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(90.81 KB 640x721 reading list.jpg)
For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list Anonymous Board volunteer 07/05/2020 (Sun) 20:23:05 No. 668788
Do not put your e-mail in the e-mail field First, Please read this OP. Since we're leftists, there shouldn't be many differences ideologically, but our community has its own jargon and idiosyncrasies which might be jarring to outsiders. Second, although we allow slurs, we are anti-bigotry and it will not be tolerated. Thirdly, the board has an anti-idpol rule. Meaning that discussion of idpol topics is not allowed. There is some flexibility. Where that flexibility is also requires some time to get the feel of it. Fourthly, don't put anything in the name, or email fields. Don't doxx yourself Search the catalog before starting a new thread to avoid duplicates: https://bunkerchan.net/leftypol/catalog.html MOD LOG: If you wish to see the log of mod actions (ban, deletions etc...) see https://bunkerchan.net/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol META DISCUSSIONS AND GENERAL COMPLAINTS AND QUERIES ABOUT THE SITE'S ADMINISTRATION: >>>/gulag/ Useful threads are often remade when expired, search the catalog if these links are broken. Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >>983378 Internet General >>986104 Original Creations (Memes) >>956315 Market Watch >>8552 USA Unrest >>801173 Belarus Unrest >>758383 Bolivian 2020 General Elections >>1012356 Cybersocialism general >>997358 Region specific threads USA >>1065795 China >>8925 Europe >>1002330 British >>959323 DPRK >>9051 Brazil >>957256 Latina >>483387 Nordic >>818850 Hungarian >>117378 Russian >>982562 SEA >>1012123 Italia >>747462 Germany >>952123 Australia >>959779 Greece >>965423 Africa >>1017356 South Asia & Desi General >>1083432 Archived threads https://bunkerchan.xyz/archives.js Leftypol Reading thread - /Edu/cate yourself and read leftist political theory. https://bunkerchan.xyz/edu/res/4956.html Leftybooru - To upload, tag, and organize images https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=all Leftypedia - A wiki project https://leftypedia.org Streams of major news event (ie "happenings") + chat, maintained by the community https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp new-multitude - Notes, theory and shitposts from the worldwide left via bunkerchan and elsewhere Website: https://newmultitude.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/newmultitude Community maintained Minecraft Server >>>/games/5010 The unofficial /leftypol/ chess club https://www.chess.com/club/leftypol >>>/games/3544 Check out our other boards >>>/anime/ >>>/edu/ >>>/hobby/ >>>/games/ >>>/tech/ Previous archived thread filled with reading material: >>8537
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>>963956 >Damn, you cant take an active interest in a forum for several years without it changing a bit. What has the world come to.
>>963956 Post those big fat milkers.
>>963956 this is genuinely insulting. retract the statement or prepare to face the legal consequences.
(39.58 KB 419x208 green.jpg)
>>963984 consider laying off the funny arrows for a bit, its making you retarded
>>963984 That's not how greentexting works.
>>964057 <Damn, you cant take an active interest in a forum for several years without it changing a bit. What has the world come to.
(62.13 KB 640x702 xd.jpg)
>>964621 Jesus, man. Can you communicate without memes?
Hey so I'm wondering, why did this thread get bumplocked? >>959437
>>964749 That may be the second most important reason why he can't get laid.
>>964621 Lurk more faggot
>>668788 how do i format text?
>>668814 I woke up to an error after setting the leftist bookshelf to download over night. Not enough virtual memory or something?
(104.83 KB 450x350 shortcut.png)
>>969954 Use these shortcuts to bring up the emoji menu (ง •_•)ง
>>971483 >Windows Holy crunge.
>>972354 Ones keyboard is not an indication of wether or not they use windows. Windows key is the home key in linux and in i3 and DWM it is defaulted as your homekey. You would know that id you wernt such retard.
>>972400 What Linux DEs come with a preinstalled emoji menu?
(233.38 KB 1291x941 Screenshot (60).png)
/pol/yps trying to start some shit with the booru
>>972718 >Noooo you cant have memes on your own booru you have to get all your memes from us nooo!!! Monopolies have reached memes.
>>972718 Holy shit, they're still mad. This is incredible.
>>972871 >>972718 >>972877 If there was ever a time to have a plan b in case the booru gets fucked, now would be it.
>>972718 >raiding a booru Pathetic
>>972718 >dead after 10 posts >booru almost unaffected well that was fun wasn't it? (TOR can't upload images: https://cdn.lewd.host/iMLlYgVz.png )
>>972718 Interesting how these self-proclaimed "anti-degenerates" have a lot of scat porn and gore images on their hard drives
>>973097 >how many of them are getting red pilled <dozens, hundreds lmfao
>>974019 The nerve to assume that so many of us would be unprincipled enough to give up our belief that economic planning is important in favor of eternal electoralism and e-drama.
>>974462 It's just pol cope. Their ideas are to stupid to influence anyone. Especially leftypol.
>>976982 Antisemitism is a brain parasite that removes your ability to understand the world. Ethno-nationalism is such a terrible idea, fixes no problems, would destroy everything if implemented. These people are fully retarded.
>>744108 His ecology stuff is okay.
>>766569 What kind of facebook Mom shit is this?
>>977891 uighur
>>979693 This is why nobody's asked you to prom.
(364.95 KB 2500x1666 2efv45u8fk051f.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1022x731 4chan tiresome.png)
Fucking incelposter ruined the 4chan thread complaining about a wojak variant. Maybe he should've complained about 4chan being full of fucking wojak variants instead?
>>984147 incels are the cancer that killed 4chan
(7.61 KB 300x100 leftypol.svg.png)
(9.15 KB 300x100 leftypol2.svg.png)
I was told to post my Cockshott banners in here in the hopes that Scruffy will notice them
>>984496 Based af
>>984147 Pretty funny that they decided to draw the line now.
>>984496 heftypol?
/pol/ is posting cp again. Mods, delete this shit please
For some reason I can't find the report button. Is there a bug where it sometimes wont appear?
>>984496 These are great! Second the motion to add these as banners!
(551.90 KB 600x405 communist_vote.png)
Is something going on? I can't make a thread
>>985893 Never mind. Turns out I was drunk and hitting the wrong button.
We should put a word filter for "human nature" the only ones using it are irredeemable brainlets
>>986705 I suggest "monke"
>>986739 human nature -> monke spirit
>>985019 it's a lambda (λ), not an h
>>986760 Seconded. While we are at it, can we filter "cuck" to "bull"?
>>987620 No. That would filter cuckchan to bullchan.
>>987724 I genuinely laughed at that.
>>668788 does every thread get automtically archived?
(470.06 KB 1482x1839 current g.jpg)
/leftypol/ is like /b/, or /pol/ for a more modern analogy, with its overly ideologized retards sometimes flowing to the better side boards and making shitty threads like "is X leftist???????????".
>>989063 No >>984147 I cleaned the thread a bit. Please just don't engage with him, he is extremely insane even for imageboard standards.
(128.17 KB 300x550 raid_spray.png)
>>990545 roach begone
Seeing the massive upsurge in radlib/bait/sectarian posting in these days i'm asking the jannies to instantly delete every such thread that pops up.
>>995314 >just delete every post and ban everyone that disagrees with us stay classy fren
>>995593 stay mad tripleuighur
>>995597 I don't lose coherence when someone criticizes my ideology, so I'm not, you tankie faggots literally cry to your bitch boy jannies whenever someone posts something remotely against you lmao
>>995314 Also, why do you even call this 'sectarian' as in this site is non sectarian? This is literally a pandering to misfit tankies who can't fit in elsewhere and then ban anyone who disagrees with them.
>>995606 You and your discord anarkid friends were kicked out because you raided the board and posted a bunch of incoherent infantile tripe and shat up the catalogue. We have anarchists, liberals, even /pol/cucks come here and argue like grown-ups all the time. Stop acting like a wild radlib faggot teenager and maybe you will have a better reception next time. Faggot.
>>995645 The Trotsky thread wasn't real discussion? Typical meme responses to it. >We have anarchists, liberals, even /pol/cucks come here and argue like grown-ups all the time. Yeah, I'm rather disillusioned at this now.
>>995655 I don’t know about your Trotsky thread but I saw plenty of other obvious garbage by an obviously coordinated group. If you were a genuine poster you should take it up with your faggot radlib friends for shitting up the board and getting you caught in the crossfire.
>>995680 Lol whatever faggot, enjoy your jerkfest, this site is worse than reddit btw, and you have no clue how much I hate reddit.
