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(21.25 KB 275x183 index.jpg)
Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 19:50:17 No. 830334
Why is Poland so anti-communist? All Poles I've talked to are reactionary. One was even a neo-nazi with face tattoos lmao.
/cast Summon Greater Cenzopapa Poster
>>830334 i'm not an ethno nationalist but polish culture should've been wiped out by the germans its inherently bourgeois
>>830334 Probably because they got butt-raped by the Soviets. It's still fucked up that they essentially got double-teamed by the Axis and Allies, but reactionary Poles tend to be fucking Nazi apologists for some reason
Behind every fascism is a failed revolution... etc. etc.
>>830334 Poland is a nation of losers, and losers like to become slaves to porky because "at least then" they will be "above" everybody else.
>>830351 >reactionary Poles tend to be fucking Nazi apologists for some reason Really makes you think...
>>830351 None of which would've happened if Poland had 1. Accepted a soviet alliance 2. Let the Red army through Poland to fight Germany. Polish reactionaries are essentially angry at themselves.
>>830344 Indeed, poles are always depended on the whims of self-interested szlachta who kept both the monarch and lower classes weak. Country turned into proto-ancapistan who got gobbled up by its neighbors.
>>830334 As a brit >Reactionaries are racist to pole's for 3 generations >Poles suffer from discremination and xenophobia >Poles are still the most reactionary people I know and often agree with the people discriminating against them. They truly are a special breed.
>>830416 At least the angolos were once a mighty people who terrorized people, Polish people are truly the most decadent and degenerate people to ever exist. I have no idea why people don't look down on them more.
What did Soviet Union do wrong when it comes to Poland? Hard mode: no idpol.
>>830444 Didn't raze it to the ground
Bourgeoisie shifting the blame from their looting of the country in the 90's to muh ebil gommunizmz/Russians. It's especially prevalent in Ukraine and Poland. "Why we cut your pensions is not because it was profitable for us prole, the evil communists took the flying golden pyramids from us so we can't give you anything"
>>830334 The Polish ethos is permanent victimization, and as it turns out, reactionary politics feeds on this mythological notion of victimization. It makes complete sense that the eternal victimhood culture of Poland is compatible with the volkisch victimhood ideology of Nazism, specifically the anti-Semitic aspects of it.
>>830807 Thank you ceznopapa poster, you're definitely in the leftypol pantheon
>>830444 They didn't turn it into an SSR and Trotsky was retarded at Brest Litovsk
>>830444 Failing to take Warsaw in the Civil War.
I was arguing online with a vety anti-communist reactionary pole. He loves free market democracy, saying it lead to massive economic growth, that prp was a hellhole with all kinds of shortages etc. Now I'm not Polish, thank god, but I'd like to know how to respond. Idk at this point if it's even worth it
>>830362 Isn’t Poland currently so fucked that people immigrate to scrub shit off toilets in Germany and the gov is openly Nazi apologist? What are they even above?
>>830896 Balts
>>830896 >people immigrate to scrub shit off toilets in Germany that's true >gov is openly Nazi apologist ??? source?
The reason the PPR failed was because they failed to collectivize agriculture and as such peasant agriculture persisted into the 80s. The PPR had consistent shortages because agriculture was too inefficient to meet demand, but whenever the government tried to raise prices the workers would revolt.
Because instead of just ignoring Solidarity, the PRP went full retarted and imposed marshal law.
>>830994 >marshal law.
the PRL was retarded and took a shit ton of western loans and spent them on consumer goods, instead of investing them where it mattered. as such there was this cycle of shortages every so often; add on top of that private agriculture, and you get a recipe for shit idiot economy. as for why poles in particular are more reactionary beyond the PRL being lame (this wouldn't explain why balts are equally anti-soviet, despite the baltic SSR economies being good) it's generally a case of their historical relationship and catholicism/nationalism, i.e. the poles were in conflict with and then "gobbled up" by the USSR, and many resented socialism because of their religious convictions.
>>831524 >private agriculture What the fuck comrade
>>831524 This. Keep in mind how important Poland's struggle for national independence was in the minds of all Poles regardless of class. Suffering partition and colonization between two oppressive empires for centuries is obviously going to predispose a country to an intensely nationalistic and independent outlook. Add to that the issue of religion, the fact that the PPR was a deformed worker's state based on a "foreign" "imported" ideology, the fact that the USSR was seen as a successor state to one of Poland's historical oppressors, and you have a recipe for disaster. Honestly it might have been better for Soviet security and Poland's own stability if the USSR had propped up a non-communist but still pro-Soviet government there, like they did in India and Syria.
Is there anything more cringe in this world than Polish Nationalism?
>>830376 It really comes down to that Soviets won and Poland was under Soviet influence for the rest of the 20th century. Basically Nazis get "overshadowed" even when they did most of the damage. Also they have big bone to pick with russians and u know, Russian gov. gets pretty defensive over Soviet stuff (even when they are burgeoise oligarchy) because heritage I guess
>>831546 Stalin shouldve just deleted the polacks and give the land to the chad DDR
>polish thread suddenly gets 30 bumps We all know what happened
>>832694 Pavel spirit is always with us
>>832681 Stalin should have annexed Poland into USSR, banned the Catholic Church, and made the Poles use the Cyrillic alphabet
>>830807 >>830808 >>830809 >>830813 >>830814 >>830815 >>830817 >>830821 When I saw this thread. I knew you'd be here, Popeposter.
>>831607 English nationalism
>>832725 Dont forget about Turkish nationalism
>>831607 Hindu nationalism
>>831607 American nationalism is by far the most cringe. Not only is there no nation at all, their "culture" is itself uncultured degeneracy.
>>832893 Based. Fuck nationalists
>>830334 Poland has was fascist during WW2, and the Soviet Union did a bad job of eradicating it through means other than killing. https://www.jpost.com/jerusalem-report/shoah-distortion-how-the-narrative-of-the-holocaust-is-being-rewritten-631125
>>830821 wait does that say "exterminate poles"? God that's fucking based, thanks popeposter
>>832958 to add to this, does anybody have that video of Putin exposing the horrid shit Polish people did in the 30's while cooperating with Hitler?
Short answer: Poland, trough diplomacy and cucking Lithuania became and Empire which trough cunning and diplomacy was btfoed by Russian empire. Now Poland hates Russia.
(39.54 KB 410x598 BASED DEPARTMENT.jpg)
What the fuck are polish memes
>>833167 I'm not sure - cenzopapa, apparently. Did polish internet users just start doing this to piss off reactionaries?
>>833167 because of the utterly shite state of the polish left, all they have left is memes dunking on John Paul II.
>>833167 Pools love that guy alot
>>832922 what do you mean the US isn't a nation? Explain why you think this please.
>>830881 Ask him about shock therapy and how ood it was
>>835122 Burger you need apply
>>830807 Jan Pawel, I'm KGB
>>830334 An irrelevant nation that prides itself on being a haven for noble scum. Should've been annexed into the USSR in 1945 as punishment for blocking the revolution in 1920.
(9.00 KB 220x220 Smoke.gif)
>>830334 I love how leftypol is agreeing with slaughter and imperialism, so long it's done to people who didn't want to allign itself with a succesor of the Russian empire >But they didn't exploit No one gave a shit. Poland wanted independence from Russia and didn't get it in any meaningful way until Stalin died. The fact it was invaded in WW2 by the USSR didn't give people a good opinion of it either >It was ruined by loans They certainly were a problem, but a lot of them was spent on new machinery which made Poland one of the fastest growing economy in the eastern bloc for a short while. It's not like others did any better and they too indepted themselves to hell. Also it's spectacular how any "materialist" analysis is thrown out of the window and you smoothbrains simply say Poles are what /pol/ thinks uighurs are. No, it's not the fact that communist pretty much fucked the country few times over that leaves a bad taste in people's mouth, but because Polish are "reactionary" (Lmao, like all countries that were under communist rule are) Big brain time.
>>830823 Translation?
>>842085 >Headline: Should the Polish government intervene in the ban of nationalists' accounts on facebook? >'But the pope you should slander', yes? Profiles slandering John Paul 2, comparing him to the nazis, making fun of religion, those I'm going to defend?
>>835374 Good one.
>>842022 > Poland wanted independence from Russia How did that turn out? It immediately became a right-wing dictatorship which implemented harsh anti-jewish policies in the 1930s no better than the nazis, it just had a worse bureaucracy to implement the policies as vigorously
>>842672 hilarious, considering many poles today have been brainwashed into thinking their tragedy was particularly unique and of a greater magnitude than what was experienced by the jewish people. of course, polish jews are always retconned as just poles.
>>842022 >Poland wanted independence from Russia Non sensical language. Who is Poland?
>>830334 Reactionaries are obsessed with humiliation. Humiliation is a major theme in reactionary art. Soviet domination was a humiliation for Poles.
>>842690 Gorky was right.
>>842690 case in point >>842686
>>842672 >implemented harsh anti-jewish policies in the 1930s source?
>>842672 >implemented harsh anti-jewish policies in the 1930s no better than the nazis LMAO you better show me some proof of this shit, otherwise you are pulling dumb shit straight out of your ass. This actually reminds me of the meme of Polish concentration camps (who also had poles in them!), which is made fun of in Poland because foreigners believe it.
>>842922 >>842716 This is not controversial in the least https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Jewish_laws Poland The Second Polish Republic, from the 1920s the Polish government excluded Jews from receiving government bank credits, public sector employment, and obtaining business licenses. From the 1930s limits were placed on Jewish enrollment in university education, Jewish shops, Jewish export firms, Shechita, Jewish admission to the medical and legal professions, Jews in business associations, etc. While in 1921-22 25% of students were Jews, by 1938-9 the proportion went down to 8%. The far-right National Democracy (Endeks) organized anti-Jewish boycotts. Following the death of Poland's ruler Józef Piłsudski in 1935, the Endeks intensified their efforts which lead to violence in a few cases pogroms in smaller towns. In 1937 the Endeks passed resolutions that "its main aim and duty must be to remove the Jews from all spheres of social, economic, and cultural life in Poland". The government in response organized the Camp of National Unity (OZON), which in 1938 took control of the Polish parliament. The Polish parliament then drafted anti-Jewish legislation similar to anti-Jewish laws in Germany, Hungary, and Romania. OZON advocated mass emigration of Jews from Poland, boycott of Jews, numerus clausus (see also Ghetto benches), and other limitation on Jewish rights. According to William W. Hagen by 1939, prior to the war, Polish Jews were threatened with conditions similar to those in Nazi Germany.[4]
>>842993 It's literally one source by literally who. I will check it tomorrow for more detail though. That Jews were discriminated against I can believe, the same happened under the communist rule when they were kicked out of universities, but it's laughable that this is comperable to the holocaust. Poland never reached that kind of antisemitism as you saw in Germany.
