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(15.50 KB 263x263 ZOAR.jpg)
ZOAR: A hideously ugly CGI Alt-Right acid trip Anonymous 12/10/2020 (Thu) 00:17:30 No. 1210943
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mcbhg2n2COU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ard0D-dpb2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_6bVz81YkU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHBywQFy0L8 So, imagine if you took 30-Minute Toy Commercials from the 1980's like He-Man & She-Ra and Thundercats & Silverhawks, poisoned them with extremely shameless Alt-Right propaganda (with Jewish people being portrayed as Alien Snake people, and Black people portrayed as aliens that are made out of mud), give it hideously ugly CGI that would easily rival that of Children Vs. Wizards (Дети против волшебников) and extremely inconsistent 2D+3D bullshit that would easily rival that of Transformers Energon. And BAM! You have yourself a fine recipe for one of the worst webtoons of all time! Honestly, this is a webtoon that's so unwatchably shitty that it deserves to be seen to be believed!
>>1210943 Bump. Chinless movie time.
>>1211309 Also Bumping for convince, look's like ya better invite the boys for some good old Leftypol Movie Time!
>>1210943 I know that this is the creator of the series but this shit is hilarious.
Reminds me of that new Ghost In The Shell netflix show
>>1211404 Bitch plz. For me it reminds me of Children Vs. Wizards (Дети против волшебников): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olUGGhEFHcc
>>1211400 Actually, that's not the creator's name, it's just the title of the webtoon.
I swear, by episode 3 the dogwhistles become foghorns
Ok what the fuck did i just watched
For a bunch of red pilled elite dudes, why are like 2/3s of the ladies have colored up SJW hair (their terms)?
(128.27 KB 233x337 Screenshot_20201210_163448.png)
I wanna fuck these two
(465.14 KB 721x458 Screenshot_20201210_163735.png)
kek they look like the average right wingers
https://youtu.be/Ard0D-dpb2s 8:44 Ffs this is what rightoids actually believe LMFAO
(839.18 KB 1271x647 Screenshot_20201210_164033.png)
Is this how chinlets see themselves?
(575.37 KB 1133x624 Screenshot_20201210_164222.png)
(226.64 KB 446x385 Screenshot_20201210_164934.png)
>>1210943 makes Berserk 2016 look like art
Too predictable Its basically Radlibs,blacks and jews vs "superior high iq intelligent white race" bullshit again lol
https://www.bitchute.com/video/pe5UaeVGxkqV/ Here's the fourth episode of this shit.
>>1211579 “Think of it like humans vs orcs.”
(32.79 KB 556x551 images (42).jpeg)
>>1211581 Classic
>>1210943 >age restricted >must show ID or bank card in order to show age restricted material Not today, CIA Nice try, FBI Dirty tricks, MI6 Not bad, Mossad Good attempt at obscurity, Department of Homeland Security! Or not. The subscriber and views can be counted only in the hundreds. Except the last episode. Props to the creator for doing all this on his own. Haven't seen any yet, but the background is at least pretty to look at. From my perspective, a lot of lefty culture is either pig disgusting too look at or listen to. Or demands a long run-in period. Or is just a company party. And bad culture is always writing the message on the nose. Consider C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Both their mangum opuses has a christian message. But Lewis goes almost full Crystal Dragon Jesus. If he went full, Aslan would have nails trough his paws. But is Gandalf Jesus? We can not really be sure.
(33.69 KB 480x563 images (42).jpeg)
The 5th episode has some heavy holocaust denial shit. Like didn't most of the jews not even get cremated and shit?
(310.32 KB 1600x1200 IMG_1570.JPG)
>>1211588 >Haven't seen any yet, but the background is at least pretty to look at. >From my perspective, a lot of lefty culture is either pig disgusting too look at or listen to. Or demands a long run-in period. Or is just a company party. And bad culture is always writing the message on the nose. Consider C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. <Video he's praising is literally low-quality cg that's disgusting to look at Literally name one leftist work that is "pig disgusting too look at or listen to". Liberals don't count.
>>1211588 >muh left culture >muh based Tolkien >reddit spacing
>>1211588 Rather have subjectively bad leftist art for some than objective ripoff reactionary art I mean just look at Arno Becker
I unironically watched all of this shit, and honestly only the first episode is good, the rest of it is just your standard right-wing clap trap. Sad that they couldn't have gone the more absurd route, seems like nazism saps the creativity out of some people.
(32.77 KB 709x224 Screenshot_20201210_174829.png)
>>1211588 >>1211811 >t. chinlet >>1211616 This. I can't believe Murdoch Murdoch has been topped in terms of unfunny unsubtle shittyness
>>1211811 Yeah dude Joe Biden and Obama made America communist.
>>1211811 >le calarts boogeyman holy 4cuck, there's more family guy copies than this shit
>>1211811 >Steven Universe = literally communism
>>1211811 Are you at all aware of what a permavirgin loser you sound like you fucking faggot? Lmao
>>1211811 Dude i literally BEG you to find some pussy in your life
(186.40 KB 1680x1646 antiliberalism.png)
>>1211811 Pic related. This is literally the opposite of liberalism. Both you and the other side of the coin see only the superstructure.
>>1210943 Imagine how tiny his chin must be lolol
(2.97 MB 300x300 1607014408330.gif)
>>1210943 >first forty seconds >of the first episode >"basikkly: women b dum-dums" What the hell? Not even the lipsync works.
Is there any info who made this. Google is turning giving me nothing.
>>1212657 4plebs does show some activity by the creator. Might find clues there. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/zoar He has replied in this thread at least: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/237188454/#237223701
(62.67 KB 523x487 answer.jpg)
>>1211811 Animation is like this because it's cheaper to do. The problem isn't libruls. It's capitalism. The same kind of thing happened back in the day when limited animation was introduced and cheaper crap overtook more artfully rendered pieces.
>first ep Well, easy enough. Horrible animation, but no overt dogwhistles >second ep <black sun <fake vagoo <soy slurpie I want to get off this wild ride
>>1212742 The beard hides the lack of chin
>>1210943 >Jewish people being portrayed as Alien Snake people, and Black people portrayed as aliens that are made out of mud my fucking sides, OP
>>1210943 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHBywQFy0L8 >starts with blaming black people for slavery I'm not sure my body is ready for this.
(679.23 KB 1171x889 1.png)
my fucking god
(213.24 KB 642x781 ComicStrip001.jpg)
>>1211606 >everyone looks like they are going to punch someone Na, don't want to. >name one How about Liv Strömquist? There's plenty of other swedish feminist (pop code word for "lefty") cartoonists that draws pig disgusting ugly too.
it's like Christmas came early this year
(275.94 KB 696x447 PURE_IDEOLOGY.png)
(7.57 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Zizek is at lost of words, this is too pure of an ideology.
>>1212859 I would have them watch none of this or that shit.
>>1212866 Where is the People's Commissariat of Noticing?
>>1212859 >>1212866 Dear Madam, Consider this OFFICIALLY NOTICED, NOTED and/or OBSERVED by the PEOPLE’S COMMISSARIAT OF NOTICING. Diligently yours, Mitchell N. Oticér Processing Officer, St. Louis Field Office People’s Commissariat of Noticing
>>1211603 >The 5th episode has some heavy holocaust denial shit. Oh, he just had to. Kinda like how some people here just has to whitewash Stalin. I'll guess it's the romnaticism of failure. >Like didn't most of the jews not even get cremated and shit? Only a portion did, yes. >>1212855 >writing on the nose
(1.04 MB 800x450 exploitation.webm)
Proposal: To punish middle-class ultra unline shitlibs (fascists in denial) and chuds (fascists in slightly less denial) the most suitible and sadistic measre is as follows: If you are the former, you are to be permanently trapped in the "1000 little things" Black Mirror episode glass cell, where all surfaces blast out ZOAR on repeat. If you are the later, the same punishment is applied, but with Stiven Universe changing ZOAR
>>1212893 see: >>1212029 Liberals do not care for how society actually functions. Just the performance of its actors. They want their capitalism but with Gucci branded dildos for social media influencers. You want capitalism but with eternal war and genocide. There is a fundamental difference that you are purposefully ignoring.
