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Anonymous 02/01/2021 (Mon) 21:54:26 No. 1313369
How do I cope with the idea that there is no afterlife,and that as soon as death comes,everything will disappear forever.
what is there to cope with? it'll just be over and that's that. I'd be more worried if the was an afterlife
>>1313369 How did you cope with it before you were born? Try that out. It worked before, didn't it?
>>1313369 Even from a materialist perspective I think it makes more sense to view your identity in terms of a particular pattern of informational continuity rather than a particular set of atoms (most of the atoms in your brain get replaced every few months). So if nonexistence worries you, you can always hold out hope that posthumans in the distant future will recreate a computational pattern that has that kind of informational continuity with your present self (or whatever you are like at the age when you die). The Russian cosmists, who had an influence on certain strands of socialist thought, imagined a future technological "resurrection" similar to this.
Make the absolute most out of the life you do have, since there's nothing to look forward to
>>1313371 I'd be okay with being reincarnated as a rock or a frog or something
why would this be sad, non existence is the only true utopia
Just think of life as a series of contradictions in dialectical tension, which will all resolve when you die.
>>1313369 It was like that for trillions of years before you were born. It's no different
there are a lot of ancient philosophies and knowledge lost to man. also some very valuable stuff recovered. some of the most important concepts of ancient philosophy (or spirituality) was concerning the afterlife or what happens to the soul after death
>>1313419 The universe is only 14 billion years old though. But yeah, after a undecillion years all lifeforms based on bayonic matter will have decayed, so you won't really miss anything OP.
>>1313369 >everything will disappear forever. You say that like it's a bad thing.
(64.17 KB 500x347 real_nihilism.png)
>>1313369 >as soon as death comes,everything will disappear forever I fail to see the problem
>be me >lives in the imperial core >hate humanity >hate this world >hate existing >hate life >hate capitalism >dredging to wake up every day >has contemplated thoughts of suicide >wants to wreck this world >wants to burn everything to the ground >wants to kill God or gods/goddesses (if they exist) >wants to destroy everything even more
>>1313399 ^yolo its time to be a porky bye guys.
(93.43 KB 470x704 spanish5.jpg)
>>1313437 same.. the most frustrating part is knowing that i will never be able to achieve even my most plausible desires
>>1313437 become a marxist intellectual
(137.32 KB 331x249 ITS-bomb1.png)
>>1313437 >wants to wreck this world >wants to burn everything to the ground >wants to kill God or gods/goddesses (if they exist) >wants to destroy everything even more Can i introduce you to eco-extremism my friend?
>>1313427 >meme physics yeah, no.
Hezbollah style martyrdom
(20.57 KB 645x773 Feelsgood.png)
>>1313369 >there is no afterlife,and that as soon as death comes,everything will disappear forever. May your life bee a good or shitty one this is a neutral thing at worse. I don't mind a long life even unnaturally so, but eternity would be a heck of a long time and everything would eventually stat to feel bland and taste like ash and reality would become torturously boring at best, even if quality of life would be super high. Just imagine what a few millennia of existence alone would do to a nigga with a human psyche let alone eternity. I sometimes dream that I would like to see the starts go out, but still I'm happy to know that eventually one day I will be no more.
>>1313427 Anon also wasn't alive before that, so you can add more years
>>1313498 I took 5 MEO-DMT once, I freaked out lost all conception of reality thought I was immortal realized eternity is torture and tried to kill myself. I had believed that since I was immortal I would reappear as a new being hopefully in a better condition then I was then. Though the struggle is real, when you realize you are basically at the whim of your subconscious and will never get to many of the things you want. At the end of the day I am so glad to be mortal.
>>1313376 >>1313371 >>1313406 >>1313419 >>1313433 >>1313436 >>1313478 Retarded redditors shut the fuck up
>>1313369 There is guaranteed some sort of supernatural shit. Atheism makes no sense, it can be debunked by force.
>>1313369 >cope with the idea that there is no afterlife this is a cope
(510.80 KB 1366x768 e2.png)
>>1313369 become religious and I'm not talking one particular religion, read around and see what appeals to you
Eternal Recurance. Don't forget you're here forever. Tbh at some point you start to wonder if obliteration is better than ER, but hey, what can you do about it?