>>842993 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Jews_in_Poland This article offers more context, it wasnt all bad but there was definitely increasing antisemitism in the late 1930s. I imagine had the great depression resolve, world war 2 not happened, and the government changed maybe, the extermination of Polish jews would not have been carried out by rhe oolish government like the nazis would come to do. However, its pretty clear the the polish governemts like white nats nowawdays promoted zionism hardcore and equipped zionist militias because they wanted to create a homogenous catholic polish nation
>>842022 >Poland wanted independence from Russia Yeah, that really showed when they invaded it and ignored Lenin's peace offers
>>843060 >The number of Jews immigrating to Poland from Ukraine and Soviet Russia during the interwar period grew rapidly. Jewish population in the area of former Congress of Poland increased sevenfold between 1816 and 1921, from around 213,000 to roughly 1,500,000.[83] According to the Polish national census of 1921, there were 2,845,364 Jews living in the Second Polish Republic; but, by late 1938 that number had grown by over 16% to approximately 3,310,000. The average rate of permanent settlement was about 30,000 per annum. At the same time, every year around 100,000 Jews were passing through Poland in unofficial emigration overseas. Between the end of the Polish–Soviet War and late 1938, the Jewish population of the Republic had grown by over 464,000.[84] Based antisemitic Poland building concentration camps to gass both Jews and Poles alike, while at the same time attracting more Jews than the SU. Truly on par with Nazi Germany
>>843083 The jews werent wanted by the government or the majority polish population obviously, that is what caused a backlash in the 30s and government commitments to expel the entire jewish population. Ill repeat it again bur the government would not have the capacity to export 13 percent of its poulation overnight but it certainly wanted the large jewish minority gone
>>831607 The usrainian one. >There was no hohlocaust but it seems it should have been done
ITT: Tankies rationalizing Soviet imperialism against Poland then wonder why Eastern Europeans despise LARPING western Tankie losers who bizarrely worship dead Soviet dictators that killed and oppressed them. Imperialism is “acceptable” to Tankies/Communists, as long as the ones doing it have red flags.
And Holodomor denial here. You really are /Pol/‘s twin.
(322.68 KB 785x1585 (you).png)
>>843175 Imagine spending years, and the rest of your life White knighting for a dead dictatorship. The Chinese Communist Party has many internal issues. Glowies killing politicians and Chinese billionaires would collapse China.
>>843171 Shut the fuck up you nationalistic bitch. People were dying EVERYWHERE at that time but you being a disgusting victim psheaboo can only see this vast famine which devastated the entire Eastern Europe as a direct extermination of one particular "nation". So you already rate any faggot who is from Ukraine above everyone else, wow holy shit where have I seen this favouritism already? As the anon above said more people died in Kazakhstan than in Ukraine but guess what? Nobody bitches about it in the entire ex-USSR because no gubbmint needs it, for now. Unlike the oligarchic shithole that is ookraina (a Polish word btw).
>>843213 Kazakh nationalists actually came up with their own word for the "commie famine genocide", it's just not brought up much since Kazakhstan doesn't have a nazi diaspora in the west.
>>843168 You mean Soviet "imperialism" against Poland's ruling class that killed and oppressed national bourgies. But they were people's favorite bourgies because muh nation so that's bad.
Could some people post some anti-Polish memes for trolling Polish nationalists? Thank you in advance.
>>843196 >dictatorship [of the proletariat] Your use of dictatorship is consistent with right wingers around the world. It becomes a meaningless phrase that translates from neolib to "government that is hostile to capitalism". Similar is the capitalist use "authoritarian".
>>843168 >spreading the revolution is imperialism
>>842022 >invaded in WW2 by the USSR Yes, how dare the Soviets save the Poles and other Slavic people (including themselves) from complete extermination at the hands of Nazis.
(87.25 KB 1534x862 1546271024496.png)
(29.41 KB 930x788 poland ww2.png)
(744.18 KB 1178x1080 poland real shit.png)
>>842022 >[loans] certainly were a problem, but a lot of them was spent on new machinery that was more the case in romania. poland spent a large chunk of their gibs on consumer goods/western imports, i.e. short-term rewards. even hungary, which spent its fair share on consooooming, was more responsible than the PRL.
>>843168 >point out extremely anti-semitic policies of Second Polish Republic >NOOOOOOOOOO YOU CANT DOOOOO THAT YOU ARE DEFENDING SOVIET IMPERIALISM
How fucking cucked you have to be to be a Nazi in Poland? At least in Russia these people get beaten up on a regular basis while in Poland there is a big silent majority that leaves them alone. The Nazis unambiguously thought of Poles as subhumans, it's in all their writings, and the Generalplan Ost wanted to turn Poland into a slave state subservient to Aryan settlers.
>>844076 also Polish meddling in czechoslovakia and lithuania was a thing too. Poland was also a wannabe imperialist power https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Lithuanian_War or how about that time when Poland, emboldened by Nazi Germany's annexation of Austria, threatened to invade Lithuania if it did not establish diplomatic ties and recognize its occupation of Vilnius as legal? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1938_Polish_ultimatum_to_Lithuania or when poland took parts of czechoslovakia when germany annexed the sudetenland? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Czechoslovak_border_conflicts
>>844094 Poland was also engaging in settler colonialism in the occupied western Belarus and western Ukraine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osadnik
>>843878 sauce? I hear a lot that those loans were distributed somewhat reasonably but they became a burden after the 1970s crisis.
>>844119 >Poland was also engaging in settler colonialism in the occupied western Belarus and western Ukraine. This is literally a cope as much as saying USSR engaged in settler colonialism because they sent Russians everywhere in the USSR and made learning Russian mandatory. Jesus christ, you aren't even making a coherent argument but just copy and pasting everything "bad" that you can find about Poland like a reddit bot. >>844076 >point out extremely anti-semitic policies of Second Polish Republic They literally weren't ever on the same level as nazi Germany, like some mouth breathers here said they were, and Jews even wanted to live in Poland. They immigrated to it in large numbers from SU itself. That antisemitism existed is true, but that was true in the communist Poland when they were expelled from universities and is true in modern one. In practical terms though the average jew didn't have to fear for his life of anything.
>>844228 The same was true of jews in germany before 1939. Like I said the polish government never had the power to carry out genocide but toward the end it was trying to get jews to migrate forcibly by excluding them from economic and social life during extreme economic depression. Hence why the government funded and armed zionist groups which were unpopular among most polish jews who wanted to stay. Nazi Germany implemented the same exact type of policies before 1939 but like I said they had a more effective government and a much smaller jewish population (500k out of 60 million vs 3 million Jews in poland out of like 25 million)
>>844667 In Germany 250k jews were forced out the country before 1939 mostly inmigrating to surrounding countries or palestine. Poland also encouraged immigration to palestine like some Nazi officials also tried through the Havaara agreement and such
attacking an enemy but leaving him alive is even worse than not attacking him at all, because now you've made him angry soviets fucking with poland made them hate gommies and rally around the stuff that gommies suppressed, specifically their stupid religious shit the nazis also fucked poland but they don't recognize their nationalism as the same thing because it's polish and not german
(22.49 KB 269x321 Strzelaj do Paljaka!.jpg)
>>830334 >Why is Poland so anti-communist? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Operation_of_the_NKVD (Polish Soviet citizens as well as the Polish communists, including the refugees from the Polish-Soviet war executed under the guise of being Trotksyists, you know why Poles really had no other tankies aside for Bierut) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katyn_massacre (props to the 150,000 enlisted men saved by Grigory Kulik https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigory_Kulik#Katyn_Massacre , as opposed to the 26,000 officers who died) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact (aka the fourth partitions, again between Germany and Russia) As well as reopening the nazi death camp Majdanek after the war to torture the Polish POWs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majdanek_concentration_camp#Soviet_NKVD_use_of_the_Majdanek_camp . I don’t know, maybe this may have something to do with it? >One was even a neo-nazi with face tattoos lmao. And how is being a Polish communist exactly more justified than being a Polish neo-nazi? As you can see, both ideologies were just as maliciously inclined towards that state and its people historically.
(86.88 KB 1502x864 1505586098943.png)
>>843875 lel nice shop
>>847522 >And how is being a Polish communist exactly more justified than being a Polish neo-nazi? Generalplan Ost. Poland would cease to exist if the Nazis got their way.
>>830419 you know few hundreds years ago polishlithuanian common wealth was one of largest and most powerful nations in europe. First words of our national epic is "Lithuania, my motherland...". Today's lithuanian is very very different than polish, its much easier to understand russian or chech
>>847525 bruh poland took areas from belarus and ukraine
(126.80 KB 601x508 1531374562469.png)
>>847522 >Listing a bunch of crimes done by Soviets, which were all much much smaller in scale and savagery than the ones from the Nazis during the Holocaust <Forgetting the context that a lot of the actions done by the Soviets were retaliation for the crimes the Polish committed before. >Guys eeeeeevul Soviets were just as bad as the Nazis! Fuck you, the more I see Polish apologists, the more I think, this pathetic excuse of a country should be wiped off the face of the Earth for good next time.
(80.86 KB 1920x1080 cover10.jpg)
>>843875 More!