(2.53 MB 1280x720 unlimited freedom.webm)
The most intense chase scene in the history of cinematography.
>>1212866 could you please make it smaller in the future, this is almost legible
>>1212912 >They want their capitalism but with Gucci branded dildos for social media influencers. You want capitalism but with eternal war and genocide. There is a fundamental difference that you are purposefully ignoring. I don't get it, one leads to the other
>>1212954 Forever 21 capitalism. Late but thinks it's just getting started.
>>1212912 I would want this to be true. But my experience is that 99% of self-declared leftists are stuck in social liberal scaremongering and never do get to the class struggle. The cultural baggage is taken as a necessary condition for socialism. They will always side with the progressive liberal over a non PC revolutionary.
>>1212953 >That's pretty much the entire point of nationalism though; it's when your in-group teams up to become collectively stronger than the out-groups so you can dunk on them all. Also, regarding your "MUH CAPITALISM" kvetching, the problem with capitalism is not entirely capitalism as an economic system itself, but rather our gay death cult State Religion (Progressivism). Capital bows to the state religion, and always has. With a healthy state religion, and always has. With a healthy state religion, there are eucivilizational outcomes. With sick religion, dyscivilization outcomes how do you manage to become this much of a faggot and still live with yourself
>>1212953 >Capital bows to the state religion, and always has Lmao
(714.43 KB 976x656 1.png)
(195.60 KB 450x300 optimus.gif)
(7.92 MB 400x317 benis.gif)
>>1212953 >capitalism bows to itself Fixed and not iced
Check out 05:15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ard0D-dpb2s his rendering software can't handle hair animation and results in heavy frame drop fucking incredible
>>1212979 that's a nice poljack
>>1212953 >calling other ideologies death cults goddamn it's always projection with these guys
(972.94 KB 1239x666 1.png)
>abort >every <thing >.com I'm glad that the creator of the series agrees that a fetus is not a human being.
>>1213023 Fan service gratuity > continuity
(910.08 KB 1257x663 1.png)
(109.94 KB 1790x1381 elite poggers helmetless.jpg)
how can you have such an aggressive and hateful worldview which puts forwards so little of a vision. what can they even fight for in their minds? there is nothing there!
>>1213047 You are my inspiration and light, based post
>>1212885 Excuse me anon, but are an anarcho redditor?
(192.40 KB 327x316 kek.png)
HOLY SHIT. Anybody else realize the /pol/ raid as soon as this thread was created? They are really assblasted over us demolishing their broken cartoon. I love you all.
(26.12 KB 358x557 IMG_20201210_203632.jpg)
(565.28 KB 498x381 tenor (2).gif)
>Talk about this shitty show and laugh about it. >/pol/ tries to raid. Hmmmmmmmmm... Is the author in here? I think he is.
>>1213093 Not even a couple hours after, no motherfuckers immediately started seeething
(195.76 KB 589x569 1.png)
(271.49 KB 2048x1536 Eok8elwXMAoXpA-.jpeg)
(171.38 KB 581x398 2.png)
(213.81 KB 2048x1536 EmZpCDqXIAMpS3p.jpeg)
(1.65 MB 1920x837 3.png)
The creator is a white dude from Pennsylvania with one kid. He's also anti-vaxxer, pro-Trump, "stop the steal"er, and a "prepper." Check out the hygiene in his home.
>>1213079 Actually I jk you better get to the US-Mexico border before I call the EZLN to liquidate you and your brown landlord
unironically we need like, a cultural revolution but just against everything right wingers ever did or liked. imagine trying to explain this shit to ayy lmaos, we can't continue to exist as a species with this garbage polluting our image.
>>1212976 And what's your answer to this?
>>1213101 Most burgers are absolutely filthy, that looks p decent tbh
(947.74 KB 1451x896 1.png)
Poor Margaret, Jesus fucking Christ man. The kid is just born and this psycho is already planning her aranged marriage.
>>1213101 confirmed lard-ass
>>1213053 why, because a bad right wing animator is now coping about having a kid that will lead a hellish inhuman existence in capitalist society and most likely die from the effects of climate change?
I predict that the most epic get >>1234567 will be in this thread, dedicated to poor ass Margaret.
>>1213113 >Never wear a mask Welp, when the plague re-emerges, we know who will lick the rats.
>>1213107 >imagine trying to explain this shit to ayy lmaos >Implying that only our civilization is going through this phase. I will be old as fuck, or dead, before we meet the Ayy Lmaos, but I just want to acknowledge that they probably had something similar happen to them.
>>1213113 >Be Margaret. >Do normal stuff. >She gets into her teenager years. >She's gonna kiss her first boyfriend. >It's all a prank. >The boyfriends friends are with them. >The boyfriend gets his phone out. >"The fuck is your dad doing lmao?!" Yeah, she's gonna go and have massive daddy issues. That or she will turn into a schizo.
>>1213126 >>1213135 What's uhhh.. going on here?
(15.33 MB 1920x1080 Cringeposting 1.mp4)
>>1212953 Only rational response to this
>>1213113 Bruh this is fucked up. Her life is going to be a terrible mess. Only because her father refused to take his meds
>>1213149 Should we call social security on his ass?
>>1213149 In all likelihood she'll hit a rebellious streak in her teens or 20s, get pregnant from a black guy or Arab, and then this faggot will blow his brains out.
>>1213154 Considering how restrictive this guy will be she'll probably have to leave and start a new life somewhere far away from this schizo
(1.03 MB 1503x798 EmA40dKWkAMHfnx.jpeg)
>>1213101 >rate my survival food stash Okay, bro. >apricot cans >pineapple cans, >pear halves >vacuum sealed corn cobs I see you have the most elementary part of human nutrition covered here, namely shit tons of sugar. >potato salad Which is just starch that becomes sugar in your body. I'm glad you reinforced your daily sugar intake. >shit ton of bean cans Yeah, gotta make sure that you'll cover your little survivalist bunker with a thick cloud of your farts. Smart move. >tamales Which is just processed corn, i.e. more sugar for you. Also I love how you hate Mexicans while liking their food. >canned meatballs Which will be like 50% white rice / soy-based (since it's cheaper), i.e. again starch -> sugar, and the worst parts of the animal processed >libby's corned beef hash I looked up the ingredients, has lotsa potatoes in it and added sugar, naturally. >chocolate bars >"SWEETIES" Yeah, what this inventory needed was more sugar. >6 chugga water ...which, considering you are a confirmed diabetic, you'll chug down with your wife and kid in under a few days. Overall, I gave this a lardass/10. Very good score.
(1.51 MB 425x481 16b.gif)
(38.28 KB 480x587 1538830270756.jpg)
(11.16 KB 245x206 857845.jpg)
>/leftypol/ now has it's own lolcow to play with. Based
>>1213120 dice el pendejo peludo y pálido como los babuinos. Se nota que no militas puñetas.
>>1213101 >Useless virgin white male plug laying beside the chad dark skinned male plug that is proudly inserted into the female socket This says a lot about society
This thread is fucking beautiful. Somebody needs to archive this.
(89.24 KB 353x332 question cat.png)
>>1213163 Why not just load up on MREs for christs sake? They're literally food made for survival that last for years and you can get super cheap second hand.
>>1213171 Basado
Episode 5 is pure beauty. I can't even put that into words.
>>1213167 this. we need a /pt/ board
>>1213163 >namely shit tons of sugar lmao, I noticed the same thing. Sugar is the american staple food. Kind of like rice and wheat, americans just use refined sugar as their culinary base. >Yeah, what this inventory needed was more sugar. lmfao >you'll chug down with your wife and kid in under a few days. Yep. Does the guy not drink water on a regular basis? That shit might last a month or so, assuming you're not using it to cook. If you're cooking with it, it might last 2 weeks, tops.
>>1213113 Wonder about his wife.
>>1213178 Anything would be better than this shit, tbh. Notice how he doesn't have a single non-starchy vegetable there. His palate is of a child, in other words, when it comes to veggies. >>1213185 What I was referencing is the fact that diabetics have an increased water intake. <One of the hallmark signs of diabetes is excessive thirst and urination. A single 'beetus haver can go through 3-4 liters of water a day. >assuming you're not using it to cook Does this stash look like he's planning to cook, lmao? It's a typical manly man's little side project. He didn't even consider that his wife could cook. Just reheat the fucking cans like manly men do.
