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(60.02 KB 500x706 Dougram.jpg)
(3.55 MB 640x480 DagramSnitch.webm)
Dougram おたく 10/23/2020 (Fri) 02:18:41 No. 4414 [Reply]
So has anyone watched Dougram?
No but I clearly should

Modern and New anime. おたく 10/22/2020 (Thu) 03:04:33 No. 4336 [Reply]
I am an old fag. Today I decided to compile a playlist of all my favorite anime. I made a list including Neon Genesis, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, etc etc etc. After watching a few episodes I realized I am way, way behind the times. The only modern anime I have on my play list is Made in abyss. So, I come to you /a/. I come to you requesting your favorite anime picks from 2018 - 2020 and what looks upcoming for 2021. All I ask is that it be good high quality anime. I don't want something like fairy tail that's just designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hook me up /a/.
Just an FYI my dude The thread for new anime is >>348 Some suggestions (mostly from 2018 to today) - Dragonball Z Abridged (the series gets better and better as it goes on and covers DBZ, ending on the Cell arc, and covers several of the movies.) - Rent-a-Grilfriend - SAO Abridged (15 episodes so far sadly) - Reborn as a Slime - Highschool DxD (4 seasons) - Alita Battle Angel movie - One Punch Man - Mars Daybreak (not post-2016, but rather obscure) - Blue Submarine No.6 (also older and also obscure) - Welcome to Demon School Iruma - Goblin Slayer - Shiiton Gakuen (Shitton Acadmy) - Overly Cautious Hero

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Go watch Parasyte you dummy.

(9.91 KB 343x147 logh.jpg)
Legend of the Galactic Heroes おたく 10/17/2020 (Sat) 23:19:47 No. 4232 [Reply]
Have any of you guys ever seen this? What did you think with its messages related to democracy / authoritarianism and such?
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More thicc LOLIS could improve it for the otaku masses.
>>4312 Fuck off
>>4276 Having given it some thought I have to side with the "it's anti GMT"-camp. I think we are underestimating the extent to which this show is self-conscious. Note for example how the supposedly "brilliant" stratagems that the various characters use to win this or that battle are typically rather banal. You can put this away as lazy writing - the character is brilliant for the purpose of the story, but it is told in stead of shown. However I started to notice how often, almost every time, there is always some character in the other camp who anticipates what is to come, points it out to the superiors, and is shot down. So clearly we are not dealing with uniquely genius insights. Moreover the outcome of the battles is in almost all cases over-determined by the preceding circumstances. The most obvious case being the invasion of the Empire by the FPA really on - with no clear plan beyond "we'll be greeted as liberators" their defeat was assured before the invasion started, no genius opponents needed. Another case is the noble coalition, which falters more to its own internal tensions and weaknesses (factionalism and ill discipline mostly) than to a particularly genius approach by Reinhardt and company. The characters who are portrayed as the brilliant great men, then, are so portrayed not because they are shown to be brilliant great men, but because that status is useful for other actors behind them - which is made explicit several times. Yang is initially very useful as a hero to Trunicht, while Reinhardt is the linchpin of the coalition of officers around him, threatening to fracture as soon as he suffers a breakdown for a couple of days. In his case it is Oberstein, arguably the real brains of the operation, who maintains him as figurehead. History in the show is seen to be made through larger forces that determine the outcome of things, the characters can only be the vessel for larger forces, influencing what is already slated to happen at the margins. Which fits well with Yang - the historian - 's signature move, making the best of a bad situation.
(98.46 KB 770x438 Cannae.jpg)
>>4276 Maybe the Narrator indulges in GMT but I can't really say the same for the author. He did (albeit very clumsy and barely) mention that Imperials vastly outnumbered the Alliance in men and technology, and also mentioned the Alliance's devastated economy in the constant. Yang was right to suggest a ceasefire or peace treaty as the only way for the Alliance to win the war against the Imperial in the long term. It is still pretty bullshit how Reinhard can turn around social welfare and the economy of the Empire in just a few years though. >>4325 >how the supposedly "brilliant" stratagems that the various characters use to win this or that battle are typically rather banal. You can put this away as lazy writing - the character is brilliant for the purpose of the story, but it is told in stead of shown Tbf most of Yang's tactics and strategies are directly copied from great maneuvers in history. IIRC His last real fight against the Empire before his assassination is literally Hannibal's Battle of Cannae in Space.
>>4325 >>4326 I mean the author seems to be imitating the style of evens of real history, which of course means that regarless of what the show contains both interpretations are going to apply, since even if unconciously, the guy is good enough of a writer to include material details that point in both directions, which i think is the fun of the show somewhat. But i think that even so, his belive in GMT bleeds through, in stuff like the backstory of the universe and the narrator. Which why i think this anime could do without that, without the objective narrator telling you what you are supposed to think about the events. Although the backstory is still interesting, i like how they presented it as a tv show in universe, like clearly that was not a real portrayal of what happened, and it is left for us to interpret what actually happened

