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OC Thread 7.0 Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 17:26:33 No. 956315
New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share. Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made. Archived Threads : >>8622 >>419177 https://lefty.booru.org/
Edited last time by krates on 10/05/2020 (Mon) 17:26:45.
>>956319 based as fuck
>>956319 glorious
>7.0 Fuck, I remember when this start, lol. >>956319 Good way to kick it off, cheers.
(81.21 KB 442x508 ancap.png)
(836.46 KB 750x799 takeiteasy.png)
>>956352 you know what fuck it I'll save this
Reposting this from another comrade
>>956368 this is good anon
>>956408 >no more brother wars
(171.51 KB 599x740 Pol SSeethe.png)
(166.69 KB 599x740 Pol Home Guard Seethe.png)
(150.04 KB 599x740 Pol SS.png)
(524.43 KB 2915x786 1.png)
(403.97 KB 800x600 Trash Pit Tito.png)
(436.80 KB 960x638 Pol into darkness.png)
anyone have the zizek "macdonald and borgorking" clip?
anyone have the fake wikipedia article "the second great raid" or something? I have the /pol/ strawman one already but I still need the one we created
(85.42 KB 286x694 the battle.PNG)
>>956493 I made that one.
>>956502 awesome thank you. looks great
>>956580 Based
Have you seen this boy?
>>956598 This face is unironically the symbol of consumerism. You can see this face in liberals and internet "fascists." It is the face of alienation, of high work hours, of lack of sleep, of no sunlight. It's very depressing, actually.
(151.34 KB 680x545 polcel glow.png)
>>956644 The cope is unreal. Literally shitflinging.
>>956685 >this post was written by lanky spindly alien arms
(108.06 KB 645x770 poljak brainlet cuck pit.png)
>>956605 True. As funny as it is to laugh at /pol/, the only reason why it's grown as much as it has is because of a massive amount of alienated youth.
>>956796 Now this is some abstract shitposting
(1.15 MB 1343x671 awesome.png)
>>956803 Why the dildo? lol
>>956796 Pretty creative but a bit esoteric probably. Still keked though.
>>956810 No masturbation allowed
(90.11 KB 400x467 chinless_merchant.jpg)
(850.72 KB 1200x866 occupied_pol.jpg)
(320.61 KB 800x475 who_could_it_be.png)
(9.00 MB berlin_short.mp4)
(15.99 MB berlin3.mp4)
(844.60 KB 584x800 award_anon.png)
(63.50 KB 246x277 chv.jpg)
>>956598 Wasn‘t this guy responsible for a school shooting and calling me a uighur over xbox live? Spoopy
(845.94 KB 584x800 award_blank.png)
>>957074 (me) And here is the blank version.
>>956796 never change /leftypol/
>>956796 I always thought about that but never had the tools. thanks based oc anon
>>957072 So much testosterone packed in this post
(232.33 KB 1888x2764 pcockshott_final.png)
Posting this here too, for all your Cockshott exploitable needs.
(262.99 KB 1888x2764 pcockshott_final_borderless.png)
>>958625 and the transparent background version.
(283.45 KB 1380x633 voucher.png)
labor voucher I made in leftypol days (rip) lost the source file so i cant easily modify it :(
(1.19 MB 9520x9288 seal.png)
>>958882 seal of cybernetic socialism
(464.80 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20201006_001613hdhdjska.jpg)
>>957091 Are you sure it wasn't this guy?
(261.00 KB 1592x1653 juche.png)
download it from the app store
>>958666 Really nice art style, anon.
(182.36 KB 582x417 noright.jpg)
my oc as featured in the vid
>>958886 I gotta say, I love this fucking logo.
Can somebody create one GIF with these two images? So that the rotating head is in the /pol/ logo?
(464.94 KB 500x500 lol.gif)
>>959124 low effort here
>>959219 Thanks for your try, but I actually meant, to insert this GIF (click on it) into the red circle
>>959230 OHHHHHHH, k
(71.81 KB 350x350 4chan_-pol-_logo.gif)
Anyone skilled enough to make an OC/WWII meme out of these two vids? If you start the BASED anthem when he goes into the Avatar state the music syncs up perfectly https://youtu.be/kXShLPXfWZA https://youtu.be/U06jlgpMtQs
(20.25 KB 391x391 polack.gif)
>>959326 also black and white version
(153.00 KB 1362x704 1601970590751.jpg)
>>959254 is there a less old type of text to use here?
>>958886 What does the Lambda stand for?
(95.39 KB 800x450 gorbachev_ifonly.jpg)
new shitty oc, i was bored
>>958886 Pretty good looking though my ocd is fucking with me and I think it would look better if it was a whole gear and not half wheat half gear
>>958625 >>958666 mine aswell
>>959993 Is it possible to fuse it with troll face from 2011?
