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(668.56 KB 1000x1000 le smug xddddd.png)
If You Use Windows, You Dont Belong Here Comrade 03/23/2021 (Tue) 04:30:28 No. 7102
And youre not a real comrade because youre defending intellectual property. Same for if you use discord, any non-federated social media, or google.
>>7102 based
>>7102 My computer can't support an open source OS such as Linux or Unix, so I will buy a new computer despites still using the old one for my web browsing and non-risky activities.
>>7102 well, you don't support intellectual property if pirate it
>>7106 what computer is it? linux has been ported to damn near every platform available. if it's x86 I guarantee you can get linux on it
(9.94 KB 413x383 ay0kjccelxe61.png)
>>7102 >muh hardware >muh greatest coding languagerinooooo is da only language dat should b used you sound like the type of unbelievable faggot that takes pc vs console gaming memes seriously. fucking off yourself you fucking soy addicted technology obsessed fucking quaseyed faggot
>>7106 This linux distribution is so lightweight it can run on computers as old as 20 years old. https://antixlinux.com/about/
(28.97 KB 726x541 Smug Anime Girl.jpg)
>>7102 I pirated Windows and I pirate all my movies and most software.


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