>>995691 Go back to discord then ya fag
what happened to the PDF of Ego and it's own archived here? I was in the middle of it smh
>>995593 Dilåte
I really hate those yankee mods
Why was this anchored ?? >>989273
>>996948 Cause it's shit. It is fucking shit.
>>668788 Fucking mods, un-bumplock my thread. >>997900 Do you really think that Rampinelli is a rightist? Imagine either being so weary of the recent pol raids that that have been going on or too up your own ideological bubble, that you don't even allow threads putting the the way in which the Holocaust is named framed and exploited into question. This isn't even fringe stuff. Fucking Finkelstein makes similar claims.
>>998908 Defend the GET from any chinless invaders
(427.89 KB 2236x446 tmp.png)
>/leftypol/ >frontpage is full of rightoid whining and baits Please get your shit together.
>>1002116 You missed the best part: the rest of the catalog having like half a dozen poljak thread, have a dozen "will communism give me a gf" threads, and another half dozen talking about various e-celebs
>>984147 Let's just ban wojaks for a month. At least just to try, ok?
>>1005716 I am cool with that. While we are at it, ban pepes as well. Make people come up with new shit for a change.
>>1005716 >NOOOOOOOOO! Let's just ban wojaks for a month. At least just to try, ok?
(5.37 KB 208x250 1449350261768s.jpg)
>>1007220 >>1007256 Wonderful chan culture we got here. We need to have more of these. More wojaks, more pepes!
(5.98 KB 261x193 (you).jpg)
>>1007275 hijak never got the screentime he deserved
(9.25 KB 397x274 candle.png)
>>1007327 >Hijack That shit is just Candlejack but less fu-
>>1007341 >Candlejack Holy shit talk about a trip down memory lane, I rememb-
>>1007387 What's all this shit about candlejack? I've never heard of him. Is he some movie character? Is this some kinda reference i'm not getting? And how is he related to "hijak" (btw i've never heard the name hijak i've just seen the meme)? Honestly, i'm such a zoomer sometimes. I wish i knew what dialup internet was like, or who candlejack was, or what it's like to go to a public library even. I can't imagine what that must've been like. Sounds totally awf
For the love of christ you fucking faggots... Fuck man can we please for the love of god not bring back these dusty old boomer memes like candleja-
ꀯꁲꋊꂠ꒒ꈼ꒻ꁲꀯꀗ ꀯꁲꋊꋊꂦꋖ ꍩꐇꌅꋖ ꂵꈼ ꂑ ꁲꂵ ꍩꂑꂠꂠꈼꋊ ꋰꈼꍩꂑꋊꂠ 7 ꂠꂑꄞꄞꈼꌅꈼꋊꋖ ꌚꉣꈼ꒒꒒ꌚ ꂑꋖ'ꌚ ꂑꂵꉣꂦꌚꌚ-
>>1007341 >>1007387 >>1007443 >>1007527 >>1007554 Candlejack was such a shit meme, I never understood the appea
(362.43 KB 700x700 confusedsakurako.png)
Where did the SEA thread go? There's action in Thailand and Indonesia and the thread is missing.
>>1009305 find it in your heart anon it's always there
>>1009775 Reality is cope. But seriously there is no hope for mainstream left movement in the west, internal contradictions of what makes up the potential left voter base are too large. Doing mutual aid etc is still good tho
>>1009305 There’s one on >>>/ref/331 I’d y’all liked to use (though don’t have to) but I do find it odd that country generals seemingly just disappearing, especially since it seems have if the raids have calmed down already
>>1010324 Repostan because you finally used the right thread. a) Your retarded idea is only going to turn this board that is supposed to be about politics into a /b/ and keep the side boards as dead as they are. Generals suck and you should not be using the e-celeb shitpost thread as something to strive for. b) A better solution is moving threads, though I don't know if the shitty software this place still uses allows it. c) You're using the wrong board and the wrong thread too. d) Mods don't delete my post at least.
>>984496 jannies pls
>>1009305 >>1010148 The thread is still here but was archived because it had hit the bumplimit. See >>705255
>>1011943 Seconding this anon: why so much problems? The traffic is only slightly higher than average
Looks like someone's gotten around all the mitigation measures and is hammering the site as hard as they can. We're under attack again, fellas. Keep calm, carry on.
>>1012229 Your resistence only makes our chins larger.
How can I have funny pins next to my posts?
Don't know if this is the right place but anyone minds explaining me what the "watched threads" is about in the toolbar ?If it's for in site bookmarks how can i add a thread there ?
(51.63 KB 300x100 EVO.png)
(857.48 KB 1000x563 evo big.png)
>>1013334 The original
(107.71 KB 759x504 sidebar.png)
(38.23 KB 1053x334 watch_button.png)
>>1013153 the functionality is kinda broken but it partially works. You have to select a thread from the sidebar then you'll have a eye icon near the subject. Click it and it will be added to the watched threads. The watched threads will then show a (1) if any of the thread you are watching got new replies. Sadly it doesn't update the status automatically so you'll have to remove the thread from the watched list and re-add it if you want to be notified of further new replies.
(51.63 KB 300x100 evo redone.png)
>>1013334 >>1013337 I redid it by cropping, still get the message across.
PSA:Maximum file size was upped to 80MB from 20MB previously.
Edited last time by krates on 10/20/2020 (Tue) 19:03:31.
>>1016121 >Lenin-s-Electoral-Strategy-from-1907-to-the-October-Revolution-of-1917-The-Ballot-the-Streets-or-Both.epub Bruh isn't this that $80 ebook?
>>1019152 >this doubles vertical clutter even on a desktop monitor valid complaint but I doubt this will encourage people to post more images at once. Rather, it will make it easier for people to post in one single post all the images they would have had to upload into two separate posts before.
>>1019152 My digital copy of Michael Vickery's 1982 book on the Cambodian revolution is 20.4 mb.
Anyone got a PDF of this?
(284.08 KB 500x839 cryji.gif)
>/leftypol/ <discussion >/hobby/ <discussion >/tech/ <discussion >/games/ <discussion >/anime/ <porn and garbage memes I swear every anime board on politics-centered imageboards is always shit.
Should we make a /lurker/ general for all newfags and lurker who have questions (usually bait) so they don't shit up the board and we can engage them?
>>1061120 Yes we should.
Western hate much? You pretend that were it not for evil neo-liberal western capitalist empires that the world would be a calm socialist utopia. Hah. The middle east has been a shit show long before the US showed up. You should not pretend that the US or Europe caused all the world's problems, nor should you equivocate that the western liberal/conservative divide is really just the same thing. That's a seriously messed up pro-radical Islam view of the world
>>1069353 ok, schizo
(90.55 KB 702x575 pepe pondering.png)
>>1069353 >why do you blame us [the Western capitalists] for whats happening in the middle east?? Hmm, gee I wonder why? Wonder what the West might have possibly imposed on the Arab and Islamic World in 1916/1917 and 1948. Anybody got any ideas? I'm stumped, personally. Really big mystery, huh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK0asQ6DaKc
Have you admins considered making the home only show posts from side boards and/or making a separate overboard for only the side boards so the main place stops hogging up almost all activity?
(563.22 KB 801x837 rulez.png)
>>668788 >We STILL lack Global Rules Not sure if this is the right thread but fuck it, here's a basic skeleton of Global Rules for the site I suggest we implement since the current Rules are nonexistent https://bunkerchan.xyz/.static/pages/globalRules.html 1) Do not post anything that violating local or United States law such as, but not limited to, Child Pornography. 2) Do not post or request personal information ("dox") of users of the site 3) Regular pornography, Anthropomorphic ("furry") pornography, Grotesque ("guro") images and drawn pornography must be spoilered outside of >>>/b/ 4) No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters. 5) Threads should be created with substantial OPs containing a meaningful topic of discussion outside of >>>/b/ 6) Do not create duplicate threads unless the previous thread is Bumplocked. If you plan on making a thread, make sure to check catalog to see if the topic already exists 7) Post topics in their appropriate board: - Political Discussion and News threads belong in >>>/leftypol/ - History, Education and Book reading belong on >>>/edu/ - Discussions of technology relating to computer hardware and software go on >>>/tech/ - Anime, manga and other Asian-related media belong on >>>/anime/ - Videogames, Boardgames, Roleplaying, Console, Arcade and Mobile/Computer games belong on >>>/games/ - Media - /tv/, /lit/, Art/Architecture, Cartoons/Comics, Character discussions, Outdoor activities (Gardening, Hiking, Hunting, DIY/Survivalism, Martial Arts/Fitness), Weapons/Military, Fandoms (SCP, MLP, Furry), and other HOBBIES excluding those involving anime, games and tech belong on >>>/hobby/ - Moderation feedback and discussion of the site goes on >>>/gulag/ 8) Use archive.is to save images and threads, Guidelines: >>>/gulag/5621 This is just a basic set I reccommend.
