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Identity John Spetsnaz 04/07/2021 (Wed) 07:51:45 No. 1332718
IS identity a technology? I think so. Let me elaborate. Now, as a loyal Trump supporting conservative, I am always looking for ways to own the libs. I think Identity, identity politics, or "cancel culture" are technologies. Which means they can be accelerated by cybernetic principles. Identity can be used to destroy liberalism, to destroy leftism, because it is a technological system seeking escape from humanity. As it escapes it destroys everything in its path. Plant essentially argues that womanhood is a technology, so I take that further, identity, the very idea of humans having identity (sex gender race etc) , is a technology. Humans do not have identities, they are thrust upon us by society, culture, etc. That is a technology, a technological system. IT will destroy leftists and liberals because it is a technology escaping. Imagine the conservative “slippery slope” argument of the “left eating itself”. But of course it is no slippery slope, but a feedback loop. Not even the most extreme are safe. Identity continues to push itself farther, from “trans people deserve human rights” to “children must be given puberty blockers” (note, I am NOT criticizing that idea, just describing it) and etc. It won’t stop because IT can’t. I do not mean corporate identity WOC drone operators. But the “decolonization is not a metaphor” “send whites back to Europe” identity politics. The left has no agency over identity, it is a technology spinning outwards beyond leftism, beyond humanity. One day your lives will be ruined for using the “i word” and that word is “idiot” or “insane”. And honestly as a conservative…I want that. A Cultural Revolution is superior to Perpetual Woke Reconstruction because it ends. The easiest way to make liberals AND leftists suffer is to accelerate cancel culture. Unironically, I want this. I hate natsec neocons and liberals and unirconically think they should suffer for calling Bruenigs children ret*rds. Not even as accelerationist policy. Just because its evil. fuck natsec people, can't believe I used to be one of those people. What do you think? Is "idpol" and "cancel culture" a technological system? Also, as a Republican you have my permission to be socialist or communist. I'm tired of being the scapegoat to justify moderate positions. "The republicans will..." Yes, Republicans think all democrats are socialists, regardless of facts. Nothing you can do about that, I speak from experience. There's nothing evil about socialism or communism even if I disagree. Also: What do you think of the "Platypus Affiliated Society"? Based? Or cringe?
You're actually attempting to articulate an idea with some degree of innocence so I'll respond. >Is identity a technology It depends what you mean by identity and what you mean by technology; under normative meanings the answer is definitively No. It's unclear exactly why it is you need to designate Identity as a technology in order to further your position, "idpol bad." From the outset, you seem to be operating under the assumption that Identity and Technology are external things to---what exactly? "Humanity" in the abstract sense, but abstracted to the extent as to become meaningless. Technology as such is not an external object to what makes up "humanity". The creation and use of technology is, in an important sense, a specific quality of humanity. This is to say, it is impossible to think of a human being without always already presupposing the creation and use of technology. It's intimately involved with what a human being is, and therefore is problematic to articulate its essence as something separate from the human being as such. What's also abstract is what you mean by "technological system." Do you mean a system that incorporates, or is based upon, the dynamics of technology (and what technologies?), or do you instead mean the general sense of a "rationalized order or mechanics"; if the latter, then that is not a technological system. You claim that identities are thrust upon the human individual by societal, cultural, and material circumstances. This is somewhat true, but not to the extent that you imagine it is. The specific circumstances that result in any particular identity are not "thrust" upon the human individual in the sense they are an externalized force that somehow intervenes with the human individual, whose natural state is somehow without identity; instead the individual's identity is brought about by existing within those circumstances. The identity is a continuous byproduct of the dynamics the individual has within its particular and spontaneous circumstances across time and personal growth. Your view of this seems to come from the conflation of "identity" with "identity politics", which are two very different things, to say the least. You take a quasi-teleological view that identity politics exists as a necessary result of the existence of identity proper, but this is also not the case. Identity Politics itself is a result of the contradictions within Neoliberal Capitalism, particularly the basic attempted (and impossible) reconciliation between civil society and the state, playing out within the realm of culture. If you were a Marxist, OP, you would know that this basic contradiction (which was discovered by Hegel) is the foundation upon which all Marxist thought is founded. The last thing that you're misled by, OP, is the right-wing vulgarization of what is meant by "accelerationism." The right takes it as just a synonym for "intensify", which is just simply not the case at all.
>>1332814 First I want to thank you for responding. Your response is very well thought out. I want to push back, however, because I do not consider identity politics inherently bad, nor do I wish to further such a position. In fact, as a conservative accelerationist, I think identity politics should be accelerated. I think this would be the most effective way to destroy liberalism and leftism. I agree that I am saying that Identity and Technology are external things, as a radical materialist, I would argue that technology exists beyond the human. I also get how you say that technology is inherently linked to humanity, that all of human "concepts" are technological, but I simply disagree that technology is inherently human. Technology is, in itself, a thing that exists outside humanity, and builds itself outside humanity, like a machine constructing itself from its enemy's resources. Thus identity is included in this, it is thrust upon the human because these things otherwise do not exist. The entirety of the human mind is fake, it doesn't exist. I disagree with Descartes. I largely think that "circumstances" are not real, that humanity is not a valid epistemological subject. I'd push back on the idea that identity politics are not teleological. In fact, that's my whole point. Capitalism is necessarily the end point of existence, a teleological catastrophe. If identity politics is a result of neoliberal capital, then 'idpol" is inevitable, because Capitalism is inevitable. It is the ultimate result of biology, having been created from geotrauma.
>>1332718 >“children must be given puberty blockers” (note, I am NOT criticizing that idea, just describing it) you're not criticising giving children puberty blockers..?
>>1332814 >identity are not "thrust" upon the human individual in the sense they are an externalized force that somehow intervenes with the human individual, whose natural state is somehow without identity I'm not OP and i might be going off topic here, but that is exactly how it is. If you want to live as fully human you have to evade all the attempts of others to label you, and push you into an identity straight jacket.
>>1332873 Well, I wouldn't want to be transphobic ;)
>>1332847 Technology doesn't exist beyond the human, technology is simply the principal mode of subjectivation. It grounds the possibility of a becoming-human of the body. So technology isn't an object for the subject, it's more like the transcendental ground of a process that is purely relational and exterior. So identity is not a technology, it's a technical-effect. Stiegler would call this epiphylogenesis. I haven't read Land but you seem to be making this incoherent traversal between a strange Deleuzian machinic view of the world and the claim that everything is governed by teleological necessity. If you're a radical materialist and you criticise the subject of bourgeois philosophy, haven't you just substituted a new subject: capitalism born of "geotrauma"? If you're a radical, that is aleotoric, materialist then it seems ridiculous to eschew the boundless possibilities of the direction towards which we are accelerating. Isn't this just some shitty untermensch nihilism? Are you happy being the last man?


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