This is the latest version I did. can't find the original transparent I made. this is just some refinement of the previous post >>960000 not even for quads would I do that to /ourguy/
>>960000 He kind of already has a bit of a subtly smug grin, I think it's good.
(37.58 KB 561x838 Paul.png)
>>960017 just cut it out a slightly inferior version to this posters take >>958666
>>958666 How did you make this?
>>960277 can't speak for him but I took pic related and cranked up the contrast and traced some of it to get >>960035
>>960330 Damn, his teeth are very... british...
>>960338 that's why my first try two years ago looked like this
(368.49 KB 1000x667 shining_cock.png)
>>959993 >>960017 Awesome, it was actually the poster you made which prompted me to do the vector version, after I saw it in some thread. >>960277 Photoshop starting with the same picture as >>960330, then a mixture of messing with the threshold and then hand-tracing and drawing some parts and finally vectorizing it to smooth out lines and edges.
>>960463 yeah it looks really good man. My only regret is releasing that monstrous one that Paul ended up posting on Facebook. I'm glad someone was finally able to put it into Photoshop. I can't use gimp very well so I edited everything on my phone.
>>960463 I found my new desktop background it seems.
(67.18 KB 830x484 4hk469.jpg)
>>961467 The debauchery and degeneracy of the eternal /pol/ack knows no bounds
>>961467 Hahahahahahaha
>>961467 name a more classic duo
(253.81 KB 652x667 proud.png)
>>959452 Half-life 3
>>964659 seen it around thanks for putting it in the thread, anon
(319.60 KB 961x720 pay_you_to_fuck_off.jpg)
(451.99 KB 1438x1417 trump porky corona.jpg)
>>965620 kek, as if /pol/acks would ever contribute enough to society to earn a labor voucher Oh, I combined these two images from on here.
(76.27 KB 1067x711 where chin be.png)
(89.17 KB 1067x711 where chin be.png)
(67.38 KB 571x741 kellyanne.jpg)
(40.26 KB 512x512 enver zedong.jpeg)
>>968151 now this this is based
(37.80 KB 317x295 red_flag_anim_nofw.gif)
(47.52 KB 317x295 red_flag_anim_fw.gif)
Waving red flag gif, one with fireworks and one without.
>>968151 Peak anti-revisionism
(254.51 KB 1194x1450 drump_chud.jpg)
(3.65 MB 1690x1219 Watch The Faces.png)
Here's a request from a different thread I did. The second one is mine. Leaving it here in case anybody wants to clean it up.
>>971557 Can someone make him look slightly to the right (or left) like the /pol/ face?
/POL/ IS SPAMMING THE BOORU https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/281617819 https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list Whoever is in charge there will need to do some cleanup.
(255.55 KB 1920x1080 Untitled-1.jpg)
(254.51 KB 1194x1450 drump chud.jpg)
>>956315 Why am I banned from lefty.booru for posting my own creation? my username is Degoist
>>972030 I will try this evening
>>972781 >uighurs tongue my anus Lol funny thing is, that they were actually spamming that
(34.09 KB 756x760 smug lenin wojack.png)
Edited a lenin wojack to be smug, how'd I do, comrades?
>>973936 Sorry, you looked like /pol/ spammer. Your account has been removed from the banned category.
(308.67 KB 1523x1272 chud template side .jpg)
>>973968 Thanks >>973941 >>972030 Instead of studying I wasted my time on this. How does it look?
>>973955 looks good
(114.41 KB 966x1168 bunkier_glory.png)
I remember some anon asking for bunkierchan stencil. Here it is.
>>971220 BACK TO THE 90s
(1.12 MB 956x730 untitled.png)
Made my own version but the m*ds deleted the thread before I could post it
(439.57 KB 1616x1256 139.jpg)
>>974877 based and assadpilled
>>974877 Why would Van Halen even say anything about Assad?
>>975166 He didn't but the original said he did, I took it out because I found it funnier
>>974877 He's just started using his powers like deathnote.
(419.28 KB 1288x2000 PEterz.jpg)
Finished making this
>>976181 >Which begs the question, why do /pol/ users have cp on their computers? Literal glowies.
>>976181 well done. make more with professor griffin
(721.86 KB 665x1000 hitler_in_hell.png)
(188.08 KB 603x750 brezhnev letter (2).jpg)
(245.65 KB 603x750 brezhnev letter.jpg)
i am a pleb who only has shit like mspaint but i found a funny political cartoon with brezhnev which i thought would make a good reaction image. posting here for improvements, edits, etc.
(92.85 KB 719x459 IMG_20201001_234652.jpg)
Is anyone have HD version of this left unity pic?
>>959452 lambda calculus like the other comrade said. but lambda is also used as a tuning parameter in general.
(152.00 KB 900x1200 C3otTkPVMAEBiEb.jpg)
(149.80 KB 900x1000 anarchocommunist.jpg)
>>968151 maoisthoxhaist.jpg
(90.09 KB 735x577 EjRrymOWoAIVyFf.jpg)
(86.72 KB bk.webm)
Why wasn't the last thread archived? >>956478 sure
>>980520 It slid during the raids.
