeois have increased their control over politics Compared to 2015? Yah nah ur delusional m8
>>1295639 Hope and change you can believe in!
>various porkies investing in agricultural land <by 2025-2035 arctic ice melt will have caused enough damage to the jet stream that most traditional arable land in the northern hemisphere will be non-viable for crops due to changing weather conditions makes sense now
>>1295575 >leftcoms Is this a new word filter, or...?
(412.96 KB 1024x576 pepe it's all so tiresome.jpg)
>>1295648 >accuse reactionaries of being incapable of good faith >get bad faith reply I don't know what I expected.
>>1295655 >riots are comparable to genocide This is your brain on on nazism
>>1295655 Based nogs destroying Amerikkka
(442.91 KB 960x696 139563674.png)
>>1295660 If only. The right-wing schizo fantasy world would be far better than the world we have now.
(56.75 KB 516x85 a.png)
>>1295669 They're down to something. Antarctica. >Change in agricultural productivity: > + 1 0 0 0 %
(111.04 KB 586x699 debt.png)
bernie BTFO
(252.11 KB 999x1500 mmt.jpeg)
>>1295783 When are mainstream fiscal policy discussions going to advance beyond the 1800s?
I know we love to make fun of liberals with TDS, but after seeing him totally fuck up with covid19, they are totally right in that he is the worst president of all time. There is nothing funny about this. Trump should be put in jail. The fact that my mom could die because of him angers me to no end.
>>1295800 > Shitlib > "Guys i'm not really a lib, i'm one of you". George Bush Jr is easily the worst living President, and libs love to gargle his balls.
>>1294357 It's a shame he isn't gay.
>>1295809 Bush jr didn't get my grandfather killed or make half of my middle aged relatives become diseased idiotic culists. Trump made my life worse
>>1295800 >implying this probably wouldn't have happened anyway Reminder the death & infection rates in many yuropeen succdem cuntries are even worse than (Belgium, Italy, UK) or only slightly better than (Spain, France, Switzerland) the USA's. And that's with ALL of those countries having actual universal health systems, unlike us: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1104709/coronavirus-deaths-worldwide-per-million-inhabitants/
>>1295814 That shit probably would have happened with Clinton as president too though. Like right-wingers wouldn't be coughing on each other if she was president?
>>1295814 He basically took advantage of decades of right wing conspiracy theorists and mobilized rural working class resentment towards coastal Democrats outsourcing jobs. Neoliberals are delusional if they think populism is going away. I think Biden and Kamala will be so bad that people will beg for Trump by 2024. Or someone even worse.
>>1295816 It would probably be worse. The GOP would have won both chambers of Congress in 2018. Clinton is so hated that most people would reject any Covid restrictions out of spite towards her. Plus the "Muh Woman" Idpol would be much more unpopular.
(268.10 KB 400x300 abughraib.png)
(164.05 KB 1200x926 morlockKillphoto.jpg)
(28.02 KB 660x371 tyler-ziegel.jpg)
(37.92 KB 876x493 Ain't That America.jpg)
>>1295814 >Bush jr didn't get my grandfather killed or make half of my middle aged relatives become diseased idiotic culists. Trump made my life worse Oh, so it didn't happen to you personally, which makes Trump objectively worse. Interesting system of morality you got there.
https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/16/us/politics/biden-administration-executive-action-legislation.html >President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., inheriting a collection of crises unlike any in generations, plans to open his administration with dozens of executive directives on top of expansive legislative proposals in a 10-day blitz meant to signal a turning point for a nation reeling from disease, economic turmoil, racial strife and now the aftermath of the assault on the Capitol. >Mr. Biden’s team has developed a raft of decrees that he can issue on his own authority after the inauguration on Wednesday to begin reversing some of President Trump’s most hotly disputed policies. Advisers hope the flurry of action, without waiting for Congress, will establish a sense of momentum for the new president even as the Senate puts his predecessor on trial. >On his first day in office alone, Mr. Biden intends a flurry of executive orders that will be partly substantive and partly symbolic. They include rescinding the travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries, rejoining the Paris climate change accord, extending pandemic-related limits on evictions and student loan payments, issuing a mask mandate for federal property and interstate travel and ordering agencies to figure out how to reunite children separated from families after crossing the border, according to a memo circulated on Saturday by Ron Klain, his incoming White House chief of staff, and obtained by The New York Times. >The blueprint of executive action comes after Mr. Biden announced that he will push Congress to pass a $1.9 trillion package of economic stimulus and pandemic relief, signaling a willingness to be aggressive on policy issues and confronting Republicans from the start to take their lead from him. >He also plans to send sweeping immigration legislation on his first day in office providing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people in the country illegally. Along with his promise to vaccinate 100 million Americans for the coronavirus in his first 100 days, it is an expansive set of priorities