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/Gpx/ Comrade 03/04/2020 (Wed) 11:26:32 No. 350
Well, lads, we made it. Congrats. After the hard won victory of having tech placed back on the top bar I realized something though. We don't have any banners! In lieu of this, I am creating a thread for the creation of banners && Graphics manipulation in general. This thread, obviously, will revolve around general gimp/photoshop skills, memes and, of course, banners, what-have you. Enjoy!
(378.46 KB 800x600 elon-musk.png)
(87.27 KB 661x503 zuckerberg-meet-and-greet.jpg)
(34.31 KB 460x415 zucc-tried-to-unlock-phone.jpeg)
Dumping potential from my folders 1/4
(275.81 KB 1920x1080 no-drugs-or-nukes.jpg)
(432.44 KB 758x900 virtualized.jpg)
(664.31 KB 957x826 porky-piracy-is-a-crime.png)
(106.48 KB 1000x667 harry-the-robot.jpg)
(205.29 KB 1225x560 solarp2.jpg)
(471.22 KB 1024x565 solarp.jpg)
(1.99 MB 1023x1080 lain.png)
(2.78 MB 540x540 portal.gif)
(77.30 KB 312x97 techbanner3.png)
(75.36 KB 312x97 techbanner2.png)
(79.00 KB 312x97 techbanner1.png)
Here's a few to get the ball rolling. probably not very /tech/, but oh well
(59.46 KB 312x97 techbanner4.png)
(49.05 KB 312x97 techbanner5.png)
(211.11 KB 902x739 fenya tech.png)
just gonna drop this here in case anyone wants to use it
>>357 It has to be 312x97 in order to be a banner. Still dope, tho.
(46.46 KB 312x97 tech.png)
I made a thing.
(28.84 KB 312x97 tech banner.png)
(28.92 KB 312x97 tech banner red.png)
>>358 like this? idk im kinda new to this
>>362 Yeah that's the correct size I'm pretty sure
>>362 Nice.
>>362 Maybe add a background or something? Seems kinda blan.
(28.12 KB 312x97 tech banner grey.png)
>>365 i couldnt think of anything to put in the bg, any ideas? could also just use this one, itll look transparent on default theme
>>366 I actually like the png. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
(58.78 KB 312x97 techcat.png)
>>362 background is a google office on fire
>>370 LOL,YES
>>370 perfection
>>370 Added
(18.50 KB 312x97 gdagdsgagasdgsagsa.jfif)
here's one
(221.44 KB 1500x500 moshed darwin marx.jpg)


no cookies?