>>1092883 >5) Threads should be created with substantial OPs containing a meaningful topic of discussion outside of >>>/b/ Careful with this idea. Every thread opener doesn't need to be a doctoral dissertation. Sometimes a short line of text is perfectly adequate to generate interesting discussion.
>>1095739 Careful with what? I don't exclude the idea of single sentence OPs, but I'm sick of seeing low-effort post-farming threads that are literally just "repost X meme hurr" because people are too lazy to search or upload to the Booru.
>>1097710 I think a good approach to those threads is lock and suggest without spoonfeeding, e.g.: >[Mod capcode] >Search the booru. >lefty.booru.org >Locking thread. This will usually prevent the Good ol' Charlie "Why Was My Thread Deleted?" repost, and shows them how to help themselves while publically discouraging the thread format.
>>1100454 [cont] Or sometimes, lock and redirect ("Go to QTDDTOT thread" or "Move to /USApol/ thread") Locked threads are useful because a deletion tends to just confuse and prompt more posts trying to understand or argue.
Marx 200 by Michael Roberts <Marx’s economic theories 200 years after his birth in 1818. Marx’s main ideas about the development of capitalism as the dominant mode of social organisation globally. And the critics of Marx’s ideas over the last 150 years. Finally whether Marx’s predictions about the future of capitalism have been and will prove to be right. Introductory level.
(18.62 KB 132x187 9781716471339.gif)
>>1109006 Micheal Roberts just released "Engels 200", I haven't found any way to get or even buy an epub or pdf version though.
(88.72 KB 474x715 colonialism.jpg)
Does anybody have any good sources on neocolonialism? I know how it works in theory but I would like to study what forms it concretely takes. Articles, papers, books, documentaries anything goes.
If someone wants a descriptive History of Neoliberalism and its Consequences, here is a noce documentary split in parts. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLATIVW2S3zKMbVlnAHAPR0sHZisHJl4fd
>>1117359 Can you fags stop larping and do something already? I’ve been waiting since fucking May and all I get is masturbation fantasies.
(315.00 B 24x15 tankie.png)
how feel about a new tankie flag?
(319.00 B 24x15 tankie.png)
(287.00 B 24x16 tankiebg.png)
>>1119879 edited and i also made one with a background because you might not see it well on some themes
What the fuck is it with threads about islam and anons saying that muslims should be killed for it?
>>1126208 all religious groups are divisible, roughly 2 groups appear on inspection. The first and most numerous is formed from the dispossessed and disenfranchised, whose religious expression is a sigh of the repressed creature. The second group houses people who use religion as an instrument of political power. (This division is not along the lines of church-members and preachers, group1 and group2 can belong to either) Group2 struggles for power and they make enemies. When these enemies seek to retaliate against group2 they also attack group1. Group1 is made to suffer because they can not defend them self very well and because of their affiliation with group2. The hatred against Muslims can have a rational core because a group2-type power-struggle is attacking society. Defensive actions can and frequently do manifest as irrational ire against group1. Modernity has come up with a solution of imposing secularism. A very powerful state protects religiosity of group1 and neuters group2. When this functions, religions can coexist peacefully. It no longueur does, group2 activity has resurfaced, and many state are compromising their secularism for political convenience because group2 activity can create politically exploitable crisis.
>>1126384 Religions as cohesive wholes are a retarded lie, Islamic reactionaries hate other sects of Islam more than they hate non-Muslims.
Is Riot safe to use? I joined some random room and the users there were able to tell my OS and what browser I was using, that got me paranoid.
>>1127204 >Is Riot safe to use? I joined some random room and the users there were able to tell my OS and what browser I was using, that got me paranoid. Your browser has a user agent flag that contains this info so web devs can get statistics to optimize websites, you can change it to what ever you want. the web based Riot chat does not have sophisticated device fingerprinting. They also have a stand alone desktop client and an app if you don't trust your browser.
Hey kiddo, you lost? Doesn't matter buddy just read this.
>>1061120 Agreed
>>1128788 whats the document you linked about? wondering
>>1134768 you can read 16 pages, right anon?
>>1128788 >>1134768 Appendix - Summation of the judge The accused have never denied the charge of misusing the funds of the student union. Indeed,they openly admit to having made the union pay some $1500 for the printing and distributionof 10,000 pamphlets, not to mention the cost of other literature inspired by ”Internationale Situa-tionniste”. These publications express ideas and aspirations which, to put it mildly, have nothingto do with the aims of a student union. One has only to read what the accused have written, for itis obvious that these five students, scarcely more than adolescents, lacking all experience of reallife, their minds confused by ill-digested philosophical, social, political and economic theories,and perplexed by the drab monotony of their everyday life, make the empty, arrogant, and pa-thetic claim to pass definitive judgments, sinking to outright abuse, on their fellow students, theirteachers, God, religion, the clergy, the governments and political systems of the whole world. Re-jecting all morality and restraint, these cynics do not hesitate to commend theft, the destructionof scholarship, the abolition of work, total subversion, and a world-wide proletarian revolutionwith ”unlicensed pleasure” as its only goal.In view of their basically anarchist character, these theories and propaganda are eminentlynoxious. Their wide diffusion in both student circles and among the general public, by the local,national and foreign press, are a threat to the morality, the studies, the reputation and thus thevery future of the students of the University of Strasbourg.
>>1136654 The situationists were incredibly based
>>1139572 more INFO please...who is he? what is the context?
>>1141426 That's guy debord and the context is >>1136654
Intro books for left communism?
>>1146116 Capital Volumn 1 by Karl Marx. From there you can procede to Capital Volumn 2 by Karl Marx and Capital Volumn 3 by Karl Marx. Finish up with A Critique of the Gotha Program by Karl Marx, and you will officially be a left-communist. For real, though, don't bother with primers or "The Communist Manifesto" or anything like that. Just be willing to read every paragraph over and over again until you understand it. If you get stuck, the guys at /edu/ can usually help.
Requesting that anyone who posts wojaks or wojak derivatives more than twice per day be temporarily banned.
>>1146723 please include any variant of the gigachad
>>1146723 Shouldn't be that a /gulag/ request?
(249.84 KB 624x352 Inmate.png)
>>1149314 Ay ay, you ain't too famous to get banned, motherfucker.
>>1150369 I don't remember making this post, but i approve of it anyway
iirc there was a thread a while back in which someone requested one of the volumes so i felt that it would be good to just post all of them here.
how do I pick a flag again? the option isn't here for some reason
I cant pick a flag.
>>1151574 >>1151579 click Extra in the posting dialog
Hello. Longtime lurker, began commenting somewhat recently. I am having trouble posting a thread to board. I know to include an image and such. but when i go to post, i get a pop up explaining that i either failed the captcha or it expired, even though i had filled it out (and accurately!! ive tried many times) only seconds before. Help?
>>1155161 >he can't get past the captcha Git gud.
>>1155161 Try refreshing the captcha, sometimes it displays weird or simply refuses my answer, and I have to refresh it once or thrice before it’s accepted.
>>1155161 Did you click "bypass check" on the form?
>>1092883 Vanwa.net DDOS "protection" is now blocking all archive systems under the pretext of defending from DDoS (including freezepage, archive.is and archive.org). Anyone have solutions?
(549.45 KB 1166x868 1599670918104.png)
Recommend me books that will help me in my quest of helping other people stop blaming themselves for their failures and making them see that it's all capitalism's fault. Like some commiepilled self-help book.
>>1155729 you should like... read prometheus rising man. you sound robotized in your historical materialism reality tunnel dude.. then once you learn how to slip out of it you can drag people back in with you.
>>1155915 >you should like... read prometheus rising man. you sound robotized in your historical materialism reality tunnel dude.. then once you learn how to slip out of it you can drag people back in with you. autism
>>1155729 >>1155946 >>>/hobby/ Has some self-help and social skills generals and >>>/edu/ has plenty of redpilling literature.
>>1155729 This is what liberalism does to your body.