for a new president that could be a defining test of his deal-making abilities and command of the federal government. >For Mr. Biden, an energetic debut could be critical to moving the country beyond the endless dramas surrounding Mr. Trump. In the 75 days since his election, Mr. Biden has provided hints of what kind of president he hopes to be — focused on the big issues, resistant to the louder voices in his own party and uninterested in engaging in the Twitter-driven, minute-by-minute political combat that characterized the last four years and helped lead to the deadly mob assault on the Capitol. >But in a city that has become an armed camp since the Jan. 6 attack, with inaugural festivities curtailed because of both the coronavirus and the threat of domestic terrorism, Mr. Biden cannot count on much of a honeymoon. >While privately many Republicans will be relieved at his ascension after the combustible Mr. Trump, the troubles awaiting Mr. Biden are so daunting that even a veteran of a half-century in politics may struggle to get a grip on the ship of state. And even if the partisan enmities of the Trump era ebb somewhat, there remain deep ideological divisions on the substance of Mr. Biden’s policies — on taxation, government spending, immigration, health care and other issues — that will challenge much of his agenda on Capitol Hill. >“You have a public health crisis, an economic challenge of huge proportions, racial, ethnic strife and political polarization on steroids,” said Rahm Emanuel, the former Chicago mayor who served as a top adviser to Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. “These challenges require big, broad strokes. The challenge is whether there’s a partner on the other side to deal with them.” >Mr. Biden’s transition is taking place as security is being increased because of the deadly assault on the Capitol this month. Credit...Stefani Reynolds for The New York Times >Mr. Biden’s transition has been unlike that of any other new president, and so will the early days of his administration. The usual spirit of change and optimism that surrounds a newly elected president has been overshadowed by a defeated president who has refused to concede either the election or the spotlight. >Mr. Biden spent much of this interregnum trying not to be distracted as he assembled a cabinet and White House staff of government veterans that look remarkably like the Obama administration that left office four years ago. He put together a team with expansive diversity in race and gender, but without many of the party’s more outspoken progressive figures, to the disappointment of the left. >“He’s obviously prioritized competence and longevity of experience in a lot of his appointments,” said Representative Ro Khanna, Democrat of California and a national co-chairman of Senator Bernie Sanders’s primary campaign against Mr. Biden. >But he said Mr. Biden’s team had reached out to progressives like him. “I do hope we’ll continue to see progressives who tend to be younger and newer to the party fill a lot of the under secretary and assistant secretary positions even if they’re not at the very top,” Mr. Khanna said. >At the very top will be one of the most familiar figures in modern American politics but one who has appeared to evolve in recent weeks. After a lifetime in Washington, the restless, gabby man of consuming ambition who always had something to say and something to prove seems to have given way to a more self-assured 78-year-old who finally achieved his life’s dream. >He did not feel the need to chase the cameras over the past 10 weeks — indeed, his staff has gone out of its way to protect him from unscripted exposure for fear of any stumbles, a goal that will be harder once in office. >“He is much calmer,” said Representative James E. Clyburn, Democrat of South Carolina and a close ally. “The anxiety of running and the pressure of a campaign, all that’s behind him now. Even after the campaign was over, the election was over, all the foolishness coming from the Trump camp, you don’t know how all this stuff is going to play out. You may know how it’s going to end, but you’re anxious about how it plays out. So all that’s behind him now.” >Throughout his career, Mr. Biden has been a divining rod for the middle of his party, more moderate in the 1990s when that was in vogue and more liberal during the Obama era when the center of gravity shifted. >He is driven less by ideology than by the mechanics of how to put together a bill that will satisfy various power centers. A “fingertip politician,” as he likes to put it, Mr. Biden is described by aides and friends as more intuitive about other politicians and their needs than was Mr. Obama, but less of a novel thinker. >While he is famous for his foot-in-mouth gaffes, he can be slow to make decisions, with one meeting rolling into the next as he seeks out more opinions. Each morning, he receives a fat briefing book with dozens of tabs in a black binder and reads through it, but he prefers to interact with others. During the transition, he has conducted many of his briefings using Zoom at his desk in the library of his home in Wilmington, Del., or at the Queen, the nearby theater where a large screen has been set up. >He relishes freewheeling discussion, interrupting aides and chiding them for what he deems overly academic or elitist language. “Pick up your phone, call your mother, read her what you just told me,” he likes to say, according to aides. “If she understands, we can keep talking.” Aides made a point of editing out all abbreviations other than U.N. and NATO.
