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(366.38 KB 1242x691 1606351745173.png)
Comrade 11/26/2020 (Thu) 01:33:03 No. 6543 [Reply]
Seeing the Internet of SHIT being more popular than ever makes me think people are never going to be "redpilled" about mainstream technology. Also, sorry for posting twitter screencaps.
Sometimes relatives tell me they bought a smart vacuum robot or whatever the fuck and I have to put effort into not showing my power level. Not that they're going to listen to me even though they know I've got a degree in this shit.
it's almost as if burgers want their corporate daddies to get it in raw

(729.11 KB 1009x812 1606340810843.png)
Comrade 11/26/2020 (Thu) 01:41:41 No. 6544 [Reply]
Google(tm) Task Mate(tm), the new quirky way of wageslaving for less than minimum wage!
All this trash is missing is EXP points and levels

(80.97 KB 961x1024 46456456g.png)
Piracy General. Comrade 01/28/2020 (Tue) 12:32:25 No. 190 [Reply] [Last]
General for all things piracy related: Share Torrents, Private Trackers, information about how to obtain a particular commodity for free on the internet; Requests. piratebayztemzmv.onion Current onion for the piratebay^ Pirate the planet.
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>>5703 Don't worry buddy, one doesn't torrent straight through TPB if that's what you've been thinking (the onion is just another mirror, their official one for tor). The purpose is just to reduce your net total metadata of illegally torrenting.
>>1469 help pls i can't seem to find any working crack of binary ninja and IDA pro
>>5777 y u no defanged Ghidra
I want to pirate mental health. I want to treat myself of my mental illness like OCD but everything online seems to require money Are there any websites besides books that I can use to pirate methods on treating psychological issues I have?
>>6500 I found a bunch of ebooks for mental health in the book section of pirate bay, you might wanna check there

(50.69 KB 400x579 SICP_cover.jpg)
Recommend tech-related books that you think everyone should read ITT Comrade 11/05/2020 (Thu) 19:33:18 No. 5804 [Reply]
I'll start with a pretty obvious one. It's pretty good, don't let the hundreds of unfunny and unoriginal edits of anime girls holding it make you think it's just a "meme".
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>>5823 The vast majority of C programmers cite K&R C as the bible of C though.
>>5823 Thanks. I hadn't read them, good to know I'm not missing much.
(51.76 KB 261x400 Masters_of_doom-Book_cover.jpg)
Carmack became lame but DooM is still GOAT.
I wish there was a NON-MEME book about Terry Davis and TempleOS. Guy was legitimately badass past the glow-in-the-dark niggers funno.
>>6499 don't let glowies defile the legacy of Terry. Read his code & doc yourself. It's literate programming at its near full potential sans 64bit assembly arcanery that I still do not understand . One could make great operating systems course out of it

(37.33 KB 416x212 Infrared_dog[1].jpg)
Thermal Goggles Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 10:28:21 No. 6386 [Reply]
Does anyone know anything about Thermal Goggles/Scopes? I heard right wingers talking about wanting to use rural camouflage against us.
sure, if you have like 15k to burn. very few people even own NVG's and thermals are substantially more expensive - I wouldn't worry about it. moreover, a space blanket lined with some insulating fabric can assist with hiding. the taliban just use blankets when they are in a hurry
(6.93 KB 296x222 Desert Nights.jpg)
(135.10 KB 768x767 IRAQ glowscape.jpg)
(444.90 KB 2000x1200 Glowscape 2.jpg)
(302.64 KB 800x550 winterwar.jpg)
(6.39 KB 220x141 beauty.jpg)
>>6406 To my knowledge you can find decent thermal goggles for pretty cheap in many parts of the world. Thermal is often cheaper than later gen night vision. You can even find cheap thermal attachments for like $50 off of sites like alibaba, not sure how well it works though. On a side note has anyone here seen those thermal attachments you can stick on night vision devices? That shit sounds awesome to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL45CGhFAcU Space blankets can work pretty well but you need some space between you and the blanket, could work well to disguise an entrenched position imo.
>>6498 I have no idea what exists on the lower end of the scale, including older technologies. Where I'm at, a modern chip putting out 50hz with auto non-uniformity correction is going run you ~$7000 while goggles are about double or more (collimation and bridging gets expensive). I am in Canada, but you don't save much in America either. I actually got a chance to demo PVS-31's with clip-on thermals - great stuff, but very front heavy and bulky. Whiplash injuries with advent of helment-mounted NVG's has always been a problem and it's going to get worse unless more effort is put into reducing size/weight. Iirc Act in Black of Luxembourg makes some of the lightest, durable dual-tube NVG's today. The very high-end shit from L3 uses a small, integrated germanium lens which solves this, but access is limited to super sekrit government work. As for the space blanket, you actually don't need much space at all - just enough insulative layers, the Mylar and some kind of adhesive (Velcro) to prevent the layers from separating.
This is more /k/ content >>>/hobby/