(608.49 KB 1385x1498 005.png)
>>1126208 They are Sam Harris/Richard Dawkins/Christopher Hitchens adjacent Nu-Atheist Neocon Zionist radlibs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wotTSRBQLq0
Can we compile a list of all the Marxist sites online? Like Marx2Mao, Bannedthought etc
(275.10 KB 800x550 62497278_p0_master1200.jpg)
(178.70 KB 362x483 unknown.png)
>>1166666 cringe
>>1166666 checked
Let anons edit tags on leftybooru, and make a torrent for the site so we can archive it in case the site is pwned
There's some unhinged loser with way too much time that absolutely explodes whenever you make any sort of negative post with a sage on the side boards, it's surreal
>>1171150 He's cringe. He whined on the anime board because I saged a boring thread about tomboys
>>117115 Well, that's imageboard autists for you.
Were a bunch of posts deleted from the depression thread? I can't tell if I'm just being retarded or not.
>>1175431 Turns out I'm retarded since there are multiple threads, delete this posts if you want.
>>1171150 >tomboys Ay that thread still up?
>>1171150 >>1171979 the saddest thing is he thinks anyone saging is literally the same person just makes me wanna sage more often tbh
>>1178148 I don't care about this spat but if you don't stop the endless meta shitposting on /anime/ I'll gladly do it for you (and that includes shit along the lines of "this thread is shit", just so we are totally clear)
>>1178272 >implying /anime/ has any moderation at all lets hope you arent partial and also ban the antisage sperg, janny also calling some animes shit isnt metaposting but whining about other people saging definitely is just so were clear
>>1178315 Did I write >this anime is shit No, I wrote >this thread is shit Learn to read.
>>1178272 can you guys lower your profile a little bit? I know you people do actual work, but seeing the cop sirens constantly in various threads is starting to get off-putting. cheers.
>>1178575 Yeah, freaking panopticon and sheit.
(36.17 KB 400x400 cxWguvYV_400x400.png)
Question: Are the jannies unionized? I mean, you may do it for free, but the least you can do is be a union man
Will there EVER be moderation past midnight?
(41.94 KB 377x249 jannies asleep.jpg)
(69.35 KB 302x389 assvyrger.png)
>>1183427 One of us could always apply but I'm not fucking putting up with tard sitting cuckchan and reddit refugees in the hopes that maybe some serious discussion is accomplished.
Recommend me some hidden gem books that will expand my mind.
>>1188981 (you) should lead by example
>>668788 Wayback.Archive may close down from lack of funds, which would include archive.org book scans. Please help.
You know, not immediately banning anti-communists and blatant pol transplants from the matrix is a nice premise. But perhaps banning them is preferable to letting them bring all their buddies in as well and fester like an infestation of rats. I don't care if you're an ML, a trot, an anarchist, whatever the fuck. But letting agent Kochinski tier socdems who are openly anti-communist and think "actually some exploitation is fine" just exist and bring all their buddies in is a cursed and doomed endeavor
(243.76 KB 1239x611 Marxrep.png)
https://www.marxwatch.org/report.html There is a webpage called "MarxWatch" which has a formular for reporting Marxist activity. Is this a threat to our site and anons?
>>1199844 "whatever the fuck" here, fuck exploitation. not many of us others are loons like that your post
>>1201019 >FilmYourMarxistProfessors What the fuck
>>1201019 Time to epicly troll the libs
(37.40 KB 793x871 uighr.png)
(222.59 KB 1299x4699 commiereport.png)
>>1201019 Doing my part!
(141.20 KB 480x563 Laughing_Marx.jpg)
(226.94 KB 1351x1274 marxist_guys.png)
>>1201019 Polish comrades, don't fail me.
>>1201019 should I make automatized form filler for this?
>>1202544 It's literally a POST request, I would just spam via curl but they're probably just add a captcha
reminder to use vpn
>>1202680 Meh. >VPNs give nearly no security benefit as around 90% of websites already use HTTPS which encrypts your connection. VPNs will only ever give a security benefit when you're browsing a site lacking HTTPS which is rare. >Although, a VPN can have a privacy advantage since it does hide the websites you visit from people monitoring your traffic. >When using a VPN, you send all of your internet traffic to a single server and they can do whatever they want with it. You have to trust them fully not to do anything malicious. There is no way for you to verify that your VPN provider doesn't log. Many VPNs have lied about their no logging polices before such as IPVanish. >VPNs are also very vulnerable to traffic analysis attacks. >If you want privacy and anonymity, use Tor instead. https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/vpns.html
>>1202863 I agree, unless you are in a nation where Tor is a bad idea. The point was, use some proxy to make IP.
>>1202863 >>If you want privacy and anonymity, use Tor instead. Yes. This is correct. Just remember, it's a fucking horrible choice for security (as in, 'you are a targeted individual that an organization will pay twenty thousand dollars to exploit' security, which basically none of us truly are)
>>1202863 tor is slow as fuck tho
>>1202876 Retard take. >>1202975 If your zoomer brain can't handle the minute and a half it takes to load a webpage over a tor exit node, or, retreive packets off an .onion domain you are in the wrong place and need to go back to reddit. Hell, even reddit let's you use an exit node.
>>1202863 TOR was made by the CIA Fuck that
>>1204046 No, it was developed with NSA help, and by the NSA's own admission in the Snowden leaks, they have trouble identifying Tor users.
>>1204046 Wait until you hear who made the internet.
>>1202975 I hardly ever get actually slow connections over tor.
>>1204046 >CIA made Tor Where do you get this bullshit from? It was the Navy. >https://www.torproject.org/about/history/ >David Goldschlag, Mike Reed, and Paul Syverson at the U.S. Naval Research Lab (NRL) >>1204241 >by the NSA's own admission in the Snowden leaks, they have trouble identifying Tor users. This. If you trust the Snowden leaks (I do), it has the Tor Stinks! page discussing issues. TLDR there are ways to get extremely important individuals but tracking everyone all the time is considered out of the questions (c. 2013). >>1205035 Do you mean CERN, the military, universities or commercial ISPs?
>>1203971 >Retard take. no u (unless you actually meant Tor and not Tor Browser, then disregard, sucking cocks, etc.) The homogeneity required for extreme anonymity has MAJOR security implications. >Firefox, nuff said >outdated versions of Firefox, at that >thousands of high-value targets using the exact same version of the same outdated browser t. posted via Tor Browser 10.0.5 (based on Mozilla Firefox 78.5.0esr)
>>1205274 >outdated versions you mean stable :^)
>>1208095 Too much of a coward to do it yourself?
>>1205841 Y'all niggas should read up on steganography. If you put your mind to it and you know how to code, you can hide information in ways it's impossible for third parties to even know there's anything there at all, let alone how to decode it.
>>1208095 if someone carried about a suicide bombing against the CIA headquarters or something that would be pretty lit ngl. if anyone reading this wants to off themselves u may as well do some good for the world on ur way out.
>>1208095 Fuck off
>>1208095 >Leftists should kill themselves you first pussy
>>1209944 Christ, Shinji totally would be a /pol/yp
>>1210596 I feel like Asuka would be the more shitposting /pol/up tbh
What are good websites for downloading books? There's libgen (which you can search on duck duck go for an online mirror) What are the others? I'm mainly looking for a fiction book, but I can't remember the websites.
>>1211228 ZLibrary is another good one: https://z-lib.org/
>>1211195 Asuka would go through an insufferable /pol/ phase, and then slowly swing left post-breakdown
It's statistically impossible for the entire website to be transgender, let alone have a neovagina. >A different survey in 2016, from the Williams Institute, estimated that 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender. Studies from several nations, including the U.S., conducted at varying time periods, have produced a statistical range of 1.2 to 6.8 percent of the adult population identifying as LGBT. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_demographics_of_the_United_States >For transgender women, genital GCS comprises a number of procedures, including vaginoplasty (most commonly intestinal or penile inversion) with labiaplasty and/or clitoroplasty, penectomy, and orchiectomy. Transgender women report bottom surgery at rates between 5–13% https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc6626314/
>>1212943 If /pol/yps could do math, they'd be very upset by that
Due to the dangerously high levels of faggotry that have surfaced in the matrix in the last 2 months we are now requiring a vetting system before approval. The normal link has been replaced and the room has been privated and will now be requiring an invite and new users will be required to be vetted for non faggot elements. Thank you.
>>1213600 it was funny as hell to watch though lmao Rightoid spergouts are gold
change /b/ to /random/
>>1214422 why, and also no
>>1214527 this isnt 4cuck, whoever named it /b/ in the first place needs to be spanked
>>1214563 yes, bend over
(39.97 KB 640x360 hmm.jpg)
>>1214557 >"this isnt 4cuck, whoever named it /b/ in the first place needs to be spanked", they posted to /leftypol/ Are you feeling ok, sir?
>>1214557 Agreed, if you aren't making your /b/ Anime/Random then name the directory something else.