>>980184 >twitter filename Who did this?
>>980520 bourgeoking
(47.30 KB 341x275 leauspolface.jpg)
>>981129 He looks way to much like obama imo
(7.61 KB 300x100 leftypol.svg.png)
(9.15 KB 300x100 leftypol2.svg.png)
I guess I should post my Cockshott banners in here too
>>983797 That's really good
>>983478 More like Ayybama
>>983915 Thanks. How does submitting new banners work btw? Do I just wait for the mods to notice them in here or?
>>984144 Nah, spam the pinned post, and if you are lucky a jannie will notice.
anyone got that photoshopped pic of hotwheels handing out socialist lit?
(12.95 KB 203x377 content_cheka.png)
content cheka for when you come across liberals
>>985631 This is really good fucking looking, well done
>>985634 credit goes to the KGB
(87.03 KB 390x528 kek2.png)
A low-effort edit
(589.52 KB 1450x1450 Egl-e3lXkAAQrB9.jpg)
(34.32 KB 604x453 qC3aVCy.jpg)
>>986075 what's the sauce for the original comic?
>>986089 https://twitter.com/blobbynfriends/status/1299786898748125185 , i strongly advise against reading their shit
>>986101 Art style's cute, but that's about it
>>986101 man, these suck.
(661.71 KB 1450x1450 EdEyf6VWoAA-fSr.jpg)
>>986088 a bit lower quality
>>986141 no no, I mean more anti-Japanese ones
>>986141 Fuck leftist unity. It never works. Look at Spain, or Russia, or the Anarchist-Marxist split, or Trotskyism, or etc...it's a shitty position. We should criticize each other more than we do the capitalists.
>>986161 >We should criticize each other more than we do the capitalists. <*Commits a sino-soviet split*
(121.35 KB 540x460 131en (1).jpg)
>>986174 Entirely justified, kruschev made big mistake on theory
(13.15 KB 177x207 takeshima.JPG)
>>986190 NOOOOOOO
(664.74 KB 694x655 EhPpKl4X0AA8lz1.png)
>>986075 I found this in another thread. Who is this and why do people make edits of her work?
>>986216 I didn't make that but it's probs bc it's so easy to the author has a massive fucking ego and always makes themselves the victim, it's good to edit their posts to make real sense
>>986174 the sino soviet split was the right thing to do
>>986174 >criticizes Khrushchev for "peaceful coexistence" policy which by the way was advocated for by Stalin >several years later, enters into outright alliances with the USA and US allies
(187.06 KB 2066x2260 leftypol_face.png)
(185.22 KB 2066x2260 leftypol_faceb&w.png)
(176.76 KB 2066x2260 leftypol_anon.png)
New Alunya drawings
(526.00 KB 1754x1240 kitty_skeetchi.png)
(232.73 KB 484x673 Temp2.png)
(10.90 MB 4404x3213 Temp3.png)
(47.86 KB 675x677 image.png)
(165.94 KB 1024x1024 hmmmmmmmm.png)
(218.44 KB 1024x1024 squee.png)
>>987236 >>987237 >>987246 Excellent. The face-trio in the first post actually make me happy, they're/it's that good.
>>987263 I like those too. I think I got a bit lucky there, they just came out really well.
>>987271 Luck is often the harbinger of skill, so give yourself a pat on the back from me.
>>987246 I'm gonna need the first one as an emote on the cytbube
>>986779 Take the Hoxhapill
Hey, who took the lolis off the booru?
>>956319 Kinda bad tbh. When you are making a compilation you have to show off the offended party freak out. A video of people jerking each other off is kinda pointless
>>989029 it is op just uses yotsuba
(42.95 KB 668x401 road to 4444.png)
>>987518 based what did they remove?
(174.34 KB 716x801 IMG_20201014_092815.jpg)
(233.41 KB 698x809 IMG_20201014_092711.jpg)
(229.44 KB 1200x787 LEFT UNITY 2.jpg)
>>987518 >>995973 Obviously we need more milf than lolis. Fuck pedos!
>>987518 No loli is allowed on booru.org (hosted in Netherlands) and they have deleted several boorus without warning because of loli content. So there was no choice but to remove the 20-30 loli images that were on there. In cases where the image was not actually loli but still tagged as loli, only the tag was removed.
>>989029 I'm gonna have to say that I agree. There was so much cope & seеthe that could've been used to make several videos, but the one vid we got shows too little of that and it's also kinda slow.
>>996066 Great first two pics
(254.02 KB 716x886 IMG_20201012_204841.jpg)
(187.37 KB 720x1076 IMG_20201012_204249.jpg)
(442.49 KB 719x1180 IMG_20201013_230516.jpg)
(364.82 KB 719x1062 IMG_20201013_230326.jpg)
(164.51 KB 720x657 FB_IMG_16026806637972399.jpg)
(3.29 MB 2400x1600 1602710105924.png)
>>998224 Right-wing architecture is super smashable.