>>1213192 I;m thinking about those wife
>>1211584 Download full files next time brother
>>1211580 >whiteoid fairy preps the neet for breeding >Gives a fucking Beatles album as a tool to atract women I am fucking dying. This guy is such a boomer. I wonder if he thinks jews killed JFK
>>1213194 Yeah, with that diet, you'd chug that down in a couple of days. As the other guy said, why not just get a shit ton of military rations. A family member of mine is a prepper and they bought a shit ton of rations, plus hoarded around 30 of those massive jugs of water. This was to prepare for the 2012 apocalypse and they haven't expired yet. >>1213195 Mexico is just as fat as the US. Retarded opinion, you never miss.
(67.67 KB 478x741 916+kU08npL._SY741_ (1).jpg)
>>1213195 ingredient-wise it's not even the worst thing on that shelf. dunno how it tastes tho
>>1213107 This, but also extend the cultural revolution purges to liberal suburbanite / urbanite shit as well.
lmao I can see the post count increase but they are all filtered
>>1213185 That would sustain the family long enough for Commander in Chief Trump to personally deliver water and food XD
(181.27 KB 412x241 Trump_ice.png)
(100.79 KB 223x300 Trump_Steaks.png)
>>1213212 >day 61 >still in our bunker >our sugar rations ran out 5 weeks ago >President Trump keeps sending us our daily rations of Trump Ice Springwater™ and Trump Steaks™ >without his help our family would perish >when the anti-Biden curfew is lifted I'll build a shrine in honor of this great leader
Okay, so who's gonna tell the guy about our thread? https://twitter.com/ZOARanimation Come on, dirty assholes, I know some of you have twitter shitposting accounts.
>>1213237 >Day 236 >Trump Steaks are no longer coming >We are now receiving canibalized vegtables instead
>>1213011 >with my fine erecting neck I shall prod and poke into the deepest crevices of space
(1.53 MB 1280x720 no_voice.webm)
This lazy stupid mother fucker didn't even watch his schizo cartoon once before rendering or later uploading.
>>1213113 She's gonna grow up to be a heckin cute and valid communist enby
>>1213287 Yeah, but the first torturous 18 years of her life, tho.
>>1213287 Do these kids ever actually do that though? Don't most kids just adopt whatever political ideology their parents have?
>>1212903 That black woman is based
>>1212903 >labor is exploitation Found the leftcom
We should get some utuber to review this, would be pretty funny.
(1.48 MB 1280x720 dindu.webm)
>>1213305 Chapo or Cumtown would probably have a great time with it.
>>1213316 I've been thinking the same.
>>1213305 >>1213316 someone with twitter dm this to chapofym
>>1213292 It depends on whether the size of the inheritance > the perceived cost of not cutting the parents off. It's a delicate calculation.
What the fuck did I just watch?
>>1213313 I just realized, the main characters helmet is a fucking penis head
(2.34 MB 360x306 tenor (3).gif)
>>1213313 >Look at this figures of the past meanwhile I say waifu.
Looks like one of those cartoons you'd find on the TV in GTA.
>>1212885 it’s called dark humor libtard. stop cancelling me
>>1213163 I wonder, what kind of foods would you recommend for a survival stash?
>>1213364 Already discussed. Anything would be better.
(12.63 MB 1280x720 double_abortion.webm)
>>1213368 Who voices this? What are they all paid with?
>>1213266 Haha, what the fuck >>1213284 Kek >>1213305 Wouldn't be surprised if váush would review it >>1213313 >First half Third dude looks like a Habsburg >Second half >Saying "Waifu" unironically AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >>1213349 Ebin :DDD >>1213366 Oh true, I was wondering if there's any nutrients in particular I should have and which foods are high in said nutrients
>>1213284 *dramatic silence* >>1213368 lmfao. this is incredible. "we just have to be mommies". hahahaha please post more clips. I can't watch the videos without logging in. NSFWyoutube isn't working for some reason.
>>1213376 One of them must be his wife, another woman's voice must be a relative of theirs. I'm merely guessing. He also modulates his own voice to voice act the mud people's women.
>>1213163 >>1213101 >>1212903 >be a lardass, diabetic treat boy with no leafy greens and not nearly enough water for any amount of time >tell a black woman "you have to work to eat" in the same sentence you talk about your inheritance >live in dilapidated and crumbling old house in the middle of the sticks that was literally handed to you by daddy >arrange marriage for your daughter, the pinnacle of liberty against tyranny Ladies and gentlemen, this is a prime example of a downwardly middle class lolcow
>Lead the creator to this thread. >He posts something. >He puts his actual email. We could do this, people.
>>1213405 you know you love us <3
>>1213405 how is being downardly mobile middle class bad from a personal pov?
>>1213405 Hey Noticer, are you that gypsy clown who's making the rounds on Omegle?
>>1213416 like right wingers are so alienated that have reached the point that reality is offensive
>>1213320 >>1213323 An alternative option would be to get Surreal Entertainment to make a spoof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV_jL01IUfc
>>1213428 Whomst is that :)?
>>1213428 dude i am not a worker , i invest labour ,i am an investor
>>1213428 I look forwards to this man being thrown into the lake of fire on judgement day.
>>1213377 Don't bring váush into this, the less said about him and his demon seeds Xanderhal and ActualJake the better.
>>1213434 you know that Anderson preaches that race doesn't exist right?
>>1213178 >Why not just load up on MREs for christs sake? They're literally food made for survival that last for years and you can get super cheap second hand. This! And then have some seasoning to make it less boring if needed. Also vitamin pills, canned vegetables and beef jerky or pemmican. And I'm writing this as a swede who has only seen jerky as some novelty snack here. So how can an american be totally oblivious to their proud and functional living tradition of jerky? >>1213237 Ngl, looks delicious.
>>1213205 You say that as if the rural areas shouldn't get an overhaul
(319.71 KB 493x511 1.png)
(8.67 KB 275x183 celeriac.jpeg)
(88.73 KB 800x600 1.jpg)
>>1213377 >I was wondering if there's any nutrients in particular I should have and which foods are high in said nutrients On the meat front I'd pack a shitton of duck and beef confit. It's basically an ancient preservation method whereby you submerge your meat under its own fat (so tallow or duck fat) which congeals at room temp, forming a natural layer that protects the meat from oxygen. The meat this way can remain succulent and fresh for more than a year onward while deepfreezing is still an option if you fear it would go off. I'd probably confit inner organs as well, liver, definitely. The way you cook your confit is simple, you just scoop out say a duck leg covered in its own fat, pop it on a pan for a few minutes and you are done. It gets crispy and is generally considered to be a luxurious food preparation mode. I'd also have jars full with bone marrow stock. You can use it to start soups, or just drink a cup of warmed up marrow stock and it takes away your hunger for like 4 hours, up to 5-6 if you aren't doing much excercising in your bunker. Thick homemade stock tends to form a layer of fat on top which also protects it from going off too soon, still, freezing is an option. I'd pack like a hundred packs of store bought dried jerky. For veggies I'd get lots of celeriac roots. Very low in carbs, because I'd want to remain in ketosis so that way I can sustain myself without getting constantly hungry on 1-2 meals a day. These ugly fuckers can last a year at cold temperatures and they are versatile in use: you can eat it raw, mash it up as you would with potatoes, fry, blanch, etc. them, and also you can just replant them if you need to cultivate it in your postapocaliptic future. I'd make my own pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, etc. You can use the latter to elevate any kind of meat, soup, like with picrel. Since we are talking about food here that can last about a year fresh without any freezing required, I would have to adopt a lifestyle where I stock up on a good amount of this shit and keep eating it pre-apocalypse as a daily routine, and cooking a new batch every week or so to ensure that I can enjoy these at their optimal freshness when le epic crisis hits. But then again I'm not a retarded prepper. Sage, cuz who the fuck cares anyway?
>>1213475 >vitamin pills Of which Vitamin D is most important (lack of sunshine). Still sage, cuz prepping is pure idiocy.
