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Tech Co-ops Comrade 01/09/2021 (Sat) 14:13:47 No. 6951 [Reply]
Would you want to work in one?
What is it , where do I find it, and Biz is it?
(405.22 KB 381x600 img192 (2).png)
Only if it helps bring an end to Fascism.
>>6951 Isn't valve a "tech co-op"?

There's been a leak of information on virtually all brazilians apparently. Comrade 01/22/2021 (Fri) 21:01:34 No. 7024 [Reply]
https://tecnoblog.net/404838/exclusivo-vazamento-que-expos-220-milhoes-de-brasileiros-e-pior-do-que-se-pensava/ The data of 223 million brazilians, alive and /dead/, courtesy of data mining corp Serasa Experian. It includes: Name, every should-be-private identification number you can think of, phone number and info, adress, family info, occupation info and id pic. Or: all information you'd want about someone and everything you need to steal accounts or commit identity theft or masturbate to your favorite brazilian lolcow. I'm a pleb and I can't find anything other than security breach reports and news articles, but apparently it is in a forum know for this kind of thing and you can buy someone's info for less than US$1 in bitcoin. Could this be useful? You know... governors, big bad businessmen, reactionary leaders or even our own guys for god's sake. I won't deny that I want someone to point me a general direction to search for, but even if not, I hope some anon will make good use of this info.
That's wild. Where do you find that archive?
>>7025 Yeah, I found it and it seems legit. The good stuff is paid tho, but it's cheap and paid in bitcoin. Beware: you need to register to use this site. https://raidforums.com/Thread-SELLING-JBR-Serasa-Experian-Full-Service?highlight=serasa Here be download links to save you the trouble: https://drive.protonmail.com/urls/4ZKB274930#EKEcdwvtN9lw - a small "teaser", information and instructions. https://drive.protonmail.com/urls/KHQ7K36AZC#TI813Tuuh9Hu - only the names, birth date, gender and CPFs(id numbers). I've tried to download this last one 5 times already but the download keeps failing.

(20.15 KB 240x345 cat.jpg)
is tor really worth it Comrade 01/10/2021 (Sun) 03:57:00 No. 6958 [Reply]
tor is so fucking slow. like super slow. and sometimes it won't even load a site at all! how can I speed it up. is it even worth it if I'm not doing anything spicy online. also, does it even help at all if I'm visiting .com sites instead of .onion. Do I need the VPN, tails, Tor, and .onion to be secure? it's so slow it reminds me of 2002.
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>>6976 Didn't assange get his start by running a tor exit node and intercepting clear text from governments?
>>6960 Using tor with .com is generally as secure as .onion sites as your connection still goes through tor net. The thing that makes onion sites special is that they ONLY let people connect through tor.
>>6999 It isn't unless you assume the node before the website is necessarily trustworthy.
>>7002 That's only true if the connection to the website isn't encrypted, but most sites these days use HTTPS. The problem is more in the fact that cloudflare is becoming an omnipresent man-in-the-middle. But even so, you still benefit by not giving away your IP and severely limiting your browser fingerprint. If you don't give away your identity in your messages, then you're pretty safe since Tor takes care at least of the other side of the equation which is the metadata.
Well thing is just being on leftypol is being spicy,since the govt know what you are doing.I my self don't mind the speed but if you really don't like it just go back to the dark side aka google.Also i've seen some shit about VPNS,and trust me if the gvt want's your info and you are using a vpn they can get it no problem.

(20.65 KB 128x128 pepoThink.png)
bunkerchan on dashchan??? Comrade 01/20/2021 (Wed) 17:22:57 No. 7018 [Reply]
Does anyone know how to add dunkerchan to dashchan?
fucking what

(250.14 KB 2331x2400 hammer-keyboard-2.png)
PROGRAMMERS WANTED: SOCIAL MEDIA APP Comrade 09/30/2020 (Wed) 10:19:59 No. 5049 [Reply]
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>>5056 I wonder why in the fuck everyone is called comrade by default instead of anonymous but I think I've figured it out. It must be because the creators of this IB basically are fucking disgusting commies that just might ban you upon the littlest dissent detected or maybe not.
>>6514 >>6513 >>6512 >>6511 Take your meds and lurk moar.
>>6513 Capitalism didn't create any of those things. Human labor did. Read Marx, schizo.
>>6514 >It must be because the creators of this IB basically are fucking disgusting commies You know how refreshing it is to not see fucking delusional neolibs and nazis rotting your brain away with their poorly crafted and boring tirades over and over again for once on the goddamned internet? Don't ruin the fun, libtard.
(6.36 KB 55x55 pepoComfy.png)
I2P gang

