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(147.72 KB 470x472 cpusa.png)
CPUSA infiltration of the Vatican Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 07:56:27 No. 1230521
>During the early years of Communism in the 1920s and 30s, the evil was being spread worldwide as the Blessed Mother had predicted at Fatima in 1917. Communist parties were being formed in various European countries and in American cities as well. They were already attempting to upset the political and cultural order. >But what only a very small number of people knew was that the top dogs of Communism had already released the hounds on the Church. The carefully organized plan was to recruit young men who were loyal Communists and get them placed in seminaries. This was carried out by various agents during the 1920s and 30s. >Fast forward 30 years to the 1960s, and the fruits were beginning to be seen. Learned, dedicated, faithful men and women in the Church were looking around and fretting, not sure from what framework they should understand the demolition of the Faith they were witnessing. At one point, Pope Paul VI even said that it appeared the Church was in auto-demolition. >One of those deeply distressed was a refugee from Hitler's Germany, the brilliant theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand. He and his wife Alice were sitting down one day with a friend, a woman by the name of Bella Dodd. Bella Dodd had been received back into the Catholic Church by Abp. Fulton Sheen in April of 1952. >This particular day, von Hildebrand was lamenting the state of affairs in the Church and said "It seems like the Church has been infiltrated." To the shock of both Dietrich and Alice, Bella Dodd, former Communist agent, confessed that it had been infiltrated — and she had been one of the Communists ordered to organize it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKLBvvlabgw
Based if true.
>Archbishop Sheen deserves our praise. He told Bella Dodd that she was “converted” to communism at Hunter College (she was soon followed by another Hunter student, Joyce Davidson, later to become Mrs. C.S. Lewis, who also embraced communism for many years). She came to him, heart broken finally realizing the terrible irreparable harm she had done by faithfully and efficiently following an order of Stalin, namely to recruit men having neither faith nor morals, and to “infiltrate Catholic seminaries and religious orders.” Being given her talents, her eloquence, her charisma, she was successful beyond expectation and when her eyes opened she was tortured by guilt that only God’s infinite mercy could assuage. This undeniable fact—infiltration in Catholic seminaries had gone back for many years—sheds some light on the abominable priestly scandal that has plagued the Church in the course of the last years. Horrified by what she had so successfully done, Bella told Bishop Sheen that she wanted to enter the most severe penitential order in the Church to try, in some modest way, to pay her crushing debt. She was told by this venerable prelate, that her mission was to remain in the world and open the eyes of blind U.S. citizens to the horror of communism. She obeyed and, from the early ‘50s until her death in 1969, she crisscrossed the country giving talks to shake her co-citizens and open the Americans’s sleepy eyes to the horror of atheistic  communism. >By doing so Bella, now labeled “a traitor”, knew that she was endangering her life. But, animated by her ardent faith and her deep contrition, she tried to pay her debt and put her rich talents: her intelligence, clarity of thought, charisma and selfless dedication, at the service of the truth. She truly deserves our thanks and loving admiration. >The climate prevalent in many universities is that “all ideas should be welcome” and that “freedom of thought” is the ABCs of a “democratic” education. One idea, however, is taboo and should be radically ostracized: namely, that there is such thing as truth and objective moral values that should be not only accepted, but lived, by all men. This is violently   objected to on the ground that it militates against freedom, confused with “license.” The thought is, “No one is to tell me how I should behave…” >To open our eyes, Bella Dodd wrote a book, “School of Darkness”, which should be a must-read in all U.S. schools together with the masterpiece of Whittaker Chambers, “Witness”. It is a fearful book but, if probably understood will be the greatest safeguard against the destructive forces which today threaten the very foundation of the USA: a nation under God. >What I am writing on infiltration is not meant to deny that some bishops, some heads of religious orders, some priests have not fallen into the very grave sin of either closing their eyes to the horrible sins committed by people under their authority – but to make aware of the fact that a key factor hardly ever mentioned or mentioned at all, is that many of the worst culprits were not Catholic priests who had fallen prey to “unbridled lust” but infiltrators who had obtained false baptismal certificates and were plainly agents of communism. I heard from Bella Dodd that these evil men had even infiltrated the Vatican – for the Catholic Church is the arch enemy of Communism: and they know it. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/column/recalling-a-hero-3493
>>1230521 >>1230629 These would be the same people who would advocate for the destruction of the Jesuit Reductions in the 16th centaury.
>believing a mccarthyist snitch >ever
The church infiltrated the communists
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQg5eoV0be4 This rat doesn't sound "all there". You can tell she's almost on the edge of tears at some points, perhaps because she knows snitching on everyone was wrong.
We should repeat this but with Evangelical Christianity and Mormonism
>>1231882 fuck off
>>1231882 As an ex-Mormon, Mormons are probably the WORST branch of Christianity next to the JWs. There is no spirituality in Mormonism plus the LDS Church is way more authoritarian and pro-capitalist than Rome.