>>1213481 What about pasta?
>>1213485 Carbs give you a sugar high and then a sugar low in under half an hour. In other words you'd eat like a pig and go through your stash quickly. It's completely unnecessary for nutrition and a hindrance in this situation.
This is the greatest manifestation of the alt-right movement online. Feast your eyes comrades, our enemies were dumber than we first thought.
>>1213489 >tfw online cartoon series won't bring our ethnostate Why even live?
(14.79 MB 854x480 zoar-episode-4.mp4)
>>1213379 >please post more clips Here's the full fourth episode.
>>1213481 I was always fucking hungry when I was doing a keto diet. I never felt satisfied.
>>1213495 why is the voice acting so bad , just use normal voice
>>1213486 Aren't carbs also super calorie dense? Doesn't that make them important as a staple?
>>1213495 >>1213495 This is fucking wild
>>1213501 Funny how they'll complain about pop culture promoting degeneracy while this entire thing is just a lazy regurgitation of it.
(81.76 KB 960x640 keto.jpg)
>>1213497 You didn't balance out your nutritional sources then. No fucking way if 70-75% of your caloric intake was from fat you'd be hungry. People who complain about hungry on keto usually don't even enter ketosis and just overdose on veggies and shit. Eating a ceasar salad with lean chicken meat isn't a keto diet. The ingredients (except croutons, which are optional anyway) are all compatible with the diet, sure, but you are getting like 1/20th of fat you should be getting. And miss me with the avocado obsession too. If you can't go a day in your life without eating an avocado you might as well become a vegan.
(107.30 KB 960x1452 ken & barbie.jpeg)
>>1213508 His white characters, basically.
>>1213495 this is so beautiful I'm literally crying.
>>1213544 >Chapo rips off talk radio
(44.87 KB 1284x722 01-vince-mcmahon-evil-laugh-3.jpg)
>>1213544 >All I see is someone with drive and talent who knows how to successfully bring out his message lmao
>>1213427 I smell some prime raw material for a youtube poop >>1213437 Based gusano-sayer >>1213501 He looks appropriately traumatized
(2.54 MB 856x480 tumor.gif)
>>1213532 best part, imo
>>1213544 MDE was a ripoff of of Tim and Eric Show: Great Job (which its creators didn’t understand).
(610.73 KB 705x701 26236.png)
(140.47 KB 360x360 1545956432801.png)
>>1213544 >someone with drive and talent
>>1213557 IT'S NOT A TUMOR
Thank fuck the White Man saved the Africans from slavery!
Ya know, with how laughably shitty this webtoon is, I'm honestly surprised that it still hasn't become a YTP Source yet.
>>1213569 prove it
>>1213574 Also, might as well make Murdoch Murdoch and White Rabbit Radio be YTP Sources at this point.
>>1213484 >prepping is pure idiocy. Why? If you're smart about it it could probably increase your odds of surviving the climate boogaloo
>>1213572 Check out the "Turkroach" (I presume) characters accent? What the fuck is that even trying to be? French? German?
>>1213593 I'm guessing he's supposed to be a "mudslime muzzie sanduighur."
>>1213587 What makes you think I want to live in post-apocalypse? What makes you think I would willingly spend my life with obsessing over an event after which I don't think living is worth it?
>>1213588 the the style of the show is a copy of atheist cartoons
>>1212855 God I need to down a liter or vodka and read this book.
(16.43 KB 237x321 1607553448054.jpg)
how do you make a cartoon like that? like what program? i am ignorant of these thing
(528.05 KB 1163x655 1.png)
>>1213619 >it glows.
>>1213619 >this is what nazis actually beleive
>>1213588 nobody but you and thirty other guys listened to the daily shoah, who the fuck would plagiarise some gay shit that nobody has even heard of lmao
>>1213598 In order to make communism.
>>1213611 He must be using a very cheap / freeware / early 2000's CGI animation software. Issues like these >>1213023 shouldn't happen. He renders these 3D animations and imports them into a final video editor where he adds his 2D artwork (background, some of the items, characters) some of which I guess he drew on paper and scanned in. He then uses some kind of free audio recording and eiditing software like audacity to record the voices. His music is original too, because this is waaaay beyond free stock footage you can find online, so I guess he must be using some kind of free .midi editor. He puts together the final insanity in his video editor and then renders it and uploads it to youtube. You could learn everything he's using on his level in a month or so if you wanted to.
>>1213576 Done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaTO8_KNcuo >>1213574 Bruh the I/O tables clearly show that production of each minute of YTP from alt-right sources requires 150mL of vodka and an unknown amount of weed. @ DaThings on twatter to see if she's up to it. >>1213619 >it's Pottery
>>1213619 What the fuck is that Golden Grievances shit supposed to be? What is it referencing?
(811.51 KB 1247x657 1.png)
>What are you reading, Honey? <Uhm, just this book I picked up by Karl Marx, called "Resentment and its Application".
>>1213694 >when you consider yourself part of the master race but you don't know how to spell
>>1213694 Imagine having such a shit tier understanding of Nietzsche.
>>1213694 >ressentiment
(7.91 KB 147x236 mrhoers.jpg)
question: did someone pay to have this shit made? or is it just this one chinlet in his basement with nothing better to do?
>>1213495 >bunch of good got junk that won't even make me happy Bruh way Why do they critique capitalism in such a shallow way then go on to offer....no alternative How the fuck does someone go through life with the kind of mindset the creator does
>>1213650 >he must be using some kind of free .midi editor They call them digital audio workstations, which may help anons find similar tools. For about $2000 it's possible to make music to a professional standard, at home on your own PC. That sum includes a guitar, an interface, a piano keyboard, some basic mics, a makeshift vocal booth, and legitimate licenses for samples and plugins, all new. In any case, I don't think zoar's tools are his limiting factor.
>>1213696 to be fair they are probably referring to nietzsche and as a philosophical concept people use the french spelling and pronunciation
>>1213495 BIG PORN This is a masterpiece
>>1213708 fascoids think their material possesion are less than they deserve, thats why they always whine ,cause i muh master race i deserve women,castles ,drugs
>>1213702 Wouldn't surprise me if Koch et al just threw $50k at this shit through some org. Kinda makes me wanna be a right winger sometimes, they can get paid for taking a shit in their diaper.
>>1213101 >to not vaccinate, breastfeed!!! Is this dude seriously going trans to own the vaccine? Lmao.
>>1213702 It's a bit more complicated than that. The dude is a "Practical Nurse" >>1213101 and I looked up its legal definition and it's basically the lowest tier of a nurse that doesn't even have basic medical training allowed to do very basic shit in hospitals like bring in/out food, change adult diapers, change your vomit/shit bucket, etc. So first I'd like to point how that the dude is literally at the very bottom of the medical hierarchy, a bit above the level of the hospital's janitorial staff, second, that his job sucks ass, and he most likely deals with old people on their death beds doctors and actual professional nurses can't do anything about, so the dude is constantly surrounded by death, feces, and old people its only smellz. The law also prohibits ex-felons, drug users, etc. to acquire a "practical nurse" license and the bureau screens them for it, so he most likely has a clean record so far, and no swastika tattoos on visible parts of his body. So yeah, dude has a shit job at the bottom of the ladder, comes home to his wife and daughter and does this channel with phallic symbols and super buff men and shit as a way to cope with his life.
(78.56 KB 1058x266 1.png)
>>1213746 forgot pic
>>1213721 >For about $2000 nah, he didn't pay a dime for this. maybe torrented it >In any case, I don't think zoar's tools are his limiting factor. kek
>>1213708 These retards unironically think that consumerism wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the joos.
>>1213693 The communist manifesto, the thing that rightoids claimed to have read.
>>1213740 only a small clique can make it in the grifter scene though >>1213746 >smellz ah a man of culture I see
>>1213746 typical shizo lumpen
>>1213765 >only a small clique can make it in the grifter scene though I guess, I just am tired of everything :(
>>1213746 maybe he has inheritance? maybe this >>1212903 hits a bit close to home for him
>>1213773 well its not like he spends much on this so maybe not
(2.72 MB 856x480 reddit.webm)
I'm unironically going to use this edit of mine against redditors.