>>849937 >akshually, soviets dindu nuffin compared to the nazis, but i wwish they did /pol/ tier retardation
(585.63 KB 737x605 poland himmler.png)
(181.11 KB 1242x1146 1491288109344.jpg)
(292.79 KB 1600x916 FDR Katyn Massacre.jpg)
>>850016 >nazis >liberators Only polish /pol/fags believe this. Most people in Poland believe the horseshoe theory "communism = nazism"
>Whines about muh muslims even tho there are barely any who want to live in pooland >Invades every other european nation with cheap labour, driving down wages for native workers.
>>850265 >Whines about muh muslims even tho there are barely any who want to live in pooland is this true? why do they have an autistic fit every time they are brought up then? I think some of the largest, most fervent anti-immigrant rallies come from poland
>>850268 Literally 0.1 percent of the polish population is muslim but that doesn't matter to the pole. I even see them grimacing everytime they see an arab at work (I'm in Sweden, they can't even stand to see mussies in other peoples countries)
>>850268 they are scared that the EU will mandate them a quota of refugees, but yes, nobody wants to live in poland, not even poles
>>850276 have fun in your shariat zone
(91.34 KB 720x880 EZ5f4pEWsAE2g82.jpeg.jpg)
>>850769 I'll take a good and honest muslim over a fucking polack any day of the week.
>>850276 I actually want a marxist analysis of sweden. is it just neoliberal idpol gone too far
>>849937 >If one guy rapes me and an other guy rapes me twice but also murders my cat the crimes of the first one should be ignored BRAVO LEFTYPOL
>>850268 Well, Poland didn't have religious terrorist attacks few times a year like it was in UK or France.
>>850864 they should hire more poles, we work hard and we dont rape and kill people. Some of us are educated too, so we can do jobs like IT for cheap
>>850876 I know it might be hard to understand, but being against something doesn't mean you like the opposite.
>>850875 >Some of us are educated too, so we can do jobs like IT for cheap fuck off. the one time I hired a polish freelancer to work on my computer, he fucked up my garry's mod server.
(41.00 KB 511x671 21315134.jpg)
>>850884 >he fucked up my garry's mod server based. Fuck soymers.
>>850875 The hardest workers I have met have been Muslims. I don't have great experiences working alongside Eastern-Europeans, but that's just my experience.
>>850889 We were both 12
>>850892 muslim women are based. haven't met a single one I've worked with who wasn't professional, polite and qualified beyond her post.
(235.55 KB 785x1097 fishjak.jpg)
>>850841 Social democracy is failing, and it has been for a long time. It is just not possible to have a funtioning welfare state anymore, at least not in the EU. The capitalists were seriously emboldened by collapse of the USSR. They can do whatever they want now and the social democrats are right beside them, ready to help in whatever way they can. Our right to strike has been abolished with the full support of the major trade union bosses. Poles are on every construction site imaginable so organizing is useless anyway. Then you have all the immigrants on top of that. It's a shitshow all around and not the workers paradise american "leftists" imagine. Nor is it as bad as the reactionaries make it out to be. We will always be safer than america.
(28.14 KB 680x364 raughs.jpg)
>>850924 >Poles are on every construction site imaginable so organizing is useless anyway. sorry, the thought of some bleached white swedish man with fabio hair standing on top of scaffold while looking pensively down upon the clamoring polish hordes, wondering where his country has gone, is making me roll. stay safe swedebro. at least people don't really have guns there.
>>850890 no one wants us as neighbors, thats why we are everywhere? we work all over the world, we nomad nation. ITT useless swede and murrican neets getting btfo by cheap thirdworlder chads
>>850970 >poland >third world
>>850970 Czy cebulaki to slav cyganie?
(69.63 KB 1080x1100 1590180907460.jpg)
>>850851 The first guy killed your landlord and saved you from being killed by the second guy.
>>830808 This one is amazing.
Jesus fucking Christ, what a terrible thread. Those of you who claim that polish nationalism is uniquely reactionary have never read classic theory, because the republicans and socialists of the XIX century (including Marx and Bakunin) talk about the polish national liberation movement like communists today talk about Palestine.
>>851252 it's not uniquely reactionary but it is reactionary-- most nationalist movements evolve into reactionary movements eventually or at very best always birth a reactionary wing
>>851252 Their predictions about which countries would become revolutionary first did not come true. In early 20th century it was the reactionary Russian Empire (which was seen by communists of the time in a similar way that USA is viewed today) which had a communist revolution. At that time, Polish bourgeois nationalists attacked the new revolutionary state to seize Belarusian and Ukrainian lands.
>>851252 >the 19th century >in the 19th fucking century
>>849978 Soviets couldn't have known in advance that Poles could be such unthankful fucks. I don't want to kill the locals, just destroy the concept of Poland, since it's a spook. >>850851 A strawman is not an argument. Keep coping, /pol/yp.
(109.39 KB 563x975 when_poles_were_based.jpg)
>tfw Eastern Euro nationalism was still a based and progressive form of national liberation Man, fuck the miracle at Vistula. Imagine how based a timeline where LitBel and Red Poland were formed in 1920 would have been. I sincerely believe that none of the toxic nationalist tendencies our countries have today would exist, as they wouldn't have got a chance to form through the first half of 20th century.
Lance do boju, szable w dłoń Bolszewika goń, goń, goń Żura, żura, żura ma Żurawiejka ty moja!
(111.73 KB 896x304 0.png)
>>850851 >Saving the whole fucking country with its citizens from definite extermination and giving large lands of the dead "cat-killer" to it after WW2 and not including Poland into USSR but keeping it as its own country. All of that despite what sick shit did pooland do before that ("gib pooland colonies!" for example (what a fucking irony LMAO)). <This is rape >Planning on complete eradication of Poland and Polish culture, keeping some of the population as slaves to the aryan masters. <This is double rape and a killed cat Damn it. Well I guess the people of pooland today are really happy about being a NATO polygon against pinochetian RF and the toilet cleaning army to their Yuro bruddhas. So free. Варшавянка is the last good thing that came out of Poland
cause slavs are cringe, i met a very sinophobic pole who says how he likes liberty and freedom but wants to nuke china and likes fascist aesthetics
>>830351 >but reactionary Poles tend to be fucking Nazi apologists for some reason the reason is that every politician after 2004 has essentially been trying to bring the political context of the sanation back into being now, including the fascists that it included. the fascination with the interwar period is one of the biggest retardations and degeneracies present in poland nowadays, closely following muh kurwa katyn/heroic home army nationalists propaganda nonsense. its really not a surprise that when you try to rehabilitate actual fascists you get unironic fascism spreading as an ideology
>>830334 Because Polish communist party was fucking incompetent
>>856182 >Food price protests Yea, CP was cringe for relenting and lowering them.
>>856188 Further step back comrade, the polish party failed to modernize and collectivize agriculture
>>856196 Collectivization of agriculture is a must. Here in CZSK it worked pretty well. Even now in the west agriculture is basically state owned.
lots of redpills ITT. Can any of you guys recommend me book about true history of poland? How they were blocking communism and why?
(70.83 KB 322x255 1981.jpg)
>>856196 >the polish party failed to modernize and collectivize agriculture this is not the whole story, collectivisation of agriculture was partially achieved in poland and there was no problems with it on the farms that stuck with it, and the few that survived decollectivisation in the 90s are actual model farms even today, just look at this: https://www.agrofakt.pl/ostatni-pgr-w-polsce-zaskakujace-fakty-w-100-sekund-wideo/ the truth behind the food price riot nonsense is far more egregious, because the local productive forces were more than able to feed the nation but debts gained in the west through loans and "aid" along with being semi reliant on the west for certain imports of consumer goods because of pzpr myopia with developing heavy industry as an autarky meant that food prices were now dependent on the economy of the west which was just going through an oil crisis, which then led to complete retardation. brezhniev famously criticised gomulka for not pursuing collectivisation, but this is also not the full truth because gomulka did that, but rather than doing the common sense thing of a steady transition by region, he first forced collectivisation on all which caused a crisis, then he backpedalled on the kulaks which caused a farce, then by the time gierek was coming back to trying to standardise agriculture across all of poland the whole thing was a complete mess and he just ended up taking western loans instead. why he didn't ask for help from comecon is anyone's fucking guess, because god knows poland needed help at this point. this is what happens when you try to compromise with capitalists, every single fucking time. NEVER compromise with capitalists. china will end up the same way poland did, literally proven by history.
>>830351 so why is Germany less reactionary than them?
>>859937 Because Polish quasi-empire was btfoed by Russia in 1795. Also Poland is dindu in regards to Lithuania and Czechoslovakia
(993.20 KB 950x708 1599831237432.png)
>>860231 i really hope that was actually a femboy, confronting this retard with that fact would've been absolutely hilarious
>>860231 >impliyng he doesnt know
>>861019 The question isnt if he knew, the question is what the fuck was he doing at the cosplay convention
Vaush's real name is Ian Kochinski Kochinski is a polish surname So Vaush is a pole Now we know why he's so reactionary
>>861181 Maybe Hitler was right about the poles?
>>861134 majority of his electorate are late high school students and some fresh undergrads. Naive young men, that still believe they can get rich if they work hard enough or some other libertarian bs like that
>>861181 >>861188 His family are probably Polish Jews, plenty of them in USA.
>>861181 > Reaction is genetic When you're so woke you loop back around to /pol/ again.
>>861562 why does the radlib not understand what a joke is?
>>861181 Now it all makes sense.
(45.65 KB 344x400 0.jpg)
>>860231 "Fascio" and "fаggot" are the same word.
>>830334 Still Sabaton song about Poland is based af!
>>861562 it's only genetic if you're polish
>>835114 I knew what video this was going to be before clicking it
Poland isn't more anti-cmmunist than anyone else.
>>880708 Especially settler americans who have no right to chastise Poland for being particularly "anti-communist" when their nation have roving white workers ready to kill any black workers they see.
>>868842 I'm sure it's because I remember nothing about polish history...but what ? why ? what's the logic behind this ?
>>830351 No they didn't, the Red Army simply retook occupied land the White Polish bandits stole in 1919-1920 and the Soviets liberated Poland from Nazi extermination. Hundreds of thousands of Poles fought with the Red Army and helped liberate Warsaw and Berlin.
