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OC Thread 5.0 Anonymous 04/05/2020 (Sun) 16:12:47 No. 419177
New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share. Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made. Archived Thread : >>8622 https://lefty.booru.org/
Edited last time by zulveta on 09/03/2020 (Thu) 20:11:40.
>>421169 Very detailed, very nice. They're beautiful.
Videos that should be uploaded to the /chan/nels
(221.51 KB 1080x2220 2937648229.png)
>>421351 Is this on youtube?
>>421604 I'm the creator of the second video and I can tell you that I got those voices from a youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ3G0oS-OWY I didn't make the voices, just cut and pasted them to make it.
>>422027 No and that's why I reposted it here
(57.89 KB 1120x648 wipliberalscum.png)
I think this smuggie i'm working on is pretty good however need some kind of idea for an image to fill the last panel what do? criticisms?
>>424110 Trump calling a woman a pig or something. For bonus points make an earlier panel include Obama's ICE camps but libs only get mad when Trump is using them.
>>424143 this is perfect i dont need to make any changes anymore im fucking dying over the shitty trump face just straight up saying M E X I C A N S
>>424143 maybe a black cop
>>424164 Probably a little too much nuance for a meme like this. You want people focused on the main point.
>>424143 extremely based comic, good job.
I made this based on >>426222.
(7.35 MB small.mp4)
(1.45 MB 960x540 outs.gif)
(3.56 MB 960x540 out.gif)
It took 3 hours to render 12 seconds of text. https://volafile.org/r/18bajzb8w I swear to Christ, if one of you numpties complains about the bitrate
>>424143 that trump face with the mexicans caption alone would make a great reaction pic
(1.05 MB 960x540 outs.png)
(2.90 MB 960x540 out.png)
>>427236 Improved.
(7.86 KB 338x236 mexians.png)
(88.94 KB 960x925 FgMC3u7.jpg)
I've got a genius idea. Can anyone replicate this meme but with Stalin with him literally saying the same thing word by word?
>>438374 as in "I have only killed communists"
>>428098 > Louder with Browder I'd watch the shit outta that, even it is youtube trash ngl.
(260.83 KB 960x925 1586915662066.jpeg)
(2.42 MB 1013x1519 gothimsm.png)
(2.63 MB 1080x2220 1983740193.png)
>>427181 I really love this, but I have to say I find the hanging bit at the end to be distateful. >>421351 Love it. I wonder if there's a way to make the video smaller so it can be uploaded to 4chan's wsg board >>421169 amazing, do you have a contact for commissions?
(3.06 MB 2000x1591 futurecommunism.jpg)
(2.08 MB 1754x2480 Tanya_dom_señorita.png)
Here is some original lewd Tania (/ref/ board mascot) art. t.Drawanon
(61.00 KB 593x557 neoliberalism-theylive.png)
(852.34 KB 2622x1929 maoist_akko.png)
(31.48 KB 540x540 EQcwZWFUUAAdI0G.jfif)
>>451050 Groovy
(48.24 KB 380x423 Untitled3_20200420164912.png)
(835.70 KB 2622x1929 MADE_BY_GONZALO_GANG.png)
(236.66 KB 1020x1024 diana being self crit.jpeg)
(103.55 KB 1082x512 lolbert btfo by charlie v2.jpg)
(94.92 KB 1082x512 lolbert btfo by charlie.jpg)
>>451050 Akko is fucking tarded so being maoist suits her. Really cute pic, anon.
(745.51 KB 1600x1153 fallmk2.png)
(52.90 KB 667x482 lenin-devations.jpg)
(166.35 KB 800x900 DengSupporters.jpg)
(739.08 KB 494x1380 Somebody once told me.png)
(170.14 KB 1157x1400 we will always win.jpg)
super quick comic storyboard draft
>>456839 Don't play their game, simply use a gun and shoot the bastard ! Tsk tsk tsk.
>>456839 Fucking woke make it that's fucking cool
>>456914 Using a gun in a symbolic battle of prowess is just American ideology of murdering the poor with superior technology and boasting about how tough you are
(167.52 KB 1200x1020 wobo.jpg)
(68.12 KB 800x600 friendhip.jpg)
Finally, after months I did some OC.
(92.19 KB 435x762 EWjHlU9XgAALi56.png)
It's been a long day Without you my friend And I'll tell you all about it When I see you again
fuck these porklets original not my oc
>>438374 A Polish dude killing communists after WW2, but before the collapse of the Eastern Block. Definitely a rescued nazi, who fought in Africa for "Freedom"TM. I'll look up the location of his grave later. Should be a new gender neutral toilet. :^)
(5.28 KB 194x259 download.jpeg)
>>456936 Or because we can be quick and done
(305.76 KB 1000x900 accoomulator.png)
>>484584 based lol
(362.49 KB 683x372 Paracuellos en español.png)
(362.00 KB 683x372 Paracuellos.png)
(176.24 KB 800x600 liberalshaming.png)
(4.41 MB 3312x2074 0.jpg)
found it in my old OC folder, made it just before 8ch was taken down, so decided to post it again don't even ask me about the context, I have no idea
(172.77 KB 800x800 u r liberal.png)
(199.58 KB 373x347 justfuckmycoupup.png)
Posted this in the Venezuela thread
>>493569 I remember. It was about a schizo poster who claimed in a thread about Ukrainian conflict that Ukrainian intelligence and CIA are developing genetically engineered mosquitoes which kill Russians but leave Ukrainians alive.