(67.38 KB 482x427 wojak depressed.jpg)
Learn to code they say, become labour aristocrat they say Anonymous 11/11/2020 (Wed) 14:35:07 No. 5991 [Reply] [Last]
Junior programmers are most exploited proles currently. Only senior programmer that bring lot of surplus value has benefits. I am student at pretty bad computer science school i struggled to find a job entire 3 years. Finally i lied about knowing someone and got a job as Java developer with no technical interview. I never wrote webapps in Java, i was using Python for everything, why would iuse Java? Python is used by scientists in all interesting areas like ML or cybsec. Anyway i thought i will never find python job so i accepted offer. I spend first month in this job mostly writing tests. 2 weeks ago manager "trusted" me with writing nondependent, noncritical piece of original CRUD code. Project is using old legacy technology and it was trully difficult for me to implement even basic sorting or filtering in components i wrote. Ok, so i spend a month working, making some stupid mistakes and asking him some stupid questions (that probably gave a way what a clueless idiot i am to him). Anyway after a week i finished my task, and i even spend a weekend working on it, because i did not wanted to dissapoint. I thought when i come back in monday i will be trusted with writing other tasks, but no. Manager was talking with some other guy about throwing me out, about how i dont know anything about Java, and he did so loudly so i can hear it and any other worker sorrounding me (we work in open space). In current situation i dont know, it may be better if he straight fired me, but i will probably go there another month or two, with nothing to do. Manager will ignore me, wont give me any tasks, and he will talk shit about me literally behind my back. I cant even focus on writing those tests and make stupid mistakes. My piece of code i spend week of work and even my free time on is fully functional, why he cant even accept my fucking pull request?! All i want is for my programs to be used in production and get first year of experience earning bad wage. What a sorry predicament i got myself into. I wasted few years of my life, my health (spine and eyes) for carrer that seems to be unsuitable to me. I dont know what should i do anymore.
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>>6340 it's pretty huge in the US, i think france would probably have a few odd boutique things (cybersecurity and state departments go hand in hand). you could look into security engineering which is basically an overpaid software engineer who code audits - usually you just need to get 1-2 bs certs and prove you can read C code.
>>5991 labor aristocrats are basically the modern day bourgeoisie so they will definitely swing from lamp posts when the revolution starts.
>>6342 Based mods, I hope more threads are moved to the side boards.
>>6343 We had those too, but at low level, for example we had "calculus" where we never got above derivatives. Then I had numerical method when I learned how to calculate integrals numerically - we had to write program to calculate area under a curve, but values of function was undefined on some interval so you got weird results trying to calculate it, that was pretty cool
>>5991 sadly in capitalist society you need to have money in order to make money and whatever money you make will be gobbled up either by your landlord or a large corporation.

(22.03 KB 296x190 1472049407749.jpg)
Programming Languages that are Worth learning Comrade 11/17/2020 (Tue) 23:24:25 No. 6398 [Reply]
I recently gotten myself on some books on how to do Java Script again. I came here today to ask what is the programming languages that are worth learning. Because I think that people still use Java Script but not as nearly as much as other programs. I want to do this on my off time as I look for a job again. That way I can just have something useful other than my knowledge of historic events and wanting to preserve the artifacts.
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>>6481 why is that surprising? given the amount it’s used even outside of web clients with nodejs it makes sense. yeah it’s a half-assed language but so are most other big ones besides C.
>>6481 It doesn't matter what language you start with.
>>6487 dont believe this man, probably a LIBTARD
>>6488 cope
>>6486 also the setup necessary to get javascript running is minimal. to get C compiling? lol. good luck.