>>847525 >nice shop <posts pic of a shop of wehraboos LOL
>>847522 >Polish Operation of NKVD <wikipedia if you bothered to study you'd know that these operations were focused on hunting down nazi collaborators and the Polish Home Army members who were known for killing Jews escaped from concentration camps. >Muh Katyn There is no concrete evidence pointing to NKVD blame and actual research by many different countries outside of Nazi Germany and the Polish bourgs, (including those made after the USSR fell) show more evidence for German blame >muh Molotov Ribbentrop Lel, Should I remind you how Poland was literally making multiple alliances with Germany and kept diplomatically blocking all Soviet attempts at an anti-Nazi defense pact with the rest of Europe? >Mjdanek LOL >Muh Polish Communist Party baaaaaaad Incompetence through inexperience is not the same as planned and constant murder
>>885173 I am different anon, but I have to ask about Katyn. If there is no concrete evidence then why Russian gov decided go release Stalin's signed order that allowed the massacre? Was it faked, or am I misunderstanding something?
>>885184 Denying katyn is in my opinion a cringe position. It was a perfect opportunity to liquidate the polish bourgeosie who were drafted into the officer class to fight Germany, from the Soviet's perspective. Destroying the Polish ruling class in one fell swoop was what the Stalin and his subordinates wanted.
>>885449 This is option i can get behind fam. No complicated and often contradictory denialism. Just embracing the fact and finding reason for it.
>>830344 Fucking hell, I'm literally british and that sounds bad, hope you are ok comrade
>>830416 Russia is this for social conservativism >Be Russia >World famous for prostitution >Uses abortion where other countries use contraception >Leading the field in teenage suicide cults >Biggest HIV epidemics outside africa >Massive drug addiction Still boasts to the world about the benefits of it's superior conservative morality
>>830419 Kinda, but I could have a word about the Brits too. They need a dressing down.
>>830419 >>885563 The UK's success in "conquest" basically came from finding the least populated, least well armed countries on earth to annex, like Canada or Australia. When faced with opponents at remotely near their own tech level in India, it took them 150 years to take over. The UK cowered before China for centuries until they realised how up themselves the Qing had become, even then a remotely competent Emperor could still have stopped them/cut his losses on the issue.
>>885557 https://youtu.be/286jXjwdst0 From a review of Stanley G. Payne's "History of Fascism" from the 1990s: >Mr. Payne makes the interesting and perceptive observation that, insofar as fascism had anything resembling a coherent framework of distinctive ideas, this owed much to the European Enlightenment as that had been interpreted and developed by thinkers like Nietzsche and Henri Bergson. In fact, as he rightly argues, fascist ideology is in many ways an echo of Europe's fin de sicle intellectual ferment in the arts, literature and philosophy. In support of this interpretation we may note that in many countries fascism in its earlier stages attracted the sympathy of avant-garde artists -- particularly in Italy, where the Futurist painter Filippo Marinetti was for a time a prominent supporter. Again, fascist economic programs were a mixed bag of proposals that were rarely worked out seriously and never implemented, yet they all involved large changes in existing economic policies. In important respects, the claim of the early fascists that they were not conservatives or reactionaries but rather radicals or revolutionaries who repudiated the bourgeois culture and institutions of the 19th century is well founded in the realities of history. One conclusion to be drawn from Mr. Payne's account is that we will not advance our understanding if we rest content with the cliche that fascism represented a regression into atavism, a step backward in historical development. It is often better understood as a form of perverse modernity. >At the same time, fascism was from its beginnings allied with antiliberal and xenophobic forms of nationalism. In many countries -- Spain, Portugal and much of the Balkans, for example -- it was virtually indistinguishable from movements and parties of the authoritarian, clerical right. In these countries a reactionary political mythology of peasant life was an important component of fascism. In much of central and eastern Europe, anti-Semitism -- which was not a defining element in fascism in Italy or Spain -- was a central and fundamental theme both of the authoritarian right and of fascist parties that modeled themselves on the example of National Socialist Germany. In Nazism, fascism was able to combine the most contradictory tendencies, representing itself as at once the embodiment of a new world order and the savior of the social order in Germany and Europe. A small part of the measureless moral horror of the Holocaust may derive from its combination of the most atavistic human impulses with some of the more advanced applications of technology and modern science (or its perversions, in Nazi eugenics and racist theories). This fusion of apparent opposites in the prototypical Nazi exemplar makes any simple definition of fascism unhelpful. Perhaps, in the end, fascism has no essential nature at all, and there is really nothing more to it than its history. >Mr. Payne concludes his inquiry with the observation that "the Western world has been inoculated against fascism," so much so that even a major new economic crisis could not bring it back to life. It is almost certainly true that, except possibly in post-Communist Russia, we will not again see anything that resembles the classical fascism of the interwar period. The principal threat to liberal democracy now comes more from a revival of the radical right. In continental Europe, radical rightist parties, like those of Jean-Marie Le Pen in France and Jorg Haider in Austria, maintain a consistently strong electoral performance on the basis of new economic insecurities and the revival of old anti-immigrant sentiments. True, none of these parties can hope to challenge democratic institutions; but they nevertheless mark a break with the political culture of postwar Europe, where parties of the far right were everywhere excluded from serious political influence. In the United States, the ranting evangelists of welfare cuts and "family values" on the Republican right have discovered that it is difficult, in a functioning democracy, to implement evolutionary policy changes that flout long-established expectation. >Yet it is these populists and doctrinaires of the anti-government right who probably pose the most serious threat to stable democratic institutions today. Their combination of economic Darwinism with a deeply reactionary view of family life is a recipe for widening social division, deepening political alienation and intractable cultural warfare. In any less historically myopic age this would at once be recognized as a radically unconservative agenda. The ruling project of today's radicals of the right, in the United States and similar countries, is an anachronistic dystopia -- reinvention of the laissez-faire capitalism and minimum government of a century ago, together with the re-creation of what they believe to have been the family life of that period. If this project has an intellectual pedigree it is in the thought of libertarian doctrinaires like the philosopher Herbert Spencer and the conservative journalist Albert Jay Nock. There is a cruel paradox in the truth that the chief danger to liberal democracy now should come not from fascism but from the rebirth of a primitive form of liberalism.
To understand hatred of many poles toward communism lets bring problem secret police working in PRL period, that mercilessly torturred and killed any member of reactionary group who wanted independence and was considered opposition. It was called UB or SB. Quote from wikipedia about "Bloody Luna", one of the worst stalinist torturer/marxists philosopher/hot qt gf >"Brystiger personally oversaw the first stages of each UB investigation at her place of employment. She would torture the captured persons using her own methods such as whipping male victims' genitals. One of her victims was a man named Szafarzynski – from the Olsztyn office of the Polish People's Party – who died as a result of interrogation carried out by Brystygier. One of the victims of her interrogation methods testified later: >"She is a murderous monster, worse than German female guards of the concentration camps". Anna Roszkiewicz–Litwiniwiczowa, a former soldier of the Home Army, said about Brystygier: "She was famous for her sadistic tortures; she seemed to have been obsessed with sadistic treatment of genitalia and was fulfilling her libido in that way.".[8] " Anyway there was some marxist proffesor suppossedly related to secret police, his name was Bauman. I remember back when i was in highschool in 2013, he was supposed to give a lecture at Uni, but was interrupted by bunch of anit-communist nationalists. Here is youtube video capturing situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVIFnMbre3g I am not that good in history, so i welcome any posts about secret service, are they good guys or bad or whatever. Read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_People%27s_Republic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_Public_Security_(Poland)
>The persecution of the Home Army was only part of the Stalinist repressions in Poland. In the period 1944–56, some 2 million people were arrested, over 20,000, including the hero of Auschwitz, Witold Pilecki, were executed in communist prisons, and 6 million Polish citizens (every third adult Pole) were classified as "reactionary" or "criminal elements" and subjected to spying by state agencies.[29][better source needed] >Most Home Army soldiers were captured by the NKVD or by Poland's UB political police. They were interrogated and imprisoned on various charges such as "fascism".[31][32] Many were sent to Gulags, executed or "disappeared."[31] Thus, between 1944 and 1956 all the members of Batalion Zośka, which had fought in the Warsaw Uprising, were locked up in communist prisons.[33] In 1956 an amnesty released 35,000 former Home Army soldiers from prisons.[34] >Even then, however, some partisans remained in the countryside, unwilling or unable to rejoin the community; they became known as the cursed soldiers. Stanisław Marchewka "Ryba" was killed in 1957, and the last AK partisan, Józef Franczak "Lalek," was killed in 1963 – almost 2 decades after World War II had ended. It was only four years later, in 1967, that Adam Boryczka, a soldier of AK and a member of the elite, Britain-trained Cichociemny ("Silent Unseen") intelligence and support group, was released from prison. Until the end of the People's Republic of Poland, Home Army soldiers remained under investigation by the secret police, and it was only in 1989, after the fall of communism, that the sentences of Home Army soldiers were finally declared null and void by Polish courts.[29][better source needed] >Many monuments to the Home Army have since been erected in Poland, including the Polish Underground State and Home Army Monument near the Sejm building in Warsaw, unveiled in 1999.[35][36] The Home Army is also commemorated in the Home Army Museum in Kraków[37] and in the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw.[38] There was a guy that literally survived auschwitz and then got killed by secret police
>Józef Różański (Polish pronunciation: [ˈjuzɛf ruˈʐaɲskʲi]; born Josef Goldberg;[1] 13 July 1907, in Warsaw – 21 August 1981, in Warsaw) was an officer in the Soviet NKVD Secret Police and later, a Colonel in the Polish Ministry of Public Security (UB), a communist secret police. Born into a Polish-Jewish family in Warsaw, Różański became very active in the Communist Party of Poland before World War II.[1] He joined the NKVD following the Soviet invasion of Poland[2] and after the war, adopting the name Różański, served as an agent with the Polish Communist Security apparatus (Urząd Bezpieczeństwa).[3] >Różański was personally involved in torturing and killing dozens of opponents of the Polish People's Republic (PRL), including anti-communists.[4] and "Cursed soldiers". He gained notoriety as one of the most brutal secret police Officers in Warsaw.[5][6] Różański personally administered torture to Witold Pilecki, one of the most famous "Cursed soldiers" and the only individual who willingly went to Auschwitz Camp. Pilecki revealed no sensitive information and was executed on May 25, 1948 at Mokotów Prison by Sergeant Smietanski, the "Butcher".[7][8] >Józef Różański was arrested in 1953 – at the end of the Stalinist period in Poland – and charged with torturing innocent prisoners, including Polish United Workers' Party members. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison on 23 December 1955.[4] In July 1956, the Supreme Court reopened his case due to improprieties discovered in the original investigation. On 11 November 1957 (charged along with co-defendant Anatol Fejgin), he was again sentenced by the lower court this time to 15 years in prison.[4] He was released in 1964, having served seven years. Różański died of cancer on 21 August 1981, and was buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw.[4] >Różański was a brother of Jerzy Borejsza.[9]
>>885910 The Home Army were stateless bourgeois terrorists.