>>998224 Based third pic
>>998224 I get the feeling that those "traditionalist" accounts are managed by the same agenc- I mean, person
>>983797 Need a chmod 777 one
(510.17 KB 1024x652 e74.png)
>>1001840 cursed
>>1001840 Based
(1.25 MB 1218x920 bunkier_stencil.png)
(1.36 MB 4972x3380 soviet world map.png)
>>1001840 reddit tier >>1002509 Don't put all that effort into sucking up to this horrid, horrid place.
>>987237 >Using the edited version of this Lenin's speech, where Trotsky is gone Sectarian stalinist cringe
>>1004536 Note that it all begins with the BTFOing of Poland.
(443.55 KB 960x600 Unbenannt.png)
>>1010310 Made by a Christ"com" Irrelevant.
(170.53 KB 1080x1085 1-07.52.51.jpg)
(2.88 MB 1200x1198 HAIL.png)
>>1004551 >Sucking up I just like the logo a lot. It Has bunkiers, star and gigantic sploch od cum
(325.57 KB 1000x892 juche trinity.png)
(905.82 KB 1532x1036 deepfried_1603125989236.png)
>>1014741 one of the best here so far. Very funny will definitely repost it. Is it a format or an isolated meme?
>>1014851 I know what the fucking trinity is thx. I'm saying we could make a format out of it to describe ideologies that tend to idolize the personality.
(227.45 KB 1024x871 Stalinist heresy.png)
>>1014861 I tried
(102.09 KB 1000x892 trinity template.png)
(340.18 KB 1000x892 syrian baath trinity.png)
(265.61 KB 1000x892 ssnp trinity.png)
>>1014942 We're on something lads
(288.27 KB 1000x892 cursedtrinity.png)
>>1014982 trying to make one with Unruhe in the middle and his ideological confusionism as the father, the son, and the holy spirit.
(337.60 KB 1000x892 ddr trinity.png)
(272.18 KB 1000x892 cuba trinity.png)
>>1015092 The Cuba one is relatable af.
>>1013205 >>1013204 Damn, I like these
(300.12 KB 1000x892 chudtrinity.png)
>>1015140 Holy shit
>>1015140 Fantastic
>>1015140 Audibly keked. Hope you have a wonderful week anon.
(294.01 KB 1000x892 venezuela trinity.png)
(273.17 KB 1000x892 pflp trinity.png)
>>1015352 with what are you editing your memes? This is some clean shit...
>>1015364 GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
>>1004536 Most based version of the map as of now.
Gosh I just love sissy cock in my ass so glad I stopped watching Jason funroo and started watching coomtra pointy nose. :D
Made a music video using music I've made. It's called Specter for Hope
>>1015959 Extremely comfy. Good work.
>>1015959 great job
>>1014982 cursed >>999743 >Need a chmod 777 one Not sure I'd want to chmod 777 anything before Porky is gone. But this goes give me an idea, might draw something tomorrow morning.
We need to post all the polcel shit and debunk the fuck out of crap like link related https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1910035-poljak
(110.19 KB 680x581 columbus.png)
>>956315 i made this last year for indigenous people's day
>>1017920 also this
(479.74 KB 663x663 sips.png)
(62.63 KB 671x1127 fixing_liberal_economics2.png)
I drew this the other day
(249.99 KB 1000x892 sandinista trinity.png)
(254.24 KB 1000x892 sendero luminoso trinity 1.png)
(208.35 KB 1000x892 sendero luminoso trinity 2.png)
(305.12 KB 1000x892 iranian trinity.png)
(298.40 KB 1000x892 hezbollah trinity.png)
>>996097 Of course it's the goddamn eurocucks. Afraid of drawings.
(51.63 KB 300x100 evo redone.png)
(857.48 KB 1000x563 evo big.png)
Got a banner for submission.
(321.92 KB 1920x1080 syndieinternational.png)
(4.94 KB 300x100 leftybanner2.png)
Made this banner based off this image
>>977595 Mean to mls
>>979878 >all anarchist socities are gone therefore anarchiam bad Good thing No mls staes have gone revisionist! Oh wait they all did
>>1021409 >The projection
>>1021418 >chimping out at two week old posts with shit banter >im not mad at all actually
(1.94 MB 640x360 jordan peterson xanax.mp4)
in honour of dr jordan peterson coming out of rehab
>>1021501 I thought he was dead tbh
(72.57 KB 1932x1756 NO FUN ALLOWED.png)
>>956315 got this one from /int/
(434.22 KB 733x648 mag.jpg)
(27.55 KB 195x258 cybershott.png)
(127.09 KB 1380x1080 FISHER12.png)
booling around on GIMP
(92.75 KB 528x548 skelbol.png)
(708.68 KB 2089x3192 deathawaits.png)
>>1034093 here's some more. Last one isn't mine but I thought I'd share anyway. It's supposedly some psy-op directed at North Korean troops who were stalling during peace deals. Apparently the translation is "Death awaits you!"
