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🦘🐊🇦🇺 Aus/leftypol/ - Straya general 2.0 edition 🇦🇺🕷️🐨 Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 20:36:33 No. 1322430
Im dooming fucking hard about the upcoming 2022 australian election since any even slightly left party is going to lose hard to the libs. I fucking despise both the greens and labor right for gutting any chance of being able to put up any kind of resistance.
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(132.89 KB 489x767 Hesatitagain.jpg)
Making because i think Aus/leftypol/ got slid off the board during the day of the cope. Tony Abbot proposes "floating prison islands" to be constructed on ocean platforms and "prison ships" to be built to "house migrants" in the UK https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/06/asyl-o06.html he's basically going to import the horrific and inhumane system that he implemented and used to basically kill several thousand people (Who literally did nothing wrong either under /int/ or aussie law) to continental Europe.
>>959779 what the fuck
Basically death camps?
>>959790 >>959787 Given the suprise im not sure if your aussie or not so i'll give a brief elaboration >Basically death camps? Yes the "Manus Island and Nauru detention facilities" which Tony abbott was instrumental in keeping open fit the definition of "concentration camp" in any rational sense of the phrases use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manus_Regional_Processing_Centre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nauru_Regional_Processing_Centre Thats not to mention him sending back thousands of Sinhalese refugees to Sri-Lanka to be murdered even though everyone from the opposition and even our own security service was telling that by sending them back he was basically sending jews back to hitler in 1939 and his governments response was basically "Well we dont KNOW the government will kill them they could just be arrested raped and tortured forever!"
Good to be back. Fuck Tony Abbott and Fuck John Howard. Also RIP to anyone studying Arts
(95.30 KB 600x353 e42.png)
>>959802 Sorry I'm a burger; everything I hear about Australia turns me into moot.
>Economists pan Liberal parties budget claiming that "spend till we recover" policies will sink Australia into 1 trillion dollar deficit with slow recovery. <Liberal voters. YE...YEAH BUT...BUT...BUT RUDD RAN UP THE HECKING DEFICITRINO AND PUT US IN THE HECKIN CURSED UNWHOLESOME RED! (by like a marginal amount literally the lowest in the developed world) THIS WASN'T MEANT TO HAPPEN THIS IS ALL LABOURS HOUSE OF CARDS FALLING DOWN! (almost a decade without a labour politician being anywhere near government)
(225.93 KB 500x731 1511478107600.png)
(337.10 KB 2048x1536 archie-lloyd2.jpg)
>>959830 Big L, small L, there's no saving the Liberal.
So basically returning old British traditions of PrRison ships, got it.
So the 2020-2021 budget has basically admitted "the economy is in a death spiral and we have literally no way of stopping it. So were just gonna keep doing what were doing and paying Rio Tinto 5 billion dollars for some shitty mine and making it as hard and annoying to get centrelink as possible."
(127.80 KB 593x593 1596953819180.jpg)
ohnononono no https://budget.gov.au/2020-21/content/overview.htm >hurr durr but it's kenyanism derp it's stimulus you lefties love and demanded gurr hurrp LNP are not wrong doe garr LaBoUr GrEeNiEs Mother fuckers just don't get it. They just don't. This is the exact *wrong way* to fix the solution, plus it still doesn't address the fundamental underlying systemic problems like giving away our resources for functionally free fuck Oh also apparently Renewables are an Mature Industry now so they don't need subsidies. Fuck my life if the Libs get in 2022 we are done for as a 1st world country who could have lead the way...
(20.15 KB 554x554 images (1).png)
>>962120 >>962267 How good is the lucky country of Australia lads? Can't wait to be a cyber-serf conscript shipped off to the Huawei islands to fight for more land to be privately owned
(28.25 KB 530x508 1601386629960.jpg)
>>962322 haha yeah same
(35.77 KB 972x606 gostagongordia.png)
Based libs giving out money that can only be spent on foreign goods online because there's no local production (plus the lockdown), leading to an expanding trade deficit and eventual currency crisis.
(194.79 KB 500x500 1600010227645.png)
>see in the newspaper Aus Post is opening 4000 jobs for Chrissy >have Motorcycle licence and wanna deliver some mail over the holidays >go Aus post to have a look at the job listings >there's max 40 jobs open and all the motorcycle jobs are way out in regional aus FFS the media constantly says there's thousands of jobs out there yet when you actually have a look it's always just casual positions in bumfuck nowhere. I just wanna deliver mail during the holidays yet even that's out of reach. Sorry rant over.
https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/grim-psa-most-of-us-are-seeing-0-of-those-new-tax-cuts-next-year-unless-you-earn-over-90k/ >Grim PSA: Most Of Us Are Seeing $0 Of Those New Tax Cuts Next Year (Unless You Earn Over $90K)
>>964135 >Hey we want to hire you (for two 4 hours shifts a fucking week). >6000+ hours experience working in the field Required but you also must be under the age of 25 >Oh an your not allowed to work anywhere else but this “Job” because then we won’t get the subsidy for employing a down and out loser like you :)
>>963264 Kek this pic is so good I knew what it was about just by seeing the thumbnail
(284.97 KB 960x964 4089qh.png)
(346.02 KB 1750x817 Screenshot 2020-10-08 123347.jpg)
Thoughts? I remember in the last thread there was some chat about how to respond to growing anti-China sentiment, the youth split seems to have given a pretty good stance on it. https://www.auscp.org.au/acp-policy-regarding-the-peoples-republic-of-china?fbclid=IwAR0qCKm0W6kJ_T9WT8rA5AhTFb8qvL-K1eYjfII6f0D_fYVdfopAMsWuRWQ
>>964225 >(Unless You Earn Over $90K) Yyyyyes! Gimme those tax breaks. Nah, I'm still paying more than before because of the decrease in the standard deduction.
>>967282 The correct position
Anybody know some decent lefty aussie songs?
Anybody know some decent lefty aussie songs?
>>967336 What's it like earning over $90k? >t. <$50k
>>962267 Our country is being run by mentally retarded villains. lol.
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian tells ICAC she had 'close personal relationship' with former MP Daryl Maguire https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-12/premier-gladys-berejiklian-gives-evidence-at-corruption-inquiry/12753362 Who takes over when she resigns?
>>967282 Based.
>>985723 F A M I L Y - V A L U E S
(52.68 KB 862x575 11059798-3x2-xlarge.jpg)
China reportedly orders halt to imports of Australian coal Industry news sources report that China has told several state-owned steelmakers and power plants to stop imports with immediate effect I guess we found out, huh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjNpRbNdR7E
>>986303 First the budget circus now THIS. Anyone know whether they are just restricting imports or outright banning? Another question is where the line in the sand is located where the libs stop screeching that Chinese are subhumans and start grovelling to Mr Xi for mercy.
>>986342 >>986304 >Argus cited a Singapore-based trader as speculating that this “might be a case of tightening import quotas rather than a complete ban”. As for the second question I'm not sure, the five-eyes apparatus have been amping up Anti-China rhetoric, Libs could grovel but doubling down and blaming China for COVID and thus the economic recession seems likely and could accelerate things.
>>986303 Are they using this as opportunity to switch the chemical reduction of Iron Ore from coke to hydrogen gas ?
>>967282 Half-based, half-cringe. The Auscp is pretty good though.
>in one day we've had Glady's affair leak and the vultures circle ever nearer to Andrews in Vic Which state gov will collapse first? I say NSW considering that Glady's deputy literally had a shitting and pissing all over himself mental breakdown and had to go to a "mental health retreat"
(45.91 KB 602x579 1600766179941.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/sydney-dishwasher-job-receives-6000-applications/12698720 >over 6000 people applied for a single dishwashing job in Sydney wtf bros
>>959790 Prison Hulks ... where in Australian history have I heard that term before ...
wtf friendly jordie just had a good take!
>>992283 What's a UQ Senator?
>>992283 student politics thing in University of queensland. this dude is trying to start an anti-china youth movement in Australia
(1.38 MB 1004x565 dey took er jobs.PNG)
>>986996 hahahaha blame the chinese like usual. perhaps a pakistani or korean grocer will let you work for under-the-table, sub-minimum wage.
>>992283 >Supporting revisionists >good take.
>>992325 Wait till Albania-anon sees this
>>992325 >anti-revisionists >yugoslav flag
(211.19 KB 1678x946 EkLnfltVcAEund6.jpg)
>>992283 >"Is there anything on Earth that isn't the CIA's fault?" >"Nup" holy guacamole
>>992283 who's the paki looking guy next to him and why is he wearing that shirt?
What would an Australian Cybersyn look like?
>>992379 Cutting out the middleman between workers actually running an enterprise and a state-manager deciding day to day affairs and operating under a price system similar to the USSR is not the same as communist billionaires
>>996166 Unironically achievable and optimal. Aus along with NZ and some of our vassal states (PNG, Timor-Leste) would easily have the resources and technological prowess to achieve cyber socialist Autarky
>>992283 Friendly jordies critique of capitalism ends where the labor party’s critique does. He also buys into insipid woke corporatism like woke superfund that use your money to fund cobalt mines in Congo to build solar panels or search engines that plant an insignificant amount of trees in Madagascar etc. He applauds Paul keating and Bob Hawke. If John Howard was the NBA superstar of NeoLiberals Bob and Paul were the ones passing the ball to him.
>>964346 >>Hey we want to hire you (for two 4 hours shifts a fucking week). This can get you hooked as its an "easy job" >6000+ hours experience working in the field Required but you also must be under the age of 25 Boomer HR (or worse, the director's boomer wife) skims through the resumes and once they cant find people to meet their standards they advertise the job overseas AND demand more visa workers. >Oh an your not allowed to work anywhere else but this “Job” because then we won’t get the subsidy for employing a down and out loser like you :) If you implied "job providers" they have quotas and would demoralise and humiliate the people seeking work and coax them to get a job prescribed and forced by the agency. Said job may not even be long term as some are in it for the subsidy (both the agency and employer) - rinse and repeat. For example: >Mr Smith: Look I have been applying for all these jobs in plumbing as I am a plumber by trade <Representative: Well, you see you have to take any job. We have one here for you. Its driving a forklift in Regional NSW >Mr Smith: Sorry, I am plumber and I know plumbing and its quite the travel <Representative: Its the government's money you are taking and you have to take this job. How many interviews have you had this week? >Mr Smith: I havent had any this week <Representative: Thats what I mean. We can send you out, do the forkie license and the job is yours >Mr Smith: Okay... A few weeks later >Mr Smith: So have you heard back from them? I done the license and that... <Representative: They said that they wanted someone who has been exposed to the industry >Mr Smith: ..............................
Okay give it to me straight... If the LNP gets in at the next election, what's our next step? Australia is probably going to enter a depression, shit's going to get wild...
>>996680 People keep saying cyberpunk feudal dystopia but honestly for that to happen it would a certain level of organisation which just isn’t possible among the political elites right now. I don’t see us going fascist because the fascists are too small, too divided and too antisocial to cooperate with other human beings for something like a political coup. The best case scenario right now for a lot of the west short of socialist revolution (not gonna happen soon) would be progressive nationalists in the military seizing power, instituting a form of heavy state capitalism and guiding us away from collapse. But while that could happen in the UK, France, Etc, our military is too small, too weak, too scattered and even with police on side there’s no way for them to seize and hold the country like that. Civil war - as the US is heading toward, is also extremely unlikely for a fucking multitude of reasons. Honestly it isn’t really clear at all where we’re headed right now. We’re in unchartered waters, absent any kind of coherent revolutionary movement and in conditions which are extremely unique. Australia is an “artificial” country in many ways. It’s clear that if the liberals keep power things will get fucking crazy and then collapse, but how? In what form? It’s not clear. I don’t think anybody has any idea WTF to do right now, least of all the Liberals who have proven themselves again to be not only cartoonishly evil, but equally cartoonishly stupid. Some kind of protracted degeneration into mad max biker gang/church warlordism maybe? Idk. If we are going to achieve anything, I think dual power/autonomy projects emulating hezbollah or Latin American cartels (minus the drugs/murder) in regional Australia and the coming urban slums are the way to go, seizing as many niches as possible along the way. If we could get a shit ton of communists into a rural town like where I’m at or up in the NT or something and set up dual power programs we’d perhaps have a chance at forming a “stronghold” which could branch into a red belt.