>A drive-through testing site in Somerton, Ariz. The incoming administration has promised to vaccinate 100 million Americans for the coronavirus within its first 100 days.Credit...Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York >Like Mr. Obama — and notably unlike Mr. Trump — Mr. Biden watches little television news other than perhaps catching “Morning Joe” on MSNBC while on the treadmill or the Sunday talk shows. Aides recall few times he came to them with something he picked up from television. >Mr. Biden will be the first true creature of Capitol Hill to occupy the White House since President Gerald R. Ford in the 1970s. More than recent predecessors, he understands how other politicians think and what drives them. But his confidence that he can make deals with Republicans is born of an era when bipartisan cooperation was valued rather than scorned and he may find that today’s Washington has become so tribal that the old ways no longer apply. >“Joe Biden is somebody who understands how politicians work and how important political sensitivities are on each side, which is drastically different than President Obama,” said former Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, who as the House Republican leader negotiated with Mr. Biden and came to like him. >“I would think there may be a time when Washington could get something done,” said Mr. Cantor, who lost a Republican primary in 2014 in part because he was seen as too willing to work with Mr. Biden. “At this point, I don’t know, the extreme elements on both sides are so strong right now, it’s going to be difficult.” >Mr. Biden’s determination to ask Congress for a broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws underscores the difficulties. In his proposed legislation, which he plans to unveil on Wednesday, he will call for a path to citizenship for about 11 million undocumented immigrants already living in the United States, including those with temporary status and the so-called Dreamers, who have lived in the country since they were young children. >The bill will include increased foreign aid to ravaged Central American economies, provide safe opportunities for immigration for those fleeing violence, and increase prosecutions of those trafficking drugs and human smugglers. >But unlike previous presidents, Mr. Biden will not try to win support from Republicans by acknowledging the need for extensive new investments in border security in exchange for his proposals, according to a person familiar with the legislation. That could make his plan far harder to pass in Congress, where Democrats will control both houses but by a slim margin. >All of which explains why Mr. Biden and his team have resolved to use executive power as much as possible at the onset of the administration even as he tests the waters of a new Congress. >In his memo to Mr. Biden’s senior staff on Saturday, Mr. Klain underscored the urgency of the overlapping crises and the need for the new president to act quickly to “reverse the gravest damages of the Trump administration.” >While other presidents issued executive actions right after taking office, Mr. Biden plans to enact a dozen on Inauguration Day alone, including the travel ban reversal, the mask mandate and the return to the Paris accord. >As with many of Mr. Trump’s own executive actions, some of them may sound more meaningful than they really are. By imposing a mask mandate on interstate planes, trains and buses, for instance, Mr. Biden is essentially codifying existing practice while encouraging rather than trying to require broader use of masks. >On the other side, Mr. Biden risks being criticized for doing what Democrats accused Mr. Trump of doing in terms of abusing the power of his office through an expansive interpretation of his executive power. Sensitive to that argument, Mr. Klain argued in his memo that Mr. Biden will remain within the bounds of law. >“While the policy objectives in these executive actions are bold, I want to be clear: The legal theory behind them is well-founded and represents a restoration of an appropriate, constitutional role for the president,” Mr. Klain wrote to his staff. >On Mr. Biden’s second day in office, he will sign executive actions related to the coronavirus pandemic aimed at helping schools and businesses to reopen safely, expand testing, protect workers and clarify public health standards. >On his third day, he will direct his cabinet agencies to “take immediate action to deliver economic relief to working families,” Mr. Klain wrote in the memo. >The subsequent seven days will include more executive actions and directives to his cabinet to expand “Buy America” provisions, “support communities of color and other underserved communities,” address climate change and start an effort to reunite families separated at the border. >Mr. Klain did not provide details about the executive actions, leaving unclear whether they will be merely statements of intent, like many of Mr. Trump’s executive actions. And he conceded that much of the agenda developed by Mr. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris would require action by Congress. >Congress has been largely gridlocked for years, and even with Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate, Mr. Biden faces an uphill climb after this initial burst of executive actions. Tom Daschle of South Dakota, a former Senate Democratic leader who worked with Mr. Biden for years, said the incoming president had an acute sense of the challenges he faced and the trade-offs required. >As leader, Mr. Daschle recalled that when things went wrong for him and he would complain, Mr. Biden would joke, “I hope that’s worth the car,” referring to the chauffeured ride provided the Senate leader. Now, Mr. Daschle said as Mr. Biden prepares to move into the Executive Mansion, “I’m almost inclined to say, well, whatever he’s facing now, I hope that’s worth the house.”
>>1295816 Alternately, I can easily see Clinton doing much the same as Trump, casting the "supposed" pandemic as a Chinese/Russian/etc. plot to undermine her administration's obviously brilliant economic policy, with Republicans taking the opposite side out of sheer contrarianism. Again, looking at the astonishing incompetence of some of the responses even in other wealthy OECD countries, the US doing badly was a forgone conclusion. The only question was how badly.
>>1295825 Did you ever watch the Series 'Yes Minister'? I view politics through that lens. I wonder what the behinds the scenes things the Civil Service is talking about.
