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(411.85 KB 925x894 1613462634528.jpg)
Anonymous 02/28/2021 (Sun) 12:23:20 No. 1326406
Okay so let's say, hypothetically, I stopped breathing.
>>1326409 >>1326410 >>1326411 >>1326412 >>1326413 >>1326414 >>1326415 >>1326416 >>1326417 >>1326418 >>1326419 >>1326420 >>1326421 Okay so let's say, hypothetically, that I hear loud knocking on my front door.
>>1326423 Every pic is 100% legal
What's worse? An incompetent moderation (this site) or a malicious one (ogre)
Imagine agreeing so much at this board that you have to spam jailbait.
>>1326409 stop spamming jailbait you fucking uighur.
(4.66 KB 209x135 download.jpeg)
>>1326424 Why do you have them saved in the first place? I'm not trolling anymore, I'm genuinely asking: Why do you have images of young girls saved onto your device?
>>1326429 >Why do you have images of young girls saved onto your device? I find those pics cute and funny :)
>>1326429 I don't have them saved, but scrabbed them from the /fit/ desuarchive
>>1326424 /pol/yp cowards dont even post real CP.
>>1326433 Are you asking for the real thing?
(11.69 KB 221x228 1609106259969.jpg)
>>1326432 >i-i just took them from the archive! Don't worry anon, I believe you :^) >>1326433 >(translation) plz let me see the real thing!!!!! Holy shit! TWO pedophiles? In ONE thread? You lefties are the real deal! Fuck shilling on 4chan, I'll be monitoring you degens from now on. Looks like I've hit the jackpot.


no cookies?