>>996680 Co-operatives and mutuals (attachment related). tl;dr co-operatives return 6-fold the government funding. Wesfarmers, AMP and Dairy Farmers (to name a few) were co-operatives until they were demutualised in the 1990s ("thanks" Paul Keating and John Howard). We ought to support co-operatives, mutuals as well as unions rather than depending on a once in a generation ALP/LNP politician that fulfills their duties and not be a yes-man/woman to special interests. >>996781 >If we are going to achieve anything, I think dual power/autonomy projects emulating hezbollah or Latin American cartels (minus the drugs/murder) in regional Australia and the coming urban slums are the way to go, seizing as many niches as possible along the way. If we could get a shit ton of communists into a rural town like where I’m at or up in the NT or something and set up dual power programs we’d perhaps have a chance at forming a “stronghold” which could branch into a red belt. Regional Australia might get outright abandoned and delegated to the Nationals to do literally nothing but collect pay and taking orders from kulaks ("would you like chips with that?"). Like I mentioned to the previous bloke (or gal?) regional Australia might be obliged to form co-operatives rather than wait to be cared for by the government or be brought outright by foreign investors. Cities might become (more) miserable, the wining, dinning and splurge could only veneer so much before the problems get exposed. For the cities to be spared the misery neoliberalism would first be abolished. Retailers like Gerry Harvey want to import as much people as possible for increasing the market size whether its sustainable or not it doesnt matter to them as they have their bubbles unless they move next door to them, boy! Would they be outraged!
>>996680 The wave had already crested even before Rona and we were heading towards a massive depression when the Libs house of cards made out dogshit began to collapse (Which pretty much began to happen simultaneously with Rona) no matter what. We could have all this dystopian shit people claim could happen happen to us like a military junta, or the libs using Lumpen and off work proles as slave labour, Bunch of states secceding and the country basically has a USSR/Czechslovak style "divorce" etc etc But if the libs manage to hold onto power and not fall then we will probably follow the US route where the country just becomes completely hollowed out, Infrastructure and supply lines on shit like FOOD begins to collapse left and right and we just become a completely disintegrated collapse cult dystopia where you have to pass through the bikie gang roadblock and the church jerk roadblock and the rebel group roadblock before you get to the supermarket to buy grain or whatever
>>996286 dude its just a shitpost. i fucking hate that the cunt, I just think its funny that his liberal fans are turning on him because he has stumbled on to the truth about xinjiang. This is still a shitposting board right?
Did anyone get a copy of the leaked ICAC transcript?
>>1000631 I wish i did but sadly i dont. but also im glad i dont i dont want to get murdered by the elites and become another name on the clinton body bag list
>>1000667 don't worry, i don't think Sydney's elites have killed anyone since the 70s.
>>1000677 Either this is some kind of disgusting urbanite sydneyfolk reference I'm not understanding or it's really naive. Our elites kill people all of the time. If you're any kind of prominent businessman or investor or rich person, or even like if you own a big restaurant or nightclub in a major city you're pretty much guaranteed to have ties to organized crime to whatever level. Whether individual rich cunt has killed somebody or not, he's almost certainly utilized said organized criminal groups for his own purposes whether in a violent or non violent way. Same is true of the strictly political elites, MP's, etc. Both povos and rich cunts are fully aware of this, it's only really middle class people who have this weird squeaky clean view of society. Australia is if anything one of THE most corrupt and upper class crime dominated first world countries.
>>1000631 Post it.
>>1000720 It was Sydney urbanite reference you didn't get https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juanita_Nielsen you are 100% right though.
>The Australian. >Gladys Berejiklian is proof that ICAC public hearings are a disgrace that must stop. >ICAC has disgraced itself. Behaving like a group of peeping toms prying into a women’s personal life and her relationship with her boyfriend. Questioning her about the specific terms of endearment she used with him and leaving her open to public ridicule by intentionally and “accidentally” leaking personal transcripts and video of the hearing online. >Listening to Berejiklian being berated by the ICAC lawyer for close to 6 hours certain words like “Mansplaining” comes to mind. A man getting increasingly angry with a traumatised and tired women still refusing to fall for gotcha questions and loaded questions. >Now many are asking the question. Who investigates the ones who investigate corruption? Has the time come for an Inquiry into ICAC in order to ensure nothing like this travesty of justice ever happens again?
(321.96 KB 1140x700 pewdiepie-return-youtube.jpg)
>>1003260 >Oh noe, ICAC hav zehro respekt for dhe wahmen
(214.32 KB 900x611 image.jpg)
>>1003260 Yeah the ICAC thing was bullshit. Corrupt politicians should just be executed by anti aircraft cannons in a sports stadium. No one wants to watch some boring 6hr lawyer circlejerk.
(11.23 KB 411x244 progressivejustice.jpg)
>>1009078 I'm sorry, but this is fucking terrible emotionally driven garbage. Have you stopped to think for a moment about the families of these MP's and what they'd think? Did we learn NOTHING from the USSR and China's killing of counter-revolutionaries? .. We can't risk these brats growing up resenting the state and becoming reactionaries. The entire immediate families of corrupt mid-high level politicians should be executed too by the Justice system. STARTING with the children, and ending with the perpetrator.
>>1013241 wouldn't mind this actually
>>996781 >If we could get a shit ton of communists into a rural town like where I’m at or up in the NT or something and set up dual power programs we’d perhaps have a chance at forming a “stronghold” which could branch into a red belt. just move to Tassie smh It's got everything. Water, good soil, access to the sea, trees, some basic infrastructure, etc.
>>992409 Ali He's a marxist well definitely leans that way in the podcasts. Tfw FriendlyJordies fanboy, sorry bruz Anyone here hyped for the vidoes he's going to drop on Bruz this week?
>>1013293 Hgod ma god bruz yes
>>996870 >Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me this was an organisation in Australia? I thought it was just the BCA and that's it?
>>1013293 You're a jordies fanboy and you browse /leftypol? Sheesh.
They'll regret the day...
>>1013293 >Space_ A. Legit? B. Aren't you british? Why do you like a aussie political video essayist and livestreamer?
>>1013302 >you browse /leftypol? bruh
(48.05 KB 353x347 robspierre glow eyes.jpg)
>>1013293 > friendly jordies fanboy commit
>>1013469 >Anyone here hyped for the vidoes he's going to drop on Bruz this week? <FJ's intro plays <Okay not that I want to brag and tell you my sex life and the sex I have in my sex life but we found another of Balario's properties and did what came to me naturally <I know what you incels are thinking 'oH hE hAd sEx eRmAhGeRd' grow up. Not everyone is a miserable as you! <So me and my girlfriend had sex in every room of another of Balanario's properties <Now what has small time Balanario achieved in life? Keeping the same hair cut as he did in high school? Its about the same as those incels. I can do that! Just watch - see!? <You arent going to get anywhere in life Balanario and that goes the same to you incels <You know what grinds my gears? Those "comrades" from leftypol. What have they achieved in life? Oh, thats right being a bunch of fake revolutionaries. You know what would be an achievement in their life? Paul Keating said it best: get a job. <I mean! I am convinced that Balanario, incels and those rEvOlUtIoNarIeS post on leftypol which is only slightly less sh*t than 4chan <Whats with hating cucks? Are you jealous of people being secure in their manlihood to nonchalantly watch your significant other having sex with another person. Look at you! What have you achieved in life? These people are doctors, lawyers and business people with goals in their life and you are there sitting on your *ss eating twisties. Who are you to talk? <Come to show stooge! How about no, jordies. >>1013301 They have even kept co-operatives and mutuals very hush and business students have not been taught co-operatives and mutuals since the early 1990s ("thanks" Paul Keating)
>>1013407 Yes it's me. I am a brit I watched his QAnon video and then fell through the Friendly Jordies rabbit hole. >>1013469 no u >>1013974 lmao is that copy pasta?
>>1014033 It is now :)
(214.42 KB 1843x544 pleaseinvade.jpg)
Can someone explain this phenomenon to me?
>>1014603 Retardation. If Gun rights are your number 1 issue then just voot SFF. We don’t need a US democratic peace keeping intervention where the labor party will probably be outlawed or whatever to get a constitutional reform
>>1010043 cri-... based.
>>1010043 Th Leftypol party van has been called and you're invited
Friendly jordies new video is legit lit even though he’s still a Libtard Rural Australia is literally like if you made West Virginia in the states the size of Siberia.
The more i look into it the more it becomes obvious to me that Hillsong church is just Lil' Saint James Australian campus (Allegedly) Like 100% (Allegedly) theres child ritual sacrifice to moloch happening in the sub-basement of Hillsong church. Like that many obviously evil people dont just congregate around place for NO reason
If the USA slides into civil war you understand that like their will be like massive starvation like they are the biggest producers of foodworldwide
>>1017698 Yeah definitely one of the better ones. I might as well link it here if one of the five of the frequenters of this general hasn't watched it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AiYvpe6qfs Sounds like some Hinterlands shit. What is the purpose of draining the land of people and killing the towns? Secured votes? More private property? More centralisation? I'm not sure.
>>1018917 >What is the purpose of draining the land of people and killing the towns? Secured votes? More private property? More centralisation? I'm not sure. The old dude Jordies was interviewing actually sums it up perfectly A. It literally pushes people who may vote Labour or who aren't just open corporate fascists out of the district thus securing their control further. B. It allows them to then bundle up all the small properties that people are selling up so they can move to sydney or wherever the fuck into a big plot and sell it to Yank or Chinese companies. And if you allow me to be a bit conspiratorial for a sec Its centralising the land into the hands of as few people as possible in order to lay the groundwork for the Neo-Feudal dystopia economy their hoping to build where people will be made to 'work for their dole' living in bunks and pinking fruit 8 hours a day on something that resembles a poor plantation for mercantile era England Nationals and the "Right-Wing" of the Libs are literally actual Corporate-Fascist reactionaries. They believe all men should just be literally be slaving in the fields or in the mines for the good of Rio Tinto and like some fucking chinese company that owns the farm until their heart fails at age 45 and women should just be pumping out 10 kids and dying in childbirth with the 11th to create more "mobile human capital units" or wtf ever
>>1017893 We can pick up that slack easy Would be great for the economy Would actually be in the national interest for that to happen
>>1017811 >The more i look into it the more it becomes obvious to me that Hillsong church is just Lil' Saint James Australian campus (Allegedly) Like 100% (Allegedly) theres child ritual sacrifice to moloch happening in the sub-basement of Hillsong church. Big if true. Could be the actual jordies being butthurt and cant dispense his "what has X achieved in life?" at Brian Houston. Hey jordies did you know that Tony Robbins has been alleged of sexual harassment? >inb what have these women achieved in life Get some juice in you Honest Government Ad | Good Economic Managers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qj83LE2Mpw Are the Libs Good Economic Managers | with Richard Denniss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M8zSs0m34I >>1017893 Dear God, no! Not the beans! Wait... Oh, those agreements with the banana republics.
Albonese refusing to even pretend to support the Murdoch royal commission proposal (Not that it wouldn’t have been defeated) hopefully makes Jordies and his Sycophantic fans who think the ALP can do no wrong question themselves
>>1020831 >Are the Libs Good Economic Managers | with Richard Denniss >37:52 A lot of public schools couldnt afford soap at the beginning of this crisis >38:02 while we have private schools building new pools and indoor rifle ranges The apartheid regime will be smashed and burned and its essence tormented in the seventh layer of hell for all eternity.
>>1020831 >picture That's a lot of words to say religion is pure cope.
>>1022541 thanks for letting us know champ
>>1022541 >comment Few words, even fewer meaning.
