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Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 01:26:39 No. 7074
Are there any socialist deep web sites? I want to talk about the nitty gritty but dont want to get me or you guys in trouble.
>>7074 Nice try Glowie. I'd imagine if there was a cell of super communists who were actually discussing ways on how to enact the next great revolution, they'd be smart enough to keep that shit off the internet.
>>7075 Stop fedjacketing faggot >>7074 If youre talking illegalist stuff you can check Dread (you can find tor links on dark.fail) or raddle.me You will find a lot of people doing hacking/carding/fraud are already very REDpilled even if they wont call themselves socialists There's also the /dead/ Matrix (I dont know if they have their own tor IB yet) Make sure you use VPN/Tor
>>7076 thanks but im not interested in carding or fraud. Ill check out dread though.
okay i found the site. Torchan /revolution/ Come join us
>>7076 >Make sure you use VPN/Tor stop shilling VPN's as in any way good to stay anonymous and secure, feddo.
>>7078 >>7074 Set up an IRC server .onion, anon.
>>7074 there's always hbovvpi5bursxxga7excdp6axzf3zna3gy2pgvmlobrd5pqxj6sq2zad.onion/ new chan for anarchists, its brand baby new though, but you can talk about all that shit no problem and at least a few people are there to converse
I've been thinking about making one, it'd be a wikileaks style site but specifically for landlords where tenants could air their grievances frankly and without fear of repercussions. What say you bunkerchan, is my idea hot or not?


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