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/QTDDTOT/ – Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 22:21:32 No. 1142043
Last thread: >>983378 Why did the Soviet Union annex Moldova but not Romania, eventually at least? Might as well have gone all out and annexed all Romanian-speaking lands.
Will there be a place for glowuighurs after the revolution? Richard Sorge was absolutely vital in detecting Operation Barbarossa and the NKVD and Cheka were absolutely necessary for Soviet security. I don't want to lose my job.
>>1142560 Of course comrade Would you like nice Dacha to retire to in old age as well?
(113.18 KB 800x919 Thich_Nhat_Hahn.jpg)
Anyone know why this fella was exiled by the Vietnamese government for so long?
is socialism just an umbrella term for many ideologies? and also, what form of socialism does the DSA want to accomplish through democracy?
>>1142560 There will be place for red glowies formed from people's commisars, all old glowies will get court martialed.
How legit is "shining path boiling babies" meme? Is this just another case of black bourgie propaganda or there's a kernel of truth to it?
(472.99 KB 1687x1687 050314_ra551.jpg)
how do I escape wageslavey if I have nothing
>>1143932 You can't. We wouldn't need a communist revolution if people could just escape wage slavery.
Why am I taking a shit right now? This question doesn’t need a thread
>>1143932 You can live in a tent in the middle of nowhere and panhandle in urban centres, but let's face it most people would rather wageslave.
(5.62 KB 221x228 1605147141349.png)
>parents arent helping me pay for college at all >they want me to pay $500 in rent >also dad made $200000 in 2019 which makes it so I get zero financial aid or pell grant or anything to pay for college, I am literally worse off than a poor person I don't understand my parents. If I had children in modern America I wouldn't even consider having children without a plan to pay for their college, and the idea of charging beings you created rent is abhorrent to me. my question is what do I do? I don't have enough money for college anymore, and I want to move out as soon as possible so I don't have to have contact with my family anymore. What part of the US has the cheapest living and the most oppurtunities? I heard atlanta is okay, I dunno where to go though I just want out
>>1143979 True. You can also adopt shit like freegan (eating food from the trash), being ridiculously stingy, saving up as much money as you can, etc. It's uncomfortable, but it reduces the need of working a lot. One of the main reasons people work nowadays in industrialized countries is to buy shit they don't really need but want anyways. The financial independence/ retire early crowd has good advice for people with higher salaries if that's your thing. There are also communities of people that give advice for living in a van. Some people live in parking lots. Some pay gym memberships to shower and use the restroom there. I don't know how soup kitchens work in the US, consider looking into that. For a while, I ate at a university cafeteria that was subsidized. Basically, your best bet to wageslaving less is to save as much money as possible for as long as possible.
>>1142745 socialism is socialism, a single ideology, but can take many forms (state owned companies, worker owned companies/coops etc). DSA wants to acheive something that is not socialism, but what is your normal, middle of the road EU style welfare state (which means paid holidays leave, paid maternity leave, tuition-free education, a worker representative in the board of directors of larger companies etc)
>>1143932 You can join an anarchist commune experiment or sth.
>>1144001 >it reduces the need of working a lot. For the most workplaces that aren't part time gigs this isn't an option, though. Even if you don't need much money for shit you have to be on the job for 8 hours every day (plus lunch plus commute (plus crunch if you're IToid))
>>1144036 Yep. But if you're saving, you can take more risks and get better jobs, etc. It's a positive feedback loop, while the contrary, being paycheck to paycheck is a negative feedback loop. Missing a paycheck can really wreck shit up. And if you are in the habit of saving money, you could eventually work less (part time waiter work) and use some of the money in your bank account. Depends how much money you can actually save and how much you spend of course. This may sound idealistic, it's obviously not magic, not everyone is willing nor capable of saving.
>>1144050 (me) you can also save a relatively modest amount of money and move to Thailand and live modestly off your savings.
>>1144050 >>1144054 Not applicable to people living on the periphery. Here you only have a chance to save up if you live with parents AND have a well paying job, if you have to rent you're guaranteed to live paycheck to paycheck and nothing to cut on.
>>1144054 i swear to fucking god everytime i hear a motherfucker say this theyre usually well off
Anyone got good left wing books to reccomend on climate stuff? Feeling pretty shit about that whole situation so I'd at least like to know a bit more about it. >>1144155 I honestly don't know how they expect people to save if you can't live with your parents. I'm lucky enough to do so and even then it takes a long fuckin time to save any real amount.
>>1144166 well become better off start selling drugs and get your ass out of your shitty burgerstan within a year
Does anyone have a comprehensive look at every syrian gas attack claim? There's a few different ones so it's difficult to differentiate the claims made sometimes
what is left-communism and how does it differ from other types of socialism?
how did marxism change after imperialism?
>>1143982 Did his parents help him because if so call him out on that hypocrisy fam.
>>1143982 Become a stem fag and go to community college or cheap trade school. Live a meme life in meme world.
How do you deal with people who rewrite their memory so that they never remember being wrong or cringe or embarrassing on anything ever?
>>1142745 Socialism is an umbrella term for ideologies that believe the workers should own the means of production (factories, farms, general workplaces, etc.). What the society around that looks like and how to get there is the point of contention between socialists.
>>1146528 Don't deal with them. >>1145503 That's a big question, but the gist is that capitalism and therefore class struggle are global in nature and porky is bent on making commodity production a totalizing paradigm. Start by reading Lenin's Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Caitalism. It's not too long.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/people of college/articles/people of college139050/ So was Stalin planning is own holocaust? Post left friend says Stalin was very anti-semitic. And that the purges had nothing to do with 5th column/trotskyite plots and everything to do with stalin's burning hated for da joos.
>>1142560 Glowies that defect from the US intel community are always welcome, but expect to eat a bullet if you don't switch sides until formal surrender.
>>1146528 Depends. If they don't deserve to be humiliated, level with them and emphasize that everyone is wrong sometimes.
>>1142043 >Why did the Soviet Union annex Moldova but not Romania, eventually at least? Because they never intended to. To the soviets, Moldova was a territory that Romania had seized illegally from them in 1918. Back during the October revolution Moldova (Bessarabia) was a territory of Soviet Russia until the Kingdom of Romania sent troops and occupied the region without provocation. In 1940, the USSR demanded it back when they started expanding and fortifying their borders in a hurry after having witnessed Germany defeat France so fast.
I asked this in the debunk thread but I guess it's kinda dead. Anyone have a list of ideologies with how many deaths associated with them?
When you describe yourself as a socialist/libertarian socialist/Marxist is it best that you clarify what specific type you are (since they’re all relatively umbrella terms)?
>>1146985 Does it really matter to the Soviets what land is "integral" to Russia or not? After World War II it seems they could have annexed Romania, or given Moldova to Romania.
Did Thatcher really plan to invade hong kong?
>>1146707 The link is wacky make sure to use all of this https ://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/people of college/articles/people of college139050/ It's about the doctors plot.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/people of college/articles/people of college139050/ >>1149845 Sorry to double post like this. Hopefully this makes the link work
Unrelated to socialism but ill ask Before hitler,whose name did we use to describe a "carzy nationalist expantionist tyrant?"
>>1149852 >>1149845 Just a doi link.
(38.37 KB 559x271 brave_Ezl7x9nDEM.png)
I'm reading Capital, and I'm stuck in the gap between the Expanded Form of Value / the General Form of Value. I don't understand what the difference is. Instead of a) 20 yards of linen = 1 coat or = 10 lb. tea or = 40 lb. coffee, we are presented with picrel. Why does reversing the direction apparently solve the "defects of the expanded form of value"? Marx says one of these defects is that "the chain, of which each equation of value is a link, is liable at any moment to be lengthened by a newly created commodity, which will provide the material for a fresh expression of value", but I don't understand why you couldn't "lengthen" the General Form with new commodities and thus run into the same defect. I feel like it has something to do with not understanding relative form vs equivalent form. Feel free to move to /edu/ if this is the wrong place to ask Capital-related questions.
So apparently Charity is a Methody for Companies to evade Taxes. How do they do it? Can someone give me some details?
(165.71 KB 126x126 Justin.gif)
what's that one italian sucdem politician ive seen posted here a few times? he's bald i think? I remember seeing a good video on him talking about china id like to use to maybe calm down a friend
>>1151259 1 sec of googling >You may deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations if you itemize your deductions. Generally, you may deduct up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income, but 20 percent and 30 percent limitations apply in some cases. Obviously big name charities like the bill gates foundation is one of these qualified charities.
>>1151495 fuck me it came up when i googled "greece socialist politician", i was so close https://youtu.be/PBgbYQ5QAM0
>>1142043 >Why did the Soviet Union annex Moldova but not Romania I',m not 100% certain but I think it had to do with the Russian ethnic majority there at the time (and also remember Romania was a proto-fascist state, they took the opportunity to secure their fellow countrymen from Romanian agression; also remember that the Soviets had a policy of drawing borders according to ethinicity, so Bessarabia/now Moldova stayed as a Soviet republic after the war ended.
