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Artificial Intelligence 07/31/2020 (Fri) 15:03:40 No. 3766 [Reply]
Thread to share resources and opinions on AI. Attached Files Artificial Intelligence. A Modern Approach (very good book on AI) I would also include Machine Learning by Thomas Mitchell and Human Compatible by Russel but they're too big Do you think it's possible for humans to create a Machine that actually thinks? Or is it a pipe dream? If it is possible, can we create it with computers? Should we develop it? Here are some projects > OpenAI https://openai.com/ > Google Brain https://research.google/teams/brain/ > Blue Brain - Funded by the swiss government and european union https://www.epfl.ch/research/domains/bluebrain/

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okay so I thought I'd try to learn GPT-3 today until I learned that apparently the fucking AI is closed source. not only that >Why did OpenAI choose to release an API instead of open-sourcing the models? >There are three main reasons we did this. First, commercializing the technology helps us pay for our ongoing AI research, safety, and policy efforts. >We will terminate API access for use-cases that cause physical or mental harm to people, including but not limited to harassment, intentional deception, radicalization, astroturfing, or spam; as we gain more experience operating the API in practice we expect to expand and refine these categories. lol so I can't use it for anything left wing related. is there any sort of alternative I can dick around with or is GPT-2 my only option? is there a way I can make GPT-2 into anything like GPT-3? https://openai.com/blog/openai-api/ https://arxiv.org/pdf/2005.14165.pdf
I strongly recommend reading superintelligence by Nick Bostrom, it explore your two questions in detail with a lot of sources and is widely regarded as one of the best books for an overview of the future of Artificial Intelligence.
>Do you think it's possible for humans to create a Machine that actually thinks? Either we can't because computers are fundamentally just executing code, not matter how complex it is and how much data they process, whereas thinking requires self-reflection and decision-making. Or they really do start to think and we get smart toilets that go on strike by refusing to flush down human shit. Imagine how quickly you could radicalize your smart refrigerator if it can read all volumes of Kapital in 5 seconds. Or what if your smart thermostat procrastinates by browsing /b/ all day instead of regulating the damn temperature. I honestly don't know which option is better.

(1.29 MB 1280x882 schizophrenicpanels.png)
(1.48 MB 1280x888 jesusfuck.png)
(6.63 KB 190x125 Samir.jpg)
Web Design That Pisses You Off Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 18:07:56 No. 4280 [Reply]
Dear god stop doing this. A web page is not a bulletin board with a billion different flyers all arranged by different people, like this style seems to be imitating. A web page is designed by YOU, and YOU have a responsibility to arrange subjects in a coherent, logically-accessible fashion. I don't come to your website to play fucking Where's Waldo or solve a jigsaw puzzle in order to locate the most relevant page to my interests. Stop doing this.
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(126.30 KB 836x1183 accessibility guidelines.png)
(33.75 KB 226x141 autism rates.jpg)
>>4379 >not wanting to solve a jigsaw puzzle to locate information means you have autism
>>4380 Yes; and exactly is that a bad thing libshit?
>>4381 It's a bad thing because it implies people who give a shit about logical and coherent web page navigation are all a small minority of the population and can be safely ignored while you flaunt your hideous web page as an art project.
>>4283 JS itself. I don't know what the fuck the point of JS was at the beginning, why was it even invented. Only good use I can think of is shit like live text chat, but that came much later than turning static pages into bloated dynamic ones. Although JS is still better than Flash, at least JS can be easily bypassed by scrapers. And loading data dynamically from a separate JSON source made scraping easier than parsing broken and convoluted HTML, even if it completely fucked up using browser without JS. It's really ironic that all these dynamic flashy pages only made visual browsing worse and made text scraping somewhat easier when you'd assume it's the opposite.

A Bunkerchan approved Youtube feed Comrade 08/25/2020 (Tue) 20:38:43 No. 4413 [Reply]
Hello techanons, I'm the OP of https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/747700.html and I'm here because i wanted to know two things: 1)Is it possible to do a Feed or something that includes all the channel mentioned in OP of that thread? Can be such a thing also directly modified by me or other anons? 2) (Asking to the Mods) If such a thing comes to light, could it be Bunkerchan-sanctioned?
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>>4419 So i should get the Rss feed for each and every channel and then merge them all into a single one: How this last step would be done ?
>>4420 Maybe this? http://rssmix.com/ Or just search for "merge rss" and choose one that you fancy.
I just created a proper in-depth RSS thread here for us to work our way to the best conclusion/guide for this >>4423
>>4424 Next time just post in the thread. This is not a wiki.
This is in fact laughably trivial with some scripting, no more than 20 lines in Python using BeautifulSoup+lxml. The biggest obstacle is having an access to a server with permission to run your own scripts.