(132.56 KB 1943x405 ErvXSgSW8AAJN06.jpg)
>>1295809 Idgaf about what Bush or Obama did to the global south. I care about what's happening to me and the people I care about, as do the rest of the American proletariat you pretend to care about. Read Marx you third-worldist cretin.
>>1295822 Holy shit the look of disgust on her face. >b-but it's what's inside that counts She was just too nice (or afraid of being seen as superficial) to dump the uggo he became on the spot.
>>1295825 Mark Blyth, the Political Economist from Brown University talked about how the American economy is a wholly owned subsidy of the healthcare industry. Now there's a crisis that directly destroys the healthcare industry and therefore, the rest of the economy.
>>1295827 And I hope Covid takes the rest of your family.
>>1295825 ok sakaikiddie
AOC wants you to cope
Hypothetically, if Medicare for All immediately came into effect tonight, along with a $26/hour federal minimum wage, along with greater labour protections for everyone, including 10 weeks of paid vacations, 2.5 months of paid sick leave, that the $1.9 trillion student loans were forgiven, new anti trust laws, ban on stock buybacks, what effect would it have on the American economy?
>>1295833 We could start talking about abolishing landlords.
>>1295833 Depends, where’s all this shit coming from? Cause if porkys still in power it’s Najriddens nail
>>1295831 That analysis wasn't meant to imply anything about rich/poor or capitalist/ML economies. In Asia, for instance, Japan & South Korea have done very well, meanwhile Finland & Norway have done reasonably in Europe. And obviously tons of 3rd-world countries such as Slovakia, Columbia, and Tunisia have all done terribly (not counting numerous 3rd-world countries too corrupt/chaotic to produce believable numbers in the first place). My point was that even a lot of countries that "should have" done well, have in fact done horrendously in the pandemic, so bad as to make the USA's performance (with Trump or otherwise) far less inexplicable.
>>1295862 Let's just say it comes into effect right now, magically, without Porky knowing until he wakes up. So Sunday morning, the news discovers that $1.9 trillion US Federal student loans are all paid off. That the Federal Minimum wage is $26/hour. That the Federal Law was changed to give everyone 10 weeks paid vacation, including strong labour protections, along with 2.5 months of paid sick leave. And legal protection against their employer for using said paid vacation and paid sick leave, both total amounts. So no one can get fired for using 5 months of paid leave per year. Stock buybacks are banned, and new anti trust laws have been created. How would Porky react? The Federal Minimum wage is raised to $26/hour, for everyone. No exceptions, that even means for restaurant staff and other industries. The paid vacation and sick leave applies to lawyers and other professions that are commission based. Along with the protections.
>>1295888 Sorry. Correction. Legal protection for employees against their employer, if they use all 5 months of paid leave per year. So their employer can't fire them, or deny raises, bonuses, other office perks like parties, or promotions. Employers can be sued, and fined for trillions.
>>1295892 And mental health counts for paid sick leave. And paid sick leave is extended to 4 months, per a doctors note. And this includes during pandemics, major surgeries, etc.
>>1295894 And also what if Yoda was 6 foot tall and smoked weed?
>>1295895 ??? The fuck? How is that relevant?
>>1295899 Because that has exactly as much relevance under Biden
>>1295901 I brought up a hypothetical event that happens irregardless of Biden or Congress. I wonder how much of a meltdown WSJ would have if all those policies came true.
>>1295819 >Rural working class The most retarded meme. Trump's base is the suburban petty bouge, not rural hicks
>>1295919 But then why did he lose those guys?
>>1295822 >Interesting system of morality you got there. Would you be more sad at 5000 people dying in some flood in Argentina or your girlfriend dying in a car crash?
>>1295814 >muh corona But you're literally a communist, maybe you're the cultist lol.
(394.98 KB 1100x585 butler-headline-featured.png)
>>1295908 The political situation necessary for that to happen would've already made them thermonuclear Remember that the last time such a thing happened, with FDR in the White House, huge Dem majorities in both houses, and figures ranging from Huey Long to Eugene Debs pushing him left, there were fascist coup plots (SERIOUS ones involving the military Wall St.)
>>1295921 Has he? As a member of the suburban petty bouge the Trump base is the same small business tyrant non-college asshole it was before
>>1295908 Irregardless isn't a word >>1295933 Huey Long was a poplist like drumpft not a leftist.
>>1295941 >small business tyrant Is this the lowest IQ post I've ever seen? >fuck the local economy, we need more amazon and shit
>>1295943 Long was an anti-klan guy in the south in the fucking 30's. He absofuckinglutely was a leftist
>>1295944 How does some ginzo owning marios pizzaria down the block helping me any? If anything that guy's even worse to work for because you don't even get benefits with that chode
(476.71 KB 652x1000 the people no.jpg)
>>1295943 >a poplist like drumpft "Populist" is a word that simply means "espousing the beliefs of the people, in a 'democracy' where most politicians in power make an openly explicit effort to contradict it" That the word even exists is a sign of how sick our democracy is
>>1295944 The objection to small businesses in this case aside from MLARPers who unironically think "communism is when you centralize stuff, the more centralized the communist-er" has to do with the class loyalties of the petite bourg, which means they form a more numerous army of delusional lickspittles that augment the tiny numbers of the billionaire capitalists.