>>421169 why she angry
>>493646 Yeah I remember this. It was something about them creating a virus to kill Russians and not ukrainians.
(156.82 KB 450x463 edit-for-org-the-rev.png)
Could someone edit "ORGANIZE FOR REVOLUTION" over "MARCH ON WASHINGTON" on this otherwise great propaganda poster?
(105.47 KB 450x463 organizeforrevolution.png)
>>494431 Like this?
(105.49 KB 450x463 organizeforrevolution.png)
>>494431 >>494437 Better version
(187.29 KB 1080x2220 red-and-black.png)
>>421946 Quick edit to the correct color
(3.68 MB out.mp4)
(952.18 KB output.mp4)
Don't know who runs the leftypol youtube channel but if you check this place then feel free to use this clips i made today. Or anyone else with a youtube channel for that matter. One is short, zizek talking about his children of men commentary and the other longer one is about yugioh
(35.55 KB 316x250 malarkie3.gif)
malarkey wobble head
(3.58 MB dialectics1.webm)
on dialectics and the end of the history I've been thinking about putting together short digestible clips of zizek from his lectures into some kind of "album". Make it more accessible to a larger audience and all that.
>>427236 >>427988 damn you entirely wasted your time
>>427181 lol i missed this one
>>419177 There was a music video someone made of "Kampens Väg" by Dan Berglund, but they've since taken it down. Does anyone have it?
(3.82 MB 1000x1000 WKP3.png)
(3.82 MB 1000x1000 ELN4.png)
(3.82 MB 1000x1000 WKP4.png)
I was messing around with iridescent shaders in blender.
>>496740 the one in the middle is cool af
(3.82 MB 1000x1000 ELN12.png)
>>496740 Sorry, not trying to spam
>>421334 that 3rd when is awesome
>>496740 The Juche coin is dope
(527.20 KB 2500x1667 hit-too-close-to-home-for-op.jpg)
This just made a /pol/tard seethe hard enough to make an OC leftist version. It's working.
(3.49 MB inside the CIA.mp4)
When will the glowies fuck off?
>>494465 the color was a reference to egoism
>>503271 few years too late retard
>>503271 Oh, I didn't even make that association. egoist anarchism is teal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teal you picked turquoise: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turquoise_(color)
(59.23 KB 586x453 american bear1.png)
(315.18 KB 480x453 american bear2.png)
(314.37 KB 480x453 american bear3.png)
Based on >>>/hobby/808 >>>/hobby/811 sorry for making too many versions
(46.40 KB 604x377 lel.jpg)
>>503838 >"Free" does not actually mean free. Top lel. That should be the new motto of the country.
>>493646 It won't be long now before they are capable of creating the remote electronically-controlled around-corners trajection of deadly touch tarantual spiders.
>>499629 I like it, but it should make it clearer that the image on the right is the nazi's thoughts
(1.88 MB 1618x1416 engelsquote.png)
>>504201 Here !
(91.11 KB 645x428 oh gosh fox.png)
>>504670 Damn it Éti, not like that!
>>424110 >american troops shooting palestinians Haha aa. >>427213 >chinese struggle session >antifa Pick one! And to ruin your hat joke: Hats like that was SOP when the inquisition burned heretics.
>>504670 Goddammit there's more ahaha wtf
(5.75 MB 450x450 1.gif)
(5.07 MB 450x450 2.gif)
(5.86 MB 450x450 3.gif)
(4.48 MB 450x450 4.gif)
>>515125 >>515124 pit massacre
(64.79 KB 650x583 Teddy.jpg)
(32.73 KB 500x296 hernandez.jpg)
Not OC but OC-potential.
(15.58 KB 240x327 dont ask fbi.jpg)
Thank you Anons this thread restored my faith in humanity.
>>519130 Fuck this is a good song. I wish I could play guitar so I could make a version in my own language. Maybe we could make one in English and have someone play it?
Which one of you is uploading images with no tags and terribly taken phone screenshots to the booru?
(431.14 KB 861x792 ultras.png)
(580.16 KB 600x764 voters.png)
I saw this on /pol/ recently, it gave me an idea. If I had talent I would include more Georges behind Lenny, all with guns drawn and pointing at Lenny. But instead 1 is a neo-lib, ones a bernie bro, ones green party, and you get the idea. I dunno I just think someone here could make good use of this.
>>530000 Fucking leave politics out of, Of Mice and Men.
>>533138 Dog, it's about the depression, how?
(229.50 KB 2518x1024 iu.jpeg)
>>533138 >leave politics out of Steinbeck
(336.59 KB 674x914 cia.jpg)
(146.29 KB 640x452 israel-palestine.jpg)
Light improvements / edits of previous contributions · Removed Cyrillic text from CIA image · removed pixel-rot from Israel-Palestine conflict image
(724.92 KB 1420x968 anti-imperialism.jpg)
Edited away Cyrillic text and semi-white borders
>>534588 To be clear I meant "without the axing of the continents", not to remove them just because someone previously already made an odd design decision. Make them full continents. One would still be able to read the text without issue.
>>499629 The girl on the right looks like a sissified version of the boy on the left. I like the detail.
>>535067 great post
>>533337 >Principally maoism who is the inventor of this meme?