This is a massive doubt from me. The CPUSA was one of the most thoroughly infiltrated organizations in the history of the left, and you're telling me an official document was never released on it?
>>1232114 Bella Dodd is on record saying the CPUSA tried to infiltrate the Catholic Church back in the mid 1930s by planting comrades in the seminaries. Whether or not it actually happened is another story. I agree, the lack of a paper trail is hella sus. Alice von Hildebrand and Paul Kengor claim to have documents proving this so you'll have to ask either of them.
>when you order your Trump costume on WISH
>>1230777 This.
>>1232197 I'm leaning towards it being unlikely that we infiltrated seminaries. According to some older comrades, we do have comrades who are preachers, some who are Rabbis, I think even an Imam or two, but sadly no Catholic Priests as far as we know. I think this is in part because Socialists/Communists are automatically excommunicated from The Church. It's a real shame, a few comrades of ours wanted to be nuns. I'm a Catholic myself, and when I was younger I considered the priesthood. It's an interesting trait among some would-be revolutionaries, I think the religious-impulse is not all that different from the revolutionary one. It's a desire to make the world a better place.
>>1232358 Think of it this way: the CIA had entire programs dedicated to assassinating proponents of liberation theology. If Bella Dodd was a paid informant working with the feds and specifically told them about this infiltration plot, why didn't they go after the Catholic Church? The McCarthyites targeted nearly everything else (unions, schools, Hollywood, the state department, liberal Protestant churches, etc.) yet they never touched the Catholic Church once.
>>1232358 Honestly, if I believed Christianity to be true I'd probably be Greek/Byzantine Catholic since they have all the beauty of Orthodoxy all while being in communion with Rome. Just asking, but have you heard this conspiracy before?
>>1232373 Well, to play the Devil's Advocate, I believe McCarthy himself was a Catholic, and a good portion of his support came from the Catholic community of the U.S., which was extremely anti-communist at the time. It's important to understand that in McCarthy's day, the Church still exercised power over its flock, and there's still remnants of this American-Catholic identity today. My mother used to tell me about how priests would determine what movies you could or couldn't watch, music you could or couldn't listen to, so on. You were part of a community, and if McCarthy did start to go after Catholic Priests, even Marxists, he'd see his voter base gone and his community alienating him. >>1232403 I think I've heard snippets of this conspiracy, but it wasn't explicitly described as "Communist." So, there are two kinds of Catholic conspiracies: conspiracies about Catholics and conspiracies from Catholics. Chick Tracts are notorious for being some of the last vestiges of American Anti-Catholicism, in that he depicts the Church as this satanic institution that is simultaneously behind Communism, Nazism, and Islam. To some cold-war era protestants, Catholics were spreading communism so they could establish some Papal theocracy in the U.S. From within the Catholic Church however, most conspiracies are that Satanic forces exist on earth (during the cold war, this was predominately Communists) and are attempting to undermine and destroy the Church. Extremely Right Wing Catholics are liable to believe that "bad" changes in the Church are the result of a conscious conspiracy by liberals/gays/communists to ruin its public image. Central to both these conspiracies is the Society of Jesus - The Jesuits. Both within and without the Church, the Jesuits are probably the most controversial Catholic organization on earth. You either love them or you hate them. In my experience, most of my Catholic school teachers had training by Jesuits, and we learned the story of Ignatius of Loyola growing up: a spanish noble who had his leg torn apart by a cannonball, spent his recovery reading the bible, and then actively sought to create a Church organization that ran off of military discipline and was willing to go anywhere to spread the word. Now, Jesuits have a history of being Catholicism's most ardent missionaries. There were Jesuits in China translating Confucius, Jesuit missionaries won over a whole tribe of Natives by being tortured to death and happily accepting martyrdom. Since Jesuits were trained in apologetics, they'd spend a great deal of time learning of the "Other Side's" viewpoints and then arguing against it. What this means is that they're both very smart, but also susceptible to liberalism given how often they experience diverse worldviews. To conservative Catholics, the modern Jesuits are a "third column" seeking to push liberalism into the Church. To conservative protestants, the Jesuits are like the Vatican's equivalent of the CIA and are constantly working to undermine American values. Anyways, there's an existing trend among Jesuits to be the more liberal clique within the Church... for better or worse. I believe a bishop with Jesuit training stirred some controversy recently when he depicted Jesus as a gay man. Similarly, I believe Fidel Castro was raised and educated by Jesuits. So... yeah. This seems like a conspiracy pieced together from existing cultural conspiracies and also real trends within the Church.
