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(485.68 KB 1920x1080 desktopl.png)
Space##m0Wyzz 02/01/2020 (Sat) 00:56:26 No. 252
ITT: Post your desktop
>>3516 I can't live without SIGINFO anymore.
>>3515 What is this vision from the 90's? Is that a BBS I see before me?
>>1602 >Sword and Sworcery fag
>>3498 i switched to arch linux because i kept being annoyed at how terrible ubuntu was at updating between major releases, and tried my hand at a rolling release to not do major updates anymore, and i kept using it for like 3 years straight without doing anything except regular updates until i changed computers and that was super sweet. all the issues i've had with arch are mostly related to NVIDIA Optimus with the proprietary drivers tbh. Dunno how well does ubuntu fare with that shit though.
>>3515 >tl;dr When you want to use Arch, you should probably look for something better. like what though, broken updates seem like a pitfall for rolling release distros in general
(84.04 KB 1366x768 20200724_15h47m12s_grim.png)
Trying out Wayland + Waybar, pretty good so far
>>3610 *Sway
>>793 yes
>>3538 It seems like I should have elaborated more on that part. When I picked up Arch, I thought of it as some kind of "build your own linux" system. I certainly liked that you could manage it on the level of individual programs. Instead of booting to a black screen after an update, I would set up the bootloader myself and could continue meddling with it, when it did not work as intended. Unfortunately Arch builds most of its packages against "bloatware" (systemd, glibc), with a few badly supported alternatives in the AUR. When I recognized this, I saw 2 options: Use a more transparent OS (gentoo, smgl, suckless base with pkgsrc), or use an OS with sane defaults (OpenBSD, alpine). I mostly do the latter (because I always fail at the former ;-)
>>3661 >Unfortunately Arch builds most of its packages against "bloatware" (systemd, glibc), with a few badly supported alternatives in the AUR. Just use artix runit or openrc. Alpine is a piece of shit to work with in my experience
>>3662 What problems did you experience with alpine? I needed to set up some things from an archiso, because the alpine installer could only format ext4, f2fs and msdos partitions and I wanted to boot from EFISTUB. Installation and setup were otherwise very straightforward. It even had a script to set up X-Windows. Unfortunately it does not support a symlinked /usr (/usr->. Though when I was just trying to configure it as a VM host, glamoregl.so blew up in my face, I experienced similar and far worse things with Arch and other tty-based binary-packaged systems.
(498.99 KB 3840x2160 Untitled 2.png)
(691.55 KB 1920x1200 1395118545476.jpg)
(1.74 MB 1920x1080 desktop.png)
Who here /redundancy/?
>>3703 Fuck ricers 2bh; THAT is what a real desktop looks like.
(1.03 MB 1920x1080 1328938402623.png)
>>3703 I lol'd
(2.15 MB 1920x1080 desgtob.png)
>>252 nice one op l used to have a 12 inch g4 powerbook hand me down, was a quality machine here's my wintoddler anus zenbook
>>4037 Take the mint pill comrade Its like Windows, but not fucking shit
>>4039 It's like Xfce, except uses more resources and does less things.
>>4042 >Uses more resources Barely >Does less things It does less things in the most retarded 2008 way imaginable and makes less of an effort to look like absolute aids yes Cinnamon doesn't have screen tearing, it doesn't look awful by default, it works consistently and is well polished, XFCE is a bit lighter
>>4043 Cinnamon is even worse than Mint, I'm not sure I understand your argument.
>>4045 XFCE and Cinnamon are Desktop environments Mint is a distribution that comes with Cinnamon in its mainline release, though images with other DE's are available
(6.96 KB 276x183 homer.jpg)
>>4046 Wow how embarrassing, I had Mint confused with MATE for some reason. Well my point applies doubly so with Cinnamon. If you want weak customizability and a patronizing interface like modern Windows, Cinnamon is exactly what you want!
>>4049 I'm not sure what you mean by patronising, the interface works, is unobtrusive, and works well, it is similar to the DE used in windows by default, but the same is true of many DE's including XFCE, and it can be customised quite easily, obviously not to the same extent as something like KDE, but much, much more than windows can be and as much or more than the bulk of users will actually want, for those that want to go further, other DE's will suit better Its worth noting that XFCE use the exact same metaphor by default in most distros its rolled with, a taskbar, a context menu, an indicator panel etc, it just does it worse with more archaic defaults (you can't even open whisker menu with the super/win key in many distros out of the box) and more of the old school linux problems, like the aforementioned screen tearing on perfectly good hardware and horrible looking text The standard Desktop metaphor has lasted because it works better than most metaphors, Mint has been successful because it works better than most distros, but if you like something else that's fine
(7.78 KB 799x626 switch buttons.png)
>>4050 >I'm not sure what you mean by patronising I mean shit like this. Giant "switch" buttons like you're some kind of fucking toddler too stupid to understand a simple checkbox. Windows brought this abomination to the world with Vista or 7 and it's fucking disgusting that certain Linux devs have tried to ape it. Holy shit I got pissed off again just searching for an image of this UI vomit.
>>4050 The screen tearing was finally fixed in Xfce 4.14, though you could always use a 3rd party compositor anyway. True it has shitty defaults but I don't care about that. Cinnamon and MATE are fine too, whatever floats your boat. I'm curious which of the 3 will get Wayland support first.
>>798 wallpaper sauce
>>4054 but if it makes it easier to read, it's better even if somewhat ugly.
>>4050 real actual human beings who use computers like real people with brains only use window managers and everyone else is a subhuman retard because they don't program their very own personal idiodistro that is wholly esoteric to oneself because if you don't do that you practically don't even deserve the right to use a computer because really you're not even actually using it if you think about it honestly and that's why anyone who would dare ever even consider using a computer really ought to program it themselves otherwise they're totally unfree and are honestly wasting their time by not personally creating everything they could ever conceivably need to use from scratch and instead using stuff that other people made for them and are thus practically spoonfeeding to them because they are too weak to use a computer for real like a real computer using human being.
>>4054 Its literally a slightly different way of presenting the same information, a switch slider provides the exact same information and functions the same as a checkbox, it merely looks slightly different I hate to be patronising, but you do realise patronising is a word with a specific meaning, yes? It doesn't just mean thing not to my taste
>>4084 thank you based anon
gentoo gang
>>4091 Lol, hey, I am doing my first build of that right now.
>>4091 is that cava?
(1.90 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.jpg)
>>4091 ayo dwm + gentoo gang gang
>>4145 >screenfetch use neofetch. Screenfetch is absolutely awful.
>>4148 I do have neofetch, it's an alias because of muscle memory
>>4145 What wm is this? Looks like blackbose to me but not sure.
>>4217 Dwm, fam.
>>4222 Cheers bro. Sick of having xfce pushed on me and I used to be big into flux/blackbox. Will check this one out.
>>4145 Can you post this wallpaper?
>>4678 how do you get the sitting waifu
>>252 >Applefag Yikes.
>>4691 It's an Open Source project called MaCoPiX http://rosegray.sakura.ne.jp/macopix/index-e.html
(730.45 KB 1366x768 Screenshot_3.png)
(592.01 KB 1366x768 Screenshot_5.png)
(986.93 KB 1366x768 Screenshot_4.png)
trying to make my own universal dark theme


no cookies?