(2.48 MB 1000x1333 its-simple-poster.png)
>>419177 it cringe, but
(113.71 KB 1289x723 meme 46.jpg)
Meme idea: 6 pannels, 3 wide 2 tall 1 Image of china saying "hong kong is part of china as per the agreement signed when it was given by the british" 2. Image of violent hong kong riots looting destruction etc 3. Image of american/porky cheering 4. Picture of George Floyd being murdered, largest prison population, black men in jail, white nationalist cops 5. Picture of mineapolis riots 6. Picture of super angry american/porky
>>533138 >Steinbeck wasn’t a proto-commie You have to go back.
(22.75 KB 405x609 IMG-20200529-WA0007.jpg)
Got send this
>>533154 >about the depression Its also about people and that is the main focus, the unfairness of it all, there is no concrete labour criticisms, just a glimpse into life, an observation of the human comedy. Regardless, none of this has anything to do with what the problem is. >>530000 is just the fucking anime MAGA hat edit idiocy except downright insulting to the literature of Steinbeck and an insult to literature itself. Political shilling needs to stay in propaganda if it wants to be in the forefront of a story.
(353.93 KB 900x900 wash-hands-and-carry-on.jpg)
· Removed an Argentinian flag from the mountain top to make the image internationally applicable for agitprop.
(363.89 KB 810x261 MarxistSmashism (1).png)
(168.89 KB 358x310 bf8.png)
Made a reactionimage feel free to use it as pleased
(468.76 KB 750x750 Kommision.jpg)
>>542387 made something similar
>>533337 based
(2.69 MB DEUS VULT.webm)
Press S to spit
(810.60 KB 2160x3860 Poster 1.png)
(713.10 KB 2160x3860 Colores basados.png)
Made these posters for the /hispa/thread of /ref/. They look pretty cool for an smartphone wallpaper, don't you think?
>>560763 With text.
(149.73 KB 864x801 stirner.jpg)
made a stirner wojak yesterday
>>555436 kekeke
>>539985 Cute and funny
(339.95 KB 1393x652 Screenshot_20200604_031252.png)
Question a cover of Marx's "On the Karen Question"
>>573633 *Requesting, fuck
(928.41 KB 1600x800 gorbachev.png)
(41.11 KB 1280x720 brezhnevreact.jpg)
gorbachev thing i made on a whim for shitposting back on 8/leftypol/, the brezhnev thing is just the thumbnail of a video i saw and thought was too reaction-worthy not to save, someone might be able to do something with it idk
(4.32 MB out4.mp4)
pls like comment and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgiC8YfytDw
(57.70 KB 387x511 lenin-smirk.png)
(92.45 KB 500x888 440q5u.jpg)
(153.74 KB 875x583 pastor shooting baby.jpg)
Share, like, subscribe.
How will S*cialism ever recover?
(13.12 KB 444x153 post.png)
(565.02 KB 1650x1573 shaq amazon.png)
Got the idea from this post in the riot thread >>574022 kek I recently got that Brezhnev video recommended to me too, at first I thought it was a /leftypol/ meme video watching it made me kinda sad
>>573972 i was drunk
(182.98 KB 608x540 FXD.png)
>>535142 Presidente Gonzalo
(5.29 MB This Thread.mp4)
(396.37 KB 680x748 Deus Vult.png)
(661.37 KB 1536x2048 EZPn4LCXkAAD6u4.jpg)
I had an idea that I can't really do myself right now, so if someone else wants to give it a shot go ahead >the virgin "dramatic" tradCath brony <vs. >the Chad or Stacy horse-riding BLM protestor
>>605486 >le ironic pro-BLM meme Go away
(2.76 MB 1311x734 MARIO.jpg)
>>606400 I don't know what you're trying to say I just found it funny how this guy was all "we need a little romanticism in the world, I'm gonna ride a white horse and wear a cape and bring a sword" and got totally wrecked, while a protestor actually arrived on a horse and got fanart made of her.
(359.37 KB 2393x2137 Alunya Art Yes.png)
I made an edit of some old Alunya Art
>>615093 Nice!
(730.95 KB 828x828 boxerinos1.png)
(806.93 KB 828x828 boxerinos2.png)
(638.29 KB 828x828 boxerinos3.png)
Not the original creator, but I'm just gonna repost the boxerinos shitpost for the heck of it.
(612.65 KB 828x828 boxerinos4.png)
(632.83 KB 828x828 boxerinos5.png)
(412.78 KB 828x828 boxerinos6.png)
(563.42 KB 828x828 boxerinos7.png)
(577.62 KB 828x828 boxerinos8.png)
(922.99 KB 828x828 boxerinos9.png)
(1.13 MB 828x829 boxerinos10.png)
(161.13 KB 391x220 smash-capitalism.gif)
(40.12 KB 509x423 tlou ww2.png)
(16.25 KB 509x423 1592499591202.png)
Made a shitpost using the new TLOU2 template.
(43.77 KB 635x556 blue lives matter.jpg)
(612.74 KB More dead cops.webm)
make more anti-cop memes
(201.34 KB 2518x1024 adidas.png)
(157.74 KB 1200x1200 Antifalogopit.png)
(245.83 KB 1014x1108 liberal vs true chad.jpg)
a meme and a logo ive made
(364.12 KB 6000x1974 capitalism types meme.png)
I made an edit of an edited version of a Victims of Communism graphic
(133.74 KB 1014x479 yes i am nazbol.jpg)
(9.98 MB midsummer walk.mp4)
Just created this. For no special reason, just because I could.
>>628315 I don't get it.