(130.85 KB 499x532 1-Nf1mmak-sezE8yF2AB01jA.jpeg)
>>1313577 Hol up,you mean there is a chance that i will die and re-experience being born,highschool,first embarssing picture,becoming a cagie wagie,getting old and ass cancer again and again and again in an eternal loop? fuck me
>>1313369 Nobody knows one way or the other. Realistically however this all works is as incomprehensible as the true essence of reality and life itself. Merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream or some shit. Might as well just enjoy the version of reality you're currently involved with prior to its end. As for what comes next, again, that's strongly beyond the scope of deducible concern. I'll leave you with this relevant, based schizo quote from the late Terry Davis: "When my bird was looking at my computer monitor, i thought WOOOOAH! That bird has no idea what he's looking at. And yet, what does the bird do? Does he panic? No...he can't really panic. He just does the best he can. Is he able to live in a world where he's so ignorant? Well, he doesn't really have a choice. Yeah, he can kinda live. It's not- it's usually- Usually the bird is okay even though he doesn't understand the world. And uhh...He can kinda learn what's safe and what's..uh..dangerous. So uh. That's where i've been living. You're that bird looking at the monitor, and you're thinking to yourself "i can figure this out!" And, you know, maybe you have some bird ideas...that are... Maybe that's the best you can do."
>>1313505 >All redditors are atheists This meme is dead, retard
>>1313369 You shouldn't. Being afraid of death is a good thing. Embrace that fear and use it as fuel. Stay alive.
>>1313611 ALSO all religions are a grift, you basically "lose" the game of life if you buy into one. Stay strong.
>>1313369 Don't worry anon. If theories about the universe itself ending and being reborn are true, what's to say it couldn't have ended a hundred million times by now? There's no reason to think we're potentially the first or last incarnation of ourselves. After all, assuming the universe can die and be reborn endlessly, again and again and again and again, then death is never really the end, then that means you can be, too. The assorted particles and cells that make up you will reconstruct themselves once again: it's an inevitability. So stop sweating shit and just live your best life, Anon. You'll be back here again, being a total faggot on the internet like the rest of us. Take care, Anon.
Not reincarnating is preferable to meeting one of these fear juices face to "face" >this thing appears in front you and asks about your search history,what would you do?
>>1313602 the problem is not being an atheist but being a life hating edgelord
I relish this thought every day, OP. Fuck this world, myself, and everything I desire or am repulsed by. Until my time of death, there is only the dimming sensation of my dreams and memories dying away from me.
>>1313623 idk anon, biblically accurate angels seem pretty badass to me. I'll just hope they don't speak Cthulhu to me, else the heavenly bureaucracy might send me to some form of purgatory because of a pure miscommunication.
>>1313641 The scariest thing i heard about biblically accurate angels is how they have the power to win impossible wars and wipe out the largest of cities in mere seconds despite having no arms,like how do they do it hen? Shoot laser out of their eyes?
>>1313642 It may be a metaphysical sort of deal, anon. Imagine a walking metaphor, able to uproot both mental concepts and physical objects by the pure power bestowed onto them by God. That said, their power definitely must have its limits, even theologians say that God is being bound by the physical laws of the universe as a part of a self-imposed rule.
>>1313641 >>1313623 Stop spreading this illiterate meme, these are not angels but other heavenly beings. Angels are the messengers of God and they look like beautiful human beings (without wings).
>>1313797 >t. played literally any Megaten game
>>1313797 My poor guy over here still thinking angels look like pic related Me too man,me too
>>1313628 ok edgelord👌
>>1313577 >>1313587 Literally my greatest fear. Not just for my own sake either. There must be millions of people, even billions, not to mention billions to trillions of animals whose lives were, are, and will be nothing but unrelenting shit and suffering. If time is cyclic, not even death is an escape.
>>1313840 Thanks for proving his point
>>1313852 Ahh shit
>>1313369 I just hold on to the possibility of an afterlife, no matter how seemingly small it is. Like for example if we really are living in a simulation as some people think then maybe whoever created the simulation could possibly preserve our consciousnesses. We aren't sure what will happen when we die but oblivion isn't an absolute. If oblivion really is all there is to face then coping by keeping open the possibility of an afterlife will at least help you get through it till it won't matter anymore.