(185.36 KB 501x450 le aussie pol face aloe .png)
Thoughts on this pasta floating around /fit/? >[Australia is a] Terrible country filled with terrible people. >Australians don't have a culture besides insecure material competition. They are THE most insecure people on the planet. All the "we're such an easygoing lot,'she'll be right mate' shit is just delusional propaganda, in reality it's all passive-aggressive shit, even "mate" is more often a passive-aggressive insult than a friendly moniker. All the "we're tough as shit because of all the deadly wildlife" thing is bullshit - we've had something like 3 deaths from spider bites in the past 40 years, and we're a country that machine-guns kangaroos from helicopters. We have this shitty culture of farmers and Queenslanders acting like they're "aussie battlers" doing all the hard work while suburbanites live off them - when the reality is practically the opposite, with farmers and Queenslands received all sorts of federal subsidies to keep them afloat. >The government and politics are given up to creepy statists. The women are toxic as fuck you cannot watch TV without seeing constant talk of "women and children", it's like living through the suffragette period. ABC in particualarly bad in this regard. Try seeing what TV shows the ABC produces these days - it's all TV shows about female investigators trying to figure out which evil toxic male ex-boyfriend committed whatever horrific crime against innocent female victim of patriarchy. Then ABC news and pretty much all australian news media is harping about 'toxic masculinity' and "domestic violence" which is always presented as male on female. The Australians who post on 4chan are the dumbest of the lot (generally speaking) "based Toneee", "everyone in Melbourne is a vegan leftist multiculturalist bisexual" shit got boring a decade ago >Internet is slow as fuck, even the NBN is useless if you can even get on with your government black box sitting there in your home. Australians are complete pushovers when it comes to civil rights, privacy and most of all self-respect.
>>959779 https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_sign?id=EN1938 >Petition EN1938 - Royal Commission to ensure a strong, diverse Australian news media >Petition Reason >Our democracy depends on diverse sources of reliable, accurate and independent news. But media ownership is becoming more concentrated alongside new business models that encourage deliberately polarising and politically manipulated news. We are especially concerned that Australia’s print media is overwhelmingly controlled by News Corporation, founded by Fox News billionaire Rupert Murdoch, with around two-thirds of daily newspaper readership. This power is routinely used to attack opponents in business and politics by blending editorial opinion with news reporting. Australians who hold contrary views have felt intimidated into silence. These facts chill free speech and undermine public debate. Powerful monopolies are also emerging online, including Facebook and Google. We are deeply concerned by: mass-sackings of news journalists; digital platforms impacting on media diversity and viability; Nine Entertainment's takeover of the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald; News Corp’s acquisition (and then closure) of more than 200 smaller newspapers, undermining regional and local news; attempts to replace AAP Newswire with News Corp’s alternative; and relentless attacks on the ABC’s independence and funding. Professional journalists further have legitimate concerns around unjust searches, potential prosecution, whistle-blower protection, official secrecy and dispute resolution that should be comprehensively addressed. Only a Royal Commission would have the powers and independence to investigate threats to media diversity, and recommend policies to ensure optimal diversity across all platforms to help guarantee our nation’s democratic future. >Petition Request We therefore ask the House to support the establishment of such a Royal Commission to ensure the strength and diversity of Australian news media. >Number of signatures: 374471 >Closing date for signatures: 04 November 2020 (11.59pm AEST) https://archive.is/rq1aw
>>1013974 >They have even kept co-operatives and mutuals very hush and business students have not been taught co-operatives and mutuals since the early 1990s ("thanks" Paul Keating) Well, that's pretty fucked. I would have thought they'd at least touch on them briefly.
>>1022793 >Australians are complete pushovers when it comes to civil rights, privacy and most of all self-respect. I don't disagree with this part at all.
>>1022793 the only part I don't 100% agree with is the shit about TV programs and women because I don't watch TV or talk to women so I wouldn't know
(11.03 MB 640x360 Australian Shitposters.mp4)
>>959779 SHOULD I DROP THIS CCUUUUUNT?!??!?!?= Not new, but I just saw it. Explain yourself Aussies.
>>1032677 Just the ANZAC spirit mate https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-21/soldiers-killed-man-who-could-not-fit-on-aircraft-says-us-marine/12782756 >And the pilot said, 'That's too many people, we can't carry that many passengers.' And you just heard this silence and then we heard a pop. And then they said, 'OK, we have six prisoners'.
(234.23 KB 600x553 Australians.png)
>>1032695 >>And the pilot said, 'That's too many people, we can't carry that many passengers.' And you just heard this silence and then we heard a pop. And then they said, 'OK, we have six prisoners'. Now that's BANTS mate.
https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/now-we-are-crushed-daniel-andrews-has-broken-victorians-hearts-20201025-p568ff.html#comments >He clearly does not understand the psychology of his people, who are close to snapping point. >Business after business contacted me on Sunday afternoon saying they will now ignore all restrictions.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-25/all-sa-power-from-solar-for-first-time/12810366 >The state once known for not having enough power has become the first major jurisdiction in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy. >For just over an hour on Sunday, October 11, 100 per cent of energy demand was met by solar panels alone. >"This is truly a phenomenon in the global energy landscape," Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) chief executive Audrey Zibelman said. >>"Never before has a jurisdiction the size of South Australia been completely run by solar power, with consumers' rooftop solar systems contributing 77 per cent." >Large-scale solar farms, like the ones operating at Tailem Bend and Port Augusta, provided the other 23 per cent. >Any excess power generated by gas and wind farms on that day was stored in batteries or exported to Victoria via the interconnector.
>>1032677 There's something so much more obnoxious about a psychopath boot that has an aussie accent
(6.31 MB 7878x4555 possiblefuture.png)
Anyone keen on joining the inevitable International Brigades to fight with our friends over the pacific?
>>1032784 I mean, it's just way over the top mate. even the burgers were disgusted. canadians would disband an entire unit for beating one unarmed person.
>>1037236 >even the burgers were disgusted when you know shit is fucked
>>1022793 To save an effort post and tentatively (as not a social scientist and related) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protestant_work_ethic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumerism https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/phlegmatic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics tl;dr diffusion of Protestant work ethic, consumerism, inclination of phlegmatic temperament (otherwise passive) and eugenics. PS: Boomers out themselves in the presence of those (who they believe) dont speak good Engish ("they dont know what I saying so.....") >>1027227 Thank you. Others note this post. >>1027335 It is fucked. They definitely touch on building societies (vis a vis Westfield and Stockland). Speaking of touching on it, I vaguely remember my high school teacher mentioning co-operatives something like >There is another business structure not written in your textbook and that is a co-operative. Thats when the workers own the business. *class suddenly is interested* <Paul Keating: LMAO get a job GenX, neoliberalism baby. Hey Millennials were are alright, right? Right!? >>1032677 The British SAS tend to be patient: >Former USMC helicopter crew chief Josh says he flew dozens of missions with other special forces, including USMC special operations and the British SAS. "The [British] SAS always had an incredible restraint, at least in the times when me and my friends worked with them. Sometimes a frustrating amount," he said. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-21/soldiers-killed-man-who-could-not-fit-on-aircraft-says-us-marine/12782756 Does the ADF still vet the psychos? Wasnt it part of the test whether you would restrain fire at unarmed civilians?
This is pretty fucked I hate our orgs. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/06/18/left-j18.html
>>1036779 Solar Socialism when?
>Support for John Barilaro has dipped below 20% in a recent survey. Reports of attempts to get him to resign his position so a new national MP can take his place.
>>1039949 Why is Australia and Australians so complacent?
https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/former-nsw-auditor-general-says-berejiklian-should-resign-20201027-p5692l.html >A former NSW auditor-general has warned that the shredding of documents related to $250 million in council grants was likely to be unlawful and should end Gladys Berejiklian's leadership. >Tony Harris, who has also served as a senior Commonwealth public servant, said he was confident the Premier's office breached the State Records Act when it destroyed paper and digital records.
>>1040040 It seems to be, at least in part, the diffusion of the Protestant work ethic (which proceeds to consumerism to eugenics and phlegmatic "temperament", and not necessarily in that particular order) despite the secularism. Its not genetic per se for Australians to be complacent and passive (le phlegmatic temperament) it has been part of training and education, education and training. It may considered as non-coersively indoctrinated Protestantism (not that Catholics dont have their own issues and matters) - in a way it became a parareligion. Predestination, self-denial and the rational pursuit of economic gain tend to be among the basics of said Protestant work ethic: (Double) Predestination - those destined to be saved would be saved and those destined to be damned would be damned. For instance the Great Barrier Reef and communities affected by the Adani coal mine if they are destined to be saved they would be saved, if they are destined to be damned they would be damned. Supposing the government or the community or force of nature/Act of God doesnt save the Great Barrier Reef and the communities affected it "wasnt meant to be, oh well, too bad". Self-denial - Denying one's desires, needs, likes, interests and goals for said Protestant work ethic. Billy Bob's father owns a farm and his father more or less believes that his son is predestined to be a farmer like his father that he was "made for it". Billy Bob has been very much interested in literature and writing his own pieces, he remembers his father telling him that "there is no money in literature" . As such Billy Bob believes that it was predestined that literature was a damned path and there is money in farming. The rational pursuit of economic gain: Profit for its own sake being deified and aggrandising entrepreneurs as heroic contributing to establish a new economic order. Example, Elon Musk considered to be a hero for his profits and contributing in part to establishing (or continuing the established) economic order (neoliberalism, anarcho-capitalism or what not). His latest cybertruck predicted to continued profit for its own sake confirming him being idolised to usher a new age. You may notice some of the following aspects of the Protestant work ethic being applied in contemporary Australian politics: From Weber's Essay The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, albeit summarised. In relation to some Australians and their attitude toward welfare, work rights and minimum wage. >donation of money to the poor or to charity was generally frowned on as it was seen as furthering beggary. This social condition was perceived as laziness, burdening their fellow man, and an affront to God; by not working, one failed to glorify God Page 181, 1953 Scribner's edition; note also the attitude toward coal about the middle of the quote: >The Puritan wanted to work in calling; we are forced to do so. For when asceticism was carried out of monastic cells into everyday life, and began to dominate worldly morality, it did its part in building the tremendous cosmos of the modern economic order. This order is now bound to the technical and economic conditions of machine production which today determine the lives of all the individuals who are born into this mechanism, not only those directly concerned with economic acquisition, with irresistible force. Perhaps it will so determine them until the last ton of fossilized coal is burnt. In Baxter’s view the care for external goods should only lie on the shoulders of the 'saint like a light cloak, which can be thrown aside at any moment.' But fate decreed that the cloak should become an iron cage. From Benjamin Franklin, quoted in Weber's essay, which could could applied to Australia and overseas: >Remember, that time is money. He that can earn ten shillings a day by his labor, and goes abroad, or sits idle, one half of that day, though he spends but sixpence during his diversion or idleness, ought not to reckon that the only expense; he has really spent, or rather thrown away, five shillings besides. [...] Remember, that money is the prolific, generating nature. Money can beget money, and its offspring can beget more, and so on. Five shillings turned is six, turned again is seven and threepence, and so on, till it becomes a hundred pounds. The more there is of it, the more it produces every turning, so that the profits rise quicker and quicker. He that kills a breeding-sow, destroys all her offspring to the thousandth generation. He that murders a crown, destroys all that it might have produced, even scores of pounds. Even in countries that are not "Protestant" per se the Protestant work ethic has been diffused there as well. That tends to be upheld by politicians, institutions, media, education etc. Furthermore in Australian contemporary culture you may have heard those: "dont get too excited", "calm down", "dont get your hopes up", "settle down; seem to refer and imply the Protestant work ethic. The strong racial vilification of Aboriginals and other ethnicity seems to stem not from cultural idiosyncrasies, rather that their societies has been poor "therefore" predestined to be damned "therefore" eugenics. Which may even explain the "its not racist/ I am not racist" deeming themselves "pious" knowingly or not. The Irish Potato Famine would have been considered to be predestined and that Ireland was damned for it as it was not glorifying God by working hard enough and "thus" suffered eugenics/darwinism. If you would like to delve into this topic more I recommend you read "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism" which has been regarded as the 4th most important sociology book of the 20th century. The local libraries might have it, if not check the second link following this paragraph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Protestant_Ethic_and_the_Spirit_of_Capitalism https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/weber/protestant-ethic/
New Jac*Bin (Girondin.com) article talking about how the greens are apparently moving “Further to the left” https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/10/australia-greens-left-wing-vote-conservative-queensland
(131.69 KB 553x517 Possom From Brisbane.jpg)
(99.85 KB 604x604 1tp5z2.jpg)
Hoping the ALP get absolutely fucking annihilated today and they lose like every fucking marginal seat to the greens / Katter / Libs whoever the fuck else. Just to give these all weirdos that are constantly jerking off over based Queen Anastasia fucking shell shock
>>1053266 An ALP socdemtown council approved a crammed hostel to be built veneered as "affordable housing" in a suburb. 18/19 rooms, one bathroom (100sqm-150sqm per floor). They have property developers (alternatively property developer stooges). Said socdemtown council has been planning for tourist hotspots. Current socdemtown leader blames the policies of the ALP in the 1970s for the problems of his electorate even if he has been leader for 20+ years. If in Sydney I recommended one travels to Albanese's electorate (Marrickville and that). Didnt Anastasia approve Adani's water schemes like Campbell Newman would have? Libruls have been very roused over female leadership. Could it be that boomers and the bourgies have been that content/bored that a change of aesthetic would just keep the spectacle interesting?