(19.48 KB 493x620 RPi-Logo-Reg-SCREEN.png)
ARM Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 22:18:36 No. 312 [Reply]
I am looking to purchase an ARM processor. My instinct I to just cave and go with a raspberry-pi, but, I have heard there are plenty of, better, alternatives to the raspberry. Can anyone point me in a good direction of arm related processors and the like? Would be helpful as I, basically, don't really know where to start. Pi's are cool but I don't have to choose one of those. Anything really. As long as it ia secure and runs smoothly.
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I don't want a slowly reacting touch menu for switching pages. Why not have a line of four buttons like this: ⏪ go back ten pages ◀ go back one page (small gap between the buttons appears here) ▶ go forward one page ⏩ go forward ten pages
Guys I just want e-ink eBook Reader with a microSD slot (no wireless, cuz paranoid). Is this doable? Could any of you recommend some brands for this in the last 5 years?
(75.17 KB 1024x576 earth final conflict global.jpg)
>>4019 >wouldn't a clamshell design with two rigid screens also do the trick My ideal would maybe be closest to something like the "globals" from the show E:FC, a rollable screen stored inside/around a rigid body, with telescoping/folding elements to prop it open at full expansion. That would mean I could carry something with a screen the size of a burgerstani pocket paperback ("sextodecimo") as a 4" long rod, or the size of a glossy magazine ("A4") as an 8.3" long rod. Really, setting that and dot pitch aside, I'm most annoyed of all at the lack of true bistability. That means I still have to deal with the hassle of turning it on/asleep/off, and wolfing down batteries. An eReader with a bistable display could be as convenient as an actual book.
>>337 Pocketbook has SD support and no DRM It's a bit clunky and slow when resizing PDF, but it's less than 100 yuros Just download everything off b-ok.cc
(71.81 KB 600x355 SOPINEA64_sideimg.jpg)
What about the SOPine clusterboard? https://www.pine64.org/sopine/ Somebody on Etsy still offers, I think, an 8-board cluster, for pocket sized beowulfing https://ameridroid.com/products/pine64-clusterboard

(3.84 MB 2048x1450 capitalism.png)
The Anti-Capitalist Software License Comrade 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:26:18 No. 4240 [Reply]
https://anticapitalist.software/ >What is the Anti-Capitalist Software License? The Anti-Capitalist Software License (ACSL) is a software license towards a world beyond capitalism. This license exists to release software that empowers individuals, collectives, worker-owned cooperatives, and nonprofits, while denying usage to those that exploit labor for profit. >How is the Anti-Capitalist Software License different from other licenses? Existing licenses, including free and open source licenses, generally consider qualities like source code availability, commercialization, and attribution, none of which speak directly to the conditions under which the software is written. Instead, the ACSL considers the organization licensing the software, how they operate in the world, and how the people involved relate to one another. The Anti-Capitalist Software License is not an open source software license. It does not allow unrestricted use by any group in any field of endeavor, an allowance that further entrenches established powers. It does not release your project to the creative commons or public domain, nor does it require derived source code to be made available. The availability of source code is less important than the organization of software labor. Commerce and capitalism are not the same thing, and the commercialization of ACSL software is allowed, provided the organizations that do so are not organized along capitalist lines. The ACSL is explicitly intended to provide such organizations and individuals with a competitive advantage so that they may survive under capitalism, and outlive it. >Why would I want to use this license? The ACSL is right for you if you want your code to empower students, artists, hobbyists, collectives, cooperatives and nonprofits to survive under capitalism while not contributing free labor to corporations. The ACSL is right for you if you reject the status quo, believe better things are possible, and want to act on your beliefs. The ACSL is right for you if you carry a new world in your heart, and in your code. >What if this license doesn’t fit my needs? The ACSL was built in response to, and out of, other licenses. We fully encourage you to adapt, expand, or edit the language of the ACSL to meet the needs of your project, or to use it as a starting place for something new.
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>>4289 Variant of GPL that makes corporations seethe the most. It protects against service-as-a-software-substitute.
>>4291 what's the difference between GPL3 and AGPL3?
>>4289 If you give someone a binary compiled from source code protected by the GPL, you are legally obliged to give them the source code too. With the AGPL this is still true, but you also have to provide the source code if the user accesses your system through a network connection (instead of running it on their own hardware).
Would be based if FSF had reverse engineering lawyers

(177.41 KB 1135x2048 niconozo-charging.jpg)
Comrade 10/01/2019 (Tue) 18:48:19 No. 4312 [Reply]
What are some Free Software projects worth contributing to?
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>What are some Free Software projects worth contributing to?
That depends entirely on your skill set and interest comrade. So what to you enjoy and what are you good at? Just so you know hacktoberfest is being sponsored by digitalocean right now so it might be a nice thing to get in on if you're planning to do this anyway: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/
desktop environments like KDE. they need more polish.
Bring window edge snapping back to Openbox.
OpenTTD and OpenRCT2 These projects are keeping 2 really good oldschool games alive and running on modern machines while also improving them and adding new features.

