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This thread is to talk about things on Japanese culture, and the good and bad of it
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this ones bland af
just like fate in general tbh


File: 1623567822039.jpg (1.41 MB, 2440x3522, yande.re 472789 fate_grand….jpg)

I agree with the fact that fate is a very bland series, but I think Raita's characters are well designed even if his style can be off-putting.
Don't be pedant.


I liked the VN and some of the anime, but I lost interest after trying to get into the other stuff. There is way too much fucking fate shit.


Japanese culture wouldn't be so reactionary if it weren't for Western influence.


Well, they wouldn't be like this if they had surrendered to the USSR instead of the USA.

File: 1608528931817.jpg (506.09 KB, 1891x1057, Mellisa.jpg)


When I was a wee lad I read Katawa Shoujo and ended up really liking Emi. She hit all the right spots for me personality wise. I finished her route with the impression that she was supposed to be the token tomboy among the main girls. To my astonishment, when I went on the Katawa Shoujo forum I found out that other people did not consider her a tomboy. How? She's the athletic, bold, energetic girl who likes to play rough. Did I not just describe a tomboy? Is it because she doesn't "look" like a tomboy? Ridiculous. It was as if at some point I had been transported to bizarro world where the word tomboy had been hijacked by pathetic fetishists who now tied the word tomboy to physical appearance.

As the years went by I found myself highly attracted to 2D girls with varying types of what are culturally seen as masculine qualities. Like the aforementioned athletic, bold, energetic, likes to play rough but also aggressive, assertive, emotionally reserved, brash, vulgar, messy, short-tempered, rhetorical, analytical, philosophical, gluttonous, as lustful as a man and so on. In other words, women who behave like the worst and best of male cultural stereotypes. Do they "look" like tomboys? Some do. But even then I have nothing in common with the pathetic fetishists, the most egregious and possibly loudest of which circlejerk over 2D girls who only "look" like tomboys and otherwise do not deviate much from the assumed average girl who on top of that unironically fantasize about turning said "tomboy" into a traditional 1950s cooking, breeding and raising servant (read: wife).

Don't believe me? Give a definition for the word tomboy. Then objectively think of all the fictional girls who come to your mind that fit that definition. How many have you never thought of as tomboys?

It's not just the word tomboy that is being systematically destroyed by pathetic fetishists. The word gyaru did not simply refer to physical appearance alone, but a whole subculture. To be a gyaru it's not enough to dress the part, you also have to act the part else you're a poser right? That's how subcultures work. Gals are stereotypically vain, airheaded, trendy, extroverted, socially intelligent, gold diggers, Americaboos and so on. Today? Shy gyaru. Awkward gyaru. Recluse gyaru. Tomboy gyaru. Normal girl gyaru. Otaku gyaru. Of course a character turning out to be different from expectation is funny on the occasion, but when every gyaru is effectively a poser gyaru thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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While that woman is overly sexualized, I'd say she's still kind of a tomboy because she seems to act and dress like a guy except for the sexy top. So Coomer's kinda right.
Coomer's friend is pretty hot, he reminds me of Kaneoya Sachiko's guy(s).


> Boobs too big
Holy based


That's not Cockshott by there.


Been Wo jackin it looks like lol


Being passionate about physical activity isn't really being a tomboy. She didn't come off like a tomboy to me

File: 1623540122787.jpg (24.27 KB, 594x167, mnn24.jpg)


Hello. I want some anime that have people attempting to outsmart each other as a major part of the show. I already watched Death Note, Code Geass, Hyouka, Classroom of the Elite, Kaiji, Akagi, No Game No Life (some of it was nonsense, but some of it was really impressive), The Promised Neverland, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (I am mentioning this one even though it wasn't mainly focused on mind games so nobody suggests it anyway), One Outs, Talentless Nana, Kakegurui and Zankyou no Terror (it focused on mind games at the start). Please tell me of more mind game anime.
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They're shit but most of the time there's mind games.


OP mentioned Kakegurui, I don't think he's gonna care lol


I do. I didn't like most of Kakegurui, but the Contributing to Society and roulette games were amazing. Others were not so good but had some good spots (like in ballot rock-paper-scissors where Yumeko spotted that her opponent won all high-stakes games, leading her to the conclusion they were rigged which leads her to figure out the signals using information we never had (that nobody was looking at her and that the boy was making the signals). I watched it because it was reccommended on the anime subreddit's reccommendations wiki for mind games (https://teddit.net/r/anime/wiki/recommendations#wiki_mind_games ) and it appeared on several Reddit asks for mind game anime. Browse through them at these two links: https://teddit.net/r/anime/search?q=Mind+games&restrict_sr=on&nsfw=on https://teddit.net/r/animesuggest/search?q=Mind+games&restrict_sr=on&nsfw=on&sort=relevance&t=all
I would prefer anime. For manga, I have Liar Game. It's available for free online (https://archive.org/details/manga_Liar_Game ), I have read it fully at least twice, it's my favourite manga and I am currently reading it again. I'm at the point where they explain the rules of the musical chairs game.

Also, I already watched Kaguya-sama. Most of it wasn't very impressive but the part with the umbrella was amazing. The characters playing mind games switched goals too quickly. For example, I remember they were playing mental chess but then the narrator said their energy was drained and they both wanted the food on the table (there was only one food item).


All manga is available for free online.