>>1047134 What do you think about the article?
>>959779 >>959802 Holy hell.
>>1054978 wtf could labor pull it off?
(1.22 MB 498x372 yay....gif)
well uh... Labor Queensland win I guess
(9.29 KB 508x508 1601337255375.jpg)
>>1076247 >"We face a dystopian future — the future for Australia is very unpleasant as we sit today and contemplate it," he said. >"We have an ascendant power [China] that doesn't share our values. It's an authoritarian state and certainly doesn't agree with us on our approach to human rights and these sorts of issues." Oh no(!)
(555.85 KB 500x475 1603781210941.gif)
>>1042806 Hmm, very interesting. Thanks. I'll give those a follow up.
>>1076544 oh come on wtf
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESaHStqgHm4 >Murdoch Royal Commission: Thank you from Kevin Rudd and the next steps in this campaign
>>1095163 Fuck this smug bastard but it seems like there are concrete steps being taken. He seems to be taking on a populist stance to further attack Murdoch. I don't think Murdoch will hold back on him either, seeing as any public attacks will only strengthen the movement, this will be decided (as it always has been) behind closed doors. Although it is good that this is popular, there is a very real possibility of it all fading and vanishing into the either.
we are so fucking fucked m8ys
>>1099794 huh what brought this on?
https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12844190 >Coronavirus explosion overseas will 'really test' Australia's hotel quarantine program, experts warn
https://www.crikey.com.au/2020/11/09/fruit-pickers-australians/ >1500 Australians registered for farm work — not one of them got a job >“We did a bit of digging around why, and farmers said ‘one, they’re lazy’, and ‘two, we have to pay them’. >“I’ve applied and been out to farms myself. The moment you say you’re a citizen you don’t get a response whatsoever.” Ahh so this is why the Kulaks got gulad'd
(320.09 KB 1180x787 1602610434993.jpg)
>>1115701 All these farms desperately need to be turned into co-ops
(25.11 KB 128x128 1602631637174.gif)
(176.52 KB 311x340 1602777757608.png)
(629.84 KB 854x655 1602778076005.png)
>>959802 Look, I know that burgers such as myself joke about Australia being racist island, but Holy fucking shit, Racist Island is being actual Racist Island.
>>1017811 >theres child ritual sacrifice to moloch happening in the sub-basement of Hillsong church Ive been in the basements of hillsong church. theres literally nothing there. t. worked there
>>1077437 All good. >>1095163 Ok good. >>1115701 >Help the farmer by saving water >Help the farmer by buying drought relief stuff >Help the farmer by going to a farmers market >Help the farmer by devaluing the currency >Help the farmer by giving tax cuts >The farmer says b*gger off if you ask to return a favour "Hey farmer Joe how about a job?" "Yeah, nah. Too lazy and I got to pay ya" Queue the farmers going to A Current Affair and 60 Minutes, and farbicating a sob story about how a visa worker "saved" their farm and they "cant get anyone" to work. The farmers are just going to plead to the government to reopen visas and say those "lazy millennials" didnt even bother applying. If people get "labour camped" the farmers shall all earn a special place in hell. >>1115712 Yes make them into co-operatives. The unions could facilitate this, otherwise the workers do it themselves. >>1120439 We would hope that the well-being and safety is upheld accordingly. What are the basements for? ----------- JobSeeker boost extended until March at reduced rate https://au.news.yahoo.com/jobseeker-march-202519019.html Not surprising from the LNP. Not surprising from the ALP either as "Albo" told his the party to get used to going along with the ALP. Why arent the unions doing anything about it? Are they doing anything?
(8.09 MB 7000x6763 udic9teg2wy41.png)
>>1125257 corporatist state mate God-willing Christian Porter gets done in by this sex debacle, probably has already fucked his chances of becoming pm any time soon
>>1125274 I read and enjoyed every single one of those :) noice
>>1125257 Unions in this country have been completely cucked.
>>1125967 Correct.
>>1125274 >LibDem >"Yes im a libertarian why are you laughing?" This is unironically what i have seen happen in real life whenever i have actually met a libdem supporter and they tried to explain their policies to me or others.
(8.91 KB 300x300 1469071503885.jpg)
Edited last time by spragga on 11/13/2020 (Fri) 10:51:02.
(78.32 KB 1003x705 dr manhattan stacy.jpeg)
Labor’s Anthony Albanese Is Not a Friend of Australia’s Left — And He Never Was >Anthony Albanese may be the first federal leader of the Australian Labor Party to hail from the Socialist Left. However, his track record in New South Wales shows that he rose to his current position by collaborating with the party’s right wing to crush genuine ALP socialists. https://jacobinmag.com/2020/11/australian-labor-party-anthony-albanese-new-south-wales-right-wing-politics?fbclid=IwAR3vtLwQY6qXbWg2iWA8qkfJKeFGHl6t6zdZhr7zA-levmEJIZf5VbDB8e0 >pic unrelated
>>1131436 great article and great bimbo. Albanese sounds like he isn't even good enough to be accused of being a Gorbachev, he's a Yeltsin
(9.49 MB 1280x720 mearsheimer.mp4)
Picked up from the China general
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPD3p5pXA6U >Murdoch Royal Commission petition tabled in parliament
>>1131749 who the fuck is this goblin and where is this from. This is like a segment from a Parenti speech holy guacamole
>>1131789 Who tf are you replying to?
>>1131774 What an ugly tie
I was just thinking that there is such a scarcity of Australian leftist media online, and there isn't really any gateways to Australian leftist media in general. So it might be helpful to make a chart of Aussie leftist /lit/ to make it easier to spread theory specific to this nation and it's history. Does anyone have any recs that would be considered essential or useful? Here's my list that I've slapped together so far: >How Labour Built Neoliberalism: Australia’s Accord, the Labour Movement and the Neoliberal Project (Humphrys) >Dark Emu (Pascoe) >The Fatal Shore (Hughes) >Without Bosses (Oldham) >The Red North (Menghetti) >A Long View from the Left (Ogden) Thoughts? Feelings? Being fair I am grasping at straws here, but it would be handy to have some guide to at least point someone in the right direction.
>PNG PM just suspended Parliament for 5 months because he thought he was about to get No confidenced because people keep protesting him. Australian police and soldiers being deployed to quell the uprising and protect our geopolitical puppet any day now...
https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12894250 >Police raid properties across Sydney targeting construction union CFMEU
(46.36 KB 618x618 unnamed-8-618x618.jpg)
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-54996581 There is "credible evidence" that Australian elite soldiers unlawfully killed 39 people during the Afghan war, a long-awaited report has found. >It said 19 current or ex-special forces soldiers should be investigated by police over killings of "prisoners, farmers or civilians" in 2009-13. >Junior soldiers were told to get their first kill by shooting prisoners, in a practice known as "blooding" >Weapons and other items were planted near Afghan bodies to cover up crimes
>>1128277 >It's almost as if importing millions of chinese and indians would lead to poor outcomes in the labour market for youth and low skilled workers... It has been done by design (as you know already know probably. It has been about oppressing wages, work rights and freedoms. The hospitality and retail sectors tend to be quite precarious on wages, work rights and freedoms. Hospitality and retail used to be sectors where people could get a job to sustain themselves while they are searching for their preferred job if so (some chose to stay because they liked to). As the visa scheme dating at least to the Howard administration was being increasingly granted hospitality and retail were among the first to suffer. Then very likely requests were being made to the Howard administration for visa workers in construction and IT; eventually to other sectors too. The student visa scheme was also expanded greatly which plenty of international students sought jobs at hospitality and retail, and later, after graduation, at the "skill shortages" sectors. It was hardly ever about skill shortages and "lazy Millennials", those were farces. The petite-bourgeoisie of the hospitality sector after profiling for visa workers and using said visa workers as recruiters have now been undercutting their ex-petite-petite-bourgeoisie employers by running their own businesses and vicariously appealing to libtard hipsters. Now, the petite-bourgeoisie of the hospitality sector try to get the locals to feel sorry for them and that its so hard for them after they snubbed said locals, their friends and family. Likewise with the retail sector with retailers complaining all those years about online purchases (which by the way afforded Millennials things they could not get to the astonishment of boomers) and compelling the government to charge GST for online purchases (retailers thought it was due to GST and if GST was charged Millennials would be forced to flock to retailers - it didnt happen). There was little to no connection to the retail stores for Millennials as they, their friends and family were disappointed by them. Retailers considered themselves to be sacrosanct and like hospitality "take it or leave it". When Millennials left it they were scurrying to force them into it and with the advent of deliveroo, UberEats and the likes of those further reinforce Millennials being disconnected and disassociated from stores. It was said in the MSM for years that if there was communism people would be forced to share their home with strangers. Well, with the large stream of visas over 20 years people were coerced to share their homes with strangers to cover the costs of living. The cities for example have been more or less slums with 10 or more people sharing a place and unscrupulous real estate agents calling a living room: a bedroom. Visas have been arriving from countries were such practices tend to be the norm and havent discern otherwise slighting the locals for being too "pompous" to have a place of their own as its more fitting for the "rich". Electorates have tilted to the LNP as it was in the 2019 NSW and Federal elections as the policies and values of the LNP resonate with the visa workers from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, India, Nepal etc. past and present as they resonate in their home county deemed as a fait accompli. There other and more petty matters among boomers for aggrandising visa workers. They feed their need of a sense of superiority as those visa workers dont speak English very well (or at all) and they get to be their teacher (unlike the "pesky" Millennials that "think they know everything"); its amusing that boomers out themselves to those very people divulging their social Darwinism, Protestant work ethic overtones and overbearing behavior behind their faux grandfatherly and faux grandmotherly appearances. Also on the matter of pettiness those visa workers tend to be less "boinkable" which then tends to be less chances of them "boinking" their daughter (considering the instilled social Darwinism and Protestant work ethic). The large and long running visa scheme not only served to undermine fair pay and tilt the electorates of working peoples it also reintroduced ultra-reactionary and cultural capitalism tendencies that had existed in 18th-19th century England.