>>1143932 Invest in crypto, especially the Chinese cyptocurrencies
Fatah isn't Ba'athist right? So is Syria the last country on Earth still headed by a Ba'athist party?
(25.37 KB 204x297 hooray.png)
i spend time on both /pol/ and /leftypol/ and really like everybody! what do?
>>1151830 Embrace nazbol thought
What is the hoxhaist interpretation of anti-imperialism? I ask because Hoxha was obviously insanely critical of most states/countries which most communists today and during the Cold War considered socialist, but he didn't for a number of reasons. So if he was this critical on socialist countries what was his take on non-socialist which can be considered anti-imperialist, such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Palestine, Libya, etc?
If communism is a stateless society, what is the difference between that and anarcho-communism?
>>1152023 How it's organized. Communism would still retain government and other positions which would be considered hierarchical to anarchists, since communists don't focus their theory on ending hierarchy itself, but specific hierarchical structures of capitalism. Anarchists on the other hand seek to abolish all forms of hierarchy, so their stateless society would be organized in a different manner in comparison to a communist stateless society.
>>1151830 W H I T E J U C H E
>>1151830 >i spend time on both /pol/ and /leftypol/ and really like everybody! read books,if you was someone who read books,thay wouldn't happen
>>1143914 I'm pretty sure the boiling babies thing is made up but they did admit to massacring a village of peasants. >>1151827 Well there have only ever been two, but yes.
>>1151736 A Slavic majority was only present in Transnistria, with the majority of Moldova being Romanian, with Moldovan being the official language of the republic. If the Soviets really did mind ethnicity, why not either give Moldova to Romania after the war or annex Romania?
>>1152457 I'm not talking about a slavic majority but specifically a Russian majority, which was present in Bessarabia only. So after it was annexed into the USSR and turned into its own republic there was little to no reason to return it to Romania, much less annex Romania after the war, which had its own language, culture, etc.
>>1144155 >>1144176 True. But still it is good to learn money saving techniques no matter your income level. There are tutorials on youtube for shoplifting for example. Every cent you stop spending a month, is as if you had a raise in wage of that cent. I know a lot of people can't do it, but I've also met people who think they can't save yet are constantly buying shit they don't need (or are not buying second hand stuff). >>1144166 Sorry mate. I am better off. I tried to make it clear that not everyone can save, specifically because they don't make enough. That said, the consoom meme is very strong. Most people spend all the money they make and put themselves in very tight spots, regardless of their economic stratum. It doesn't help that most recreational activity costs money. I don't know your personal situation, what I suggest is that learning to live frugally doesn't necessarily mean a decrease in quality of life and many times improves it.
>>1144176 I've heard a book called "ecosocialism" is good. >>1146528 You cut them out of your life. >>1146707 Pretty sure every antisemitism claim made of stalin is false. >>1147923 Just say leftist. Treating tendencies as identities is to be avoided if possible. >>1151147 Check out "reading capital politically" by harry cleaver. >>1151830 Read.
>>1146707 >Post left Your friend is a retard who fell victim to a psyop Also P M C (without the spaces) word filters to 'people of college'
>>1152505 Only a small part had a Russian majority, the rest was Romanian(-speaking, at least). Moldova had only been with the USSR for a couple years once the war ended, so likely didn't develop its own identity in that time. Why have the same ethnic group split apart?
>>1151495 >sucdem Don't call him a socdem please, just because he isn't some autistic maoist.
>>1152544 I'm not sure tbh, what their reasoning may have been. Maybe they saw it as a necessary "reparation" of sorts? Romania was a former Axis memeber, so maybe it was justified in their eyes to keep Moldova.
>>1152588 He's greek you fucking idiot
(58.43 KB 411x331 1586484300362.jpg)
What exactly is productive labor? What are the qualifications to codify productive labor?
>>1152606 Be mad at >>1151495 then.
>>1152588 When will the EU leftist austerity man be blown up by anarchists
>>1153595 >What exactly is productive labor? eventually almost everything, productive labour is depends on technology. If you sing for me, that is not productive because once you stop singing, the music is gone. If you press your voice into a phonograph disk, the music can keep going even after you stop singing, that is productive. >What are the qualifications to codify productive labor? permanence of the effect of labour.
(141.44 KB 335x452 396.jpg)
>>1153665 thanks anon
Anyone have that one Lenin quote on how the bourgeoisie appropriate and water down legitimate revolutionaries?
(218.44 KB 938x770 QA.png)
>>1152035 How can a society be stateless but still retain a government? What would the difference between a state and a government be
>>1154551 You say comrade pepe but is that not apu/helper?
>>1154555 bureaucracy
>>1151147 Because now the values of all goods are expressed in the same way, through a same common denominator. You don't compare each individual product, but all of them.
1. Is money a necessary thing? 2. How do we know a stateless society can work?
More questions: 1. What the FUCK is the excuse people give to burgs owning the private means of production? Do people really believe they have the right to own all of that? 2. Does taxing the rich work?
>>1154555 Government and state aren't the same because the state is a tool of the ruling class to opress another/other class(es). Government is simply a system of organization and administration over a community.
>>1154735 1. Not really 2. We can't never be sure until we try, however, and correct me if I'm wrong, but part of your hesitance I believe comes from confusing statelessness with no governing body which administers this society. Statelessness is simply a byproduct which would happen by default from abolishing class society, there would still be a government in this situation.
>>1154763 Well, most people are still extremely spooked on private property rights and bourgeois moralism. They see these concepts as inherently moral and acceptable, without much thought if any on questioning their existance. This is why materialism is so hard to grasp for most people, the idealism of liberalism is ingrained in the minds of them and it's ultimately much easier to just accept it than to question the mainstream belief. For the second question, it only works in a very limited way, since a state which provides welfare to its people through taxes ultimately still causes all the grievances and negative effects of capitalism onto them, without adressing the problem from its roots. Also there's the fact that taxes are inneficient at redistributing wealth, plus the fact that the rich have many options to bypass taxes entirely and not be affected at all by them. The endgoal is to not redistribute wealth, but to redistribute the means which create said wealth.
>>1153665 Does a massage that alleviates back pain count as productive labor? The labor has "passed" but the benefits remain.
>>1151941 Reasking this
What is dengism and what is their end goal? Why do they have corporations and rich people if they claim to be socialist?
>>1155210 Dengism bases itself around Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. It's not socialist and doesn't seek to advance towards communism, since SWCC rejects class struggle and places an emphasis on all classes' roles being relevant to society and to the country. A common misconception around here is that the CPC claims China currently isn't socialist but striving towards that goal. This is only partly true, since the CPC does consider their socieconomic system to be a brand of socialism, what they call a socialist market. Basically, the commanding heights of the economy are in the hands of the state and the rest firms and industries in the private sector, with occassional state intervention in these businesses. What the party means when they say socialism by 2050 is that the CPC has completely altered the meaning and their understanding of socialism, changing it to vague, un-Marxist statements. Basically, they transformed the concept to simply mean a developed nation, calling shit like a larger middle class, higher wages for workers, "democracy", and "harmonious society" as elements of socialism. So essentially, revisionism taken to its natural conclusion, where words no longer mean what they meant originally, and scientific socialism is reduced to this extremely vulgar and bastardized definition and goal.
>>1155239 This is a very good explanation of socialism with Chinese Charcteristics.
>>1142043 Where should i start reading if i want to learn narodnik theory? (by that i mean proper narodnik thought as told by themselves so pls don't direct me to Lenin's polemics)
Why are libs so fucking afraid of firearms
>>1155387 It's a good question, honestly I don't really know, though I have thought about this before at times. Maybe it has to do with how it's simply easier for them to place all blame on guns themselves for gun related crimes, and ignore the underlying core issues which cause gun violence.
>>1155387 ignorance and lack of exposure
>>1155414 also because it's a cultural affectation of those that they consider to be ignorant, dangerous, or both >>1155387 They think firearms themselves are the problem and not issues of culture and economics. You would see a lot less school shootings if people were socialized properly and life wasn't based in economic and social competition with your fellow people in school.
What is the Marxist critique on human rights? And as Marxists, what should be our position on how to properly implement/handle the human rights issue?
>>1155463 >defending hereditary privilige
How would entertainment/leisurely activities (like gaming, music, cinema, etc.) work under socialism and communism?
>>1155039 >We can't never be sure until we try, however, and correct me if I'm wrong, but part of your hesitance I believe comes from confusing statelessness with no governing body which administers this society. Statelessness is simply a byproduct which would happen by default from abolishing class society, there would still be a government in this situation So what can you tell me about the anarchists experiences of the past? They worked out well?
>>1155652 I don't know about the others but video games should be free and open source creative communities, like the Doom modding community for example. Perhaps there's at least one state owned developer and publisher for a game with AAA ambitions.