>>1213495 don't consume jewish product instead get excited for white product
>>1213822 kek and a half
(208.68 KB 1330x145 1.png)
(169.31 KB 468x436 2.png)
(652.92 KB 1536x466 3.png)
(60.54 KB 251x685 4.png)
Found his downed website. I've got bad news, fam. https://web.archive.org/web/20200421214932if_/https://zoaranimation.com/ This absolute madman paid actual voice actors $350 per episode and paid an audio guy. Incredible.
(43.48 KB 585x408 1.png)
tweeted the guy
>>1213851 I mean PM'd on twitter.
>>1213851 fuck you
>>1213495 Umm, based?
>>1213860 what's the problem?
>>1213851 Oh shit nigga, what are you doing
(1.22 MB 863x1291 1604890135438.png)
>>1213846 >actually paying VAs to work on this trainwreck I suppose I admire his dedication to the arts at least
>>1213846 The site is stuck on the loading screen for me. I guess I'm not missing much.
(18.80 KB 475x360 1443661842328.jpg)
>>1213883 >to the arts
>>1213846 >black guy advertising t-shirt
>>1213851 Ayo Zoar dude! If you are reading this what inspired you to create Zoar, what are your main influences and what do you hope to accomplish by investing this much time, effort and money into your series?
>>1213887 Trust me I screencapped basically all the content there was on that site so you are not missing anything.
>>1213891 Yeah, first of his intentional "jokes" that made me at least smile a bit.
>>1212861 >There's plenty of other swedish feminist (pop code word for "lefty") cartoonists that draws pig disgusting ugly too. I literally said name a leftist, and you choose again to use liberals.
>>1213752 I believe you're right on all counts. In any case, the means of production-for-use-value has never been cheaper and more available. >>1213870 THE CHUMP CHAIN HAS NO BREAKS
>>1213920 >I believe you're right on all counts. I was wrong tho: >>1213846
(41.56 KB 809x665 1.png)
>>1213324 I'm not surprised that the fifth won. I don't get the popularity of ep1 tho? It's the lamest of all of them.
Can anyone save the episodes just in case the dude decides to set the vids to private or some shit? This needs to be preserved for all eternity LMAO
>>1213940 How is it the lamest one? I think ep 5 is the best (or at least the most memorable)
(287.15 KB 587x612 1.png)
(305.55 KB 594x458 2.png)
Turns out he's an avid gore collector too. Who would have THUNK?
>>1213960 Okay, I'll rewatch ep1 just for you.
>>1213955 Bitchute is supposed to be non-deletable https://www.bitchute.com/channel/27uFxYmBbVSy/
>>1213976 >Bitchute is supposed to be non-deletable [X] Doubt
(23.86 KB 585x93 1.png)
>>1213976 if you want something to be very hard to delete you should use freenet, ipfs, dat or similar
>>1213978 >>1213983 Shit, which video service was all up in blockchain
(40.48 KB 152x254 real trad hours.png)
>>1213982 Holy shit I feel so bad for the poor kid
>>1213982 Epic based catholic/pagan infusionism I guess? Roman statues and all sorts of other weird shit aesthetics with the sort of neo pagan gaia worship mixed in with some of that classic catholic psychosis. This dude's religion aesthetics is like 7th-10th BC catholicism where magic was still practiced by your peasants.
>>1213991 tbh this isn't the worst birth lotto could give you, but it's pretty close to it inside the USA. The guy's at least not an alcoholic or the kid isn't the product of incest. But god damn those first 18 years are going to be a rough ride.
>>1213690 Nah man, I think we have enough vodka and weed to make YTPs out of Neo-Nazi webtoons like White Rabbit Radio TV, Murdoch Murdoch, and ZOAR.
>>1213975 >>1213960 Okay, so the reason I dislike ep1 the most is because it is there where he's trying to be the funniest and it's just cringe. He's at his best when he's going mask off and pushing his nazi shit via erecting penis man and his cohort.
DOWNLOAD THE ZOAR ARCHIVE https://we.tl/t-dAnamOjBth MAKE SURE TO PRESERVE SCHIZO HERITAGE link will be available for 7 days
>>1213965 is that last pic real? How the fuck does that happen IRL also what is it with these guys and gore
>>1214008 >is that last pic real? Nah, can't be. Blood is not dark enough and the skin looks like rubber. He can't even get real gore, lmfao.
>>1214008 >is that last pic real? How the fuck does that happen IRL don't know, don't care >also what is it with these guys and gore I've lurked gore threads on /b/ not for the content but because I wanted to find out this as well. Apparently some people who have a lot of repressed aggression find that this shit calms them down. And there are legit psycopaths who get a power trip by looking at mutilated bodies. Something about feeling "superior" just because they didn't have that horrific fate makes them feel in control of their lives, feel like a winner. You remember that Zizek bit about the "conundrum" how gestapos led a double life, monsters in the camps, well adjusted snobs in their private lives? I don't think it's a conundrum... Shit makes them function smoothly.
>>1214011 On a second look, If you look at the eyes and mouth you can clearly tell it's a mask. You can see her eyes and mouth through it. Must be a halloween thing.
>>1213982 >her entire (early) life will revolve around the Catholic Church
>>1214029 >what's the difference between leftists and liberals? Well, for a starter both you and libs defend private property and the market, while we oppose them. From our POV you guys have more in common.
>>1214041 Stop posting about politics and talk cartoons again, cuck.
>>1214041 NOTICED Also >anyone today lives in "material poverty" when even the poorest in America can afford to have fucking iphones. The vast, VAST majority of those people literally take on debt to have those phones. How is it "affording" an iPhone when you get locked into a perpetual cycle of debt where the phone is never paid off? The US had consumer debt absolutely BALLOON in the last few decades. Most of the "high standard of living" in the US is illusory, as the rising amounts of working homeless can attest. https://youtu.be/s6cJJxzyeiE
(499.23 KB 1793x873 1.jpg)
>>1213163 >>canned meatballs >Which will be like 50% white rice / soy-based I checked the ingredients. It's another "nazi eating soy" episode. This guy is a goldmine. It even has it in bold: CONTAINS SOY
(35.17 KB 591x198 1.png)
>>1214041 >name me one liberal politician who doesn't make surface-level statements about rich white men and how they commit the heinous acts of being rich and white Donald Trump
>>1213284 >5 SECONDS OF SILENCE OVER LIP MOVEMENT This is truly the superhero cartoon for the schizo.
(376.54 KB 765x687 25242.png)
>>1214118 and he claims it took him 2 years to make >>1214097
Remember when they used to limit this kind of pro-social messaging to a minute or two at the end of the show? t.oldfag
>>1213495 >Flosses >Unsheathes "It's Okay To Be White poster" >Immigration banned and le white babies proliferate This is the far-right's plan.
>>1214143 your mother telling you she loves you
Chance what this guy jerks off to his own cartoon?
>>1214151 >The real purpose of CTH is to staunch the bleeding of young and normal White males coming into our camp in droves right now Source?
(12.85 KB 250x201 Fat Elf Ears.jpg)
>>1214151 How is capitalism BUT ONLY FOR THE WHITE! not an acceptable ideology in accordance to most of the people who are in power in the states? The only thing you're mad at them for is that they add fag shit into video games and movies and even then do a half-assed job of it. Get a better gimmick you fucking cunt. >>1214121 It's the best part of this whole series isn't it? Outside of the legit trippiness of it.
>>1214151 >the bleeding of young and normal White males coming into our camp in droves right now. lol they're bleeding alright, not sure about the normal part tho
(20.81 KB 927x770 chin_transplant.png)
>>1214151 you will never be a real man
>>1214163 Your a bunkercuck.
(157.39 KB 1280x720 doubleking.jpg)
>>1214097 I really feel like some contrast is needed, so here is another internet cartoon that also took 2 years to make. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_MSFkZHNi4
>>1214165 >pic of right wingers being owned <GOTEEEEEM
>>1214177 Yeah, but that's not a fair comparison since that guy has actual talent. Find me something that took 2 years to make from a guy with no talent.