>>886196 what do you mean stateless? they were loyal to polish govermnent on emigration, and secret police said they were loyal to foreign imperialists. Explain to me why polish patriots are allies of english imperalists?
>>886251 >polish govermnent on emigration A fantasy entirely propped up by imperialists in Britain who wanted a Polish buffer like the interwar era. Poland at the time was a socialist people's republic and since they didn't regard themselves as part of that state and fought against the Polish working class taking power it's right that they were suppressed.
>>886327 can you post your source?
poland welcomes black people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3N8QJK0eAY
>>830334 because they are intelligent
(4.32 MB 450x340 Laughing.gif)
>>892039 >nazi calls Poles intelligent
>>892039 Poland's literacy rates exist thanks to socialism
(25.38 KB 337x400 retard alert.JPG)
>>885449 It's a nazi myth pinned on the USSR, embracing it like embracing "the holodomor". https://revolutionarydemocracy.org/rdv16n2/katyn.htm
(485.36 KB 1920x1205 0.jpg)
>>892039 >Be pooland's masters >Screech about how you need colonies too like a true yuropeen "nation" >After your eternal yuropeen brothers won't give you shit take a look at the east >"Damn there are so much subhumans to opress!" — screeches the bourg class happily >Your greatest ally Dolfie is thinking the same NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THEM FUCKING NAZIS HOW DARE THEY
>>830896 the government is not openly nazi apologist lol are you fucking retarded? gov is neoliberal but the homophobic tradcatholic flavor. and they keep asking for more reparations from germany
>>843168 lol this, this thread stinks of westerner slavaboo bullshit
>>891774 papa jan oo
>>830896 Not nazi apologist, although there is huge denial about Polish involvement in the holocaust
>>830334 Are they though? Given the utter state of the first world communist movement, is Poland really *that* reactionary in comparison to the UK or US?
>>900594 From what I've seems they are very salty about PRL times. Easiest way to make the population dislike something is liken it to communism. Poles also want to "fit on" with the big guys, like USA and western europe. At the other hand, a lot of old people are nostalgic about those times, and how everything was easier.
>>905150 Draw her giving a birth
>>885173 >leftypol education Polish Operation of NKVD happened before the war even broke out
(135.55 KB 703x940 whitepoland.JPG)
>>907967 >Ordo Iuris Barking at them is pretty nice alternative, i think.
Radlibs are entirely right about westerners.
Reading this thread convinces me we should've allied with the Krauts against the bolsheviks Time to beat up Beck again
(136.42 KB 601x729 0.jpg)
>>911939 >we should've allied with the Krauts against the bolsheviks "Uneducateable".
>>911939 During the Nazi occupation there were some Poles who tried to convince the Nazis form a collaboration government for Poland like Vichy France. They were rejected every time because muh lebensraum.
>>914337 Kinda true, kinda not The Germans entertained the idea of a Polish rump state for some time. They wanted to use Poland as a bargaining chip against Britain and France. When they realised that the west isn't going to stop fighting, they scrapped the idea.
>>916099 In addition, Stalin rejected the idea, and Hitler decided that it's better to keep Joe happy than to risk having him mad over a tiny Polish state
as a pollack i will impart this secret knowledge of our race for the most part our great pole nobility is glorious and slavic, but in ancient times were alone conquered by rogue iranian tribes which sat on the throne of great poland. so for the most part of history our polish nobles (like the ones you now see in London writing books) have ancient traces of Iranian heritage as it was Iranians who stayed in our land as nobles and later would breed with slavs to form the Polish nobility. it is similar to how the Russians had viking nobility.
>>830334 >why do people who lived under communism dislike communism Do western teenaged commies really have this little self-awareness?
A failed state. Putin will give them a lesson..
>>920670 You roach are everywhere in Rome, fuck you.
(75.54 KB 321x348 0.jpg)
>>920670 Did Poland achieve communism? Why didn't any other country from Warsaw Pact get there, that's not fair.
>>926570 This image represents exactly 0 people How do you make it through the day being this retarded?
>>859937 They aren't
>>920342 People migrate and mix all the time mate, what's your point? Also poles celebrate that stuff, it's called Sarmatism. They regard feudal predatory szlachta as the paragon of liberty.
>>911939 White Poland spent almost all of the interwar period being hostile to the USSR and friendly with Germany.
>>830419 >Polish people are truly the most decadent and degenerate people to ever exist Apparently you have never attended a pride parade. The LGBT movement is decadence personified.
>>927349 LGBT pride could be a psyop to make LGBT people look bad
>>925934 Fuck the police Only god can judge us
>>927554 Hello, bot.
>>830334 Once bitten twice shy.
Poland should have never aligned with NATO, they should have stayed true to the Marshal and maintained radical centrism
(136.97 KB 431x463 korw.png)
This one's for you dear polish comrades
>>830334 because tankies but imagine unironically being a polish nazi lmao
>>843175 this but unironically
>>885862 IPN cope
>>910026 REDpill me on Ordo Iuris
>>961935 Fundies backed by Kremlin which try to install anti-abortion, anti-free_speech laws in Polen. Purest breed of reactionaries.
(51.95 KB 450x428 słyszę bul dópy.jpg)
>>940297 >Poland has no good movies You never watched Saragossa Manuscript
>>973727 They fled through Romania, not Germany. And the Soviets were taking back Western Belarus and Western Ukraine from Polish occupation.
>>973633 I have read the book. Man, that was a whole lot of theater to put on just to fuck with a guy's head.
(325.63 KB 1080x1107 22b3e87b8972ee3cbad88af684e23e8f.jpg)
>>976455 Epic mask off moment, the role of the prole is to be an illiterate worker drone.
>>976905 You really can do no right for some of these people since they are working back from a predetermined conclusion. Communism is the devil hence even decisions which any reasonable person would look at as unambiguously positive are interpreted as part of some sinister long term plot. Ukrainian school textbooks are probably the most egregious in this respect. I've seen passages in history textbooks where they literally complain that Bolsheviks erased the traditional Ukrainian villages by building water and gas supply, multi-unit housing and social clubs. Policy of Ukrainization? A sneaky plan to gain trust of the locals. In 2015 they've criminalized "publicly showing contempt" towards nationalist organizations that have collaborated with the Nazis and participated in the Holocaust during WWII, while banning all communist symbols, including graphics, anthems, and songs like The Internationale.
(96.89 KB 480x480 AiBU6g3.png)
>>976455 suicide cult, etc.
(25.57 KB 261x377 lol.jpg)
(128.38 KB 720x1228 screenshot .jpg)
>>979649 this is just dadaism in meme form at this point, how the fuck does this make any sense to anybody
>>987119 you do not understand, it's the yellow face!
Our economy minister is some sort of crypto-commie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSzQWgQN_88 translation: "Some people are lefwing, some are rightwing. We need all of them. Because from the old socialist PPS tradition social conscience has grown, that is so important for social justice. Solidarity [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solidarity_(Polish_trade_union)] is heir to christian philosophy of loving your neighbor, but also to socialist worker philosophy. We are not afraid to say it - this socialist worker thought is deeply rooted in philosophy of PiS [current ruling party]" Socialism is when gov doing gibs. And free inept healthcare with corrupted doctors. and food being 3x more expensive, and taxing everyone for everything
poles are retarded ungrateful kurwas, they don't realise that the bolsheviks did more for them than the west ever could, they're blinded by their catholicism, nationalism and liberalism. teh poles have national mental illnesses of rusophobia and stockholm syndrome. the national traitors of solidarność and the whore that is balcerowicz are heroes to them despite prostituting them to the west and turning their country into a shithole
>>1004324 based
>>830896 yes, it is,,,,,, yet they still jack off to the kurwa named balcerowicz who fucked them all over
>>830908 >gov is openly nazi apologist the gov installed a cult of the wyklętys which were nazi collaborating bandits
>>831524 >loans the excesses of Gierek don't represent the whole of the PPR
>In Russia, they say I'm a Pole, in Poland they call me Russian Why did the Poles not accept Comrade Rokossowski as one of their own?
>>834645 pope memes were ironically popularised by reactionary karachan dwellers
>>842672 also commited genocide against Ukrainians, Belarussians and Lithuanians
>>848806 and Lithuania
>>885184 the order was faked
>>977059 And they're doing great!! Ukraine Stronk!
>>885910 Pilecki was a fucking terrorist, not just some guy who escaped auschwitz
(8.93 KB 645x770 le pole face.png)
>>830972 workers revolt against whom? workers's state ? collective-suicide or what >>893664 i bet people who doing that have no job at all
>>1004324 Original solidarność was labour party (even tho wałęsa finally turned out to be glowie, and everyone hates Balcerowicz ("balcerowisz musi odejść!" is well known meme from back in the days)
(218.47 KB 560x733 Tak_bulo_-_tak_ye.jpg)
(334.92 KB 578x912 Stamp_USSR_1940_historia1.jpeg)
>>1006662 You forgot to tell he wasn't a glowie for the capitalists though but rather the socialists. Which actually makes him based.