>>1295800 >worst president of all time more people died in the civil war than from covid in the us tho. more people died in iraq from the invasion etc. than from covid in the us. he's gonna have to pull something big out of his hat in the coming two days if he wants to play in the big leagues
>>1295823 >extending pandemic-related limits on evictions and student loan payments this is the only substantive policy (the only one that costs money)
>>1295888 stop larping uigher
(87.38 KB 900x571 3123123123.jpg)
>>1295919 >Trump's base is the suburban petty bouge, not rural hicks Gotta disagree. I know a bunch of these types and have rural family the rural hillbillies are def a large part of his base. All you have to do is look at county level map of the 2016 and 2020 elections. And apparently Trump lost a large portion of the suburban vote in 2020.
>>1295980 sorry but rural ppl are well off. urbanites are the ones that are broke and suffering
>>1295783 >>1295789 That's 100% a fake profile. They're there to pollute the already poisonous public debate. God knows how many millions of the damn things are shitting up the social networks. >>1295800 Fuck no, he should be president-for-life-and-death. He only got to choke America half to death, he needs to finish the job. Here's hoping for his triumphant return in 2014.
>>1295983 uighur you best be joking
>>1295815 >And that's with ALL of those countries having actual universal health systems, unlike us No to mention sensibly better less worse education systems and political debates. Really, how did Western countries fuck up this bad? Third world shitholes are doing better than most of the G7.
>>1295816 "For every person you don't infect, I'll cough on five!"
>>1295819 I reckon Democrats actually intend to be as awful as possible, but they're banking on hyperhypernormalization protecting them. >>1295823 This reminds me, how often is American media even referring to the eviction and unemployment catastrophes now? "Economic turmoil" is quite the euphemism for fucking tens of millions of people being on the edge of abject misery. I wouldn't be surprised if they never even mention that 2020 had an economic crash at all again. >For Mr. Biden, an energetic debut pfffffffffffffffft Also for fuck's sake bro, don't fucking paste an entire damn article. Just post a link and tell us why it's worth reading it. >>1295828 They divorced a few months afterwards after the media flied away to some other mess. >>1295829 Normally I would assume that you mean corona is destroying American healthcare, but given that American porkies just dgaf anymore and clearly aren't doing shit to stem the pandemic, I have to ask how it's harming these bastards. >>1295833 Overnight collapse -- and completely unhidden collapse, unlike the last one -- as porkies move every single cent they have and most that they don't have to Ireland.
>>1295868 I'm not so sure Japan is doing that well. They clearly were manipulating the numbers on a massive scale because of the Olympics, and that sort of practice doesn't tend to go away. >>1295895 Ridiculous. Yoda is known to be a ketamine kind of guy.
>>1295800 >actually being a liberal
>>1295983 Do you live in a bubble? I can't think of a single country in the world where the average ruralite isn't worse off than the average urbanite.
>>1295993 Keep in mind that stats from the 3rd-world should always be taken with a LARGE grain of salt. The much more damning evidence is the extremely wide variation between countries with reasonably functional economies/democracy/anticorruption.
(88.45 KB 850x933 1610880989421.jpg)
>>1296030 keep larping retard. none of your deranged fantasies will happen.
(685.54 KB 508x1136 123123906756.png)
>>1296037 How many levels of cope is this?
(176.66 KB 731x2048 TbCfenb.jpg)
>>1296039 Simmer down, Beavis. Let him funpost.
(85.85 KB 1080x813 eeJjyYQ.jpeg)
>>1296058 Plz god let a civil war kill all americans
>>1296037 >>1296043 Lmao unreal. Right politics and schizophrenia are inseparable
(35.30 KB 631x346 trump biden voters income.png)
Please stop pushing the "muh working class resentment" meme. It's getting to the point where it's being said just to be said, to spread a false history. It's not an honest narrative, it's propaganda. I can only call the self-proclaimed leftists who spread it useful idiots for so long before I myself become a useful idiot for not just calling you what you probably are. You should also dump any e-pundit pushing that narrative, you know who they are.
>>1296028 Well America's one.
>>1296063 based
>>1296063 TO CLARIFY I am not saying this to support Biden, but to underline the fact that Trump is propped up by delusional entitled bourgs, not the working class. You had to be able to afford a plane ticket to fly out to that DC riot.
