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Open Access to ACM Digital Library During Coronavirus Pandemic Comrade 03/31/2020 (Tue) 07:07:15 No. 680 [Reply]
https://www.acm.org/articles/bulletins/2020/march/dl-access-during-covid-19 > Dear ACM Members: > > As the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic continues, we at ACM would like to do what we can to help support the computing community. Many computing researchers and practitioners are now working remotely. In addition, teaching and learning have also moved online as more and more campuses close. > > We believe that ACM can help support research, discovery and learning during this time of crisis by opening the ACM Digital Library to all. For the next three months, there will be no fees assessed for accessing or downloading work published by ACM. We hope this will help researchers, practitioners and students maintain access to our publications as well as increasing visibility and awareness of ACM’s journals, proceedings and magazines. Please be sure to inform your colleagues that the ACM DL is now open, and will continue that way through June 30, 2020. > > This global health crisis is a unique challenge that has impacted many ACM members. We would like to express our concern and support for all who are affected by this outbreak. > > Stay well! > > Cherri Pancake > ACM President
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>>3000 I finished getting what I need\want last week. Archived the following conferences in their entirety: CCS, CGO, ICFP, ISCA, ISMM, MICRO, OSDI, PLDI, PLOS, POPL, SDE, SOSP, UIST, VEE.
Anything on there relevant to planning an economy the size of North Korea? (Asking for a friend.)
>>3013 No, its a computer\technology association... Not that it matters, it will be too late for you to look after today.
>>3014 >its a computer\technology association I figured that much from the OP. I don't expect them to have stuff explicitly proposing things for socialism. But if they have stuff on scheduling things in a big company…?
>>3013 They should have linear programming, (mathematics) optimizations, etc.

(867.43 KB 300x300 dws33Tj.gif)
Comrade 06/13/2020 (Sat) 02:16:47 No. 2767 [Reply]
What kind of projects should a brainlet CS student w way too much time on their hands set out on rn?
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>>2767 make a game this >>2769
>>2769 was literally just about to post this. godot is easy as shit to pick up and super powerful for 2d games, there's no excuse for not doing this unless you just don't like vidya. check out this guy's youtube channel if you want to see some of the cool shit that's doable in a one-man game project with this engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsJa0n-u67c
>>2802 I second this motion.
>>2789 >>2789 >What would interest me (no idea why you'd care about that): I'd like to have a tool for people voting how to share things or tasks, like spliddit.org – but as something you can download and run offline (could be just a HTML file without any pictures and with javascript stuff for client-side computation). I can build for you for like 30$
make bunkerchan work with Clover/Kuroba

(37.82 KB 166x193 Capture.PNG)
/fglt/ - Install BLFS edition Comrade 06/06/2020 (Sat) 04:47:12 No. 2114 [Reply]
Regular /g/ has this, might as well make one here. Helpful wikis: https://wiki.debian.org/ (Mainly useful for dpkg based distros) https://wiki.archlinux.org/ (Useful even if you don't use arch. Helped me out of a bind more than once.) https://wiki.gentoo.org/ (Helpful even if you don't use gentoo, check the arch wiki first.) Useful commands: man foo - Use this first, can be used to get info on commands, system calls, standard library functions, basically most everything. apropos foo - Searches man pages for a string. Useful if you forgot a command. whatis foo - gives you a short description of a command. foo -h/--help/-? - Generally gives you the options for a command. Some very strange programs may take -h as an option, so start with --help. help foo - Gives you information on a builtin bash command, stuff like alias or bind. I don't know anything else to toss in here, please share resources if you have them.
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>>2956 >20.03 Isn't the version number just "20" for now? AFAIK they start with new major version every 2 years (based on new Ubuntu LTS release), then release improvements every 6 months, incrementing the minor version number (20.1, 20.2, 20.3). Only briefly tried live iso when it was still in beta, and didn't see any improvements. Some changes give the impression that Cinnamon is further moving away from GNOME 2 towards whatever is trendy now among other DEs (flat design, touchscreen UI, MacOS imitation...). That's too bad because Cinnamon's distinction has been that it's a more polished and richer version of the traditional DEs.
>>2957 You're right actually, not sure where I got 20.03 from I've noticed some small improvements, nothing massive but there really isn't much left to be done with Mint that I can really see, other than the standard universal linux improvements everybody wants on every distro The main things I've noticed are some bug fixes, big one for me being random hitching in youtube videos on integrated graphics is gone now as well as the bug that caused the contents of your desktop to be briefly visible before the lock screen loaded when opening the lid of a laptop Apart from that its better power and heat management (think this is the new Kernel more than anything mint specific), Warpinator, which is seriously incredibly satisfying to try and watch it actually work the first time with no fucking about, and some surface polish, the standard file manager is faster feeling now, Package Manager feels less clunky, quick theming options are in the welcome widget now which is tiny but nice and saves a whopping 2 minutes on going into a menu and doing it yourself etc. Why do you think its moving towards touchscreen and mac like elements? It feels essentially like a Windows 7 style DE but linuxed to me, and that's what I wanted and more or less what I think their mission statement actually was, deliver a competent, reliable desktop with minimal bullshit. I've always found context menu style DE's awful with touch, don't understand why anyone would want a small button in the corner of the screen to summon a context menu designed around a kb+m instead of a unity/android style pull out drawer Its very boring, but its more competently boring and useable for the average person than anything else I can think of save maybe Manjaro KDE and that's why I like it, it doesn't feel like a project like some of the other distros do
>>2958 Oh also it automatically sorted out and set sensible mount options for my second drive without me having to do anything at install which is something I've never had another distro do, they either don't touch it or have retarded defaults like not mounting at startup which for the average normal person would basically mean the drive wouldn't exist
I missed it when it came out, was he right, y/n? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZN5n6C9gM4
>>2967 I tried watching that recently and couldn't finish because he seemed to have nothing important to say. What was the main point? I only remember he kept going on about market share numbers. IMO the 2018 (previous?) version was way better, and much more self-critical about the Linux world from the political standpoint. https://invidio.us/watch?v=TVHcdgrqbHE