>>1155703 They found themselves born out of wars against very centralized and organized enemies so they where shit out of luck from the getgo imo
Are there any specifically marxist texts on realpolitik or geopolitics?
(51.99 KB 650x431 ak-47.jpg)
>>1142043 Shizo question,but what do think will change historically if the reds invented the ak-47 as early as In 1925 ?
>>1156035 Assault rifles would have been used by everybody, much earlier in the war, because all the other powers would have replicated the principle from Aks they found on the battle field.
>>1155937 Seems like a massive cope
What's the right place if any to talk about the social complexity being transhumanists? I do not want to shit up my site, with the shitshow the conversation brings. Yet I do wanna have a conversation on it.
>>1156471 Speak to other trans people about it
>>1156471 Science fiction topics are better suited for >>>/tech/
>>1156481 The question was about t r a n s e x u a l s
>>1155140 >Does a massage that alleviates back pain count as productive labor? The labor has "passed" but the benefits remain. if you have to do the massage over and over, no. For medical problems cures are productive and treatments that only act on symptoms are not productive.
>>1156476 Don't know any. I have a controversial opinion on it I want to talk about it on here. I won't say it here because I will COMPLETELY derail this thread which I have the courtesy not to do.
>>1156498 Make a thread on /b/, designated board for shit-tier discussion threads
>>1156501 Ok I made a thread there >>13576
What would Stalin do if he were a US senator today?
Hello bros I come from /pol/ in good faith. I have started to fall away from views I once had and now I’m here to see the other side. Should I just lurk here for a while or what?
>>1157043 Yes you should lurk more. Also we have a thread about former right wingers already so you can post about why your views changed there >>1155350
>>1157043 If you have any questions it is polite to use the question thread, but otherwise welcome feel free to lurk. LMAO I typed this without realising we're already in the question thread. You're gucci mane.
>>1157047 >>1157048 Thanks bros
What's the general consensus on Honecker? He seemed to spot Gorbachev for what he was but got stabbed in the back by his party.
How important was the CCP's contribution against Japan in WW2?
What does it say about class analysis that two thirds of Turkish voters in Germany vote for Erdoğan?
>>1156501 They killed it, jannies axed it in cold blood. All I wanted was to get a better understanding and to share some frustrations on the battle it is on the cultural front. I agree with jannies no idpol on the main board this was on /b/ I am near making another thread in spite.
>>1157255 Reply to this post here ( https://bunkerchan.xyz/b/res/13703.html ) and keep the quality of our questions thread alive
(50.53 KB 800x583 AR-190229785.jpg)
was he /ourguy/?
>>1159166 Yes, 100% /ourguy/
what is the difference between communism and socialism I don't know
What's with Kerala? Is the communist party a "communist" party? They've been in power for decades, and yet...
Does an increase in minimum wage cause an increase in prices, or is this contingent on how the pay increase is sourced? E.g., whether it's through simply printing more money or taxing the rich.
>>1160490 Yes, it causes an increase in prices unless they change the product by giving less, or they invest in new machines to reduce the time it takes to make the commodities Printing more money just causes inflation, because money is just another commodity, and a bigger supply means it devaluates, however it also depends of what kind of money we are talking about, because the fed can do some tricky math so that electronic money supply increases but it does not circulate more, so in the real economy it has little to no effect, taxing the rich is a socdem measure and also increases prices
>>1159484 tl;dr depends on which period and to whom you're talking to. Right now, in general, socialism is the process that tries to install communism. Many times it is conflated with ML-style socialism, sometimes including China-style government. Communism is a utopian society, post-scarce, no wage labor, lots of free time. >>1157079 I know nothing about Honecker, but I've seen others here have a generally positive view of him. My impression is that he was a good leader, a good person generally, but his hands were tied by history. >>1156521 >>1156523 Link to posts on other posts like this (triple >): >>>/b/13576 >>1156471 Unfortunately, trans issues are impossible to discuss without being completely derailed by idiots. Even many not-so-shit people here feel qualified and eager to give medical opinions and philosophical takes about shit they know nothing about. So, it tends to turn to shit. It sucks because that means a lot of my opinions I've had to develop myself through IRL debate on the issue. It helps to ask trans people and other IRL communists but it's also a touchy subject, so be careful. >>1160490 From what I've asked industry leaders I know, their profits are constant. If wages increase, that corresponds to an increase in the price of commodities they produce. This is from a handful of high ranking employees and CEOs of mid-sized industries, but I'd expect it to extrapolate to the rest of the economy.
>>1160498 Are increases in minimum wage completely pointless then, even if no new money is being printed? Can the minimum wage be increased but prices increase though by not as much, effectively increasing purchasing power?
>>1155464 Reasking this
>>1160508 >From what I've asked industry leaders I know, their profits are constant. If wages increase, that corresponds to an increase in the price of commodities they produce. That's only true without competition son You got bamboozled
>>1160509 No, as they tend to accelerate two main capitalist contradictions: - Decrease in the SNLT because some capitalista need to acquire new machines due to the age of the ones they are using now and they might aswell acquire new, faster ones. - A search for new raw materials, which increases the price of land, which increases prices, which lowers the demand. Both of these result in a crisis of overproduction, so firms need to lower prices, and some even go under.
What would happen if, hypothetically, amazon, walmart, google, mcdonald's, and facebook, and other major companies like huawei all became worker cooperatives tomorrow?
>>1160490 The Marxist answer is nope: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/wage-labour/ch07.htm <What, then, is the general law that determines the rise and fall of wages and profit in their reciprocal relation? <They stand in inverse proportion to each other. The share of (profit) increases in the same proportion in which the share of labour (wages) falls, and vice versa. Profit rises in the same degree in which wages fall; it falls in the same degree in which wages rise. https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1865/value-price-profit/ch03.htm <A general rise in the rate of wages would result in a fall of the general rate of profit, but, broadly speaking, not affect the prices of commodities. If the capitalists would raise prices to maintain their profits in that situation, why don't they already have the prices at that level now? They don't have a goal of maintaining some particular rate of profits, but to get their profits as high as possible. If capitalists could easily nullify gains in the nominal wages like snipping their fingers, why are they ever complaining about wage increases and threatening to fire people etc. >>1160517 I second that comment.
>>1160979 Nothing would fundamentally change. The workers would enjoy much higher and equal wages among them however they would continue to operate these businesses the same way their current CEOs are operating them.
>>1160979 Huawei already is a workers cooperative >>1160984
>>1160991 that's why i specifically mentioned them in comparison to companies like google and facebook because westernoids will never have one of their biggest tech companies be a worker cooperative 5d chess
How can Marxists move past the failures of socialism (holodomor, GLF etc.) without whataboutism of capitalism's destructive practices or U.S. imperialism? (bonus question: is there any writing about the failures of socialism from a marxist perspective? google search results are filled with reactionary bs)
Is a ML style government considered authoritarian? What sort of good stuff do they do, and why is it the state that owns the means of production?
Hey can some1 post the USSR collapse shock therapy greentext?
>>1162039 All governments are authoritarian, what matters most is if said authoritarianism is used to opress the bourgeois classes (an ML government). >>1161653 Most of these events where more due to the conditions of these countries and not the communists' fault, unless we are talking about Africa or some Asian countries we can expect to not have to deal with so many of the problems these very underdeveloped societies had to deal with during their transformation to socialism.
How do we feel about the Jews expulsed from Arab countries?
What exactly do leftcoms mean when they say socialism shouldn't have commodity production? AFAIK a commodity is an object that is embedded with value and is exchanged around so does this mean in socialism people won't buy things or what?
(42.17 KB 450x489 kropotkin-mutual.jpg)
How is mutual aid different from charity?
>>1163185 Commodities only exist in exchange (and always exist in exchange), so yes.
What is the dictatorship of the proletariat, like how does it work? How are people elected? Also, is there a difference between collective ownership and public ownership of the means of production?
>>1163581 Mutual aid is mutual. Charity is one way. >>1163185 Opposing commidity production is about ending the law of value, the idea that we need to measure labor content of things in order to manage production. Any communist wants to do this eventually at least. Leftcoms are basically arguing that any amount of commodity production is still capitalism and will be a corruptive influence that turns socialism back toward capitalism. Engels had a quote to this effect: <The concept of value is the most general and therefore the most comprehensive expression of the economic conditions of commodity production. Consequently, this concept contains the germ, not only of money, but also of all the more developed forms of the production and exchange of commodities. The fact that value is the expression of the social labour contained in the privately produced products itself creates the possibility of a difference arising between this social labour and the private labour contained in these same products. If therefore a private producer continues to produce in the old way, while the social mode of production develops this difference will become palpably evident to him. The same result follows when the aggregate of private producers of a particular class of goods produces a quantity of them which exceeds the requirements of society. The fact that the value of a commodity is expressed only in terms of another commodity, and can only be realised in exchange for it, admits of the possibility that the exchange may never take place altogether, or at least may not realise the correct value. Finally, when the specific commodity labour-power appears on the market, its value is determined, like that of any other commodity, by the labour-time socially necessary for its production. The value form of products therefore already contains in embryo the whole capitalist form of production, the antagonism between capitalists and wage-workers, the industrial reserve army, crises. To seek to abolish the capitalist form of production by establishing "true value" {D. K. G. 78} is therefore tantamount to attempting to abolish Catholicism by establishing the "true" Pope, or to set up a society in which at last the producers control their product, by consistently carrying into life an economic category which is the most comprehensive expression of the enslavement of the producers by their own product. From Anti-Duhring https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1877/anti-duhring/ch26.htm
>>1163741 But I was reading this piece and it said that the Black Panther Party handling out food for kids was mutual aid.