(16.47 KB 300x300 1545859105707.jpg)
Comrade 01/09/2021 (Sat) 07:31:23 No. 6950 [Reply]
Is there anything I should be wary of with bluetooth dongles? I might grab a random one off aliexpress unless you guys tell me not to.
All I really know about Bluetooth is make sure not to load the kernel module unless you are actively using Bluetooth. Don't load it at boot and be careful to lockdown your firewall. OpenBSD doesn't even support Bluetooth due to security issues.
The protocol is itself broken, better to avoid, or use on devices that are allowed to be compromised (for sending files you encrypted and hashed yourself)

(11.63 KB 265x314 Tux.png)
Linux Comrade 01/21/2020 (Tue) 16:28:10 No. 52 [Reply] [Last]
Why aren't you using Linux? If you are, good job. If not, you better start soon. >Open source vs. Free Software https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.en.html >List of free as in freedom distros approved by the FSF https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.en.html >A really good linux distro that doesn't have systemd, but a fast and simple init/service management system called runit https://voidlinux.org/ - Image credit: By [email protected] Larry Ewing and The GIMP, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80930
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>>6942 Not that anon but, Steam can ask to scan you system to better recommend games to buy. Not sure what exactly they're scanning and what exactly the data is used for
>>6943 Well that would make us “unsafe” even if you used wine would it not?
>>6942 FSF (generally) defines spyware/malware as sections of code that can be rewritten by the corporation who authored it WITHOUT the users consent. It's pernicious because everything down to the firmware in your CPU (intel trust management) is basically corporate malware. Yes in 99% of cases this feature won't be used against you, but the more overarching point is that you are paying for a product that keeps you on a leash for a little bit more convenience (and that convenience can be toppled if more people switch to open hardware and software paradigms). GNU is literally anti SV at its heart it just requires more adoption and for people to realize just running Ubuntu isn't enough, replace your Intel chip with open source ARM chips (currently Rockchip or Allwinner both used by Pine products) remove all proprietary firmware for wifi and gpus (usb dongle or check out the newest panfrost acceleration which is an open source project for Mali GPUS). Unless you are really into all this its hard to replace all your computers with fully free software (I mean Libreboot supports atm like ~20 devices most a decade old), but its a goal you can work towards even replacing 90% of your computing to be using free devices is a huge boost.
>>52 I use Tails myself. My pc doesn't even have a local drive, just a psu, motherboard, ram and cpu
LFS with SELinux and custom userland :3 (I use runit BTW ;) )

(21.50 KB 128x128 peepoGamer.png)
Arch LOL Comrade 01/20/2021 (Wed) 17:06:23 No. 7014 [Reply]
Arch Linux is an intermediate OS. It is Debian without a graphical installer. Gentoo is advanced, but bloated. My research results? LFS, but using the handbook as that is bloated

Comrade 01/19/2021 (Tue) 08:06:29 No. 7007 [Reply]
Hello anons, this is a shameless promotion of my org. Have you considered joining Tech Workers Coalition? It's a non-sectarian, international organization to support and organize tech workers. https://techworkerscoalition.org/ Here you might find your local chapter: https://techworkerscoalition.org/chapters/ If you want to know what's going on around the world: https://collectiveaction.tech/
(367.01 KB 1183x887 1601501960877.jpg)
(234.35 KB 1183x887 jizz.jpg)
Very nice. I'll give you a bump.
>We work in solidarity with existing movements towards social justice, workers' rights, and economic inclusion. should list workers' rights first >data.collectiveaction.tech/?query=belarus >Over 2,900 Belarusian tech workers, including top level management and investors, publicly signed onto an open letter calling the recent presidential elections a fraud. Signatories threatened to relocate their offices and investments outside of Belarus, stating that the atmosphere of fear and suppression was not conducive to a thriving technology sector. The letter denounced anti-democratic measures taken by the government, including the arrests of protesters and widespread Internet outages, and called for new elections, the release of those arrested, and freedom of press in the country. lukashenko's an incompetent leader, but i'd rather not see belarus fall into the hands of the eu and nato