(196.25 KB 1920x1080 burerstalker.jpg)
>>628315 hes evolving
(227.54 KB 865x1058 mutt vs chinese.jpg)
>>493639 Does anyone have the version which has Guaido with JUST hair
>>468385 >definitely a rescued nazi he was born in 1932 and his parents were killed by nazis
Had an idea. Take fashwave instrumentals like Xurious, and put it over footage of Communist militaries, rallies and militias.
>>630973 > his parents were killed by nazis Source? That doesn't stop OUN UPA members for hailing Hitler.
>>620976 >TFW poor people kill each other in higher numbers than cops do lol
(60.03 KB 643x820 read.jpg)
just some fun
(545.00 KB 1988x1599 Comrade Akko (3) edited.png)
I fixed up an edit that I made earlier. Thank you, based news anon, for helping remind me that I left it unfinished.
(513.33 KB 991x1403 at_the_source_smalll.png)
(4.46 MB 4961x7016 at_the_source.jpg)
(3.44 MB 4961x7016 at_the_source.png)
>>646819 Oh, wow, this is really good.
>>646819 Incredible job. In case you want to translate it, I can offer spanish. It's kind of hard since spanish is very verbose. <arranca las raíces <de la [mala] hierba literally: tear out the roots of the bad weed. "mala" is optional, I tried to make it symmetric. or a closer translation < la hierba se mata < desde la raíz Literally: Weed is killed from the root. (similar meaning to "the correct way to kill weed is from the roots") I like the second one.
>>646819 As the artist behind this piece, I implore anyone and everyone to share this freely if you want.
(585.40 KB 1512x2371 THIS UGLY SON.jpg)
(915.94 KB 2362x1329 ruhroh_hijincks.jpg)
(1.12 MB 4936x2068 WHAT LIB AND AUTH DO.jpg)
>>651147 >>654479 Who brought the 12 year old in?
>>654479 >>651147 >secratarianism no
>>654479 >socialism is when you piss yourself over a demographic you have an irrational hate-boner for because "muh degeneracy" literally /pol/-tier, there is literally nothing mutually exclusive about technological development and the existence of LGBT people
>>654948 >>654936 >>654662 Cry harder you shills. >muh LGBT Where is this implied you faggots? Fetishizing gays and trans people as capitalism does is idpol and anti-communist and focusing on minority rights in a capitalist system achieves nothing because A) 90% of real problems are solved by eliminating capitalist B) Almost everything in the lower panel is fucking idpol attention whoring that any communist should detest. Grow some thicker skin and look at it objectively.
(75.71 KB 300x100 1554234817543.png)
Can someone modify pic related with /a/, /hobby/ and /leftypol/ ?
>>655339 can you get a higher resolution image?
>>655193 god you're pathetic. who is even talking about muh LGBT except you and your shitty straw-man for anarchists?
>>655339 >>655449 Here's full scale banner aspect ratio and the full original image. Although we're not on 8chan so put something else on Earth-chan's shirt.
>>654479 >>651147 >The gays scare me Get fucked .t tankie
(3.90 MB 1734x1220 commiepus x earth chan porked.png)
(78.38 KB 300x100 1554234817543.png)
>>655462 how's this?
(3.91 MB 1734x1220 1593531740658.png)
>>655462 my version
(1.63 MB 2036x3051 idpol.jpg)
(3.53 MB 1204x2000 ancom furfag.png)
>>655456 Do you have eyes? See post >>654948 >literally /pol/-tier, there is literally nothing mutually exclusive about technological development and the existence of LGBT people And also its not much of a strawman considering this is exactly the mentality I see at Antifa meetings, which is why I don't observe them any more. I have observed similar tendencies (and worse pic 2 related) among ancoms here and on 8ch. >>655466 >Everyone I don't like is a homophobe >pointing out radlib ancom LARPers shilling for capitalist pride idpol is muh evul tankies Get fucked liberal
>>655600 >>655554 >Porky Earth-chan NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
>>655601 >and on 8ch since when? I've been here since 2017 and they have not been a common occurrence. I heard there used to be a poster called hoochie minh but that's it.
>>655600 I like this
>>655607 don't worry we're going to take off the shirt ;)
>>655462 >>655554 >>655600 /GET/ being the cut off Tentacle is a good idea. The other 4 tentacles should be hobby, leftypol, and edu.
>>655612 >since when Since /trash/ was a thing. Old BO was strict about this shit, so they relegated themselves to /leftpol/ and /trash/ but they existed and it was cringe. Nobody is saying "fuck de gays" since the memes are clearly aimed at rad-lib ancom LARPers rather than genuine communists
>>655620 >get being cut off not intentional. these are the three biggies. hobby edu dead etc are all lesser. don't forget that GET is the senior of both bunkerchan and leftypol and that if anything happened to bunkerchan, GETchan is where we'd flee next. I could be convinced to add /ref/
>>655643 /GET/ is senior and is also far deader than hobby or leftypol. Only the trash thread is genuinely active 24/7, with every other thread being almost dead and the board itself having so few threads its laughable. /GET/ had its time, but this is the new era.
>>655666 nice trips but it won't save you. GET has been a valuable ally from start to finish and I won't let you slander it because of a lack of activity. look around, chans are getting btfo left and right. you'd be best if you'd remember who we will run to when bunkerchan is on the chopping block.
(41.42 KB 720x405 unamused rias.jpg)
>>655674 >slander How am I slandering it? Its the truth; /GET/ is all but abandoned at the moment, just like Bunkerchan was when 8ch was still running.