>>1163678 A dictatorship of the proletariat is simply a worker's state; how it's organized will depend on the different theories proposed by different Marxists on how said state should function. The way most people differentiate the two is that collective property tends to be more used for coops and public ownership is social property.
(40.51 KB 473x430 7pr8sdud69g41.jpg)
Someone told me that the USSR had a plan to flood USA with drugs at some point, is there any truth to this? Google is giving me nothing.
>>1163887 The CIA flooded america with drugs like crack though. They also give weapons to the cartels in mexico via the midwest depot.
>>1163892 I know that, but did the USSR do the same at some point, or even plan to? That's what I'm asking.
>>1163958 Sounds like anti-communist propaganda, most likely fake as shit
>>1163958 Idk but tell them about the midwest depot and ask them why all the cartels have american automatic weapons
>>1163965 Yeah I thought so, like I said google is not even giving me some BS propaganda, I think the guy just made it up on the spot
does anyone have that meme image about “communism oppressed my family and took our family business”?
>>1157025 reasking this
>>1164588 Execute everyone but Jeb
>>1164588 Stalin would be one of the guys blowing up ATMs during the riots
>>1164593 Stalin 2 is probably somewhere out there setting fire to a Chase as we speak.
i posted in a thread i now cant find, so here we go again. im a foreign English teacher in China trying to organize my fellow English teachers to get better conditions and that which is in our contract to actually be given to us. does anyone know how labour relations work in china? ive heard you are only allowed to unionise with the.government run union. would trying to bargain collectively get me in trouble for doing union shit?
>>1164620 The only legal union is the state union, so yes chances are you would be in trouble if you attempt to unionize independently from the state
Why did the people living under Mao still had a fondness for Mao even though there was famine?
>>1164639 I imagine it must've been a combination of Mao's role before and during the formation of the PRC and the influence his cult of personality had on the people.
>>1164639 That there was a famine in one year doesn't cancel all the achievements of his era. Have you seen what China was like before Mao?
>>1164648 >Have you seen what China was like before Mao? No, i just watched a documentary on Mao.
>>1164639 Famines were frequent up to that point and there was another huge one earlier in the century, they probably cared more that they stopped afterwards.
>>1164652 Who the hell cares? This question matters almost not at all.
>>1164658 >responding to a bot post
>>1163758 Can the dictatorship of the proletariat (and the vanguard party) be decentralized and more libertarian in nature? I like the idea of ML but all I hear is that it’s authoritarian and one-sided
>>1164698 Some Marxists have suggested more decentralized alternatives: a very common one is to organize the state through workers' councils (technically this was supposed to be the Soviet model but ultimately the councils were subservient to the party).
I heard a rumor that it took a 10 years process to own a car in the USSR?
(15.87 KB 468x186 yooo2.png)
(1.39 MB 1460x1280 yooo1.png)
Where do you think this guy's father is?
>>1164718 I’m not all about labels and stuff, but if I said I was ML most people would think of the one party thing. Is the workers council thing the intended outcome? Or just a more decentralized alternative
>>1164780 It was supposed to be the intended form of government of the USSR, but we know how that turned out. Ultimately that discussion leads to another question about the role of the party itself (since we're referring particularly to a vanguard party model).
>>1164585 anyone?
Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples Republics. Give me a rundown on them.
In what order should I read Marx's works
>>1165397 from beginning to end
>>1165397 start with wage labor and capital
>>1165397 das capital ad infinitum
>>1165238 Russian puppet states
If you were to legalize prostitution and drug dealing would they still be lumpenproles? Would they become petit-bourgeois? Does integrating the "informal" economy help revolution in any way?
(297.20 KB 988x1270 America_1794.png)
Why was it that anglo americq came to dominate hispan8c America? Why didn't Mexico or Brazil become what the USA did?
(255.75 KB 2100x1525 t7v6f4p4yz311.jpg)
>>1169603 The Mediterranean being the front of a jihad for more than a thousand years must've changed something
>>1169608 >slavery is jihad Ah yes, those Russians waging jihad encouraging slavery up until the 1600s/
>>1169618 Clearly it wasn't a one sided conflict but a strong factor for motivation was a zeal to wage holy war, crusades or jihad Why do you think there a crusader state appeared between Italy and libya?
>>1169623 You realise the Knights of Malta weren't fighting crusade against the North Africans by the 1700s, right? They were just a feudal hangover in the age of Absolutism. Actually read some history of the Mediterranean, most conflict even by the time of the Siege of Vienna was regular geopolitical confrontations: sometimes with a religious flair for clout, nothing more.
>>1169626 No but when it was founded 8ts focus was at freeing Christian slaves and capturing Muslim slaves as well as stopping raids against Christian lands and raiding Muslim lands. And even if they have other reasons conflicts may be made possible or inspire more followers thanks to religion. Why else would western Christians go as far as to fight the turks first at nicopolis and then varna?
>>1169632 Congrats my friend, literally nothing you just said is correct or makes any sense. I am kinda impressed.
>>1169644 So what nonreligi9us reasons did French knights have to go fight in the balkans for one regional power vs another?
>>1169652 Money, Titles, Social advancement? You realise that by the time of the fourth crusade most of the knightly orders were mercenary companies of failsons. They weren't doing it out of some "cultural slavery war"...
>>1169657 May you not tell me more exactly what reason the French had to send their armies all the way to the balkans, where anything won would be contested by the other Christian powers, other than religious zeal 1396?
>>1155329 asking again
Is there any good source disputing the idea the US had to drop two or even any bombs?
Why do you guys despise the "eternal anglos", how are they the elite? Aren't racial elites inaccurate?
(8.03 KB 177x177 hibernian.jpg)
>>1169576 pic related
>>1171038 it's just a meme man
>>1171038 bro it's based on a hilarious, contradictory, turbo-meme propaganda film from the Nazi era. The best way to subvert rightoids' delusional ideology is to meme it to death.
>>1171038 anglo detected
Is Zizek a dengoid?
>>1172902 As far as I know he doesn't like China, so no
How can I radicalize telemarketers?
>>1171038 meme stolen from pol
>>1173417 First get a job as telemarketer, you'll need the inside experience to know exactly what buttons to press and how Hang in there and if you manage to last on the job for more than 2 months start organizing a union You'll probably get fired for doing that but at that point being fired will be a joyful affair
>>1173037 >>1172902 China to him is part of "the new authoritarian capitalism" which will dominate if a new left movement fails to emerge
>>1173615 He's nuanced this a little more recently I think I have a vague memory of hearing him talk about the liberals projecting onto China in the last year or two iirc
>>1173521 Isn't it an /int/ meme?
>>1142043 is minimalism a bourgeois pursuit? i find these type of people insufferable btw
Can somebody explain why venezuela lured those oil executives to their country to jail them? With just this context it seems like a wrong thing to do. Is there more context? What did they do? Was this a big brained extradition without actually being an extradition?
>>1175076 are you trying to prove anything with this? does surgery spook you that much? >>1175077 yeah you get your humor from facebook, we're aware of that.
why is Mexico like this are we just retarded? t. US born Chicano
>>1175124 Bring the link.
(24.63 KB 449x401 Alunya-cat-Rodina-Laugh.jpg)
>>1175138 >he thinks that there aren't ghettos that look the same like this in the U.S. Now tell me, do you feel superior in some way?
does anyone have any books regarding Chinese education or curriculum ? is it still based on the proletarian academic system?
During overproduction why are commodities destroyed rather than stored?
>>1175124 >venezuela lured those oil executives to their country to jail them I wish we lived in the world rightoids think we do.
>>1142043 How do i make a text big and red?
>>1175294 It isn't just the storage cost. You can think up some ebin demand curve, with different potential consumers right now having a different price maximum they would tolerate. But since you aren't offering a service, you can't really charge one price to one guy and a totally different price to another guy, not on a big scale at least. People can buy and resell your stuff. So, imagining we actually have a good estimate curve of this willingness to buy this or that amount at the moment at this or that alternative price and imagining we can't segment people to make them different offers, but just have one price for all, you can see that forcing yourself to make the price so low that you sell everything can yield a lower total sum than selling at a higher price and having to destroy some stock. This is a general problem with profit-oriented production. (In a labor-voucher system, the point is to get the stuff to people, so you lower the prices as much as necessary for that instead of destroying the stuff.) If your market is oligopolistic, you have to also consider that you influence the typical prices, you condition people to expect that this amount is just the price that this kind of thing costs and that they put aside in their budget. You can piss off some people more by making something cheaper for a while and then getting back to the old price than by never lowering the price.