>>1296058 lel i'm glad to be living in this surreal comedy known as MURICA
(663.37 KB 757x1080 huntingwabbits.png)
>>1296063 Where was the data taken from, what demographics and how did they screen them. Also 12% is just barely statistically significant. There’s still a large working class substrata that supports him. The 100k+ category should be broken down a lot more, but guaranteed the bigger booj support biden.
>>1295710 >B-but biden wants to do war on terror 2.0 and kill all whites
>put 25k troops in close quarters in DC >turns into a pandemic hot spot lmao
>>1295993 commitment to freedom of movement is what did Europe in, we're too addicted to going on ski holidays, and no government dared tell its citizens that the borders needed to close and they would have to be quarantined upon return it's sadly that simple
>>1296050 everything in the US is a bubble, a ponzi scheme, or straight up theft. if not for the petrodollar they would have a living standard of Romania by now
Not surprising to anyone, but the Biden admin is following the Trump line on Iran and the EU just doubled down today on how Iran has to abide by the JPCOA that they and the Americans are ignoring with snacktions >On re-entering the Iran deal, Sullivan(Biden national security pick) says Iran’s ballistic missile program “has to be on the table.” scuttlebutt is that the Iranians gave a Feb 4th deadline for all parties to lift sanctions or they're going nuclear, they already have the fissile material to do so, hence all the sudden concern(last 48 hours) from the US and EU about Iranian enrichment levels
>>1296068 >Trump is propped up by delusional entitled bourgs pretty sure those 44% of 35% of voters under 50k and 42% of 39% between 50k and 99k together are a bigger part of his support base than the 54% of the 26% making more than 100k. you cannot have a mass political movement based on bourgs, there are not enough of them. but by all means go back to brunch, roughly half of all working class voters preferring the demented game show host does not show any kind of resentment
>>1296102 I cannot understand the EU cowardice on this issue. I really can't. The European Union or its constituent governments will not survive a collapsing Iran, it will make the mid 2010s refugee crisis look like a controlled event. They have learned nothing, they have forgotten nothing.
>>1296101 Education is among the greatest scams of our time. It's not a US exclusive.
>>1296114 because it doesn't affect the european bourgoisie?
>>1296114 The EU is an arm of the global oligarchy, the last real government on Earth. Why would they care about something as petty as "national interests"? Shit, they love triggering the "nationalists" with brown people, and the "nationalist" base are complete cuckolds that deserve to be held in contempt.
>>1296101 To be fair I think a lot of the non-urban US has a serious Romania vibe
>>1295819 There is no "populism" though. There's class collaborationism everywhere, where the working class is encouraged to submit to some middle or upper class elements and attach sycophantically to power. Nothing about Trump, or Biden for that matter, represents any sort of "popular" movement. Nor do the extant forms of communism/socialism constitute a populism, since at best the communists are just an arm of Beijing. There's literally no conception of popular expression, even as a disorganized angry mob with pitchforks. This "populism" has been cultivated as an op to convince poor people to attach to certain rich people, and to Trump's bullshit. When people join this sort of "populism", the ruling class is happy, because it means they're not doing something that would actually damage the regime. The reality, as always, is that total apathy and hopelessness reign among the broad masses, moreso even than their actual hopelessness (which is already quite high, because the people are outgunned are so beaten down that nothing can really happen).
Anyway, my take on all this is that Biden is just going to declare martial law or something tantamount to that, within days of assuming office. What choice does he have? Bonus edition: The predictive programming that there will be a crisis on Inauguration Day may be the ruling class pulling another shitteroo, because Americans haven't been put through enough faggotry with five years of Trump. If Biden were assassinated by some rogue National Guardsman, I would not be at all surprised at this point. The people in charge never really wanted Biden, but they needed him as the vehicle to get old people to like Democrats. I didn't think this would be afoot, until the lib media blanketed the internet with stories about how there's a danger of rogue NG killing Biden from the inside. They don't do this shit unless they're planning some stunt.
>>1296812 maybe not, but it would effect a lot of politicians who would be out on there ass. don't they at least have a sense of self-preservation? although I guess they can always fall back on the NGO industrial complex and the revolving door to the various boards of directors of companies
>>1296841 politicians will just get some cushy sinecure with the same companies they lobbied for, or retire on a fat pension.
(111.82 KB 1080x1198 FB_IMG_1611000388736.jpg)
>>1294358 You are going to reply to me right now and tell me that this is fake. Please.
>>1296947 https://twitter.com/LinzDeFranco/status/1349737447622545411 The bio says > momvlogger that should explain everything.
>>1296824 >>1296819 Is that you Eugene?
>>1296068 >You had to be able to afford a plane ticket to fly out to that DC riot. >what are cars
>>1296058 How can you invade your own country? Where else should our military personnel be deployed?
>>1296976 Thiss
>>1296976 You would honestly spend more on gas money driving there than a plane ticket to DC past a certain point
>>1297096 >You would honestly spend more on gas money driving there than a plane ticket to DC past a certain point T. Public transit cuckold Gas is cheaper than plane tickets and then you don't have to rent a car when you get there.