(395.78 KB 692x900 bottomtext.png)
>>655694 crossed my mind
>>655687 >just like bunkerchan was and where are we now? GET may be past it's prime but with the pyongyang shit going down recently it might become very relevant in the near future.
(2.35 MB 690x892 SINO.png)
>>612199 Needs more anti-aliasing
>>656710 kill yourself
>>656710 Lel Take down the opacity of the white background and try some composition to emphasise Gucci and hammer and sickle. Maybe add a cast shadow to the text to help it stand out without the background.
>>656710 I'm not even a CPC supporter but fucking jesus that has some unfortunate implications
(2.35 MB 690x892 SINO 2.png)
>>656769 I think it's best to keep it more subtle rather than emphasizing background elements, but here's less opacity + text borders
Someone posted a Rafiq meme the other day in the format of "NOOO YOU CANT JUST DESTROY NATURE AND LIFE AS WE KNOW IT", anyone got it?
>>658169 Nice. Added to my collection.
(2.37 MB 1600x900 confederate nightmate.png)
(2.75 MB 2132x1800 no men, just fascists.png)
>>659142 fuck, I wrote "how" twice. Here.
>>659389 based
(81.33 KB 595x446 46d94z.jpg)
Low effort, but classic Spanish civil war antics
Source: Komodor Maybe file size should be smaller idk
>>660881 better version
(2.19 MB 3362x1680 modernCnCgenerals.jpg)
>>669380 > Installs Rise of the Reds > Welcome back, comrade
Katyusha says:
(190.25 KB 1322x1945 EF6E6TgWsAESOXY.jpg)
Gangut says:
I have an idea. can someone edit this clip with the characters saying "so are you a left winger or a right winger" "No, I'm third positionist blah blah blah!" https://youtu.be/d_CaZ4EAexQ
(12.73 KB 400x389 bunkerchan quality.png)
anime is cringe
Does anyone have the Comrade Tyrone Is A Tankie webm?
>>669380 Did you know, that C&C Generals is banned in China?
>>680444 Trips demand a reply
>>680444 Hello?
(902.99 KB 4012x2480 leftypape(notext).png)
this is not OC, i just edited the original to use the standard ancom flag and remove the shitty SRA honeypot branding.
>>684117 Here sclera (whites of the eye) need to be... white. Looks like she's got the 'rona.
(903.36 KB 4012x2480 leftypape(notext)(whitesclera).png)
never even noticed that. heres a quick edit
>>684174 good job!
>>684174 >>684117 Post the original please?
This whole channel seems like good source material: https://youtu.be/ZSFEghj-BBA?t=21 https://www.youtube.com/c/Glowcity/videos
(1.88 MB 3508x3508 at_the_source_insta.jpg)
>>646819 Insta/sqaure version
(459.02 KB 620x979 society_of_the_cringe.jpg)
got bored and made this, lol
>>704690 That image is cringe...so it works on a deeper level
>>704692 indeed
(180.63 KB 923x1163 white template.jpg)
does anyone have the group picture of a bunch of leftist figures laughing
(125.11 KB 1043x777 ironfonttard.png)
(129.54 KB 1043x731 le anti authortarian.jpg)
Does anyone have the large Hibernian conspiracy image where there was an Irish clover for each guy? Or maybe the guys were colored green, I don’t remember. But it wasn’t the one with a lot of text.
I seriously hope someone's making a list of people who post wojaks so they can be systematically arrested and worked to death after the revolution.
I know I should have it saved by now but can anyone post the screenshot of that old "libertarian vs authoritarian" false dichotomy effortpost? Thank you so much.
(190.14 KB 1486x424 auth vs lib.png)
>>717423 Thank you anon
>>658287 who's the guy on the left?
>>717423 can anyone post the screenshot of the effort post debunking this one?
>>419177 Didn't we already have a booru?
>>723360 Yes but over time the admin has disappeared.
>>419177 I get the pun with Cat Alunya, but what was the joke with Nekomije, assuming that is actually her name?
>>723364 Is that's her name?
>>723364 Mije is Albanian for thousand, and Neko is someone. Nekomije is Japanese for sleep. Neko is Japanese for cat. I think we can all guess what this means.
>>723364 She is named after Nexhmije Hoxha, the wife of Enver Hoxha
Did anyone save that picture of Bambi crying on the corpse of his mother with a skeleton wielding 2 machine guns in the background and everybody on the picture is labelled leftist?
Anyone still have that one pic which is like an evil fat soviet psychiatrist chick getting a sedative ready for a poor innocent dissident who is being held down, but his face is replaced by a screaming porky?
Anyone have the meme with all the countries whites have been expelled from?
>>612199 Jumbled mess
(142.09 KB 599x435 sov_psycho.jpg)
Got inspired by the recent psychiatrist thread
>>515124 that one with the shepard tone was by far some of the funniest shit i've ever seen, but i can't find it any more
(496.51 KB DAY OF THE COPE.webm)
this triggered quite a few poltards on 4/gif/ when i made it just over a month ago
>>733155 Lol good OC comrade!
(561.82 KB 960x540 all the way down.png)
OC. It isn't even that coherent, but whatevs. >>733155 perfect. good job.
>>655193 >look at it objectively 2 + 2 = gays are capitalism epic win for facts and logic
more screencaps of good posts?
Shitty OC coming through
(1.01 MB test.mp4)
>>737476 How did you this? This is insane!
