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(37.67 KB 640x364 1610208888287.jpg)
well... Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 18:34:24 No. 1231288
He was arrested,what was his endgame?
To be an epic meme
Was getting caught part of his plan?
>>1231296 of courshe
>>1231288 He just wanted to take a stand for what he believes in
(11.00 KB 267x400 sad.jpg)
Sickening to see libs hooting and hollering about how glad they are that these guys are getting arrested.
>>1231305 Ultra kek.
>>1231288 im relieved this dangerous terrorist criminal is in custody. i feel safe again.
>>1231391 Copium We should support the act, not the individual, he was an useful idiot
>>1231305 Being tyrone's bitch in prison?
(204.31 KB 1284x1459 fnyjbk65st961.jpg)
I want to know what this guys deal was.
>>1231430 wow typical antifa smh
>>1231430 to kick off the race war, duh
>>1231430 jonesin for some jolly ranchers
I really hope Trump pardons this guy, he didn’t hurt anybody, all he did was create a great Meme, LOL.
>>1231531 Trump already cucked to the establishment. These guys cucked their lives for someone that doesn't even acknowledges them now lmao
>>1231534 I know that the Trump show is Fake wrestling (just like the “New Cold War”) more then anyone, LOL. I just hope that if the Casino owner/Game show host/Steak seller/Water seller/Golf course designer/Pimp/Real estate Mogul/War Criminal/Lame Duck President has any shred of decency, he’ll pardon his supporters who he lured into committing felonies and even getting killed for his washed-up career and disgraceful legacy.
I know that the Trump show is fake wrestling (just like the “New Cold War”) more then anyone, LOL. I just hope that if the Casino owner/Game show host/Steak seller/Water seller/For-profit university scammer/Pimp/Real estate Mogul/Failed Football team owner/Golf course owner/War criminal/Lame-duck President has any shred of decency he would pardon his supporters who he lured into committing felonies and even dying to save his failed political career and disgraceful legacy.
>>1231457 unironically this. dude's giving ammo to the dems to say there were literal nazi's at the capitol without it being an exaggeration for once
This guy and Pelosi desk boomer are the only based things from the 2021 Capitol Hill riot
>>1231589 I’m sorry that I posted the same thing twice, LOL. Though in the second one I added more attributes to Orange man then the first, LMAO.
>>1231597 ex-jannies sabotaged the site apparently.
>>1231288 >what was his endgame? To have ebin story to tell his kids and grandkids.
>>1231430 wow alan moore's politics have changed a lot
>>1231288 don't care about the others but this guy was based, hope he gets pardoned
I will recognize Dotard as the legitimate Interim President
>>1231288 Free this guy an get BakedAlaska+nick Fuentes
(64.95 KB 1280x720 omegakek.jpg)
>>1231305 based
>>1231288 bootlicker
>>1231288 he was a bootlickcer stealing from millionaire politicians is bootlicker behavior
>>1232577 >stealing from millionaire politicians bruh he posed with a podium that was most likely paid with your tax money
>>1231288 I’d do it too,
>>1231460 >>1231404 the right can't meme
>>1231391 Yep, we're witnessing the most significant purge in living memory and libs are cheering it on. No love for trump supporters, of course, but if it's them today tomorrow it will be us.
(12.75 KB 259x194 images.jpeg)
I'm more interested in what this guys plan was
>>1234259 Hog tie politicians and start the American jihad with some good old beheadings, of course.
(2.53 MB 1920x1920 1610351132381.jpg)
(211.44 KB 1269x652 1610354617431.jpg)
who wants head
gonna get charged for grand larceny or something
>>1234364 Hang around with his mom apparently
(13.45 MB 1280x720 Trumptards arrested.mp4)
>>1234346 Genuinely looks like he's deep on the spectrum, so not.
why can't the far right and far left join forces? are we that ideologically entrenched? the elites need to be afraid of their constituents but i see liberals across the internet shitting on the capitol unrest like they're some kind of resistance that unironically sucks the political establishment's cock. it's disgusting and frustrating.
>>1236425 >far-right cannot into economics >far-left cannot into charisma
>>1236433 fundamentally - moderates aside - i think they want the same things. the robber barons should pay and the middle class should thrive. i think it's entirely by design that both sides can't come to mutual ground.
>>1236425 far right want to kill me because of an aspect I cannot change about myself (nog) that they ascribe magical properties to nobody is born a fascist, it is muteable.
>>1236442 have you tried not acting like a uighur?
>>1236435 We want to abolish class and the "middle class" necetitates an underclass to brutalize.
>>1236435 And what happens when the proverbial elite gets overthrown? We will not be allies for very long. Disclaimer: this does not apply to the Internet you nerds
>>1236448 Have you ever tried not thinking like a lizard.
>>1236453 so what? we just let them continue doing what they want? we have a mutual enemy, i don't understand why, even temporarily, we can coalign.
>>1236425 >>1236433 t.cringe armchairists
It is sad that all these people were tricked into fucking themselves over for a reality tv star who doesn't really care about them.
>>1236435 Far-leftism isn't when the poor gets gibs from the toontown cogs. Neither is far-rightism. Only a specific sect of right-wing populists care about mass transfer of wealth.
>>1234364 >willingly wearing horns lmao
>>1292565 LMFAO
>>1231391 Reddit: WTF, I love police brutality now.
>>1231391 because they have no concept of shame.
>>1236442 worked for Michael Jackson
>>1236442 >nobody is born a fascist, it is muteable. And by the same token, I don't think every racist rightoid is beyond reason. I was one, for what it's worth, during a miserable time years ago when I had no self-esteem. Speaking from experience, most altists are emotionally hooked-in to their politics the same way wokoids are, and are depending on it for self-affirmation after the mainstream left showers them in white guilt and idpol. A lot of these types of people were abused or not parented properly and will just latch on to the first group that they feel accepted in. >>1236425 >why can't the far right and far left join forces? the catch is that actually persuading one is a huge pain in the ass because stubbornness was the MO. We need to put forth a concerted message that you don't need to kowtow to censorship, clutch pearls over words and drawings, or espouse wokism to be a leftist. I could easily see a trumpist who's truly realized they were duped becoming one of us. I've managed to convert a number of my friends, it just takes time and you have to be consistently sharp. Don't be a faggot or a doormat, don't pull punches, tell the raw truth. >>1236433 Basically accurate, but it's no good to just accept things as they are. Be the charismatic leftoid you want to see.
>>1294662 I was a rightoid myself, however I never went down the "multicultural" white nationalism cognitive dissonance schizoid train. Racist Trumpers...I'm not so sure. The race spook is not a reliable one to break, this also applies to liberals ofc.
>>1294662 >I could easily see a trumpist who's truly realized they were duped becoming one of us. I am expecting to see a LOT of those here fairly soon. Trumptards and Qtards just got the rug pulled right out from under them, and only the most delusional among them will be able to deny that we were right the whole time. That said, they do tend to be pretty damned delusional.
>>1234346 High Priest of Q
I find this hilarious and leftists are such a non-issue in the US that the fearmongering that "ITZ GON BE US TOMORROW" is cringe
(38.49 KB 750x665 tom jerking off.jpg)
>>1234346 He woulda made a great Rum Tum Tugger.
>He was arrested,what was his endgame? Get a sweet podium for his living room. A stupid endgame is still an endgame.
>>1231305 Actually is a lectern.
>>1231288 20 years of prison


no cookies?