>>1296976 "I ain't driving 20 minutes to riot."
>>1296964 Oh yeah, I forgot to namefag. >>1296976 MAGAfaggotry is absolutely bourgeois. Ain't no actual workers who are caught up in having a pigger moment, maybe a few who are caught up in some other faggotry like fascism.
New general for inauguration day: >>1297157
>>1297099 Depends on how far you are.
>>1297152 Thanks for clarifying, I knew it was you because it was much more interesting and informative then everything else, LOL. I completely agree with you on the concept of “Populism”, being nothing more then Bourgeoisie drivel to corral the Proles into taking part in the Democrat vs. Republican show (both Trump and Bernie were used for this purpose), just like the faux “New Cold War” hyped up by both the Neocons and Twitter Tankie Dengoids is used to corral the Proles in both the “East” and “West” (whatever those terms mean anymore, LOL) into supporting their respective Capitalist Elites.
>>1296976 Only the petit Bourgeoisie will actually have time for that. Hence most of the chumps at the Capitol were exactly a bunch of petit-bourg boomers
A fun thing I've seen on the TL has been rose Twitter reacting to Biden actualizing exactly what was in his campaign platform by being like "wow, you don't usually tack left after getting elected!" These fucking assholes really bought their own bullshit during the primary
What are the worst things Biden will do in office?
>>1297256 Save America, which leftypol will hate.
(104.00 KB 828x808 west wang.jpg)
>>1297256 The same things Trump did, but with dignity and grace.
>>1297257 he's not going to save shit, libtard
>>1297256 Promoting Coronavirus hysteria (Unnecessary Lockdowns, Masks, and Vaccines for a Virus with a .23% IFR) and the resultant acceleration of the 4th Industrial Revolution (ie. AI, Automation, E-Commerce, etc.) to eliminate the Proles and pacify them with a UBI while they slowly die-off from Sterilization (Through GMO foods, Toxic Water, 5G, and experimental Vaccines) and Degeneracy (ie. Homosexuality, Transgenderism, Pornography, and Virtual Reality video games, etc.), thus leaving the World exclusively to the International Bourgeoisie.
>>1297256 I expect he'll declare martial law very quickly, saying that the evil Tyrant Trump had mismanaged the executive so much that he just has to do it. They're already revving up the "enemy within" story where every Republican is a seditious traitor and needs to be purged from society. You really have to get what is happening in libworld to understand the mania of the past decade, and how serious these guys are in saying they'd support martial law to purge the country of MAGA. Can't say I blame them, but I have to wonder how many of them know it's all an op and are engaging in doublespeak, doublethink, or are just big enough bastards to want all of this misery. They could have slaughtered a bunch of pissant boomers with little effort, sent some CIA ninjas to kill Drumpf, if they really thought Trump was that much of a danger. What are the MAGAs going to do? Have a pigger moment? Most of the country fucking loathes them or barely tolerates their bullshit, and even the basic bitch conservatives only care about MAGA as far as it will advance their shitty agenda. But then, Trump wouldn't have been enabled as much as he was if it weren't a giant op. He'd have been laughed out just like he was when he tried to run in the Reform Party. >>1297297 I've said this before, that there is no UBI, and probably no more free money without strings attached. Every other gimme has had numerous strings attached - bailouts for the rich and every Porky lining up for gibs, while the $1200 and $600 were advances on any tax return you would have received in 2021. Now that Biden is in power, they have no reason to give anything more. The only way they'd bring up the checks is if they're going to start drama with SSI/SSDI recipients, probably by writing the new checks so that those recipients wouldn't qualify for the checks. This seems fair enough - they haven't lost their jobs, and they don't really NEED the money, right? But you'll find some chucklefuck who says how not giving the disabled free money is ableist, basically being the useful idiot to be publicly humiliated by everyone else in the country. This incident and many like it will be fueled to get liberals and conservatives to agree that it's those ungrateful gimps that are the problem, sucking up all the free money, and that it's not enough to just not give them free money. The regime was trying to whip up hatred for the disabled through NPR in 2015 and it faced backlash, but they'd very much want to try again now that the libs and Trumpoids are thirsty for blood. The SSI/SSDI recipients, by and large, probably aren't giving a shit. If they get free money, great, and they've learned that if the government is handing out, you fucking take. But they're going to be the recipient of renewed venom for the crime of basically existing. Since the regime has already restarted Aktion-T4, it won't be long until this cull will be retroactively justified with "it's your money, people!" Then the demands to make it harsher, meaner, will be allowed to surface, and Biden can "heal the country" by culling these ungrateful wretches who have been annoying to their senses for decades. First the money will likely stop, and when that isn't thinning the herd enough because people somehow find a way to live, the calls for blood will mount, as the planned crisis is deepened and valids will be pressured to accept eugenics (it won't take much pressure, because they've been set up for it on both sides of the political divide, but if people have any lingering decency, the threat of putting valids with the gimps if they remain unemployed will whip them into shape or else).