(354.54 KB 500x529 DEATHGRIPS.png)
Comrade 11/14/2020 (Sat) 17:19:45 No. 5964 [Reply]
>Chinese authorities have begun deploying a new surveillance tool: “gait recognition” software that uses people’s body shapes and how they walk to identify them, even when their faces are hidden from cameras. https://apnews.com/article/bf75dd1c26c947b7826d270a16e2658a It's all so tiresome. And I know this is old, I just got reminded of it today.
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>>5964 I hate surveillance tech TBH. Like everything else it's inevitably going to be abused AF
>>6476 Are there any leftists who don't, really?
>>6478 I guess "organic" surveillance where the Stasi asks your neighbour to write reports about what you do is okay?
>>5982 My city is at a point where there’s literally nowhere to smoke weed that isn’t in front of a camera. I just gave up and just let started letting these fuckers watch me. If people start disappearing I’m going to have to leave this country.
>>6485 Cope druggie.

(129.15 KB 1600x1067 file1.jpg)
What Linux distros are used by Stallman? Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 17:04:08 No. 6452 [Reply]
I've heard in an older video that Linus Torvalds uses Fedora, and I read on Stallman's webpage that he presently uses a newer distro called Trisquel GNU/Linux.
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>>6469 Like what?
>>6470 like it seemed a lot of community shilling and conspiratorial stuff ceased from occuring on my computer...like random connection issues this was a few years back...maybe it was that the CIA wanted me to use their distro or exert some further influence or control over me
>>6467 gentoo. it's just a matter of changing your package.use file.
>>6470 i gave a copy of fedora on usb to a homeless person who had similar issues and he said similarly that fedora caused some stuff that was going on to cease
>I noticed that opening Meet or Zoom caused the CPU usage to boost above 100% >I first experienced the issue after upgrading from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04, now I am using Linux Mint 20 with XFCE >Intel Pentium N3540 Speed: 583 MHz min/max: 500/2166 MHz Core speeds (MHz): 1: 583 2: 583 3: 539 4: 536 >"Quadcore" >HD Graphics Mesa DRI >Memory: 3.73 GiB >That's hardly surprising since it isn't a problem with the operating system. Your machine is incapable of meeting your excessive expectations of it. Even the lowly Intel Atom line of CPUs out-perform the Pentium N3540. Once you go beyond basic email and simple web-browsing, that machine simply is not going to cope. >Hi everyone, sadly all recommendations did not change anything. However I've been testing a Fedora 33 live image with Xfce and things works perfectly, I've been in more than three meetings with Google Meet (even sharing my screen) and one with Zoom and had no problem at all. I know my hardware isn't very good, but I was sure the problems were not all due to my machine. All my experiences and "experiments" with this issue suggest to me that this is a Debian related issue as I had the same trouble with Debian-based distros. I think I will change to Fedora permanently as this solved my problem. Thank you all for your help and your time.

(110.84 KB 1198x1080 fediverse.png)
Fediverse general Comrade 11/03/2020 (Tue) 21:14:38 No. 5771 [Reply]
Does /tech/ participate in the Fediverse? Seems to me that this is the sort of social media we should be trying to get people into, even if social media itself is kinda trash. I've always disliked social media, but after the news at >>>/leftypol/1066439, I've been considering getting into the Fediverse. You see, I would like the people who DO use social media (basically everyone) to be on better platforms, but I feel I cannot demand that from them if I cannot even use them myself. For instance, it would be disingenuous to ask Comrade Cockshott to start his presence in Mastodon after getting banned from fedbook if I could not be there to follow him and boost his follower stats. So.. So, /tech/, any thoughts on the Fediverse? What are some good instances and communities I could join? What are some people I should be following? What implementations are better, Pleroma, Mastodon, something else? Also fediverse general.
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>>6426 webms
>>6427 webms are in webm format so they can be uploaded to chans and shared that way. they're short videos, not suitable for a youtube-like platform, and definitely not worth spending money on when they can be hosted elsewhere for free and have even more reach than on an obscure peertube instance.
https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkoetsier/2020/11/18/youtube-will-now-show-ads-on-all-videos-even-if-creators-dont-want-them/ Is it time to start shilling PeerTube like crazy? I need to finally settle on an instance to move all my video game stuff to, because I sure as fuck did not make a Youtube account in 2006 to spam people with ads.
>participating in anything with "fed" in the name fuck off cianiggas
>>6450 Really makes you think!


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