>>737479 followed this guide. it's probably malware but whatever https://youtu.be/5CgrtjZbj_8
>>723364 Put this on the booru, better yet, make it the Booru's Image leftypics.booru.org
we need a catgirl that doesn't read
>>685040 This is how I spend my fridays.
>>724996 Lmao, the cone.
(426.15 KB 542x1447 sakaiignatiev.png)
>>742546 Come on,it already exists. it's the alt-right catgirl.
>>724996 The crocs would eat the fishies
>>733186 >Ohio flag ???
Good job on starting a furaffinity account https://www.furaffinity.net/view/37601023/
(427.28 KB 593x763 stalweed.png)
>>753246 Who is tethering who? This has a vague smell of /pol/
>>753252 *togethering
>>733186 that's not even Zizek's opinion, you moron
>>438374 Thing is he never said that quote. It is stolen from Lyudmila Pavlichenko.
Also, someone should make a meme webm of 5'Nizza's Reggae Soviet Anthem.
>>754918 sauce? That meme is guaranteed to show up in any level discussion of communism and I'd like some proof for BTFO purposes.
(464.91 KB 1319x1583 sovietstogether.jpg)
(149.87 KB 809x960 jovl.jpg)
Does this look reall bad cuz i made non copied version of previous one
>>755406 good memes don't need to "look" good. I like the bottom part of the first mostly. The symbolisms and styles are inconsistent either way on either top parts. example: communism symbol in the sun on the second one. Detourning this type of rightwing propaganda does not make something necessarily shareable for lefty groups, since it's still kinda obvious that it's >muh degeneracy
(314.10 KB 1024x1024 comrade pam.png)
(326.18 KB 460x581 tybna.png)
(71.45 KB 779x1033 i told you bro i warned you.jpg)
I made these two and I thought I should share it with you guys.
(105.12 KB 640x102 19069581268519328612.jpg)
low effort lol
(460.87 KB 647x689 c7slncep71q41.jpg)
>>760389 newfag this board has always shown critical support for Dore
>>562076 Good wojak
>>760717 Emphasis on critical
>>427236 This is great
>>424143 kek'd
>>505292 what were the hats about? where can i read about em?
>>452451 I got this fucking game just so I could make shit like this, please use it to respond to TPUSA posts
(1.53 MB 1920x1080 BookchinCommunalismBKGFlag.png)
Threw this together
(62.13 KB 1280x720 Escudo-03.jpg)
>>585367 Raphtalia doesn't deserve this. But really, how could some dumbfuck COMPLETELY ignore the blatant anti-racist symbolism? I've only seen a few episodes of ROTSH, and it's pretty fucking obvious.
Use this to annoy Libertarians
>>755406 The second one's a really great edit of the original! My only criticism would be to get someone to really try to imitate the overall artstyle of the old pic for the new, bottom-half of the image. Anyone ITT able to, d'ya think?
(95.32 KB 404x426 zenzcom.png)
(2.52 MB jsan18231.webm)
Anyone has the webm of falling rate of profit with Marx in it? Who made that?
(35.02 KB 550x602 K3gOlVI.jpg)
>>766635 lmao I love this
>>762347 but what is this?
Has anyone got that Engels meme on authority in the format "how many levels of x are you on... you are like a little baby"?
(3.63 KB 1024x683 angkarflag.png)
Neo-ankarist gang
>>766630 Unfortunately the copyrighted music track prevents it from being posted on youtube where it would get seen by the most people or credited to the person who made the original.
>>762347 >flooding Sichuan basin A hundred million people live there. Not every lowland region is a good place for an artificial lake.
>>766635 Based
>>770332 Anyone who can edit videos might want to take a look at this allegedly royalty free music and use that instead to upload to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-K9ScyWjhQ
(37.48 KB 480x288 anarcho-nazbol_esoterico.png)
What's leftypol's opinion on this ideology my friend just came up with? It's called "Anarcho-National Bolshevism with Esoteric Characteristics"
(49.44 KB 273x444 absolutely buorgeois.jpg)
>>771249 How high was your friend when he came up with such idea?
>>560768 El texto negro la verdad no es muy legible, deberias tal vez poner un fondo con opacidad baja, o tal vez ponerle sombra a las letras. Pero en general esta buena la composicion:^).
>>771358 Comrade, if I knew, I would be having some of it as well
>>768365 Anyone?
>>771249 >le ideology generator xD *holds up spork* Being friends with literal children is kinda creepy, anon
(8.75 MB 2929x1943 red-detachment-of-women.png)
So I cropped the Red Detachment of Women poster from the era of Maoist China and added some slight saturation to the overly-bright original jpg picture. #1: Request Please even out the slightly brightened sides and bottom of the image with balancing shadow #2: Actual idea for an OC edit I think this would be great for laborwave, glitch and/or nostalgic aesthetics
(673.36 KB 643x820 socr.png)
>>642765 Here's another one
(81.11 KB 800x486 beforeafterhegel.jpg)
>>766495 Based
Based on a retarded meme someone started in the IG thread
(91.67 KB 600x520 hello based department.jpg)
>>771276 shut up faggot
(39.52 KB 750x341 polpotnordic.jpg)
Here is my angkar oc
>>780041 Cry us a river, bitch.