>>1008465 >>1008465 Both actually. He was paid by CIA and was partially responsible for end of communism in Poland, after 20 years It turned out he albo snitched to communists. 4d chess
>>885910 >>1006662 ...a labour party funded and working on the oreders of reagan and thatcher
(55.21 KB 383x380 1579213914261.png)
>>859937 germany is 1st world and has its own culture poland is 2nd world and thus has always aped the west in some form, usually UK/US. If you've ever spoken to poles it's very apparent just how SATURATED they are with US media, their english is literally like GenZ American slang, moreso than any euro country It's basically 1) no culture so they ape the worst elements of the west, and 2) germany got raped in ww2 so they've all had it drilled into their heads that fascism is bad, so germans tend to be REALLY fascist or not at all--this middle ground plausible deniability "hehe fascism is cool but I'm just joking don't get mad hehe" doesn't exist there.
>>1015137 Based >>1014740 Fascism Here? Maybe in the form of nationalism. Imagine your country is nobody in International arena, west corporations build here becuase of expansion or hiring subhumans on low wages or whatever. You have nothing from that. As poor polish person you are made to be exploited by McDonald's or lidl or Nokia or whatever other western corporation. All while politician care only about filling their own pockets, and lgbt degenerates are doing anal fisting in the middle of street. No wonder they turn into nationalism
(488.45 KB 1440x1441 134jfasbag931.jpg)
>>859937 germany is 1st world and has its own culture poland is 2nd world and thus has always aped the west in some form, usually UK/US. If you've ever spoken to poles it's very apparent just how SATURATED they are with US media, their english is literally like GenZ American slang, moreso than any euro country It's basically 1) no culture so they ape the worst elements of the west, and 2) germany got raped in ww2 so they've all had it drilled into their heads that fascism is bad, so germans tend to be REALLY fascist or not at all--this middle ground plausible deniability "hehe fascism is cool but I'm just joking don't get mad hehe" doesn't exist there.
>>832893 >>832893 >Hindu nationalism My mom’s a Hindu nationalist who hates bangladeshis, even though we’re all bengali hindus that live in the US. Very cringe.
(170.27 KB 652x503 poland_2007_election_results.jpg)
>>1016264 While it is true what you've said about international porkies exploiting polish workers polish workers also get exploited by polish porkies, politicians and a particular reactionary clergy all the while being extremely submissive towards USA/UK both politically and culturally. Moreover, Poland has not "turned" into nationalism just recently. If you look back into history Poland has a long history of imperialism, actually more so than other european nations (excluding the UK, which was always in a league of it's own in terms of imperialism and meddling in foreign affairs). Unhealthy nationalism in Poland is older than post-soviet era crapitalism and seems to run deeper further east, which is kinda odd. In the regions that formerly belonged to Germany live today mostly people who moved there from eastern Poland or Ukraine after WWII afaik.
>>1026816 would like to see something written about this phenomena. Hopefully not too racist. Was the expulsion of germans simply not something done fully? Or more accurately, did polish prussians remain while only german prussians were expelled?
based Poland
(417.85 KB 640x691 fl5ljwu0db051.png)
Maybe because they actually lived under Communism you fucking Westerners.
>>1029301 Okay, since we ought to listen to them, perhaps you should too? >A remarkable 72% of Hungarians say that most people in their country are actually worse off today economically than they were under communism. Only 8% say most people in Hungary are better off, and 16% say things are about the same. In no other Central or Eastern European country surveyed did so many believe that economic life is worse now than during the communist era. This is the result of almost universal displeasure with the economy. Fully 94% describe the country's economy as bad, the highest level of economic discontent in the hard hit region of Central and Eastern Europe. Just 46% of Hungarians approve of their country's switch from a state-controlled economy to a market economy; 42% disapprove of the move away from communism. The public is even more negative toward Hungary's integration into Europe; 71% say their country has been weakened by the process. <The most incredible result was registered in a July 2010 IRES (Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy) poll, according to which 41% of the respondents would have voted for Ceausescu, had he run for the position of president. And 63% of the survey participants said their life was better during communism, while only 23% attested that their life was worse then. Some 68% declared that communism was a good idea, just one that had been poorly applied. >Roughly 28 percent of Czechs say they were better off under the Communist regime, according to a poll conducted by the polling institute SC&C and released Sunday. Only 23 percent said they had a better life now. <A poll shows that as many as 81 per cent of Serbians believe they lived best in the former Yugoslavia -"during the time of socialism". >Reflecting back on the breakup of the Soviet Union that happened 22 years ago next week, residents in seven out of 11 countries that were part of the union are more likely to believe its collapse harmed their countries than benefited them. <A record 70% of Russian respondents say the late dictator of the former Soviet Union played a positive role for Russia, according to a recent poll by the independent Moscow-based Levada Center. >The Levada Center has been tracking answers to these questions for 28 years and its latest poll shows 65 percent of Russians regret the disintegration of the Soviet Union . . . Levada polls also show that almost thrice as many Russians want their country to “return to the path taken by the Soviet Union” than to “take the path of European countries.”
>>1029325 Sauce.
>>1029396 just copy and paste each sentence
>>976455 Czego, Kurwa? Co to do chuju jest?
>>851252 Bakunin IIRC was anti-panslavism because he was like “have you seen tsarist russia?” This was in relation to the Yugoslav states being into panslavism because they were part of austria-hungary.
Poland is cringe because it is the America of slavic countries with pre-soviet and post-soviet Russia being a close second. Somehow both russia and Poland have ancaps ffs.
(492.16 KB 2000x2320 patux.jpg)
(142.70 KB 547x523 habemus wpierdol.jpg)
>>830334 because polish people are literal subhumans all polish fags get the bullet
>>861181 no wonder he sucks
>>892039 found the argentinean
>>914277 А кто тут говорит по-русски, кроме нас с тобой? Переведи!
(33.10 KB 720x850 śmiech przez łzy.jpg)
(71.14 KB 317x389 papieżyca.jpg)
(140.17 KB 341x320 jan wektorowy.gif)
I remember a conversation on some sort of right-wing discord that I was on where like actual right-wing poles think that their own country is shit while the American ancap/nazi dude kept raving about how based it was. I just thought it was funny.
>>830334 revolutions at the end of a bayonet, that is, without support from a domestic workers' movement, wind up this way. when a country is "liberated" you'd think those freed would be able to choose their own government, but not with Stalinists doing the liberation...>>830334
>>986981 I'll be damned. That was pretty based by Putin, I got to admit.
(223.16 KB 1000x1000 takie kurwa śmieszne.jpg)
(290.20 KB 200x200 2137 epilepsja.gif)
>>1013079 the first solidarność actually wanted a return to workers councils and they demanded socialist reforms, but then they got co-opted by the neolibs
(22.35 KB 300x422 wołyń we krwi.jpg)
(667.54 KB 750x500 trumpope.png)
>>1064513 Neolibs are why we can’t have nice things.
(169.52 KB 740x740 PA PIE$.png)
(35.13 KB 108x125 jan cool.gif)
(57.56 KB 335x400 jan crowley.jpg)
I know some socialist Poles, mostly women and LGBT people who see the far-right for what they really are, who know that socialism and communism are not the cause of Poland's current problems, and that even if they were, to be against workers' self-ownership because many Poles are poorer than rich Anglos is an absurd distortion of history based on an overwhelmingly strong US/NATO propaganda offensive to convince the world that the wealth of the European and US empires was not built entirely on stealing from other countries (which of course it 100% was, both '3rd world' countries and to an extent Eastern Europe. But more than that, they don't believe what the fascists (and Reaganites, Thatcherites, etc.) tell them about fascism. That Poles benefited from Nazism but did not ever help Germans kill the Jews. That the Holocaust went too far but had good intentions and that Poles never helped carry it out. That all Poland did during WW2 was unite as a nation, with no difference of opinion, and get destroyed by both Germany and the USSR who were both equally bad. Most right-wing Poles either hold all these positions simultaneously and just deal with the cognitive dissonance like every other rightist/centrist does (denial, mental gymnastics, drug use, etc.), or they know that none of it makes any sense but that it will help them achieve their homogeneous, subjugated, capitalist society as long as all the other Poles go along with it and the American right keep sending them free money and guns with which to murder minorities and crush strikes. It's hardly surprising that so many of Poland's intelligent young people are fleeing to other Euro countries, even when those countries are only marginally less rabidly far-right like the UK. Oh, and on that point, it's really quite funny to see the UK far-right tie themselves in knots trying to walk back their decades of anti-Polish racism so that they can achieve their own goals, only to realise that the Poles coming here are not the 'based' crypto-Nazi Poles that run Poland. One final thing and I'll stop ranting, it's pretty important to us as UK leftists that we reach out to these disillusioned young Poles and welcome them into our movements, show them that together we can improve our lives and working conditions, for precisely that reason.
>>1064513 such a fucking tragedy. How many millions of people could've been saved from poverty and premature death had this not happened? Not just in Poland in the 80s, but across Europe basically since WW1. For 100 years now, libs really would prefer a strong socialist movement to be devastated by liberalism and infighting, than to be able to defeat fascism. And then when fascism takes power, they'll let them finish murdering the socialists before deciding to even sanction them (let alone take military action to stop them). Every damn time.
>>1089417 British reactionaries, if I’m not mistaken, are more cool with South Asians than they are with polish people. Which boggles my mind. But yeah, of course Polish comrades deserve our support.
>>830351 they, along with virtually all the other capitalist powers, invaded the RSFSR while the Russian people were desperate and starving, and despite that the USSR saved them from the Nazis.
it's the christianity resume popeposting
>>1089667 depends which South Asians. Indian Hindhus and Sikhs are generally fine, but everyone else, especially Pakistanis, are fully considered subhuman by the British right. They openly commit terror attacks and hate crimes and even the prominent, mainstream right-wing politicians support literal concentration camps for new migrants from Pakistan. And, judging from what they say on /pol/ and in private, they also think Indian Hindus are subhuman, which shouldn't really be surprising but for some reason right-wing Indians actually believe they've successfully entered the White Club. It'd be sad if they weren't some of the most repellent far-right ideologues in the country (Priti Patel springs to mind. There's absolutely no chance she'd be kept out of the camps in the kind of society her 'friends' advocate for).