>>1313864 There are literally gorillionsbillion of people who were born since the start of earth,do we really think the simulation can store this massive amount of conscious souls?(unless of course,the simulation actually started from a current year in history and everything before it as just recorded and added nto our minds and environment by the simulator,wich is much scarier because it means some parts of history never happened)
>this is one of the best threads we had since a long time,but it iight need a theme This good? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yYNL--RALGU
>>1313874 *might need*
>>1313870 I think it was estimated that the whole universe could not be simulated except with a quantum computer theoretically speaking. But a theoretical simulation of our universe would have to be done by a civilization far more advanced than ours so we can't really estimate about technology that doesn't exist. Even then I was just using the simulation argument as an example.
>>1313870 If the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is true (and it's favored by a lot of physicists mainly because it allows the same quantum laws to be operating at all times without any special exceptions like "collapse of the wavefunction" due to measurement), then there could also be vast numbers of different possible futures branching off from the present, including vast numbers of different posthuman civilizations running past simulations, so even if a particular individual was unlikely to be recreated in any specific future history, it might still be likely they'd be recreated in some of them. There's also a possibility that posthuman life could find a way to perform an endless series of computations without dying off due to the heat death of the universe, the physicist Freeman Dyson wrote a paper on this at https://web.archive.org/web/20140512171402/http://blog.regehr.org/extra_files/dyson.pdf
(481.18 KB 1920x1080 0h19xpao23o01.jpg)
>>1313874 Based motherland doomershit. I prefer something like Artek Elektronika myself, though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiMGoivjqtM&ab_channel=%D0%90%D1%80%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BA%D0%AD%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%B0 Though if we're talking afterlifes, I'd prefer just a version of my current one where everything goes smoothly, my loved ones don't die and I can relive my life with a hopeful and warm filter on, reminds me of this song. Because putting someone through hell after they endured life seems way cruel, everyone deserves a do-over, since we all carry great amounts of pain in our hearts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ydV1pWvQNg&ab_channel=MagicSword
>>1313505 how much of a faggot are you? go outside you bitch
>>1313604 >And, with that in mind, there's nothing to prove that consciousness "ends" at death. Maybe you can't prove it, but consciousness certainly isn't anything of worth if it exists outside of when you can directly tap into it. If you sleep you basically experience nothing frequently. You might say you experience black but that's when you wake up and see with eyes closed. For all the time you slept it more or less happened in an instant while you were dreaming. Also you can't really say you saw what happened before your birth. I would even say I was barely conscious when I was 3. Since then I've started to actually form memories and thought that isn't just instinct. Before that I can't really say life was any different then what you would expect for a machine or rock to see. And for consciousness to be explained you would probably need some unusual, completely foreign to us, method. You won't be able to explain consciousness with a formal mathematical system because it isn't one. There's no equations for the feeling of experience. It's a completely different beasts and needs to be tackled the same way.
>>1313369 Why did I have to be conscious? Everything would make sense, and the universe would logically flow according to cause and effect, one seamless, connected whole, if I were not conscious.
>>1313369 If I were you I'd take comfort in the fact that your claim can't be factually proven or disapproven as far as we know.
>>1313369 bumping one of the very few good threads on nu-nu-leftypol
>>1313369 your consciousness is energy, whether it truly requires your physical form to survive or not is irrelevant. energy never disappears, it merely changes its' form and the consciousness will find another way to reform itself. whether in the body of another human or in another plane of existence.
Personally I worry not about death, but that I will come to love life too much. When you are perpetually unhappy, death seems like a relief. It is a comforting prospect. When you are happy, then it is frightful, an abyss, a black see of oil and bones.
>>1313369 You can't
>>1313505 People whoMass reply should be sent to the afterlife.
>>1319409 >and the consciousness will find another way to reform itself Why would it reform itself? When other matter becomes entropic, e.g a log burning to ash, it's true it isn't destroyed but the log will never reform no?
But there is one, however religioustards don't have the truth
>>1319421 This. When you're desperate, death seems a good prospect compared to keep suffering.