https://amp.smh.com.au/national/ban-international-arrivals-end-medi-hotels-sa-opposition-says-20201122-p56gr9.html >"It makes no sense whatsoever. We don't have 1200 rooms in Woomera or Christmas Island to pop up with a quarantine hotel, let alone the staff, let alone building the hospital alongside it," the Premier said. Oh yes we do
>>1152561 >"elite" soldiers >just kills unarmed civilians the whole time
>>1131436 He was probably thrilled that the jobseeker was reduced and now the industrial relation reforms being floated. ‘Not enough’: PM’s warning for working Australians https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/industrial-relations-overhaul-scott-morrison-035657437.html Anthony Albanene it seems wanted to join the LNP and was even encouraged to do so only to be declined on the basis of being from a single parent family ans thus not upholding family values (per LNP). He was not the only one, its possible that others now in the ALP were declined application in the LNP. By the way I actually visited another section of Albanese's electorate recently. Considering the amount of gentrification (le "developments" and "apartments"), cafes and outdoor seating areas (likely charged council fees) the streets have cracked and the oval I encountered had its grass thinned (its still better than the oval around "here" which last time I checked it was sandy and gray). There were more "developments" being built and thus more approval fees and council fees to be due. There doesnt appear to be more utilities and improvement of current utilities in the electorate of Grayndler. One section of Unwins Bridge Road has been revamped which happens to be nearest to the Town and Country hotel (a pub). For the leader of the opposition he would very likely have attained more funds for campaigning and utilities. Locking Out the Left: The Emergence of National Factions in Australian Labor https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/07/australian-labor-party-factions >>1131774 Good. >>1148926 They ought to sue the Federal Police. When was it that the Federal Police raided the IPA, raided the Australian Business Council? >Oh no we cant violate the privacy of the "morally upright" business people. Someone who is near and dear to me could not find help at the police after a "colleague" deliberately blocked their exit from their office and got into their personal space. The police officer(s) on duty said that as it happened in the business (workplace), they dont get involved and its the responsibility of the owner. Police have been propagandised and obliged to follow certain rules of engagement. Very likely due to dealing mostly with proles and the lack of cases of bourgeoisie law infringements have concluded that the proles are not moral nor civil. >>1152561 >blooding Absolutely repugnant and disgusting. May they get the full force of the law and that unit disbanded and dishonourably discharged. >>1159485 Be careful bros and have courage.
I fucking hate living in this shithole of a country. Our lack of culture(?) outside of >we are so laid back haha :))))))))))))) fuck cunt haha yea b eers!!!!!!! exacerbates what this >>1022793 talks about re insecure material competition because we don't have fucking anything else. My first gen Australian mother embodies this and she's fucking miserable because of it. We're probably even worse than the fucking burgers with respect to this because at least they have some semblance of a fucking culture they can cling to. I don't relate to ANYONE, especially first gen Australians. Second gen Australians are way better in every respect because they aren't raised by retarded first gen Australians I suppose, but I still don't relate to them. Neither do I relate to people from the other side of my heritage (and that entire half of my fucking family who don't speak english) because my fucking dad didn't teach me the language for the dumbest of fucking reasons. When I think I've found someone who I relate to and they me, I'm soon shown that I am wrong despite my best and most sincere efforts. Not to mention that fucking nobody I speak to is receptive to socialism in this slightest outside of the 13 or so fuckwit trots whose interest in revolution probably ends where friendlyjordies begins. Even my mate who I thought was at least a semi committed socialist has regressed to being a labor left retard probably because he wants to literally be a fed. >"It's been my dream since I was a kid I can't give up on that" >"I'll be a cool fed dw" >"I think small meaningful change can work" YOU WANT TO BE 007 BECAUSE OF THE HECKIN AWESOME PORKY PROPAGANDA ESPIONAGE MOVIES YOU WATCHED GROWING UP. YOUR "DREAMS" WERE FORGED BY SOMEONE ELSE. Sorry for the stupid fucking blogpost, I have no one to talk to. I just hate this country we live in and my life so fucking much. Every time I drive through an intersection I pray I'm taken out by a bogan running a red light in a semi.
>>1172900 >I fucking hate living in this shithole of a country. Our lack of culture(?) outside of >>>we are so laid back haha :))))))))))))) fuck cunt haha yea b eers!!!!!!! With the (near) constant self-denial (as per and part of the protestant work ethic - a parareligion) alcoholic beverages like beer disinhibit those people from their self-denial habits. Beside from that people have been personally miserable and the alcohol relieves them from the their pain. Of course there tend to be negative affect from that. >exacerbates what this >>1022793 talks about re insecure material competition because we don't have fucking anything else. My first gen Australian mother embodies this and she's fucking miserable because of it. We're probably even worse than the fucking burgers with respect to this because at least they have some semblance of a fucking culture they can cling to. Seems like an inferiority complex, insecurity and jealousy. The topic of money and "status" has become permissible partly due to the MSM aggrandising them, and its a common denominator. Not to mention the propaganda, narrative and pop cultural being fabricated. Feel inadequate? Get more money, retail therapy, splurge, spoil yourself. Also advocating for immediate gratification, dopamine hits and extending the protestant work ethic >I don't relate to ANYONE, especially first gen Australians. Second gen Australians are way better in every respect because they aren't raised by retarded first gen Australians I suppose, but I still don't relate to them. Socialising appears to have become very categorised (to an autistic extent maybe). One considered as a work mate, school mate, gym mate, travel mate, camp mate etc. Its like if they two or people meet each other in different contexts they regard themselves as strangers and rude to resume friendliness. An example (maybe an extreme and rare example) would be camping; people get together and treat each other ever so cordially throughout camp until camp ends and everyone acts like they never met and if they mention meeting outside of camp they became offended, stonewalled, empty promises of get-togethers and catch-up etc. For the sake of your health meet with people that have the same or similar hobbies, likes and interests to you. >Neither do I relate to people from the other side of my heritage (and that entire half of my fucking family who don't speak english) because my fucking dad didn't teach me the language for the dumbest of fucking reasons. Well thats frustrating... >When I think I've found someone who I relate to and they me, I'm soon shown that I am wrong despite my best and most sincere efforts. Trial and error. Some might be socially grifting assuming that you or someone is "rich" or you might know "rich" people and if happens that you do not they just leave. Its doesnt have to be wealth, it can be some sort of other standard reinforced by boomer parents believing that the post WW2 rally continues your situation might "improve" - so dont burn that bridge! >Not to mention that fucking nobody I speak to is receptive to socialism in this slightest outside of the 13 or so fuckwit trots whose interest in revolution probably ends where friendlyjordies begins. Its not too bad for 13 or so's, still it seems like you have run out of patience. Friendlyjordies - yikes. From people's champion to cuck apologist grifter. >Even my mate who I thought was at least a semi committed socialist has regressed to being a labor left retard probably because he wants to literally be a fed. >"It's been my dream since I was a kid I can't give up on that" >"I'll be a cool fed dw" >"I think small meaningful change can work" >YOU WANT TO BE 007 BECAUSE OF THE HECKIN AWESOME PORKY PROPAGANDA ESPIONAGE MOVIES YOU WATCHED GROWING UP. YOUR "DREAMS" WERE FORGED BY SOMEONE ELSE. That is his prerogative so to speak. Whether he is a literal reactionary cuckold remains to be seen. Hopefully he restores some faith for you and others. >Sorry for the stupid fucking blogpost, I have no one to talk to. No problem, sorry if the comments I made were non-applicable to your situation. Still, I hope you found it mildy amusing. >I just hate this country we live in and my life so fucking much. Every time I drive through an intersection I pray I'm taken out by a bogan running a red light in a semi. Relax guy. We thought and we were taught that we are going to have it like the boomers if not better. Then came the intergenerational report, neoliberalism and skullduggery from the boomers. >>1175346 It just so happens that those three groups comprise a combined market of approximately 3.5 billion which multinationals seek to penetrate and "establish relations" (sending their kids to Australian education facilities, transnational investments, virtue signalling by "thriving communities" and intermarriages, slave labour etc). Why deport (round up) Chinese, Africans and those from the Indian Subcontinent? What are your reasons?
NINE Aussie soldiers take their own lives as a war crimes scandal morphs into shambles, with top brass shielded & squaddies blamed https://www.rt.com/op-ed/507894-australia-soldiers-war-crime/
(31.62 KB 739x415 images (3).jpeg)
>>1182736 >More tragically, nine soldiers who had served in Afghanistan (a particularly vulnerable group of veterans even before recent events) have committed suicide in the past three weeks. The soldiers – one woman and eight men – were aged from their early 20s to their 50s >There’s no suggestion that any of them were linked to war crimes but veterans said the coverage – and the blame being pinned on squaddies – was undoubtedly the catalyst for the unprecedented spate of suicides.
(424.22 KB 619x442 7lw3idhk6b261.png)
>>1183343 Condemn this.
>>1183343 PM blasts China for 'truly repugnant' image of Australian soldier https://au.news.yahoo.com/scott-morrison-slams-china-image-australian-soldier-child-china-025809975.html >WARNING - DISTURBING CONTENT: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has blasted China’s foreign ministry for a Twitter post on Monday of a shocking fake image of a grinning Australian soldier slitting the throat of what appears to be an Afghan child. >The prime minister labelled the picture “truly repugnant” and “deeply offensive to every Australian [and] every Australian that's served in that uniform". The image has been said to be fake.
>>1183567 >The image has been said to be fake. Nothing gets past this guy!
>>1183567 Its a CGI cartoon, its not meant to be "real"
>>1183567 Hopefully the exporters get totally rekt in this silly squabble
(192.95 KB 320x314 oksurepoltard.png)
>>1183567 You can tell it's fake because if Aussie soldiers were going to decapitate an Afghan child they'd do it with a samurai sword while wearing a g-banger and cat ears. Scomos a commie for letting any soldier face charges for slotting Taliban spotters and soldiers.
>>1183568 Its not even CGI. >>1183571 They would be. So far they have been pushing to government to be "nicer" to China for market access. >>1183598 >believing dengoids >ever
(44.04 KB 440x583 Leonard_Siffleet.jpg)
>>1183598 >Scomos a commie for letting any soldier face charges for slotting Taliban spotters and soldiers. Oh so executing civilians or POWs is perfectly fine? I guess there was nothing wrong when the Japanese did this then or when they used our soldiers as bayonet practice.
https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1208543.shtml >Aussie PM gets Kangaroo hopping mad instead of punishing its war criminals Hold me mates, they are delivering epic bangs I don't know whether to be proud of how well they've learnt from us or scared
>>1184080 *bantz
Lol suffocate in burning smog you daft warcriminal fucks.
>>1184085 Shut up you fucking subhuman Yank. I'll 100% tolerate flak coming from Chinese, but Americans can piss off. You're the reason we're stuck with this gang of retarded traitors who are leading us off a fucking cliff with this bullshit antagonism toward China. Every time we elect a government which fucking tries to change course you fuckers coup it and throw the CIA front back into power. I sincerely hope Mr Xi detonates an EMP above north America and fucking wipe you god damn yankee vermin off the face of the earth. You're the reason our country is a shithole.
>>1184080 I don't give a fuck if china is or isn't socialist or whatever. Shit like this seriously makes me believe that China has one of the best governments in the world. My country engages in domestic massacres all the time too. China doesn't, despite being many many times larger. The bantz are great though. The article is absolutely right. It is psychopathic to say that this will make China look bad.
>>1184085 >you daft warcriminal fucks the burger appears to have lost all sense of self awareness
>>1139371 will have a thonk about
>>1183567 The image is real
How Bega Cheese purchase of Lion Dairy makes a once-minor player an Australian food heavyweight https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-29/bega-cheese-success-story/12929978?fbclid=IwAR1oymtir_XR9T8gONpPDhleWIsRVMmBJABb6FZDh0Hm0HRuSvlxZWhUvP0 They used to be a co-operative and in 1990's NSW co-operatives were forced to merge - "thanks" Keating and Howard.