>>1142043 Anyone have sources for specifically child porn being legalized once the Soviet Union fell?
>>1175138 jesus christ, that is depressing. I would be amazed if you came out healthy and well-adjusted, growing up in that environment.
Did Che really execute gays?
>>1143982 Charging rent if your parents genuinely need you to contribute to the household is okay, but your petit booj parents are just greedy pieces of shit. Once you make it out of there, cut them the fuck off. There is no value in family if they are not lovin and supportive of each other, and that includes financial support to some degree. I wish you the best anon
>>1175998 I don't have any, though if I understand what you're referring to, it's not that child pornography was legalized in Russia after the USSR fell, but that since Russia in the 90s was such a clusterfuck of poverty and lawlessness that it became a hotspot for cp in Eastern Europe >>1177253 No, it's just propaganda. What happened in Cuba was that gay people were put in labor camps, which obviously was and is wrong, however this was done after Che had already left Cuba; he himself was never involved in that shit.
can somebody link me that marxist version of wikipedia?
what is market socialism and how is it different than state socialism? Regardless of which is more efficient, which is better at securing workers rights and the public ownership of the means of production?
>>1177299 >No, it's just propaganda. What happened in Cuba was that gay people were put in labor camps, which obviously was and is wrong, however this was done after Che had already left Cuba; he himself was never involved in that shit. Also Many other countries such as America at the time were throwing gays in prison. Fidel himself later apologized for the treatment of gays, and today Cuba is fairly good for LGBT rights, especially compared to their neighbors.
>>1180750 The belief comes first, the justifications come second. You don't argue with a reactionary using logic, you use aesthetics.
>>1180750 >like in North Korea if everyone just starved to death how do they even still exist. I’d like to add that they went into apocalypse not once but TWO TIMES. You’d think that the unhappy citizens of the evil totalitarian government would have organized a resistance during the arduous march But nothing, They rebuilt the country within 20 years. This is why porky is so bent on their fall
>>1180750 >Is it like, do reactionaries just make shit up? Yes, it's pretty much literally all they do.
>>1180755 Could've stopped a few words earlier. You don't argue with a reactionary. You eliminate them.
>>1180750 Imagine Homestar Runner explaining communism to you.
>>1180836 I still can't get over when I made the mistake (though this was before I knew) of trying to talk about history with my /pol/ supervisor at work. The topic of communism/labor movements in the US came up and I was like (this was before I started posting here and got uber redpilled too), in response to him talking about how the right is oppressed: "bruh McCarthyism literally cleaned all the communists out of the country" and he was like "no it didn't" Also tried to convince me that California was a Russian colony (which is partly true, but not to the much larger extent that Spain/Mexico) when he made a snide comment about Mexicans ruining the state (despite being half Mexican himself, LMAO) He will also frequently lie to my face about things that literally happened minutes before. I hate these people. Never met a /pol/tard IRL if you can help it, it's fucking shit. >>1180755 >use aesthetics examples of this?
Also, how the fuck do I know guys like Michael Parenti or Richard Wolff aren't just shysters trying to trick me into having empty store shelves and six to the power of ten thousand trillion billion dead people in the same way Shen Bapiro or Jordan Balthazar Peterson are trying to trick me into embracing the free market? Alternatively, how do I know that Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern, Dennis Prager and et al actually aren't the good guys fighting a heroic struggle against breadlines and forced feminization as specified in Carl Reichmarks "The Long March Through the Capitalist Institutions: How to subvert the Free Market, Smash The Family Unit, and turn Proud Men Into Cum Guzzling Sissies"?
What's the difference between a soviet and a (confederation of) unions?
>>1180882 Just come off as cooler than them. I know quite a few former /pol/lacks who just found commie memes funnier in the end of like..2020 or something.
(383.25 KB 750x387 image0-26.jpg)
>>1180930 A soviet is a workers' council, a soviet union is a collection of workers' councils. Unions are a bargaining chip for better wages. The soviet union was literally a confederacy of independent soviets.
>>1179028 leftypedia.org
>>1182528 Thank you!
What are the theoretical contributions of Hoxhaism? What are the theoretical contributions of Stalinism, my understanding being that Hoxhaists are among the most insistent in asserting that Stalin had any at all, as opposed to being basically "applied Leninism" plus his own quirks/choices made based on the USSR's conditions at the time?
>>1181949 Oh, I hadn't noticed your response. Thanks, that much was already clear to me, but I was also wondering why some communist tendencies are against unions as a revolutionary component. Are mass strikes considered bad praxis? Are people of the opinion that unions, by their very nature, are incapable of being against capitalism rather than wanting to reform it? Could a union, it being a mass, presumably confederated, organization of workers, not be "turned into" a soviet? I'm sorry for bombarding you with these questions, but I'm quite confused on what some people's problem with unions seems to be. I guess it's just hard for me to believe that working within the system always means tacit approval.
>>1181949 These are the posts that make me not like you. The confederacy, the south's whole fucking culture is centered and grew around slavery. Tfu. Good riddance. Now I just need to figure out how your shit accents came because your homies back in the day put nigs in chains.
>>1180405 asking this again :\ Agent Kochinski pretty much said on a Twitter poll that he is a market socialist and people equate it to being "just capitalism"
>>1184848 Market socialism is when the entire economy is composed of coops. It is literally capitalism, the only thing that changes is that all the workers of the business are now the owner. Doesn't change how they operate the business at all though; their is no functional difference between private business owned by one CEO vs one owned collectively.
What is was the NEP in layman's terms?
>>1186837 An improvisation of the Bolsheviks. In Marxist theory, only a properly developed capitalist society has the means to develop socialism, however Russia in the 20s wasn't nearly as developed to begin this transformation, so the Bolsheviks allowed this period of restricted capitalism to aid this development before transitioning to a socialist economy.
>>1186851 Does this mean capitalism is more efficient than socialism? Why can't the Bolsheviks have used socialism to develop their economy instead?
>>1186878 less than 10% of the Russian Empire was industrial prole workers. The great majority were peasants.
>>1186878 Because you can't skip a mode of production. To transition from semi-feudalism (Russia in the 20s) to socialism would be impossible without at least some form of capitalist development.
>>1186960 Why exactly? Economies can be socialist and work, right?
>>1186965 You're not understanding me, a necessary prerequisite to socialism is capitalism. It's not that socialism doesn't work, socialism requires the infrastructure productive forces of capitalism. Think of it as a building, you can't build the third floor without having built the second one.
>>1186974 infrastructure and productive forces*
>>1186974 Why can't socialism build infrastructure? If anything the Soviets developed the infrastructure in their country plentifully.
>>1186985 It can, they have different functions. Just because socialism can do something doesn't mean you can just discard the necessary advancements of a previous mode of production. They're all necessary.
>>1186993 How exactly is capitalism necessary as a prerequisite? What kinds of infrastructure or other economic bases can it build that socialism can't (or at least nearly as well)?
>>1187015 Every mode of production develops the productive forces which shape and develop the base. For a mode of production to advance into a new one the full development of the productive forces are necessary. In the case of Russia, skipping from feudalism to socialism would've been impossible. How can you socialize an industry that doesn't exist for example? That's why the NEP was necessary, some form of restrained capitalism had to take place before the full socialization of the economy could take place.
>>1187027 Why can't the existing industry be socialized and then expanded under a socialist plan? Industry isn't inherently capitalist.
>>1187036 No, but in semi-feudal Russia restrained capitalism was necessary to develop and expand their industry.
>>1171165 What film?
>>1187204 Der Ewige Jude
(825.61 KB 1343x715 1589250544678.PNG)
What would be /leftypol/'s refutation on how right-wingers interpret the Tragedy of the Commons?
>>1187036 It can, that's the difference between Orthodox Marxism and Marxism-Leninism
Without businesses/companies, what would the daily life of a socialist society look like? Where would you buy stuff from, and from who?
Why did South Korea and Taiwan experience such fast growth?
>>1188823 Capital investment and technology transfer from already developed countries.
>>1188825 thanks am retard
>>1188832 BTW the USSR and China (less so USSR) also benefited from foreign investment and technology transfer. The USSR was able to purchase important technologies from the west during the great depression due to desperation of western corporations, China received investment and technology transfer twice, first in the 1950s from the USSR and later from 1978 to the present from the west.
>>1188789 Shops. See Cockshott's Towards a New Socialism for a modern portrayal of a socialism with computerised planning.
why is trump trying to remove section 230?
>>1189057 so he can sue twitter or whatever
How come dutchland became so much richer than Portugal when both acquired so much wealth looting asia?
