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is tor really worth it Comrade 01/10/2021 (Sun) 03:57:00 No. 6958
tor is so fucking slow. like super slow. and sometimes it won't even load a site at all! how can I speed it up. is it even worth it if I'm not doing anything spicy online. also, does it even help at all if I'm visiting .com sites instead of .onion. Do I need the VPN, tails, Tor, and .onion to be secure? it's so slow it reminds me of 2002.
should probably use a vpn if your not o onion sites but im not sure how secure those are.
>>6959 what about using tor with just a .com site.
I've never found tor to be really that slow and my regular connection is like 500gbps.
>does it even help at all if I'm visiting .com sites instead of .onion Duh >Do I need the VPN, tails, Tor, and .onion to be secure? Just tor is fine, unless you're on Windows or some shit, in which case whatever you use will be useless.
>Do I need the VPN, tails, Tor, and .onion to be secure? Depends on your threat model. If you're a person of interest whose feds are after then yeah, that and more. https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Security#Define_your_adversary
>>6976 Didn't assange get his start by running a tor exit node and intercepting clear text from governments?
>>6960 Using tor with .com is generally as secure as .onion sites as your connection still goes through tor net. The thing that makes onion sites special is that they ONLY let people connect through tor.
>>6999 It isn't unless you assume the node before the website is necessarily trustworthy.
>>7002 That's only true if the connection to the website isn't encrypted, but most sites these days use HTTPS. The problem is more in the fact that cloudflare is becoming an omnipresent man-in-the-middle. But even so, you still benefit by not giving away your IP and severely limiting your browser fingerprint. If you don't give away your identity in your messages, then you're pretty safe since Tor takes care at least of the other side of the equation which is the metadata.
Well thing is just being on leftypol is being spicy,since the govt know what you are doing.I my self don't mind the speed but if you really don't like it just go back to the dark side aka google.Also i've seen some shit about VPNS,and trust me if the gvt want's your info and you are using a vpn they can get it no problem.
>>6958 If you live in a bourgeois democracy that you believe will collapse into fascism before you die of old age, then merely advocating communism through the clearnet is probably too much exposure.


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