Aussie locals squeezed out of island life by Chinese developer https://9now.nine.com.au/a-current-affair/trouble-in-paradise-chinese-developers-send-aussie-island-locals-and-tourists-packing/4b00ae5f-02c6-4ffe-ba27-cff40c2a0920 >There's trouble brewing in paradise as Australian residents find themselves being squeezed out of an idyllic island lifestyle by a Chinese developer. >Keswick Island could be one of Australia's best tourist spots but instead its new owners China Bloom are trying to stop Aussies from even setting foot on the public beach. >"I just don't think they want Australians on the island. I think that they want to have this island solely for the use of the Chinese tourism market," former island resident Julie Willis told A Current Affair.
Why do bogans love neoliberal fuckstains so much? Even as a burger the sheer callousness towards refugees from the Australian right is pretty disgusting. Asking since all I know is that the current guy shit himself at McDonald's.
(788.10 KB 960x569 wnhkrtb71l261.png)
(1.87 MB 900x1188 united.png)
(925.91 KB 900x1161 first_lesson.png)
(424.22 KB 619x442 7lw3idhk6b261.png)
Politics aside, isn't this propaganda a bit cluttered? I mean there's too much shit going on in the Chinese images compared to something like the old Soviet propaganda images. >>1188040 Political disengagement and material comfort (and a bit of propoganda). During the bushfires Scomo was incredibly unpopular (leaving the country, "i don't hold a hose" etc.) but now his ratings have shot right back up. People are able to forget easily thanks to being relatively well-off, everything gets absorbed
>>1188061 >People are able to forget easily thanks to being relatively well-off This. By the time we go full Seppo 4.0 people will be so indoctrinated we'll be fucked.
Ironic, Australia was the original "floating prison ship".
>>1188040 Its a cope. >If you work hard mate you got it made just look at the footy players Also its a bunch of boomers that are completely out of touch. >>1188061 >People are able to forget easily thanks to being relatively well-off, everything gets absorbed Maybe you are right. I considered it to be a "phlegmatic" inclination and "ignore it and it will go away". It seems that the well-off part might be a false sense of security. >>1188974 >By the time we go full Seppo 4.0 people will be so indoctrinated we'll be fucked. Seppo 4.0? --- Qantas confirms 2000 jobs to go with ground crew outsourced https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/qantas-confirms-2000-jobs-to-go-with-ground-crew-outsourced-20201130-p56j3v.html They got their "bailouts" too.
https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/nov/30/what-is-chinas-endgame-thats-the-question-australia-has-no-answer-to >What is China's endgame? That's the question Australia has no answer to How fucking stupid are liberals cunts? The messaging has been loud and clear China is going to be mining the moon for Helium 3 for 10,000 years worth of clean energy for the world and they'd like us to help or get out of the way and not fuck it all up
>>1189238 >China is going to be mining the moon for Helium 3 for 10,000 years worth of clean energy for the world and they'd like us to help or get out of the way and not fuck it all up Dengists are about as dumb as stupid as Australian politicians.
thanks for taking all the maoris ausbros
>>1188061 the CGI style is a bit unusual since most political cartoons i have seen in past are in the hand drawing style. Despite being on top of a jigsaw, appears many Austards got confused and thought it was a faked photo
>>1189295 It still really concerns me that our PM etc claimed it was a doctored photo You mean Australian troops have been out there slitting children's throats and you're worried there's photos of it out there?
>>966841 Fucking wish every political movement or figure in this country wasn't some facile rip off of seppo shit
>>1131749 Constant fucking synonyms from think tank cunts, calls war an 'intense security competition'
(39.00 KB 620x682 wendouree.jpg)
>>1183598 hahahahaha RULE 30O3 mate it was srurvival!! lest we forget aznazac bickies do it for the troops ahah alest we froget anzak spirit aha
>>1189399 oi about this anzac spirit shit - my dad keeps on going on about how the diggers themselves didn't care for Gallipoli or WWI celebrations at all, and the anzac myth is a more modern revision brought about under the Howard govt. My gut agrees with him, but what do you guys think? (Long shot but would anyone have any reading material on it?)
Remember that time when a retarded Anglo who wasn't a strategist used us as literal cannon fodder for an UNSUPPORTED NAVAL INVASION OF A CONTINENTAL EUROPEAN POWER And we all fucking died? This means you cant punish people for doing things that even the Wehrmacht would have been like "Umm gross?"
>>1189409 The Gallipoli Campaign and the whole ANZAC concept was initially very much a trigger for anti-war sentiment (The reveal to the public just how bad the war was going literally almost triggered a 1917 revolution in victoria). So yeah the idea of the "ANZAC spirit" and how Australian soldiers are like these honourable kind warriors beyond approach is just right-wing / militarist revision.
>>1189409 >oi about this anzac spirit shit - my dad keeps on going on about how the diggers themselves didn't care for Gallipoli or WWI celebrations at all, and the anzac myth is a more modern revision brought about under the Howard govt. Yes I agree. this obsession with "ANZAC spirit" only began during Howard era
>>1189409 The old Lie: Dulce et decorum es
>>1189417 Is there anymore I can read about this?
>>1189409 Honestly could use some resources about how shitty some of the Australian soldiers were. But to my knowledge I see the ANZACs not as heroes but as victims, servants of the British empire who were dragged in to fight their war, while being treated like utter dogshit.
>>1172900 >YOU WANT TO BE 007 BECAUSE OF THE HECKIN AWESOME PORKY PROPAGANDA ESPIONAGE MOVIES YOU WATCHED GROWING UP. YOUR "DREAMS" WERE FORGED BY SOMEONE ELSE. I had this story I was cooking up a few years ago based on tge iran contra drug smuggling thing. I had a character in there based on oliver north, and this is exactly what i came up with. He became cia because he imagines himself as 007, but in reality, he's a lame federal employee doing evil deals for porky and etc.
>>1183567 >Members of the Special Air Service Regiment allegedly cut the throats of two 14-year-old Afghan boys before dumping their bodies in a river because they believed they were Taliban sympathisers, in one of the most gruesome incidents revealed by the long-running probe into Australia's elite special forces unit. >Assistant Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Paul Brereton's chilling report details 36 incidents where there is strong evidence of alleged war crimes, including 23 cases where prisoners or non-combatants were killed and two where prisoners were cruelly treated. https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/special-forces-accused-of-brutal-murders-20201119-p56g46
(102.92 KB 1024x652 1606980547306m.jpg)
(3.40 MB 1920x2622 Edited_20201203_013359.jpg)
(112.52 KB 1024x473 1606979950372m.jpg)
>>1192005 Its pay walled. How informative of you. Unless that image that was posted is part of the evidence of war crimes its fake. You know what isnt fake? SUICIDE NETS
(19.38 KB 739x415 images (30).jpeg)
>>1192011 If only these cunts have a fraction of distain for America than they do for China, then perhaps they might be a little bit closer to their vision of a great Australia. But reactionaries are forever caught up in idealism, and Australian reactionaries are a mix of the unemployed, criminals, and children. Until they do something other than hikes or setting up gyms (only to close them down), i sleep.
>>1192045 When did Mel Gibson start posting here?
(113.34 KB 1280x720 EoP_HMXXcAUilr0.jpg)
Arguing with British dengists be like
BHP urges Australia to maintain trade with China amid tensions https://www.mining.com/bhp-urges-australia-to-maintain-trade-with-china-amid-tensions/
Once covid is over, where do I go lads? I'm done with the nut cases in this country.
https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1208848.shtml Good analysis but it does miss a crucial factor Everything Canberra accuses Beijing of planning is something Washington already does For example, you may have seen Chinese ownership stats in the news recently these figures are dwarfed by what the United States What international support we're receiving are from our trade competitors, Australia is being egged on in this precisely because it is making a mistake The seppos in particular are capitalising on this Go check where China is buying its barley from now if you don't believe me
>>1194815 *what the United States owns
(129.73 KB 754x814 muh_china_influence.jpg)
>>1194067 Tasmania. Literally. My plan is to move there an encourage other socialists and anarchists, etc. to move there and just, idk, turn the state into a giant commune or something.
>>1194829 More simple comprehensive graphs that show how the US owns Australia pls
>>1194829 >'Murkians own majority of Australias biggest companies - bad because huwhite >Chaynese own airports, farms, real estate, food companies something-something productive forces - good because not huwhite, duh Enver Hoxha Imperialism and the Revolution CHINA'S PLAN TO BECOME A SUPERPOWER https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/hoxha/works/imp_rev/imp_ch5.htm
>>1195053 >christ-com is also a hoxhaist who would have thought
>>1195060 Not an argument. Fact is, Yanks and Dengists can both get fucked and fuck off. It is undeniable that that China owns a good chunk of our infastructure and ports, but the problem with our government is that they're quick to rattle their sabres at China, and not the US. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/charts-here-are-the-top-10-foreign-land-owners-in-australia-2016-9 https://www.dfat.gov.au/trade/resources/investment-statistics/statistics-on-who-invests-in-australia Make no mistake, the eternal Seppo is a dog cunt and is responsible for couping us back in the 70's and we've been their lap dogs ever since. But I hate the prospect of being a subservient to another capitalist superpower.
>>1195053 mate all this reeing over literally non-existant idpol looks like you're more concerned about which race enslaves us than anything else. fact is that as it stands america has a substantially larger influence over australia than china does. >But I hate the prospect of being a subservient to another capitalist superpower. literally what does it fucking matter? this just proves you're the idpoltard itt
https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12952512 After all that bs turns out the feds were playing funny buggers and victoria isn't allowed ADF assistance for quarantine anyway
>>1195180 >mate all this reeing over literally non-existant idpol looks like you're more concerned about which race enslaves us than anything else. No u. >>1195070 This but G rated.
(105.08 KB 254x283 1600824706194.png)
>>1195180 >mate all this reeing over literally non-existant idpol looks like you're more concerned about which race enslaves us than anything else. No. I'm arguing that the US and China both suck and fuck off. I would argue that yes, the giant douche is preferable to the turd sandwich, but the giant douche is still a giant douche. >fact is that as it stands america has a substantially larger influence over australia than china does. And like I said, they too can fuck off. But if you're honestly not thinking that China wouldn't make an effort to fill in the vacuum that the USA leaves.
>>1197243 i know exactly what you're arguing. all im saying is that it was you who inserted the idpol into the discussion when you started baselessly sperging out about people being anti white. no shit china will try to fill the vacuum.
(84.17 KB 1080x829 o00jutdc4f261.jpg)
>>1197655 >meant to kill people Yeah, unarmed poor people are so dangerous you have to kill 'em.
>>1195070 >But I hate the prospect of being a subservient to another capitalist superpower. What, are you one of those anime country people?
https://amp.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/dec/05/chinese-officials-repugnant-tweet-of-australia-soldier-likely-amplified-by-fake-accounts-experts-say >“There was a spike in accounts created on November 30 and December 1,” she said, adding it was too early to determine if it was coordinated inauthentic behaviour or patriotic individuals. >[...] >Earlier this year, Twitter said it had removed 23,750 accounts spreading geopolitical narratives favourable to the Chinese Communist party, and another 150,000 accounts designed to amplify these messages. >A Twitter spokeswoman said the company remained vigilant, but the Cyabra findings “don’t hold up to scrutiny” because it relied only on publicly available data. Translation The last time they nuked accounts they convinced a few hundred thousand patriotic citizens that western freedom are hypocritical liberal lies >A Cyabra spokeswoman said its founders are information warfare experts with Israeli military backgrounds, and the US State Department was among its clients.
>>1197410 The fuck are you talking about? Where did I explicitly say “anti white” or make an argument relating to that ITT? Are you high?