(185.80 KB 850x763 google historical bias1.PNG)
(109.68 KB 874x939 google historical bias2.PNG)
(89.83 KB 876x941 google historical bias3.PNG)
>>1090089 while I'm on the subject of this, most people, even in Poland, have no fucking clue that Poland did this, because the media completely covers up Poland's role. Take for example, Google. It is so blatant.
>>1090150 Do you have any literature on this? I’m a burger so I also have never heard of this happening.
(258.82 KB 1080x733 IMG_20201105_225040.jpg)
>>1090150 Fug. Wiki does write about it.
Because Hitler dindu muffin wrong
>>1029301 you guys need to retire this argument already lmao
>>1091189 Za Hitler bylo lepiej t. Ozjasz
Because Communism was led by Russians, Russia = shit and poverty (modern Poland A vs Poland B is basically land ruled by Germans vs land ruled by Russians) Now that Poland is not under a Russian sphere of influence it has experienced almost 30 years of continuous growth and the richest period in 500 years
>>1090125 I’m South Asian, I know.
>>830334 No one who lived somewhere communist likes communism. It should really tell you pathetic incels something.
>>1093899 > I think I know what life was like under communism because of Eastern European Gusanos.
(48.20 KB 800x387 popeium.jpg)
for le epin janposting
(69.57 KB 1024x737 1603649900428.jpg)
>1093979 > I think I know what life was like under communism because I'm a 17 year old straight white male and my straight white male professor who's lived in the USA his entire life just told me so Yeah nah I think I'll believe the people who actually experienced it rather than a cis white chud, thanks.
>>1094062 I’m Indian-American, dick cheese.
>>1094066 And that's even more chance you have zero experience with it than if you were white. Pathetic.
(48.91 MB 1008x772 93.mp4)
>>1093899 the most recent pollings in russia show 75% of citizens have a positive view of the USSR, and the trend has always been the older generations (i.e. those who were alive, and adults at that, during socialism) are more pro-soviet than the younger generations. >inb4 muh ofc russia liked it but no one else did (even though no one is supposed to like it) >inb4 muh nostalgia/brainwashing/nationalism those who want socialism back are too young to remember socialism, and older people are just nostalgic for youth! however, if you have a negative view—and this is regardless of these strict vetting factors of age, former occupation (le party elite), etc.—then you are by default the supreme voice on whether the USSR was good or not.
>>1093899 You should research this yourself instead of just repeating what PregnantU told you. >>1094062 Cute kid.
>Three women face jail in Poland for sharing posters of Virgin Mary with an LGBT+ rainbow halo https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/11/04/poland-virgin-mary-rainbow-halo-lgbt-poster-amnesty-international-trial-jail/
(23.47 KB 473x350 hd.jpg)
>>1094288 >vid >those couple of tsarists flags
>>1029301 piss off cunt, the PPR was great under the little bitch Jaruzelski came along
>>1094116 Nice idpol, lib. А сам ты откуда?
(8.39 MB 2919x1929 papież estetyczny.jpg)
>>1094769 Back in the 90's in Russia there was more or less a united front between nationalists and communists
(7.37 KB 200x200 paf i gryziesz piach.jpg)
>>1113702 there's a lot of anger in this post, don't go shooting up any strip malls now friendo there's always time to grow a chin :^)
>>1114023 why are you posting pictures of ian miles cheong
>>1114023 We are unshaven Indians now? I thought we were trans humanists. Anyway post chin
(245.57 KB 400x480 pp6.gif)
fashtards will never get new material
>>1114023 >leftypol face >Shows an argument from /pol/ between two /pol/yps
>>1119770 Gentleman, take a look: this is someone who’s overdosed on copium. We’re having a serious discussion on geopolitics and because your preferred bourgeois puppet won’t be sitting in the white house, you lot are sperging out over trans people. Fucking chimps, the whole lot of you.
I am interested in Polska Kronika Filmowa. Do you have your favorite materials?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrncBpUgYn8 translation: "-Associations gave unanimous support.. -Right, what did you say, associations of who?... -Associations of faggots -Right. So you dont think, its insulting to say that. -And how should i say it? These are faggots after all"
(45.35 KB 600x479 c41.jpg)
>>1089667 >British reactionaries, if I’m not mistaken, are more cool with South Asians than they are with polish people. sort of but also not really. liverpool nazis (and also some glasgow ones) unironically use polish nazis/hooligans emigrating here as muscle, its well documented. in yet another extraordinary effort of mental gymnastics this has been done in the name of "anti muslim action" despite most uk nazis being protestants who hate catholics with a passion. pic related, guy on the right is a polish nazi photographed in liverpool while kettled by anti fascists lel
>>1094062 hey guess what, all the boomers in my family are pretty clear on that life was better under gierek despite devouring capitalist and catholic spooks wholesale after the collapse. not even capitalist propaganda can make them deny their reality, so what kind of cope will i hear from you about this then?
>>1122698 How many quid do you wanna bet that if the South Asians are gone, the local Nazis will turn on mr Potato Head, here?
>NKVD massacres over 20,000 Polish officers for no reason <omg why do poles hate commies so much!!!??? Not a hard one to figure out.
(10.39 KB 200x153 AK.jpg)
>>1029301 >he doesn't realize that the vast majority of people who lived in former socialist states prefer socialism to capitalism KYS fag.
>>1123014 you really think he has the brainpower to think that far ahead?
>>1123427 Those same officers committed pogroms and massacres against Jews, Belarusians, and Ukrainians. They themselves were also mainly of the aristocratic background. I'm of Polish descent myself and I can say with all certainty they had it coming. There wouldn't have been a Poland without socialism and the liberation by the USSR so fuck right off.
(485.74 KB 960x660 WolnaPolskaPolskaLudowa.jpg)
>>1123497 based
>>1123427 >no reason! >they just eeevhuuulll!1 Idealism inevitably leads to fascism. People even start to cry over some "I just obeyed orders" faggots who could've easily shot them for being a dirty gommie.
>>1123427 Those aristocrats deserved it regardless of whether they were killed by Nazis or Soviets
>>886196 Stay mad polack
>>1125538 based, fuck katynoids
>>1125552 Hey now, we got polish comrades. And half the people here are not polish, but butthurt anticommunoids using Poland as a pretext tk chimp out.
So I've done some quick reading and apparently the Soviets got to cocky and had some splits between the commanders that lead to the the loss in Warsaw in 1920. Can someone give me a timeline and really explain what happened in the Polish Soviet war? what were it's impacts? what were the moves poland did to get into this...
(138.85 KB 770x433 polesredarmy.jpg)
I'm not Polish but this is one of my favourite communist songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrHV3ey0kWQ
>>1125538 Katyn was done by the German fascists. Stop gobbling up Goebbles' lies. >>892201
>>1131063 No, Katyn was Soviet Termopile, 300 brave NKVD soldiers beat 20 000 Polish officers killing them all. Stop trying to take that great victory away from them.
>>1131078 I'll happily defend the NKVD but Katyn wasn't done by them.
>>831607 The Polish Nationalist hot take is that nazism, communism, islamism and "LGBT ideology" are all great totalitarian evils. Make of it what you will.
>>1058782 There is a cultural thing of Poles liking to shit on their country but being super offended when someone else does this. So he did the culturally sensitive thing.
>Why is Poland so anti-communist? because they know people that suffered through it. why else?
>>1131681 And Russians miss the USSR, not to mention the Yugoslavs and even the Romanians.
>>1131700 Yeah no, that's just the boomers, russians born post 1991 really don't care that much about the USSR
>>1131817 That ain’t surprising, they didn’t live in it.
(17.19 KB 400x400 kamracie.jpg)
(335.57 KB 550x665 1522603746902818329.png)
>>1131700 Russians make sense as they were a hegemony at the time. One of the two Superpowers. And then also made some cool scientific breakthroughs. Tito was a cool leader playing both sides and Yugoslavia was somewhat of a regional power compared to the modern fractured Balkans. But why Romania? Wasn't Caucescu a giant asshole? There is a reason why he was overthrown.
>>1134398 >But why Romania? Wasn't Caucescu a giant asshole? There is a reason why he was overthrown. Capitalism sucks that bad for many Romanians.
>>1134398 Capitalism is worse than Ceausescu
because they actually experience living under communism, its not nice
(11.93 MB 510x398 papieski wygaszacz.gif)
>>847525 The one you posted is a shop of the one you're responding too you fucking retarded ape, KYS.
I only know two polish women, and all I'm going to say is that they're far less racist than what I usually see on the media.
>>1137589 Polish reaction is less about race and more about their simping for Catholicism. Countries with more secular or pluralist attitudes toward religion tend to be much less right-wing.
>>1126754 Answer slaves your master is in need of assistance.
>>1137616 checked
>>1125538 Katyń was done by the nazis, stop spreading geobbels
>>1139395 They deserved it either way
>>830334 Because, like how blacks speak out against slavery the most because their ancestors had to experience it, Poles had to experience Communism which is also slavery just doused in snake oil for idiots who see no connection to the very bourg they criticize of also artificially supporting the growing trend of socialists. You have to be an absolute moron not to be able to see any of it.
>>1139451 Always funny how you retards try to mimic right wing racism ironically while still trying so hard to ignore how Poland has been staunchly anti immigrant and against so many modern left policies. Zero terrorist attacks. Not one. Now who's the one who really sucks uighur cock here faggot? You make absolutely sure to not bring up how poland has avoided the mass immigration issues of the rest of europe.
>>1139449 >>1139451 >>1139459 >/pol/yp infighting Fucking lol
>>1139395 It wasnt, but as a Pole, I still dont see the issue. Katyń officers were part of aristicracy and were obstacle in creating Polish socialist state. Because they couldnt be converted for bolshevik case and could interfere with it, they were killed. Pure pragmatism.