(207.60 KB 590x796 Capture.PNG)
Is anyone here dreadful but still in a good mood most of the time? I like to thank my whole food plant-based diet, exercising, and my ability to think myself into a healthy mindset. I'm in a shitty situation and I'm probably going to join the military to get out of it, but other that, only a few things make me sad; My favorite artist committing suicide for example. Killing themselves because of something they never identified in their lifetime and knowing these problems stem from capitalism really makes me bitter because it doesn't have to be this way. The question is where do we go from here? I'm starting to believe as marxists we need to become billionaires to make real change. I don't want to grow old waiting for revolution when we could fuck off in the woods and build a new system from scratch.
>>1325288 ignorance is bliss and you're a retard
how come rightwingers are so quick to shoot up anyone while all their policies play out but lefties just bitch and moan while they live in basically a nightmare
(63.98 KB 1024x815 Typewriter monkey.jpg)
(256.46 KB 1000x1000 Boltzmann brain.jpg)
>>1313587 Wanna hear something even better. If universe is infinite either through endless death and big-bang cycle or some multiverse fuckery... etc then there is a chance that the earth, humanity and in extension you have and will exist in endless variations across time and space. "Rebirth" need not even be a total copy or necessarily even human, it might be a bunch of random particles in some gas cloud that just by chance align themselves in a way that it becomes conscious and dreams of being human with all memories even for a moment just before entropy overtakes it once again. That is the power of random processes combined with infinity.
>>1319029 >When you can't remember something, that means it didn't happen Are you even varely conscious now anon?
>>1319421 >>1325247 >This. When you're desperate, death seems a good prospect compared to keep suffering. That's why you get old and frail and slow, eventually you will get tired of living no matter what. Animals know when it's tgeir time and they find a nice hole to crawl off into and die.
(186.87 KB 346x435 1592086737821.png)
>he thinks he isn't in hell lol
(48.78 KB 640x640 118688377.jpg)
>>1325380 >He doesn't realize that hell is just the illusion of duality
I am also terrified of death and have been since my 20s. My life sucked a lot too and I was also paradoxically suicidal, but ultimately would never follow through with something like that. I've only allayed some of this fear through dispensing with the hard materialist viewpoint of Dennet's kind (not surprised new atheists love him). I dont think consciousness is just software constructed on top of some biological base hardware. It would do away with free will because if we could understand all the mechanical processes that precede consciousness then we could explain all action. The main critique I agree with against hard materialism is qualia, if we were just software then we wojldn't really "feel," and so far we haven't come remotely close to developing feeling AI. Even if we were to replicate sense organs through technology, they would have to interact and form some integrative reasoning and imagery to approximate it. Nietzsche's will to power gets to me sometimes, if we were truly living our same life over and over again there would really be no way to tell or ever 'break free' so to say. Ultimately we emerge from nothing and presumably return to nothing. Solipsism is a fun exercise and a decent cope if you want to go that route. Even Decartes cogito ergo could be simulated, we could have every thought and experience in this world being simulated from the outside. Nietzsche said "I thini therefore I am" cant work because we don't know what "I" really means or is. We could be hooked up to perpetual experience machines. Taking drugs kinda reveals the fragile nature of the continuity of our consciousness. I think if we could all find eternity in one moment then we would be satisfied with the life we live because time is relative anyways. We dont have to be immortal, I would love to have a 400 year life or something. We cant do that however, so if we could somehow compress our life into that then we could theoretically extract the same benefit. The only liberation I've gotten is strengthening my mind and imagination to where I can daydream living many millenia through different epochs. Art is a good anodyne to take you away from this world, but I do not wish to deny life. If time is infinite then there is also a ppssibility that we will be reconstructed exactly the same at some other instance. Maybe we're just one version of ourself that all exist simultaneously. As for dualism, I'm not an absolutist but I think that consciousness is in the middle. We know that it's localized or somewhat mediated by the brain, but we also have scientific proof it's not as simple as that either. For now we wont be solving the problem anytime soon moreso under shitty capitalism. As for religion, just make your own. Greek mythology is at least entertaining, henotheism would be cool. Perhaps pantheism is true and we are all plugged into some god consciousness. Maybe our consciousness is recycled through different creatures and humans and our imagination and dreams are just fragments of that. The point is no one knows why or how we're here so dont let any one belief become your bias, there is plenty room for creativity and maybe even hope. As for me I just want to fuck a really hot chick or two before I die.