>>1034147 >>1034093 Dis is gud savd
>>1029300 This is really good
(1.41 MB 2216x3096 horror.jpg)
made a screencap of my fav thread
(2.69 MB 195x258 Cybersyn_radiocomms.gif)
>>1034147 it translates more accurately as, "death is coming for you" or "creeping towards you" - a bit more aggressive. korean has a lot of colorful synonyms.
ok I need that "scandalous hegemony" meme I saw in the banner. with chompsky
(372.25 KB 337x251 pepeleavecabin1.gif)
Here is a better version
>>1037492 This is based af
Can someone post that "Wikipedia instead of brains" russian pic? I can't find it.
(4.42 MB 585x640 never work.gif)
Made this for Discord pfp
>>1044441 Must be nice being able to leech off ur parents
(1.67 MB 4973x3550 soviet world map updated.png)
>>1044464 >he isn't homeless living off the wastes of capitalism never gonna make it
>>1044486 if the whole world is socialist then we won't have use of borders anymore. Why do they exist in your fanfic, anon?
(202.85 KB 680x763 gigachad.png)
>>1044486 >North American SFSR
>>1044464 Don't worry comrade, I got my years of nitro in the most ethical of ways, I scammed the money from a bourgie pedo degenerate for it!
(79.77 KB 500x704 4k7br4.jpg)
>>1044775 You would still have to break things down regionally for ease of governance.
>>1019163 That's a really good illustration, did you make that?
(1.02 MB 720x720 john wick.mp4)
3 reactionaries with a pencil
(6.74 MB 4032x2688 og.png)
(517.10 KB 2523x2000 GPSL.jpg)
by our powers combined
>>1069105 extremely based
>>1069105 Can you bring the DSA into it? Democratic Green Party for Socialism & Liberation of America?
>>1070295 DSA is a cancer containment organization.
(805.15 KB 3102x2000 DGPSLA.jpg)
>>1070295 What have I done?
>>1070633 something cursed
(681.91 KB 960x540 norussian1.png)
(679.26 KB 960x540 norussian2.png)
Not sure if already done
>>1071060 10/10
(48.20 KB 800x387 popeium.jpg)
(732.63 KB 1187x826 DirtyThingsNoticedRentFree.png)
We all have the capability to notice things... it's only a matter of opening yuor eyes and looking at twitter...
(135.77 KB 400x209 beware.png)
(132.43 KB 398x206 Stay Alert.png)
(140.12 KB 398x207 Uh-Oh.png)
(129.59 KB 398x210 Watchout.png)
(19.21 KB 400x211 wwi2rgvn3qx51.jpg)
>>956315 I Love These Edits I Wish It Was Higher Res
(417.77 KB 640x482 Gorbachev vs Deng.mp4)
Could somebody please edit this video into the "To be continued" meme? In the moment, where Deng drops the food, this image appears with the "To be continued" arrow?
>>1101877 Does someone have the JoJo clip for someone with a desktop to paste together in a video editor?
>>1101929 I tried to make this meme by myself using this site here, but I'm too stupid using it https://www.kapwing.com/explore/to-be-continued-meme-maker
just in case burgers flip out
(106.41 KB 1000x1348 Ofitsery (1971).jpg)
(216.58 KB 1000x1348 Officers1.jpg)
(54.43 KB 440x597 budenovka.jpg)
(169.93 KB 440x597 budenovka3.jpg)
(167.05 KB 440x597 budenovka3+.jpg)
>>1105147 really like the color-contrast and burning heart in this one. here's another edit
(360.68 KB 500x500 leftfrens(deng_tank).png)
(345.97 KB 500x500 leftfrens(leftcomm_tank).png)
(370.21 KB 838x640 nostruggle.png)
(368.53 KB 838x640 onestruggle.png)
(351.69 KB 500x500 leftfrens(an_tank).png)
If anyone has any corrections for the Italian translation that would be great
(448.68 KB 352x288 Gorbachev vs Deng.webm)
>>1101877 Here you go, anon. I thoroughly enjoyed myself making this.
(7.15 MB 640x482 Gorbachev vs Deng.mp4)
>>1106763 Wait, I figured out how to export it from Premiere Pro in a larger file format. Sorry for not doing it first, anon.
reminder that theres a political ideology catgirls thread on /GET/ >>>/GET/929
(1.32 MB 1365x1110 basados.png)
(663.58 KB 1365x1110 staute of cuckoldry.png)
(1.00 MB 901x899 le vaush has arrived.png)
(1.50 MB 1200x1400 dengist trump lets go.png)
(4.62 MB 3012x1722 muh cherrypicking.png)
gonna dump some of my work
(443.83 KB 720x846 pol-pot-cia.png)
For historical literacy.