(782.31 KB 900x1215 stalinist betrayal.png)
>>780045 shit oc
>>780677 Jesus this is stupider than idiots whining about "Muh Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" Fuck off
>>780990 It is a bait image to make the anti-Stalinists search about Casado and Cipriano and learn about how in reality the anarchists supported a successful coup by liberal defeatists who wanted to surrender to Franco.
(133.82 KB 310x642 nice-one-boss.jpg)
Fixed a grammatical error of this old meme. >petite-bourgeoisie -> petite-bourgeois
>>781487 based
>>782236 NICE ONE BOSS!
(545.87 KB 1200x675 pompeo1.jpg)
(181.81 KB 1439x788 pompeo2.jpg)
(310.51 KB 1200x675 pompeo3.jpg)
(82.05 KB 680x383 pompeo4.jpg)
>>781487 source pls
>>783434 >>783437 Is this really necessary? Socdem is one thing, but for ancom it's a strawman seeing as they don't argue like that.
>>783487 Yes they do
>>785487 No we don't
(702.73 KB 2936x1292 CNT.png)
>>780990 Because it wasn't an ALLIANCE in any sense of the word. FFS I can make the same argument by pointing out how the CNT and FAI also did the same thing against "le socialists". There were no "Stalinists" there was the Republic, backde by the socialists but not actually under their control, just like Catalonia was not under the control of the CNT. The anarchists kept switching between having truce with the fascists and flailing angrily, and regardless kept undermining socialists, with the FAI specifically being anti-socialist. At that point it was easier for the Republic to kick them aside along with the fascists and try fighting the fascists alone. See >>>/hobby/10289 >>>/hobby/10286 and pic related
>>786766 Yes, that is why the image also says "Google Cipriano Mera" to bait the CNT and FAI fans into learning about the reality.
(118.42 KB 960x960 422f0onvek541.jpg)
>>786825 Another example of this format targeted at American Republicans
>>786888 The only "anarchists" who believe that kind of obvious western propaganda are libs who just think calling yourself anarchist makes you edgy and cool. Which is a lot of self-identified anarchists to be fair.
(338.17 KB 1270x1292 muh real socialism.jpg)
>>788508 I concur >>773413 This is how you do a tankie meme
>>788506 >anime
>>788506 >Falling for /pol/ memes about leftists cringe
>>788528 I don't think you understand the meme
>>788780 we understand it very well, "convert" you bring your /pol/ strawman so you can bring in your retarded bitching about lgbt just neck yourself, faggot
>>788938 Although the is oc is shit it's message is correct, online leftism is nothing but racialist lgbt garbage. Also stop calling people you don't "converts" this isn't a social club, leftypol was founded by disinllusioned pol/ users and not retarded lit/ anons
>>788938 First of all I didn't post it you sperg, second of all why is attacking antifa a no no?
(5.14 MB 2414x3375 leftypol reading list.png)
r8 my leftypol reading list
(9.77 MB 3905x4783 leftypol advance reading list.png)
>>793435 Follow up for advanced theory
>>793435 Machiavelli is really irrelevant
>>794914 "no" t. Althusser and Gramsci
(183.46 KB 1125x823 rice-fields-Cambodia.jpg)
(487.00 KB 860x1080 polpot cheeems.png)
(1.09 MB to cum!.mp4)
>>793435 Manufacturing Consent is shit compared to Inventing Reality.
>>802711 Is this oc? Lol
>>717650 Du Bois
(380.64 KB 1080x1440 19120865329485.png)
For all the crybabies.
>>802765 Yeah, I threw it together. It's a really weird video to begin with. I mean, that odd zoom-out with her just doing some kind of default pose like some kind of 3D model, it just begged to be taken out of context.
>>793435 >beginner list >Wealth of Nations >The Prince wut
>>808204 they're pretty readable
>>808210 The Prince is something to read after you have more of a basis for how politics function, not really beginner. Wealth of nations is like 1500 pages.
>>808249 The prince is literally the beginner material, it's where everyone should start to learn political theory as in the very first book. And no one actually reads the wealth of nations cover to cover, just the first sections.
>>809206 What if I'm still reading capital
>>786663 Yes you do
>>811095 If you're already reading capital then you're not a beginner
>>802711 Based
>>802711 Would love to coom with her tbh senpai
>>793435 >Peoples history >All that shit in cultural theory >Stirner Holy cringe this is fucking awful
(45.69 KB 176x286 1273956126851286.png)
Better watch out, tankies.
(265.18 KB 680x524 btm.png)
>>819118 You should go back in time and tell Oppenheimer he's a charlatan.
>>821232 >>821237 The were too generous with the jawline lol
(18.98 KB 645x770 polcel_cry-nochin.png)
(15.94 KB 645x770 polcel-nochin.png)
(15.52 KB 645x770 polcel-nohair-nochin.png)
>>821272 New version
(224.87 KB 1292x628 midwits.jpg)
beware the midwit
(224.87 KB 1292x628 midwits.jpg)
(39.67 KB 917x1661 crying soypol.png)
(31.16 KB 917x1027 JEW!.png)
>>821378 lmao jesus
>>821326 >>821328 Good idea, calling everyone who supports communism but hasn't read the grundrisse low I.Q.
(844.60 KB 584x800 award_anon.png)
>>821428 very nice
(143.49 KB 645x770 chinjak.jpg)
>>821312 Colored.
>>821968 >Free hong kong!!! Fuck the ccp
>>821968 >why yes, i am a right wing twitter pundit. how could you tell?
>>821940 Very clearly not what the meme is saying.