(104.48 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
Yuukoku no Moriarty おたく 10/19/2020 (Mon) 03:12:02 No. 4267 [Reply]
An anime about class warfare and killing rich Anglos. Based?
Given that it's hero is a young Moriarty... it just may well be based
WOwie leftist anime!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !!!! ! !!!
>>4299 Do you have nothing better to do but spam saged sarcastic shitposts on all these threads? Why?

Is Berserk the most based and redpilled anime? Anonymous Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 02:55:31 No. 1845 [Reply]
Let's see >Guts is a low ass commoner bastard born from a corpse, meant to die, raised in a hellish world (that's literally just the same as our own before Guts encounters any actual demons) so harsh and cruel he likely has severe PTSD by the time he's 15 >Best friend Griffith is a social climbing piece of shit who has to murder and scheme to almost make it to the top, even then the ruling class tells him to go fuck himself and he has to sell his soul to the devil and murder all his friends to finally make it >The ruling class are mostly monsters; the King is a pedophile nut that tries raping his own daughter, the "nicest" nobles were wrapped up in a brutal inquisition >The whole world is ruled by an impersonal, most amoral entity created by human will but superseding all humans, controlling their lives based on it's own whims which are of course encouraged by the worst human impulses >The thing everyone worships is literally evil itself >Even the leaders of the apostles are pawns of the Market, err...."Idea of Evil" Fuck it The godhand are the bourgeoisie The apostles are the petit bourgeois Fuck yea
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>>1863 Did you just read the first 10 chapters or something?
>>3575 >>3576 What’s it like being an utter faggot by choice?
>>3598 Hey man, have you thought about making a YouTube channel, or a "BreadTube" channel as I like to calll them, haha? You could talk about your marxist analysis of Berserk and other Japanese cartoons a.k.a. anime, how Guts is the proletarian and Griffith is the bourgeoisie and stuff. Cool stuff.
Since it wasn't reposted yet
It definitely seems overtly Neitzchean to me but I'm lost as to how you would could it marxist without sounding like a dumbass. The show never really makes much of class conflict in any meaningfull capacity, it's mostly just set in a shitty and unforgiving world. Hell, if anything the politics of the world that Berserk is set in are machiavellian. That suits the world better too imo, needs society to continue on being harsh. Honestly the main character would laugh in your face for trying to make the story about your own preconceptions of the world.

Tomboy thread おたく 10/13/2020 (Tue) 20:26:14 No. 4118 [Reply]
I don't care if this thread already exists,just post all saved anime tomboy pics you have (preferably flat chested)
>>4118 >I don't care if this thread already exists WHY WOULD YOU NOT JUST BUMP THE THREAD THAT ALREADY EXISTS THOUGH
Who can tell if they are tomboy or not, all anime looks the same
>>4123 oldfag bait, nicu desu
(174.62 KB 869x1303 ccdn0007.jpg)
(758.81 KB 371x209 ChieIntro.gif)
I really wish GIB TOMBOY hadn't become an annoying meme because at the end of the day cuddling with a girl who could beat me in a fight is still the dream.
>>4146 I feel you, I can't help but roll my eyes at "tomboy threads" on /a/ these days.