>>1191135 Dutch invented the modern stock market and the VOC was basically the first publicly traded multinational conglomerate, the VOC, attracting a lot of foreign direct investment further fueling Dutch trade and imperialism, both at least partially undertaken by the VOC. The Portuguese just looted but the Dutch basically invented modern capitalism and some of its most instrumental financial institutions on top of looting.
Is there an economic analysis that takes the perspective of commodities consuming humans? For example, instead of saying "Joe consumed of 4 hours of TV shows" I would say "TV shows consumed (based on average human lifespan) 0.0006% of Joe today"
Can an mL give me a good answer on why it was based for the NKVD to work with the gestapo in Poland? And also why the various massacres and killings in Poland were also based?
>>1192008 Why justify when you can deny?
>>1192008 Source on the first bit? I imagine since you say Gestapo you are implying the NKVD helped them round up Jews but this seems like bull unless you can provide a good source. When Germany and the USSR partitioned Poland they each stayed on their own side of their promised occupation zones. Once the germans had occuppied the entire country they pulled back to their agreed zone and let the Soviets occupy their promised zone. There was no further "cooperation" than that. For your second question, it was "based" because the Polish officers executed by the NKVD were rightoids who were in charge of overseeing and conducting the persecution of minorities in Poland before the Germans invaded. They were fascists lite essentially, they deserved it.
I dm'd some "radical leftist" dude 2000 words of cringe on a dating site a couple nights ago. Do you guys think he'll respond?
>>1192008 Because the Polish state was just as reactionary as the Reich
>>1196847 Dunno
>>1196851 I hate being in cringe limbo.
>>1196872 If it makes you feel any better I think guys have to pay money to respond on dating apps and this doesn't come up till someone messages them
(40.70 KB 636x636 1606432556433.jpg)
>>1142617 So no one else even knows who Thay is? Buddhistanons? Vietanons?
>>1196879 This one's 100% free to use, so it's not that. It's honestly more the cringe at this point than anything else, if he replies and acts as if what I wrote was completely normal, it's going to take some effort to convince myself he's not a retard. Groucho Marx problems
>>1196915 what did you write??
>>1196933 lol I don't know how to even start explaining that, for proper context I'd have to post the whole thing along with his profile and that seems like a bad idea. I wish I could give you the basic idea somehow cause it's actually funny. One part of it is that I am just an uncomfortably earnest person, and I didn't really even try to contain that. I might easily have come off as psychotically eager.
Are people living far from society in rural communes because they don't work for a wage individualists and nihilists? For example people stealing and producing their own food, who try to consume as less as possible, or people living in squats and refusing to work, mostly anarchists that gave up on changing the system and only caring about their individual impact on the environment.
(952.86 KB 3000x4000 to punish and enslave.jpg)
Isn't the lumpenproletariat a moralist category?
>>1197986 o, it's a useful term. marx's original conception isn't useful, it included exploiters who are clearly better identified with the (petite) bourgeoisie. but the category is meaningful enough that it has survived being coined in a dumb way. there's plenty of categories that get at something it's interesting and meaningful to talk about, that have a tendency to invite prejudice (which is always moralistic, and the form unjustifiable moral judgments take) from some people. take addicts, for example. doesn't mean you shouldn't have a word for them, though. just means you need to take care to not to let anyone's moralistic sentiments derail your discussions. t. lumpen lump, definitely not of the proletariat proper
Aren't Israels nationalist policies somewhat justified by the fact Jews got kicked out of almost every Arab country after 1948?
>>1198759 Can you explain to me how that would "somewhat" justify them?
>>1198003 That's why distinctions like lumpenbourgeoisie are useful. Maybe not when talking to normies, however when discussing between other Marxists it helps making that distinction, as you mention clearly it would be ridiculous to argue a cartel leader and a homeless drug addict have the same class interests.
Guys who are https://www.globalresearch.ca/latest-news-and-top-stories Are they a lefty news source? They have decent takes on imperialism, just wondering if they’re /ourguys
>>1199722 I looked him up and sources are saying the owner is a ‘conspiracy nut’ for saying Osama was a cia asset. The wikipedia page on him paints him as some “pro russian”. Seems like he might have the booj upset no?
I was idly 'surfing the web', as one is inclined to do, when I came across this abandoned weebly page. The usage of terms such as "socialised healthcare" and totalitarian as a byword for socialism (or the burger interpretation thereto, which is Obama) is of note. On this page, I found this: https://freedommonger.weebly.com/questions-to-ask-a-socialist.html How would you respond to these "arguments" if this gentleman accosted you with them?
>>1199786 1. Meme 2. Fake, if he means very heavily restricted immigration and borders it's for security reasons. If imperialists weren't so keen on destroying every socialist nation it wouldn't be necessary 3.>No source 4. Meme 5. All countries do this, the fact this retard believes socialist countries do it more or by default they act in an insencere and lying manner is due to anti-communist propaganda 6. Why take a small portion of the country instead of all of it? The point of socialism isn't to liberate some workers, but to liberate all 7. The "ruling class" (not a class in the Marxist sense of the word but it's not as if this mong would even know that) is just the portion of the working class which are the most well versed in theoretical knowledge and political expertise to guide a revolution and safeguard socialism. Not everyone wants to be a politician, it's not about being elitist, but practical. This faggot wouldn't know the difference of course 8. >Somalia basically ancapistan Retarded statement with no backing at all 9. >muh voluntary Meme 10. I don't even know what this is supposed to mean
What's the rub on organizing gig workers? Co-op based alternative services? Tenants unions? Giving up and becoming a third worldist?
(172.98 KB 500x700 steamengine1.jpg)
>>1142043 I saw someone in a separate thread, talking about how not only was the steam engine developed in Rome, but it was actively refused by the emperor because he believed that there was an overabundance in labor already and automation would curb work for even more slaves? Can I get some more info on this and even some sources? Much appreciated!
>>1205985 That's a myth, the aeolipile was merely a curiosity, it was useless for any kind of work. Further, the romans had no aversion to using machines.
>>1205985 You're in luck, the big man himself wrote an essay on the topic https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2017/07/28/why-no-roman-industrial-revolution/
>>1142560 What do you guys thinks of kantbot and his podcast?
If you're a leftist do you have to support feminism?
>>1206573 No You can also be a fan at a children's cartoon show focussed on ponies We're a big tent
>>1206574 cool, thank you.
>>1206573 Women workers are fellow workers all the same.
>>1206619 I have no problem with women working or women workers. It's just 3rd wave feminism that i personally don't like, they discriminate against the male gender.
Did China ever solve their locust problem?
how well did agriculture do under lysenko were there any benefits at all i had heard the claim that agriculture didn't actually do that badly thx
This is probably going to sound like a troll post or loaded question, but i don't mean it to. You've probably gotten some version of this question by /pol/ posters. Anyways, Communist say that evil acts are enabled by capitalism, but in totalitarian "communist"/socialist countries evil acts like genocide or a socialist "ruling elite" (like in dictatorships) are enabled by the totalitarian governments. What are the communist defense of these peculiarities?
>>1208824 >genocide Name one example
>>1208828 Specifically for communism if that wasn't clear from the flag
>>1208828 Pol pot's Cambodian genocide.
If the US is a settler-colonial state (which I think it is) wouldn't Russia be one too (Caleb Maupin just indirectly claimed live that it isn't). The Rus all colonialized east from the approximate region of what is today Belarus, didn't they?
(2.25 MB 810x9694 zoinks.jpg)
Is this anything to worry about?
>>1210550 There are hundreds (if not thousands) of far-right fbi.gov groups. Nothing of note here, IMO.
Is the Marxist definition of capitalism better compared to the "free, voluntary exchange of goods and services" definition and why?
>>1210550 >with the right funds Its grift
>>1210593 They are relating to different concepts so to say one is better than another is to compare apples to chairs. One isn't "better" than the other. More answers in the thread you made: >>1210585
Everybody alwawys talks about transition from capitalism to socialism But I'm more interested in late stage communism. I'm a newbie and I'm baffled on how such a large scale behavior modification be done? What did Marx, Engles write on how to transform society into a cashless, stateless, etc society? What books? Did the modern communists lenin, stalin, mao, castro think that ahead of implementing it? When I imagine late stage communism I'm always stuck on the idea of counter-revolutionaries and regression back into capitalism I simply don't get how that can be stopped without arms and nukes. A century under capitalist powers yet people strive for communism. How would the clock be stopped from turning back I want to read the books on bringing about full communism. What are the best ones. I don't care about economics of it all really. I'm more interested in the human, societal aspect of it all
I'm someone who on some level believes that capitalism is wrong and communism/socialism may be the better system however I am also an edgelord/conspiracist at heart and that really affects how I learn and develop opinions in that I will go. So for example, I'm watching videos of people justify stalin, justify mao, justify 'anti imperialism' i.e supporting iran and north korea against america, but I'm worried that I'm falling for rhetoric and lies which may impact my intellectual development later on. How can I avoid this? I always knew about tankies but some sources I've been looking at, for example the TheFinnishBolshevik has me confused. Thanks for any help.