(13.36 KB 336x426 image014.gif)
(26.49 KB 528x398 kazlev11-fig20.gif)
>>1325420 >As for dualism, I'm not an absolutist but I think that consciousness is in the middle. We know that it's localized or somewhat mediated by the brain, but we also have scientific proof it's not as simple as that either. For now we wont be solving the problem anytime soon moreso under shitty capitalism. Sri Aurobindo said when you are enlightened you see yourself as just the connection between the absolute and your earthly body.
You should live your life not for a purpose, but for the experience. You shouldn't worry about what's after death. Even if it's nothingness you will still understand the experience and enjoyments, and thus peace of mind.
>>1313369 Your survival instinct contradicts with knowledge of mortality. But you are not afraid of non-existence because you didn't exist before you were born and you will never have existed in places you didn't go to. Your survival program is primitive and it's producing errors when it reads the knowledge in your intellectual brain. The mystics are putting books about magic in their inner library to distract their inner caveman. You don't have to fill up your brain with mysticism, just keep the caveman out of the library. Death isn't a problem you can solve, it makes no sense wasting your mental energy. Train your self through repetition to notice when you ruminate about afterlife to change the topic of your conscious thoughts. At first it will be difficult, but if you stick with it, it will become easier until it's reflexive and you won't even notice.
>>1313369 Simply, you don't.
I recommend this book for OP, might help him a bit.
>>1325472 >Simply, you don't.
I am in the the midst of my own moral panic and am terrified that the Abrahamic god is real. I am filled with anxiety over picking the "correct" denomination if I joined a church. I read one apologetics book and I literally can't think straight. Help.
(119.12 KB 929x1175 1613804974509.png)
>>1325289 the virgin do nothing radlib vs the chad billionaire marxist
>>1313369 Just believe in eternal recurrence. And understand that if there's nothing after death, there fundamentally has to be something. There is a need for a frame of reference that contextualizes your very existence in the first place. One can not exist without non-existence, therefore after non-existence existence must return if the universe and flow of time are infinite.
>>1325552 You're suggesting reincarnation or something?
>>1325561 Kind of. The idea is that during a period in which you are non-existent (death), you will not experience anything. As such, even if it takes an incomprehensibly long time, or even an infinity, by virtue of infinity containing infinite possibilities your consciousness will eventually have to be reconstructed. It does not matter how long or short this takes as you don't experience your non-existence. Eternal recurrence specifically is the idea that all of existence has been occuring and will occur infinitely in identical or near-identical ways. As such, your own existence will recur eternally.
>>1313369 you don't know what happens when you die its rather silly to make assertions about it just wait and see. believing stories you hear about it is of course silly but there really shouldn't be a universe to start with so who knows.
>>1325534 Just think about the amount of gods that are currently believed in, have been believed in, or will be believed in. Now include the infinite possible explanations for the universe's existence that don't just involve gods. What you are experiencing is cultural pressure/brainwashing, not an actual epiphany. Decade-old video about Pascal's Wager but it gets the point across: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZpJ7yUPwdU
>>1325534 Ask yourself why a creator of all that exists (if it's real) would care about you picking the "right" one instead of caring about you doing what you can to love and assist life and the rest of creation. Do you think such an amazing, powerful force is that insecure?
how about you stop being an athiest uighur and realize all the people on this wesbite are worthless faggots with the hands of jews up their asses to the mouth
>>1325616 This website is dead,and so should you.
>>1313401 I believe in Reincarnation, but I think I am an old soul, and that when I die, its the end of the line for me. I've accepted death for myself but not for other souls.
>>1325616 >JOOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZ anyways i'm not an atheist uighur, im a catholic uighur
>>1325653 Nice false flag dot gooner.
>>1313369 accept Jesus. and why not?
>>13 Stop being a materialist and an atheist, you sad, sad, depressing man. This is why I am relgious, I see people like you and think "Goddamn, thank God I have the Buddha's teachings with me."
>>1313369 Christ is king.


no cookies?