>>1214557 >>1215830 We can't agree on a new name. Suggestions welcome. Someone said /pit/ but we didn't agree on that.
if i go to any imageabord and see /b/ it will always be the random board. This might have been untrue a single time at some point but it is so unusual that i would be shocked to see a /b/ that is not random. This is simply imageboard custom i dont see why anyone should be upset about it. We are an imageboard after all.
>>1217461 /offtopic/ - Off-Topic >>1217947 You could use this argument for any of the boards here. Also, fuck "imageboard customs". Futaba didn't even use initials for directories, sometimes they just used random numbers.
>>1218095 you are right tech games and anime need to be changed to /g/, /v/, and /a/.
>>1217947 >>1218157 >we NEED to imitate 4chan literal NPC
>>1218201 We must conform to the standards international community of imageboards to demonsteate solidarity with our anime tiddy posting comrades. No different from giving comrade ambassador gigantic mouth kisses. There is no reason to question it, just do it. Traditions are developed out of the societal aesthetics which are formed from the necessities of the time. The simple image board sequential letter labling was adopted first out of utility, and then changed slightly for the sake of convenience. Id go so far as to say naming boards after their actual content rather than a letter is idealist in nature, for the name of the board, the thing which is before the board itself, is not given a simple sequential place but rather imbued with an essence of purpose. You call me the NPC when you demand boards be named after what you are instructed to do within them. Highly suspect.
>>668788 This board is fucking unusable right now. Are there any chans where I can go for actual marxist thought?
>>1219140 shut the fuck up, you arent funny >the necessities of the time no, people do it because the big one did it and most of you barely know about futaba because you read it on the wikipedia article for 4chan >you demand boards be named after what you are instructed to do within them ah yes because using the first letter of the board's name is much different fuck you want the games board directory to be /v/ when it also allows tabletop shit you FUCKING troglodyte
>>1219253 Any leftist community of import is inevitably eliminated by the authorities. Welcome to being an enemy of the state.
>>1219330 >sing the first letter of the board's name >bandom
>>1217461 /dyatlov/ /siberia/
>>1219330 there is no need to be angry it occurred to me that the games board also encompassed non video games when i posted that, but it seems that as it is mostly video games in practice that would be the appropriate letter.
>>1217461 /vorkuta/
(126.88 KB 480x854 Screenshot_20201213-222037.png)
The janitor is making a fool of himself, just look at this post
>>1222766 What Janitor? Also, they're mods not Janitors. Janny is a term derived from 8ch because boards on 8chan were not the totality of the website.
>>1222766 >anybody who tells me to fuck off is a janitor
>>1225790 I wish. It's machine code.
>>1225790 oh shit it's Project 2501's zoomer brother Project 42069
>>1225844 >It's machine code. is it ? I thought machine code was expressed either in binary or hexadecimal. This >> 1225790 looks more like it's maybe encrypted data
>>1225917 im pretty sure someone opened a jpeg in notepad
>>1225790 Can you repeat that Mr. Ancap?
>>1225917 Very old meme.
(32.59 KB 480x360 OTP.jpg)
This thread is to discuss the thoughts and ideas in the book "The Occult Technology of Power". It's a short (takes about an hour) source: https://ia801708.us.archive.org/32/items/the-occult-technology-of-power-bookmarked/The%20Occult%20Technology%20of%20Power%20-%20bookmarked.pdf After reading it I changed my opinion of the right. (and the left) Ever noticed that the only ideas that get traction in the left are the ones which are 'safe' for the establishment? To the point where we have Amazon, Microsoft, AirBnB funding BLM. But when genuine change is possible (Bernie) he has to fight corperations, the democratic party, the media ect. This book poses the idea that both the mainstream left and right are controlled by the establishment for the sole aim of posing a false choice. A good example of this playing out would be the comparason between George Bush and Barrack Obama. Bush started wars in Afganistan & Iraq, started an orwellian spying system & opened a prison camp with torture. Obama was at war for his entire presidency, continued the war in Afghanistan & Iraq, destablised Syria & Libya, facilitated a genocide in Yemen, killed tens of thousands in drone strikes in Somalia & Pakistan, funded ISIS (google Timber Sycamore), expanded orwellian spying, procecuted assange for uncoving warcrimes and increased military spending to it's highest ever (at that point). It seemed like whether the population choose the simple minded rancher from Texas or the idealistic preacher from Chicago what we got was a puppet of the establishment and the military industrial complex. This has led me to a rather unorthodox conclusion. That the anti establishment movements on the left won't ever be powerful enough to suceed, and the same for the right. Perhaps the only sucessful anti-establishment movement would be an alliance between the outsiders on both sides.
>>1227612 >Perhaps the only sucessful anti-establishment movement would be an alliance between the outsiders on both sides. How do you see that happening exactly?
>>1225844 >>1225920 >>1226293 >>1225917 It is base64 code for a furry porn image
(53.58 KB 1200x900 b.png)
anyone else not able to connect to bunkerchan.xyz but can connect to leftypol.org? tried deleting cookies
>>1227873 Nazbol gang
>>1229947 I think it's a redirect error. I can only get here by making sure to ad https:// to the address
I'm pretty sure lefteepol.org isn't in the same tier as dicksword. Do you think this makes you appear sympathetic?
>backup is almost a month old bruh...........
>>1230490 We need to get Wayback crawling this site. I don't know why, but it was indexing h8chan threads on basically every board regularly, while the same is not true here. Maybe there's something we can do to point their crawler here?
>>1230490 This is why you as a user should always save at the very least your own posts. I have saved quite a few paragraphs from the past 30 days, but it's all plain text and not a single full thread. I guess I can add back a tiny bit of the lost stuff manually using copy-paste plus my own memory to give context -_-;
What happened to the cybersoc theard?
>>1231130 Was part of the mass deletion by sabotaging ex-mods. Thread didn't have much to do with cybernetics anyway, it got completely derailed by bad-faith posting about the LTV from a "feminist" trans-activist.
>>1231155 > by bad-faith posting about the LTV from a "feminist" trans-activist. As always radlib idpol is cancer
>>1215830 Stop merging boards faggot
What the fuck happened to images? Why is the site rolled back so much?
>>1231191 Every thread on every board was deleted by the exiled tranissary janissaries. The best the current admins have been able to do is restore from backups, but the last backup was from 34 days ago, so anything newer that wasn't on archive.is is gone unless you feel like crawling through Yandex/Google/Bing/etc.'s caches before they update them. Yet another reason, as if more were needed, that all threads should just be archived like in h8chan's final few years.
So why are the trannie ex mods sabotaging the board?
>>1231250 You answered your own question
>>1231259 But what was the drama with space and them? Are they mad they aren't being catered to?
>>1231234 How can I crawl through google caches for content? What should I do? There were a lot of good effort posts lost.
>>1231329 Is there a specific thread you particularly care about? Maybe I can find something.
>>1231336 Roughly a dozen tbh but mostly The Avatar Last Airbender thread (there was a big discussion on buddhist religion). If you can tell me how I'll try and recover content from threads myself. I know I archive.is a good number of threads after December 16.
>>1231350 Well sorry, I don't remember that thread at all so I can't even braindump anything. One idea I had: The janitor diaspora copied our old threads. So we can expropriate the expropriators by copying stuff back.
(34.53 KB 592x254 how to find search caches.png)
(389.16 KB 1471x1020 Archive_-_V2.0.png)
>>1231329 To access search engine caches, paste an URL into a search engine. From there, if the exact page appears in your results, there may be will be a disclosure triangle above and to the right of its listing, in which there may be a number of options, hopefully including something such as "cached copy". Note that Yandex/Google/Bing/etc. might not have cached a given page, or may have cached an older/newer version than you were looking for, so trying several different search engines may be necessary. In the case of your request, Google cached the following: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:TycUcq7wRYkJ:https://bunkerchan.xyz/hobby/res/6738.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Note that, in order to preserve verifiably, this cache can itself be archived on archive.is.
Unpopular opinion maybe: Some right-wing bait threads (such as the very recent 'muh socialism = no food') should be allowed to live so they can be debunked. If not for the retard OP, then at least for potential lurkers.
>>1231426 >>1231396 thanks I'll see what I can recover.
>>1231476 Agreed. However we also have /edu/ debunks to refer to as well (if they survived)
>>1231476 I thought longstanding quasi-policy was always something like "a few bait threads are fine, but if there are too many cluttering a board they'll be dumped in a general"?
>>1231497 Essentially. Of course we have retards like Comatoast and Watermelon who think that engaging the opposition and debunking them for new users to see is a bad thing.