(116.80 KB 1210x384 jews and blacks.PNG)
>>821326 This doesn't make any sense. <100 are based because they don't overthink and see things for what they are i.e. commies make wage up or give free healthcare and 130+ is based because they're actually smart . Anything in between falls in the realm of pseudo-intellectual cringe. I like to see an ideology midwit meme. Put MLs in 130, liberals, 110, radlibs 120, anything on the right 100-110. Spice it up and give Nick Land 140+ and Alabama lumpens on the tier of chimpanzees
>>821237 >>821312 Combine the balding and jawless ones?
(248.82 KB 347x532 soup.png)
(2.10 MB soup.mp4)
>>832260 Alternative quote-mined blurbs: >"Soup you can really put power into" >"Soup for my family" >"It's incredible" >"It's got force" >"The perfect size, made perfect"
(87.50 KB 1119x686 chadpolpotist.jpg)
(767.52 KB 1200x1547 2020-left-unity-edit.jpg)
Presently in the process of making this image more generally revolutionary syndicalist (instead of explicitly anarcho-syndicalist). Request: Can someone imitate the font-style somehow and write "communist syndicalism" in the third panel?
>>832669 Based?
>>832669 You are mentally ill
>>833469 No, and historically inaccurate.
>>821326 >>821328 >>828515 I was blissfully unaware of this autism... I wish I still was.
>>788506 Based and anti-idpol pilled.
>>421334 >most corn-loving student
(2.08 MB 900x1200 timelinesaved.png)
It's time
>>835557 Based
(734.04 KB 1316x1316 toilet paper. now. .png)
>>655601 I remember before corona hit, I worked at an adult school for students with special needs, and one of my students was a self-proclaimed ancom. Every day he would either be late, absent, or hinder the lesson plan by constantly stating his unsolicited, usually oversimplified, explanation of the concepts. electrons became just "some particle with a negative charge", the work-energy theorem became "work is energy change" and so on. moreover, he didn't attend a single online class when we went remote and instead sent an e-mail asking me for a passing grade because BLM and the riots were giving him anxiety. he spent all of his money on lootbox items for various games and did not have enough money to buy food for the month. but by far, his most egregious offense was that he never gave an explanation on how his utopian, organic farming society could co-exist with hostile capitalist forces as it grows. his sole contribution to left-wing "theory" was a 15 minute autistic rant about how tabletop gaming is dying as an industry because it doesn't have enough trans people. are they all like this?
>>835557 shenron better not be a dengoid
>>835595 There are effectively no ancoms outside of imperialist countries. They are narcisstic sociopaths that do not have all of the dark triad personality traits, if they did they would be ancaps. That should tell you enough.
Can someone help me here? >>833462
(3.76 MB 2456x2392 antipolpot tankie.png)
>>833497 explain how?
>>838362 you are mentally ill
(316.19 KB 1000x750 vaushglow.png)
(330.68 KB 1000x750 vaushsoy.png)
(397.24 KB 966x966 19814605183196.png)
Found this on /pol/
(322.99 KB 491x491 COMRADE COCKBLAST.png)
make me more of these in various formats please. need for psyop
>>841143 sorry should have said specifically for cockblast. it's supposed to be a kind of signal
>>841140 is porn acceptable in a communist society
>>841160 Oh well, I haven't posted them for several months anyways
>>841161 I don't think so. After all we would need people who make it then. And i don't think that spending human labor on porn is a very rational way to do it. On the other hand there are gonna be tons of porn for the old days, it's not gonna go anywhere, and you can probably draw porn on your own time.
>>841388 Plus no one would get into porn if they were guaranteed education and training and housing
>>841402 Lmao, explain the shit loads of free amateur porn than.
>>841405 Same as with youtube? To get some money. Also, most of the "amateur" porn is the same professional porn just with smaller production value.
>>841411 But the thing is that they don't pay at all. Youtube is a bad business decision for 99% of people, and porn is too. Some people just like being watched naked.
>>841415 Just because you can watch it "free" doesn't mean there aren't any money in there for them. I believe if you research the topic you will find that only very minority of them do it for shits and giggles. And thise are the result of highly fetishized sex culture in the west, which it will not be under socialism.
I thought it would be good to make a meme for modern liberals who think liberal means centrist and that Bernie and AOC are "leftists" not liberals. Something like, "You're still a liberal". Anyone got any ideas?
(686.71 KB 991x1081 amlib.png)
>>841458 attempted but not great
>>841418 yes, please nip this kind of nonsense at the bud. well done. if coomers wants to jack off to old porn, they probably will. they must be re-educated if it interferes with other activities and hinders the community.
>>838362 Nice false equivalency faggot.
>>833462 >Run down shithole >Long line for bread >"Militia" Yep it's anarkiddy time
>>841599 Bernie supporter spectrum liberal liberal liberal
>>841405 Filming a 240p video of you fucking some chick is not "getting into porn"
>>833462 What does that even mean though? You should read more
(568.27 KB 1396x904 for-ourselves-sexuality.jpg)
>>841161 It's not only acceptable but mandatory.
>>841140 >tfw no twink /pol/ femboy gf to breed at night
(3.28 MB wolff.mp4)
Could somebody please edit this in a creative way? Perhaps give it a THUG LIFE/ LIKE A BOSS effect or something similar?
>>852421 at least pick the doodoo out first
>>852410 Based Richard
>>852570 Vaush tweeted this recently
(2.26 MB cringeviet.mp4)


no cookies?