(60.78 KB 909x555 post_reply.jpg)
Comrade 05/04/2020 (Mon) 19:31:07 No. 1577 [Reply]
The enemy uses bots. What do we know about how they work? Is there any literature that would help in writing our own? >>478855
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>>1596 You don't need neural networks for text generation Non-meme ML exists.
(1.43 KB 404x250 Flag-Poland.jpg)
I have experience with writing bots, i can make you imageboard bot for cheap
>>2945 can you write a bot that can fall in love with me?
>>1958 >neural networks >meme literally they are the oldest type of ML invented dude
>>2950 I can write a bot that tells me you to stuff a dildo up your ass. 10 PRINT "Stuff a dildo up your ass" 20 GOTO 10

(21.29 KB 279x100 cwtch-logo.png)
(332.99 KB cwtch.pdf)
cwtch.im Comrade 06/12/2020 (Fri) 20:24:47 No. 2756 [Reply]
https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im Has anyone heard of cwtch.im ? it's made by the same people who made ricochet (which is now deprecated). it's still in the early stages but it looks like some sort of multicast version of ricochet. Possible replacement for IRC in the future? whitepaper pdf attached. Reading through it but its using some cryptography terms im not familiar with. written in go
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>>2938 Riot is just a client for the matrix protocol though.
>>2941 Well that's probably what anon means then. Matrix/Riot is already in the GNU/Linux position it seems in regards to people calling it by the name of the interface rather than the underlying system.
>>2943 if we're thinking about it this way, Riot is more like GNU than it is like Linux. GNU is what the user actually interacts while Linux does all the mediating with the hardware so that shit actually gets done. So it's more like Riot/Matrix.
>>2947 It's more like Riot/Electron (or Riot/Firefox). Matrix could be POSIX. Or you could say, Riot is not Matrix. But it doesn't matter, they are changing their name: https://blog.riot.im/the-world-is-changing/
>>2948 nice

(1.73 KB 316x316 webtorrent.png)
webtorrents to reduce serload ? Comrade 06/06/2020 (Sat) 16:47:43 No. 2122 [Reply]
Since the servers gets really slow when lots of people post lots of "large" (a few megabytes) files, are web torrents a possible avenue to ease the burden on the server ? https://webtorrent.io/
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>>2903 PeerTube uses WebRTC? I've been using PeerTube over Palemoon for sometime and haven't experienced any problems. Palemoon doesn't use WebRTC and probably never will.
This would kill the Tor network though, way too many connections for relays to handle.
>>2909 PeerTube can function without WebRTC, it just doesn't use P2P to download movies. Also, administrators of PeerTube instances can turn on or off P2P sharing. So to use WebTorrent on PeerTube, you need to have WebRTC and use a PeerTube instance that has P2P sharing turned on. The instance will say whether it has P2P sharing on the About page. Like this one has it turned on. https://open.tube/about/instance
>>2912 Well that's very disappointing to learn that WebTorrent is based on the cancer of WebRTC. I've just lost a lot of enthusiasm I had for PeerTube, dangit.
>>2916 WebRTC is the only way to do P2P in a standard browser without extra software like you need for Tor, I2P, etc.