>>1139460 >turning against your vomrade that quick because he posted a picture of a uighur so he must be right wing! And you always make sure to mimic and accuse the other side of what you do the most. Every time.
>>1139466 Cope, it isn't the first time you fags accidently respond to each other because you don't read and just see certain words that set you off.
>>1139476 Poor tactic. Ok, and I was just in a thread why you retards couldn't even really explain and agree on what communism is. There's way more infighting among you retards. The tons of murders during socialist governments in response to dissenters and those not completely compliant doesn't help you at all either. Or that half of you or pro trans and the other hate them. Half hates whites while the other half are white. It's hilarious you think you'd get anywhere without feds supporting the very obvious growing trend of socialism being propped up by feds and the bourg you hate.
>>1139487 >Poor tactic. Ok, and I was just in a thread why you retards couldn't even really explain and agree on what communism is. Leftists disagree on things. It is known. That doesn't mean a correct answer doesn't exist, it just means you have to analyze the arguments properly and read the source material yourself. >There's way more infighting among you retards. I was on 8/pol/ long enough to know this isn't true. Regardless, the infighting is based in discussions about theory and what analysis holds more merit, it's generally though sometimes it can be not about petty things. >The tons of murders during socialist governments in response to dissenters and those not completely compliant doesn't help you at all either. Lol, any reason they shouldn't of. Inb4 "muh gorillions" >Or that half of you or pro trans and the other hate them. Half hates whites while the other half are white. Where are you getting this "half & half" shit? What, did you do a poll? Understand satire and irony as well, the majority here don't hate white people. >It's hilarious you think you'd get anywhere without feds supporting the very obvious growing trend of socialism being propped up by feds and the bourg you hate. <Feds and bourg supporting socialism Kek, I fucking wish, it would make this all a hundred times easier. But you and I both know that isn't true, otherwise I wouldn't be here talking about the USSR post-mortum, it would still be here as an actually existing entity.
>>1139487 >There's way more infighting among you retards. As opposed to your side where you fight over whether or not Trump is "Jewish", and whether or not Christianity or paganism is "Jewish"
>>1139506 >any reason they shouldn't of Hmm, maybe, just maybe, because communism is fucking shit for anyone not at the top? That it's just another tool for elites to subjugate just like capitalism and enslaves the people just in different ways? Maybe people outside of your hugbox thinks it's shit adopted only by shitholes for good reasons and that you're a dumb bitch?
>>1139521 >Posting a literal falseflag Why do you faggots always crop out the replies and don't provide an archive? Literally all the replies were calling him out for being a retarded flaseflagger. >So you're against generalizing leftypol but not against generalizing other sites or groups you don't like. The difference is that the arguments actually have some principle to them. It's not "Is jacking off to cartoons based or bluepilled?".
>>1139535 every single post that ever makes you look bad you will always call a falseflag. You faggots are just fine with demoralization and dishonesty, no one will listen to you. Even trolls are more honest than communists you fucking anti-morality moral relativist snakes.
>>1139541 The post literally starts off by stating "mentioning the president elect or other issue like social justice for African Americans or LGBTQ+ rights and validation" and then goes on about gender identity and sneed posting. There is not one mention of marxism, or that they went to /pol/ to discuss it. The anon talks as if they're distressed or whatever from fucking memes when 8chan had four times more "distressing" shit on it. It's an obvious as fuck falseflag for anyone who has bothered to lurk here for more then a week.
>>1139541 You can tell this guy is a virgin, just by paraphrasing some gay Peterson shit. You faggots come here, expecting to convince someone here with the "muh gorrilion dead under Socialism" Meme? Learn some Theory and then come here arguing. Even Lolberts have the decency of talking about Marxist Theory(although they always make the same Argumetns). Are you also incabable of understanding Realpolitik? Always applying some strange moral Rules to Communists, but when Imperialists do it, it's justified. We should be calling out the West's Dishonesty and "Moral Relativism" through the entire Cold War, but we don't, because they control the Narrative. Shows you that the Soviets were too soft in general and next time there should be no mercy when it comes to Capitalist Roaders trying to restore this fucking Nightmare we are living in
>>1139560 Idk which post even mentioned the president or LGBTQ+ and I didn't make whatever that one was. Yes, there are now different and multiple people instead of just one who disagree with you, commie fag, get used to it since you started raiding. The moment I find you faggots' IRC I will spread to every single chan board and alt chan I can
>>1139571 >get used to it since you started raiding. No one's raiding you faggot, that's what gave it away. >The moment I find you faggots' IRC I will spread to every single chan board and alt chan I can Good luck finding something that doesn't exist lol.
>>1139521 >>1139541 Found the thread you retarded falseflaggers. https://archive.is/vI1ll https://archive.is/M0DXF
>>1139676 FYI, mods deleted the post after because the poster making it made several other obvious flaseflag posts that could be seen.
(544.33 KB 344x226 AVzCRWNBVLvDKyxH.mp4)
>>1139541 >>1139571 The only thing I'm upset about is that I won't be able to shoot you myself, you pathologically lying worthless sack of fucking rancid dogshit.
>>1125538 Don't you just love it, when people decolourise media propaganda to create false historical photos?
>>1094346 Freedom!™
>>1140028 this looks like an incredibly shit and gay version of capoeira, could've at least posted some slav hooligan bums hitting each other with bags full of plastic bottles instead
>>1140399 >this looks like an incredibly shit and gay version of capoeira I think that was the point you multiverse brain.
>>1140429 i still don't get it
>>1140040 You’d be fun to bend over.
polish most famous fascist now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s6mHlssY40
(9.42 MB 640x360 ALERTA ALERTA.mp4)
(2.10 MB 640x360 jabłonowski i duch w was.webm)
(485.35 KB 1280x720 jabłonowski goryl.webm)
(519.58 KB 1280x720 jabłon śmiech.mp4)
in short; ungratefulness and victimhood complex
>>1147749 Why do I feel like you are projecting some things here?
(198.50 KB 414x404 zpODkoN.png)
>>1147749 >Cause you colluded with nazis and murdered most of our educated population the polack ghoul with lead exposure reveals itself. shoo shoo, back to the used bmw dealership with you
>>1147749 >murdered most of our educated population isn't that just you making excuses for why /pol/acks are utterly fucking retarded today?
poland is a shithole always has been
>>1147749 quit projecting faggot
Why you delete posts you disagree with?
>>1149300 We do not suffer reactionaries, shitlibs, lolberts, fascists and other variety of classcuck. As for tolerating disagreement, you clearly don’t know leftists.
(86.66 KB 116x359 ruch harmoniczny prosty.gif)
(58.37 KB 393x288 watykański kuglarz.jpg)
(5.28 MB 256x208 RETURN OF Jan pawel 2.webm)
(3.44 MB 320x240 jp2 łapacz motyli.webm)
(2.01 MB 231x250 152260356372595614.gif)
>>830334 Because they've been through communism and see through the BS
>>926405 Stop being pedantic.
>>1156869 Stop being retarded
>>1156345 alright this one was pretty funny
>>847525 stfu nazi
>>1029301 omg omg so true
>thread full of "poles are inherently reactionary so the should just be genocided" gee, I wonder why poles are anti-communist
>>1159104 >poles are inherently reactionary so the should just be genocided It's mostly self-hating Poles themselves saying so, tho.
(2.54 MB 300x225 papież biegnie jako ed.gif)
(64.30 KB 654x538 jebać sąd.jpg)
>>1159249 no it isn't i'd bet good money there are some anglos in here having a good time
(75.76 KB 620x415 1522612436618248952.jpg)
(6.27 KB 192x263 ehh antoni.jpg)
(86.48 KB 235x344 terefere dutki.png)
(36.28 KB 713x546 2137mm.jpg)
(23.00 KB 150x132 1frgregrg.gif)
>>1181957 This is the most esoteric and hard to understand memes i've ever been exposed to
(373.40 KB 444x444 1522620060745562640.gif)
(380.17 KB 550x550 wadowickie melodie.png)
daily reminder that agent Kochinski is a pole. that's all you really need to know about poles.
>>1187181 any sources?
(325.01 KB 731x499 vaush study.png)
>>1187310 Hey agent Kochinski watch doin?
(51.95 KB 450x428 słyszę bul dópy.jpg)
Anyone know anything about these guys? https://postep.org.pl/ They seem pretty cool, even have a presence in Britain, and they've correctly called out Katyn as a fascist false flag pinned on the USSR which automatically makes them more based than 99% of "leftists" who accept the Goebbels version of history.
(1.53 MB 400x223 pope comes in.gif)
(52.17 KB 380x317 inżynier.jpg)
(176.79 KB 998x1062 kapiesz.png)
>why do people who resent getting bamboozled by russian communists hate communism SO I FUCKED HIS COUNTRY UP AND SOMEHOW I'M THE BAD GUY
>>1210295 Idi na khuy
>>1210296 >bulgarian commie thinks poland should suck russian dicks because his country sucks russian dicks
(111.73 KB 896x304 poland and ussr.png)
>>1210295 Can you like, uhm, read the thread? You know, the one you have open right now, in which we have explained 3x at least to several people almost word to word posting the same thing as you that the the USSR literally did nothing wrong in regards to Poland. I'll be generous and give you a headstart with this picture, but don't make me type same thing which others have already posted ITT.
All of the V4 plus Ukraine are shitholes fillen with fascists and proto-nazis, I'm Chilean and when I read a pianist from here was LYNCHED and put in a coma by a bunch of polish dogs because they thought he was Arab my blood boiled and I won't tell what I wished what happened to Poland during WW2 because I don't want to be banned
>>1210377 Кто сказал, что я болгар?
>>1210521 You shouldn't wish extermination on Poland, hundreds of thousands of Poles fought with the Red Army in the east and in the People's Guard to free their land alongside the Soviets. It's ruled by fascists sure, but so are many other countries.
>>1210521 i mean poland did lose at least 20% of their entire population in WWII, exactly what more could you want to happen there
Bump it up baby
>>1210561 they should lose their whole population
>>1210521 I mean, even Portuguese people get lynched in countries like Poland. There must be something that made them that way.
Poland sucks.


no cookies?