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china Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 08:09:52 No. 1332720
is china communist or not? is it bad if they become the main economic power of the world? my dad says it would be bad because they don't care about their people
>is china communist or not? there's a good chance they will succeed in building socialism >is it bad if they become the main economic power of the world? They export goods and infrastructure for industrial development, i don't see any big downsides. The top level capitalists will loose political influence in the world. China can offer the same economic advantages as them, without making political demands. Big porkies are upset they can't shape the world how they like it, and because of that their media empires scream chinabad. >my dad says it would be bad because they don't care about their people did he explain how he made that judgement ?
The leadership might be Marxist but today China is state capitalist
China is only in your head. It doesn't exist.
no, they're not, but they aspire to be. weather or not this will come to fruition remains to be seen
>>1332720 No, China is not communist and stopped resembling in even being a communist nation of sorts (even socialist) after Richard Nixon went to China to meet with the very late in tenure Mao Zedong in the 1970s and later Deng Xiaoping. The meeting was for North American and European industrialists, financiers and royals to exploit slave labour and have China as a belligerent towards the USSR at the behest of NATO in turn like they did with Germany in the 1930s and 1940s at the behest of the League of Nations. The Lima Agreement was signed to contribute to that as well. Recently China as been accelerating to neoliberalism from Classical and haphazardly Keynesian economic policies. They still do retain the communist insignias, symbols and aesthetics (very likely as to quell revolt from rural China as Mao Zedong too was from a rural area They participated in supporting the Khmer Rouge along with USA in an attempt to stifle the USSR, its allies and socialism (universal healthcare, universal education, socialised medicine, work rights, sick leave, holiday leave, public holidays, parental leave, right to join a union, minimum wage, fair pay for fair work, work safety etc.). China could have prevented the Vietnam war by refraining from partitioning Vietnam into North and South Vietnam with the other Geneva Conference countries following the Korean war (Southern Vietnam, like South Korea, were vehicles which their institutions could launder money for the Chinese diaspora in South East Asia and the USA similar to Hong Kong - viz a viz HSBC -, Singapore and maybe Macao). China even supported Augosto Pinochet and his government with the USA after China and the USA agreed on investment deals. China even attempted to encroach on Soviet territory. Your dad's gripe with the way they treat their people was something that the MSM were frustrated into covering those events relatively recently as documentaries and investigations emerged about the sweatshops in China. Meanwhile North American and European industrialists, financiers and royals that have a stake and interest in China support it. Its convenient for the them to distance themselves from the conditions in the sweatshops and Chinese society which appears in their estimation the authoritarian government, a authoritarian government "gets things done" (for them! And for them only at the expense of others). They know that Adolph Hitler as Chancellor and the NSDAP was "profitable" for them "back in the day" with the pittance pay to German people and slave labour camps which their supplied the resources. The Chinese government and cronies have a plan to make China a superpower and the cabal that has been funding it doesnt care if China is belligerent towards the USA or UK. They could just move to "cosy" Shanghai or some other Tier 1 Chinese city in the event. The despite all that the ones that support China a some kind of bastion of socialism and communism, and a "good actor" tend to be newcomers that just accept China at face value and aesthetics; scholars, professors and authors that seek to have and keep access to the Chinese market for ticket revenue, appraisals, book sales and celebrity status, Chinese government shill, people that have business prospects interests in China dependent on the "good behavior" of their home country (otherwise they get tariffs, duties, levies and even suspensions) and LGBTQ+ that want to "score" a Chinese boyfriend/girlfriend. Enver Hoxha Imperialism and the Revolution CHINA'S PLAN TO BECOME A SUPERPOWER https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/hoxha/works/imp_rev/imp_ch5.htm >>1332757 Pretty much, it doesnt exist as the MSM portray it to be nor does mainstream political discourse (despite the grains of truth among the lumps of fiction).
>>1332829 >They participated in supporting the Khmer Rouge BASED
>>1332720 OP, just read this. https://www.telesurenglish.net/opinion/China-A-Revolutionary-Present-20171004-0015.html Specifically this part: >While capitalists exist in China today, unlike in capitalist societies, they are isolated and not organized in pursuit of their collective interests. Instead, they exist under the rule of the socialist state to aid national economic development. Capitalists transgressing their boundaries are swiftly dealt with by the Communist Party and the Chinese people. An annual list of China’s richest citizens is commonly called the “death list” or “kill pigs list” because those named often are later imprisoned. Capitalists also regularly get taken hostage by workers to win labor victories with police actively assisting workers.
>>1332838 >telesur sure, socialfascists like to support each other.
>>1332839 Are you actually Albanian or just autistic?
>>1332832 China along with the USA also supported Osama Bin Laden and the mujaheddin (which were backed by the Gulf States and Turkey specifically as part of Operation Gladio) in Afghanistan in the 1970s too.
>>1332840 Maduro kills FARC people.
>>1332720 Its state capitalist which is the intermediate stage between pure capitalism and socialism before communism.
China is literally natsoc and it's literally awesome and there's LITERALLY NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!
>>1332843 And imprisons communists.


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