>>1214177 The crab that got away is best character
(1.57 MB 1045x1195 1602461851596.png)
(763.83 KB 1674x1200 1602722159406.jpg)
>>1213313 YA DON GOOF'D
(276.60 KB 452x497 soy slurps.png)
The blonde chick is literally just a female archer
>>1214219 What The Fuck Am I Supposed to Notice? >OH GOD I'M MAKING BABY IM COOOOOOOOMING FOR MY ANCESTORS
>>1214223 Well you are a rootless godless faggot, of course you'd be hostile towards reproduction especially if it results in white babies
>>1214234 how many white children have you had? have you ever fucked or even kissed a woman?
>>1214240 None.
>>1214234 >Amerimutts >White
>>1214234 Weak AF
(389.36 KB 714x540 pewds.png)
>>1210943 ZOAR creator here. One of you faggots pestered me on twitter. Ask your questions.
>>1214275 Ya like imageboards?
>>1214275 What drove you to create this absolute piece of shit?
>>1214275 how much do you like bbc?
(68.08 KB 576x670 1.png)
>>1214275 It's him, for sure. Okay, I have a question. Does the speculation about your job here >>1213746 accurate? Also, congratulations on finally paying back your debt. I know a lot of nazis are actually hard working proles and even though we have our obvious differences none of us likes seeing people being enslaved by finance capital.
terminally online moron creating e-drama.
not really
>>1214275 You realize that your daughter will turn out a sheltered and undersocialized freak if you homeschool her?
>>1214290 fuck you faggot
>>1214290 dunno didnt read it lol
>>1214291 You can respond to specific posts by clicking the numbers at the top right corner of their posts.
>>1214292 that's why he's trying to arrange a marriage. pawn her off now before anyone knows any better
question for ZOAR creator, why are you wasting your clear artistic drive and talent on /pol/ memes? making a cartoon no matter how bad it is is a impressive acomplishment and you should feel proud, but your subject matter if anything probably hurts your chances of future funding for artistic endevours.
>>1214275 You complained about spending $350 an episode for voice actors. How much money did you spend in total making these 5 episodes?
>>1214303 Im tiring of /pol/ stuff. New episodes will be more along the lines of the first episode. I'm not worried about funding for future episodes.
(34.34 KB 800x450 og loc.jpg)
>>1213746 So the dude is basically a bedpan technician working a humiliating wagie job while also making shitty art. He's a Nazi OG Loc.
>>1214307 >Im tiring of /pol/ stuff. You still post racist shit on your twitter. How did your politics change lately? What do you actually know about communism? Have you read communist works?
>>1214304 tons if you consider software and computers and microphones and 3d assets and all that shit
>>1214311 $3k-5k range?
>>1214310 >You still post racist shit on your twitter. No I don't >How did your politics change lately? They really haven't >What do you actually know about communism? Have you read communist works? Yeah it's gay
>>1214275 I didn't really like your cartoon that much (mostly because of all the /pol/ shit), but I respect you for making this. I can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into making it, and I really admire your work ethic when it comes to making these. Would you ever consider making any non-political cartoons in the future?
>>1214313 >doesn't know anything about communism >says only that it's gay Faggot.
The dude just purged his posts on Twitter. Too bad that all the juicy stuff are preserved ITT.
>>1212864 Lol this is probably funnier like this out of context
>>1214315 Thank you. >Would you ever consider making any non-political cartoons in the future? Yes. I don't think future episodes will be overtly "political". Subject matter will be similar to ZOAR episode 1.
>>1214321 Where does the name ZOAR come from? What does it mean?
>>1214313 I reckon you could get your show real popular if you ramped it up to 9000+ self parody https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1938/09.htm Sorta like what jreg does https://m.youtube.com/user/flavacrava
>>1214323 I thought I already was ramping it up to 9000+ self parody!
>>1214323 >I reckon you could get your show real popular if you ramped it up to 9000+ self parody This. Want to get rich on youtube? Forget going non-political (Zoar episode 1 is the lamest of the 5 episodes IMO, while 5 is considered to be best: https://www.strawpoll.me/42259814/r ) Instead go full on Tim and Eric on this shit, self-parody, etc. But the ofc you'd have to stop being a literal nazi, which is not an easy process.
>>1214324 >I thought I already was ramping it up to 9000+ self parody! <purges his twitter after finding out about this thread <I WAS JUST JOOOOOOKING ALL THIS TIME!!!!!! yeah, nobody is buying that angle, dude
>>1214323 >>1214325 This. I would actually watch this unironically if the show went in this sort of direction.
>>1214326 I planned to delete my twitter tonight because it was a time sink but coincidentally someone came out of the woodwork asking me to drop by here so I'll do it later.
>>1214328 I'd pay him on Patreon if I had proof that he's not a nazi any more and legit shitting on nazis as an ex-nazi.
why has it been almost a year since an episode
>>1214326 Give the man an out and let him save face comrade >>1214330
>>1214331 New kid and new house with it's associated repairs demanded my attention. Things are more settled now.
mods ban the person that invited some insane nazi to our board please, we don't need a fucking reddit AMA for every schitzo on the internet
>>1214329 Nobody is buying it, dude. Listen, I totally get it. You have a job, a wife, a newborn kid. You don't want this shit to be possibly connected to you and lose your job over it, sacrificing your kids future. New you see that your spooky "enemy" the evil commies found your shit and now you purge your content. Everybody understands. But maybe reconsider your politics if you can't openly stand by it in civil society, since you are an adult now with responsibilities?
>>1214325 Don't care about making money from the cartoon or anyone even liking it. I do it because it's what I like to do. Where's that strawpoll from?
>>1214337 >Where's that strawpoll from? From this thread. If you haven't yet, maybe read the thread. Some hilarious shit in here. You might also want to consider using a name (enter anything into Name field) so we know it's you responding to all that content, comment, etc. above.
>>1214330 I made about $600 on patreon total before shutting it down when I stopped the cartoon last January. I couldn't take money from supporters when not actively making a cartoon.
>>1214335 Anon please, let us have our fun, this is just an imageboard after all
>>1214336 I'm not afraid of losing my job. I'm quitting it in February to raise my kid. My wife makes shit tons.
>>1214342 go AMA satan in hell you jackass
>>1214340 >use name ok
>>1214340 >read the thread maybe later
>>1214341 I think patreon and things like that have a per publication of episode thing now so you could set it up so you wouldn't be taking money unless you produced content I think
>>1214341 You are not an e-whore and you legit have passion for this. We get it. But still, dude, you put out some atrocious messages with this thing. Pretty much 90% of the posters here think that at the very least you need to be put in reeducation camps for this crap. What the fuck do you get out of shitting on the holocaust or black people?
(427.95 KB 466x769 hym stat.png)
>>1214349 Interesting. When I'm on a roll again I'll start another Paatreon so you faggots can bitch and take it down lol
(296.02 KB 473x472 avch.jpg)
>>1214352 Do you object to the themes? We can discuss your objections if you like.
>>1214354 >ctrl+f report <0 results If you haven't noticed it yet we want your current content up because effectively it's an argument against nazis. You make yourself look really, really, really dumb in these.
>>1214355 Sure, how do you defend this, for instance? >>1213572 Are you actually going to pretend that white people didn't profit off of literal slave labor or that it was "all the jooz and muslims" fault?
>>1214356 Well maybe it really is deep down the guy seems to have a good heart It's not his fault he's American >>1214352 I found it very entertaining myself Made me laugh, he would go to luxury gulag along with the guys who made south park
(131.52 KB 840x1036 hits pipe.jpg)
>>1214343 >stay at home dad to raise his daughter >wife wears the pants >rightie
>>1214362 >he would go to luxury gulag along with the guys who made south park So it will be, comrade Stalin. Politburo session is now adjourned.
>>1214364 It's all the soy he ate. Made him man hormones go woman hormones.
(517.41 KB 647x751 fer-za.jpg)
>>1214358 You misunderstand. I attest that whites indeed profited from slavery. It's a dirty, dirty business. But you have to understand that the white world abolished slavery in the 1830's. There are 40 million slaves in the world today and nearly all of them are non-whites owned by other non-whites. In 2020. It seems whites are the only ones who detest the practice enough to abandon it.