(275.43 KB 2508x2043 nntpchan.png)
Seizing the Means of Anonymous Discussion Comrade 03/22/2020 (Sun) 21:45:19 No. 575 [Reply]
Recent events have once again highlighted the necessity of a truly communal, self-governed anonymous discussion forum. This thread is for the development of new forms of decentralized anonymous image boards. The problem in need of a solution is this: How can we develop a forum that genuinely empowers its community and allows them to resist censorship? One recent attempt is NNTPChan/Overchan. NNTPChan is a decentralized imageboard that uses the NNTP protocol (network-news transfer protocol) to synchronize content between many different servers. It utilizes cryptographically-signed posts to perform optional/opt-in decentralized moderation. I'm still rather confused on how moderation works there myself. This seems like a great idea, by distributing a forum across a collection of servers one can resist the disruption of any single server. When 8ch was shutdown by its DDoS provider, however, its community didn't find the motivation to learn from this and migrate to a censorship-resistance platform. Instead its subcommunities were scattered to the winds, the ones that survived coalescing back on a number of individual websites using the classical top-down server-owner structure, with all the authority and alienation from its userbase that it necessarily contains. What lessons can be learned from this? Is there more that can be done?
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scuttlebutt.nz I've seen people try to use retroshare, but it's hopelessly fucked up.
>>2878 it works fine :(
>>2883 Scuttlebutt or RetroShare?
>>2883 None of your friends have a slightly different version, then. Every time I've tried to use it, the other people are on different distros or platforms where the version is a little newer or older and they are incompatible.
>>2885 ah thats fucked, never knew that was an issue thanks for letting me know

(41.85 KB 615x409 eastgerman.jpg)
Instantly Increase Your Happiness (Linux Only) Comrade 06/21/2020 (Sun) 03:18:45 No. 2886 [Reply]
Open your command prompt (linux) and run the following commands. >wget https://pastebin.com/raw/i5wABwHM >sudo mv i5wABwHM /etc/hosts and badabing badaboom!! There you GO!!
>>2887 vased
>>2886 >requires root rights >doesn't replace X server or at least deletes /boot or / 0/10

(47.28 KB 300x392 300px-C_propaganda.jpg)
/dpt/ - Dialectial Programming Thread Comrade 06/17/2020 (Wed) 22:30:15 No. 2847 [Reply]
What are you working on /tech/?
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>>2864 Forgot to link this, thanks comrade.
hijacking this thread How do you apply dialectics to your understanding of computer programs? For one, digital logic is a dialectic. In transistors, there are in fact not two discrete "on" and "off" states, but actually a quantitative range of voltages which, near peak or low, qualitatively change to "on" or "off." https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-1/mswv1_17.htm >What is meant by the emergence of a new process? The old unity with its constituent opposites yields to a new unity with its constituent opposites, whereupon a new process emerges to replace the old. The old process ends and the new one begins. The new process contains new contradictions and begins its own history of the development of contradictions. This is fork() and exec()
>>2890 I don't because I am not some deranged cultist that must shoehorn their useless philosophy buzzwords everywhere.
>>2892 you're on bunkerchan

(183.20 KB 1200x900 1200px-HTC_Dream_Orange_FR.jpeg)
Smartphones Comrade 03/13/2020 (Fri) 01:36:02 No. 477 [Reply]
Yes, smartphones are cool gadgets: You can read theory, browse /leftypol/ and listen to music on the go! Let's talk about these awesome devices in this thread! What models are you using?
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Samsung Galaxy S3 with LineageOS. Surprisingly still usable. Looking to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S5 again with LineageOS. No google garbage apps for me thank you.
Can someone explain what this video on "LoRa Mesh Communication without Infrastructure" is to the layman? I heard it would be used to communicate *somehow* if the cops shut down cellphone towers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY6m6fS8bxU
>>2745 It's a walkie-talkie for text messages. LoRa operates on frequencies which were used by paging companies in the past, and still used for radio keychains for cars/garage doors, they're colloquially called ISM band. I don't like presence of bluetooth and gps functions on this thing, the idea glows suspiciously,a s well as lack of publicised fdroid distribution. The board should connect to phone via USB to avoid insecure wireless Bluetooth link to something you carry on yourself already, drop the ridiculous battery, and since phones already have GPS, it shouldn't have another one either.
>>1537 coom
I'm running both a Oneplus 3T on lineageOS and a stock 7T pro McLaren 5G.


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