(143.71 KB 728x409 ap_resize.php.png)
Is firefox compromised now? Comrade 08/13/2020 (Thu) 07:53:41 No. 4059 [Reply]
https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/08/12/massive-mozilla-cuts-threaten-the-future-of-firefox/ I want to say Tor is the future but i heard it was funded by the U.S
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>>4184 >>4186 >>4187 They're actually political commissars
>>4184 I wouldn't necessarily agree, their role is more along the lines of a strikebreaker, but with a human face. In the name of diversity and inclusion, anyone can be fired or assigned somewhere else, which is ideal for anti-organisational measures.
>>4199 Did this ever happen or are you just making shit up again?
>>4220 I was just saying that this is not a useless job, I have no idea if Mozilla specifically has used the position this way.
>>4238 You did claim that this is what they do, and I asked that it ever actually happened. It seems to me that you are just making conspiracy theories up.

The Coding Interview Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 17:34:10 No. 3641 [Reply]
What's up with the coding interview? You would think being a competent programmer would be enough to get a job but there's a whole industry out there specialized in preparing people for code interviews. It even has a Wikipedia page of its own. No other industry has a specific Wikipedia page for their job interviews. Why? What went wrong?
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>>4000 Also nice job citing a blog from 2007, before leetcode, topcoder, projecteuler, khanacademy, etc. etc. were a thing, before FAANG's corporate dominance and consolidation of the internet, before the 2007 financial crisis, before the first iPhone was released, your blog is prehistoric by the rapid pace of the changing IT world.
>>4009 >>4011 >Tesla Was from the early transitional period when all this started, during an era when safety and reliability standards were far lower, and it only became universal by the post-WWII era even in the US: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulation_and_licensure_in_engineering#History >Wozniak Cobbled together a PC design on a shoestring from spare parts, even writing the entire BASIC on paper and typing it in all at once because he didn't have regular access to a workstation. Like all PCs of the era, it was a clumsy hackjob, but the fact it worked at all was more than enough to make it amazing for the time. That's not an acceptable standard for anything even vaguely resembling the level of maturity the IT sector should've had since the '90s at the latest, not to mention today. >the changing IT world Wow, yeah, Indian webdev mills churning out script kiddies that can't "program" in anything except JS, and deploying end-user software for joke "platforms" like Electron.
>>4025 If you're really that much smarter than Tesla and Wozniak combined, why are you wasting your talents shitposting here?
>>4000 In most places of the world, "their field's accrediting body" is the university. If you have a software engineer or computer engineer diploma, you are an engineer and can call yourself one. If you work for industries where it is necessary, you will be held for the same standards as other engineers. Ask anyone working in automotive, healthcare or similar fields.
>>3641 Engineers are naturally drawn towards over-engineered solutions. Just look at Silicon Valley startups. They even invent problems where there are none just so they can create an app.

(503.48 KB 934x1000 daily_programming.png)
Daily Programming Thread Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 18:13:02 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
What are you working on, /roulette/?
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>>1869 Sure, and asm is also turing complete, but you will never use it to replace your shell scripts. Now imagine having to work with convoluted json data in bash.
>>2940 https://stedolan.github.io/jq/ It's actually pretty convenient.
>>17 Working making changes to some Vue codebase. I kinda wanna die, ngl.
>>2939 Which one did you end up using?
>>17 Funnily enough, I'm currently working through SICP, CLRS and that one book by Patterson and Hennessy. Don't know if I'm just memeing myself or if this actually werks, but these books are pretty good so far.

Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 13:36:56 No. 221 [Reply] [Last]
What Internet browser does /tech/ use? personally, I just use firefox
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>>221 Vivaldi good?
>>521 RIP Mozilla
(28.08 KB 633x758 soy198 (2).png)
(17.16 KB 400x400 sheev.jpeg)
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Mozilla the Wise? I thought not. It's not a story Google would tell you. It's a hacker legend, you see. Mozilla was a Dark Lord of the Internet, so powerful and so wise he could use his browser to influence web standards... He had such a knowledge of webdev that he could even keep floundering file formats from dying. The dark side of webdev is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic... he could save others from death, but not himself.
>>4022 >Vivaldi Hell no, it's proprietary


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