>>1214367 >You misunderstand. No, I don't. In the same episode you paint slavery as actually helping black people. You are being dishonest here. Also I knew this was going to be your answer since I saw your tweet with this exact content from a few months ago. What does it tell about you and your politics that you have to lie constantly to yourself and to others to keep it up and be ashamed of it in public?
>>1214367 Does your wife know about ZOAR and is she okay with your 3D waifus? Have you actually jerked off to these?
this reminds me of Xavier Renegade Angel lmao
>>1214377 My wife voices one of the female characters (the one in glasses)
>>1214380 Yes 100% its incredible this wasn't intentional
>>1214373 You are being nasty. I prefer not to tangle with your slanderous accusations.
>>1214382 brah I don't wanna go full blown feminist on you, but your wife does get, right, that you basically think that women should be baby making machines and otherwise hold no human value? For example in episode 1 you paint women as idiots who can't fucking do basic chores without a man's help. Then in ep3 & 4 you paint getting preggo and breast feeding as the solution to all women's problems.
(186.81 KB 1280x720 fiveish.jpg)
>>1210943 but is it as good as fiveish
>>1214384 >more deflection >more fake irony Coward.
>>1214384 It would be funny to introduce a character called MIGA man or something. Since /pol/ hates him now too you wouldn't lose your audience. Make him an infiltrator or something hired by the snake jew or whatever.
>>1214386 You made all that up. You watched the cartoon and came to your own conclusions based on your worldview and then placed those conclusions in my mouth. I bear no ill will towards women. Frequently I even love them. I like female protagonists, prefer them even in a lot of cases. It just so happens that these 2 characters are clueless about plumbing. It's not that strange for people to need to call a plumber. It's why they exist.
>>1214275 Do you think it means anything that one of your right wing idols (PDP) is a retard that got popular with literal 12 and under year olds for his shitty videogame commentary involving saying 'nigher'? Or is that just a coincidence? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQncg-q9c7I
>>1214380 what part of what episode?
>>1214352 how many layers of irony are you on
>>1214364 based pic
>>1214397 >PDP Who? How can you presume to know who my idols are?
>>1214397 Oh nevermind, you meant pewdiepie. He's not an idol of mine. I'm much too old for his videos.
(87.71 KB 415x156 reddit.png)
>>1214396 My man. You made a white nationalist cartoon where the bad guy is a snake jew. You don't need to hide who you are anymore.
>>1214367 Oh please slavery or human trafficking exist in the West too
Is that it then? Some of you seem like nice boys. Anything else? I'm not going to respond to ranting and raving and accusations and assumptions.
what program do you use for making these, was it hard to learn?
>>1214415 Yeah it's terrible. >>1214419 Moho 12 = 2D Movavi Movie Editor Daz 3d Clip Studio Paint = drawing
>>1214419 Nothing is hard to learn if you apply yourself. It takes time and trial and error.
>>1214411 Must we always walk on eggshells when portraying jewish people? I see no such courtesy extended to people of European heritage.
>>1214423 Shoulda just used blender for all that, really help the workflow. Speaking of which, what were your inspirations for this? Any particular animations you saw around that time?
>>1214275 Please add an edgy national bolshevik antihero the beats up antifags, liberals and kekistanis. I will donate 1000000000 roubles. Do it for the memes.
Do you use imageboards on a regular bases if yes which an which boards
>>1214423 So you conceded that whites haven’t exactly given up on slavery?
>>1214419 And why did you not learn blender instead of whatever hacked together shit workflow you are using? Blender is free, and there are plenty of resources for learning how to use it.
>>1214428 I think there is some allowance here at least. Mostly for anti-zionism not some weird conspiracy theory
>>1214431 >inspirations I come from comic books. I liked guys like Robert Crumb and Jim Woodring. I only started messing with animation because the medium of print comic books sort of died 2 decades ago and I still wanted to make things.
are you a boomer, gen x or millennial? I assume not zoomer
>>1214432 I've tried and tried again and I'm afraid I'll never understand what a National-Bolshevik is. link me to a succinct explanation please?
>>1214174 your a 4cuck
(373.81 KB 1324x770 Untitledefd.png)
>>1214433 Nope. I like this one though because there's no captcha. >>1214434 I can't think of a majority white country where slavery is not abolished by law and just openly accepted as a fact of life. I can name several non-white countries. Somehow whites get all the blame despite this. >>1214435 You and Blender should get married
>>1214442 they are nothing really. they are just a big tent org to unite two otherwise popular but opposing factions in Russian politics. Ideologically they are just Communists. They reject fascists like Dugin.
>>1214275 Thanks for giving me a good time. Also, stop abusing your kid bro.
>>1214441 Gen X
>>1214451 I don't have a younger brother
(1.41 MB 1451x896 diosmioss.png)
>>1213113 dios mio
>>1214455 el ogros de las americas
>>1214448 I think Nazbol is some kind of political art prank that is meant to occupy the minds of confused people so they dont become politically active in any meaningful way.
>>1214453 I’m talking about this >>1214455 Also do you believe in Qmemes?
>>1214455 You wish
(7.27 KB 200x252 valois.jpg)
>>1214461 What about it?
>>1214462 >You wish
>>1214459 Pretty close https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/National_Bolshevism It's actually an old /leftypol/ meme
Is that all then?
>>1214455 sweet kid but she's gonna rebel hard on ya i'd recommend going commie so she becomes some sort of rich businesswoman in her rebellious stage
>>1214455 el tradiaca de monstruo
>>1214470 Up to you Feel free to hang out if you want
>>1214469 >rational wiki why are you such a faggot ?
>>1214447 >I can name several non-white countries Name them then.
>>1214475 america
>>1214474 Because their hostile take on Nazbol and this board makes my sides achieve orbit everytime I read it
>>1214471 I'm going to let her find her own way. I accept that despite my best efforts anything can happen. I'm just trying to set a firm foundation for her.
>>1214470 Will you make more episodes? Will you make an episode for us bunkertranshumanists?
(65.88 MB 1280x720 A Fox in Space.mp4)
>>1214439 I see. I thought it was going for a kind of 'A Fox in Space' kind of vibe
(286.65 KB 460x1084 effee.png)
>>1214481 special episode for us yay
ngl kinda like the animation, reminds me of frisky dingo and early archer which i'm guessing was your intent, not the best looking but something about the stiffness kinda had a charm to it
>>1214481 lemme guess he's going to portray us as >soyboys >cucks >jews >radlibs
(289.85 KB 1026x442 v84756f8v7q51.png)
>>1214487 nazis were the og soylents tho
(12.55 KB 225x225 a.jpg)
>>1214487 the only way to portray /leftypol/ as a person would either be a schizophrenic person with tourettes syndrome telling themselves to fuck off
(37.62 KB 480x360 circus.jpg)
>invite him on <he does literally everything we would expect him to do christ alive why did we do this
>>1214491 or a man with a soy beard saying nïgger wearing a hammer and sickle shirt
(113.24 KB 1080x1350 1565877942977.jpg)
>>1214491 >schizophrenic person with tourettes syndrome telling themselves to fuck off that's literally me
>>1214475 Many parts of Africa. Just go to wikipedia. It's easy to find out where slavery is most widely practiced today. >>1214481 If I understood what a bunkerhumanist was maybe my mind would begin concocting a story just for them. Sadly I have no idea what it means. >>1214486 Thank you. It's a pastiche of 80's He-Man. Some people really hate the style. What can you do? This is the consequence of making animation as a solo artist. Compromises.
>>1214487 i just wanna see nazbol gang batman
>>1214492 Problem?
>>1214493 No no it would be a cut and pasted voiceover saying uigher
>>1214495 bunkertran.nies, wordfilter fucked it up please make special episode for leftypol, patreon line will go up i promise
>>1214498 how could you make a schitzo cartoon and be just a completely bog standard nazi who tries to weasel their way out of the retarded positions they very visibly hold be like, mildly funny
(584.51 KB 569x560 eefff.png)
>>1214495 can you make an episode where these two gets BLACKED
>>1214502 that would mean I would have to lurk here for prolonged periods to figure you guys out. Not sure I'm compelled in that direction. >>1214503 Such slanderous accusations. Shame on you. If you disagree with me about any specific point I would be glad to hear it and would respond in kind.