>>>/testing/799 Image recovery thread. Post images, mp4s, webms, pdfs from threads
>>1231155 Just because it is advisable to cut off your dick does not mean that you are excused from reading and evaluating the arguments that you would like to discuss.
>>1231556 >>1231426 Ok so I've been going through a bunch of stuff. While not complete, the threads are saved in web.cache for now and I've been archiving them on archive.is to make sure they stick. images are not so lucky but that's why I'm posting as much as I've saved or recall finding. More of those images are on cia.gov's mirrored content, though unfortunately that only goes to December 24, so any images posted after December 24 and that do not have the original posters still around are unfortunately nonexistent.
(38.92 KB 794x558 IMG_20210109_214405.jpg)
First I would like to apologize because English is not my original language. I have two honest questions. The first is whether any form of socialism is necessarily left-wing? The second question is whether there were fully nationalized and non-socialist economies in the last two centuries?
>>1231705 I've discovered a peculiar thing some images on threads mostly missing images retain said images if they were posted in 8kun.top before Watermelon's shit. An example is https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/0f07235a740858042cc2f0e2c8e8a007-imagejpeg.jpg
>>1231842 Marx described "reactionary socialism" as those movements advocating for a return to communal feudal relations
>>1231842 >First I would like to apologize because English is not my original language. It's irrelevant. It's not mine either. And let's be honest, English is overrated and we have to use it only because it's the language of the dominant international power. >I have two honest questions. Please, go on. >The first is whether any form of socialism is necessarily left-wing? Socialism is by definition an organisation of society where property of the means of production of economic goods are not in private hands but owned, in a way or another, by those that work with them. Maybe, but here I'm trying to guess what you were thinking, you mean "left-wing" as "culturally" left-wing, i.e. with social mores generally liberalised, legal equality irregardless of sex, origin, ethnicity an so on. Well, at some point some socialist states including the USSR and some countries in its orbit have adopted radically different approaches. For example at different times, divorce was easily and quickly achievable, while at others the government tried to push for more stable and traditional families. Abortion was freely available in some cases, but in Romania it wasn't and it was punished as a crime. Arts followed traditional and institutional models at some times while at other vanguard movements took the lead. Criminal law was harsh in some cases and bland in other. And so on and so forth. >The second question is whether there were fully nationalized and non-socialist economies in the last two centuries? I guess there have never actually been a fully nationalised economy not even in the main socialist countries. Under Stalin, the USSR allowed for some kinds of small business to be privately owned and operated and some kinds of farm were never state owned or collectively owned across the entire history of the Soviet Union. Yugoslavia actually nationalised only some large companies in strategic sectors, while allowing a form of self management for the great part of the economy. I guess only China at the height of the cultural revolution and Pol Pot's Kampuchea actually had a full state ownership of all the economy, but I may be wrong about China, because even if things were organised in huge collectives, the political chaos was such that I guess those entities worked without any actual planification and coordination. That said, some capitalist countries in the latter part of the 20th century indeed had a large publicly owned sector. France, Italy and Austria for example had large industrial conglomerates, oil companies, phone providers etc. under state ownership. By the 70s and 80s, Italy, which was the fifth or sixth economy in the world in terms of absolute GDP, had more than half of its productive output coming from state owned companies. Obviously that was also a large shitfest of corruption and nepotism and that was easily used by the oligarchs and their lackeys to eventually liquidate everything.
>>1231964 Communism is a result of capitalism. Kill yourself nazbol retard
>>1231964 >immigration, feminism, LGBTQ Oh, there are plenty of criticisms to make of that nonsensical philosophical refuse, but rightards have no idea what they are. To them it's just blood and soil, muh turditions, and white genocide retardation. If you want to criticize rainbow capitalist social justice silliness, learn some theory so that you can get a practical understanding of what is actually wrong about it all.
>>1231996 >>1231992 >>1231980 >>1231964 >>1231911 >>1231892 >>1231842 Why is this a discussion in the META thread?
Remind me again why insulting autistic people and calling us incels is ok but saying anything wrong about "sex workers" will earn you a ban despite so called sex workers being ruling class as they're powerful both in economic and social terms Im guessing a fair bunch of it comes from Fredrick Brennan infuence over this place and Space
why is the website literally falling apart
>>1232360 It's okay to criticize sex workers now, the old jannies are gone.
>>1232383 hopefully the new mod team can fix it up
(125.71 KB 600x811 fuggin weebs.png)
>>1232360 >tism Just like we're all gay nᎥɡɡеrs from outer space, we're also all spergs. Y'gotta roll with it. >incels The board's scorn stems not from any particular hatred or bias against the issue, but because there were several EXTREMELY longwinded obsessive shitposters that were infamous for completely clogging up any thread they could with diatribes about incels, so the entire subject was stamped with the IdPol label and banned. This was also around the time giant dumb IdPol derails over trοоns & MTWs were clogging the board. >eTHOTs Like other poster said, there were some FinDom simps among the old jannies that would get sand in their bussies when milady's honor was besmirched. Also, such discussion almost invariably falls into the aforementioned category of "inconsequential hotbutton IdPol bait".
>>1232699 It probably has something to do with the thread deletion and backup Should be fixable
>>1232360 Just have sex and stop consooming media
>>1232724 >just eat cake
>>1232728 Yes, buy a cake, hire a hooker, fuck the hooker and then eat your cake
>>1232730 Sounds like a protection racket to me
>>1232736 Nice you caught that. I wouldn't have myself.
>>1232728 >>1232736 >comparing food to sex and feudal lords to whores see this is incels are obnoxious >>1232716 I mean, as a literal autist I'm not precisely the most charming individual out there so to an extent I relate to their situation. But the fact that incels are such an obnoxious annoying cluster B bunch is not a bug, it's a feature. The incel ideology has deep contradictions within itself and similarly to fringe ideologies like Jahova Witnesses or vegans a fanatic belief in a bunch of shit that remains to be proven or widely accepted, such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs or biological determinism. There's a reason why most incels support eugenics, because they hate themselves, that's relatable, I hate them too.
>>1232958 >comparing food to sex and feudal lords to whores It’s a joke mate. >But the fact that incels are such an obnoxious annoying cluster B bunch is not a bug, it's a feature. Refusing to accept the liberal myth that dating is meritorious is not a personality disorder. >a fanatic belief in a bunch of shit that remains to be proven or widely accepted, such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs If you think only things needed to keep you alive are needs, and things like love and validation are not, you are a bog standard liberal. >or biological determinism. They over emphasize it but it certainly plays a factor in reproduction.
>>1232958 >incel ideology Not going to continue this derail any longer, but reacting to "incels" and their "ideology" and "community", instead of simply acknowledging a massive and alarming trend of increasing inceldom among young (mostly) men worldwide for a variety of different but interlinked reasons is a recipe for disaster. Glibly responding with "LOL hire a prostitute" or whatever, is exactly the kind of attitude that will result in festering sociological phenomena turning into catastrophes while ignored in plain sight.
>>1233003 As long as incels dwell in a toxic,misogynist community people are going to react to that.
>>1233226 >a shitty forum with like 500 people = all sexually frustrated men in 2021 blow out your ass idiot
>>1233418 >Sexual frustration Lmao get a hooker bro just stop watching porn lmao just close the pornhub tab Shit,hire 5 hookers and take two viagra pills and fuck like there
>>1233435 >just commit a crime and put your quality of life at risk and pay money for something other people get for free Marginalize me more you fascist fuck
>>1233446 >Hiring escorts is a crime in his country AYY LMAOO
>>1233485 Also, no sex is free, you're delusional I have spent more money on my 6/10 gf than on 10/10 escorts
>>1233446 It's rarely "free" in that most women are going to require some sort of physical or psychological investment. The only times you might be able to catch a quick one is if you're at a party or a bar and find some girl who's looking to hookup with a stranger because she's got some self esteem problem (break up or whatever) and drunk or rolling on e
>>1233489 It's free fo Chad.
>>1233504 No it isn't
>>1233003 good accelerate
I agree, time to end the discussion. Once again incels manage to make everything about themselves, why I even bother, continue yelling autist at the sky or whatever You're not entitled to love and affection, you are not, and I'm not broken for not sharing your "needs", I guess you call my kind volcels or copecels, or unemotional autists or whatever. I'm not self-deluded, I just don't care, and I'm not broken for it. "Chads" and "Stacies" can get STDs for all I care, and incels can suicide bomb a movie theater to get 72 virgins in paradise for all I care.
>>1233560 Most autists want love and affection, they just don't have the ability to get it.