>>1192011 No sympathy towards anglo whitoids
>>1200254 here you go retard >>1195053
>>1200314 Im not the Christcom poster you fuckwit
>>1197655 >>1197686 >stop hurting the protestant work ethic and social darwinism >If those people were meant to be saved from war crimes they would have been >The other Afghans spared from war crimes shows that they were meant to be saved in accordance with said protestant work ethic and social darwinism >The Afghans didnt exercise self-denial and therefore were debauched >Afghanistan is a poor country and a country of poors and they have failed to glorify God are lazy I dont seem to have found that tweet. Its really bad of them to argue that. ----- 'A disgrace': Qantas cuts 2,000 more jobs after asking workers to bid for them https://www.sbs.com.au/news/a-disgrace-qantas-cuts-2-000-more-jobs-after-asking-workers-to-bid-for-them
>>1200395 hello? you ok? this conversation stems directly from me replying to >>1195053 ? are linear discussions hard for you to follow even when they're clearly marked? i can't imagine what it'd be like speaking to you irl where there's no tangible trail. so either a: you are a retard who can't follow a simple discussion or b: you replied on behalf of someone else, in which case you should fuck off because I wasn't talking to you
<Coalition proposes retrospectively stripping misclassified casuals of up to $39bn in claims >The Morrison government will offer an improved path to permanent work but retrospectively wipe out billions of dollars of potential claims for misclassified casual employees under industrial relations changes. >The first section of the industrial relations omnibus bill, to be released by the attorney general, Christian Porter, on Monday, will introduce a definition of casual employment and improved rights to request permanent work after 12 months. >Unions have already rejected the proposal, arguing it will allow employers to continue hiring people as casuals despite them performing ongoing permanent work, and employees would be powerless to dispute refusals to convert. >The bill aims to save employers up to $39bn in claims from casual workers, by stating that if a court finds they were owed the entitlements of a permanent worker the casual loading already paid will count towards this liability. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/dec/07/coalition-proposes-retrospectively-stripping-misclassified-casuals-up-to-39bn-claims-industrial-relations-changes
(1.83 MB 800x800 1599499987843.png)
>>1202864 >rob a bank >go to jail >steal $39bn from workers >"it's okay just don't steal anymore"
>>1189390 we could always return to the white australia policy
<Labor backs plan to let super-unions break up, paving way for change at CFMMEU >Labor will support the government’s plan to facilitate super-unions to break apart in “exceptional circumstances”, Tony Burke has said. >In caucus, Burke qualified the position by adding that Labor would support a narrow trigger for demerger in cases of unlawfulness or illegality, but would seek to amend a broader trigger. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/dec/08/labor-backs-plan-to-let-super-unions-break-up-paving-way-for-change-at-cfmmeu
>>1205861 >*into music plays* >Okay... so I wasnt going to do a video on this but here we are now >We had a bunch of comrades screeching about this union de-merger bill and Labor >Well, I got to say that nothing grinds my gears more than fake revolutionaries and LARPers; also Setka sucks >The sheer strangle hold that the CFMMEU has on this country is almost like the Murdoch media >I offer an olive branch to the Liberal party, if this bill passes then we can do something about the Murdoch media >Also how can you hate Albanese? I mean look at him! He is like your favourite uncle, pot belly and everything; off for another friendly drink at the pub; what more do you want? I'll wait... >You give uncle Albanese a hard time but what have you achieved in life? >Btw I just had sex
(66.65 KB 640x898 hpvr3r5gll361.jpg)
>>1208419 >Killed himself with three gunshots to the back of the head and then he threw himself in a trunk F
>>1208419 Poor guy he got suicided... >>1207389 >"Im seeing all these people with Lenin as their profile pic who probably contribute to junkee and listen to the project and who (lets face it) are probably gonna voot greens no matter what (xd hahahahahaha libtard owned xd) saying that uncle albanesee isn't actually BASED AND REDPILLED because he supports the Super-Union de-merger bill which their calling *Finger quotes* "Union busting" *Finger quotes* >Now im gonna explain why thats wrong A......
>Tony Abbot proposes "floating prison islands" to be constructed on ocean platforms and "prison ships" to be built to "house migrants" in the UK Australia is exporting Australia
>>1208445 Tony Abbot is actually a British immigrant Dear God prison ships were where the Poms kept ethnic white Australians on before they were Australian Abbot is disgusting absolute filth
>>1208419 F Never forget, his name is Kevin Frost. May God rest his soul. May his family and friends find justice and protection. May it not be a black and tans situation.
>>1208880 worth joining?
>>1209061 Heard mixed things about it. Its a youth group that does weekly food drives. If you can be bothered, there was a conversation about it in the last /auspol/ thread.
(379.97 KB 1024x576 1527208038105.jpg)
opinion on bob katter?
>>1209718 Based and cringepilled
(14.78 KB 476x348 brave_5Kh8z2ckG4.png)
>>1209718 Fun fact: the political compass site thinks he's authleft (in 2019), whatever that means. https://www.politicalcompass.org/aus2019
>>1209702 >Porter: Look mate we need you on this one >Albanese: We just backed the union de-merger; we cant go full retard. I told 'em that they got to get used to going along with you lot, this is too much >Porter: You and I are alike, why do you care about some dropkicks >Albanese: two words: legitimacy and votes. >Porter: cant make it too obvious, aye?
(998.42 KB 500x281 anime-girl-dancing-gif-16.gif)
♪♫ Do you understand? You don't sniff petrol from a can You put your petrol in the car it goes Don't be rama rama and sniff it up your nose! ♪♫
>>1211535 If you are referring to the song by the Warburton Community members addressing a very sensitive but important issue to act as a racist dog whistle than I suggest you just admit you are a racist cunt. Don't think that by being subtle that people won't notice you moronic /pol/tard.
(147.97 KB 907x843 lol.jpg)
Forever laughing at the fact that the great white hope of reactionaries was Fraser Anning and now is Pauline Hanson
>>1211670 It isn't just original Australian kids who sniff petrol mate, it's a good PSA and a catchy song
>>1125274 Lib unity
Okay seriously tho Which state/city/council/fuckin small town/suburb can we start moving into?
>>1215387 The one with least dengoids, liberals and lgtbq+. serious.
(235.02 KB 658x370 zzzz3.png)
>>959779 Tony was so based. I miss him, lads.
>>1192011 knew brainless cunts would start up with the rule .303 shit
>>1194829 literal government reports on foreign investments in Australia show the US, Canada, and poms pouring far more into this shithole than the Chinese are.
>>1216975 Good riddance to bad news, he was even disowned by the LNP.
(404.03 KB 1841x775 Australian Futurist.jpg)
Goddamn Aussies are next level.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-04/fair-work-commission-senior-official-caught-with-anime-figurines/12026180?fbclid=IwAR2qD__2TheuegqEbmW-kFQ16oSMY9EIT-gGVoznumKsu0dfqf8uc2Jkqv8 Fair Work Commission senior official under fire for 'scantily clad' figurines in office This is like a comedy skit lmao >>1217784 If they like Europe so much they should move there
>>1219577 >h/ttps://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-04/fair-work-commission-senior-official-caught-with-anime-figurines/12026180?fbclid=IwAR2qD__2TheuegqEbmW-kFQ16oSMY9EIT-gGVoznumKsu0dfqf8uc2Jkqv8 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-04/fair-work-commission-senior-official-caught-with-anime-figurines/12026180 REMOVE FACEBOOK CLICK IDENTIFICATION BEFORE POSTING TARDS
>>1219687 chill tf dummy, no one wants to spy on your lame ass
>>1219704 It's not about me retard it deanonymises the person who posted it to fb
Does anyone have any good material on Pine Gap?
>>1216417 I dunno about that, the LBTBQ+ scene has some top bants.
>>1205662 I wish.
>>1217784 >it’s not supposed to make any sense because your kind make it happen /pol/ in a nutshell
(94.99 KB 674x960 Pine_gap_comic_1.jpg)
(99.03 KB 680x960 Pine_gap_comic_2.jpg)
(126.04 KB 678x960 Pine_gap_comic_3.jpg)
(87.71 KB 674x960 Pine_gap_comic_4.jpg)
(62.55 KB 672x960 Pine_gap_comic_5.jpg)
>>1224468 Might as well link this comic
(99.96 KB 682x960 Pine_gap_comic_6.jpg)
(63.00 KB 678x960 Pine_gap_comic_7.jpg)
(120.75 KB 960x664 Pine_gap_comic_8.jpg)
huh, well centrelink cut me off today; guess it was good while it lasted? still unemployed though.
>>1227249 Do a walk in to your local centerlink office Remember to wear a white coof mask to signal to the beurocrats that you are a good prosocial citoyen
>>1227274 Peak coof muzzle is wearing it while driving, alone.
(332.76 KB 655x614 Spy Master.png)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-16/men-behind-demolition-of-corkman-pub-jailed/12990148 >Opposition planning spokesman Tim Smith also backed the VCAT sentence and called on the State Government to seize control of the property. "The Andrews Labor Government must compulsorily acquire this site and turn it into social housing, public housing, or a permanent park so these cowboy developers don't make a cent from their illegal activity," he said. >"We look forward to seeing the site cleaned up and available for the public to enjoy."
>>1228310 >Raman Shaqiri and Stefce Kutlesovski Foreign shitbags.
>>1229205 Imagine the origin of their birth being the thing you take from this.
Longshot but can anyone give a brief overview or point me in the right direction to understand why our federal environmental protections are so shite? There was a half decent Guardian write-up on it in 2019 iirc but I cant find it.
Australia’s immigration has gone into reverse. Here's what that means https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/immigration-reverse-194112092.html >IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, LEAVE! <OKAY >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CANT LEAVE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUH BIG AUSTRALIA
‘Won’t be enough’: New JobSeeker rate confirmed https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/jobseeker-40-warnings-204732393.html
(1.31 MB 1077x1919 Australian_lefist_theory.png)
Slapped this together, any feedback? Something you want to add/ remove?
>>1309552 Bump for interest --- Also if you lot have some difficulty and considering that that increase in Jobseeker isnt going to be effective from March here is the financial hardship form link: https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/forms/su004
>>1312629 From April rather..
>>1309552 Richard Broome "Aboriginal Australians" Reynolds is great but he is just focused on frontier violence. Broome gives an essential overview from pre-Settlement to now for the entirety of Australia and it's been my go-to since studying Australian history in VCE like 12 years ago. It's just such a valuable starting point that it should be on here. Broome's in the "broad left academic" vein but knows his shit. Stuart Macintyre's "A Concise History of Australia" is the only decent modern single volume Australian history (and it's by a prominent labour historian) and it's nice, short and doesn't cost a fortune last time I looked. I haven't read his history of the CPA yet. The two-volume Cambridge History of Australia basically has both a chronological and topic summaries giving a further overview of anything in Australian history to pursue at your own leisure. Not exactly leftist theory and from a broad range of historians but fuck it - it's useful. Charlie Fox - "Fighting Back: The Politics of the Unemployed in the Great Depression" was a fascinating look at what it says on the cover. Lot of lessons to be learnt in the way the unemployed organised back then. Geoff Robinson - "Being Left-Wing in Australia: Identity, Culture and Politics after Socialism". This is an insanely detailed look (I admit almost too much so) at the last few decades of left politics. Some here may not like his conclusions but Geoff also knows his shit.