(138.25 KB 1100x440 hxh_orig.jpg)
Hunter X Hunter おたく 10/15/2020 (Thu) 10:36:55 No. 4176 [Reply]
Is it the best Shonen? I like to think so. What are your opinions about HxH and Shone in General
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>>4214 If you don't like the Anime that's fine. If you don't like shonen, it's fine too. I just don't get why you make shit up and claim there is a Logical inconsistency with the Chimera Ants, because there isn't.
>>4176 It is basically deconstruction of other major shounens. Hunter exam is naruto's chuunin exam arc, greed island is yugioh, chimera ant is cell arc from dbz. It deconstructs those things and remakes them to be less nonsensical. It is quite good but it is doubly good if you know your shounen anime.
>>4222 So it is supposed to be a parody then? A parody is acceptable. Sure seemed to take itself pretty seriously though from the anime clips I've witnessed.
>>4223 Deconstruction, not a parody.
It's really good but who cares if it's the best? Hxh fags are insufferable

(122.53 KB 477x738 br003.jpg)
(65.92 KB 477x738 br006.jpg)
tfw no nazi girlfriend to hatefuck おたく 10/15/2020 (Thu) 03:06:18 No. 4161 [Reply]
Why even live anons?
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>>4167 >>4168 >>4169 >>4170 >>4171 >>4172 >>4173 >>4174 >>4175 Idont know who you are but i thank you for finding it,it gives me nostalgia back to 2010!
>>4167 >but it's been mostly wiped from the internet Then its too based for this gay earth
>>4177 Its not the full doujin though Just scraps that he could find
>>4177 >>4179 I posted the full doujin on hobby
>>4179 It's what was shared on /leftypol/ back in the day.

(33.23 KB 225x350 Ranma.jpg)
おたく 10/11/2020 (Sun) 21:18:10 No. 4073 [Reply]
Can Ranma get preggers? Could Ranma get preggers with his own sperm between forms? What happens if Ranma gets hit with hot water while preggers?
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>>4117 Henge is a ninjutsu and as we see in the series, it has a physical form. When Naruto transforms into a Fuuma Shuriken, he literally becomes one. Sasuke has done the same thing. When Naruto transformed with Gamabunta he actually transformed into the fox as, the presence of claws affecting Shukaku demonstrates this. There are clear limits to it (size limit in terms of how big or small you can make yourself) but otherwise you're functionally the same. Shadow Clones are also shown to generate blood and have fully formed chakra systems, meaning until they dispel, they are functionally human.
mpreg is hot so yes
>>4150 Goddamn it
>>4140 That seems pretty universe-breaking in retrospect.
>>4155 Yeah that's actually something naruto-fans have been arguing over for a long time. It's why fanfiction often has Naruto's henge be special and 'real' (which is honestly even stupider). Other fanfiction use this to the point where naruto essentially goes around using it to the fullest extent. The only reason this doesn't really get out of hand like other broken powers in other shonen, is because the more complex the henge, the harder it is to keep up for longer times, which limits its use to those people with chakra to burn (like Naruto). https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Transformation_Technique Interestingly, since it's not a hard technique, it can be down one-handed, meaning a person missing a limb can temporarily return their limb for some time.

(91.55 KB 600x400 real nigga shit.jpg)
Saint Seiya おたく 05/13/2020 (Wed) 16:04:46 No. 935 [Reply]
How about you little faggots stop watching garbage and go watch a real anime?
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>>940 Really? Well, I'll watch it next time it's on if I can.
Damn now this is old
So in terms of power scaling, would Saint Seiya be on DBZ levels of overpowered? I've heard they're really fucking powerful.
(248.42 KB 288x512 Hyoga Seiya.png)
Some stuff I thought cool: In Saint Seiya one of the main characters, Hyoga, is a russian from an unknown siberian village. His mentor Camus, the Gold Knight of Aquarius, is a russian too. This was one of the few cases in which we can see not only a russian as a main character but also pratically void of any negative stereotype. Instead, the russian characters in the series are portrayed as heroics and very powerful. Plus there is a lot of emphasis on the Orthodox Christian culture as Hyoga is a devoted Christian, like his mother, and that has helped him became a better man compared to the old pagan gods who are portrayed in the series as cruel and tyrannical (except Athena)
>>4096 Pagan Russians FTW


no cookies?