>>1106780 Well done! Thank you!
(558.37 KB 1508x632 bruh moment.png)
this one is going to the /leftypol/ hall of fame
(88.28 KB 850x400 leftypol.jpg)
ebin quote
(224.96 KB 504x470 7.png)
(235.73 KB 491x478 le jontron face.png)
>>1108236 stay mad faggot
CIA Cambodia poster always posts simultaneously to CIA Grace poster.
(160.70 KB 838x638 passingthesword.png)
(120.75 KB 550x743 karlmarxstatue.png)
(378.13 KB 750x1000 glowingcomrade.jpg)
Didn't somebody make a mp4 of the famous vibing cat dancing to Der heimliche Aufmarsch
(19.88 KB 236x328 ALL_AMERICANHERO.jpg)
(1.52 MB 4973x3550 soviet world map v6.png)
>>1044486 Another update
(615.63 KB 1334x1890 YY9c6Qx.jpg)
(65.04 KB 379x804 lenin_walk.jpg)
(93.04 KB 694x562 lenin_beardless.jpg)
(108.51 KB 503x784 lenin_mad.jpg)
(61.47 KB 420x566 lenin_shock.jpg)
Not oc but thought it might be a good idea to crop some images from this Lenin manga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsgoMC1wHUE
(60.45 KB 568x417 lenin_study.jpg)
anyone know where this is from?
(235.15 KB 600x337 Marx_Engels_manga.png)
>>1120986 i fucked up, i ment this pic
(1.65 KB 115x130 animeancomgirl2.png)
also i made this ancom girl
>>1120996 It's from a manga version of Capital
(60.64 KB 590x750 7364785623756395348649.jpg)
>>1120996 Das Kapital manga.
>>1123709 god I fucking love that cover
(174.86 KB 427x600 Khokhols (3).png)
>>1123689 send you to the gulag /pol/
(306.14 KB 1182x1840 Cris_Collinsworth_(37045366070).jpg)
>>996066 The middle picture makes Joe look like Chris Collinsworth
Can someone please post the socdems are giants neoliberals are dwarves meme, I want to send it to a friend
>>1121001 very nice, but the image is too small
(78.36 KB 1264x576 pol spam.png)
(399.84 KB 724x1322 Untitled.png)
(178.03 KB 1101x675 polyp shows his edit.png)
>>1132589 >>1132773 Thank you for putting the /pol/ logo on them, I'm far too stupid to infer anything on my own.
(96.68 KB 688x572 polcelshowssoymarx.png)
(149.18 KB 1101x1466 burzum polyp.png)
(217.38 KB 455x440 mig15.png)
>>1132773 Right one is exactly how I feel. >>1132589 This is just triggering. It should be: ``` while(online){ or while(true){ ``` and ``` print("text"); ```
fixed a meme from pol
(1.68 MB 1086x1662 IRTR poster.jpg)
>>1137757 Saved
>>1138022 fuck off twitterfag
>>1133087 come on man, burzum is good, you don't have to be a /pol/cel to like it
>>1138024 Why am I a Twitter fag for liking this image? It’s fucking cool
>>1138256 >taking low effort bait Let me guess, you'll reply to me too and help derail a content thread?
>>1138191 its just a meme i love burzum too lol
(155.17 KB 653x506 afaf.png)
fixed this photo
(153.68 KB 660x506 polcelversion.png)
>>1139666 heres a version with polcel
>>973936 ethan klein
(258.93 KB 1890x1294 Ancaps irl.png)
(308.25 KB 499x516 m3wst3xendu21.png)
>>1147427 10/10
(777.38 KB 1271x672 launchdenukes.png)
I'm not even a communist.
(348.56 KB 1550x750 average ancap redditor.png)
(82.59 KB 500x750 4mrgrv.jpg)
>>1148159 Perfect /pol bait
(46.57 KB 750x750 vegan ego.png)
(32.91 MB 1920x1080 tread.mp4)
>>1142475 I'll do you one better
>>1148159 Lmfao saved
>>1149386 Snakes are kinda pathetic tbh
>>1115174 loving this. can I make some suggestions? regarding Myanmar, just to the left of Karen, should be Mon as well, who are another ethnic group with a large army and land etc. Also, there's no need to change the name from Yangon to Rangoon. Yangon is the endonym and always was, Rangoon was a clumsy british translation.
>>1149402 Snakes are cute. They don't deserve to be associated with lolberts.
(49.21 KB 773x396 images (21).jpeg)
(49.84 KB 504x500 wisdom.jpg)
(1.52 MB 4973x3550 soviet world map.png)
>>1151087 Any other suggestions?