If capitalism doesn't really hate fascism, why are the Nazis so much more hated and made the icon of evil above communists? There's much less anti-communist propaganda than anti-fascist, but isn't capitalism more afraid of communism?
>>1216600 Communists are no longer a significant threat in the 21st century.
>>1210564 Hell most gaming servers from that site is pretty much just filled with rightiods.
>>1214651 The only way to be sure of your beliefs (which you imply you aren't) is to read more. Don't worry so much about falling for "rhetoric", but if you think people are lying to you, continually ask about the topic on this thread/board/wherever and look at the sources people who you think are lying use. Doing your own research will massively help you form your own, solid beliefs.
>>1211665 >But I'm more interested in late stage communism. What a good question and I both thank you and commend you for this question! Rudimentary, owning the means of production would very likely be co-operatives and direct democracy (in government, commerce and workplace to name a few). Hypothetically, worker co-operatives in later stage communism might resort to price gouging and unscrupulous practices belonging to the former capitalist age and culminating an increase in consumer co-operatives. If worker and consumer co-operatives "price gouge" and become unscrupulous the more anarchist forms of structures would arise. For example the means of productions become owned by "stakeholders" (workers, consumers, community and government) and even complete autonomy whereby its a DYI (Do-It-Yoursef) utopia and civil. What books? Did the modern communists lenin, stalin, mao, castro think that ahead of implementing it? Maybe Bakunin, Bordiga... not well versed in that, hopefully it entices someone to refer you to the books. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro may have considered a late stage communism era by inferring to it and not elucidating it. >When I imagine late stage communism I'm always stuck on the idea of counter-revolutionaries and regression back into capitalism The USSR didnt undergo late-stage communism and became revisionist since Khrushchev thereby by proxy destalinisation. The USSR instituted, instated and codified many laws and rights which were very difficult for the revisionists to abolish in short period so it was done over a long-long period. Still, there might be a tendency by some to revel in the capitalist age (some revel in medieval times and cosplay as such) also there would be a tendency for comprehensive reform and even revolution. >I want to read the books on bringing about full communism I remember a few times here the "What is to be done?" by Lenin being mentioned. >I'm more interested in the human, societal aspect of it all Cultural capitalism besides ceremonial aspects could be superseded by a new cultural norm. In feudalism for example if you were a raised in a farming family and you wanted to be a baker, you just were obliged (more or less) to marry into a baker family. Pretty much the way people treat commodities and property would change, if commodities and property were deified it could be that commodities and property would be treated as existing to serve people.
https://www.filminquiry.com/cosmos-possible-worlds-s3e4/ If you've seen this or are able to cab you guys give me your thoughts on it.
>>1155239 So, why is this revisionism and not applying Marxism to China's current conditions?
What are some examples of idealism? Aren't many instances of 'idealism' really just wrong materialist analysis? E.g. scientific racism, which seeks to justify racism by using things like environmental differences of different group of people; or the belief that an aristocracy should rule, given the material basis that aristocrats have more resources at their disposal in order to become educated and thus more fit for ruling the lower classes.
>>1221131 the basic example is the progressive liberal enlightenment narrative that justifies bourgeois revolutions with noble ideals and pretends you're supposed to take seriously analysis like "the united states abolished slavery because it was the morally right thing to do".
>>1216600 libs like to point a finger at the nazis because they can, because they went to war to defeat them. it's not real of course, they were fine with nazis on principle until the very moment they invaded france and bombed britain. when nazi atrocities were revealed, it was a huge pr victory they are still milking it to this day. look at this evil shit that we put an end to, because we're the good guys who put an end to evil shit! excellent way to distract from how you consistently do evil shit yourself, and in fact refuse to prosecute most nazi war criminals, leave most nazi party members in charge of the german government, and hire all the nazis who are particularly good at being evil to work on your post-ww2 world order. it's just not as easy to make communists out to be evil, because they weren't. they were an ally in that same war, and did about 95% of the work and sacrifice it took to defeat the nazis. during ww2 everyone knew communists were the true enemies of nazis, before the war began in full, liberal democracies were rooting for the nazis. >There's much less anti-communist propaganda than anti-fascist this is inaccurate. 20th century history is pretty much all anti-communist propaganda. education in general has a lot of it. there is no anti-fascist propaganda at all, there is anti-nazi propaganda which is really pro-american or pro-liberal propaganda, which means it's also pro-fascist.
Are the concepts of cadre and party member synonyms or is there a distinction between the two?
Can eugenics exist in socialism?
>>1216600 Nonmember answer communist parties aren't fronts for criminal organisations most of the time
>>1222115 Yes and it should be... But not under communism.State-enforced transhumanism is great idea
how to convert neolibs?
>>1225418 Make them display their fascism overtly instead of covertly and you've got a chance Otherwise make them penniless, starving and homeless with no support is about the only thing that would change the smug disingenuous fucks
(139.89 KB 1043x1600 05+bob-marley.jpg)
Is there any reason to believe that the CIA killed Bob Marley? The CIA does have ties with Jamaican criminal gangs that were enemies of Prime Minister Michael Manley, who was one of those social democrats that got along with Fidel. Could they have innected his foot with cancer cells like they did to Hugo Chavez?
(14.25 KB 794x105 brave_yRHmIQKzqm.png)
Why are Green-New-Deal-types wrong when they say that the problem with capitalism (in relation to climate change) is that it requires "endless growth"? I saw a post on here the other day that explained why growth isn't necessarily bad in-of-itself (pretty obvious conclusion) and not the reason why capitalism can't deal with ecology. Picrel is from this god awful Guardian piece. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/dec/15/china-scaling-up-weather-modification-programme-we-should-be-worried
Anybody remembers who had a quote that went something like: "The powerful must not be limited in their use of power over the weak" Can't find who it was and it gnaws me.
>>1227682 They're not wrong at all, stop listening to that imbecile who presumes everyone is a Malthusian.
>>1228518 >everyone has a home <impoverished >but where are all the billionaires? checkmate gommunists >>1227682 You can't have capitalism without incessant growth. >>1228526 That growth is consumption, not necessarily only population.
>>1228526 What's wrong with a growth in production then? The problem with capitalism and ecology isn't just that it produces endless growth, it's that it doesn't manage where growth comes from (doesn't manage externalities). >>1228536 Your comment feels more directed at the lib who wrote the article I linked, of course you're right though.
what's the real reason I shouldn't think of marxism as a political religion?
After ww1, Lenin advised Polish communists to dial back their rhetoric and put forward a reformist platform. Why, and will appearing more moderate win anyone over?
>>1228286 The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must. That?
What is her name?
>>1228680 Why would it be a religion? In what ways is it simular to a religion? >>1225418 Don't try. >>1228518 Propaganda and control. The US also blockades food to counties they also give aid. It's about making countries their bitch. They also use the infrastructure to smuggle drugs, money, people, and weapons.
>>1230074 The Insufferable Unfunny Liberal
>>1230094 Don't be a retard, man.
>>1142043 I’m politically confused. I’ve been told that I lean right but I don’t know. I just support personal freedom as long as you don’t harm anyone or their rights. I support gay/ trans rights because I’m into that stuff but I don’t like them grooming kids and throwing dollars at Desmond is amazing. I have beliefs but at the end of the day I think it’s none of my fucking business what you do as long as you aren’t infringing on anyone’s rights. I have the communist manifesto and mein kampf but I don’t think I like either. Are you aware of any baby step leftist literature you could recommend? Please help what am I? Anon typing in this little box suxxx.
>>1231251 What are “rights”? Where do they come from?
>>1231253 >>1231253 oh yeah you guys don't believe in property and stuff? first off i'm not here for debate i'd like to learn. I believe (says a lot right?) a right is anything that doesn't harm another. we all have rights, i violate your rights, like i take your property or your ability travel etc, that then gives you the right to use force on the persons that violated your rights. I’d like to not get hung up on my belief system unless its necessary for me to learn what you guys are about. Leftypol.org said https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/wage-labour/index.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1880/soc-utop/index.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1939/12/abc.htm or noam chomsky manufacturing consent
>>1231411 Do I have a right to good weather? It does not harm anyone.
>>1231421 what a fucking stupid question. you could just say we don't believe rights are a real thing. I just believe my shit is mine and if you fuck with it i'll kill you over it. Like i said i don't want to pick apart my belief system, I'd like to explore others. I grew up conditioned to be this way and I’m questioning it, most people won’t do what I’m doing.
>>1231251 an apolitical wonderbread centrist.
(11.25 KB 300x168 olivegarden.jpg)
is corporate personhood the apex of capital reification? or am I just using words to sound smart please, can you give me the marxist perspective on corporate personhood, and how it relates to reification
Has Israel won the palestinian conflict? As in, whatever happens now Israel will keep whatever territories they ooccupy unless they give them up in a normalisation process which will just cement their place
>>1232081 >corporate personhood isn't actually legal personhood unless we can see a corporation go to jail for murder, like a real person.