>>7748 is it for a lot of fights and the whole plot is set around a puzzle

File: 1622953971593.jpg (12.82 KB, 300x224, 1622953466997.jpg)


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It's basically a separate series that has nothing to do with the "season 1" series and onward.


is the abridged good or not


It's funny, but towards the end the author gets a feminist gf and the writing really shows.


Yeah, it's good


I liked it. not sure how well it aged, but I remember watching a lot more of the abridged series than the actual anime.

File: 1619644473296.jpg (78.22 KB, 700x350, Nagatoro.jpg)


I heard Nagatoro was adapted recently is it worth watching?
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>language spoken by over 120million people


If you don't want to learn japanese you can't complain about subs. Them's the rules.


It depends.


Just read the manga after watching the anime, I thought it was really good


File: 1623715872058.png (827.57 KB, 815x799, 1623709637680.png)


File: 1616547495767.png (447.74 KB, 2048x1632, chainsaw_champloo.png)


Well comrades, what are your thoughts on the series?
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File: 1621645430971.jpg (124.56 KB, 784x1145, 1621639560965.jpg)

Fucking great. You can tell the mangaka loves films.


I marathoned it a few days ago and found it pretty underwhelming. Makima was cool.


I really, really, really hope they get Kenji Ohtsuki to make the OP and ED.


Yeah I honestly feel like its missing something, the thing I can't help but to compare it to is EVA where I also feel like something is missing but can't really say what.


Now that there's going to be an adaptation there will be Chainsawman funkos. Think about it.

File: 1608529008191-0.jpg (69.38 KB, 584x930, 5b5bb4b8eea23fbfe32c2452ca….jpg)

File: 1608529008191-1.jpg (51.71 KB, 850x850, sample_186413ea02013032f42….jpg)

File: 1608529008191-2.jpeg (304.48 KB, 615x1054, a338edb74cdee22d1e034442c….jpeg)


I don't care if this thread already exists,just post all saved anime tomboy pics you have (preferably flat chested)
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File: 1623440532411.png (692.57 KB, 1035x1346, 1474420371559.png)

I don't want to gatekeep the act of liking tomboys but I agree a million percent


No. To me, they are mainly cool. That's the point. They would hate it if you called them cute, too.


Hate to break it to you but tomboy cute


File: 1623550730477.jpg (340.68 KB, 1280x1807, 1607601441497.jpg)

Tomboys are built for ryona.


Excellent-taste-haver has entered the chat

File: 1608528871690.png (42.73 KB, 180x281, Manga_E86_Guts_Armless_Wra….png)


Let's see
>Guts is a low ass commoner bastard born from a corpse, meant to die, raised in a hellish world (that's literally just the same as our own before Guts encounters any actual demons) so harsh and cruel he likely has severe PTSD by the time he's 15
>Best friend Griffith is a social climbing piece of shit who has to murder and scheme to almost make it to the top, even then the ruling class tells him to go fuck himself and he has to sell his soul to the devil and murder all his friends to finally make it
>The ruling class are mostly monsters; the King is a pedophile nut that tries raping his own daughter, the "nicest" nobles were wrapped up in a brutal inquisition
>The whole world is ruled by an impersonal, most amoral entity created by human will but superseding all humans, controlling their lives based on it's own whims which are of course encouraged by the worst human impulses
>The thing everyone worships is literally evil itself
>Even the leaders of the apostles are pawns of the Market, err…."Idea of Evil"
Fuck it
The godhand are the bourgeoisie
The apostles are the petit bourgeois
Fuck yea
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I actually kind of like Schierke's crush on Gutts. I think it's pretty realistic to a degree if the little witch has been living in the woods with her teacher her whole life then meets this big handsome super anti-hero. What sells it for me being more than wish fulfilment pedobait is that Gutts obviously doesn't think of Schierke romantically and probably isn't even aware of her feelings, and to be fair he's had much more important things to worry about. Considering Gutts own experiences getting raped as a kid, his benign relationship with Shierke and his mentorship of Ishidoro really highlight his growth as a character.


File: 1622935001709.jpg (1.15 MB, 1210x1720, stop.jpg)

>I actually kind of like Schierke's crush
>guts is a part of wish fulfilment pedobait
pls don't


everyone forgot about miuras death already


>monkey boy wants to be like gatsu
>mage loli has a crush on gatsu
i was really hoping for another time skip and see their monkey children raised by fairies



File: 1608528809036.jpg (273.5 KB, 1920x1080, 1414317652294.jpg)


Why are tsunderes so cute? In real life they would be annoying as hell, but I just can't get enough of them in anime.
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>In real life they would be annoying as hell


So, what's the material explanation for this tsundere shit


File: 1623500609876.gif (1.27 MB, 540x401, 1585930832228.gif)

repressed conservative japanese culture causing people to be unable to express their true emotions of love and thus causing animators to make up archetypes of women that are aggressively horny for them or something like that?


Also otaku's delusions about being loved by girls who clearly don't like them.


I always thought it was suppose to be something new to the norm of polite Japanese women.

File: 1608529049549.jpg (10.92 KB, 211x300, 14929l.jpg)


peak dialectic
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Have the sagefags come back now?




Hello I'm Mr. Likes To Sage Threads, I'm here to sage this thread.


in the email field remember


if you get off to this your pure subhuman filth that needs to be saged, sorry

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