(9.98 MB 650x345 serveimage.gif)
Comrade 02/11/2020 (Tue) 23:20:05 No. 162 [Reply]
I made a mild college CS alarmist post today on /leftypol/ and was asked by a student for advice on what to avoid in school. I'm well aware of how contentious programming can get, often with people disagreeing on what even constitutes fact vs. opinion, so feel free to argue against anything I say or provide your own advice to any potential CS students. Disclaimer: If you want to be a web-dev, none of what follows is applicable. Offer up your soul to the mad gods of JavaScript and prepare to live out your days in unspeakable agony. Here is my generalized advice in terms of CS: take any class that is focused on implementation rather than theory. Theory is also very important but it is absolutely useless unless it relates to your actual programming experience. If you are not being assigned large or challenging projects, make your own. Things to avoid or be skeptical of: - You are primarily being tested on pen-and-paper. The only time programmers have to write algorithms without a debugger or at least a console to print to is in job interviews. You can fail every single test in algorithms class and still be a boss programmer. Tests like these are more akin to Math exams where you must provide proofs. - You are being force-fed OOP (Object Oriented Programming), either by an academic ideologue or simply by virtue of using Java which basically forces it. OOP in programming epitomizes "ideology" in Zizek sense, it's an abstract model adored by academics who don't write code for actual users because of its perceived elegance and simplicity. However, real-world code ALWAYS has to deal with reality's messy edge cases, which renders any OOP code into a nightmare. There are about a million other reasons it's bad, there are many good lectures on YT. - Dynamic languages. If you have never programmed you might not even know what this means. Some examples include Python, JavaScript, Lua, etc. These are good for very small applications, like scripts, support tools, toy programs, hobby use, etc. The problem is that they can often be slow, and generally let you make fatal mistakes that you won't even know about until you actually hit the bug in testing. Compiled languages (C, C++), on the other hand, have a huge amount of rules that the programmer must obey before they even run the program. If all the rules are satisfied, the compiler translates your code to a fast, efficient format that gets directly executed by the cpu. This ends up saving an enormous amount of time by catching mistakes before running the program, and it produces a faster result. You should ultimately learn both dynamic and compiled languages, but only the latter ultimately leads to enlightenment. And FOR GOD'S SAKE if you are making a large, non-trivial project, make it in an actual, compiled language. Things to do: - Figure out which direction to go in. Programming has an almost unlimited array of applications. Eventually you will have to specialize to a certain degree. - Learn how to read code. This is brutal at first and only comes with time, but eventually you will learn how to. Whenever I find something interesting on github, I poke my head in and see if I can get any good ideas, or just observe how others solve the same problems I have. - Learn a god-damn text editor. I use Vim. It's horrible at first, then it's pretty nice, then it's great, then it becomes part of your being. - Be optimistic. Yes, I know, this sounds retarded, but hear me out. I knew before I ever started programming that it absolutely MUST feel amazing to be a really good programmer. I still have a lot to learn but these days I can tackle most problems that come up without consulting the internet and holy fuck does it feel good.

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>>558 related requirements are courses from other departments that you have to take but are required for your degree. The calc 1/2 and physics 1/2 could have been taken either in college or AP (high school) if you're a burger. IF you're a european then you likely learned those things in secondary education except for some of the advanced classes like linear algebra, diffeq, and calculus-bases prob/stats. in real life programming you rarely use that stuff anyway outside of very specific things in machine learning or 3d graphics.
>>455 kys >>162 I've been wondering if I should learn something like discrete math on it's own or is it something I'll learn as I program and learn algorithms and datastructures?
>>172 Best post ITT
Third year CS student from a country where you can mostly study on benefits/cheap loan, so I don't really have a hurry to get out of the institution. I have just taken some nice and interesting courses here and there, also some of those necessary courses that you need to get that sweet toilet paper. Algorithms/datastructures (now starting advanced puzzle course on that), databases, automata etc. are in the pocket, so is some math such as logic and linear+abstract algebra. I couldn't give two fucks about getting some dead end job at a consultation firm, and I hope big tech burns down. Yeah, I do Haskell Rust Tail recursion, haters
>>7008 I use Kakoune as a text editor and Arch btw also autism + some sort of attention (((deficit disorder)))


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