Is capitalism one big simp scheme?
Is the working class right wing?
What's the use of identifying the notion of "use value"? Exchange value is used in quantitatively supporting the labor theory of value, for its part, but what's the point of making the distinction of use value?
Do you find it odd the people reply guying at Scott Greer for including his IQ in his handle are quick to handwave away any sciences hinting to biological differences between races and are the first ones to scream "eugenics" when someone suggests being born sick and abnormal isn't something to aspire to?
>>1293476 I find it odd that you have the brainpower to fucking breathe
>>1293478 Okay but where's the argument
>>1293482 There is none I am calling you a fucking idiot
>>1293488 I know, it's not like you'd be able to reproduce or anything
>>1293493 Fugggg forgot my image lol
What makes the Palestinians asking saddam for help different from the kurds asking the israelis for the same?
>>1295522 saddam actually did something
>>1295522 Palestine and Iraq are both muslim kurds are muslim and israel is a faggot
>>1293476 >are quick to handwave away any sciences hinting to biological differences between races Maybe because people denounce genocide.
Are the working class right wing?
>>1146985 Moldova was always Romanian clay with a large Romanian majority even now, despite the massive deportations during Tsarist Russia but mainly under the rule of the communist jews like you, who did unspeakeable crimes there tantamount to genocide mostly against peasants. Funny to see commies defending the multi-national empire which was Tzarist Russia. Romania seized nothing in 1918 you moron, Bassarabia parliament and population decided they had enough of Russia and the bolshevik jews agitating a commie uprising Soviets were just greedy fuckers, and they took Bassarabia after they made a deal with Hitler. Yes, commies and nazis were buddy-buddy you fucking moron, it as all detailed in Ribbentrop-Molotov pact and your claim Russians invaded only after seeing Germany in France is false
>>1295968 Can you prove it?
Everywhere I see people arguing online and real life about politics One thing that I see people always asking about is sources As I have never been to this debates or stuff, I have to ask what is a source and what is not considered a source? Is Wikipedia a source? Is a newspaper a source? Is Buzzfeed a source? How do people of all political opinions agree on what is considered a trustworthy source or not? Is Marxists.org a source? On the internet you can find any webpage agreeing with you on whatever insane thing. So like how do you decide what can be considered a source in good faith???? Please help me with common debate rules
>>1297475 >As I have never been to this debates or stuff, I have to ask what is a source and what is not considered a source? A source is anything from which you learned some information. Anyone and anything can be a source, a man on the subway, the back of a cereal box, graffiti in a toilet, and so on. What is important is determining which sources are reliable and which aren't, in other words, which information can you trust and which information can you discard. >Is Wikipedia a source? Is a newspaper a source? Is Buzzfeed a source? Is Marxists.org a source? Yes to all. >How do people of all political opinions agree on what is considered a trustworthy source or not? There are many ways you can determine whether a source is trustworthy, by comparing it to other sources, by analysing the methodology of the source, by using critical thinking, even by looking into the author's motives, etc. For example, historical events have to be pieced together from various contemporary historians. The more contemporary historians write about an event, the more likely it is to have occurred. There's debate about whether Jesus Christ existed as a historical figure, and if he did, what was he like. There are only one or two contemporary historians that mention someone who could be Jesus Christ, but then there are many others from that area and time period who don't, yet we'd expect that if miracles and extraordinary things happened, those who lived at the time would write about it. So some people believe Jesus existed because of the existing historical evidence, and others don't because of a lack of historical evidence. >On the internet you can find any webpage agreeing with you on whatever insane thing. Another way, which isn't always reliable, but reliable enough when compared to "any webpage", is to look at the author's expertise. You'd trust a historian writing about history before you'd trust some random dude with a ifuckinglovehistory.blogspot.com webpage. Looking into the author, their previous works and (when talking about politics, economics or sociology/psychology) their political leanings, can also help you decide one source over another. >So like how do you decide what can be considered a source in good faith???? The number one way though is to read both, and use critical thinking skills to make your mind up. But that requires a certain level of education and the ability to critically think, which can only be learned through practice, that is, reading reading reading. Here's good practice for you: read Charles Murray's "The Bell Curve" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bell_Curve) and then read Stephen Jay Gould's "The Mismeasure of Man" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mismeasure_of_Man). The former is the famous thesis that human intelligence (IQ) is distributed in a population along a bell curve, while the latter is an answer to that book, showing that IQ isn't a thing that exists, but a constructed measure of how well you can do the examiners' tests. Stephen Gould answers to the claims in the Bell Curve by explaining his opponent's position, then arguing against it by citing conflicting studies, attacking the argumentation, the reasoning and premises, and so on.
(212.75 KB 500x800 ducklings.png)
>>1297475 >I see people always asking about is sources. So like how do you decide what can be considered a source in good faith? You can usually rely on these people to check your sources and tell you if they're reliable. >>1297476 You're mostly giving the right answer to anon, but with your practice advice you're demonstrating the difficulty of critical thinking. >The former is the famous thesis that human intelligence (IQ) is distributed in a population along a bell curve, while the latter is an answer to that book, showing that IQ isn't a thing that exists, but a constructed measure of how well you can do the examiners' tests. You misunderstand the thesis of "The Bell Curve", which is not that IQ follows a bell curve (it does that by definition : scores are adjusted so that their distribution fits the predefined curve), but that IQ correlates to actual ability in various situations. Then you misrepresent Gould, because how well you can do the test is a thing that exists. Furthermore, despite Gould's argumentation being rather well-constructed and thorough, it appeared to be biased, according to many other scientists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mismeasure_of_Man#Reception An apparently solid source might always be biased. And even when it's not, your use and understanding of the source can be wrong. Posting your source allows people to point these things out. They also might be wrong about it though. It's complicated.
>>1297487 BBC will always beat IQ.
>>1297487 You're right, I was typing quickly and wasn't thinking. >but that IQ correlates to actual ability in various situations. The argument is that IQ corresponds to a real, measurable ability that is dependent on the physical properties of the brain. Gould demonstrates that they have unjustly reified a property based on statistics, rather than identified any real property of the brain. >Then you misrepresent Gould, because how well you can do the test is a thing that exists. Sure, but that ability does not depend on your genetics. Gould lists examples of questions from early IQ tests, they asked about days of the week, or how to use a radio, questions that were very dependent on American culture and way of life, also things that you'd have learned if you lived in America, but not anywhere else; which is why immigrants scored lower, thus slavs, irish, and others who came were characterised as idiots. >despite Gould's argumentation being rather well-constructed and thorough, it appeared to be biased, according to many other scientists. Most, if not all, doing it because of differing ideologies (Gould is a Marxist and a socialist). Here's an example, literally a random pick from the list. Actually, that's not true, I picked the one with the juiciest insult. >Psychologist Hans Eysenck wrote that The Mismeasure of Man is a book that presents "a paleontologist's distorted view of what psychologists think, untutored in even the most elementary facts of the science". <Eysenck's research purported to show that certain personality types had an elevated risk of cancer and heart disease.[7] Scholars have identified errors and suspected data manipulation in Eysenck's work, and large replications have failed to confirm the relationships that he purported to find.[7] An enquiry on behalf of King's College London found the papers by Eysenck to be "incompatible with modern clinical science".[7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Eysenck lol
>>1297725 orange text is still broken <you <stupids
>>1297726 Unfortunately, the orange text add is too outdated to run on the current build of lynxchan.
>>1297725 >Gould lists examples of questions from early IQ tests That's an example of something not really relevant to the relation between scores on modern tests and genetics. >Most, if not all, doing it because of differing ideologies (Gould is a Marxist and a socialist) Yes, but that works both ways. Gould wrote that book to criticize scientists of different ideologies.
(1.59 MB 420x236 lenin hanged.gif)
I know this is not a good place to ask and not relatd to politics but I don't know where else to go. I have a online friend who's birthday is tomorrow and I want to gift them something but have no money or objects to give. What should I do?
>>1297800 If you really want to give him something try to make some OC for him
Can’t make a thread because captcha is fucking up so I will ask here can someone give me a rundown on Alex Navelny? TLDR I know he is a nazi and running a cia op but can anyone give me more? Google just returns typical nonsense from the guardian and other western publications.
>>1297800 My online friends seem pretty happy with just birthday wishes.
>>1297800 send nudes
Is it conceivable and correct to say that the capitalist class has to endeavor to move towards building a class consciousness of their own and will benefit from it if they do so successfully?
>>1298638 shameless self-bump
What do communists think of Sigmund Freud and his theories? I hear now that he's been debunked And what's all that about cultural marxism and frankfurt school What do these things even mean? Is it a type of philosophy like nihilism ?
(251.81 KB 1024x1024 external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
Is there ever going to be a revolution? Or am I destined to die while the rich wine and dine? Knowing my luck any revolution will happen in a foreign country...


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