>>1233075 >So... yeah. This seems like a conspiracy pieced together from existing cultural conspiracies and also real trends within the Church. My thoughts exactly. Keep in mind, Dodd was brought back to Catholicism by Fulton Sheen, who was always attacking communism to the point where he was literally working with the FBI. He was the one who urged Dodd to snitch on the CPUSA during the Senate hearings, even though she admittedly felt reluctant to do so. He also started promoting "the commies have infiltrated the church" BS soon after hearing Dodd's first confession. Really makes me think the two of them came up with this conspiracy theory together, probably because Sheen wanted the Catholic Church to be more proactive in fighting communism and Dodd wanted to look more "redeemed". There was also a book written in France in the early 1970s called AA-1025 which allegedly contained the memoirs of a Soviet spy who went undercover as a priest in order to infiltrate the Church. The book is a work of pure fiction which even the author admitted, but many TradCaths still pimp it as a legit memoir showcasing proof of a communist plot.
>>1230896 Explain
>>1233636 What's to explain? The church is still there and the communists aren't.
>>1230629 >>Horrified by what she had so successfully done, Bella told Bishop Sheen that she wanted to enter the most severe penitential order in the Church to try, in some modest way, to pay her crushing debt. She was told by this venerable prelate, that her mission was to remain in the world and open the eyes of blind U.S. citizens to the horror of communism. She obeyed and, from the early ‘50s until her death in 1969, she crisscrossed the country giving talks to shake her co-citizens and open the Americans’s sleepy eyes to the horror of atheistic communism. You can’t snitch your way into Heaven.
>>1233636 The church is the oldest institution. It’s more likely that they were able to infiltrate the various communist parties than vice versa
>>1230521 Probably false but I wish it was true.
>>1230521 >that happened
>>1233075 I'd also add that the Catholic Church worked hand-in-hand with big capital for nearly a century to fight communism together, hence why the Church supported the fascists in Spain and anti-communist dissident movements in the Eastern Bloc. Now that the Cold War is for the most part over, the Church is starting to liberalize a hell of a lot. When TradCaths are accusing the current pope of being the disciple of the CPUSA's communist priests, you know there's something going on.
>>1235821 >the Catholic Church worked hand-in-hand with big capital for nearly a century *almost two millennia
>>1235866 "Big Capital" was not a thing until the seventeenth century.
>>1235866 The Catholic Church was the original Church, m8.
>>1235977 The Catholic Church as we know it with a pope was not the original church. Orthodoxy and its Pentarchy is closer to the original Church, if you don't count all the splinter sects. The reason why there is even Catholics to begin with was one the Pentarchy starts to fall a part, then of course the Bishop of Rome declared himself the pope and crowned Charlemagne Emperor of the newly founded Holy Roman Empire. So there is a history lesson for you.
>>1235993 Could be true, but I was more referring to the myth Protestants like to spew that the "original Church" looked closer to their theology, when there's zero evidence for that. Jesus didn't leave His followers with a Bible or some arbitrary anarchist group but with a Church.
>>1230521 This guy said the infiltration is what lead to Liberation Theology. https://youtu.be/I_P8HvUjeik?t=290
>>1236049 it doesnt even make sense for an organized infiltration 1. a prospective clergyman goes through an undergraduate course which is most likely philosophy 2. said student studies some socjus related material, tangentially touches upon the marxists canon, links it to his surrounding 3. becomes a "marxists", continues onto his postgraduate instruction in theology 4. rise up the hiererchy of the church, incease popularity by aid socjus wordbites 5.??? 6.prophet
>>1236179 Their narrative is that the CPUSA subsidized a thousand trained communist agents to go into Catholic seminaries, go through all that theological and philosophical training, become priests, and then spread communist thought into the Church and recruit other communists into the priesthood. I know it's a stretch, but hey, that's what the TradCaths actually believe.
>>1235883 >What are royalties >What is the Church itself
>>1236560 Prodfag detected.
>>1230521 Okay this is funnier than the Frankfurt School conspiracies.
(832.54 KB 2028x1576 b15.png)
We need Christian-communism.
>curses a fig tree
>>1292327 >The Jews picked up stones again to stone Him. Jesus answered them, “I showed you many good works from the Father; for which of them are you stoning Me?” – John 10:31–32
>>1292344 Jesus was being sarcastic here, asking why the son of God would be stoned. That in and of itself is blashphemy, a crime worthy of stoning. >They hated him because he told the truth.
>>1230521 >>1230629 She literally said she never met anyone who was a communist who was a member of the Catholic clergy and denied the Party tried to infiltrate Catholicism. https://youtu.be/dQg5eoV0be4?t=4390 Either her "1100 communist men in the priesthood" thing was something she lied about on the spot, or she never made the claims to begin with. Either way, she was still a rat.
>>1230521 It's only the Jesuits who are liberal. The entire rest of the Church is still right-wing as fuck.
>>1236560 >capitalists are just rich people >there is absolutely no difference between the bourgeoisie and aristocracy
>>1230896 problem, atheoid?
How do I convert my qt Catholic gf into a communist?
>>1298339 liberation theology as a stepping stone
>>1298339 rape the virgin mary
>>1298495 Any books on the subject?
>>1298403 the church should probably set up a mental hospital for these guys
>>1235993 No Catholicism is the original Church. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJQgXgEB3fk


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