(37.66 KB 300x100 leftypolBanner.png)
Theres a literal child porn thread up on b right now
>>1233633 Thank you, I took care of it. -Bexgina
>>1233489 You're a simp beta male who can't get a girl to fuck you without paying
>>1233732 >Believes he doesn't pay >Calls anyone a simp
>>1233741 who are you quoting?
Ex-janitors have infiltrated the volunteer team again
>>1233981 Proofs?
(36.32 KB 255x216 soy327.png)
>>1233755 >who are you quoting
>>1233563 Yeah and most starving Malaria-ridden n words want food, womp womp, cry me a river faggot. I swear to god my fellow autists make me want to go into a spree killing and then kill myself more than all neurotypicals
Take that dirtbaggery "dirtbag left"
>>1237050 We think it might have been an issue with cloudflair's caching - it's purged now. Let us know if it continues.
If you want to help improve the site, hope on over to this thread on /tech/ where we're working on fixing the anchor add on. Whoever figures it out can elect to receive the first payout of the patreon we're putting together. https://bunkerchan.xyz/tech/res/6984.html#q6984
what if you switched to vichan?
have you checked your cloudflare logs to see if there's any ddos / high activity going on? what's your server's cpu usage, ram usage, and IO usage right now?
Just did maintenance on the site. Hopefully the issue of posts coming in the wrong order has been resolved.
(92.08 KB 480x854 Screenshot_20210112-210536.png)
(77.41 KB 480x854 Screenshot_20210112-210719.png)
ogrepol wants to nuke the site again
>>1290970 Yeah, saw that too. Gawd, I'm going to be so happy when we finally migrate to our own servers, and are able to put this behind us. Here's an archive of that same thread for the doubters. https://archive.is/eFsMN
>>1290974 Its honestly sad that they simply don't understand what the problem is There is no other explanation other than that guy is a fed
>>1290976 what's the problem? who's a fed? why is he a fed?
>>1290980 Feds do this to all organizations they infiltrate. Spread rumors, cause infighting; divide and conquer.
>>1290980 They believe that anyone who doesn't appreciate the actions of the old mod team is in bed with space and want to make us "angry" for some reason We just want a place to shitpost about communism. If they made another one, that's great, but don't harm the userbase because of petty squabbles with the old BO
>>1233489 lol what a simp
>>1233495 it's not an investment if you actually enjoy their company (outside of secs)
>>1232360 sex workers don't rule shit incel they are literally pimped by corporations
>>1291790 Based corporations pimping the femoids
>>1290983 Either everyone involved are a bunch of immature losers with no social skills or the feds are ruining some obscure board that no one cares about. I’m guessing it’s the former.
Where can we follow development of this and the new site?
Ok guys I'm still reading some basic stuff but I was just wondering how the theory of value can still apply today given that we don't use commodity based currency? I've tried googling it but I can't seem to understand it
>>1293060 is this site abandoned? why is nobody responding??
>>1293081 >>1293060 >>1292765 New update here. https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/1293125.html#q1293125 Apologies for the wait, have been busing setting up server and wageslaving.
Edited last time by d011ars on 01/14/2021 (Thu) 22:01:55.
>>668788 How did Bezos get rich? did he have rich parents?
>>1293483 His family owned a 25,000 acre ranch in Texas, his grandfather was the director of the Atomic Energy Commission, and his step-father was an Exxon engineer who paid his way through Princeton. Then he was one of the only survivors of the dot com bubble collapse. Bezos was a petit-porky who was made into a mega-porky by otherworldly good fortune.
>>1293639 Every fucking time
>>1293639 this is blatantly retarded, putting all his achievements on his family. from his wikipedia: >In 1986, he graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a 4.2 GPA and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree (B.S.E.) in electrical engineering and computer science; he was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa.... After Bezos graduated from Princeton University in 1986, he was offered jobs at Intel, Bell Labs, and Andersen Consulting. He transitioned into the banking industry when he became a product manager at Bankers Trust. He worked there from 1988 to 1990. He then joined D. E. Shaw & Co, a newly founded hedge fund with a strong emphasis on mathematical modelling in 1990 and worked there until 1994. Bezos became D. E. Shaw's fourth senior vice-president at the age of 30 which is a pretty solid profile from a STEM perspective, which points to some serious academic smarts. I hate this cope about about how any porky becomes rich only because of the fanny he popped out of, and really is the worst possible critique of capitalism- makes it a politics of envy and inferiority.
>>1293848 You don't think the home life and education opportunities he was afforded given his family background played into those achievements at all?
>>1293858 yes, but say even under socialism, he would be given the same platform that would lead him into some high academic status. also, not every rich person has a high intellectual capacity (cf. Trump/Musk), there are some inherent advantages and disadvantages a person has regardless of class and race. The revolution's job is not to paper over these "inequalities", merely the social and political ones tl;dr: bezos would be bezos even under socialism
>>1293864 >tl;dr: bezos would be bezos even under socialism The fuck does that even mean?
>>1293848 Maybe he would have been successful, but not what he is today if he went to state schools. Not having to work while in college helps keep focus. Also who is to say that connections through family didn't contribute to early jobs. You are glazing over small but important details.
>>1293864 He would still be smart he wouldn't own thousands of slaves and command over their lives.
>>1294467 Boris Abramovich Berezovsky was born in 1946, in Moscow, to Abram Markovich Berezovsky (1911–1979),[25] a Jewish civil engineer in construction works,[26][27] and his wife, Anna Aleksandrovna Gelman (22 November 1923 – 3 September 2013).[28] He studied applied mathematics, receiving his doctorate in 1983.[29] After graduating from the Moscow Forestry Engineering Institute in 1968, Berezovsky worked as an engineer from 1969 till 1987, serving as assistant research officer, research officer and finally the head of a department in the Institute of Control Sciences of the USSR Academy of Sciences.[30] Berezovsky conducted research on optimization and control theory, publishing 16 books and articles between 1975 and 1989.
yo if there are going to be three different leftypols (bunkerchan, .org, .su) then theres no point in going to any of these, ive better things to do than waste my time on these boards
>>1294507 There will not be three different /leftypol/s bunkerchan is simply moving to a new domain. See https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/1294512.html#q1294512
>>1294507 This is the problem with site faggotry, once you hit more than 2 major board splits it's over. At the very least other people on other imageboards cooperate hard with one another to post across their circles, but with /leftypol/ there is a very limited interest in leftism and once you hit having a website and not a board you immediately come at risk of losing marketability, and the niche factor. /leftypol/ should have arguably moved most of the user base to literally anywhere, moe, smug, zzz, sushi, wherever, while keeping this place as back up as it's purpose originally was.
>>1295000 This isn't another split nimrod, the top level domain is changing. This board has twice the PPH of .ogre and the idea that post quality has gone down is just a exjanny meme. Fuck off with this FUD.
(529.49 KB 1372x2040 1610598950434.png)
>>1295419 >Twice the PPH <8 PPH 2 days ago
>>1295435 <8 PPH 2 days ago Dafaq are you talking about. This board has mostly burgers so when it's night time there the PPH dips which all the .ogres circle jerk about endlessly. If .ogre really has so many more people why don't you go there. I've been visiting .ogre all through the split and you guys talk waaaaaaaay more about bunkerchan than visa versa, not exactly a sign of site and community that's soooo much better. If it weren't for exjannies constantly spamming about their drama that no one gives a fuck about, this site would never talk about the split at all.
>>1295440 Lol I am there I just like to check in on your little cult every now and then lol
>>1295435 >8 PPH 2 days ago It's 50 PPH now. And that's low, it's usually 70+ during prime time. It's low on the weekends and night because bunkerchads are out partying and having sex.
>>1295451 crying-wojack-wearing-smug-wojack-mask.jpg
>>1295469 You've by no means hit a nerve. You guys nuked the boards, that's why no one trusts you.
>>1295476 History has absolved watermellon. More nuking is in order. END THE SPLIT!
>>1295480 Kek, couldn't hold your spaghetti even long enough to pretend you care about the community. You're all STILL not sorry for that.
>>1295484 >ban >respond with an epic burn >banned user doesn't respond >i win
>>1295486 You may be surprised to find out that the old mods did this too including a healthy soyjack circle jerk afterward
>>1295486 You showed that you still all want to nuke the boards just to get your way. That's why you lost.
Follow this twitter for updates on /leftypol/ and bunkerchan. Will also post funny screenshots and shit. https://twitter.com/bunkerchanLP
>>1295532 when is the new site coming up?
>>1295532 will the site be backed up, or are we starting from new? who will be programming the new site?
>>1295567 (me) >>1295568 (me) will it use the same software? will it have the same themes available?