(372.93 KB 186x266 jerk off.gif)
It's Pardon day!
McConnell said the mob that "attacked" the US Capital was "provoked by the President". I'm wondering if he's gearing up to convict Trump.
https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/19/us/politics/trump-china-xinjiang.html > The State Department declared on Tuesday that the Chinese government is committing genocide and crimes against humanity through its wide-scale repression of Uighurs and other mostly Muslim ethnic minorities in its northwestern region of Xinjiang, including in its use of internment camps and forced sterilization. >The move is expected to be the Trump administration’s final action on China, made on its last full day, and is the culmination of a yearslong debate over how to punish what many consider Beijing’s worst human rights abuses in decades. Relations between the countries have deteriorated over the past four years, and the new finding adds to a long list of tension points. Foreign policy officials and experts across the political spectrum in the United States say China will be the greatest challenge for any administration for years or decades to come.
https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/19/us/politics/trump-pardons.html >Tuesday’s group includes non-violent offenders whose names have been percolating for years among advocates who believe their punishments never fit their crimes and whose cases underscore the broken nature of the country’s criminal justice system. >The names were recommended by a group that included Alice Johnson, who has been working with #Cut50, a prisoner advocacy group, and Mark Holden, a former executive at Koch Industries. Ms. Johnson herself was granted a full pardon after speaking on Mr. Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention and has continued to personally press Mr. Trump and his family members about their cases. The Justice Department’s Office of the Pardon Attorney was cut out of the process, as has been typical in the Trump White House. >Among those being pardoned Tuesday, according to people directly involved in the process, are Darrell Frazier, who has served more than 30 years of a life sentence for drug conspiracy charges. During his incarceration, Darrell founded The Joe Johnson Tennis Foundation, a nonprofit supporting children in Chattanooga, Tenn. >Craig Cesal has been serving a life sentence without parole on a marijuana charge. “My crime was that my truck repair business in Chicago fixed trucks operated by a Florida long-haul trucking company whose drivers trafficked marijuana in the south,” he told The Washington Post in 2016. >Lavonne Roach, a nonviolent drug offender, has been serving a 30-year sentence after she was charged with conspiracy to distribute meth. Ms. Roach, a Lakota Sioux woman, has been in prison since 1994. >Chalana McFarland was sentenced in 2005 to 30 years for multiple counts of mortgage fraud. She was sent to prison when her daughter was 4 years old. Since July, she has been serving her sentence at home because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in Florida prisons. >Michael Pelletier, a paraplegic who has used a wheelchair since he was 11, was serving a life sentence in federal prison for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense. >Most clemency petitions sit with the Office of the Pardon Attorney for years, while certain people serving time on drug or fraud charges have gotten on the president’s radar through direct appeals from advocates the administration has come to rely on. >The final list, expected to be part of a broader package announced Tuesday by the president, was sent to the White House counsel’s office by Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser, for vetting, according to one of the people who is directly involved. >Advocates said they were hopeful that the Biden administration would be able to revamp the clemency process, and that the pardons approved by Mr. Trump would give the next administration some cover with conservatives in the future. >Judd Deere, a White House spokesman, said the administration would not comment on the pardons.
>>1297697 He pretty much has to at this point. The Trump Show is over, at least.
>>1295274 >>1295276 Thanks for the replies. >>1295276 >I can't make heads or tails of the second sentence sorry. All I can say is that both elite groups steering either ideological grouping will appeal to cultural (idpol) markers to rile up the base, without actually having to spend money on them. Abortions for some, small American flags for others basically. Sorry, the second sentence is asking if idpol obscures the greater relationship of liberalism to capitalism by obscuring the logic if capital with the logic of democracy, which is subordinate to it. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I dont really get your theory. >>1295279 >why not start another chud op thread, this place needs more of those Chuds are allowed to make threads asking about populism vs liberalism?
>>1296063 >Please stop pushing the "muh working class resentment" meme. Parts of the working class are most certainly invigorated by Trumpism. A conservative disposition among parts of the proletariat was noted by Engels, including on issues of immigration.
Watch the inauguration here: https://tv.cia.gov/r/HappeningsviaKlash
>antifa beating up liberals in portland Based.
>>1297912 >issues of immigration Literally every real socialist movement was anti-immigration because flooding the labor pool with extra people just unnecessarily stretches resources. Muh immigration is a necessity is literally a capitalism invention because capitalism needs foreign labor to keep wages and worker organization down, only retarded american college liberals pretending to be socialists don't understand this. >>1297747 It's only the beginning.


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