(621.15 KB 1081x618 Eye color caste.png)
>>1152309 lmao the top one wtf
(1.22 MB 4972x3380 better2.png)
>>1152268 We already made an improved one anon
>>1123689 Somebody edit it to include Oprah and Condoleeza Rice.
(305.60 KB 719x631 Screenshot_20201119_011104.png)
>>1152329 >No north of sonora and north of baja Fuck off retard
>>1123689 Pork comes in all colors, Kamala
>>1152424 Kindly throw yourself of a bridge
>>1152412 *bombs sanduighurs* MUH GOMMUNISM CHINA *bans muzzies from traveling**
(1.00 MB 1902x3000 Tito catgirl.jpg)
Another one of these colored versions of art from here. This one's of titoist catgirl.
(464.40 KB 1024x768 PicsArt_11-19-04.21.49.png)
(151.21 KB 1280x656 PicsArt_11-20-03.48.40.jpg)
(2.95 MB 640x358 November 20, 2020.mp4)
(1.90 MB 640x358 rip pol pot.mp4)
>>1017924 very cool
(547.81 KB 1305x892 77TH.png)
>>1154940 what's happening here?
>>1154940 amazing format
(1.61 MB 1191x1160 yourip.png)
>>1152329 i''m gonna cry
>>1155036 sic semper tyrannis
>>1154292 Roger Ebert became the perfect fascist at the end of his life.
>>1154379 you don't seem to understand the format of this meme
>>1155085 what does that have to do with Roger Ebert?
>>1154940 >Loud = funny
>>1155036 Pol Pot being cremated together with his belongings and the household waste
>>1155094 He literally had no mandible.
(219.54 KB 667x657 Screenshot_20201024_040434.png)
>>1155092 >NOOOO you don't seem to understand the format of this meme
>>1154940 Wait, this is really how Pol Pot was "cremated"? Like rednecks burn their trash?
>>1155260 Sounds apropos.
>>1155260 >Today's events began in Pol Pot's shack, where several guerrillas used a hatchet to hammer together a crude wooden coffin. >Then they lifted Pol Pot's remains from his narrow bed and tossed his straw fan, his scarf, his belt and a small black knapsack of his clothes into the coffin with him. Six soldiers hefted the coffin onto the pyre. >Eight tires formed the base of the pyre. On top of them was the mattress from Pol Pot's bed. >His wicker chair was laid upside down on top of his coffin along with more tires. https://archive.is/1JQX6
>>1155250 >make terrible unfunny meme that looks like a 5 year old made it >get butthurt when people don't like it
(233.09 KB 719x841 Screenshot_20201119_015951.png)
>>1155326 <make terrible unfunny meme that looks like a 5 year old made it <get butthurt when people don't like it
(7.99 MB 480x360 RIP Pol Pot.mp4)
>>1106422 uhh look i dont remember italian that well but i would say no struggle and one struggle in italian would be "nessuna lotta and "una lotta" respectively
>>1155409 LMAO of course the dude has to have a confederate flag on him somewhere
>>1155299 he died as he lived - a peasant king
>>1155504 fucking based
>>1155409 This is how I wish to be cremated
>>1155409 >Elon Musk, billionaire, cremated in a redneck bonfire
(195.14 KB 441x406 cringe_viet_template.png)
(976.74 KB 960x986 nrnc5hrk9k061.png)
>>1157121 original content donut steel
(657.01 KB 730x720 PicsArt_11-21-07.38.54.png)
>>1157147 YES IT IS OC
>>1157206 Holy Based
>>1157206 That photo shows prisoners in a preexisting prison which has nothing to do with the reeducation camps and the original source was official Chinese media
>>1157121 based
(56.96 MB 1920x1080 fidel take me out.mp4)
here's an extremely low effort Fidel hype video I made
(1.01 MB 1209x1374 43275.png)
>>1159284 >butthurt
(246.25 KB 942x720 PicsArt_11-22-12.46.44.png)
(111.89 KB 1092x720 PicsArt_11-21-06.51.27.jpg)
>>1159289 cope dillate etc.
>>1159435 Hey the clown frog is cute. Leave him alone
(114.70 KB 600x964 IMG_20201122_202245.JPG)
(122.75 KB 720x805 PicsArt_11-22-09.48.22.jpg)
(1.59 MB 3000x3000 Syndie and Lenin cat.jpg)
>>1153081 Colored another one of these.
>>1168764 >>1153081 Nice! Keep on!
>>1168823 leftypol.booru was created after the original booru we used for 4 years, lefty.booru was locked and became non functional due to the inactivity of the original admin. However the anon who mass reuploaded all the images from lefty.booru to leftypol.booru messed up while mass transferring the tags. That anon mass deleted the images that were uploaded thinking that they could be repuloaded but the booru software did not allow repuloading of deleted images. So leftypics.booru was created, the images and image tags were correctly reuploaded there and it was used for a few months until another anon (me) gained control of the original lefty.booru and reopened it.