(1.98 MB 1077x2700 Australian_lefist_theory.png)
>>1313008 (Updated ver.) Like I said feel free to request additions/ removals as anyone sees fit
Australian real estate agents face fines and jail if tenants told to use super to pay rent https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/apr/03/australian-real-estate-agents-face-fines-and-jail-if-tenants-told-to-use-super-to-pay-rent So we happened to miss this article from April 2020 (or did we?) Some highlights: >“We are also aware of people who have lost their jobs and have informed their agent, only to be told they have to pay the rent on time or find somewhere else to live,” she said. >“We are also seeing letters telling renters they need to withdraw money from their super or making them provide detailed information on their spending habits before rent relief would be considered. >“Some unlucky people are having their rent put up at the same time as they have just lost their job due to coronavirus.” >Under Australian law, financial advice can only be provided by someone who holds a license. >In addition to jail time, breaches are punishable by a fine of up to $126,000 for individuals or $1.26m for companies. >In his letter to peak bodies, sent on Friday, Mullaly said Asic was aware of real estates asking tenants to withdraw super. >“Recent media reports and social media commentary outlining this conduct by some real estate agents is of significant concern to Asic and, we would hope, you,” he said. >He said Asic would also raise its concerns with the state agencies that regulate real estate agents asked the peak bodies to pass the letter to their members as “a matter of priority”. >“Tenants facing financial difficulty need sound financial guidance and potentially debt counselling,” he said. >“Specifically pointing them to and recommending them to consider the specific possibility of accessing superannuation is, again, likely to amount to a breach of the [Corporations] Act.” >In one email sent to tenants this week, an agency asked a series of detailed questions about renters’ financial situation, including their ability to get new benefits. >It also asked: “Have you checked with your superannuation fund as to whether you can access your super early?” Also in case your real estate agent/landlord has appropriated your rent and informing you that your account is in arrears https://files.tenants.org.au/sample-letters/s33%283%29.rtf Other information https://www.tenants.org.au/resource/complaints-fair-trading
Closed minds and huge mistakes at the RBA are costing jobs: Economist https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/rba-mistakes-jobs-011712466.html
Crown Resorts not suitable to operate Sydney casino, inquiry finds | ABC News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDoByVhw23w
>>959779 <Tony Abbot proposes "floating prison islands" to be constructed on ocean platforms and "prison ships" to be built to "house migrants" in the UK >TF
Thank you mods and jannies for making the Australian thread cyclical! ‘Didn’t want to hear it’: Liberal staffer says bosses dismissed her sexual assault https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/labor-demands-answers-after-parliament-sex-assault-claim-20210215-p572l5.html From January 2020: 'Unenforceable': Liberal Party women slam new harassment code https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/unenforceable-liberal-party-women-slam-new-harassment-code-20200118-p53slq.html January 2020: Liberals launch party's first sexual harassment, social media code https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/liberals-launch-party-s-first-sexual-harassment-social-media-code-20200117-p53sf6.html July 2019: 'It was very quick and very sudden': Liberal staffers reveal alleged sexual assaults https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/completely-disempowered-liberal-staffers-speak-up-after-alleged-sexual-assaults-20190729-p52bnw.html February 2019: Young Liberals booted from party for lewd comments about women https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/young-liberals-booted-from-party-for-lewd-comments-about-women-20190216-p50y8f.html >Those are the kinds of guys boomers and Karens tell their daughters to date and marry
TGIF - Thank God its Friday JobSeeker overhaul debated as Frydenberg plans ‘future rate’ https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/job-seeker-overhaul-debated-as-frydenberg-plans-future-rate-011957164.html
>>1322430 >literally just "right wing bad left wing good" This is why your memes aren't funny. You politicize everything instead of just trying to laugh. You're boring and take yourselves too seriously despite being totally irrelevant manchildren on welfare.
(35.51 KB 700x394 you.jpeg)
>>1323653 >This is why your memes aren't funny. You politicize everything instead of just trying to laugh. You're boring and take yourselves too seriously despite being totally irrelevant manchildren on welfare.
Election could be sooner than thought methinks
>>1323653 T,will fucking die of laugher at leftist soy tr9onies owned compilations 2693# "so true!"
Redpill me on aboriginal industry. I saw posters about MARXISM '21 and it was featuring aboriginal people. What did Marx write about the indigenous? Anyone knows about indigenous industrial relations, and how their views about capital have changed throughout the 20th century?
(101.89 KB 680x685 land-rights-banner-685.jpg)
>>1323818 >redpill me on aboriginal industry the Pre-colonial Australian economy was a blend between hunter-gather and agricultural. Aboriginals would hunt animals for food but they also built farms, houses, dams, etc. Their economy was organised along primitive-communist lines; property was communal and there was no state. A good up-to-date, easy to read book about indigenous economy is 'Dark Emu' by Bruce Pascoe. I'm sure you could find a digital copy on library genesis. >What did Marx write about the indigenous? To my knowledge Marx never wrote about indigenous Australians but he did study and write a bit about indigenous peoples in the Americas. He observed how their struggle against colonialism was an anti-capitalist struggle and that their pre-colonial societies were pretty much communist. Here is a decent article that covers marx's work on the subject https://monthlyreview.org/2020/02/01/marx-and-the-indigenous/ >Anyone knows about indigenous industrial relations, and how their views about capital have changed throughout the 20th century? Not sure what this means. can you clarify?
>>1324306 I always thought it was funny that a YouTube search for pay your rent Australia came back with a video of a coon melting down outside centrelink lmao.
>>1324306 Mate I was literally making fun of the abo fetishim of the modern woke left. Abos traded kangaroo skins, gotcha.
>>1324306 >Be communist >Wants people to pay rent because apparently their private property extends to an entire fucking continent You guys are clowns.
>>1324327 The communist party of Australia supported aboriginal rights since the 1920s. This isn't a modern "woke" thing. >>1324329 >write off movement based on a slogan retard
>>1324330 Kek >PAY >THE >RENT Just not to Porky...
>>1324331 it's not a literal slogan faggot. land rights are about seizing land from porky and making it communal.
you're actually fucking retarded FB and Google are about to crush the biased news media like 9 news, murdoch etc. and are gonna bush independent creators who support labor and the greens, this is the best opportunity ever for labor to win. the libs have fucked up with the new media bullshit they tried to push
>>1323653 >despite being totally irrelevant manchildren on welfare Those are Karen mum words verbatim. Your mum cant hurt you here. We care about people, Karens care about their sons supporting them in old age. Some ideas can be found and exchanged over yum cha. $50 increase in store for JobSeeker https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/50-increase-in-store-for-job-seeker-205313399.html >Oh YeA $50 a FoRtNiGhT iS pLeNtY. My PoP rAiSeD a FaMilY oN tHaT. This line is really something: “You can’t run the Australian economy on taxpayers’ money forever.” That is what they have been literally doing for Australian corporations that are not even charities and their "mates". It would not be surprising if the royal family has asked for an increase in tribute or whatever its called.
(334.85 KB 576x550 1 iMz4IlZv_BSVIAxR3ZY6Zw.png)
Fresh Grass Gone at Turruwull Park! https://roseberycommunitynews.medium.com/fresh-grass-gone-at-turruwull-park-88e67e395615 Background: Rosebery, Zetland and Alexandria have been industrial areas and generic suburbs (along with other adjoining and peripheral suburbs). The long-running industrial areas and peripheries have been gentrified starting from 2004-2005. These industrial areas, as far as I know, have been operated by two councils (City of Sydney council and Bayside council) with corresponding juristictions and as a whole have been part of the Kingsford Smith Electorate for federal elections. The councils and electorate have been administered by the Labor party. City of Sydney has announced to remove the grass from the parks in Rosebery, Zetland and Alexandria plus Annandale (Annadale tends to be more "inner west" relatively on the other end of the City of Sydney council) and lay plastic grass/astroturf. With the plastic grass dogs would be forbidden at the park. The move hasnt been discussed with the people living in those areas. City of Sydney Why is this important? The Kingsford Smith electorate has been held by Labor since 1949 which it narrowly beat the Liberal party in the electorate's inaugural elections. Since the mid 2000s the wide margin of victory by the Labor party has become less apparent with a surge and thereby an interruption in 2007 when Kevin Ruud was elected Prime Minister after about 12 years of John Howard being Prime Minister. The gentrification didnt slow in those areas as former factory areas were demolished for apartments, cafes and restaurants , and yet not increase in services (police, hospital, ambulances, schooling, parks, convention centres etc) or leisure except for singular aquatic centre with synthetic/plastic/astroturf grass. The Labor party it that electorate it seems has tried courting real estate developers, franchises and business owners to open shops in those once productive industrial areas. The gentrification of the industrial areas has introduced the same people that would vote out Labor for the Liberal/LNP party in the exact attempts of Labor courting and appeasing those same people - be it those "fleeing the pretentious lifestyle" and the influx of visa workers as well as investor visas who find the ideas of Liberal/LNP party relatable and digestible as it accords with conservatives in their home country. At first, in 1949, it would seem that the electorate was very closely split between rural and urban orientation. Once the Labor party won and urbanised/industrialised the electorate they later gentrified it. The grass being attempted to be removed without consulting the people living in those areas is but a part of the gentrification and the Labor party courting the "Liberal/LNP vote". Its socdem town. The electorate of Grayndler (Anthony Albanese is the member of that electorate) has been adopting a similar gentrification plan albeit it started later. By discussing and disputing the gentrification plans we can make our suburbs livable and enjoyable. For more on the electorates: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_of_Kingsford_Smith https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_of_Grayndler
Everything you need to know about the new JobSeeker https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-job-seeker-004037209.html Notables: >The new rate has been met with fury, with the Australian Council of Social Services describing it as “heartless”, and Greens senator Rachel Siewert labelling it a “cruel joke”. >However, the Government says the new rate acts as an incentive for the 1.95 million Australians on working-age income support to find work. Interjection: The government appears to be convinced that a $50 figure as an increase after the consecutive cuts to jobseeker accords to the $50 that their grandads used to get paid to raise a family. Not to mention that the $715.70 per fortnight ($357.85 a week) reminisces them of the 1940s and 1950s (approximately) when that was "Doctor money". In addition, the slight increase in JobSeeker, which would negatively impact consumption, seems to indicate to the "markets" (ASX 200 big traders, Self Managed Superannuation Funds and soon to be retirees) that there would be a "return to normal", the "snap back" and the share prices would recover after the 2020 tank. That it would reassure the "markets" and entice investment, perhaps a proverbial dead cat bounce which then the government would likely blame it on work rights, pay and general public services and propose "cuts". They might be dog whistling to small business owners who but for honourable exceptions tend to be uncharitable and have taken kind of Allan Jone's grievances. Having worked with small business owners they had been very nasty people that can gain common people's goodwill with candor, etiquette and mannerisms. Some had been dictators, some akin to used car salespeople. >Additionally, people who have been receiving JobSeeker for at least six months will be required to either engage in an “intensive training” program of short courses, or take part in specific Work for the Dole activities. Those who take on the Work for the Dole activities receive an extra $20.80, designed to cover transport. Interjection: those short courses tend to be a pyramid scheme and multi level marketing at a cursory perusal. Also Work for the Dole is an other scam to get free labour (le its not a gulag nor a work camp if its voluntary - sweetie). Wow Stalin much...). >And the Government will establish an employer reporting line to refer JobSeekers who are “not genuine” about their job search, or who decline a job offer. The Department of Social Services will then investigate and if they find the JobSeeker didn’t have a good reason to reject the job, there will be penalties. Interjection: But, those employers that were not being genuine about the Jobkeeper can only volunteer to return those payments to the government and not be penalised. As for the ALP they would be protesting this, rather briefly as they would find something to deflect to, while they voted along with the parliament on that.
‘We’re not going to repay it’: Harvey Norman won’t return JobKeeper despite soaring profits https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/companies/harvey-norman-hikes-dividend-as-profit-sales-double-20210226-p5762t.html Kevin Rudd speaks to Sunrise about the Murdoch monopoly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BlyTnFs_G0 OP-ED(?): The Morrison government is a sewer https://theaimn.com/the-morrison-government-is-a-sewer/
(189.32 KB 1000x1000 DfaJBqxU8AAqf90.jpg)
Labor's landslide victory win shows Liberal Party on brink of extinction in WA https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-15/wa-election-federal-implications-voting/13239076 JobSeeker recipients could tip next election: ACOSS https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/jobseeker-tip-election-014646198.html
>>1322430 i keep getting hounded by the socialist alliance folks to go to their meetings i wish they would fuck off I wish i never gave them my number
>>1323653 did you only read the right side or are you just a fag?
>>1324306 >but they also built farms, houses, dams, etc. You're referring to the Gunditjmara in Victoria with the farms /and dams stuff. Aboriginals also did deliberately cultivate plants and spread them across large distances. It isn't fair to call it agriculture though. The word agriculture means field-cultivation. Aboriginals didn't have intensive agriculture in the way most of the world has developed before 1788, it's more fair to say they were horticulturalists.
(503.63 KB 771x1080 jack lang.jpg)
Move along Larpers, true hero of the working class coming through


no cookies?