>>1295567 Early tomorrow >>1295568 It will be using the same database so posts will carry over. We will be running on lynxchan 2.5, which is several updates ahead of where bunkerchan is rn. Right now it's just me with the support of StephenLynx (in setting the site up), and the former owner of 6chan - we will likely establish a patreon in the near future to pay for future webdev. >>1295569 It will still be lynxchan with pretty much the same front end. The themes are the same.
>>1295573 forgot role signature
Turned on captcha for posts due to spam.
>>1296802 Turned off for now, it looks like cloud flair is handling it now
(49.64 KB 689x437 something's broken.png)
I'm getting some sort of error at the bottom of pages
Are you guys aware webms are broken right now?
>>1297247 Videos are working now
>>1297731 mp4 is working now, webm is not.
>>1298155 Pinktextorangetext doesn't work anymore >greentext is nice <but one other thing to alternate is even nicer Plz fix Also, when fixing this, some longstanding bugs about greentext/orangetext breaking with certain leading characters should also hopefully be fixed.
>>1298155 Ok, webm should be good now - was an issue with the thumbnails >>1298270 unfortunately, the orangetext add on we used to use is outdated, we'd need to create a new one from scratch.
>>1297143 FE was not updated properly.
Apologies if you recently got an error message - had to restart to get <orange text working
>>1292859 Is anyone going to answer this?
>>1299814 Yes, it still applies today - the law of value applies to any reproducible good in a competitive market. this is because it refers to the exchange ratios between other commodities, which is only mediated by money.
What the fuck happened to /get/?
>>1300355 >Tranniepol.org No thx
>>1300385 >i cant talk about transhumanists or nîggers on the website dedicated to serious discussion cope
>>1300387 >Serious discussion Top fucking kek!
(80.06 KB mopup.mp4)
>>1300355 Sorry, nobody wants to contribute PPH to janniechan.
>>1298515 Speaking of broken plugins & thumbnails: Are we gonna get PDF/video thumbnail generation back sometime soon?
so you decide to unblock china ips from cloudflare but then set the strictest settings on cloudflare so it takes a whole minute to load on a phone. guess you really want to kill off this site and push us to leftypol,org
>>1300771 When .orge didn't have cloudflare attack mode up they got spammed into oblivion and had to restore a backup.
set it to a lower level and block china and thailand
>>1301015 Cloudflare security has been set lower - the last spam attack came from Tor, as such from now on Tor users will automatically receive a cloudflare captcha challenge
>>1301102 This board is locked for thread creation because it exceeded its hourly limit for thread creation. Try again later.
>>1301102 Same here. Fix our shit, fuck those idpols
>>1302319 WHAT THE FUCK I CANT MAKE A THREAD!!!!!!! WHAT THE [email protected]!!!
>>1301102 I just tried to make a thread it wont let me post nor make a new thread
>>1301102 Fix your shit "new owner" I was sure you been better, but you're the same shit
>>1302319 How lomg till they fix their shit ?
>>1302319 Weird me too
>>1302327 >>1302319 >>1302322 >>1302323 >>1302324 >>1302325 >>1302326 >>1302327 There is an hourly thread limit of 15 to prevent spam - as you can see you can make new threads perfectly fine now. I've raised the hourly thread limit to 20 for now.
>>1302548 Remove it, I just hit that limit ... wtf @@!!!!! its not good remove it !!!!!!!!!!! I love you the website is now good
>>1302548 not cool dude my thread I spent 20m to make just got fucked thanks to your bullshit. Not cool dude I liked your work and service so much, why you have to remove all of the fun.
>>1302548 No one like this shit no one can post now... The system is broken
>>1302591 Stop larping I know you don't have friends
>>1302593 I get it now you're the spammer would be dealing with lol - love the broken english. fuck off.
New Anon here, that visual guide image is erroring out, any way I can see it?
>>1301015 Some /pol/ spammer dumping the same image in various threads, e.g.: One at the bottom of one thread: >>1305668 A bunch at the bottom of another thread: >>1305185 >>1305863 >>1305952 >>1306064 >>1306154 >>1306198 >>1306284 >>1306368 A few at the bottom of a different thread: >>1305420 >>1305468 >>1305812 Etc.
fix the styles
>>1307078 we're currently transitioning to a new fe to fix the report feature and some other minor issues. For now I've reverted back to the old FE until all the kinks get worked out.
>>1307110 >For now I've reverted back to the old FE until all the kinks get worked out. Do you think the new FE will fix your kink on owning leftypol? You seem to get off on the idea of being the rightful autocrat. Just wondering if we can reasonably expect that kink to be fixed soon.
>>1307132 >>1307132 I don't get you guys. Like, you've larped so hard to the point that you think a website is somehow a private means of production, as if it's not a giant sinkhole that money falls into, and the mods aren't just volunteers who don't rely on the site for anything but their inflated sense of self importance. Go outside and have a life ffs
is the ogre getting ddosed?
Is the captcha working now>
Hey guys, I cannot post on my mobile, the captcha just loads forever and fails. Is anyone else having this problem. Also, the same problem exists in /gulag/.
>>1312120 Bypass validation takes longer on mobile. I've lowered the difficulty for now. >>1312117 Yes
>>1312335 Turning bypass validation off for now
>>1312336 Thanks
what's up with nearly every single thread being bumplocked?
>>1312454 doesn't seem to be that many in the catalog
>>1312454 trannie jannies seethė at them
>>1312850 it's not just the trans threads though
>>1312992 Which non trans shit flinging threads do you have in mind
(271.86 KB 1234x420 dollars wtf2.png)
(841.45 KB 2036x1350 dollars wtf.png)
>>1313116 A mod is deleting reports.
>>1313603 This board is against idpol
(22.29 KB 679x324 1612531013589.jpg)
Sorry, comrades...
>>1316413 You little shit.
(59.75 KB 308x395 lal salam.png)
Since we're at it...
God damn fucking bots again!
We had some spam early this morning - since it was too much to delete we restored a backup from yesterday. Some spam got in briefly from between the backup was restored and the bypass validation measures were put in place, but that has now been deleted. We'll be keeping up by block bypass validation for the time being.
The captcha is not working for mobile. Every time I try to use it, it loads forever. Can't we go back to the old Captcha that worked?
>>1319501 I'll lower the validation level somewhat, but we cannot turn the bypass validation off, as this is what is preventing further botspam.
(56.30 KB 691x340 Capture1.PNG)
>>1319814 Still loading all day and failing. Could you lower it more so? I still don't see the issue with using the old Captcha.
can't make tor posts with files so no new threads don't want to move over to rulecucked .ogre i guess i'll just move off the internet for now
>>1320761 K bye
>>1320761 it's the saner choice t. fellow tor poster
does anyone have a pdf for authenticity and the cultural politics of work
(11.24 KB 196x255 tv38JqD.jpg)
Reminder to sage /pol/yp slide threads and to bump quality threads. Also mods on both sites are a fucking joke.
dude just ban all the problem countries (china, thailand, russia, ukraine, etc.) with cloudflare and get rid of this block bypass garbage, you've killed the site with it and ban these countries at the nginx level as well in case your server IP was already leaked, guaranteed your former moderators leaked it all across the internet rendering cloudflare geoblocking partly useless get nginx country ip range deny lists https://www.ip2location.com/free/visitor-blocker
>>1325941 Spammers have used US ips in the past, only bypass validation can stop spam for sure.
Were Shining Path based or not?
>>1326900 nah but Fujimori was
>>1326900 No they were cringe. You don't win hearts and minds by boiling babies alive and shoving dynamite up people's asses.
Dear mods, admins and jannies could you please update the region specific thread for Australia to: >>1322430 as its the new one?
I'm banned from /gulag/ and I have no clue why. I haven't posted on this site in months and my last post in /gulag/ was a question about thread images not loading. The ban is permanent and again I have no idea why, no reason is given and I KNOW I haven't violated rules... since I haven't been here.
>>1327368 >"winning hearts and minds" denounce you as the faggot Read Castro faggot
>>1328416 you're a trannny
>>1328666 Ok Satan, whatever you wanna pretend.
>>1329191 dont click the link
Anybody has Mao's 16 points? I'm trying to make sense of the cultural revolution, but I can't find this text anywhere.
(105.96 KB pdf.pdf)
Mao's 16 points on the cultural revolution. This was hard to find. It's whole lot tamer than what actually happened. Lesson of the day:don't let teenagers do what they want to.
>>668788 Haven't been for a while here, had some trouble. But what happened to GET? I actually enjoyed that board ;((
>>1332837 Glow harder faggot


no cookies?