>>1168875 Can't you ban the asshurt tankie shits who negatively vote anything remotely critical of Stalin? It's a hassle to always click "Show hidden posts" to see the funny stuff.
>>1168764 Syndicat is cute
>>1168875 What’s a booru
>>1168889 Votes are not connected to accounts and I cannot see IPs (except for reported posts and comments) so that is not possible. The only solution is to upvote those images and bring the score to 0.
>>1168906 A type of imageboard where images are archived and categorized with tags
>>1168889 i agree
(240.94 KB 1086x813 neoliberals are dwarves.png)
>>1124572 apologies if it's too late
Work in Progress
>>1174087 what the fuck
(40.81 KB 758x752 deno.jpg)
(85.18 KB 597x565 basedAndValid.png)
>>996081 based
>>1174087 Accelerationist art movement when
>>996081 How about you die? >>1174475 You die too.
>>1174652 Make the text spookier
>>1175211 why the second one? seems pretty horrible to me
(364.85 KB 2048x1598 nazbolislove.jpg)
>>1175260 >black nazbol pretty cringe. regardless of race the senseless killing of a child should go against any stable ideology
(8.81 KB 512x512 sad-emoji-by-google.png)
>>1175271 ok im sorry
(62.20 KB 398x494 self-care.jpg)
(4.23 MB 4000x2697 gonzalo retrowave.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1200x772 rogan x bordiga why.png)
worst shit i ever made
>>1174475 stop posting this transhumanist 4cuck meme
>>1177900 I think it looks cute and nice :(
>>1177900 That's not very based and validpilled of you
>>1177879 >that vid This is literally the average Der pollack. A paper tiger. All that Talk of masculinity and killing minorities just to face utter humiliation from a Jew (out of all people lmaoo) with an iPhone camera. I mean look at that kid waddling with his tail between his legs. Pollacks know that people will look at their true intentions with anything but contempt. That is why their favorite tactic is intimidation. But that only works online or anonymously. That’s what makes this one so perfect. This is the disgust that awaits every single one of them once they decide to finally be truthful for the first time in their miserable lives.
(101.75 KB 1024x1024 20201128_175512.jpg)
>>1154672 Song name?
>>1179626 awesome asian song
>>1179930 Thanks
(158.14 KB 676x679 Screenshot_20201130_164721.png)
>>1186171 >t.agreeing cumskin
>>1186171 Stop watching child porn mr.jones
(164.61 KB 1001x720 PicsArt_12-01-04.41.23.png)
Why do libertarians think Gender studies = marxism????
(193.96 KB 1224x1052 polypcoping.png)
>>1180365 Still a good OC
(201.55 KB 719x302 genetics.png)
>>1180365 >I mistrust sex theories expounded in articles, treatises, pamphlets, etc. in short, the theories dealt with in that specific literature which sprouts so luxuriantly on the dung heap of bourgeois society. I mistrust those who are always absorbed in the sex problems Lenin - like the spring bloom. Lenin - is the victory cry Glorified for eternity, Lenin, Our dear Illyich! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZJKK1xx1jY
(142.32 KB 1080x1080 PicsArt_12-01-11.48.06.jpg)
Hispanic/Latinos polyps are worse than white polyps
>>1187099 I hated them since before I became a communist, even when I was on the right 15 years ago.
>>1187111 Same, I was friends with two. One is an argentinian gusano and the other one is a self hating wehrabooh mexican. They're the most obnoxious and insecure people i met on the internet.
(22.67 KB 688x572 le pol meme.png)
>>1187641 "Previously Chud's"
>>1187789 chud's sug and fug :::DD
>>1186158 >4th pic 2)cover yourself in dead wojaks
aniway, what is this "sneed" stuff even supposed to mean? i understand it came from a simpsons skit, but how is it actually used? it just feels like a completelly meaningless word independently of its context
(1000.95 KB 1280x1585 1606880770343.jpeg)
New OC Fuck the Five Eyes Axis
OC Wojak
>>1189569 Based
>>1189743 wtf he's literally ME
(119.30 KB 602x597 pepepoljak.png)
(350.58 KB 860x452 lysenkocat.png)
(626.71 KB 1156x720 PicsArt_12-04-09.37.34.png)
(209.15 KB 1700x1000 PicsArt_12-04-07.30.26.jpg)
(190.07 KB 962x720 PicsArt_11-30-07.53.25.jpg)
Some Doomer OCs
>>1195604 Black commie doomer gang
(918.16 KB 1757x2996 berniecrat drawing.jpeg)
(1.01 MB 1757x2996 berniecrat angery.jpg)
Drew these two versions of the Berniecrat Catgirl myself.
>>974037 good, but study too
>>1108225 bruh this is beautiful
>>1132589 you forgot the colon and a parenthses man
>>1177787 i cackled
(43.45 MB 1920x1080 titio.mp4)


no cookies?