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(54.51 KB 976x850 eh.jpg)
Bros help a comrade out Anonymous 03/18/2021 (Thu) 12:36:32 No. 1329469
I am pro segregation and a friend of mine, who has no idea about that, asked me what i think about it. Of course i said i find it to be horrible etc., but now he wants to debate me. Pls give me arguments against segregation
>>1329469 >I am pro segregation Why?
>>1329477 just give me arguments against it
>>1329478 in order to recieve, one must first give.
>>1329482 blacks have way lower iq on average, commit more crimes, are more violent, literally just retarded apes in general and never created anything useful throuout history in their own countries. TL;DR: they are violent apes and cant live with us asians and with the whites.
Back to /pol/
>>1329484 I'm thinking you should head on back to /pol/
>>1329485 nah i like it here as well. answer me please.
(94.95 KB 1280x720 racism.jpg)
(131.08 KB 960x640 NYU-petition-960x640.png)
>Of course i said i find it to be horrible etc. Better come clean, OP, otherwise you might be falsely accused of racism!
>>1329469 >Pls give me arguments against segregation The implications of segregation appear to be a form of legally sanctioned no contact between communities despite living in the same country. By using different water taps and sitting on different places of the bus it could form a caste system and a contraction to the democratic principles whereby a nation stands. Another aspect of that would be that the government criminalised one community over the other despite the African-American community being liberated from slavery and their descendants. Geographically, it may have the effect of balkanisation as one community neglected by the government and institutions, even oppressed may instigate a breakaway. Attempts to demonise and slander one community over the other would be less checked for their validity as contact between each other has been effectively criminalised. Segregation in the Southern USA was protesting the defeat of the Confederacy by the Union and the abolition of their property: their former slaves now as free citizens. It seems the Southern USA had sought to retain legislature and process that would impoverish the the former slaves now free citizens by sanctioning them from the society the rest of the free citizenry more or less enjoyed like jobs, medical attention and housing. Very likely the sanctioning was done to force the African American to return as slaves to their former slave owners rather than suffer the imposed misery.
>>1329469 Race isnt real. Its basically a fetish.
>>1332893 >The feminist is a bog standard /pol/yp. Mask off
(183.03 KB 1346x859 pol vs reddit.jpeg)
>>1332917 That's not possible. Remember, racism=power+privilege, shitlord.
Worst false flag ever
>>1333012 But white women have power read: property and privilege.
(192.87 KB 600x600 sharnettehyter_large.jpg)
>>1333013 That's just benevolent sexism merely another form of systemic misogyny produced by the patriarchy. >white women No such thing, all wxmyn are honorary nⅰɡgеrs, "hard R" n-word pass included.
>>1333019 if i cut off my penis do i also get the n word pass?
>>1333027 That depends on your feminist congregation's denominational canon. Most major feminist communions today say yes.
>>1333019 >When women are violent and reactionary it's still men's fault. Damn those men.
>>1329469 >bros help a comrade out >I am a pro segregation You appear to have a tumor


no cookies?