>>1214491 >>1214493 Its just gonna be a tran** that has nothing to do with the board whatsoever, just like all the other righty shit about us
>>1214506 This idea was actually on the agenda honestly. Only the girl in glasses was going to join a hindu flavored cult run by cockroaches to prove how open minded she was only to wind up getting raped and beheaded. Seemed a bit too extreme. >>1214508 Interesting to see how leftypol has the same shit-tier banter as polpol
(131.80 KB 500x366 a1e.png)
>>1214495 There are entries for every region, including the West. Like I said, name them or stfu.
>>1214515 Sad that you didn't go with that idea would have been great
(184.58 KB 1044x869 831.png)
>>1214515 > Only the girl in glasses was going to join a hindu flavored cult run by cockroaches to prove how open minded she was only to wind up getting raped and beheaded. pls do
>>1214447 The US actively reinstated slave markets In Libya
>>1214515 Maybe just imply the rape and cut to the beheading in a comically timed fashion
>>1214521 It can still happen
>>1214513 if he makes a schizoid /leftypol/ i'll kiss him
(347.43 KB 680x587 byeeee.png)
>>1214532 White people get all the shit for slavery BECAUSE we abolished it. We make all the black slave trading countries FEEL BAD for still indulging. More slaves in the world today (not owned by whites) than have ever been traded in the paltry transatlantic trade.
>>1214532 none of us have said that lol, we arent libs. the only thing that matters is if you are part of the proletariat or part of the bourgeoisie
>>1214536 Except one of the dickbags in this thread keeps jumping up denying this and saying NUH UH WHITES ARE THE BIG BAD SLAVERS. God only knows why it pleases him to do this.
>>1214528 A website that claims that NDPK has "legal" slavery without even quoting the exact article of their constitution where it says that, shows that the rest is/can be interpreted as pure shyte. Fuck off, faggot.
>>1214543 COPE HARDER
(38.71 KB 750x864 1limk3.jpg)
Ok this has devolved into typical chan board idiocy. Goodnight my darlings. Christmas is almost here so behave yourselves.
>>1214545 Can you bring the proofs where all of the constitutions there says it is legal to have slavery as a modern productive force?
>>1214547 bye bye
>>1214547 Night See you tommorow
I just finished all 5 episodes episode 5 is definitely is best mostly due to good pacing favorite character is the Snake
>>1214503 What is with the right and always being weaselly mealy mouthed rat fuck cowards? And then, of course, they immediately project that back onto everyone else, the legion of eternal (((schemers))) who can't be trusted because they're lying through their teeth, too afraid to announce their true position, so (((they))) have to work through subterfuge and lies instead.
>>1214528 Literally all these countries have banned and criminalized slavery. The article is talking about human trafficking, something that we already agreed happens in the West too.
>>1214556 Stop implying we're libshits retard it makes the libshits think they're in good company not the odd ones out Also STOP NAMEFAGGING
>>1214548 >show me where constitution says it's legal Lol if something is LEGAL it just means there's not a law against it. It's legal to brush your teeth therefore NO NEED TO MENTION IT IN THE CONSTITUTION. If constitutions listed everything that's LEGAL they would go on for zillions of pages. You are dumb as fuck. Stop trying XD >>1214549 Goodnight my brave and handsome little friend. >>1214550 Never again lol >>1214552 Thank you. Pacing was the area I focused on improving in that episode specifically because people had been complaining about it previously. Glad you thought it was tight.
(3.98 MB 544x306 zoargif.gif)
>>1214564 I don't get it of course It's ok to be white, just like It's ok to be black, mexican whatever
>>1214561 >>1214561 >Lol if something is LEGAL it just means there's not a law against it. Not that anon but it is just means it is decriminalized.
>>1214566 Precisely. You are right. But only one of those statements gets national headlines as a "hate crime" when uttered.
>>1214570 People who say and endorse that tend to want to do or already did hate crimes. Fuck your motley and Bailey bullshit.
>>1214570 oh youre white L
>>1214570 I'm not American Your countries politics is beyond retarded Shouldn't you get some sleep It's real late over there innit?
>>1214571 No, people who say 'its ok to be white' are setting out to demonstrate precisely how normalized anti-white hatred is by pointing out people's revulsion at such an innocuous phrase. Also, it's MOTTE and Bailey. Don't try to be smart you might hurt yourself.
(4.03 MB 544x306 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)
(91.49 KB 223x294 8c2crma32pv41.png)
What is this thread
>>1214581 agent Kochinski said, " If only you knew how bad things really are. "
>its ok to be white It's just like the equally silly black lives matter slogan. its a simple, incontroversial statement when taken out of context. then extremists (whether it be race supremacists, anarchkiddies, accelerators, whatever) use it as a cover to start being cunts while hiding under 'we're the good guys' America is all so tiresome... sage for off topic garbage that shouldn't tell you anything you don't already know, anon
>>1214591 eh, it's annoying when people try to shine a light on an embargoed, war-recovering nation to say it's better than a superpower that hasn't had a land war at home in centuries. Even if they have a society with good treatment of people, it's not going to make a relatively wealthy person jealous. normalfag thinks DRPK is a totalitarian starving-african shithole that wants to nuke them.
(204.10 KB 1080x887 IMG_20201211_084845.jpg)
>>1214578 >IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE. <Go out and shoot random people at mosque or a walmart. >ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE. <Go an shoot out random people. Gee I wonder why nazis are fucking despised.
>>1214578 Oh here comes the motte defense, pretending the people saying are helpless and vulnerable when challenged like a fucking bitch >Don't try to be smart you might hurt yourself. Oh please, being a spelling nazi is peak pseudo-intellectual behavior.
(34.28 KB 1150x1080 zoar.png)
>>1214579 I'm not a particularly great artist and this thread will probably be dead by the time I wake up in the morning to try and finish this, but I'm doing what I can to do my part. The skirts pretty fucked, I'll have to redo that. I might redo the shirt as well, I was going to throw 'blacked' on there or something but her weird bra thing is more distinctive.
>>1214665 baaased
>>1214570 for some reason people who say that its ok to be white already did or will do some terrible shit. you need to somehow stop these retards from using the phrase.
>>1214578 Crakkka lol
(27.11 KB 690x444 images (42).jpeg)
>its ok to be white No
>>1214578 Funny how popular the saying is amongst pedophiles and mass-shooters, huh?
>>1214578 I am very curious; who do you believe is saying that it is *not* okay to be white?
>>1210943 Movie time!,everyone come grab your favorite food from the table and head to you seat,this is gonna be a cringe-worthy night.
>>1214578 People are “revulsed” because they see through you like a wet serviette. Your self-victimizing is pathetic, you are like a crawling worm. It’s nauseating watching you wallow in your own dung and cry about your imaginary victimhood.
>>1214552 >favorite character is the Snake someone lewd the snake
>>1214515 >This idea was actually on the agenda honestly. Only the girl in glasses was going to join a hindu flavored cult run by cockroaches to prove how open minded she was only to wind up getting raped and beheaded. Seemed a bit too extreme. Source?
>>1213766 >let's despise people with simple jobs >that will surely make them get their act together
>>1214540 No, he was just rejecting the idea that white people were somehow saviors.
(25.91 KB 300x100 zoar1.jpg)
(28.67 KB 300x100 zoar2.jpg)
>>1213060 I tried turning this into some banners. thoughts?
>>1213495 Feels so 2016
>>1213176 Ill do it
>>1214515 >This idea was actually on the agenda honestly Every time
>>1214397 I remember how assblasted he was he wrote how he still made cash from their views. It blew big which made him apologize and started to promote some charitable organization. A pattern that continued since 2012. It wasn't until he started aping FilthyFrank which made him likable to 4chan.
>>1214343 >My wife makes shit tons. I don't buy it, dude. Your prepper stash >>1213163 doesn't exactly say "I'm well off". Also, are you overweight?
>>1214900 I like it. I think you should remake the middle font with the same text and background, because it's barely readable.


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